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Liberals Trying to HALT ELECTIONS!!!

Written on Thursday, September 29, 2011 by

denver riots

The Liberal governor of North Carolina, Beverly Perdue, was speaking at a Rotary Club where she made a point of saying Œpolitical considerations are hindering efforts in Washington to tackle unemployment and economic stagnation. WHAT!?!?! The Governor continued, “I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. You want people who don’t worry about the next election.” As reported by the Raleigh News & Observer.

As Rush Limbaugh would say, OK People, here it comes. Hang on to your hats! From my opinion, this is a shot across the bow of us Patriots and all the citizens of the United States. THIS is what the Liberals, Progressives and Communists will be trying to do in the election of 2012.

Mark my words here and now!

They are going to start unrest that causes chaos in the streets; evidence this by Barack Obama’s anger in his speeches. They are trying to incite riots and mayhem for the purpose of never letting a chaotic event go to waste. Their purpose is to create Martial Law to prevent the elections of 2012 from happening.

Watch and listen for the clear signs that this mantra of holding-off elections will be repeated over and over again to perpetuate a lie. The lie for us is that Liberals, Progressives and Communists do NOT want elections to occur, because they are trying to subvert our US Constitution. Since we are CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, they will do everything they can to bypass everything in it. This means NOT allowing us to vote!

They want US Patriots to fill the streets, bringing their signs and their guns so they can declare martial law on us. This would prevent us from getting to the voting booth and would give them even more power over us!

What we need to do is to be patient, stay at home and work UNTIL Election Day. Then, we come out peacefully and vote OBAMA and ALL Liberals, Progressives and Communists out of OFFICE!

We cannot allow our passion for our Nation to overcome us because of their lies and deceitfulness. We cannot allow them to drive us to riot in the streets. If we do, then we are just their hand maidens and puppets.

If we Patriots do riot, Obama will just hunker down like a tick, continue to suck the life blood completely out of us. WE MUST allow our Constitutional duties to be fulfilled! We will VOTE these people Out Of Office come November 2012!!!

Yes, there will be pockets of people that will be rioting. This will start out by those who are the puppets of Obama and the Trade Unions.

It will get worse and this will be happening more and more as the Liberal anger gets worse and worse. As Real American Patriots, we need to wait until the 2012 elections are over, then we can have an all-out assault if Obama refuses to leave the White House! FIRST, we must VOTE; then we can forcibly remove him. Allow the foundation of what our wonderful Nation was built upon to be our guiding light and principle.

I know all of this nonsense makes my BLOOD BOIL. I am sure this does the same to ALL Patriots! We MUST know when it is the right time and have the right intentions or we are no better than those morons are.

If we REALLY LOVE our Nation, we MUST abide by our Constitutional processes! First, VOTE them out! Then Remove them from office; in this order.

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  • C. Pierce

    I think that’s a very possible scenario, Prof Greystone. That’s the way communism operates. And Big Labor loves it.

    • sid

      i’ve seen this scenario before. 1933 germany, and hitler!!!had she said this in 1960, she would’ve been branded a traitor. but nowbusiness as usual!!! “GOD SAVE AMERICA”!!!

    • John

      The 2008 Senate Resolution 511; that investigated McCain’s eligibility orders that a natural born citizen be from two American citizens.

      Obama’s father was never an American citizen. Obama is not a natural born citizen regardless of his birthplace and can not be President.

      Obama’s birth certificate has been proven a forgery by numerous experts. Research has revealed electronic tampering and printing mistakes.

      Obama has a social security number issued from Connecticut. It is fraudulent because he never lived there.

      The Supreme Court is finally having a “conference” this week to determine if Obama’s eligibilty should be investigated.

      People; this is something serious enough to pray for!!

    • sid

      after almost 3yrs, of trashing the constitution, its about time!!!

    • tom of mich

      The Supreme Court is {[finally]} having a “conference” this week to determine if Obama’s eligibilty should be investigated. A CONFERENCE? ya ?? Where has there heads been the last 3 years?? I know! In there paycheck !! ! !

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      AND how many different SS numbers did he use??? 20 , YES, 20 SS numbers!!!!!!!!!

    • tom of mich

      Beverly Perdue is a commie! if no one can see that we are in a very deep hole!

    • Hal Daniels

      This lady should go on back to the hills & hollows of North Carolina and tend her home-made soap making business and playing her her voodoo dolls. She sure as hell is no governor. With an attitude like hers, just sit her at a little table with a coloring book and some crayons and she’ll be docile for the rest of her life. She’s already apparently been brainwashed by the dems. I wonder if she’s an escapee from a mental institution? She could be. She obviously was’t vetted any better than Obama was.

    • handyman

      They know, that we (the people)know who they are, so they will be voted OUT!

    • http://PatriotUpdate rocksolid

      I wouldn’t count on it.

    • Richard M

      Only if we don’t keep on eye on these crooks when they rig the elections. However, I have another take on this voting thing. I believe there are way too many true Americans in this country who have seen what the Obama regime has done. As a result, even with the left trying to manipulate the elections, if there are enough true Americans that go out and vote, the commie lovers won’t be able to rig that many votes.

      God Bless America and long live the Republic!

    • am2sweet

      This article is saying what I’ve been saying and believing all along. The Nazis will cause trouble so Obama will have a reason to declare Martial Law and stop the elections. And it’s the unions who will be doing this. Anyone can say what they want but unions are evil and need to be abolished. IF we get through next years elections we will need a president that will also work on making every state a ‘right to work’ state and getting rid of the unions.

    • LadyLiberty

      I just wrote to Speaker Boehner and expressed my concerns about NC Governor wanting to suspend elections to fix the economy.

      I suggest you all send an email and express your concerns or give him a piece of your mind too.

      Go to: www dot speaker dot gov

    • Patti

      Mailed my letter on the way home tonigh. Only my Senator’s are useless (Feinstein and Boxer) in fact probably agree with the NC Governor!

      So I sent a copy to Jim DeMint’s office.


    • KM

      To Patti,
      I know how you feel about your ‘representatives” in Congress. i live one state north of you and have a Progressive representative and two liberal Senators.
      I do send them e-mails but often feel it is a waste of time.
      There is a critical need to get rid on people in Congress who agree with this governor’s publicly stated disdain for the rule of law and the elective process.

    • LonnaB

      I’m in the same boat as you. My Senator is DURBIN! (D-IL)

    • Dean

      LonnaB, Yes I to am in the same boat with both my senators from Minnesota, Klobuchar and Franken. Of the two, Franken is the real loser.

    • William Glammeyer

      I’m from Illinois, too! Why do you think they call him ‘DICK’?

    • http://yahoo Chas

      ..My dear, you NEED to use the moniker Dick “The TURBAN”Durbin, a typical BLUE-SHIRTED LIBERAl NAZI!!; he trashed our soldiers in Iraq when Dubya was trying to save the country from Bill “The Raper”‘s ignoring terrorist attacks on OUR citizens for so many years; “Turban” would close Guantanamo to “save” those poor “souls” residing there, and replace them with OUR PATRIOTIC soldiers…DISGRACEFUL!!!

    • LadyLiberty

      You can write the Speaker…anyone can get through to him. I think the more emails or letters he gets…he will know that we mean business. I told him if this is an Obama game about rioting and martial law that I would expect the National Guard should be posted in all voting areas to protect the voters…cause we won’t stand for intimidation. You can even twitter or facebook him. Go to the below site.

      www dot speaker dot gov

    • rodney burke

      Patty as a native Californian living in Texas, let me ask you a question. Is there any provision in the State constitution for a recall of both boxer and Feinstein? If so, can you initiate that recall based on their voting record? We need a lot of demoncrap senators canned and that would be a good place to start.

    • American For truth And Justice…

      This just in…occcciddental colllegee jsuut released obama took foreign aid from fullllbright foounndation scolarshhhip progggram to get foreign aidddd given only tooo foreigners…. Barrrry Soeeetorooo borrn in kenyaaaa and never applied for U.S.citizenshippp. Now moderate.

    • am2sweet


    • Richard M

      This also just in. . .care to tell us where you got that information?

      It’d be nice if you could substantiate that claim. I’d love it if it’s the truth!

    • Co-opted Confederate


    • Richard M

      I wouldn’t be too quick to lump all of the Tar Heels into one bin. Don’t forget all the promises Obama made to the electorate when he was running for prez. This ditzy biatch probably did the same. It’s called LYING! They’ll say anything they think you want to hear, to get elected. Then, of course, once in power, FUHGET ABOUT IT!!!!

    • EdinNola

      I agree with you, but just to clarify the article above slightly. Progressive and Liberal, are simply names that Communists use to try to disguise their allegience. There’s no difference.

  • Whackajig

    Commies continuously try to undermine the conservative values in America.

    • http://yahoo Chas

      I prefer the term “Blue-shirted Liberal NAZI( NAZI: acronym for “Nationale Zocialistischen” or “National Socialist”)…Works PERFECTLY because it is a TRUTHFUL moniker and DESCRIPTIVE, both metaphorically and in kind…

  • nvrpc

    Hold the election on time and boot every socialist anti-america democrat and RIONO we have in every office across this country immediately. Be prepared to take a higher course of action if need be. ( I think you can figure our what I’m talking about )

    • Christian Archer

      Are you talking about being L&L and ready to R&R?

    • dulceb

      You betcha.

    • Gerard

      Do not let them goad you into violence, the Obama press will portray any acts by patriots provoked into that action by the left as being caused by the patriots. Too many sheep will believe the negative press. I believe we will have time to L & L when all peaceful means have been exhausted. I will add that if someone is trying to harm me ,my family or my friends I will do whatever is necessary to stop it from fruition. As a great man (Charlton Heston) and true patriot said. They can have my guns when they pry them from “My Cold Dead Fingers”. Amen.

    • Co-opted Confederate


    • Richard M

      STOP with all this BS! Do you want to fall into their trap? Think about it. That’s exactly what they want you to do, so they can declare martial law, suspend the election, and then what? You’re screwed, that’s what. WAKE UP. Time for your plan later, if all other Constitional means have evaporated. Use your head, not your heart!

    • http://yahoo Chas

      Yeah!!..I just bought a Mossberg handle-grip shotgun, two nine m pistols with laser sight and seventeen shot magazines, and a Taurus “Judge” , which is a pistol capable of shooting .38 or .410 shotgun ammo!!…( buy MORE ammo: by THIS time NEXT year, it’ll be worth MORE than GOLD!!..;-)..

    • Co-opted Confederate


    • Robert

      YOU HAVE THAT RIGHT, ESPECIALLY THE “HIGHER COURSE OF ACTION” The Founders did not put the Second Amendment in the Constitution just to quote and hide behind.

  • john

    uspending the elections will be tantramount to suspending the Constitution! Clearly this shows that the gov is not knowledgeable in the fundamentals of our country and like Obama is in over her head.

    • LonnaB

      Oh, I believe the know. They just want to destroy it and our country. They want a Dictator Obama. Socialist/Marxist/Commmunist, anything but patriotic, loyal, Americans! TRAITORS!!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Oh well I’ve bled for my country before; looks like I’ll have to do it again; albeit sooner than I expected

  • Pavel

    Read the Declaration of Independence and the Second Amendment together and hear our forfathers speaking loud and clear about freedom and what it takes to maintain it and what it may take to re-establish it.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Psst! Washington Monument 1 October 3 PM bring lots of guns knives, hand grenades and 4 or 5 million of your closest friends

  • Boletero

    Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead !

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Damn the steam , full torpedoes ahead oops my dyslexia is showing.. I’m ready even if I don’t get to go, Lunch is packed got extra pair of socks. plenty of water, lots of bullets, and clean underwear on. Yup I’m ready. you?

  • tomlopes

    The precedent has been set for the black panthers, SEIU, Teamsters, set up camp at every polling place without the fear of arrest. The 2012 election will be a very contentious day for law abiding voters. We must be vigilant and make sure that those who may fear going out to vote are protected by taking them with you or going in groups. The ObamaNostra crime family must be put out of business in this election!

  • Owen Grant

    I’m afraid you are overlooking something. It’s no secret that Obama is working in cooperation with the Moslem terrorists, and I expect him to arrange an attack a month or two before the elections to give him an excuse to call off the elections.

    • tomlopes

      I pray that you are wrong about that!

    • Thomas Beckett

      Whatever they are doing to our country, it has been planned for all possible scenarios. They are going for a complete hostile takeover. The results will be unfortunate for Americans that don’t deserve such a thing to happen. The mutant creeps who are doing this will be rounded up and made an example to the rest of the world. No mercy should be shown to them.

    • Thomas Beckett

      Remember, these mutant predator types very often wind up killing each other due to bad deals with each other, jealousy over who is getting the most power, or who is the biggest thug, disrespecting each other,etc. Maybe intricate plans are in place for marshall law and cancelling elections, but the smart money is on them killing each other; like obamma getting bumped off by a thug on his side who has turned on him. This is the world of the mutants who all think they are the baddest.

    • Gerard

      In the end all the leftists need crowds to carry out their deeds. Alone they are simpering little cowards who will throw anyone under the bus to save their own hides. Look how many the Puppet master and impersonator in chief, The Almighty and impotent Obama have thrown under the bus to save his own hide.

    • sid

      i really doubt that scenario. ’33 germany had the support of the military, and that’ll never happen here!!!

    • Ken

      If Obama finds a way to call off the elections, that will be the same as his refusal to leave office in January. In that case, all bets will be off and a lot of good and bad people won’t survive. It won’t be pretty. Let’s hope this subject turns out to be nothing but smoke. In any case, we will be prepared.

    • Robert Bullock

      I believe the military would revolt under this senario.

    • http://PatriotUpdate rocksolid

      Yes, the military as we know it. But it can change like
      everything else is changing.

    • LonnaB

      Oathkeepers! Check them out.

    • sid

      i know many soldiers, who would never, attack citizens, or better yet “PATRIOTS”!!!

    • Kit Oath Keeper

      The Occupy Wall Street movement is gathering steam and spreading across the country and is bound to get out of hand…at which time obama will declare martial law which will accomplish two things: 1) give obama authority to suspend elections, and 2) suspend the 2nd amendment of the constitution. If the 2nd amendment is set aside THEY WILL ATTEMPT TO CONFISCATE OUR GUNS and if they are successful there will be no stopping them from installing a dictatorship here in the U.S. They will NEVER get my guns and my Militia Unit will do everything we can to fight back…

      People, arm yourselfs…stockpile food and water and fuel and medical supplies. Buy a generator and get a ham radio license and a radio for communication, and everyone in your group should have at least one firearm. Good luck and God Save the Republic!

    • tomlopes has the solution. Please take the time to learn about and support this growing group of patriotic Americans!

    • LonnaB

      ;^D Great minds think alike.

    • scout

      Our US military will very soon be asked to swear allegiance to the UN not the US. It’s coming………

  • tweety

    I’ve heard the spin that Perdue was “just kidding” when she said that. Unfortunately, no laughter was heard in the background. Never thought I’d see the day when something like this could be said in public! God help the USA.

    • Thomas Beckett

      God has been helping us for a long time!

    • tomlopes

      Not unlike a lowlife robbing a 7-11 and when caught telling law enforcement that they didn’t mean to do it and they were just kidding when they cleaned out the cash register! BS in any form is just verbal feces!

  • judy

    The feeling of this has been with me since Obama was elected. Brainless if he thinks it won’t mean War. He will not be the winner.

    • Robert Bullock

      It’s about time for the blue states and the red states to go their separate ways. Let the libs live their way and the conservatives live theirs. California and New York would shrivel up and blow away without the rest of us.

  • Heyoka

    If you folks are concerned about issues at the polls get a van and offer rides to them get a couple of buddies to ride along and also have the place under surviellance with lots of cameras and audio equipment. Make it hidden, you could also make some obvious too.

    Once this is over the recording could prove to be invaluable, posion for the rats, if you will.

    Been a union member since 1978 my dad before me. But these people are not about unions creating a better, safer work place, its about organized thuggery. Just as all conservatives are not RINOs not all union people are thugs. God, creed, family and country, unions have to take their place in the order or they are subversive to the natural order. Blackstone said that the Common Law was akin to Natural Law or God’s Law. I agree.

    You folks need to get studied up on these principles. They are the founding principles that our people, freedom loving peaceful people, founded this great country upon. If you have no point of reference you cannot possibly have a course and you are a ship lost at sea. We have lost touch with these ideas from decades of liberal institutions and school teachers. “My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6

    • Christian Archer

      Awesome post. I attended a seminar at my church by a Christian Constitutional scholar. He quoted William Blackstone repeatedly.

      “Robert Ferguson notes that “all our formative documents — the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and the seminal decisions of the Supreme Court under John Marshall — were drafted by attorneys steeped in Sir William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England. So much was this the case that the Commentaries rank second only to the Bible as a literary and intellectual influence on the history of American institutions”. But America took a turn for the worst in the mid 1800’s when the liberals in the legal profession viewed Blackstone’s ideas with contempt.

  • Jon C. Randall

    Rush is exactly right in his analysis. It is best to heed his words.

    • IdontBrakeForDems

      Jon C Randall you are correct. Rush is right 99% of the time, we better pay attention. obummer is an organizer and that is what he’s doing now. He has fallen back onto whatever it was he was good at before -inciting violence and riots, devide and defeat his enemy (conservatives) so we need to stick together and use all these empty FEMA camps to house the rioters. If obummer and his administration think that We The People are going to sit on our hands and watch the USA go down the socialism tube, they are gravely mistaken.

    • SaneRepublican

      “Rush is right 99% of the time”????? Blasphemy!!!!

      Give me one time Rush has ever been wrong!!!!

      It is clear with that kind of ridiculous comment that you, madam, are a socialist RINO that hates America.

      If you don’t like it here, then get out!!!!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Can we take our territory with us?

  • slapjack

    Every American must begin to realize that our country is under attack from within. The stage has been set and now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of America. This Gov. is the poorest excuse for a politician I have ever seen. Her intelligence ranks slightly above a grapefruit. Her understanding of our Republic and Constitution that protects us from the danger she has suggested; is slim to none. We must defeat this subversion of our government way of life. I want our elected officials to fear the voter every day they are in office.They must realize that the job they were elected to preform is a solemn oath and any deviation from that jepordizes We the People. They represent us WE THE PEOPLE. They are not superior or divine. Somewhere we have been compalcent and created this Goverment Monster and now we must rein it in and save this great nation from the likes of this Gov. and out of control Kenyan imposter we call President.

  • Bucky

    I’m proud to be a North Carolina Native but I’m extremely embrassed by Goveror Perdue’s comments about suspending elections for next year. Truely a “brain laps” on her part. Maybe she needs to review the U.S. Constitution. Ya think?

    • SheinLV

      Bucky, do you think she’s lost her next election due to that comment?

    • Bucky

      It was a B-I-G surprise when Perdue was elected Governor in 2008. Hopefully the surprise will be her’s next time. It’s really too hard to predict yet….The National election is what’s going to be sooooo scary, nasty and sticky!!

    • Robert Bullock

      She knows what is coming is why she made the comment. It is going to be a landslide against them all.

    • Ltjg

      Dear Bucky, I have many friends living in North Carolina wondering how she ever got voted in. Maybe instead of suspending elections for 2 years, perhaps they ought to be held a little earlier and tell her good-bye sooner.

  • http://patriotupdate Frank J.

    north Carolinians VOTE HER OUT .Whomever runs against her should replay what she said over and over and over!!!!!!!

  • Ltjg

    Her Future in Politics is Sealed. She’s Done.

  • John C. Stewart

    Just another attempt to push a socialist agenda.

  • David

    Not in my life time, Lock And Load!!!

  • Joe Cummo

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? This “Prof” writes “They want US Patriots to fill the streets, bringing their signs and THEIR GUNS so they can declare martial law on us….What we need to do is to be patient, STAY AT HOME and work UNTIL Election Day….We cannot allow our passion for our Nation to overcome us because of their lies and deceitfulness. We cannot allow them to DRIVE US TO RIOT IN THE STREETS….If we Patriots do riot….” Does this guy work for George Soros? Tea Party people and patriots BRINGING GUNS AND RIOTING? How do you allow such drivel on your site? This looks very suspiciously like an attempt to keep us Tea Party people from doing what we did last year…voicing our patriotism and showing the rest of American patriots that they are not alone. I and my fellow patriots will be going out to the streets every week come election time, waving our flags and shouting for the rest of America to wake up….

    • Joshua Warren

      I agree with your assessment Joe. I’ve been a Tea Party member since the very beginning and I am a Black member of our society. I intend to be as active for this election as I was for the 2008 and 2010 elections with the goal: Get ALL Progressives (this includes RINOs) out of office. They are destroying us.

    • Robert Bullock

      LOL can you persuade any of your brethren along this path as well? LOL I see a lot of blacks moving this way, but the rest need to wake up as well, along with a lot of white and jewish.

  • Arfisher

    Unbelievable but true.

  • http://patriotnews alan volk

    i’ve been suspecting it for years now it’s blatantly obvious welcome to the communist states of america if they are sucessful in suspending our right to vote in clear violation of our constitution

    • Robert Bullock

      LBJ laid the ground work for this mess.

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    And she said it was a joke! Well, let me tell you, “Sister soon to be unemployed,” We the people are not laughing..

  • FreeDame

    Beverly Perdue is absolutely correct in that we need to get people in Congress who are interested in solving problems and are NOT worried about hurting their chances for re-election. However, her method is not only unConstitutional, it is grotesquely evil.

    The right answer is completely Constitutional and much more likely to produce real benefits. The right answer is TERM LIMITS.

    The Founding Fathers did not feel that term limits were necessary because they believed that an informed and active citizenry would vote out politicians who stopped properly representing their constituents. Unfortunately, they did not foresee the trust, the apathy and the ignorance of the American people, aided and abetted by a wholly out-of-control media.

    TERM LIMITS are the only answer.

    • Sue

      Term limits is only the beginning. No more forever income, healthcare, etc. They must only be allowed what is given to other citizens. No more voting their own raises either. The states citizens must be the ultimate vote on raises in pay.

    • Ken

      Not to mention, FreeDame, that their intention was to serve limited terms without pay, then return to their civilian lives to continue earning a living. They would be appalled by our current political establishment. They wouldn’t understand how people could make a life-long career of politics and earn large sums of money doing so. That simply wasn’t part of the plan.

    • http://yahoo debra

      Amen to term limits!!After 1 to 2yrs it will be up to the voters if you get any more.

  • AliciaW

    This is not the only way the libs/progs/commies are trying to subvert and destroy our Constitution. Perhaps a far more insidious plan is already happening. There is a movement underway to subvert the Electoral College. They are trying to get State legislatures to agree, that NO MATTER how their state votes the state Electoral votes will all go to the candidate who wins the majority NATIONWIDE. Since most people are sadly ignorant of our Constitution and the purpose of the Electoral Collage (to help protect the smaller states, by banning together, from being crushed or overwhelmed by a few large states). Watch and be vigilant in YOUR state! Do NOT let this happen!

    • Robert Bullock

      I think the electorial college needs a bit of an update, but not the direction that was suggested. I think all states should do as Vermont does. Each congressional district is awarded to the winner of that district. If a state with 5 electorial votes has 3 districts go one way they take all 5 electorial votes. I think the 2 they don’t win should go to the candidate that earned those votes.

  • proudamerican

    If this doesnt tell you where these gimmecrats are coming from-nothing will! Let’s suppose a conservative was in the WH and his ratings were dropping like obamas are and they tried to stop the elections, the gimmecrats would be screaming their heads off.

  • John

    ” Yes, Comrade Governor! You are absolutely right! The peasants are too dumb to vote and have a say in how they are governed. ” This pretty much sums up how the lefties think. Libs want to control everybody and every aspect of everybody’s life, without their having a say about it. What a pathetic bitch !

  • tod

    Dr.Ron Paul !!!

    • dulceb

      I think Ron Paul is an admirable public servant, but I do not believe he can take it over the top. I think we saw in the last election, being qualified is just muddying the water with the facts.
      I am worried that many underhanded things will transpire before 11/2012.
      Why doesn’t the RNC think more and find one of these greats, either Cain or Paul to be VP? I think either could add the push to take our the enemies of the USA. There are so many!!
      To quote the “Wizard of Id, I have seen the enemy and they is us.”
      God help us all.
      You can’t even have a conversation with some of these radicals.

    • Byron

      You mean Ron Paul the libertarian that believes in open borders and that we should change our laws to better serve Illgals?

      From the libertarian web site:

      Or we can change our immigration law to more closely conform to how millions of normal people actually live.

      Crossing an international border to support your family and pursue dreams of a better life is not an inherently criminal act like rape or robbery. If it were, then most of us descend from criminals. As the people of Texas know well, the large majority of illegal immigrants are not bad people. They are people who value family, faith and hard work trying to live within a bad system.

      Sorry NO WAY

      Here’s the link:

  • ARMYOF69

    Now that Obama knows he is NOT re electable, he wants to play games with the Constitution some more.

  • Linda W

    Why isn’t the FBI, CIA investigating some of what Obama and his people are doing and getting away with. Such as the $500 million going to the green company from California who shortly after receiving the money went bankrupt. It is clear to a regular citizen that the democratic party took most of the money for Obama’s campaign. We must as Americans find away to make them ACCOUNTIBLE FOR EVERYTHING THEY DO AND DON’T DO. They have promised more jobs – do we see more jobs. The jobs that were promised are union jobs. The unions have Obama in their pockets. How could so many people believe the lies? Are they not informed or looking for the truth? We must as a country come together with whom ever wins the GOP – stronger and more informed than the Democrats.

    • leaf

      how can a company go bankrupt with 550 million dollars on the table, unless it was planned all along…..

    • Robert Bullock

      What do you want to bet most of that money ended up in the Democrates war chest?

    • LS

      It was a money laundering scam. It was known the company would fail but the investors supported the Democrats and Obama. The stipulations of the 530 million given to them was private investors would be paid BEFORE the taxpayers. The taxpayer money was used to reimburse those for donations to Obama and Democrats.

    • http://yahoo debra

      Obomber is regulating EVERYTHING!!And then he wants to cry and blame NO JOBS on the republicans?!He wants to pass a jobs bill?FOr what?He is seeing to it that everything is shut down,so where are they going to get a job at?No ,he wants to spend more money to get his agenda done faster.By the way it has been said that Monday the28th the enemys on the left ,the progressives and radicals are going to crash the stock market over the internet.Go to GBTV.Com and you will find the truth there!!!

    • http://yahoo debra

      Best thing to do is stock up on food,guns and ammo and stay off the streets and get your kids off the streets if their out there protesting with wall st.Like many have said on this site DO NOT GET VIOLENT before its time.That is what they want us to do.Obama will call martial law and blame it on us for being violent.We have to stay a couple of steps ahead of them.Do not play in their game.Hunker down ,take care of your friends and family and stay peaceful or we will not be able to save this great nation.And most of all have faith and pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4me2

    If those in office were doing the right things to help with the current economic crisis then why would they have to worry about re-election? Her statement implies that what she feels needs to be done would be against the will of the people making the representatives unelectable in future elections. For example Obamacare, those who supported this lost their re-election bids.

  • Adrian Vance

    Yes, and under martial law Mr. Obama could declare himself “President for the duration,” and never allow another election.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

  • leaf

    the “ONLY” way this country is gonna recover is to get obama bin lyin and the other dumbass democraps out of office, less goverment crap and cut spending………

  • mark

    the only thing libnuts dumborats are going to do is be voted out of office in 2012 period.

  • Dodi

    I just don’t trust obummer any farther than I can throw him and that is not far at all. I will never forget newscasters saying, watch out for this young Senator. This lying sob will to do anything to put this country down, to be a dictator forever and ever. We better send everyone in both houses of Congress a copy of the above and let them know exactly how they better handle it. And, not wait until election time to get it under control.

  • paul W. Brock

    I don’t know what scenario will take place, perhaps many of the posts are correct. But, he already has in place the capacity to steal the elections. A lot of the “stimulus” money is walk around money to groups to pack the polling places and stuff the ballot box. This is probably the most likely scenario. The “stimulus” was a giant money laundering scheme to reward donors and build a democratic part war chest. I have a feeling he will be elected, because the things are in place to “steal” the election.
    This is Chicago politics on a national scale.

  • traitors in our gov

    Rush is correct.. I figured he would try and “Chavez” us into communism… but this way is better for them..We are not animals like the Libtards are. We are people of these great United States of America and “We the People” are what makes this country the greatest country the world will ever know.

    We, as a CHRISTIAN NATION, need to start praying that God does not abandon us for letting this happen. We need God directing our country and her great citizens

  • LadyLiberty

    I just wrote to Speaker Boehner and expressed my concerns about NC Governor wanting to suspend elections to fix the economy.

    I suggest you all send an email and express your concerns or give him a piece of your mind too.

    Go to: www dot speaker dot gov

  • Charles Martel

    We have to stop liberals!!!!

  • Raymond

    An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism would work, and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich – a great equalizer.

    The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan.”

    All grades would be averaged, and everyone would receive the same grade – so no one would have to fail, but no one would be able to receive an A.

    After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride, too, so they studied far less. The second test average was a D. No one was happy.
    When the 3rd test finally rolled around, the average was an F.
    As the tests proceeded, the scores never increased – but bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would agree to study for the benefit of anyone or everyone else. All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor explained to them that socialism would also ultimately fail for exactly the same reason – because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when someone (government) takes the reward away, no one will try or care enough to strive to succeed.
    Couldn’t be any simpler than that.

    Please pass this on. And, remember, there IS a test coming up, we can’t afford to fail in 2012

  • deleeuw

    This is typical of liberal idiocy:
    “Postpone elections until the economy improves”. Now why, pray tell, would incumbants then have any reason to fix the economy??
    “So people don’t have to worry about elections” Most people don’t worry about elections– they either don’t care at all or they can’t wait til they get here so that can
    morons out of office; in fact, the only ones who are worried about elections are those who are going to lose (read: Perdue)

  • Harold Lee

    I think that if I lived in N.C., I would want a special election ,before her term is over for govenor,N.C. Check out the good job she is doing of representing you. She is a clown just like the one in the White House ? Is this what you want for yourself and your children, and your state,your country ? NOT MY state, or country. I travel a bit and go to the mountains of N.C. frequently, I can change that. Tenn.,it also has the same mountains. I can spend my money elsewhere,if this is where you allow your tax dollars to go to, and the direction you want for your state and our country.

  • n thornton

    This country was founded on religious freedom, and I believe God sent us a reminder on 9-11 that maybe we should talk to Him more about ourselves and our country including our politicians. If we do not believe and support the constitution, then you do not deserve the right to be protected by it or the bill of rights. AMERICA, GET BACK TO READING AND FINDING OUT FOR YOURSELF WHAT CANDIDATES ARE SAYING AND MAKE UP YOUR MIND TO DO THE THING THAT IS BEST FOR ALL AMERICA. IF THE CANDIDATE CANNOT SUPPORT BELIEVE AND BE READY TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION (NO MATTER MALE OR FEMALE) THEN THEY SHOULD SHOULD NOT BE IN OFFICE OF ANY KIND. NOT EVEN TO THE DOG CATCHER. IF YOU CAN’T THEN FIND ANOTHER COUNTRY TO LIVE IN (IF YOU CAN) GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Bill

    Oh but it was just a joke according to the liar who first said it, she was just having fun; but she wasn’t laughing. Obama and the Dems know the jig is up, they know WE THE PEOPLE will not stand for more of their anti-America tactics, they know 2012 will throw Obama on his sorry rump and clean out another batch of socialist Dems as we continue to take our country back. Try as they might they simply have zero clue as to the revolution they face if they attempt to take our right to vote away in 2012.

    • BWR2310


  • William Patriot

    Perdue is one of Obama’s picks to run the Super Committee of 10 Governors. I think Obama ask her to roll this by the people to get their response on no elections.Now that she did, we in the district she controls (District 4)should have the right to impeach her. Not just citizens in North Carolina but all citizens in District 4. Why don’t we roll this by the people?

  • BWR2310


  • Gringo Infidel

    “It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.”

    guess who is reputed to have said that ….

  • Korean Vet

    Carefully stay away from the streets where the 99%-ers are staging a ‘Riot-act’–don’t
    get into any visual “Street-confrontations” with them-! Don’t give Obama–any false-
    stats for a “Martial-Law” declaration-! Be
    invisible until the Primary Elections & vote
    for a good choice-! I won’t tell you any
    clues–since all are probably equal to the
    non-qualified person that they have to beat!
    Be calm & be “Hopeful” that we’re all working
    together to be like Ireland without ‘snakes’!
    And–be sure you “Cheer” for our “Heroes”-!

  • Sir2You

    If he does not declare Nat. Emergency and take over as ‘president’ for life, I am afraid he will try another 9/11; this time using one of the nukes they stole from the missing group from NDakota. Nuke city, declare national emergency, overthrow Constitutional Republic in one fell swoop. And who is going to do anything about it?