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Michael Reagan to Anthony Weiner: You Are A Hypocrite

Written on Thursday, June 9, 2011 by


As many as 300,000 children are taken from their homes every year from neglect and abuse. In light of that, it is a blight on America even to think or to know that a member of the Congress of the United States has been sending e-mail tweets to young women he doesn’t even know — taking advantage of them for his own apparent sexual pleasure.

Anthony Weiner, you are a pervert and you should step down NOW!!

Your blatant hypocrisy is never more evident than when your record as a self-proclaimed defender of youth is examined.

You have bragged about your efforts to defend children; for example, writing that in early 2007 your office “did a study that found that over 85% of registered sex offenders in New York City live less than five blocks from schools, and 670 sex offenders live within just two blocks. Some offenders are even closer, permanently residing less than 500 feet away from unwitting parents, educators and children.”

Do those “efforts” include setting an example of moral rectitude by living a life free of sexual episodes? It appears that this is not the case as your e-mail “tweets” laden with sex show.

Nowhere is your hypocrisy more evident than in your recent press release where you bragged that “along with several colleagues in Congress, we introduced & passed the KIDS (Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators) Act of 2007, a bill to require sex offenders to register their e-mail and instant message addresses with the National Sex Offender Registry. The ‘Kid’s Act’ implemented one of my six recommendations to keep a closer eye on sex offenders both near school grounds and online. I also proposed stricter GPS tracking of sex offenders, tougher enforcement of registration laws and more public disclosure of sex offender data.”

You go on to say, “Sadly, the Internet is the predator’s venue of choice today. We need to update our strategies and our laws to stop these offenders who are a mere click away from our children. ”

It would seem that the Internet is also your “venue of choice” when you choose to send sexually explicit photos of yourself to women you don’t know and who have never expressed any desire to see you in sexually compromising situations.

In your apologetic press conference you freely admitted your guilt in these matters but you left unsaid the words your actions demanded — namely your intent to resign from the U.S. House of Representatives, which you have disgraced.

Your critics have often characterized you as being arrogant. You have now proven them right. Nothing could be more arrogant that your outright refusal to do the honorable thing and resign from the House of Representatives which you have, by your actions, seriously demeaned.

In your arrogance you have failed to understand that you are now the butt of jokes — not exactly the status a member of Congress seeks.

You owe your constituents an apology; you owe your bride more than that. It’s time to pay your debts to both.

Go home, Rep. Weiner, and contemplate your offense against decency and the people you are obliged to represent.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “The New Reagan Revolution” (St. Martin’s Press, 2011). He is the founder and chairman of The Reagan Group and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his website at, or e-mail comments to

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  • ARMYOF69

    He is so much worse than a hypocrite. He IS a slime-bag, doing this in under a year of getting married, and now e hear his wife is pregnant.
    What he needs is a a brain surgeon to lobotomize him.

    • Gene

      I wonder who got his wife pregnant?

    • bOB

      His wife is an aid to Hilawhore Clinton so I suspect that Bill knocked her up.

    • bigotist

      Hey amy69,
      Pretty atrocious grammar in that post, you must of had something jerking your hand around, eh!!!!!! Your the asshole that wanted to be the critic, now with a little Karma it’s coming back at you– How’s your KY holding up??????

    • ARMYOF69

      Hey asshole….time for you to pull your head out of it.

    • Charles Martel


    • bigotist

      Hey charles,
      You must be a butt friend of amy69- Another fag-
      Hope you get AIDS and die slowly, scumbag-
      As Always,

    • Old Bill

      Army we must have a bunch of liberal perverts on here today. Give them hell Guy.
      Jarhead 70-85

    • ARMYOF69

      You are also a blind son of a bitch…IT’s ARMY….not AMY….idiot.

    • bigotist

      I like amy better, and if you wish to besmirch my mother as a bitch, your mother was probably the town whore– You probably don’t even know your mother, fckr-
      As Always,

    • Old Bill

      I’ll drink to that Army!!!!!

  • Hubert

    Weiner should be arrested and put in jail. Is he above the law? It appears that he is.

    • http://windowslive mary m

      so was rangel and he’s still there if that was a republican the lib’s would of been all over them to resign.

    • ARMYOF69

      Rangel is Black, that makes him very special.
      Can you say : RACISM

    • http://x Patty

      Army. I don’t understand why people are “dinging” you………….I don’t disagree………………We should clean up the language but I agree with the sentiment….

    • ARMYOF69

      Sorry Patty , I say it as it is: A racist is a racist, black, white , green …or whatever.
      It just seems to me that tables have turned in the last couple of decades, and it’s mostly blacks who ARE racists.

    • polishsniper

      Remember he’s a democrat, that right there lets him think he does no wrong as long as he don’t get caught doing it,look at Bill. For every bad republican scandal how many democrats are not getting caught, probably more then you think cause they are like this slime bag Weiner.Just look at the way they rule with their twisted minds.They go out of their way to find and destroy anyone they can that they seem to think is a threat to them. Haven’t you seen that time after time? We need to vote this trash out but like usual you blue states keep putting back the same trash time after time.Truly Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Old Bill

      If we did what he did they would have us in jail already and on the pervert list.

  • Larry

    Mr Reagen you can say this same thing to each and every one of our representatives in Washington DC and each State.If you would look close enough you will find that they are all jest alike they have no interest in saving this country they only have an interest in making the opposing party look bad at the cost of this country they jest continue fighting with the opposing party and refuse to play in the same sand box with the other party.

    • http://x Patty

      Larry, if I believed what you say, I couldn’t sleep at night. There are deffinitely some GOOD politician out there. True, they are outnumbered, and it’ll tale work to overhaul the system, but they ARE out there. Look at the Tea Party folks……….They are FINE representatives of we the people. And look at those who comment on this site. Thousands of potential politicians………..really………..It gets discouraging, I know. But we do NOT have the right to “give up.” Too many have given their lives and given their service to this country. We can’t be wimps, we must fight back and WE WILL WIN……….

  • Matt

    When is he going to “Man-Up”? In addition to his disgraceful actions on the internet, He publicly and emphatically LIED to the nation and further compounded the problem by attempting to blame the incident on someone else. Weiner is an arrogant, obnoxious, dishonest, little twit who should NOT be in a congressional position. Be a MAN Weiner and do the right thing for a change, RESIGN.

    • http://x Patty

      Ditto…………..He’s a disgrace to his nation, his wife and his future endeavors.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Weiner is not a hypocrite; he is something far worse. He is a socialist Democrat who wants to control your lives.

  • WBBuckelew

    “along with several colleagues in Congress, we introduced & passed the KIDS (Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators) Act of 2007, a bill to require sex offenders to register their e-mail and instant message addresses with the National Sex Offender Registry. The ‘Kid’s Act’ implemented one of my six recommendations to keep a closer eye on sex offenders both near school grounds and online. I also proposed stricter GPS tracking of sex offenders, tougher enforcement of registration laws and more public disclosure of sex offender data.”

    I think it is time for him to be registered.

  • http://yahoo Juanita Christensen


  • wisdomcries

    Are you kidding, this guy is a hero to the libtards, I’ll bet he is Mayor of NYC some day or he gets a TV show.

    • ARMYOF69

      I believe you’re right. Seems after a quick poll taken recently, over half his constituents say he can stay.
      NEW YORK is where we go to after dying called HELL.

    • ARMYOF69

      I’m just guessing, there seems to be a few of the NY libtards right here too, all the way from HELL, complete with their KY it seems.

    • http://x Patty

      Again, Army, I don’t get the “dings”…….I gave you “positives” becasue I didn’t find you offensive, but “right”.

    • ARMYOF69

      I WILL fight back, I am no progressive, liberal moron, and am definitely not PC.

    • Old Bill

      Army what do you expect in New York?

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    I hear that he is more”Anthony ” than “Weiner.

  • Elvis in Argentina

    Weener just became a muslim to marry Huma the muslim.

  • Spikeygrrl

    I think Weiner’s actions are despicable, and believe that he should resign…but I don’t get the “kids and predators” angle.

    Kids: To Weiner’s knowledge, all the women he conducted cyber-affairs with were of legal age. (Of course it’s possible that some of them were lying; haven’t we ALL been duped at least once online by someone who was not who s/he claimed to be?)

    Predators: All any of these women had to do to avoid this creep was defriend/unfollow/block (email or phone). I can understand folks “following” Weiner strictly for the politics…but after receiving even ONE of his sleaze-mails, anyone who was not herself titillated by it should have cut his access off as described above. What strikes me in the interviews/statements given by he women concerned is that THEY LET IT GO ON FOR A WHILE. My question is: WHY??? If you found this so offensive, why didn’t you cut off his access ON THE SPOT?

    To reiterate: I think Weiner’s behavior is indefensible, and that he should resign. But let’s leave kids and predators out of it; those issues are simply not relevant to this situation.

    • azwayne

      You know EVEYONE who saw or received his twitters, you KNOW this is all the pron he spread. He’s a danger to everyone, every age, he’s a worthless pervert.

  • am2sweet

    I think Reagan was being too politically correct saying Weiner is a hypocrite. Weiner is a lying degenerate Nazi with a childish attitude meaning he’s so two faced he doesn’t know where one starts and the other ends. And I was being nice here.

  • Informer

    you dont get it? Weiner is a converted Muslim and in Islam a man can ….not only rape but
    Weiner, it might be because in Islam, a man can have 4 wives and any number of mistresses

  • Martha Guy

    Weiner is a pervert and should be kept away from children, he didn’t care if his emails were seen by children, (girls or boys.) HE IS GOING TO BE A FATHER????? I am so sad for for this baby.

    Get him out of Congress NOW and in jail.

  • Robert Augeri


  • azwayne

    We know why he knew so much about bill against perverts in 2007, he was in training. A disgrace to call an America, a far worse disgrace to say he is example of Congress.

  • michael sharpe

    Adultry = One who can not be trusted. Because He has U.S. beside His name, He has demonstrated to America that He can not be trusted.He should fall on His own sword the way that He demanded Fox to fall because of Beck.Congress should banish Him.

    • Old Bill

      Can someone explain to me why we call all congressmen, senators, judges, and the president honorable?

  • Gene

    weiner is the Pee Wee Herman of the demo-commie party! pelosi & weiner, NOW THERES A WINNING COMBO!!

    • http://WindowsExployer Roger

      I especially like the Weeny/Pelosi idea1

  • t17

    i seen this liberal worm running his mouth on the o’reilly factor and i am somewhat surprised bill did’nt sock weinerschnitzel in the mouth. i sure felt like it.sure am glad this a- hole got caught now lets hope he gets tossed out into the streets.what girl would be interested in this dork anyways.

  • Dee G Virginia….USA


    • Old Bill

      Dee if he stood up for his job he would not of done it. You or me would go to jail.

  • Syl

    Wiener should resign and capitalize on his new found fame by liscencing the Weiner Bobble Head Doll.

  • Thomas Martin

    Why are they raising so much hell about weiner sending nude photo’s, the democrat party show their damn rotten asses every damn day, rotten scum bags.

    weiner fits right in there with the rest of the trash obama’s loves so dear.

  • Charles Martel

    I thought weiner was homosexual before all this, but then again he still could be. We KNOW one thing, he IS a POS!!

    • bigotist

      AGREED!!!You said it yourself for sure.
      The old saying,”it takes one to know one”–
      You even knew before?????
      You should have used the name, SWALLOW…..
      As Always,

  • T Lady

    I actually feel bad for his wife. The man is a straight out DOG.

  • http://AOL Ellen

    A lesson I learned from my Dad early in life, and passed on to my children — One lie destroys a lifetime of trust. I would rather deal with a thief than a liar.

    • http://x Patty

      Ellen, good advice from your dad and I agree…………………..

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    YES, He willhang on as long as he can for he does not have a law degree that he can fall back on. I am surprised for I thought all the scumbag democrats were lawyers.