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Miley Cyrus, Occupier Poster Girl

Written on Sunday, December 4, 2011 by


She’s perfect. Miley Cyrus, Hollywood’s perpetually half-dressed wild child with an insatiable appetite for attention, jumped in front of the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon this week. The young Disney mogul unveiled a YouTube anthem hailing the aimless, anti-capitalist protesters. Smells like opportunistic teen queen spirit.

Like so much of the warmed-over, Big Labor-underwritten Occupy movement, Miley’s musical tribute to its foot soldiers is a worn-out derivative remix. She took “Liberty Walk,” a year-old single; spliced in video footage of union marchers carrying carbon-copy “TAKE BACK OUR DEMOCRACY” signs; tossed in random scenes of global discontent from London to China to San Diego to Salem, Oregon; slapped on a treacly dedication to “the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in” (like, whatever that is); stirred; auto-tuned; and released:

“Sayin’ goodbye to the people who tied you up/ It’s a liberty walk, walk/ Feelin’ your heart again/ Breathin’ new oxygen/ It’s a liberty walk, walk/ Free yourself, slam the door, not a prisoner anymore!”

Somehow, all the Occupier outbreaks of lice, public defecation, property destruction and rape got left on the cutting room floor.

Hipsters are horrified by the Hollywood hijacking. To borrow a favorite Occupier phrase, they rained “downtwinkles” on the starlet. One Occupy activist prominently distanced herself from Hannah Montana, Teen Revolutionary, and issued a challenge. Priscilla Grim, an Occupy flack, told the website TMZ that while Miley’s music video “‘rocks’ in spirit … she doubts the singer has the guts to actually hit the streets.” Grim dared “Ms. Cyrus” to “fight on the front line of economic civil rights” and join the agitators at Los Angeles City Hall.

Will Miley put her Louboutins where her vocal cords are? With an estimated net worth of $120 million, the radical chic poseur is no dummy. While her video stokes anti-police hostility and anti-bank rage, she and her managers can safely raise their figurative fists with one hand while inking new corporate deals with the other.

One YouTube commenter decried Tinseltown’s “cynical ploy”:

“This is disgusting. Another celebrity cashing in on the Occupy movement for their own profit. First (rapper) Jay-Z selling T-shirts and giving no money to the movement and now this. It might be different if she was giving all the profits from this song to the movement, but she’s keeping all of it for herself. I am an active member of Occupy — and on behalf of the movement I would like to say f**k you Miley Cyrus and f**k you Jay-Z. You are blood-sucking scum!”

That’s just a bit harsh. After all, diehard Occupiers themselves are hawking photos, documentaries and all manner of assorted swag from one coast to the other, while live-streaming their nocturnal, police-obstructing parties over corporate airwaves. They’ve opened bank accounts with the same companies their masked peers have vandalized. Their union elders are cutting deals with the same retailers they besieged on Black Friday.

In so many ways, Miley and the Occu-mob are a match made in heaven. Vacuous. Hypocritical. Entitled. Vain. Nihilist. Exhibitionist. Coddled. Forever adolescent, treating life like an endless “Party in the U.S.A.,” and demanding that everyone else pay for it.

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  • nvrpc

    Just poor misguided and misunderstood children who when socialism takes hold and 70% of their pay check goes to support the selective they’ll still the whinnying about how the rich are rich and life is unfair. Gee Whiz when did the light bulb come one? Are you just a few decades to short with that understanding? You movement people are about as brain-dead as you 1960 hippy anti-American parents were. F-d up then and still F-d up. You’re the same bunch of bozo’s who ride Harley and think by dressing up like a hells angel and acting like an idiot with your loud pipes gives you credibility and respect. Think again idiots.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Miley’s daddy should have taught her better, but then he was a Bill Clinton fan back in the nineties.

    • Poncho Villa

      You mean Bill Clinton, the impeached Ex-president? The US Senate was too chicken then not follow through with the impeachment. It’s shameful.

    • Rocky

      Clinton should be back in Little Rock working in his Presidential Library and Massage Pallor.

      The teen age tramp should get her life together and go to college.

    • June9245

      The Senate did not follow thru because it was controlled by RINOs who love big government, money and control. You know the same stuff our Liberal Socialists love. Vote Tea Party in 2012

    • marcel Duranleau


    • eyes open

      Unfortunately, they’ve all been brought up on Kool aid made with flouridated water. Funny, the Russians give their prisoners in political camp flouridated water because it keeps them “calm”. Can someone say “cheap frontal lobotomy”?

    • Johnsnare

      Miley Who?

  • George B Vieto

    Another teen age pop idol who sold her soul to the devil when her family left Tennessee to seek fame for fortune. I am sure her dad is really proud of his daughter.

  • Mike D

    The next Jane Fonda?

  • Skyknight

    What can you expect from little miss dope smoker.

  • lizaz

    Not something to be proud of….

  • Scarlet Dove

    What the hell do these young and dumb little twits know about life?

  • MrLogical

    Take another toke, Miley…a big one.

  • MH

    Miley isn’t too bright I’m not surprised she showed up at OWS.

  • rbentrdr

    Another idiot heard from. Moron.

  • barbpatton

    the devil looks after his own – BUT there isd a higher power

  • mark


  • Christopher McCormick

    See how long hanny montanie keeps her pantys at an occupier sleep over in some hippie tent city.

  • Winston

    To HELL with Mile Cyrus… the trailer trash pot head nobody! Don’t give her the time of day.

  • Archangel

    I don’y pay attention to either her or her old man, I’m busy working for a living!

  • Doug

    How could her father allow her to take the side of those very sad people…and give the peace sign! Yes that is the first sign of a Great Country being sold out to Communist…the Mud People of the middle 60’s and 70’s. Yes love freaks at Woodstock…animals would even live like these people did for a free concert and sex, dope and their idea of Freedom…while wiring Home to Mommy and daddy for more Money!! So when this little sad person GIVES up her Belongings, Money and From Now On Sings for The Welfare of The People!!! Will I Consider her or Her Old man are Honest or Honorable….What worry’s me is her influence on young people what don’t know better..and have the weight of a vote in their hands. We must take the Voting Rights away from Children…they aren’t forced to serve their they should also lose the right to vote!!

    • smoky

      i have to agree with not allowing 18 yr olds to vote. i would suggest a minimum age of 25 before you can vote. and we MUST stop welfare recipients from voting.

  • pistolero

    You might try blaming those who pay exhorbitant prices to see or buy this punks so called “art”. If “fans” would not go to her concerts or buy her CD’s, she wouldn’t be “little miss rich bitch”. She might even have to actually work for a living.

  • D. Hanes

    Stupid girl.. anythign for attention, hey Miley. You will be sorry!

  • Icarealot

    Are you kidding me? This isn’t Miley Cyrus doing this, this is someone in her entourage creating publicity. I can’t believe how much the public falls for this media crap. The media own most of the public, they show what they want you to watch, they remove what you want to watch. No different in the political news. The media controls, you only get what they want you to get. That’s how Obama was elected. Wake up America. Quit falling for this crap!

  • http://Yahoo fbs

    It is so sad that our young people don’t have a clue about how this country was established and how our past economic system (free enterprise and capatalism) gave our people the highest standard of living the world has ever known. The regulations put on businesses have caused big business to go overseas where they don’t have to worry about costly regs and can hire cheaper labor than the labor unions will allow in the US. If we don’t get back to our constitution and our industrial heritage we will be like the third world countries and then how will the likes of Miley Cyrus and the OWS’s like it?

    • Olesarge

      The product of Outcomes Based Education.

  • Jamie

    Isn’t this what it’s really all about though?
    The more blatently hypocritical you can be now days, the more you fit right in with the left.
    The occupiers are no less 2 faced when push comes to shove. They glory in flashing their most unmistakable double standards in our faces. It’s really about payback for not being raised with any boundaries. They resent having sh_t for brains parents who didn’t think enough of them to use the
    slightest discipline.

    It makes you feel inferior when you see other kids who have self respect.
    Deep down they want to rub what they’ve become in our faces. And it explains why they aren’t the least bit embarrassed by the painfully obvious hypocrisy.

  • James Fontana

    Billy Ray should sit her butt down and explain a few things to her. He needs to tell her it was capitalism that got her where she is today. Capitalism got him to stardom and undoubtedly that’s how she got noticed. Otherwise she’d be just another teen hanging out on a street corner playing in a barroom band.

    • Antiliberal

      Who is going to explain it to him?

  • Eli Jones

    Miley is just another hypocrite, nothing more, nothing less. She reminds me of that lying slob Michael Moore.

  • kurt

    Miley you are an Idiot!!!! Get out of the public eye, yoou are young,stupid and uninformed. GO AWAY.

  • Henry

    The little ignorant one is simply a member of the Ignorant Class. Truly dumb as a doorknob Lib with dog spit for brains.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      You have really offended my dog. He says that his spit is first class. He also says that he wouldn’t touch Mileys’ spit because he suspects where her mouth has been.


  • Nonne

    Miley is no longer popular with her teen fans. She is “out,” as the young would say. She is at the awkward stage of not being an adult, and yet certainly not a child.

    The OWS movement is a way for Miley to TRY to re-pull attention toward herself. Maybe she is doing this to look less childlike.

    Life and stardom are VERY hard on child stars, especially ones that can see their ‘flame’ has burned out.

    Either assume she is a politically naive person, OR she found a clever way to make some money!

  • Jim

    I’m taking bets she will be the next to follow in the steps of Lindsay Lohan.
    She’ll be on the pages of Playboy within a year.

  • clh

    Miley is worth $120 million. What a hypocritical little bitch. She is against herself in theory, but, of course, it never applies to them. She is against the rich, which is herself. Will she give away her money, of course, not.
    I can see her growing into another Jane Fonda.

    • Laura

      Oh god help us.

  • Hope

    Miley, there are great ways to transform from child star to a wonderful young adult entertainer. You just do not have proper, caring advisers to handle your transformation ! Be wise and think of your successful future instead of a bad distruction you are headed for !

  • Laura

    I am so amazed at how good can turn bad so quickly. Sad

    • Bree

      My thoughts exactly Laura. Miley started out well but listened to the wrong songs too long. Pray she will have a turn around.

    • Laura

      We can only hope and pray.

  • mikey

    So how huch of her 100 Million plus Dollars is she going to give to the OWS crowd?

  • James McEnanly

    Who at Disney thought it would be good idea to install a self-destruct mechanism in its child stars?

  • Fred

    Miey Cyrus is a dumb child of enormous privledge and spolied. She thinks there are no repuurssions to her actions but I can see a lot of her followers dumping her like Jane Fonda was. I have no respect for Miey Cyrus as she has no respect for herself!!!!!!

  • Jennie

    YUP……on the road to self-destruction.