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My Father-in-Law: A Hero Who Helped Stop the Spread of Communism

Written on Saturday, June 18, 2011 by

Jerry Vallorani

On May 5, 1968, Private First Class Gerald Decker (US Marine Corps) was wounded in action while serving his country in Vietnam. On June 15, 2011, more than 43 years later, Gerald “Jerry” Decker was awarded the prestigious Purple Heart.

Jerry first arrived in Vietnam in December 1967. He recalls the details of the day he was wounded…

We were heading back to base camp after being on patrol… Out of nowhere, the enemy dropped mortars and rockets on the camp…. That’s just what they did… they waited for the patrol to come back to camp. I was hit in the left side of my face.

In addition to being wounded in action, Jerry contracted Malaria while in Vietnam. He returned home in January 1969 with the rank of Sergeant. Like all Vietnam Vets, he returned to face fierce political opposition to the War.

The mainstream media has led most Americans to believe that The Vietnam War was a tragic and dismal failure. Liberals have been telling lies and getting away with it despite the fact that the war was televised at the time and has been the subject of innumerable books and studies.

The truth is, the Vietnam War was the most important and successful campaign to defeat Communism. Without the sacrifices made by soldiers like my father-in-law, and the courage displayed by our military, the world might be a different place.

The certificate that accompanied Jerry’s Purple Heart reads,

To all who shall see these presents, greeting: This is to certify that the President of the United States of America has awarded the purple heart established by General George Washington at Newburgh, New York, August 7, 1782 to Private First Class Gerald L Decker, United States Marine Corps for wounds received in action on May 5, 1968 in Vietnam.

Jerry is a loving father and grandfather of 16 grandchildren. He is one of the hardest-working men I know. He’s a real American through and through and I am proud to be his son-in-law. At a time when our great country seems to be moving toward communism, Jerry’s heroism in Vietnam is a stark reminder that there is still hope for our nation.

I highly recommend that you read The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Vietnam War. In this book, author Phillip Jennings finally sets the record straight. Jennings, who fought in Vietnam as a Marine pilot and later as a pilot for the CIAs Air America, shatters the near universally accepted myths and politically correct lies that have obscured the truth about what happened in Vietnam for decades.

Special Thanks to Joan Linscheid and Stewart Adams for producing the video of this special event.

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  • DaNangMe

    Welcome Home and Thank You for serving our Country!Remember these words for they are always an appropriate greeting for Veterans and active duty troops alike.NEVER again should our troops be dishonored or forgotten as we were upon returning from VietNam.

    • Gunny

      Good article. I believe we won the war from the military perspective. I will buy the book! Gunny, Vietnam 1963 & 67-68

    • frank1737

      RIGHT ON BROTHER IN ARMS. Thank You For Your Service!! Vietnam Vet 62-66

    • Rowdy

      And thank you sir for your service as well.
      There are more of us that are dedicated, unwavering patriot, oath keepers than our illustrious leader and his minions have any idea. But some day they may find out, if we can get this ball kicked off before we all get too old.

      U.S.A.F. Radar Technician
      1966 – 1970
      U.S.A.F. commendation medal “saving a life”
      Outstanding Unit Award 3 times
      expert marksman
      Good conduct medal
      and can you believe it I can’t remember the other medal. Long time ago, want to forget it all. It was a bad experience. Most of it.

    • M.C Montgomery

      Rowdy, thank you also for your brave service for this country and our freedoms. I salute you and each and every man and woman who has been willing to make great sacrifices; for many thousands the ultimate sacrifice, to fight in all the wars we’ve engaged in. I’m very proud to say that every generation of my family, since the American Revolution, has fought for this country and the freedoms we hold so dear. God bless all those who have served and are now serving this great country!

    • UdornVet1970

      Welcome Home, Rowdy. You might want to check out a veterans’ group called the Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Brotherhood at We’re vets who served in those countries during the war. We’re all services, all ranks, over 500 members world wide. We fought the Secret War.

  • Joe Zatopek

    Amen Brother! as one Vietnam Vet to another
    “THANK YOU!” for your service.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      Same here, & welcome home fellow Nam Vet.

      Nam Vet 66-67

    • Wolf Peltonen

      airborne ranger nam 1971-72-73 through pullout i hope we never let vets be spit on and ridiculed at our own airports again ,god bless you

  • John

    I began studying the Vietnam War in 1979. During the war years the news media was continually creating the image that the USA and the American soldiers serving during the war were nothing but evil.

    This message just did not make sense considering the history of our nation, the use of its military and the American soldiers conduct.

    I grew up in the 1960s-1970s and was absolutely appalled then and now regarding how our military men were scorned and ridiculed by “my generation”.

    I vividly remember countless arguments with friends and school mates about the men that fought and died in Vietnam. These supposedly “love children” from the “peace loving” generation were completely clueless, heartless, ignorant and selfish in their actions and words.

    Below is some of what I learned from numerous sources; citing facts from American and formerly North Vietnamese politicians and NVA generals that faced our generals on the battlefields of Vietnam.

    You should know that all “facts” (not opinions) point to us winning the Vietnam War. The popular notion that we lost the war is a myth. The more you tell a lie the more it becomes the truth. We have been beating ourselves up with guilt for over 30 years based upon deception, lies and myths.

    When any soldier from any war describes their experience, they are telling their own little view of the war that happens directly to them. All combat veterans can tell stories of horror and mistakes from any nation’s army. Many of these are not mistakes, but the soldier’s perception in his little arena. The perception of a company’s office daily progress would differ from manager and worker. The soldier and worker in the trenches do not see the big picture because of their limited views. Rumors and myths thrive from this.

    The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) was created in 1954 to stem further communist takeover of countries in the Pacific region. SEATO was created as part of the Truman Doctrine to create anti-communist bilateral and collective defense treaties. These treaties and agreements were intended to create alliances that would contain communist power. This is why the United States initially became involved in South Vietnam to fight the communist movement under Ho Chi Minh of North Vietnam.

    Representatives from Australia, France, Great Britain, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, and the United States, under the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty, (from which SEATO was formed), pledged to defend against what it saw as an escalation of communist military aggression against democracy.

    The Democratic and Republican administrations along with Congress during those years prevented the US military to fight the war as it should have. Our troops had these ludicrous “rules of engagement” and the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) had none. Militarily, our men were severely restrained. However they still accomplished all objectives and forced North Vietnam to admit defeat and sign the peace agreement.

    At that time our government was afraid if we were too aggressive that China would send troops against us, as in Korea. A little research would have proven this was not going to occur. China admitted this to be true after the war. The memories of us decimating them in the Korean War were still fresh in their minds.

    North Vietnam knew they could not defeat the US. They developed one of the world’s largest propaganda organizations (Dich Van) to defeat us psychologically. They successfully divided us by pitting the US population (especially naive college students) against our politicians and soldiers. The news media played into their hands without researching facts or sources. The public was “suckered” by the repeated disinformation from North Vietnam along with Communist and other dubious sources from within our nation. For some reason our government was not able or prepared to adequately counter this form of warfare.

    The NVA was equally trained as well as the US army. They also were just as well equipped- supplied from China and Russia. They actually had better field artillery equipment (Russian). We had the advantage in air power. Records reveal the so-called “Viet Cong” actually were largely NVA trained, not always the poor farmer that was depicted in the news media.

    You can not focus on one company, platoon or squad during battles as the news media did. It is the end result of the total mission that determines success or failure. Due to our strategy and aggressive tactics we were always successful in battle.

    By their own estimates we killed 1.2 million of their soldiers-far more than we estimated with the “evil” body count. Can you imagine the length of their war memorial wall? It became obvious that North Vietnamese men were going to war, never returning and families not notified. It was later shown that the NVA had a tremendous desertion problem and men doing all possible not to be drafted. The young men had a saying, “Born in the North to die in the South”.

    There was increasing unrest within North Vietnam because they had no access to the factual progress of the war. As in all Communist governments, they had no freedom of speech or press and they still do not.

    CBS “60 Minutes” verified during and after the war, the North Vietnamese government secretly hid the badly wounded soldiers from their families and the public because of the enormous casualty rate. The amputee soldier was confined to asylums away from the public. I do not know how long this disturbing policy was in effect.

    Throughout the war the North Vietnamese government had a detailed and systematic plan to execute and murder South Vietnamese citizens they deemed as threats. Also, Ho Chi Minh was absolutely vicious to the people in the North. R.J. Rummell estimates that from 1957 to 1975 the North Vietnamese government executed around 50,000 North Vietnamese civilians (most were executed by 1960). Source: R.J. Rummell (1997). “Vietnam Democide: Estimates, Sources & Calculations”.

    North Vietnam’s brutality did not stop at the war’s end. An estimated 95,000 South Vietnamese civilians died in the communist “re-education” camps, another 500,000 were involved in forced labor projects, which killed 48,000 civilians. Another 100,000 were executed. Finally, 400,000 people died while trying to flee Vietnam. This does not include the unknown fate of thousands of indigent people enslaved for laborious work on the Ho Chi Minh trail throughout the war.

    I find it disturbing when everyone (seemingly) rips the USA apart because of the much publicized My Lai Massacre. Clearly this was committed by a few individuals and not US government and army policy. Some soldiers refused to participate and some simply walked away. This came to an end when other US troops protected the civilians and threatened to shoot their fellow soldiers. We that have never experienced the tremendous stress of war could never imagine committing such an act. This is not to be used as an excuse. What these few soldiers did was wrong. This terrible event amounts to nothing, compared to the planned and premeditated slaughter of civilians, throughout the war by the North Vietnamese government and NVA official policy.

    In 1972 Nixon finally gave permission to the air force to conduct military bombing their way. This should have been done years earlier.

    In a matter of days the effect was so devastating that there literally were no more targets left to destroy in NV. All SAM sites destroyed and their entire missile supply depleted. The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) did not dare make any movements. The civilians in Hanoi believed they were defeated, began hanging and waving white flags at U.S. planes. The NV politicians were so frightened that they quickly contacted the U.S. and signed the peace treaty.

    North Vietnam signed the peace treaty January 27, 1973. The last American troops left South Vietnam March 29, 1973. Two years later North Vietnam violated the peace treaty, invaded and defeated South Vietnam in 1975. This had nothing to do with us. The USA was long gone by then.

    Regarding the embassy evacuation; this occurred in 1975, more than two years after all of our troops were gone. The embassy scene was “the perception of defeat”. Perceptions do not make truth. The U.S. only had an embassy in South Vietnam (SV) after the war like any other country. It was staffed with the normal “handful” of Marines. The news media falsely connected this scene to the loss of the war. This event occurred more than two years after all of our military was gone and had nothing to do with the war that we had won.

    Yes, panicked South Vietnamese wanted to leave, knowing the fate that may await them. Actually, the NVA were under orders to halt all further advance into Saigon until the evacuation was complete. They had not forgotten the military might of the U.S. that nearly destroyed them during the war. They also knew our naval force was close and that the carrier alone had enough power to defeat them.

    Our mistake was that we left South Vietnam after we overwhelmingly defeated North Vietnam. We stayed in Germany, Japan and South Korea. We left South Vietnam because of public sentiment based upon pseudo information. Which of these countries are better off? Which of these governments and countries would you now choose to live in?

    Americans always wanted to forget the war and most will never study what actually occurred.

    There are a few “objective” books written after the war, but I believe “Unheralded Victory” by Mark W. Woodruff is easiest to learn what really happened in Vietnam. This eye opening book was written in 1999. The book’s data and sources come from American and Vietnamese well after the conflict to erase emotions and patriotism. has used ones available for very little cost.

    My guess is that once you read this book, you will be in awe of the veterans’ accomplishments, despite having to endure all the restrictions and ill-placed public negativity. Because of what our men in uniform endured from the enemy and the disgraceful attitude at home I consider the Vietnam veterans to be the “Greatest Generation of Soldiers”.

    In general, our nation and veterans have nothing to be ashamed of regarding our participation in the Vietnam War.

    • Gary Henry

      You said a mouthful when you stated that congress would not let us fight the VN war to win. The same thing is happening in Iraq and Alfganistan.

    • Byron

      It wasn’t Congress as LBJ undergound in the War Room trying to personally direct a War 10,000 miles away. There was another guy that tried to do the samr thing his name was Adolph.

    • Patriot41

      Having served in Vietnam in 68′ & 69′, I can attest to what has been posted as many others can who served during that period of time. During the period of my tour, coalition forces suffered no major defeats. We were winning that war and everyone in the war zone knew it, even the NV! The only confusion that existed at the time, was the fact that our troops could not understand why our fellow citizens were not knowledgable of how well we were doing? We all knew there was something going on with the major media and the way they were reporting the war. Troops coming back to NAM from leave to the U.S. were telling us how bad people in the U.S. were acting toward them. We were successfully accomplishing the mission we were sent on and yet our own citizens were condemning us!

      Keep in mind, that prior to the Vietnam war, American citizens had always supported our military no matter how well or how poorly the war was going. Those of us in Vietnam had anticipated the same type of support from our fellow citizens. When we did not get it, we were not only shocked, but also very demoralized. Our comrades were being maimed and killed for nothing and those who lived, had to come home in shame as the first defeated military in the history of the U.S. Problem was, we knew that we had not been defeated on the field of battle!

      The Vietnam war was lost on the college campuses and in the Halls of Congress, not on the battlefield. As for many of us Vets, including myself, we felt betrayed not only by our fellow citizens, but mostly by the politicians who sent us off to war, but failed to support our efforts to obey their commands. For many of us, it took years to get over this betrayal, some of the Vets never did. Many turned to drugs, disassociated themselves from society and died on the streets from overdoses, lack of medical care and food or of a broken heart. Then too, there were those who had been paralized from the neck down, who were hidden away from the eyes of civilians in group homes. It was disgraceful to say the least. The whole story of the effects of that war has yet to be told and understood.

      Most importantly, the lessons of war have not been learned or understood by our government. We have been involved now for over ten years with wars in two countries and are rushing into even more in the Middle East. Those wars will not be determined by military strength, but once again by the politicians who in the end, will be forced to withdraw our troops without victory. Once again, it will be the troops that will suffer loss of limb or life, and those who will lose their families and friends as well as their trust in their own government.

      Treaties are only as good as those who sign them and when leadership changes, so does the purpose of those treaties. When they can no longer be used for political expediency they become useless. This is exactly what is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and now the full of the Middle East. In all of these cases, the ones who will suffer most will be our military troops. They need to come home now before any more damage is done.

      Our Constitution directs members of our government to protect and defend the United States of America and that is the extent to which our government should be active when it comes to military issues. We are not the police force for the world, nor are we supposed to be Empire builders. If the politicians ever come to that understanding and adhere to our Constitution, then once again we will have a peaceful and prosperous nation.

    • Roger, TN

      You are right on the mark. We did not lose the VN War militarily, though we did give up due to political expediency. As with A-stan and Iraq today, we have leadership that micro-manages the combat and limited top military that will take a stand. They should have hanged McNamara and LBJ or their prosecution of this military action. The last real TO where the toops did not matter as much as publicity. Since then, we do place more value on our warriors. The down side is we have not conclusively won a war since WWII, where there were limited ROEs.

    • Ron Keeth

      Thank you for the facts. I, like most other returning vets, faced spiting, cursing, shouting protesters. For me to admit to myself just how angry and betrayed I felt took about eight years after my return.

      I would go to war again if my country asked, and for the same reasons as before: I have a feeling of obligation to and respect for the USA and those having sacrificed so much in its service.

      Again I thank you,
      former USAF Pilot, combat missions SEA from

    • ARMYOF69

      Hi Ron, I am glad you made it back home safe. I had a friend in the Marines, drove F4 Phantoms in the Gulf, and we got together in Manila at the Playboy club in 71 , never saw him again. I do hope he’s still alive. Battaglia, from NY.

    • Beryl Arbaugh

      This is a great article. No where have I seen or read so much of this information. I knew boys sent to Vietnam. Some did not return. They were good men.
      Those who came home were treated horribly. We should be ashamed.

    • frank1737

      Only One Comment: My Lai Massacre. The village was well known for; women and children, being forced by the North Vietnam Infatry, to carry out grenades and destroying U.S. Marines & Army personnel! Otherwise, this is of superb article!!

    • frank1737

      By the way, opn my previous comment,I am a Vietnam Vet 1962-1966

    • Tom

      John, The first Tet Offensive gave us many casualties. The NVA didn’t make it home. We had wiped out their army and those in Hanoi were ready to surrender. Our CIC refused to let us go north as we might be seen as the aggressor. Lincoln would not have made that mistake.


      Thank you for a realistic and accurate “clarification” of the climax of the Vienamese war.


      Thank you for a realistic and accurate “clarification” of the climax of the Vienamese war. Our tour of duty was not in vain. RVN Vet

    • Byron

      After Viet Nam I remained in the military, 22 years, only place I felt safe. Even so I did not advertise the fact I was a Viet Nam Vet. Recently a freind convinced me to join the VFW. When I did they slapped a Viet Nam Vet Bumper sticker on my car. I have been surprise how many youngsters have come up and thanked me for my service. Makes an old Solder feel proud.

    • Patriot41

      Bryon, I well know the feeling of what you experienced after coming home from NAM. I can remember being ordered not to wear our uniforms when we went off base because of the insults and incidents that were taking place within the civilian populace. As a career man, I was willing to give up my time in service and be done with it. Fortunately a good wife convinced me to stay in the service and get my time in. The next few years were an extremely difficult and emotional time for me as it was for many of those who had served in Vietnam. Little do the citizens know what our vets went through after they returned to the States, but they need to know the truth of what went on.

      I am glad that you have finally found your peace and are proud to have served your country in honor.

    • Dave

      I think you made one error. The loss of South Vietnam in 1975 was partly, if not entirely, our fault. We had agreed to furnish South Vietnam with munitions if they were attacked by the north. Congress, in its eternal wisdom, refused. Part of the reason for the loss of the south, if not the entire reason, was they were running out of ammo.

    • D Christenson

      Thank You.
      Sp4 D Christenson
      1st Brigade
      101st Airborne Division
      1963 – 1966
      Republic of Viet Nam 1965-1966

    • Pappadave

      My best friend served with the 101st during that period. Sgt C. L. Wright. I was there, too in Qhi Nhon and Pleiku Provinces with the G-2, Field Force Vietnam…originally called “Task Force Alpha” out of Fort Hood, Texas, but was detached from FFV HQ in Natrang to gather and provide intel briefing to the 1st Cav Div. general staff as they arrived in-country, so we probably chewed some of the same dirt.

    • lilolady

      Thank You, and Welcome Home! Know you are Loved.

    • Gary

      Thank You and GOD Bless You. I wish every US Citizen would read your blog.

    • Rowdy

      Very good research. The truth as many of us knew it and proves we were not the only ones that knew that the soldiers were heroes and our leaders were cowards. They should have been lined up and shot, and then we would not be facing the communist takeover of our own country that we are now.


    • stygian witch

      Thank you for your comprehensive and truthful review of the Vietnam War era.The contributions of our military, as usual, were spectacular, especially when scum like LBJ had planes drop bombs on useless targets. Politicians forced us to fight a limited war. The behavior of many alleged Americans brainwashed by commie infiltrators was treasonous. Why is Jane Fonda still not prosecuted for treason? What is happening today is the result of allowing commie infiltration into all aspects of American life but it is not to late to destroy the cancer within. Truman stopped Congressional investigations due to the commie infiltration in the Federal Government. Now we have a cancerous commie Federal government and we must remove the malignancy or America dies. Sic semper tyrannis!

    • Rob II

      You are quite right about the Leftstream media lying to us. Here’s a reprint from another Patriot Update article:

      World War 2 lessons: soldiers against the Leftmedia
      Written on June 17, 2011 by Nathaniel Davidson

      This month is the anniversary of the key World War 2 battle, Operation Neptune, under Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower. This began with the famous amphibious invasion of Normandy, France, on 6 June, 1944 (D-Day), when 160,000 gallant troops (about half of them American) swarmed onto the beaches. Operation Neptune achieved its objectives by the end of the month: a firm foothold. From there, they advanced to liberate Western Europe from Hitler’s jackboot and destroy National Socialism. As we remember their heroism and sacrifice, many lessons can be learned that apply to much leftist policies today.
      This includes the future Republican President Eisenhower: he had hand-written a letter to be read in case the invasion failed, shouldering full responsibility, accepting full blame for himself alone—not the troops or the weather. Would that the current president would do the same!
      The follies of appeasement
      Probably the most important lesson of all was before D-Day: that this war would not have happened at all without the pacifistic appeasement policies of the 1930s which emboldened Hitler. The problem with the Left is that they name their policies by their intentions, not their results. Conservatives are not only concerned with the right actions, but also with right results, and realize that people respond to incentives, good and bad (see previous Patriot column).
      For instance, the very name “pacifist” or “anti-war” is a reflection of what they think their policies will achieve. And of course, by contrast, their opponents are “pro-war”. Indeed, the great British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (whose mother was American) was in the political “wilderness” for his alleged “pro-war” views.
      Yet Churchill’s policies of a strong military build-up would have actually deterred Hitler from making war in the first place, as Hitler admitted (see Patriot column Neville Boehner? RINOs channelling Chamberlain’s appeasement). So he was the true “anti-war” politician, in terms of results. Similarly, Reagan’s strong military build-up won the cold war without firing a shot.
      Yet this important lesson has never been learned. The later “peace” movements slogans are practically identical to those of Chamberlain and his friends, as Dr Thomas Sowell documents in his important book Intellectuals and Society.
      War has casualties!
      Regardless of what one thinks about the War against Saddam (which Democrats were “for before they were against”), much of the Leftmedia’s gloating about American casualties shows gross immaturity and lack of historical perspective. Of course, Patriots mourn our dead heroes and appreciate their heroism; the Leftmedia just use their deaths for their own liberal ends.
      But let’s compare: as of June 13, 2011, there have been 4,421 American soldiers killed since the war began on March 20, 2003. But there were 4414 allied soldiers killed on D-day alone, including 2,499 Americans. So the Iraq casualties were extremely low by historical perspectives. It would probably be too much to expect for Leftist journalists to compare Iraq with the War Between the States (650,000 killed), given over two-thirds of highschool seniors at our wonderful government schools don’t even know in which half century that war occurred (1861–65 should be a clue).
      Furthermore, we could imagine the disaster for morale back home if the media were as dishonest with the half-truth back then as they are now. A headline paralleling the modern ones on the Iraq war could have read:
      “June 6, 1944:
      2,500 American soldiers slaughtered on France beaches
      Remainder pinned down by German machine gun fortresses.”
      This headline is actually truthful, as far as it goes, but it’s way out of context. But any “peace” movement would have seized upon it and clamoured “bring the troops home!”
      D-Day Tribute Video
      Great Marianas Turkey Shoot vs. Tet Offensive
      In the same month as Operation Overlord, America was fighting another enemy almost single-handedly: the Japanese military empire. While Britain gallantly stood alone against Hitler in Europe for the first half of the war, they had quickly been defeated in the Pacific, losing Singapore disastrously.
      By 1944, America had built the Grumman F6F Hellcat, which finally outclassed the once-feared Mitsubishi A6M Zero: faster, better diver, and far better armoured. The Hellcat became the most successful aircraft in naval history, with over 5,000 kills. Just as important, America removed veteran pilots from combat after a certain number of missions, so they could become instructors, passing on valuable experience to new pilots. By contrast, Japan, like Germany, had a “fly until you die” policy. Even the top aces will probably be shot down if they fly long enough, but this meant replacement by newcomers.
      This came to a head in the Battle of the Philippines Sea. In a great air battle over the Marianas chain of island on June 19, 1944, American pilots obliterated 429 Japanese planes for only 29 planes lost. It was so one sided that one pilot called it a “turkey shoot”.

      “Destroyed in Seconds” clip about the Marianas Turkey Shoot:

      But Thomas Sowell asked in Fourth Estate or Fifth Column?
      “But what if our current reporting practices had been used back then? The story, as printed and broadcast, could have been: ‘Today eighteen American pilots were killed and five more severely wounded, as the Japanese blasted more than two dozen American planes out of the sky.’ A steady diet of that kind of one-sided reporting and our whole war effort against Japan might have collapsed.”
      This is no idle question, because the media did exactly that during the Vietnam War. On January 31, 1968, on the important Vietnamese holiday Tết Nguyên Đán, the Vietcong launched a surprise attack. This was a huge military victory for America, almost on the scale of the Turkey Shoot: they killed 44,842 Vietcong soldiers while Allied forces lost 4,124. The Allies not only recaptured the lost cities, but annihilated the Vietcong as a fighting force— the North Vietnamese Army had to take over. And although the Vietnam War as a whole is a byword for American defeat, America lost 58,000 against over 1.1 million from the North Vietnamese military!
      Yet the Leftmedia, led by Walter Cronkite of the CBS (Communist Broadcasting Service) portrayed this overwhelming victory as a defeat. The Communists were cynically relying on their useful idiot allies in the Leftmedia to turn public opinion against the War. Sowell writes:
      “In later years, after the Communists were firmly in power in Vietnam, they admitted that the Tet offensive was a military disaster for them. In a 1995 interview in the Wall Street Journal, a Communist official stated frankly that the key to their victory was the American home front, and that they were encouraged to fight on by all the anti-war demonstrations in the United States.” …
      “Think about it: More than 50,000 Americans gave their lives to win victories on the battlefields of Vietnam that were thrown away back in the United States by the media, by politicians and by rioters in the streets and on campuses.”
      Naturally, the leftist “peace” movement didn’t care in the slightest that “more Indochinese people were killed in the first two years of the Communist peace, than had been killed on all sides in a decade of the anti-Communist War”, as former leftists Peter Collier and David Horowitz have pointed out (Deconstructing the Left, 1995).
      America has shown itself to be the greatest military force that the world has ever known. It was a major force for good in the world, playing a major role in defeating genocidal National Socialism, and almost single-handedly ridding the world of brutal Japanese militarism. But the Leftmedia since the 1960s don’t want to see America win, and their biased reporting wasted many American soldiers’ lives.

    • Nathaniel Davidson
    • Ted

      Well done John, my compliments on a different perspective than we have been fed by the media.
      I have copied and pasted your comments into my word processor, and would like permission to spread this around here a bit.
      Theodore M. Buisker
      Warrant Officer helicopter pilot
      Viet Nam 67-68

    • John

      Yes, you have my permission and thank you for the compliment.

      After studying Vietnam for 30 years I want to say again to all the Veterans that served in Vietnam.

      You have NOTHING to be ashamed of.

      It is the political administrations, news media and the hateful people of that era that should still be ashamed of their actions.

      You truly belong to the “Greatest Generation of Soldiers.”

  • Kristine Decker – Radabaugh

    Thank You Mr Decker and all the vets for your personal sacrifices made to defend the privlges and rights too many of us take for granted!!!!!! Thank you DAD!! for being such a wondeful father !!!

    And thank you Brandon for posting this info and letting the rest of the world know how great my Dad is!!!!!!

    • Bob

      WOW! What an eye opener! I came back to the ‘world’ in Dec., 66. I had just finished an 18 Mo. tour in the western Pacific, working on radios and watching overloaded B-52s take off and return empty, from Viet Nam. I too, was under the mistaken impression that our Politicians just gave up, and started evacuating our combat troops, due to public pressure. It’s very comforting to me to now know, finally, that we actually won this war. Thanks to you and your husband for setting the record straight.

    • Alexandria Decker

      Yes, thank youu soooooooooooooo much Brandon. This is awsome! :)

  • http://patriotupdate toxicdragon

    a true AMERICAN HERO thank you ra. 65/66 to many buddies lost

  • Patrick Allegood

    EXCELLENT rendering of the TRUTH about the Vietnam War! Thank you



    • James A. Lander

      As a VN Vet, I appreciate all the comments, but especially John’s capsulizing the discussion. I have forwarded this email to many and am printing it out for the benefit of my children. Thanks a million

    • Wolf Peltonen

      yes i fear our own goverment now more than i feared the enemy back then a quiet walk in laos was nothing

    • vietnamvet

      I was never in Cambodia, but I could see it from my porch … Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin Mountain).

  • Ken

    Welcome Home Brother !
    These words never get “old” to me, as we had to welcome ourselves home, because an ungrateful nation couldn’t muster the words themselves.
    Hand Salute



    • Patriot41

      I don’t know where you got your information about Kissenger threatening the Viet Cong leaders into submission. The way I hear the story, he, Kerry and many of the other libtards handling the negotiations had been telling the VC to hold off with their surrender as the citizens in the U.S. were rioting in the streets over the war. Instead of surrendering, the VC could enter into a peace agreement. According to Kissenger, the failure of diplomacy is what leads to war and it was more important to end that war with diplomacy rather then victory.

    • Rowdy

      Exactly. That is the way I saw it Kissinger was one of the worst and most powerful communist to infiltrate our country.

      And we learned nothing from it. Heinz, I am sorry but if you have changed your name (particularly if you are from another country) you should not be allowed to hold an office in our country. Now we have a communist muslim running our country and NO one has any idea who the hell he really is. I say start a long line, and at the end is a bunch of Viet vets with M14’s dealing out justice. Finish what McCarthy started. Get all these communist pieces of crap out of our country.


  • John

    Thanks for your service Marine Decker,we will never forget the sacrafices for FREEDOM.
    (Golf 2/4 68/69)

  • ARMYOF69

    Welcome HOME to all from that era. Even John Kerry.

    • Tom

      I met a SP4 at the gas station the other day and asked how he was doing. He just returned and stated that he was still reentering. I shared that I am still reentering after 40 years. That gave him hope. They need to know they aren’t alone.

    • frank1737

      My problem with John Kerry is:
      1) He shot himself in the foot to get the
      Purple Hear.
      2) To get out of PT Boat duty because it was too dangerous.

      Nam: 1962-1966

    • ARMYOF69

      It’s alright Frank. This is the one time I am being gracious to him. He was in Vietnam.

    • Pappadave

      Not real certain I’m ready to “welcome home” ANY of the traitors we, unfortunately, continue to nurture here. We’d have been much better off if Kerry’s self-inflicted M-79 grenade fragment in the butt had gotten infected and he never made it back, let alone recommended himself for a PH.

  • gwinf

    I also did my time in the jungle. I agree that we helped stop the global spread of communism. Our real enemy in Vietnam was China and Russia (USSR), the Cong were the pawns in the global chess game for political dominance. The cost burdened the US, but it put a greater burden on the USSR. They then followed with a terrible decision in Afghanistan, shades of today for the US. However, we missed the greatest threat to World peace and our freedoms. McCarthy was right! We were being eaten from within and the media, part of the problem, took the attack to him. I often wonder where we would be today if they had not won that battle. Now we are in the final battle for our nation. Will we fail the test again? I pray not!

    • Rowdy

      It has taken the cowardly communist pinko fags almost a hundred years of infiltration and subversion (by some theories) to get to this point. I am afraid they will find that when the American people get fired up and straighten this mess out, it will only take us somewhere between a few days and a few months to get the job done.


  • GWY

    God bless Sgt. Decker and all brave men who fought against the commnists in Viet Nam. It is time we work on ridding ourselves of the communists in the United States now. Remember to vote!

  • gaetano

    I remember in 1962 when I first got drafted.My classification was change to 1a married with children. I was deferred. I saw cowards running for Canada and I saw the beginning of the drug coilition with the American hippie protestors. Your politions in Wasington today are most of these protestors and should all be exterminated.Your fater-in-law deserves all the respect that Americans have to offer.I lost 6 family members and many many friends in this war,and I will remember them untill the day I die.When the government tells you that you have to go fight for your country and you run for the hills, you should be found and put to death for the traitor you are. God bless all our American heroes,and a special thanks to Mr. Decker.

  • Larry Kea

    The nation’s apology to my fellow soldiers on the “WALL.” We served together – but you gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Flag.


    • Tom

      Thanks Larry! I have trouble stating these words…too emotional!

  • Don

    There is fine line between communism and socialism. We as a nation have become infected with both.

    1968-69 Warwagons Aero Scouts DongTam/Vinh Long
    1972 Scalphunters Aero Scouts Pleiku
    1973 ICCS

  • Reinhold

    NO VETERAN OF ANY FOREIGN WAR ever helped to defeat Communism. Rather these war fighters helped advance and defend the Communist Regimes throughout the world. These regimes that emerged from the Domestic Renegade Central Power in America that Occupies by Military Force the formerly free Christian States of this Union. That central power compels all to send their children to kill and to be killed to secure the Wealth of Nations unto themselves. To claim honor for this complicity is foolishness for it is a vile act to kill and destroy for the increase of evil by calling that evil good.

    However unwitting they may be those in the military and those that support them are surrogates for the Jewist Cabal of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud. All the blood in al the wars d not defend liberty but rather advance and in crease the purpose of this Cabal. That is to take all wealth and compel all people to be governed by the law of this Talmudic Cabal.

    TREASON is a terrible thing but it is not as despicable as the cowardice of complicity.

    Defend the synagogue of Satan at your peril.

    • Cape Conservative

      Well, now we see into the minds of those who were doing the spitting! Just a little angry, eh? One would think a few years might add just a teeny-tiny bit of knowledge – however, it appears you are proof positive that some stay lost in their addled years.

      As a young mother trying to keep things going and raising children alone while their father (USMC) was serving in Vietnam for two separate year-long tours, I remember all too well the anti-military sentiments expressed in the media. It certainly didn’t do much to help me through all of the ups and downs of trying to do it all…but, by golly, I did! And I am stronger for it!

      On the other hand, you are still full of hatred and you disgust me!

    • muslims are pigs

      You don’t have a clue as to what this person is saying, just like so many other people who don’t have the intelligence to understand what is written here.

      Read it again dummy! This person is talking about the communist’s and socialist in our government that has been in our government for the last 75 to 100 years!

      Wake up dumba$$!

    • Rowdy

      You are very correct. Much of what Reinhold says is very true. But he lays the blame on the GI. That is very wrong. We were right out of high school and knew little of the world and the communist agenda at that time. By the time we got out of the war many of us knew something was seriously wrong but still most of us did not know for sure what. It was like we were pit bulls on a leash, and every time we started winning the fight we got pulled off. I seriously think that we will soon resume the battle and all the communists in our country will pay for those and every indiscretion since. The only thing we were guilty of was offering up our lives (and many giving their lives) to defend our Constitution (as our oath states) and it’s survival in this world. We did not know that the battle we fought over there against communism was only a diversion (as are the wars today) while the true communists took over our country.

      One name I have not seen come up in this posting yet is Jane (the snake) Fonda. I would pay good money to be the one to get to put a bullet between her eyes. She was and is a sickening piece of shit.


    • lilolady

      Yes, “Forever Young” Fonda was/is responsible for many
      young soldiers remaining forever young, giving aid and
      comfort to the enemy, creating more student violence and
      campus destruction and giving voice to the violent over-
      throw of the U.S. She should have had a black bag placed
      over her head and hung for the traitor she is and will ever

      Thanks to all the Veterans for their comments today. You
      are educating a whole new generation and all of us who were fooled by PaPa Kronkite, et al. Looking around for more black bags, finding more traitors as they come to light years later. Is there a statute of limitations on treason? Ask the Israelis who hinted down Eichman, etc.

    • muslims are pigs

      One must have a clear mind to understand what this person is saying! What this person is saying is the truth.

      Some of the people that blog on these sites do not have the intelligence to understand certain things, like this statement!

      This person is FOR us,… not against us at all!

      Just read only the words that are shown in the statement, do not add anything in your mind when you read!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lilolady

      This person talks jibberish. If he wishes to clarify then he
      must speak so that he may be heard. You seem to “get” it.
      Tell us. Do not just ” dumb Ass” us. Communication is very
      important …. so communicate!

    • frank1737

      Apparently you must be a damn coward!! You would be the type that would turn your back on your comrads and run!! Reinhold, I proclaim myself as a Christain but i do not or will not turn my back on our country and hide behind christianity!!

      Vietnam: 1962-1966

    • frank1737


      Apparently you must be a damn coward!! You would be the type that would turn your back on your comrads and run!! Reinhold, I proclaim myself as a Christain but i do not or will not turn my back on our country and hide behind christianity!!

      Vietnam: 1962-1966

    • logicman

      If you had said ‘old men hate so young men die’ you would have been right, and this is something we KEEP forgetting.

      The paranoid ramblings about the ‘powers that be/were’ however, are way beyond the pale. I hate to agree with the partisan shills about this, but war is hell, and you can’t blame he foot-soldier for the foolish mistakes of the generals. What you can do is stop the generals from making foolish decisions.

    • lilolady

      So. I get from your statements that you: !. You HATE Jews. 2. Blame them for the
      “New World Order”. 3. Condemn the U.S. Military. 4. Condemn the U.S.

      Would so much rather you put your passion into restoring The Constitution, and
      defending it and protecting it with your life.

  • Robert McGee

    We are winning this war now but you will never know it from the press. What war? “liberalism” and the “antichrist”. The USA will prevail until the end.

  • Phu Bai Me

    May God continue to Bless us all.

  • Steven Bornstein

    I forget the names of the individuals, but a U.S. Army Colonel remarked to a Vietnamese Col. that during the Viet Nam war the U.S. never lost a major battle. The Vietnamese Col’s reply that it was irrelevant to the outcome.

  • http://yahoo lenny harris

    I was with India Co 3/3 in 1968/1969. We had kicked thier butt so bad by the time we left I could drive from Quang Tree to Khe san on a paved road without a weapon! In spite of screwed up rules of engagement we never lost and even worse rules of engagement kill our military in Iraq and Afagn. Ifr you go to war you go all out to win and no matter how hard you try there will always be innocents hurt or killed. The absurd rules of engagement cause american innocents to be killed and hurt. This kills morale and a real warrior like Gen Pace would never stand for it. Mullen is no warrior and he doesn’t look out for the troops!

  • http://http/ sean murry

    From a viet nam vet to you welcome home brother.

    • Pappadave

      Ditto. It should be noted here that the only RATIONAL choice for President currently available to us is former LTC West…and he’s not running. Shame.

  • Richard

    Yes and when most of us returned from Vietnam we were spat on by AMERICAN hippies, not the Vietnamese. The politicians were gutless especially Johnson, and the American media bstards, especially Cronkite, the worthless POS declaired us the losers. That war was not lost, but America was lost during that war!

    • Cape Conservative

      I agree – that was the beginning of this anti-America chapter of our country’s history.

      While the majority of Americans were happy to return to a normal life once again, those hippies (i.e., Ayers/Dohrn) decided they would continue to DESTROY America by following the communist/marxist/socialist agenda of placing themselves in positions where they could brainwash our children. It is a sin that these two people (along with many many others)are allowed to walk free and continue to spew their hate-filled anti-America message on college campuses today.

      Parents – do your best to counter these evil people – prepare your children before sending them off for higher ‘education’ as it just might undo all the principles you’ve tried to instill in your loved ones!

    • Teeter

      Another thing adding to the indoctrination of our children is the ones from other countries that are attending school with our children. Their view points and cultures are honored, discussed, and learned. While the American children are openly punished and shamed for wearing picture of our flag on their shirt or to say the pledge of allegiance or, God forbid, PRAY a Christian prayer. The high school here even includes a “field trip” (the only thing they tell the parents) that is mandatory for the “Religions of the World” class where they go to one of the mosques here to supposedly learn about the muslim religion. What happens is the girls and women are separated from the boys and men and the boys participate in the muslim worship and are indoctrinated with their rants and wild beliefs. Only SOME parents have been complaining but is kept hushed and nothing changed. If they require this again next year for my next one to attend I will shout it from the rooftops what is going on.

  • stan kohls

    The Nazis always claimed that Germany had won the Great War, except for being “stabbed in the back” by the Jews and Socialists back home. The Soviets would have stayed in Afghanistan longer if they’d had the support of their populations. Blaming a lost war on the press and lack of civilian support is the usual tactic of authoritarians.
    The Viet Cong and NVA were a determined hard-fighting force, while the Saigon troops were usually (not always) unmotivated. The US troops were brave and excellent soldiers, but were fighting for a government with little public support. It was a lost cause.
    Live with it!

    • Bree,

      stan kohls says: ” was a lost cause, Live with it” !!.. I don’t think even you can ever say those words to someone like me, a military wife, mother, daughter who lost my father, husband and my only son – to a lost cause??? giving their lives for this country and our freedom. On the contrary sir, every war that was ever fought by our brave soldiers was a battle won for FREEDOM. Every one of those who has fought and died have never lost their lives in vain. The fight is not over and together with many military and retired military, who are the backbone of this great nation, we still intend to prevail against this evil to win the final war for the soul of America. Live with it, you say? We are living with not just the political implications of war but the results of well fought battles for freedom. We have come full circle to not only say Welcome Home to our wonderful heroes but we can give no greater honor than to pass on this legacy and tell it to our young families that indeed the Vietnam Vets are the greatest generation of soldiers and all of our American Servicemen are freedom fighters for the greatest nation on earth. To everyone on this board today who has served; Military men of every branch of Service, as military wives and mothers, we honor you above all and indeed welcome you home! God bless you always. You are the real heroes of America.

  • Jack

    I am so glad to hear someone come forth with the truth.

    There were other factors though, not mentioned above, but perhaps in his book. It was known that it was a grid war in South Vietnam. Predictably they bombed a grid section this day, next day the one next to it, and so on consecutively. So the enemy troops knew which zones were safe and which not. Also there were oil drilling sites in certain locations and US troops were strongly ordered not to fire in their direction. Once again, the enemy troops would use those sites for safe haven.

    So politics was very much involved. Politicians didn’t/wouldn’t give our generals free reign

    • Patriot41

      I remember the grid war for sure. While on Guam, I worked in the DCM and reviewed flight results of our B-52s. After seeing the photos of bomb runs, they were nicknamed the toothpick makers. They destroyed a lot of forest but few of the enemy. When I later went to Vietnam, I realized why so many of those bombing runs were useless. Turns out the media was passing on information that the VC were intercepting on where the next bomb runs would occur. This gave Charlie the opportunity to evacuate the next targeted area.

      In Nha Trang, there was a large Buddha statue that sat on a hill overlooking the area. The VC had a hospital and supply depot under that Buddha statue that we were not allowed to access or fire upon, some war hey. Also there were the rubber tree plantations that we could not go near and the oil wells. We were not fighting a war, but a political game!

    • Fenderman52

      Well let’s not leave out the morons who were running this war…LBJ (ROT IN HELL YOU BASTARD!) was, with the exception of the present bastard who’s currently in the White HOSE, the stupidest idiot to ever plot his way into power. And then there were McNamara and his cadre of blow-dried college mouse-f***ers who all thought that they were soooo much smarter than all the seasoned military leaders combined. Remember how MacNamara “improved” the M-16 by removing the chrome from the barrels? Wow! Good thinking college-boy! How many good G.I.s went home in a bag because of that brilliant piece of work? And Westmoreland…he couldn’t strategize his way through a game of Chutes-and-Ladders! “Rolling BLUNDER!” Yeah, let’s drop more ordinance than they used in the entire WW2 conflict to blow up some gook on a bicycle and then pat ourselves on the back while the dink had it fixed and back in action the next day. Americans are the BEST fighting force in the world! Always were, always will be. Just get out of their damn way and watch them PROVE IT!

    • johnny3h

      Well said. Your comments remind me of a couple of quotes attributed to George S. Patton. He was cognizant of the immense resoursefulness and dependability of the American GI.

      A couple of his comments regarding his men were:

      Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with the results.
      George S. Patton

      If you tell people where to go, but not how to get there, you’ll be amazed at the results.
      George S. Patton

  • Tom

    Yes, Gerald. Thank you for your service to the U.S., and the same to all Vietnam War vets. God bless them all!

    A USAF vet + USCGA member

  • Dat

    It would be helpful if veterans of the VN war speak to people here who were born in VN like myself. The life, the freedom, and standard of living which we enjoying in this country now are because of the US involvement in VN. I am one who is thankful. I just wish American people would be wiser and stop being so liberal.

    • lilolady

      Welcome, Dat. We in this Nation seldom hear an encouraging word. Thank you for
      yours. May you live long and prosper along with the rest of this Great Nation.

  • Appalachian Woman

    THANK YOU to all Vietnam vets, including my son, a much decorated USN helicopter pilot.

  • SteveG.

    I salute all those that served in Vietnam and all of the other conflicts and wars. It’s sad that so many vets of Vietnam are still paying the ultimate price for serving there. The Agent Orange that was used is now killing vets with cancer that is attributed to them being sprayed and fighting in it. It’s also a crime the way they have to fight the VA to get good treatment and service for the injuries and illnesses form defending freedom for our country. These men and women deserve the very best treatment and benefits they can get. God bless them one and all.

  • stan kohls

    There are many Russians who believe they would have won their war in Afghanistan, if they’d only had public support. In fact, they were nearly successful destroying the mujahadeen resistance, until the US began supplying the Afghans with stinger missiles, against which the Soviets had no defense.
    To say the US “won” the war in Vietnam is to only look at the military aspect of that conflict. The vision of the mightiest country the world had ever known pounding this small, undeveloped country into the ground, gave America a black eye in the view of most of the world, much like what Germany carries for their brutality during WW2.

    • Patriot41

      Stan, I don’t believe any of our vets are trying to glamorize war or to even justify it. I believe what many of these vets are trying to point out, is the political implications of the war and the affects it had on those who had to participate in it. Most troops do not join the military to attack helpless countries or to kill people. They join the military to defend the principles of their government and their country and in our case Democracy which provides the Freedom this country was founded on and is longed for by many people around the world.

      Lessons from war cannot be learned by purposeful lying about what has taken place and that is exactly what happened in Vietnam. Until the whole story comes out the truth will never be learned and neither will the lessons that the truth provides.

    • muslims are pigs

      PATRIOT41, you hit the nail on the head!!

      This Sgt. 609th Air Commando’s
      Presidential Unit Citation
      Viet-Nam, Tet Offensive 1968-69

      agrees with you all the way! Well spoken!

      I’ve been welcoming home every Viet-Nam Vet I’ve seen for the last 42 years!

  • Sandra

    A heart felt Thank You to all veterans! I shutter to think where we would be today if not for your sacrifice & the sacrifice of your families. I am married to a Vietnam Vet. Air Force C-130 Search & Rescue ’67-part of ’69. God bless you all.

  • kenneth dameron

    I thank your father-in-law for honorably serving our country in Viet-nam. While it is true that we never lost a major battle (least of all the Tet offensive), we did lose the war. When President Ford finally ordered our troops to evacuate the country, it was quickly taken over by the Communist North Viet-namese. True, President Ford did not have much choice, since support of the people had eroded over the long years of pouring money into our effort, and fianlly the Congress refusing to appropriate the funds necessary to actually win the war.

    • Patriot41

      Victory in Vietnam was not only stolen from our troops, but also from the freedom loving people of South Vietnam. Congress not only gave the communist victory in Vietnam, but also the bread basket for all of southeast Asia. In capitulating to the communist during that Era, our govt., gave the communist reasons to continue their efforts of world domination. The same thing can be said for N. Korea when MacArthur was stopped from defeating the communist there.

      The tragedy from those wars, is the fact that millions of American troops lost their lives for what turns out to be misjudgments of our government in dealing with the ideologies of war. While entry into WW II gave freedom to millions around the world, it also placed the U.S. into an imaginary world police status which is highly resented by most of the same countries we defended. We need to re-asses our ideology when it comes to war. Further, we need to bring our troops home for a rest and defend our own borders.

  • SteveG.

    Those people that rallied against our fighting men and women in Vietnam should have been pursecuted and many, Jane Fonda especially, prosecuted for treason!!!!

  • Sir2You

    That defeated Communist enemy has now come to Washington, and they are winning at the moment. Once again, the enemy embodied in the lamestream media, is covering up the facts.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate pneidig

    How dare you compare the the USA to nazi germany.

  • Sam Houston

    THANK YOU to all who served the Republic with honor.

  • James E. Mldrum


  • James E. Mldrum

    Also read the UNHERALDED VICTORY by Mark Woodruff, published by Presidio Press.

  • Jon

    This all came about because of John Kerry at the Paris Peace Talks where he told the NVA to “hold on just a little longer”. And to think, this man stood a good chance to become our president!!

    North Vietnamese General Giap Admits Near-Defeat (Repost–and, REMEMBER)
    American Ranger ^ | 9 April 2008 | SFC Chuch Grist

    Posted on Saturday, July 31, 2010 8:36:02 AM by combat_boots

    “What we still don’t understand is why you Americans stopped the bombing of Hanoi. You had us on the ropes. If you had pressed us a little harder, just for another day or two, we were ready to surrender! It was the same at the battles of TET. You defeated us! We knew it, and we thought you knew it.

    But we were elated to notice your media was definitely helping us. They were causing more disruption in America than we could in the battlefields. We were ready to surrender. You had won!”

    • Rowdy

      We did know it. At least the fighting men did, it was our cowardly communist leaders that could not stand to see us kick the crap out of their comrades in arms. We won that war several times (despite the best efforts of the communists at home) but were forced to walk away. Believe me there were many Vietnamese that will never forget the absurd tenacity and courage of the American GI.

      Joe kicks ass.


    • cw

      The communists infiltrated this country during WWII and have been growing ever since. Once McCarthy was pushed aside, they have had free reign here. Now we are being infiltrated by every political group imaginable and our country is sick and dying, from within.
      People are finally starting to wake up in our final hour but we have a long way to go to restore a great America that hardly anyone seems to remember.
      Being a product of the brainwashed youth I was elated when I realized I would not have to go to Nam in the 70s. I have since learned and realized that even though I was absolutely convinced that if I were to go it meant certain death for me, all of the people I knew then went, served their time and returned. Even though there were 50K that died, the many that I knew that went, none were killed OR wounded. I once heard that it was more dangerous to drive on the streets of the US than be deployed to Nam. A revisit of the stats prove that to be true even though it was laughed at during the time. Even though I had been brainwashed back then, I always had many friends that were returning vets and after hearing their stories and learning more of what actually took place there I am convinced that the folks that went to serve there are just as or more brave than the ones that served in Europe and the Pacific since their ultimate glory was robbed from them even though they did their job and did it above and beyond the call of duty. All of you vets from Nam should definitely be exalted as the great humans that you are and anyone that has ever acted in malice toward you for doing your duty should be prosecuted as the scum that they truly are, INCLUDING JANE FONDA. I truly believe that she should be sentenced to community service for those guys that she acted against during her visit to Hanoi and be required to clean the survivors houses and be their servant in general. I suppose at this point that could never happen but everyone needs to realize how big of a scar this country has from her and her ilk. This country needs some severe and complete changes to take place to get it out of the gutter that it has been driven into and now is going off the cliff if we don’t stop it. We need true conservative leadership and representation and for those that don’t realize it, your socialist utopia that you dream of will only be temporary as we sink to 3rd world status. Anyone that thinks we are undergoing a recovery needs to think what we are recovering from. Who can say they are better off today than even 5 years ago, much less 10 or 20 or 30 or 40.

      WAKE UP AMERICA before it is too late!

  • Sammie

    I am proud to have served my country by service in Vietnam in 70-71. 27th Combat En BN Camp Eagle and Camp Evans.

  • Alexandria Decker

    Im so proud of him!! He deserves this more than any person i know and im so greatfull for him. He is a wonderful father, husband, and most of all he is the best grandfather i could ever ask for. God bless our troops and our veterans <3

  • Timberdoodle

    A/4/12INF 199TH LIGHT INFANTRY Feb. 67-Feb 68 The problem is we had & have to many Marxist in the media and the Democratic party.

  • Rick

    Finally the truth will come out. As a returning Korean era vet, I became a counselor to returning Viet-Nam veterans. Most told me they could have kept the country from going communist had the politicians kept their hands off and let the military win. Our politicians, anti-war protesters, and the left news media are all traitors as far as I’m concerned. Senator Joseph McCarthy was right.

  • K-Roc

    International bankers from the Federal Reserve have financed most of Americas enemies for the last 100 years. They create funds out of nothing then charge interest on the book keeping entry. More war, hate, and conflict; more debt and more illicit profit through debt. The longer the war through rules of engagement; the more for the central bankers. Please watch the following video to learn the truth why USURY(interest on invented money) is the true cause of war which is hidden from the warriors. THIS IS HOW WE TRULY HONOR THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE.

  • UdornVet1970

    All of the accolades for our Vietnam Vets are deserved. One thing is being left out so far: After 10 years of fighting in Southeast Asia, we had approximately 700 Americans being held as POWs. Most of these 700 were pilots and other aircrew, very few grunts. In Vietnam, we fought to the death against the communist forces. We won every battle. We never surrendered to the enemy. For comparison, just look at WW2 and Corregidor. 25000 American soldiers surrendered to the Japanese at Corregidor, and that was just one battle. Our troops are/were the best in the world.


    As a vet your Father-In-Law deserves all the tribute you gave him and I myself being a vet of the same era can appreciate his service.

    I find it strange that after having been given a license to whack communist in Nam and other places, that now I have to pay the basterds with tax money to sit in my government and let them write bad law and appoint other frigging communist.

    I know that we once had a Federal law banning communism and all groups like them that would advocate violent overthrow of this government and I now know that it is time to put that law back into place. These jerks are wrecking this country just like every damn county they ever get power in before they get tossed out. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know commies are major screw-ups when in charge.

  • Pappadave

    I never was able to understand how the media could claim we were “losing” the war when we never lost a battle, virtually wiped out the VC during Tet ’68 and, against U.S. and allied troops, the communists never captured any territory for more than a couple of days before we took it back. “The Most Trusted Man in America” lied to us repeatedly and deserves our scorn instead of the kudos heaped on him by the MSM when he “retired.” Plus, there’s at least one cheese-smelling, long-haired, flower child in San Francisco who I sincerely hope is STILL eating his meals through a straw!

    • Pappadave


      Vietnam veteran, U.S. Army Military Intelligence, 1965 and 1967-68.

  • Lone Ranger

    Enlightening posts. The real story of Vietnam needs to be told for all of the country to hear. Just out of high school when the war ended I can tell you that there was a lot of misinfomation out there via the media. Had the truth been told the outcome could have been very different. Thanks to all of those who served to keep our country free. Just a shame we are still fight to keep our country free on other fronts.

  • Nik

    We won the Vietnam war? That’ll be a big surprise to the Vietnamese guys who crashed their tank through the gate of the US Embassy in Saigon.

    • Jon

      You can thank Hanoi Jane Fonda and John Kerry for the slaughter of over 3,000,000 (yes…that is 3 MILLION) Vietnamese and Cambodians after we pulled out (how would you like that weight on your soul?). We may never know why Nixon pulled the plug on the war at that crucial point of timing in January 1973, when only one or two more days of Operation Rolling Thunder would have brought the unconditional surrender of North Viet Nam and a complete change of world history…

  • K-9 trooper

    The red blood that was spilled for our country has turned purple to remind us of all the brave men that bled for us. We honor the Purple Hearts on their chest and love the hearts that beats within.

    • Bree,

      Yes, we do, Love them!

  • Marc Jeric

    I escaped from a communist hell back in 1957. I waited for an American immigrant visa 5 years while working in France; finally arriving as a political refugee with a 2-year conditional visa in 1962.
    Having tired of explaining my European engineering degree to my employers I started the program of MS and PhD at UCLA, while continously working full time – well, except for the last 6 months when preparing my dissertation.
    Imagine my feelings when watching student parades and demostrations shouting “Ho! Ho! Ho-Chi-Min!” and the Student Union selling the collected works by VI Lenin in 3 books at $1 each. In my private language i called the NY Times as the “NY Pravda”, and the Washington Port as the “Washington Izvyestiya”, not to forget the Boston Globe as the “Boston Rude Pravo”, the Chicago Tribune as the “Chicago Borba”.
    With Mullah Obama and his 35 White House advisers (I prefer calling them komissars) now communizing America in an accelerating fashion, I am forced to thing again about emigrating at the ripe age of 78. But where?

    • cw

      Funny you say this but after visiting Russia countless times over the past 10 years, the 1st thing I noticed was that it reminded me of the US 40 years ago and made me realize 10 years ago what many people here are finally waking up to. Russia has become more free than the USA simply by the 2 countries moving in opposite directions. 10 Years ago when I made this observation I was laughed at. Now people are starting to agree with me. The sad thing is Russia is not actually a free country but is totalitarianism light. Even though my ancestors are part of the founding of this country, I too am looking for a safe place for retirement. It’s not easy when you have to look to the future of where other countries are headed as well. I may be too old to fight but I am still young enough to make a lot of noise.

    • Jon

      America is the last stand of freedom left on Earth…we either stand here, or we let freedom die. Satan chased our Forefathers across the Atlantic, but he soon caught up with it, and has been working toward Freedom’s destruction ever since. William Wallace said it over 700 years ago…

      “Every man dies, not every man really lives.”

  • Fenderman52

    We were ALL being lied to back then. Soldiers, protesters, ALL of us. We’ve had commie-loving Corruptocrats in our government for a long time now and just like now we were being lied to by “the powers that be. Devils like LBJ and Nixon were’nt concerned about Communism, they were concerned about holding on to their power. Our generation, The Post-war Baby Boomer Generation was the largest segment of the U.S. population at that time. We were 51% of the population and the rats in power knew for DAMN SURE that none of us would vote for the likes of a Nixon or a Johnson. Their solution: send us off to die. If not Viet Nam, they would have found some other place to send us. I HATED that war. I don’t think one single drop of G.I. blood is worth their whole damn stinking asian country. And that includes Korea too. Communism doesn’t work. Just look at Korea. The Capitalist South has as good of a standard of living as we do. Then go across the border to the Communist North and watch them eating grass and tree bark to fill thier empty stomachs. Communism is an idea and you can’t kill an idea with a bullet. It will either rise or fall on its own merit. But the real shame is that the same lying traitors that sold us and our brave fighting men and women down the river back then are still in power and still doing it to us today. Remember the old saying back in the ’60s: “Old men hate while young men die.” Well it’s still as true today as it was back then. If we’re going to shed precious blood, let’s do it FOR AMERICA not for some foreign land that hates us for being there. We need to bring our troops home now and clean out the nest of vipers that are ruining our great country and getting rich off of our sacrifices. Thank You to ALL American vets, past, present and future!

    • Art Stone

      As a former Marine and two-tour Viet vet, I thank you for your insight and honesty.
      Well said.

    • logicman

      “(Y)ou can’t kill an idea with a bullet. It will either rise or fall on its own merit.”

      Amen man. The COAST GUARD is the only ‘legit’ standing army — the other services should be folded into it, and downsized mightily to balance our out of control budget! People complain about “welfare” when we spend more on Military BANDS than on most of the social programs they complain about.

      We need to stop fighting the last war, and defend the border. Stop fighting the American people with the so called “patriot act” and tax the crap out of Chinese/Arab imports to encourage American manufacturing/alternative energy development. Yeah, they’ll retaliate by taxing our stuff — let ’em. Just be sure to make our tax higher. Maybe we can drop the income tax with the income it will produce? And pay off the debt before it strangles us!

      Amazing short-sightedness all for a couple gallons of cheap oil. (You DID know there is oil in IndoChina, right?….)

    • Bill B.

      Now the Marxist in power has us involved in a war in Libya, a sovereign country that didn’t attack us, and where we have no national strategic interest. I have written extensively about the parallels with Libya and Katanga, as they were both UN terrorist operations, one for radical Muslim control, the other for Communist control.

    • Apache6

      Your WELCOME,Fenderman52!! Apache 6 7/1 Air Cavalry,’BLACKHAWK SQUADRON’ 1970-1971 !!

    • wasadoc

      Had a Korean daughter-in-law for 5 years. Korea—rhymes with Gonorrhea.

    • Lee

      Fantastic comment!

      One thing the communistic fools in “power” should remember, though, is that while Old men can hate, most are packing heat these days, and don’t rule out the Old Women! They’re doing it, too! Some of both sexes are even Black Belt Tai Quan Dos!

    • American with a birth certificate…

      First of all I would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of our Brave and Wonderful Patriot Soldiers who are the only reason america is still free….. Now I would like to say to all liberal media outlets and to all liberals period,You are the biggest problem our nation has. Liberal media and liberal people lied about all of our fighting men and women in viet nam and all other wars and actions and have shamed them without a cause or reason and you owe all of them your very lives. If anyone calls themselves an American and you are liberal,then you have Lied. Liberals have an agenda and if you do not like what they say or do then you are a racist or you are the problem. They do not compromise they only want there way and you have no say if you disagree. Shame on all Americans who call themselves liberal,try socialist commies because that is the truth. God Bless America…

    • Nik

      @American With A Birth Certificate

      ‘If anyone calls themselves an American and you are liberal,then you have Lied’

      Fuck you. I’m WAY to the left of the Democratic party and I’m just as American as anybody else. You don’t like it you can go back to the 12th century where you belong. I’d tell you to stick your birth certificate up your ass but I can tell its there already. Have a nice day!

    • danm3096

      You, Sir, and your father-in-law have my deepest appreciation and praise for your candor, for your service and for your telling it like it was and is.

    • P B

      I am a Viet Nam vet as well and I was there twice and I was asked knowing what I know today about it, would I go back again, and I said,”When do we leave” I enjoyed my time there and I loved the country and many of the people. I was with the 536th Engineers and the 84th Engineers in Da Nang, I’ll go back, I have spoke with many that say the same thing. I have been a member of the American Legion for the past 40 years, but I never join the VFW because all they wanted to do is sit in the back and play cards all night, they were all old italians. Thats not why I would’ve joined for.

    • http://n/a chuck

      Can do,everthing you speak is the truth. Only will very many listen.

    • spotdog1

      Well said!! I am a 100% disabled Vietnam Vet serving 1967-1968. My unit was CBMU-301.
      We had troops in Dong-Ha, Khe Sahn, Cua Viet,etc. It was a game and our leaders didn’t even know how to play. Thanks to all Veterans.

    • Ray Fleischman Jr.

      You are incorrect about Nixon. TThere is a very good chance that if he had been elected in 60 58,000 Americans might be grand fathers instead of KIA’s. You should read Dr. Mark Moyar’s Triumph Forsaken Vol 1 as well as Nixon’s own “The Real War” published in 80 as long as we are setting the record streight. Nixon got Alger Hiss convicted for purgery and the “Press” hated him ever since. Say what you will about his 0personality or what have you he was brillant on forign polocy and was well aware of the Communist threat. Historically Kennedy was a fori9gn polocy flub and approved the coup against Diem which most agree was a BIG mistake.

    • Ray Fleischman Jr.

      I appologise for not proofing my last post.

  • Les O’Neal

    I am proud to ba associated with the brave men and women who fought in VN. I was an Air Force ground pounder and did my duty assigned to Thailand in ’66/’67. My thoughts and prayers were always with those doing the heavy lifting. God bless all Vietnam vets: they were-and are – the best!

    • ProudAmericanBorn

      Les, my brother Denver Boling served in Thailand during the war but I couldn’t tell you anything about where he was. I do remember him talking about how they had to dodge the snipers who were constantly upon their camp and thankfully, he came home safe and sound. He passed away in July 2007 and I now regret not writing down information about his time there so I could put that in with my genealogy. He was in the Army and a very proud American who did his duty and didn’t run when ordered to serve like so many did. Also had a half brother who was in the Army and I believe served in Viet Nam but once again, don’t have the information which I need to get if I can get a hold of him. Right or wrong, we all hate war and the loss that comes with it. One guy I graduated with in high school died on Hamburger Hill. Another died in the fire on the USS Forrester. Another guy was an office at the Columbus OH PD where we both worked and chatted a bit about the war. Glad you made it back home okay but sorry you were shown so much disrespect by the progressive idiots who could disagree with the war but should never have treated any of you with such disrespect when you were following orders (like on any job). God bless you for your service Patriot and to all who have served and are serving !! My family was here and fought in the Revolutionary War and I have copies of papers on my 4th gr-grandfather who fought in the War of 1812. I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN and thank God for blessing me !!

    • Lee


    • wasadoc

      And yesterday, after 50 years of marriage, I heard my wife tell the VA Psychiatrist that she would like to have her husband back pre-1966. “He has never been the same person he was before going to that place as a medic, and having all those Marines dying on him”. And the VA says PTSD—10%.

    • gntrker

      It goes to show that our lives back then arent worth anymore than they are now, From a 50% disabled Vietnam vet now with parkinson disease.

    • al givens

      real generous of the va! i’ll probably be fighting with the va forever, still at war after all these years….

  • stygian witch

    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Review the history of the German Weimar Republic and the rise of Hitler; study the communist manipulation of drugged up spoiled brat liberal college kids and commie politicians to undermine the Vietnam War effort and cause the deaths and maiming of many US military; recall Sen. McCarthy and others trying to root out the communist cancer and prevented by the commies within the federal government. Remember the American Revolution when the “Congress” would not let Gen. Washington do his job, undersupplying and underfeeding our troops while they lived fat and large in Phillie and would not permit term limits for politicians in Congress, Get the idea. Now we see the results of 100 years of the fruits of commie efforts to destroy our Country. How in the hell could a commie, probable Muslim terrorist, community organizer with no provable past record of anything or even being born, who is a bona fide Chicago Machine product, whose political experience was nil be legally elected to be President of the U.S.A. That’s because he wasn’t legally elected and he is ineligible even to be elected a senator. A poorly forged long form birth certificate, 2 books allegedly writted by commie Bill Ayers under Barry’s name, no records of his parent’s marriage or his birth, multiple social security numbers, the refusal to release even kindergarten records let alone his alleged Harvard Law Review documents, etc. plus the funding from insane traitor George Soros, a Nazi collaborator, (and likely brainwashed by Stalin’s gang after WW II), commie, hell bent on destroying the “West” especially this Country. The chickens have come home to roost and the commie snakes have finally begun to crawl out from under the rocks that they have been hiding under, infiltrating and nudging us toward communism. They are finally mostly visible in their arrogance and in this mostly conservative country, easy targets. It won’t be easy as the have gamed the legal system and rigged elections but there are a lot more of us and we must put an end to all of them now. The punishment for treason is death. This war we must win. And the truth of our past history of commie infiltration and the Vietnam War must be unrevised and told and taught by non-commie teachers and professors. First on my list is Canadian emigree Frances Fox Pivens,a professor at Columbia. How and why? Disinter her late husband’s bones and ship both back to Canada, after a dual trial and punishment for the living traitor. Thomas Jefferson believed it necessary that a democratic Republic must repair itself every 25 or so years and that the price of Liberty is Eternal Vigiliance. We learned nothing from the treason of communist Americans during the Vietnam War. It’s still not too late to try them for treason.

    • Lee

      The communist snake slipped into the tent in 1951, building a nest in a dark corner, then spreaking its deadly offspring in all directions. First, they published horrible stories about our Founding Fathers, their sexual exploits, underhanded dealing, and “evil doing.” Then came the attacks on our schools, our congress, and our way of life!
      Its still going on! Look at the attacks on the Pledge of Allegiance, our National Anthem, the lack of Respect when the Flag passes–very few stand, remove the ever-present cap, and place their hands over their hearts!
      This is under the guise of atheism, misappropriation of the First Amendment, and plain, unadulterated rudeness! Now, we have the rise of shar’ia law, a nonentity thing that should not exist even in the Middle East where it began! This form of law should not, MUST not be allowed in this country! There are members of Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Quaeda and all the other cults crossing the border into our country, are being encouraged to start killing Americans, even children, to start spreading the rise of islam and sharia law! Our government does nothing, but make jokes about us “clinging to our guns and our religion!” The latter was what we were founded on! I am not a christian, but I will defend unto death my countrymen’s right to practice the faith! Islam is NOT a religion, it is a cult, with all the bad things related thereto.
      Somehow, the way was lost, not even our “president” salutes the flag properly, and insults our National Anthem by not saluting it properly. The road back is dark, very dark, but there are glimmers of lights in the darkness, fireflies of hope.
      We will come back bigger and stronger than ever!
      A Navy Chaplin in WWII was asked for a prayer during a heated battle. His answer became a wartime song:
      “Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!
      Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition, and, we’ll all be free!”

    • Lee

      I hate spelling mistakes! My apologies!
      “Spreading” not “spreaking!”

    • American with a Birth Certificate…

      Sometimes we type faster than we think and things happen. I do it alot myself and then read my comment and say why me.We get your point so keep smiling,We all know your a True American Patriot……

    • Chief

      Lee, thankfully, you are one more person who “gets it” and you have got it exactly right! Well said! You’re an eloquent lady. Thanks.

    • June

      Lee-Enjoyed your comments and don’t worry about “spelling mistakes” – – when I get too excited/upset, my fingers “stutter”! You are correct, when you state “islam IS NOT a religion” – -IT IS a fascist ideology; their quran IS NOT a holy book- -it’s simply a collection of ramblings, written by a heathen lunatic. We have one of “his” offspring, sitting in the oval office!

    • Teeter

      Excellent post Lee. Thank you.

    • Chief

      stygian witch, I absolutely love to read the comments of informed people. It renews my hope and my determination to do all I can to inform others and work to preserve our beloved Republic. Our ranks are growing daily and it is causing utter panic on the “Left”! They are not monolithic in their strength and power as they would have us believe. The cracks in the facade are appearing and widening by the day and they are getting desperate for the moment they think they can execute the coupe de grace. I believe we will beat the bums and they will face trial for their treason. Perhaps not all who should–but the major players, at least.

    • jeff hoopes

      Thanks for your great comments. I agree with virtually everything you said. I just wish there were millions more like us.You’ve got a great grasp of history and yes Piven needs to be tracked down, and Cloward too if still alive.Again thanks for that great post. USMC 1968-1972. Thanks jeff

  • Chief

    I served my country from 1961 through late 1976. I served through the Cuban Missile Crisis blockade to well beyond the evacuation of our embassy in Saigon and I am proud of my service—especially my VN service. As I read through all these veterans’ comments, it brought tears to my eyes to remember how badly our VN vets were treated upon returning home. I’m ashamed!

    Some time ago I was in a local home improvement retail store, standing in line at their paint counter, when a disabled VN vet, still wearing his VN Vet’s hat with ribbons embroidered on it and wearing his old field jacket with a faded name and outfit stenciled on it, riding a motorized cart for the disabled. Everyone was still ignoring him just as they did upon our return some 40 years ago!

    On my own ball cap I still proudly wear my ribbons and insignia. I stepped out of line at the paint counter where about 20 other people were in line and tapped the old soldier on the shoulder, stuck out my hand and we shook hands vigorously as I welcomed him home loudly enough that all could hear. The old soldier couldn’t reply for a bit as tears welled up in his eyes and he just nodded his head in recognition. After a few moments he was able to speak —and I’LL NEVER FORGET HIS WORDS—he said, “Thanks! You’re the first one since I returned home who has ever said that to me!” After that we just continued to hold our handshake and we both wept a bit in our moment of camaraderie. A man in the line I had abandoned began to clap slowly as he said, “Welcome home, soldier!” At that, the rest of the people began to follow suit, clapping and welcoming the old wounded soldier home! It was a very moving time for all of us within hearing distance. Everybody else just stood around looking at one another, wondering what was going on.

    That brief encounter made me very sad in one sense and proud in another; sad because it had taken fellow Americans so long to say a simple, heartfelt “Thank you” to a veteran, yet proud to have been given the opportunity to do so myself and to have finally witnessed a positive group response to a wounded VN veteran.

    To all of you here who so valiantly and honorably served your country during very trying and troubled days, THANK YOU AND WELCOME HOME!! May God bless and grant healing to each of you.


    • http://n/a windmill

      Thank you Chief for your service and caring
      about your fellow service members

    • Bree,

      That is so beautiful! I’m so glad you did that. Thank you for the great service and the great person you are Chief, I honor you.

    • Chief

      Thanks, Bree. I care about other Veterans because I always assume that they played a much greater role in the VN era that I ever did. It is just my own personal way of following the Apostle Paul’s admonition in Philippians 2:3 & 4 when he admonished the Christians at Philippi to “…in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.”

    • SBJ

      Hi Chief:
      This past Memorial Day I received a e-mail from an old professional friend who had worked for me in the 1970s. In the e-mail he thanked me for my service (Vietnam – 1965-66). I replied to him that it was the first time anyone had thanked me and that I felt very moved. I know how that old soldier must have felt. Better late then never – Thank you

    • Chief

      SBJ, may I be just one more to accord you a hearty “Thank you” for your service. Welcome home, Veteran!

      The incident I described earlier set a standard for me. Now, wherever I am, when I see a Veteran I salute him and if within speaking distance I thank him.

      Last month I drove an elderly lady with damaged eyesight to an eye specialist some 200 miles away. Along the way I saluted perhaps a half dozen Veterans but spoke to none. My lady friend noticed what I was doing but said nothing until after the last encounter when she asked, “Why do you keep doing that?” I asked what she was referring to and she replied, “Whatever that thing is that you keep doing with your hand when you see people.” When I explained what I had been doing and why, she wanted to know how I knew those particular people were Veterans. I simply explained that their ball caps identified them to me and that was all I needed to know about them. She remained perplexed about the issue but let it drop. She’s a very sweet lady but a “Liberal”–what more needs to be said?! In her favor I have to add that she is a non-political, new-age type liberal who describes herself as “a non-political, non-religious but ‘spiritual’ person.” Meaningless mumbo-jumbo!

    • Lee

      Good for you!
      My husband was a disabled Korean War Vet, and lost the use of his entire right side. One time we went to an upscale store to buy my mom a birthday present. He went upstairs to get the gift, and on his way down the escalator was nearly knocked over the rail by rude, thoughtless, idiotic women, all bent on their own narrow little selfish lives! Not one noticed his cane, nor the fact that his right arm dangled uselessly, or that his right leg carried a full-length brace.
      I watched him die at home, no one would help.

    • Chief

      Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. I think perhaps just taking that few moments to thank a disabled vet encouraged him and made a lonely day a bit brighter and better. I know it sure made my day as I later thought about it.

      Lee, I am so terribly sorry about your husband. It breaks my heart to think of you and him all alone as he lay dying at home. The remembrance must surely grieve your heart to this day.

      I lost my dear wife of almost 50 years last 4th of July at 5:30 a.m. I spent her last 3 days and nights with her in the hospital. I miss her terribly!

      You military wives are the driving force behind your serviceman! Thank you for your own service and private sacrifices that few outside the military can even begin to comprehend. Not all women have the “stuff” to be a military wife. You are our inspiration and the preservers of our sanity when we are away and in dark territory. Thank you!!

    • Bree,

      Dear Chief, I understand your pain also and there’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss my husband and my son. Being a military wife and mother was all I ever knew and I made sure I was a darn good one. I could not do any less for a country that we gave everything for. I pray that God will strentgthen and help you now. Blessings always.

    • Bree,

      Dear Lee, I also want to express my deep sympathy for the loss of your husband. I also have lost my AirForce husband and son and I know the pain that never leaves. May God be with you now and strengthen you.

    • Chief

      Bree, thank you for your kind and sympathetic condolences upon the loss of my beloved wife. Your comments are deeply appreciated.

      May I also extend my condolences to you for your own losses. I have no doubt that you were a superb example of a military wife. Thank you for that.

      Numbers 6:24-26, “The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” (KJV)

    • jeff hoopes

      In full uniform as a Marine in 1969 after visting my girlfriend at the time in Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania who attended a college there, I stopped into a good looking diner around dinner time by myslf. I sat there almost 1 hr before it dawned on me that I was never going to be served because I was a Marine. I’ve never forgotten it and just makes me sad and bitter even today.They simply, totally ignored me like I was invisible….the entire restaurant staff!

    • Teeter

      I’m sorry this happened to you Jeff. If you walked in and I was working there (in ANY position) I would have not only served you but welcomed you, shook your hand, thanked you, and bought your meal. If I were a customer and this happened I would get up and do the same thing.

      Thank you for your service Jeff. Welcome home!

    • Bea

      Oh! Chief!
      What a moving account.
      Thank you for sharing this and thank you for personally welcoming him home and, Chief, thank you for your service, Sir.


  • Bill Boltinghouse

    I served with the 6994th Scty Squadron in Vietnam stationed at Pleiku AB and later in DaNang AB. I flew missions on the EC-47 and was recently surprised to find statements from several of the groups and people we worked with thanking us for what we did! Our records are classified and the VA being full of Liberals does not care about how they treat us! I know that we delayed the Communist expansion in many areas! I also flew with the RC-130BII out of Japan and the RC-135 out of Offutt AFB. I want to take the time to say, “Welcome Home My Brothers” and “Job well done” to all of the other Nam Vets who gave of their lives and hearts to delay the Communists! I also want to say to our Marxist-In-Chief, you are going to be stopped and be a 1 term president!

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Jerry Miner

    Fenderman has a right to his opinion and to express his opinion. A couple of things we all should consider. Ever since WWII, we have been in conflict/competition with the communists. Greece had communists trying to take over the country during the war. Churchill and Patton warned against the communist aggression during and after the War. After we freed China from the Japanese, in 5 years, China with strong support from the USSR became communist. China and Russia provided planes, guns and in China’s case, even manpower during the Korean War. Yes dear, it was a war in which more Americans died (53,000) in 3 years than those killed (50,000) in the 10 year Vietnam
    War. The Chinese Communists by the hundreds of thousands came across the Yalu River and nearly retook the peninsula. Vietnam, formerly IndoChina was a site of a battle fought by French irregulars as the French people had no appetite to fight for anything after War II. President Kennedy promised to support free South VietNam after we evacuated the French paid soldiers during the collapse at Dien Bien Phu. After Kennedy was assassinated, Johnson took charge of the buildup. By the time I got there in 1968, over 500,000 Americans were in Vietnam. Many times including Tet ’68, the communists tried to defeat the American soldiers but were never successful. America controlled the air and the ground where the politicians would allow. As three No Vietnamese generals said, we fought and bombed the communists to a standstill. In 1972, we were duped into signing a treaty in Paris.. the communists used the next 2 1/2 years to rebuild and resupply so that with the help of the press, left wingers and Jane Fonda and an American citizenry tired of war, we retreated in a hurry..

    Did we win? South Korea is one of the most American countries in the world, esp in Asia. Clean, self supporting, free to live their lives the way they want and ‘They love America’ unlike the French. One more point in closing, Vietnam was the last war in which we fought the communists. Yeah, I think we won.

    • Lee

      Would any of you Korean Vets know about the Air Force’s B-26 Black and Red Bombers? That was the outfit my husband was in, and I remember one story he told of bombing hillsides with napalm until even the rocks were burning.
      And, still those creatures crawled from the caves where they hid!
      Asians aren’t men, they’re lower class animals, especially the brain-dead communists!
      Also, my brother recently showed me an article whereas the bones of hundreds if not thousands of Chinese and North Korean soldiers are still on the battlefield where they froze to death!

    • wasadoc

      The napalm reminded me of White Phosphorous or “Willie Peter” as we called it. I hated that stuff. You had to keep it wet while trying to dig it out of a person, and most times they had numerous small wounds from it. We would make mud with our water and put it over the burn areas to keep the air from it. Those guys were in real pain.

    • Chief

      Yep! Nasty stuff. Thanks, wasadoc! Your service is appreciated, Veteran. The medics/corpsmen always get the really tough job in the thick of the firefight. I’m sure you lost your share of patients but those who survive will never forget you even though they may never have even know your name. Thanks for all you did! You’re a true hero in my book.

  • bill arber

    Our govt is now helping the vietnamese clean up the agent orange chemicals around Danang… millions to a country that treated our pows with torture.

    • Lee

      Weird, isn’t it?
      But, oddly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Vietnam eventually became a real beacon of freedom for their people!
      They do seem to be trending that way!

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Interesting that in what used to be Saigon, they celebrate Christmas with Christmas trees and all? It would appear that some of the American influence rubbed off on them.

  • teatotaler

    This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that we really won the Vietnam War. My uncle was a pilot of a bomber during the war. He once told us of a campaign that had him flying bombing missions over one of the major cities. I believe he said the campaign lasted at least one day for every year of the Vietnam War. The Viet Cong gave up, but then the Democrats pulled the funding for the troops. That is how we apparently grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • Lee

      I dated an airman who had just returned from Vietnam. He was so full of rage one evening, all he wanted to do was talk, if I was willing to listen.
      I don’t remember all he said, I wish I could as it was a damning condemnation of our government and all of Hollywood! One phrase he kept repeating over and over: “If they would just let us fight! We could end that war within a week!”

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Yup. Just leave it up to the treasonists left-wing politicians to screw it up.

  • banneker77

    We may have ‘won’ the war as you said BUT 1968 was the YEAR that drugs MAINSTREAMED and they are still here today!!(we seemed to have lost that war) I know the mainstream media is horrible with the crazy sexual perversions–(which got worse after 1973) but at least we know about it today—what we need today is answers on how we are going to handle this deficit and get AMERICA WORKING AGAIN—

    • Lee

      Amen to that!

  • Lee

    I was appalled when my daughter came home one day from school (college) and told us over supper about the fact in her history class, only one person knew what the “Missiles of October” referred to–and that was herself!
    Our family was always very politically and militarily active, and it paid off!
    My brother came home from work one day and told me about this incident a friend of his related to him during that time:
    The friend was an Air Force Security member, given the task of guarding the B-52 Bombers arming to fly to Cuba if the situation got worse. He said he suddenly realized that the loud CLICKS he was hearing meant: Nuclear weapons were being armed!
    We meant business!
    He said the night was warm, but his blood ran cold!

    • Chief

      Lee, I was a dumb kid of barely 18 years when the old Fletcher class destroyer I was on got orders to get underway in October of 1962. We were three days at sea before we knew where we were headed–Cuba. What for? They didn’t tell us until we were nearing our approach to Havana. I will never forget the tension and the readiness for nuclear war that we were all convinced was inevitable. The tension was so thick you could have cut it with a knife! Adrenalin ruled every day and night. I think most of us had reconciled ourselves to the stark reality that each day very well might be our last.

      That was a terrifying 3 weeks but I’m glad JFK stood firm. I know there has been a lot of criticism and armchair quarterbacking over the incident throughout the intervening years, but JFK’s actions paid off and for 30 years the world was a safer place because of his grit and determination.

    • wasadoc

      I was on Recruiting Duty in Dallas, Texas, at the time. All of my neighbors wanted to know what was going on, and they wouldn’t believe that I didn’t know anymore than they. All I knew was what I was catching on TV.

    • Patriot41

      Looks like we are repeating the same mistakes again, as Chavez is allowing the Iranians to build missile sites in Venezuela. Once again, our country is being threatened by missiles in our own hemisphere! What is our govt., doing about it? Sending our troops thousands of miles away to defend countries that want nothing to do with our way of life. Sounds like some type of madness to me.

  • joseph dechant

    I was there when we won there is a senator that says there about 18000 of us they heard we were coming and ran to paris to sign the peace treaty

  • http://aol Starbuck004 VN Vet 64-65

    I will try this one more time, maybe I’m not smart enough to post on this site. Anyway, THANKS TO ALL YOU VETS. I was in from 64-74, spent time on the USS Ticonderoga and USS Kitty Hawk, and some time in country. Never have heard anyone say thank you, don’t really care though as I know that all the others that were there with me, cared. I figure I only did my fair share to keep the freedoms we were all born with. I want my kids and grandkids to grow up the same way. I went in with the specific thought in mind to fight communism, but here we have one in the WH and in the congress. I still can fight and have the fire power to do with. We just have to start getting the right people into the WH and congress. Any one else game.

    A USN Vet

    • ARMYOF69

      WELCOME HOME soldier. And we are all with you in spirit.
      When the time comes we shall respond accordingly to the final threat of tyranny.It’s getting closer by the minute.

    • Chief

      Starbuck004 VN Vet 64-65, I was there at the same time as part of the destroyer squadron attached to the Kitty Hawk battle group. Small world. Thanks for your service, sailor. Well done!

  • http://aol Starbuck004 VN Vet 64-65

    The 64-65 in my name is my age and the Starbuck is my horses name. Have a good laugh.

    • Bea

      Thank you, Welcome Home.
      Thank you all for doing what had to be done.

      Let’s take back America from the Commie’s here.

  • Rex

    Starbuck, I’m game. I’m not a youngster either but am willing to do what it takes to take our country back for my kids.

  • Anton

    World Histroy states we lost in Vietnam and the they unified in 1975 and renamed the capital Hanoi

  • Baby Boomer

    If you review history not written by the state run media we most definitely won the Vietnam war. After leaving in 1973 it took over 2 years for the North to overrun the South. That was because the liberal dems. would not fund the air campaign to support the South. We won the war and lost the peace. With Pres. Obama it could happen again in Iraq and Afganistan.

  • kenny komodo

    I returned home from my first tour of duty with the U.S. Navy and was neither greeted or spit upon, just more or less ignored. My dad asked me if I was done with this “foolishness” whereupon I re-enlisted and stayed in for 20 more years. Two tours into the Gulf of Tonkin, four tours into the Persian Gulf and countless other little side trips made a career. Communism is evil and must be stopped and destroyed. Arab Islamism is just as evil and as such must also be destroyed. I never wanted fame or glory, just wanted to do what was right for my country. Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy (ret)

    • Chief

      kenny komodo, BULLY FOR YOU! Well done and thank you, sailor!

    • Bea

      Kenny, thank you.
      Thank you for your service, Sir.

  • Terry

    I was in junior high school in 1968 and 1969 during the high point of the Viet Nam war. I remember how the liberal teachers were trying to brainwash us into saying war is immoral, killing is wrong, etc. I remember this one English teacher in particular that played this flower power film against the war. In it was the song, “Where have all the flowers gone.” by Peter, Paul, and Mary. HA! I could see right through it because my dad was a WWII veteran that had been in 5 battle campaigns in Europe. He taught me better than that. After graduation from high school in September 1974, I joined the Army. I went to Ft. Polk, LA for basic training and Infantry advanced individual training. Most of our drill seargents were just back from Viet Nam and were mean as junkyard dogs. I know that I learned from the best of the best. I missed going to Viet Nam. I was in Hoenfels, Germany sitting in the field eating C-rations listening to Armed Forces Radio when the news came on about Siagon falling to the Communists. It was quite emotional and remember it quite vividly. I also got some of the cold shoulder from the liberals after comming home from the Army. I have a liberal family members that will not have anything to do with me to this day because of my right views. It was not alot of fun going through a divorce from my first wife (she joined the NOW movement in 1979 and thought I was immoral for being in the Military), and going without gainful employment for so long after comming home, however now, I know who the enemy is. I vote conservative now and exercise my 2nd Ammendment rights. I also display and fly the American flag every chance I get!

    • Bea

      Terry, thank you for your service.
      There are more for you; than against you!

      Thank you!


    Reading these comments brings back the memmories of the country I grew up in, not the ungrateful, uncaring place we once were proud of. I too was in the military, U.S. Army, 1967-69, but I never went to VN. Sometimes I feel that I let down other soldiers who fought and died there. I just want all of you who served there to know that I am very proud and thankful for your service. God Bless You All and God Bless America!

    • Chief

      “Sometimes I feel that I let down other soldiers who fought and died there.”

      DAVEC, it does not matter a whit that you didn’t serve in VN–you were ready and willing to go. You’re one of US, brother! Thank you!


    I didn’t mean we were proud of an uncaring and ungrateful place, I meant that is what it is now. I think you know what I meant.

  • E Stod

    Thank you, Fenderman 52 & others. An interesting thing is that few of us have joined the VFW, Legion, etc … and I believe that most of the units have no reunions, unlike the WWII guys (who also populated the VFW-type clubs).
    321st Heavy Boat, 5th Trans, Danang.

    • http://WWW.FAIRFIELDCOUNTYgop.NET Normal

      E Stod, unit identity was virtually destroyed by virtue that thase who served were shipped over as an individual as opposed to a “Unit” as in WWII, Korea, Iraq I, Irag 2. It was a stupid policy, you walked off an airplane without the company of your comrades in training. Of course you bonded with your unit for your term, but then you were off alone to another assignement. Net result: Branch Pride, but less unit cohesiveness, Just offering an opinion. USAF 1967-1971 306 Avionics McCoy AFb Fl, Utapao AFB Thailand Bomb Nav Launch support B-52s

    • Bea

      Thank you for your service.


    • Bea

      E Stod, thank you.
      Thank you for your service.


  • dank

    touche’! vietnam was not lost, nor was it fought in vain. A true sense of the communist manifesto was felt at the time. socialism was alive and well even is “western” nations. The USA was the bastion of the “capitalist pigs” We inherited vietnam from the french and the US and her allies in it Australia and Korea won! Good to see a politically incorrect book out. We seem to only remember the sad pictures of a “retreat” Outstanding!

  • WiseOvOwl

    I am thankful to all who served in Vietnam. I sincerely believe the outcome would have been a different one, with fewer casualties, and ending sooner if it were not micromanaged by politician.

  • Lowell

    I served state-side in 1969 and 1970, partly in an Honor Guard unit. For the last 7 months of my service, I was the ONLY NCOIC in my unit so I had to be in charge of ALL our burials in that area, doing the 21 gun salute at grave site. In all I “buried” 40 or more returned dead. Though not a Vietnam veteran, perhaps I can speak for them due to the anguish of my service.
    Let me raise the issue of HOW we waged that war. William S McNamara, Secretary of Defense, at that time, decided to apply “limited warfare” rather than what all our generals learn at West Point. You may recall he was called on of the “Whiz Kids” in the 50’s and 60’s. The effect of his modified war methods was to telegraph to our enemy our intentions and to give them lots of time to dig tunnels so could maximize resistance to our attacks. As Sun Tsu teaches you should be merciful to your enemy (and your self) by hitting hard and fast, so the conflict is resolved quickly. McNamara was too “smart” for conventional warfare, and so caused a vast increase in our suffering and fatalities.
    I believe our intentions were noble in the Vietnam war, but our methods were not correct. I hope all my military colleagues in the combat arms will remember McNamara’s contribution to our suffering. May God forbid that we ever again make this mistake.

  • ARMYOF69

    My eyes tear up, every time I go past a local home near mine, where they have been flying the MIA flag for over 25 years. I salute, but my heart goes out to all those families with the same heartbreaks. Have we ever succeeded in bringing any of those kids back? I knew may of them.

    • Bree,

      ARMYOF69 if I may say, you are a sweetheart and thanks for doing that. God bless you

  • http://c Ileana Eliza Paunica

    Tok’Ra kree!

    I published a videoclip on my webspace at the address

    I was born in 1944, in Romania, in a red terrorist gulag regime. When I was 27 years old I escaped to (then) West Germany, being partially of German descent. While in Romania, I have seen, many times in the Cinema, news reels with anti-VietNam protests in USA and first world countries. I, always, dreamed myself to be right in the middle of those protests, to fully take active part in them, on a police vehicle, manning the water gun, spraying the demonstrators with the water jet emanating from the cannon….what a dream I had!!!! These protestors, coldly, delivered the South VietNamese people to the Ho-Shi-Min killing fields. I would say to them “Shame on you” but I know that would be of no use, because they do not have shame, shame being an alien concept to them!!! They were cold blooded killers and gulag lovers: they liked people like the VietNamese to live in gulags.

    Nobody hates the American Army being on their territory, either (in the past)in VietNam or (today)in Afghanistan, except gangsters/leaches who thrive on the bestial exploitation of the population in that particular country in which they live. In communist countries or Taliban/Alquaida countries the ordinary people are afraid of speaking their minds. You ladies and gentlemen, as people born and raised in first world countries, you do not know what oppression is or, you have forgotten, because it happened a long time ago…like, say, 300/400 years ago, perhaps…???? You cannot possible imagine what is like to live in a gulag country, where is no freedom of speech, or in a Taliban/Alquaida country, which for me is the same: all are designated by me as gulag countries, which, even if some of them pose as democratic, they make a mock of the notion of democracy. Believe me, I come from such a country. When I grew up in Romania, when the country has been given by Churchill to stalin, everybody around me, in whisper mode, hoped and said: “The Americans will come and save us!!! They will not let us rot under communism!!!” Yeah! Right!! They were even jokes about it; here I give you one of them: the red terrorist law enforcers storm a house, accusing the family (who owned a speaking parrot) of sympathizing with America (USA). “No comrade, we do not like the Americans, we hate the Americans” said the head of the family. To which the parrot, prompted by the word Americans, started to speak:” The Americans will come, the Americans will come!” imitating the voice of the head of the family. And kaboom!! They were all arrested and sent to a gulag.
    Look what happened to the Pakistani officers, who lived in the baracks close to Osamabinwhatever, because they told the Americans where the cockroach was hidding. Thank you brave people for your courage to defy your superiors, Pakistani Army brass, who would have hidden Osama somewhere else, in the same spirit how they have not prevented the killing of or apprehended the Benazir Bhutto’s killers.

    I say thank you to Obama and Cameron/Sarcozy for Libya and, I hope, they will intervene in Syria and Iran, to put an end to sickening dictators in this world!!! To bring freedom to people is the most Christian task possible, even if the means to achieve this freedom are satanic: to repel a negative one needs to employ an even bigger negative (like the flight squadron from WWII, who called themselves Hell’s Angels). And DO NOT FORGETT, Ghadafi should DIE!!!! He is the only one responsible for the Lockebie bombing. HE SHOULD BITE THE DUST!!!! HE IS SCHEDULED TO BITE THE DUST!!!!

    I see ONLY two troubles with the liberals in USA and Europe:
    1. They validated communist regimes in the past and the one who did not, JFK, was killed
    2. The economic policies, internal matter for USA. Money are not wasted in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, but in the wrong economic policies. JFK wanted to do what Obama should be doing, but was killed before he (JFK)could do it. And, maybe, he was killed because of the perspective of the implementation of the right economic policies, like not outsourcing work abroad. I am not good at economics, so, I comment what others whose judgement I trust said to me (personally or via literature).

    Jolinar of MalkShur

    “We do not surrender even in death. You will not be forgotten” SG1 Allegiance.

  • Teeter

    This is such an important record of events that are in the comments on this thread. Someone who knows how should do something with them to preserve it.

    THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who have contributed to this comment section with your experiences and such true patriotism. I will continue to come back to it and read more or read over again as I have the past couple days. A lot of it brings tears to my eyes. But also brings me such strength and pride. It has been a truly uplifting (and educational) experience. And know that what you all have so generously contributed here of your experiences will be very helpful to the military wives and children and all who have and still are serving these recent and current wars.

    • Bea

      Teeter, Well said.
      I agree.

      Keep sharing, men. Don’t let these truths of service die with you.

      I thank all of you, sincerely.
      May God Bless you, always,

  • LynnS

    Why did it take so long for him to receive his purple heart? I just don’t understand why so often this happens. I volunteered at a VA hospital for over a year and the most under appreciated people are the viet nam veterans. God Bless every last one of them and a heart felt thank you!

    • Bree,

      I agree with you Lynn, I also volunteer and work with the paralized Vets of America and they are such hidden away heroes, yet like pure gold! I love to listen to their wisdom and experiences because non are bitter, on the contrary, they are proud and worthy Americans – the BEST! God bless them so much.


      As a former VietNam Marine grunt – 1968-69 with a hand ful of PH’s I think there is a pretty easy explanation. He was”awarded” the PH when he was injured. He probably was never officially presented the PH until someone made the effort to rectify that. I was presented only one of my PH – but the rest are on record as are five other personal decorations. As Viet Nam guys get older this sort of honor takes on a whole different meaning. I have personaly arranged the presentation of medals by a US Congressman to a couple of Korean War vets.

      Semper Fi,

    • Bea

      Thank you for your service.

  • Master Chief Tom

    DID WE WIN IT!!! My our friends the Aussies sure think so. In 1966 I went to many invitations by those kind folks to their simple Partys and Dinners. All were concerned about the Domino Theory and the Communist march to Tasmania. “Don’t forget us”, they said, and folks like John and Pat Mayo thought it was a sure thing that help from us would be needed. During the 7 different years I was in Theater and sometimes in country I helped Target boats, radar sites, Migs and many NVA troop concentrations. Assisted the Marines at Hue/Tet and field Marines and Soldiers in a bind and needing 5″/6″ in close and closer. Those brave men were crazy and I loved them all as they would continue to spot rounds of 5″ with a cheerful “DOWN 50″ even as I could hear the rds pushing through the trees they were spotting from. The bottom line to this Saga is that the Aussies were not so much worried about The Domino Theory in “75” when we went back to Perth and Sidney. I asked about that and the answer given was that the communist ideology not so much beaten but that we had killed so many of them that it would be several Decades before they had enough Dominos to get in the Game again. I’m not saying we saved Indonesia, Austrailia, Singapore and Tasmania but when I traveled through again they sure as hell were saying exactly that and I felt more welcome there than back in the USA.