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Newt on the March

Written on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 by

newt gingrich

In a primary season that has been marked by the rise and fall of one contender after another, the candidate who may be hitting his stride at just the right moment appears to be Newt Gingrich.  Speaker Gingrich has long been a fixture in Republican Party circles (though he has not held elected office since 1999) and was widely known by the Primary voter so when he announced his candidacy he was not viewed with any of the pomp or circumstance that several of the other, more enigmatic candidates enjoyed.

Early on it seemed that with Tea Party support Rep. Michelle Bachmann might make an astounding run at the candidacy as the conservative counter to establishment candidate Mitt Romney.  Within Tea Party circles she was viewed very much as a “Rock Star” candidate, someone with whom the base could coalesce behind.  Her conservative “street cred” was unassailable and she had proven to be a politician who did not back down from a fight.  Her support began to wane when her viability as a national candidate came into question, it seemed that Rep. Bachmann’s strong views that brought her so many conservative supporters also brought strong negative reaction from moderates and independents.  After a couple of national missteps, Rep. Bachmann’s poll numbers quickly faded.

Then came the heralded arrival of the conservative hero Governor Rick Perry, whose rise to prominence was as stunning as his fall to ignominy.  If ever there was a candidate poised to take the Presidency it was Governor Perry, he entered a field that voters were lukewarm about with an astounding amount of support.  It seemed the voters had practically begged him to enter the field, but upon arrival Governor Perry’s image began to tarnish.  Since entering the field Governor Perry’s candidacy has quickly devolved into something of a carnival sideshow – including an entry in the tent housing David Letterman.  What once seemed to be a promising campaign that enjoyed roughly 40% of the Republican primary voters support, has slipped to a stunning 4th place average among the candidates.

On the heels of the debating disaster that is Rick Perry, came the “Everyman” of the GOP field Herman Cain.  He wowed us with his charm, wit, and vivaciousness – but the national media saw an opening with several seemingly “weak” accusations of sexual harassment.  The Cain campaign was not practiced or professional enough to handle these attacks in the most appropriate manner, and so it seems they may be ringing the death knell of his campaign.  Since the apex of his support Mr. Cain’s poll numbers have been steadily sliding back to the pack and it has only helped the candidacy of the one-time long shot Newt Gingrich.

Currently Mr. Gingrich sits at 3rd in the polls but with each debate performance he improves his stock.  He seems prepared for any eventuality and even has the ability to spin what could be awkward moments into political homeruns, like the one he hit here in the recent South Carolina debate on CBS.  He has consistently obeyed President Reagan’s 11th Commandment and stayed above the fray praising all of his Republican counterparts, even when disagreeing with certain aspects of their candidacy.

Please don’t misunderstand me Mr. Gingrich has baggage, he has made political mistakes, he is not a perfect candidate BUT he certainly seems to be the most prepared of the candidates (not named Romney) to be President… and the best part – he isn’t Romney.  With the rise and fall of each of these other candidates, the GOP field seems to be collapsing itself towards Mitt Romney.  I for one think this is a terrifying conclusion and that reason alone is enough to make me wonder if it is time to re-consider Newt?

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  • Ltjg

    The Media is having Fun taking all the Candidates down one by one until their are no other choices left. Including tonight, we still have twelve more debates to go. If we let the Media decide, the Poster Boy Romney will be the only one going against Obama. As far as I am concerned, Romney is as close to being a Democrat as anyone can be. Way too Moderate for my tastes.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Ltjg… Looks like they want to run against Romney… I am not for Romney, but if he would get the nomination, he will have my vote. Guess we will have to see what the next few months bring.. Ann

    • Ltjg

      Dear Ann, I have said the same thing.

    • nax777

      Pub voters still marching to Lib orders is no surprise. Pub voters marching toward a safe secure and most of all free America with no apologies, priceless surprise.

      Immigration and our schools have taken control of our country and children we must take back control.

      Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, 40 million… Hello Sharia flag, for English please press 2!

    • daves

      As for Gingrich’s opinion, the former speaker insisted that Obama was “absolutely” born in the United States and is a Christian, but Gingrich also insisted the president needs to consider what he’s doing that may lead people to suspect him Muslim.

    • DC/Tex

      Yes I would vote for Romney if he gets the nomination, once again voting for the lesser of two evils.

    • Susan

      I did that the last time when I voted for McCain… I really don’t know if I can do it again… From the very beginning I didn’t like Romney with O’Romney Care and his flip-flopping ways on abortion among other things.

      I don’t know why the Republican Party is shoving Romney down our throats ~ it really doesn’t seem that many Republicans on the street like him.

      If Romney’s the Republican on the Presidential ticket, we may wind up with Obama again… Then again, God is good ~ we might wind up with the majority of people voting for the person who they really do believe will work hard at restoring America ~ and we may in fact have our first Third Party President.

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      I consider Newt Gingrich Americas’ Winston Churchill, castigated and put out to pasture, then rejuvenated to possibly save not only the republic, but also lead a resurgence of American values that can avoid the inevitable civil war that is coming if militant progressivism is not purged from our gov’t! His private life is of no importance to his extreme ability to garner workable legislation to reinstall capitalism as the only option in free nations!

    • patriotrenegade

      You want your country back??? DO NOT VOTE FOR newtie or any other globalist. The new world order is counting on confusion and voter stupidity to get newtie, perry, cain, or hopeless huntsman voted in should obama lose. They win. Congratulations, by NOT voting with your head, you have helped give our country away.

    • Clete

      What planet have you been living on?

    • Dancer2

      Yes, someone that is paying attention!!! I knew all of Newt’s skeletons would come out of the closet; Newt, Romney & Cain are no better than Obama; just saying what they think will get them elected. Newt has a list of “baddies” a mile long!

    • Virginia Patriot

      Wow! Very well said…wish I’d said that. I don’t care about Newt’s baggage…it’s his love for our country that impresses me.

    • NancyJ

      I’m still supporting Michele Bachman in spite of the press trying to eliminate her. (That includes Fox News)
      Just wish they would let us hear her ideas. She is the one true conservative and William Buckley once said that you should find the most conservative candidate and support them. That would be the best for the country.
      Special interests must be stopped before we lose what parts of the Constitution we still have.

    • daves

      Ms. Bachmann falsely claimed that she and her husband “have never gotten a penny” from a family farm that received federal subsidies. But she reported income from the farm in 2006, 2008 and 2009 — the most recent year available — on her congressional financial disclosure statements.

    • daves

      She claimed she had been “faithful” to her pledge not to request federal earmarks. But she requested $40 million in transportation earmarks in the 2009 fiscal year budget after taking the pledge, later claiming such projects should not be subjected to her promise. She withdrew her requests after the House Republicans took a party position in 2010 not to seek earmarks.

    • fliteking

      Goggled it got nothing. Have a link?

    • daves

    • patriotrenegade

      goldwater was a good guy yet look at the general election of 64. Only Romney can capture the wishy washy center.

    • Clete

      When Bachmann said, or at least strongly indicated, she thought mothers should pursue their dreams of a profession rather than serve the supremely more important profession of motherhood she lost my undivided support. She made no distinction between those who had to work to support a family and those who didn’t.

    • Dancer2

      When I found out that Bachmann voted for the Patrio Act, received subsidies for her farm and they get money from the gov’t for her husband to reform gays that left her out for me. RON PAUL is the only real honest, conservative running and he has my vote along with all the others that really listen to his message. Read his book “Liberty Defined”.

    • Jonathan Gartner

      I agree the last time up to bat in 2008 we had a moderate which is one of the main reasons we lost. We did not lose by the huge amounts that the Marxist Party wants us to believe. I like Newt very smart man I do not care for Mitt however, if put forward I would vote for him other wise it would count as a vote for Obama/Soetoro

    • patriotrenegade

      newtie can NEVER capture the center and he’s a globalist traitor CFR. brilliant.

    • Clete

      I know of one planet you could be from, its the planet of ignominy.

    • awakenow

      Ltjg, I agree with you that we shouldn’t let the media make our choice. After all, this is exactly how we got the liar in chief occupying our beloved White House.

      However, I do think that the media is, to a certain extent, doing what it should do … shedding a light on each of these candidates, even if we don’t always like what we see.

      Some far more than others when we consider the continued and obvious disregard of Ron Paul … the newly crowned “89 Second” allowed debate response candidate.

      Still, it is up to us to determine how much we are willing to consider. And, this is where we need to use what the media reports as a catalyst to dig deeper via our own independent research using the Internet while we still can.

      It truly upsets me that our power to do that will shortly be curtailed when “Net Neutrality” and regulation of the Internet becomes law on November 20th.

      More policing and control of We The People via Big Brother Government.

    • Clete

      Reliance on the media to any degree is a gross mistake, can you trust them? FOX is by all means the most reliable but has made mistakes. WE MUST EDUCATE OURSELVES ON THE CANDIDATES, NOT EXCEPT SOMEONES ELLSES WORD!!!

    • Hank is back


    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      LTJG … NEWT IS #1 in the polls!!! YEAH!!!

  • Raymond

    Newt is a member of the CFR…

    • awakenow

      Yes, Gingrich really is a longtime member of the “Council on Foreign Relations.”

      Go the their website and click on “membership roster.” Then, alphabetically, select the letter “G” and scroll down to find his name.

      Also, please listen to this Conservative Talk radio personality in San Diego on why we shouldn’t let CBS tell you who you should vote for.

    • Gordon

      For any Gingrich fans, I highly suggest you carefully examine his background. Although he is a good speaker, is well acquainted with the political process and has good savvy on foreign affairs, I fear that once you strip away the outer garments you will be shockingly disappointed – as I was. This year, more than ever before, I have been examining these GOP candidates and have discovered some disturbing information regarding Newt. Please read this article called “Newt Gingrich: The establishment Conservative.” This article was written over two years ago, so do not think it was published as a smear tactic to derail his rise in the polls (as was done to Cain, Bauchman, and Palin). But, it does reveal some very disturbing information that should make you ask whether Gingrich should even be on the GOP ticket. He was instrumental in assisting Carter in the establishment of the Department of Education. He, likewise, assisted Clinton in the establishment of NAFTA and GATT. When he became speaker of the house, he endorsed Alvin Toffler’s book (The Third Wave) and recommended that fellow Republicans read it. In this book Toffler declares the Constitution as outdated and must be done away with. If that isn’t enough he also backed Dede Scozzafava preferentially over the conservative GOP candidate in the 2009 New York special elections. Dede was considered the most liberal of RINO Republicans – backed by Planned Parenthood and ACORN.
      I found several articles that corroborated this information, but I consider this one the best composite summary. The article can be found at:
      If your are looking for a true conservative and Constitutionalist, than I highly recommend you read and share this information because I question that you will find that person in Newt Gingrich.

    • Ron Robinson

      Thanks Raymond, I went to the CFR(Council of Foreign Relations)membership Roster and I am in the process of printing it now. Newton is listed as amember and also Soros funds is a corporate member. I understand from other things I have read that CFR is a leader in establishing the New World Order. I would like it if NG would explain this before I can support him.

  • Villa Merkle

    Yes, Raymond is right!

    Newt is a very high level Globalist, just as Monti who they’ve injected into Italy, to run a banking dictatorship under the Technocratic EU and IMF, NWO regieme! These globalists have it scripted to keep imploding countries economies until the whole world is under debt slavery! It is a shame that we don’t have entrepeneurs, economists, business men and women, honest politicians to stand up to the fraud and tyranny that is taking place in the world!

    Watch in the script Portugal and Spain are next and they are setting up America for the same scenario as well – just watch!

    They are having a real good time running all these CFR, Bilderberg and Trilateralist candidates in the primary, trying to hitch one of these pariah’s to the sheeple’s vote ticket! After all they are looking for someone to take over the destruction Obama, has created and finish us off!

    The only person without a Globalist agenda is Ron Paul, obviously the most honest candidate amongst the tribe of masked Global puppets – is Ron Paul!

    The establishment, Main Stream Media is doing him in to the point of absolute in your face hindrance to his campaign, I thought this was America, not anymore it is fast becoming Amerika, without Liberties and the right to run a political campaign on an even playing field!

    We all the dirt and fraud being dished out
    here, it is that obvious!

    Go to and read “CBS Cheats Ron Paul in Poll”!

    • Susan

      When did Newt convert to the Catholic Religion? What has he done since then? My understanding is that he made a lot of these mis-steps before his conversion… that now his faith and his family come first…

      I have heard, and have a recording, or a recent radio/internet interview with him and he thoroughly condemns U.N. Agenda 21.

      Is this just a screen to hide his NWO position ~ or has he changed his mind…

      I would like to hear him explain his CFR connection.

  • Villa Merkle

    Typo Should Read: WITH all the dirt and fraud being dished out
    here, it is that obvious!

    • Johnnygard

      So I can go with what people have to say on the internet, or I can go with Newts record. He is the only politican that ever put his campaign promises in writing in a national magazine (contract with America), and then lived up to every promise, in the first 100 days. He got us the first Republican House in 40 years. He balanced 4 budgets. He got clinton to sign welfare reform. Now who do you have with a better record in Washington?

    • LCLC

      He also worked with Bill Clinton to get us a vastly inflated government. He oversaw a Republican era of legislative leadership that literally wrecked us in the 2000s. Bush gets a lot of blame for that… but more of it belongs at Newt’s feet for where he led us. There is a reason he got tossed out in 1999, and there was a reason his House colleagues tried to dump him in the mid-90s… he is a moderate-to-liberal Republican.
      Johnny You obviously didn’t read the provided links so try here
      or this one literally has Newt’s voting record
      his voting record actually puts him to the LEFT of John Boehner and Dennis Hastert. Just because he wrote the contract with America doesn’t mean it was all good…

    • Johnnygard

      LCLC, Your post must have been in moderation ’cause it wasn’t here earlier when you accused me of not being able to read.

    • Johnnygard

      LCLC, The “HotAir” guy doesn’t like Newt much, but he didn’t have anything too damning. You folks with these questions about Newt should try to find a way to get them asked at one of the debates, and let him respond. Your second site that you listed for his voting record was beyond my computer skills to actually find Newts votes.

    • nax777

      That was 17 years ago, now he bows at the smallest whim!

    • Johnnygard

      Give us some evidence, and then tell us your choice that has a better record than Newt.

    • daves

      Political experts say that if Greece goes under, the world banks will go under, and then the U.S. economy will go under, and this will cost President Obama the election. But Obama still has three chances to win: Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Herman Cain.

    • daves

      Texas Gov. Rick Perry says God is calling on him to run for president, and Michele Bachmann says God is calling on her to run for president. Now Herman Cain says God is calling on him to run. If God is so indecisive, he’s probably for Mitt Romney.

    • LCLC

      Johnny can you really not read? I gave you his votes…? That is his record.
      BTW, I am not saying the others are better… what I am saying is this field has more warts than not. In fact this field is almost as bad as the one we had in 2008 (almost).

    • Johnnygard

      Dear LCLC, Yes I have trouble reading, especially what I can’t find. As of now, there are 21 posts above yours, and none of them seem to be from you, so where did you tell me anything?

    • Johnnygard

      To the Moderator: You have our email address don’t you? Sometimes we can’t imagine why our posts sit in moderation for 24hrs or forever. You could save us a lot of trouble by telling us what you don’t like about what we said. I have one from yesterday and one from today awaiting moderation that I can’t imagine what anyone could find objectionable. Will this go to moderation too?

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Talk is cheap show the Facts of your arguement

    • Earle Belle

      Gingrich 1997: “There is No Place for Torture”

      Let me be perfectly clear: If the life of my mother, father, child, friend, or basically anyone I loved could be saved by doing horrible things to some horrible person, I would do it. In fact, most normal people wouldn’t mind hurting some bad guy to save the lives of good guys.

      The question of torture is not whether in some Hollywood-style, almost-never-happening life-or-death scenario, we should use it. Those who view the issue of waterboarding in this absurd light—an interrogation method everyone from Ronald Reagan to the United States military during World War II has rightly called torture—are being completely unreasonable in their general premise.

      The most basic question concerning torture is whether, as a general rule, it should be endorsed. The question is whether it actually works as an interrogation tactic, which most experts say it doesn’t. The question is whether or not torture should be an acceptable rule of thumb for any civilized society.

      The question is whether or not torture should be the official policy of the United States.

      For most of our history, that answer has been an emphatic “no!”

      Most of this year’s Republican presidential candidates care little to nothing about such questions because they know little to nothing about history, know or care little to nothing about our conventional Judeo-Christian Western morality, they know even less about the history of the conservative movement, and most seem content to try to look “tough” in front of GOP primary audiences by explicitly endorsing the use of torture, or, excuse me, “enhanced interrogation techniques.” This view on torture extends to these Republican candidates’ extremely anti-conservative views on civil liberties, recklessness concerning the constitutional powers of the Executive branch, and these candidates’ general dismissal of some of the most basic concepts and precepts of American law.

      Newt Gingrich—who does know history and yet now refuses to call waterboarding “torture” or to strongly denounce it—nevertheless expressed the traditional conservative view on torture in 1997, after meeting with Chinese President Jiang Zemin. Gingrich’s language here is plain, simple, conservative…

      And absolutely right—in the deepest American sense:

      “There is no place for abuse in what must be considered the family of man. There is no place for torture and arbitrary detention. There is no place for forced confessions… the roots of American rule of law go back more than 700 years, to the signing of the Magna Carta. The foundation of American values, therefore, is not a passing priority or a temporary trend.”

      Today, for most of the GOP presidential field, including Gingrich, this “foundational American value” of opposition to torture has become a mere “passing priority” and “temporary trend.”

      God help us.

    • Johnnygard

      Earle, If waterboarding is such terrible torture, why is it OK for us to use it on our own special forces troops in training? Have we had any lawsuits from our own military people complaining about being tortured in training? If we can take it, it should be OK for the enemy! How does anyone define torture? Loud music all night? Scaring people? If what we do to the enemy comes even close to what the enemy has already done to our people, then we can talk.

    • Hank is back

      Because they are public servants and temporarily relinquished their rights!

    • Hank is back

      Torture is subjective, so anything reasonably classified as torture, should be avoided at all costs, lest we overstep our Constitutional bounds without knowing it. Better safe than sorry.

    • Clete

      Have you ever spent time on the front lines? Have you ever spent time in a POW camp? I too would put any POW in great pain to save even one American life. Your sympathy for the enemy of freedom is misplaced.

    • Virginia Patriot

      Tell that to the Muslims that are trying to destroy us. You bet your life that to save this country and the people I love that I would use any means necessary. Terrorist from Islam have been at this for years. Ask the families of those killed on the USS Cole; the Berlin Olympics,; the Iran embassy; the Marines in Lebanon; Daniel Pearl; our twin towers…and on and on. Would I approve Gitmo and waterboarding? You don’t want to know my answer if you don’t have the guts. Vote for “milktoast” Romney and watch us loose to Obama and his czars.

    • Aristophanes

      johnnygard – seems like people do not want to look at all the good he has done, they just want to look at the negative (he is a member of the CFR). Do you people really want obozo for another 4 years? I get the feeling there are people on these conservative sites who are working to get obozo re-elected!!! Liberal plants or just stupid conservatives?
      NO ONE IS PERFECT!! If we have to accept the lesser of 2 evils, so be it!!! Stop focusing on the PERFECT candidate and start focusing on taking obummer down!!!
      If conservatives keep up with what they are doing (i.e., apologizing, burying their heads in the sand, ignoring serioua problems, etc., trashing their own candidates), kiss the democratic republic goodbye!!!
      That is one thing the liberals do right, they do not go out of their way to condemn THEIR OWN CANDIDATES!!

    • Hank is back

      Who says we ‘have to’? You? Some anonymous wannabe blogger with a poor command of history and semantics? GET YOUR BOOT OFF MY NECK YOU SLIMEY SOB! The day we ‘have to’ is the day I take up arms, my friend. No one, not even a faux-con like you, should vote for something because they ‘have to’. I thought only the Unions pulled carp like that.

    • Clete

      I do believe the intent was to represent “that all good and decent people” must vote to get our present damaging administration out of office. And, my boots are not slimy, had theyt been on your neck they might be.

    • Hank is back

      Hey, Clit!

      You have probably never even owned a pair of boots. Unless they were pink with heals.


    • Hank is back

      *Heels* Caught that just as I posted it

    • daves

      All politicians lie, but Gingrich specializes in this brand of self-puffing fantasy. The actual history of his employment by Freddie Mac, as excavated first by reporters at the Associated Press and more recently at Bloomberg News, is far less flattering to the former speaker than his own dramatic account. According to stories published by both news services since the debate, Freddie Mac hired Gingrich precisely to head off stronger regulation by arguing to Republicans that the mortgage firm had demonstrated the benefits of private-public partnerships.

    • Johnnygard

      daves, So somehow you know that AP and Bloomberg have the truth and Newt is lying. I’ll bet you that Newt was just an advisor, contract labor, not an employee, it was before they were a gov’t agency and it’s no big deal.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Johnnygard…. Just heard on evening news Nov. !^…..Newt is #I in the polls!!!!!

    • daves

      I do not know Johnny but I suspect it’s true.

      The moment of truth — or more accurately, falsehood — came when CNBC’s John Harwood noted that back in 2006, Gingrich was paid $300,000 by Freddie Mac, the gigantic federally backed housing financier. “What did you do for that money?” asked Harwood, while attempting to suggest that Gingrich sought to “fend off” stricter regulation of Freddie Mac and its sister company, Fannie Mae, by officials in the Bush administration and the Federal Reserve worried about the firms’ inflated $5 trillion in mortgage securities.

      “I offered them advice on precisely what they didn’t do,” replied Gingrich, who went on to claim that “as a historian,” he had warned the Freddie Mac officials who hired him that their lending practices were causing “a bubble” which was “insane” and “impossible.” He was not a lobbyist, he proclaimed, but a prophet: “It turned out, unfortunately, that I was right. … And I think it’s a good case for breaking up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and getting much smaller institutions back into the private sector to be competitive and to be responsible for their behavior.”

    • Hank is back

      Amen, Daves! Just the fact that Fannie and Freddie exist helped to cause the bubble. Newt is an idiot and is taking credit where it is not due. Anyone that took money from the TAXPAYERS to ‘consult’ for an UNCONSTITUTIONAL agency is a crook! Newt fits that bill, despite his size. Anyone that votes for Newt is a scoundrel and a welfare-rat!

    • Hank is back

      And Johnny! Freddie Mac was ALWAYS a GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION, even before the so-called takeover! You are the one that needs to rethink who and what you believe. Newt is a crook. Period. Exclamation Mark!

    • David L

      Everyone makes mistakes,I’m not the same person
      I was 10 years ago,He is the best to beat that
      SOB, hands down. Mit is business as usual and
      I do not trust him. I been following this crap
      now for a long time,I want some one who will
      tear BHO a new a?? hole. Newt is that man.

    • patriotrenegade

      are you helen keller’s blind and deaf lil brother? Gordon above put it better than me. He’s a globalist freak traitor. HE WORKED WITH CLINT-ON ON NAFTA?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hank is back

      Would that be Newt’s record of lying through his teeth? Or Newts record of giving democrats ‘head’? Or Newt’s record of supporting globalism? Or Newt’s record of breaking hearts?Or does he have a criminal record I am unaware of?

      Anyone that supports Newt is a traitor, and when a fiscal collapse happens under this fag’s watch, all of his supporters should be shunned and left out in the snow like the worthless sad-sack cretins they know themselves to be.

      ESAD you commies!

    • Are you Serious

      No, it should read you’re a moron!!!!

  • Gene Vallorani

    The media will be able to document all the improper sexual baggage that Mr. Gingrich carries. Face it, his only quality is that he’s a slick talker and we don’t need another person who sounds good. Here we go again…rush in choose the “flavor of the week” and then have that person taken apart by the media. If conservatives truly want to send a conservative to the White House they better rally to Governor Perry. Romney and Huntsman are liberals. Bachmann is a hypocrite because she voted for in state tuition for illegals in Minnesota in 2005 while in the Minnesota Senate but used it to try and discredit Governor Perry for an Act of the Texas Legislature.. Santorum is a big government guy. We all know Cain’s problems and Ron Paul has a similar foriegn policy plan as far pulling the troops out before they have a final victory as Obama does. I think, if we really want to have a conservative in the White House we better start finding all of the good qualities available in Governor Rick Perry.

    • Are you Serious

      That is total lie and you know it scumbag.

    • Billysea

      Gov. Perry campaigning recently stated cutting Congress in half and their salaries in half, and their terms in half. He is misleading the voters. This is not a decision that a President can make.

    • patriotrenegade

      correct, only congress can reduce congress. Is perry the bilderberg gonna use more of bammie’s new world order executive orders?

  • Villa Merkle

    Good God in Heaven!

    Rick Perry is member in fine standing and a favorite candidate of “The Bilderberg Group”, you can get any more Globalist than that!

    Do you want to be a slave to the,”NWO”?
    Do you want to live in a Technocratic Scientific Dictatorship?
    Rick Perry, Mitt Romney – CFR, Newt Gingrich – CFR, are a really good choice to get you started to living as a slave in your own country!

    Who knows, you might even get to live like the Greeks, Italians or Argentinians?

    Wouldn’t that just be hunky Dory?

    Round and Round the Mulberry Bush we go!
    Where the stupidity stops, no one knows!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Villa M. Another sermonette. Don’t you ever get tired?? Do you think no one has a right to an opinion besides you??

    • Hank is back

      Still using the tactics of the left, I see. Tsk. Tsk. Ann, if only Ayn could hear you.

  • TC Nichols

    Newt can march straight down to “Hell”, as far as I am concerned!

    That is where he truly belongs!

    Newt Gingrich double speaking CFR member!

  • LCLC

    It seems like it may be moving more and more to a “lesser of two evils” choice again… boo. Why can’t the Republicans just find a good conservative candidate?

    • James

      Once again, the lesser of two evils is still evil

    • Hank is back

      Voting for the lesser of two evils sends the message to the GOP establishment that it is OKAY for them to keep pushing their liberal/moderate Constitution violators on us every four to eight years. Well, ITS NOT OKAY! So don’t send that message!

      Newt will still grow the size of government and ignore the Constitution. Perhaps LESS than Obama, but that is not the point! Do not reward evil by voting for it. It is better for us to 95% suffer and vote our principles than to 90% suffer and vote for the GOP establishment, which has been infiltrated by globalists, democrats, and trotskyites.

  • fliteking

    I can’t voted for Newt or Romney.

    This is getting me depressed.

    • Johnnygard

      Please read my post above, and then tell me what more you want in a good record.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Johnnygard…. The L.Ron Paulbots are out again.. They can’t stand it because Newt is doing well.

  • Brandon

    Interesting. I am increasingly suspicious of all the shifting of support from one candidate to the next. It seems as if the Republican Party is testing each candidate’s electability…and once they hit a speed bump, just let them go.

    Not sure what happens next.

    • awakenow

      Brandon, what happens next is that we should all start turning off our tv’s and start using our computers for actual research on each and every one of these candidates.

      Yes, there’s a lot to wade through online but try to approach your research with an open mind and try to think outside the political box many of us are in.

      Political Talking Points abound both on the Left and the Right. These are used to inflame and control the information that we process.

      Stop them from doing that.

      Do your own due diligence on who each of these candidates are in terms of their willingness to stand on their convictions. Examine their past statements, then compare them with what they say now. Are they political opportunists?

      Remember the old adage: “Fool me once, shame on them. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    • patriotrenegade

      perfect-thank you.

  • David

    Newt is smart. I like that he says he will cut size of government and he said he will defend the Tenth Amendment. ANY Republican better than Obama. Bachman may be best. But we never select the best. Same thing last time, Fred Thompson was the best and we missed out because he didn’t kiss up to primaries and didn’t have presidential hair.

    • Earle Belle

      Do We Have a Constitution or Not?

      The entire purpose of our Constitution is to restrain the federal government. Today, both Democrat and Republican leaders regularly pretend we don’t have a Constitution in areas where they prefer not to be restrained. First the Democrats, or as The American Spectator’s James Antle at explains concerning today’s ObamaCare court decision:

      “Do we even have a written Constitution? That is really the fundamental question at stake in the Obamacare case. Many countries are governed by unwritten constitutions, a patchwork of court decisions, legal and political precedents, laws, and customs that shape the boundaries of government rather than any single document. Over the past eighty years, the United States has increasingly moved to that system as well. But even the post-New Deal, post-World War II consensus has always tried to appeal to our written Constitution for authority, which its champions have pretended to revere as a living document.

      This case is the biggest conflicit between the unwritten constitution that gives the federal government virtually unlimited power to, as Laurence Silberman puts it, ‘forge national solutions to national problems’ and the actual Constitution on which Washington bases its legitimacy, a document that created a limited federal government of enumerated powers. Those powers, by the way, are delegated by the states and the people.”

      Antle asks: “Who delegated the power to impose an individual mandate?”

      And now for Republicans’ disregard for the Constitution, or as Conservative HQ’s Richard Viguerie at writes of Saturday night’s foreign policy debate:

      “Saturday’s CBS/National Journal Republican presidential debate on foreign policy once again showed the limits of the establishment media’s grasp of constitutional principles and how the Constitution, as the law that governs government, should instruct our foreign policy. During the entire event, the questions seemed to assume that the President is unconstrained in his or her ability to act in matters of national security — and that the role of Commander-in-Chief is tantamount to being a military dictator. Unfortunately, with the exception of Congressman Ron Paul, the Republican candidates for President generally joined this shallow analysis and skipped-over the Constitution in their answers…

      Those who object to re-establishing the Constitutional role of Congress in matters of national security because it makes national security too public and too complicated might ponder what Congressman Ron Paul said during Saturday’s debate, ‘…you go to the Congress and find out if our national security is threatened… [then] you get a declaration of war and you fight it and you win it and get it over with.’

      Viguerie concluded: “That sounds a whole lot less complicated, and a whole lot more in line with what the Founders had in mind for how to conduct our foreign relations, than what is going on in national security policy right now.”

    • NancyJ

      I agree that Newt is possibly the most intelligent candidate; however, remember that he is also a master deal maker.
      I would like to be sure that the deals he would make would be for the country, not just for Newt.

    • patriotrenegade

      The “deals” he will make will be more “free trade treaties” that continue to destroy our nation. Thanks for giving our country away. “patriot” my butt.

  • http://Yahoo Claudine Selden

    I think Newt Gingrich is the Republicans hope. As far as his infidelity…Has anyone seen all the infidelity that really exists without anyone getting punished anyway, lets say Bill Clinton..No-one seems to remember all the mess that alot of the Democrats have gone through but to jump on Newt’s back and say he isn’t the one.. I think he definitely is.. He knows so much that is really needed to know for anyone that holds the Highest Office in the nation… Hope you all will consider holding on to Newt.. He’s the one that can bring us back to the America we all love!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Claudine…. The libs have always gotten away with a lot, even maybe murder.Bill Clinton is famous for his wandering weenie.. It was ok for him to lie on tv about playing cigar in the oval office with his young girlfriend. But that was Bill Clinton, so it was ok. At least Newy married his girlfriend.

    • Ltjg

      Dear Ann, Do not leave out Obamas Homosexual affairs.

    • donl

      Littlepat, thats the first time i’ve heard he was a homo. But nothing surprises me about the snake in the white house anymore.

    • James

      Maybe murder??? Poor Mary Jo couldn’t swim and Teddy didn’t help her. Who knows just what the real story was about Vince Foster?? He was found in a park but only had carpet fibers on his shoes.

    • Are you Serious

      Hey, it’s hard to get out of the trunk whe you’re handcuffed to the spare tire.

    • Are you Serious

      When you’re

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      James…. I guess if your name is Kennedy, it would be “maybe”.. Otherwise it would be definite MURDER.

    • Byron

      Maybe even murder? How about Teddy(the drunken sot) Kennedy and Chappaquiddick? Manslaughter at the very least!

    • David

      I agree. I just hope he can overcome the baggage.

    • Hank is back

      Oh? I thought he lost some weight. Wait. TYou meant his ‘baggage’. Don’t count on it. You couldn’t pay me enough money to look the other way from his dirty dealings and piss-poor record.

    • Billysea

      Go Claudine….My pick for sure. If we fired all the politicians in DC that have things in their closets, Obama would love it. He could become the dictator that he has plans to be.
      OBAMA has to go..

    • awakenow

      Claudine, putting aside Gingrich’s past marital indiscretions, please tell me how Gingrich will get us back to the country we all love?

      And, what kind of country is that, exactly?

      If you mean a country that honors a small federal government that the Founders envisioned and hoped we could keep, I am all for that.

      If you mean a country where we start healing ourselves before we attempt to heal what ails foreign nations through billions in foreign aide, the United Nations, propping up dictators in the Middle East only to take them down, then I am for all that, too.

      If you mean a return of the original Republican party belief in being Conservative in all things “government”, even including militarism, as was the case some 50 years ago and what Bush Jr. campaigned in 2000 on … then I am also for that.

      The problem with Gingrich is that all the beliefs I have just described, are not the beliefs of Newt Gingrich for one simple reason … he is a purveyor of all things government, a “coalition builder” with those seeking more and more government control over the people. He is a globalist.

      And, if you vote for him thinking otherwise, you will be severely disappointed.

    • patriotrenegade

      he’s a freakin CFR, supported NAFTA, the NAU, serial cheater, and his stupid freakin “books”. You are a JEW voting for hitler. brilliant.

  • AlleyOops75

    Are we going to let the media decide who the GOP nominee will be..Are we going to let the old guard republicans, ala Karl Rove, decide how our nominee will be…what a nice job the guard did in 2008 in selecting John McCain who was dead on arrival…Romney is the choice of the ole guard and the media..if you think the media have done a great job of beating up on first, Michelle Bachman, then Rick Perry and then Herman Cain…well, you haven’t seen anything yet should Romney get the nomination…You will have thought the White House would get moved to Salt Lake City should Romney get the GOP nomination…heaven forbid.

    • patriotrenegade

      Romney is clean on globalist treason, is the only one who can capture the center, and took no pay as gov of Mass. newtie the newt is a hopeless traitor and what is called a pseudo-intellectual. He is smarter than you, or any fool who votes for him.

  • GDC

    I like Newt

  • Sam Lasley

    I have changed my mind twice so far due to the debate gaffs and goofs, however, I am now solidly behind Newt. Anybody but Obama, but let’s make it someone who can beat Obama the village idiot.

    • patriotrenegade

      freakin brilliant. replace a globalist traitor with a globalist traitor.

    • Hank is back

      Solid like constipation?

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate Atch

    Great post Johnnygard. I’ve liked Newt from the beginning but was afraid to say so. Can you visualize him debating Obama? Hope he wipes the floor with him. Can’t wait!

    • patriotrenegade

      they will both wipe the floor with all of us. same team, same puppetmasters. stupid.

  • wyllo sanders


    • LCLC

      HAHAHA… oh, boy. Wyllo you could just click the “click here to see” link.

  • tod

    Dr.Ron Paul for the Only Proven Honest(for Well Over 30 Years),Intelligent,God Fearing,Patriot running for President,Period !!!

    • Are you Serious

      No f’ing way Tod.

    • awakenow

      Are you Serious … why are you so afraid of electing the one candidate that stands for our Constitution, exactly as it is written?

      Why are you so afraid of electing a man who echoes the words of the Founders, especially their fear of exactly what we have allowed to happen … the establishment of a massive federal government that is spending us into oblivion in order to grow itself and its authority over us?

      Why are you so afraid to elect a man who follows the Constitution and who would actually “require” Congress to formally declare war before we start dropping bombs and send our troops to foreign countries? Something we haven’t done since WW2?

      Why are you so afraid to elect someone who would start following the Constitution and use our troops to defend our own borders and shores instead of defending the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan?

      Why are you so afraid of restoring the Constitution, our freedom from the tyranny of Big Government, to We The People through the election of the one presidential candidate who will do just that.

      Fix our country. Restore America. Ron Paul 2012.

    • Billysea

      Reply to: tod says:
      November 15, 2011 at 8:28 pm
      Ron Paul comments,
      Disagrees on shooting of unarmed Usama Bin Laden.
      The US will end up occupying Pakistan.
      “I am the Commander in Chief,” he continued, “the generals take their orders from me…”

      I’d bring [the troops] home as quickly as possible. I’d bring them out of Iraq as well. I wouldn’t get in Libya. I’d stop bombing Yemen. …

      We should learn the lessons of history, and the longer we’re there, the more danger we’re in because our presence there is not making friends.
      Don’t think he is 100% for Israel from the way he was talking to Glenn Beck.

      “Sanctions are not diplomacy,” you say. “They are a precursor to war and an embarrassment to a country that pays lip service to free trade.” As for Iran’s nuclear ambitions, he wrote this: “One can understand why they might want to become nuclear capable, if only to defend themselves and to be treated more respectfully.”

      Our own CIA gives me this information, that they have no evidence that they’re working on a weapon.

      Just think of the agitation and the worrying of a country that might get a nuclear weapon some day. And just think of how many nuclear weapons surround Iran. The Chinese are there. The Indians are there.The Pakistanis are there. The Israelis are there. The United States is there. All these countries — China has nuclear weapons. Why wouldn’t it be natural that they might want a weapon?

      And people — countries that you put sanctions on, you are more likely to fight them. I say a policy of peace is free trade. Stay out of their internal business. Don’t get involved in these wars. And just bring our troops home.

      WALLACE (FNC): Congressman Paul , I want to just make sure I understand. So your policy towards Iran is, if they want to develop a nuclear weapon, that’s their right, no sanctions, no effort to stop them?

      It’s about time we talked to Cuba and stopped fighting these wars that are about 30 or 40 years old.

      Congressman Paul says terrorism suspects have committed a crime and are due and should be given due process in civilian courts.

      Bachman turns our rule of law on its head. She says that the terrorists don’t deserve protection under our courts.

      Just a few articles I’ve read on Ron Paul and why I am going with Newt.

    • awakenow

      Billysea, why do you support NOT supporting the Constitution, which says that before we go to war, we must first go to Congress, actually conduct a vote, and actually declare a war?

      We have not done this since WW2 and we have allowed present and past administrations to conduct war via executive decision.

      Obama is waging war via his own executive decision, stepping up drone strikes not only in Afghanistan but also in five other countries, just as he did in Libya.

      The problem with dropping a bomb on a terrorist is that, more times than not, for every terrorist taken out, ten more innocent people are also killed creating “blowback” against the country dropping the bomb and killing the loved ones of innocent citizens of that country.

      “Blowback” creates an excellent reason for a grieving and angry person to take up arms, plant roadside bombs, when that reason had not been there before.

      As former head CIA Bin Laden unit chief, Michael Scheuer, has warned on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch” show on Fox Business News.

      Ron Paul would follow the Constitution, and the Founders, regarding our decision to wage war. In other words, he would not rule by executive decision, as if a dictator.

      You should also know that Ron Paul wanted to use our special ops to hunt down Bin Laden, rather than the huge “Shock and Awe” military campaign that took the lives of over 4,000 of our best and bravest …. and resulted in the wounding of over 35,000 during the Iraq War.

      In the end, Bin Laden was caught via the same special ops troops that Ron Paul proposed using immediately after 9/11.

      And, if Iran wants the bomb, they will get the bomb … just as North Korea, China, Russia, Pakistan did.

      The only way they can be stopped is by dropping bombs on them, which is an act of war against Iran.

      If Iran were so stupid as to actually lob a bomb in our direction, both that bomb and Tehran would be toast … and Tehran knows this.

      If Iran were so stupid as to actually lob a bomb at Israel, Tehran would be toast, via Israel’s ability to intercept and blow up that bomb before it leaves Iranian airspace.

      Israel has excellent military, nuclear defense, capability. They have some 300 nukes, anti-ballistic submarines, and Mossad … their first-rate intelligence agency.

      Consider this. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel does need nor want our help in defending itself, via his speech before Congress this past May.

      Ron Paul would allow Israel to defend herself, without our approval or our help. However, if Israel is attacked and her very survival is at stake, and if Israel asks for our help … Ron Paul has stated he would quickly ask for Congressional approval, and getting that, come to their aide.

      As Patriots, and people who supposedly stand for our Constitution, I would think that the blatant disregard of it, and the rule of law set by it, would be of the utmost importance to all of us.

      Judging by the many comments I read, unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Billysea….. Great post!! Newt is the MAN!!!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Billysea… Great post.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Billysea… You are right!

    • Hank is back

      “Disagrees on shooting of unarmed Usama Bin Laden.”

      This is because it violated international law by creeping into Pakistan, and because War has never officially been declared, and by definition, all enemy combatants, even the worst, are criminals.

      “The US will end up occupying Pakistan.”

      Why wouldn’t we? we already tell them what to do, invade or threaten all their neighbors, sometimes even them. besides, everyone knows that the Pakistanis are harboring al-Qaeda and the haqqani network.

      “I am the Commander in Chief,” he continued, “the generals take their orders from me…”

      That is what Commander in Chief means! We are not electing a bunch of hard-ass Generals for president, we are electing one civilian!

      “I’d bring [the troops] home as quickly as possible. I’d bring them out of Iraq as well. I wouldn’t get in Libya. I’d stop bombing Yemen. …”

      Why not? We didn’t actually do what we said we were going to, but we finally got Bin Laden.”

      We should learn the lessons of history, and the longer we’re there, the more danger we’re in because our presence there is not making friends.

      Yep. Osama was never happier than when we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. We thought we were fighting them over there so we wouldn’t have to fight them at home, but in reality, we were becoming entrenched in a hellhole, and they didn’t have to waste resources to come and get us. We were already sitting in the sand waiting to get shot at.

      “Don’t think he is 100% for Israel from the way he was talking to Glenn Beck.”

      So? Since when did the Constitution say we should be Israel’s baby sitter? They have four hundred of their own frigging nukes. if they can’t protect themselves from Iran with that sort of arsenal, they deserve to be wiped out!

      “Sanctions are not diplomacy,” you say. “They are a precursor to war and an embarrassment to a country that pays lip service to free trade.” As for Iran’s nuclear ambitions, he wrote this: “One can understand why they might want to become nuclear capable, if only to defend themselves and to be treated more respectfully.”

      This is true. Sanctions always lead to war. The sanctions against Iraq in the 1990s led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqis, and then we wonder why they were so belligerent. And it doesn’t matter WHY they want the nuke, what matters is that so long as they don’t have one, they feel threatened. Why? Because we have a track record of invading any country that merely insults us, and overthrowing their governments, even their duly elected and democratic ones. Iran suffered this in 1953 at the hands of our CIA, thanks to the internationalist Eisenhower. Why? To reinstate the Shah, who was an ALLY OF HITLER in World War Two! Why? Because the British wanted to control their oil, despite having NO CLAIM to it!

      “Our own CIA gives me this information, that they have no evidence that they’re working on a weapon.”

      Okay? So if the CIA says it, what is wrong? I thought you globalist warmongers loved the CIA!

      “Just think of the agitation and the worrying of a country that might get a nuclear weapon some day. And just think of how many nuclear weapons surround Iran. The Chinese are there. The Indians are there.The Pakistanis are there. The Israelis are there. The United States is there. All these countries — China has nuclear weapons. Why wouldn’t it be natural that they might want a weapon?”


      “And people — countries that you put sanctions on, you are more likely to fight them. I say a policy of peace is free trade. Stay out of their internal business. Don’t get involved in these wars. And just bring our troops home.”

      Verifiable facts. Look up a list of sanctions, match them to countries, and then find a list of countries wars were fought against.

      “WALLACE (FNC): Congressman Paul , I want to just make sure I understand. So your policy towards Iran is, if they want to develop a nuclear weapon, that’s their right, no sanctions, no effort to stop them?”

      Self-determination, baby! like it or lump it. If one nation has a right, where is it written that another doesn’t?

      “It’s about time we talked to Cuba and stopped fighting these wars that are about 30 or 40 years old.”

      Cuba is to the right of America right now, and they are our frigging neighbor!

      “Congressman Paul says terrorism suspects have committed a crime and are due and should be given due process in civilian courts.”

      If no war is declared, no war is official, and any military tribunal trying enemy combatants is unofficial, and therefore illegal.

      “Bachman turns our rule of law on its head. She says that the terrorists don’t deserve protection under our courts.”


      “Just a few articles I’ve read on Ron Paul and why I am going with Newt.”

      Newt=Obama. The only relevant factor in that equivalency is their willingness to follow the Constitution. Both have a piss-poor track record. Both are unqualified.

  • wyllo sanders


  • Woolfy

    There is no perfect candidate. Heck…I love myself more than all of them…but I have serious flaws, just as every one of you have.
    I’m ready to vote for a Republican of ANY kind that actually has sound, practical, common sense solutions to our problems…knows how to share them with the public so they understand….AND, won’t require “training wheels” when he/she gets in office. I’ve supported Newt ever since Perry entered and disappointed me.
    I’d love to see Newt win and choose Allen West as VP. It would be a blast to watch those two debate Obama and Biden.
    With Newt and West, we’d have Brains and Toughness and two guys that LOVE this country. Come on people….we ALL have done some dumb things in the past and we all have baggage. We don’t need Jesus as our candidate…we just need someone darn good at what they do. And then…we can pray that God helps them and this country.
    Just saying…..

    • James

      How about Sherriff Joe for Homeland Security??

    • NancyJ

      Wow! What a concept! Love it!!!!!

    • Hank is back

      How about any candidate that would not ABOLISH Homeland Security, which has not made us safer, and is filled with perverts and sadists, should be laughed off the stage for pretending to be a conservative?

      Hell, just abolish the whole State Department. The Country would be better of for it. No more TSA. No more EPA. etc.

    • notfooled

      I agree. Newt/West would be a dynamic duo. They’d both rip Obutthead a new one! I’d love to see them debate Dumb & Dumber. Ovomit would sound like Elmer Fudd and Biteme would be Barney Fife!!!!!!!

    • Ltjg

      Dear Woolfy, No we do not need Jesus as a President. We need him in our lives. Any Candidate that shows strong faith in God and Jesus will use sound judgement. I beleive all of the Candidates have a strong faith. Just some of them different Religions but at least they are Not Muslims.

  • Kate

    Although he wasn’t my first choice, it is becoming obvious that Newt is the most intelligent and informed candidate of all of the GOP offerings.

    • Hank is back

      Do you mean ‘informed’ as in he repeats the party line? Or that he knows things that no one else knows because he is an elitist prick? And by intelligent, do you mean ‘cunning’ and ‘sharp-tongued’? Or that he simply says what you like to hear?

  • http://patriotupdate littlepat

    Do you think BO is still carrying on his homo affairs?

  • http://Lkpassion Concern Citizen

    People people do not focus on his baggage, focus in thing only to removed obama in the white house. Newt Gingrich is the only one who can beat obama, and has a guts to say about him without saying I’m sorry.He is the only one never back down and he never point finger to another candidate as a matter of fact he support all of them. I will vote for him .

    • NancyJ

      I don’t know if Newt could beat him, but I sure would like to see a 20 minute debate with no teleprompters and no clue what the questions are going to be in advance.
      (The devil made me say that! :)

    • patriotrenegade

      newtie can NEVER capture the center and will LOSE. Only Romney can do that. Play it smart, but I have my doubts.

    • Hank is back

      So even if a man is as bad or worse, or nearly as bad as Obama, because he can win, we should ignore that fact, and vote our fear rather than our principles? Are you so far damned and desperate that you would unseat a tyrant not to your liking and replace him with one you can relate to, at the expense of the nation, its Constitution, and the conservative movement, which has been betrayed by the supposedly electable candidate more times than Newt has chins?

  • Jeanne

    Newt is by far the most intelligent and prepared candidate on all fronts. If there is anyone who can pull the US out of the mess we are in it is Newt. I don’t care what he did in his personal life years and years ago, people change…well some do, Clinton didn’t.LOL! I sure don’t want Romney and don’t think the rest of them are ready for the Presidency.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Jeanne …. Newt’s the man…The number one man….!!!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Thanks, L.Ron for the negative marks.

    • Hank is back

      Don’t confuse cunning and the ability to memorize ‘facts’ with intelligence. And don’t confuse intelligence with the ability to resist the temptation of power that Newt has always had a problem with. And don’t confuse what a candidate with a history of lying and cheating has to say about himself with what actually goes on in his life. Demagogues come in all shapes and sizes. Some are white and fat. Some like to say ‘family values’ and ‘faith’.

  • Cindy Sue

    Newt will pulverize the liar Obama in the debates with his hands tied behind his back and giving the liar his teleprompeters!!

    NEWT 2012!!! I like Newt!

    • Janice

      I agree with you Cindy. Newt is a man who has cleared away the wreckage of the past and has found solice in his faith.
      I’m sure he is a much stronger person now. There isn’t anyone that’s as knowledgable as he is regarding this country. Rick Santorum would be a great V.P.

    • Hank is back

      Santorum and Gingrich are the perfect couple. Maybe they could give each other a ‘Santorum’ in the oval office.

  • http://none John Weimer

    I am tired of hearing who you don`t want and who is not perfect. Do you think Obama is perfect? All have sinned. That means you too. Tell me who you want to run. Do you think they cannot do ten times a better job representing our country than Obama. Match Newt Gingrich or Herman Cain`s qualifications up to Obamas. What score do you get? I support Newt. He answers the questions well because of his experience, he knows history, he knows the options, he has been telling us his position on the questions ask, he isn`t tearing down his comrads, he is a good man, admitting his mistakes, and certainly trying to live a christian life. Remember, no one is perfect!

    • Hank is back

      As President, they don’t have the right to be imperfect. They have one job and one job only. That is to protect and defend the Constitution. And they sure as hell better not flub it. There is no grey area! So, if a person is ‘slightly’ better than Obama, it is of little import. A traitor and a law breaker is still a traitor and a law breaker, no matter how simple their tax code is or how many times they claim Jesus as their Savior (as I do). Newt and Cain and Obama are all in the same boat. I wish they would take it out to sea and drown. It would be better than they deserve.

      Vote your conscience, not your fear!

  • T.A.

    If Newt gets in… Here comes one world government… this guy is not on the level

    • NancyJ

      Curious. What makes you think that??

    • awakenow

      NancyJ … Newt Gingrich is a longtime member of the Council on Foreign Relations, CFR.

      The CFR is a sister group to the powerful Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission … the Bilderberg Group was established first in 1953, followed by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

      If you do not know anything about these secretive political “think tank” entities, then it is well worth your time doing some online research into them.

      There is no shortage of information, including information on their membership involving the elites in big banking, corporations, military, and government.

      In addition, the CFR has their own website where one can check the membership roster.

      With some serious research, I believe you will see the tremendous power and influence these groups have over who gains fame and fortune, power, and enrichment … at the expense of the We The People.

    • Gordon

      Read this article written two years ago Nancy. It should certainly make you ask questions as to his “conservative” stand as well as his alignment with the North American Union, his membership in CFR since 1990, and his questioning the value of our Constitution.

  • Barbara

    Hey Guys: You got that right! What a team. Newt, Allan West and Sheriff Joe.

    Newt could out debate Obuma any day of the week.

    • Virginia Patriot

      Wow! Has anyone thought about Jan Brewer running? In lieu of that…yeah Barbara, I’m with you…Newt, West, and Sheriff Joe.

  • Domino

    Newt’s history:
    How quickly people forget Newt’s Liberal past. Supported NAFTA, GATT, TARP, Wall Street Bailouts. Helped create Federal Dept. of Ed. under Carter administration.
    Newt Gingrich has campaigned on a pledge to repeal ObamaCare, but he also has a long history of supporting the same government healthcare mandates in RomneyCare and ObamaCare. The cozy relationship Gingrich has with the ethanol industry led to his consulting business winning more than $300,000 in fees from the ethanol
    lobby after he left Congress. President Obama prates constantly to the American people about the need for more federal spending for “green jobs,” and this is only slightly different from Newt Gingrich’s approach, which he calls “green conservatism.” On his campaign website, Gingrich says the federal government should “finance cleaner energy research and projects with new oil and gas

    also here’s a video you need to see if you love Newt

    • Johnnygard

      That is a one-sided video from a guy that hates Newt. I could refute many of his claims, and I’m sure Newt could refute most if not all of the rest. (The guy mentioned Newt voted for a Presidential Line Item Veto. That was while Ronnie was Pres, he wanted it and so did most Republicans.) There were several things that he mentioned that Reagan was also in favor of, so I guess the John Birch Society are the only perfect ones?

    • Gordon

      I just listened to the video and suggest you read the article I posted. “John Birch Society” didn’t write it so maybe you will have a more open mind to what they have to say. It actually corroborates much of what was in the video.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Johnnygard…. NO, the L.Ron Paulologists are the only ones who have all the answers.

  • Patricia

    I like Newt. I don’t know what CFR stands for but I’ll look it up. I’ve read about all Newt’s “baggage” and I’ll still vote for him. Clinton defiled the Oval Office with a cigar and a stupid young woman who’s ruined for life while he’s now a revered Statesman. Newt has turned his page and is on a different road. I accept that. He’s the only one smart enough to reverse all the damage Obama has done to this country.

  • real patriot 1

    gingrich would run circles around Obama. it would be laughable. the democrats would not want that. we must not accept will be mc cain all over again. the rest of the field doesnt seem interested.

    • awakenow

      Should we be electing the best debater?

      Or, should we pay homage to that ability only in terms of his mastery of it as an art, but also closely examine his rhetoric and the meaning behind it?

      Newt Gingrich is a Washington insider. Even after his long absence from elected office, he has still maintained a close connection with the political class.

      For example, Gingrich continues to live in the Washington D.C. area and work within that culture.

      For example, he has worked for the Pentagon and put in nearly decades’ worth time working for Freddie Mac as a “consultant” receiving a reported salary of 1.6 million, significantly higher than his own statement of receiving just $300,000.

      A key point to consider is that while Gingrich has today offered to open all records of his involvement with the mortgage giant, Freddie Mac, his statement also says he will release all the records he can “legally” release, “to the degree we can see.”

      And, he has continued to skirt questions about his relationship to Freddie Mac.

      Apparently, he also suggested linking Freddie Mac and The Boy Scouts together, too.

    • patriotrenegade

      because you are willing to research and unwilling to be retarded, I will vote for you for prez. These other voters are blind, deaf, and DUMB.

  • http://url bob corbe

    Little kids Bachman ran down Perry that ended my support for her. Perry and Romney had thier little beef. Cain was my man until he started messing up and i do not believe the sluts at R.A. he has worked around alot of women and none other than them have came forward. Then there is Newt that was always the adault on the stage talked about what the problems are and now he has my vote.

    • Hank is back

      Newt the adult? You mean the one that almost bursts into tears every time the big bad media asks him a real question? You mean the one that thinks the debate is about Obama when every one watching the d-a-m-n thing already knows that, and really want to see the difference between the Repubs and not the difference between all of them and Obama, which is already well known by everyone here?

      Newt is a pussy and so are you.

  • Herdinbuffalo

    I’ve been a staunch supporter and fan of Speaker Gingrich since 1995. My wife and I will vote for him in the CA primary election. That’s the best we can do for him.

  • Shane

    All the GOP presidential candidates have glaring defects, but Gingrich and Romney have the best chance of defeating Comrade President Obambi. We cannot allow Obama to be re-elected as he is the most anti-American and anti-Israel president in our history.

    • awakenow

      Actually, Ron Paul is leading all the GOP candidates against Obama via the Independent vote.

      Only Paul bests Obama among Independents according to this latest poll, Public Policy Poll, 48 to 39 percent.

      Independents have the biggest membership and they will determine the election, due to their sheer numbers.

      Since website links result in instant moderation, sometimes taking more than a day to post, I suggest that those interested in verifying my claim, simply type in text using these words: “Ron Paul Leads Obama Among Independents New Poll Shows.”

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    GO Newt.. We are pulling for you.

    • awakenow

      Ann Rand, so you mean We should pull for Newt’s 1.6 million dollar paycheck from Freddie Mac, the same Freddie Mac that we, the actual taxpaying public, bailed out? Along with its buddy, Fannie Mae?

      So, we should all just forget about that little deal and pay attention to the new and improved … and now the, suddenly, Freddie/Fannie bashing Newt?

      So, which Newt should we trust?

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Awakenow… I have told you before that I do not care to converse with you, so knock it off. You are very rude.

    • Hank is back

      Why don’t you subscribe to a website that doesn’t allow Ron Paul supporters and those that bring up legitimate concerns about other so-called candidates, if you don’t want to hear from them?

      Newt is a fag.

  • Otto

    Newt is actually the only person qualified to be the president since Cain is being destroyed by false accusations. The lie has wings, the truth is slow of foot.

    • Hank is back

      Newt has worse accusations, and most of them are verifiable. Cain is an idiot, but is still way more qualified than NAFTA-GATT-WTO-CFR Newt.