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Obama Economy Worse Than 1970s

Written on Saturday, May 28, 2011 by

carter obama

The worst economic conditions in recent memory were during the Jimmy Carter era of stagflation. Stagflation was a term coined in the 1970s to describe high unemployment with high inflation. Stagflation is back. Translation: America’s middle class is getting poorer; a record number of middle class workers are out of work. If you are lucky enough to have a job, your wages aren’t going up, but you are facing higher prices for everything.

“Recent data suggests that the current economic recovery is both sluggish and slowing with unemployment stubbornly high,” this from a page one story in Investor’s Business Daily.

The Obama/ Bernanke partnership has been a bust.

The Fed is winding down Ben Bernanke’s experiment in money printing called “QE2”. He trumpets his success saying that QE2 has pointed the U.S. economy “in the right direction.” But did it really? It turns out that QE2 has created maybe 700,000 full-time jobs, but at a cost of about $850,000 for each job.

All QE2 did was create a boom in the stock market. Wall Street bankers reaped millions while the average investors barely madeback some small amount of the money that they lost during the 2008 crash.

We believe this boom is an easy money mirage, as reports, “But even the stock market boom hasn’t been what it appears. An analysis shows that most of the rise in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index under QE2 has simply been a result of the decline in the dollar in which shares are measured.Measured in hard currencies, the stock market boom has been much less impressive. In Swiss francs, the S&P has risen by just 8.4% since Aug. 27. In currencies like the Swedish krone and Australian dollars it’s even less. Measured in gold, the S&P 500 is up just 4.5%.”

QE2 has had little visible effect on the real economy. Over the same period, the number of part-time workers has gone down by 600,000. In other words, we’ve basically shifted 600,000 or 700,000 workers from part-time jobs to full-time jobs. continues: “The percentage of the population in work is actually lower today – 58.4%, compared to 58.5% last August. The percentage of the work force in actual work, the so-called ‘participation rate,’ has fallen by half a percentage point.”

Housing is no better because of QE2, April housing starts fell 11%. says, “Housing is double-dipping. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average price of an ‘existing’ home was $177,300 in August, just before QE2. Now it’s $163,700 – or 8% less.Economic growth has slowed. It was 2.6% last summer. It’s a miserable 1.8% now.Meanwhile inflation has risen, from 1.2% before QE2 to 3.1% now.”

We all wish for better news, but Obama’s policies are pointing us in the wrong direction. Regulation of business is growing. One CEO of a mining firm we talked with said he is looking for new projects abroad. “I have been fighting for nearly a decade to open a new mine in Montana, and at every turn the government places roadblocks in my way. How am I to create any jobs?”

If Obama’s tax policies are enacted then we could see marginal income tax rates of 60% in some states. Obama clings to socialism and his new programs in healthcare and welfare. They all retard growth. Unemployment taxes are at record highs in most states and this further depresses hiring.

The Fed has invested nearly $2 trillion in Treasury debt since 2008. The investment hasn’t paid off, but when the relentless buying of US Treasury debt ends, we have no similar experience to guide us. One result could be even further collapse and a full blown depression.

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  • Paul Revere

    The “International Criminal Court” is entirely fake, created by perhaps the most egregious criminals ever to have walked the earth, not to ensure “justice” in any sense we are familiar with, but to augment the self-proclaimed authority and legitimacy the global elite insist we are all beholden to. We are not beholden to it, not by any stretch of the imagination, nor are we beholden to any other contrivance operating in the name of “international arbiter.” We have our local, state/provincial governments, within the nation-state. What appears beyond the nation-state are self-serving, multi-national corporate-financier conglomerations that transcend boarders, usurp national sovereignty and authority, and betray any sense of our innate, inalienable individual sovereignty by insisting their “international institutions” supersede all that falls beneath them.
    Climbing out of the Globalist Strategy of Tension
    Sovereignty and indeed the future of free humanity depends on our individual reassertion of our rights and responsibilities to sustain ourselves, our communities, our states/provinces, and our nation-states. We cannot depend on the Russians or the Chinese to act as the counterbalance to the global-elite because the Russians and the Chinese, through their participation in the IMF, the United Nations, and even the International Criminal Court – all entirely contrived by the global elite – for whatever reason, have fallen directly into a “strategy of tension.” Russia’s latest flip-flop regarding Libya defies the hopes of those who saw the nation as a dependable counterbalance. Russia’s actions now serve to grant the globalist-praising, terrorist usurpers of Libya’s rebellion an entire nation to despoil on behalf of Washington and London – perhaps even Moscow now, based on some behind-the-scenes deal.
    By participating in these illegitimate “international institutions” the nation-states we live under are granting the transnational elite legitimacy they would otherwise not have. It is impossible to discern whether the Russians or Chinese are participating in such farcical “international institutions” as part of a Machiavellian strategy, hidden complicity to an emerging global government, or for short-sighted, self-serving interests.
    What we can be sure of is our own commitment to our own interests and agenda on a local, county, and state/provincial level. Thus, we the people, be we Americans, Russians, or Chinese, must ourselves act as the counterbalance to the global-elite’s unwarranted influence. Balking the Anglo-American corporate-financier oligarchs does not guarantee other oligarchs will not rise and take their place elsewhere. Only by committing to a new paradigm of local sovereignty, where state/provincial, and national power is beholden to self-sufficient people on a local level instead of multi-national corporations on a global level, do we end entirely the threat of any sort of global-elite lording over us.
    Sun Tzu in the “Art of War” once said, “therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him.” The ideal scenario for the globalists is for us to continue responding to their provocations on their terms. And whether we agree or disagree with their agenda, as long as we use their contrived institutions to contest them – we continue granting them more legitimacy regardless of the outcome of our protests. This is the ultimate strategy of tension, playing out daily on a global level, ensnaring well-intentioned but ignorant servants of the globalist agenda, as well as informed proponents of freedom and sovereignty alike.
    By turning our backs entirely on the global-elite’s institutions, their ploys, their causes, their wars, and their false political dichotomies, and instead imposing our own will, on a local level, cutting off entirely the source of the global-elite’s power (our complicity), we force them to react to the imposition of our own will. The Tenth Amendment movement is the very embodiment of this in modern day practice, with the “Food Sovereignty” movement and now Texas’ battle against the TSA’s usurpation of state and local law enforcement in their airports taking the front line. Regular Americans from across the country are leaving the corporate-pundit guided debates and taking action, guided not by some political agenda, but rather their own innate sovereignty.
    It starts with something as simple as planting your own garden, the piecemeal boycotting and replacement of all multi-national corporations, participation in our local government and the growing alternative media, and it results in the seizure of the unwarranted influence that has allowed a group of criminal international bankers to contrive their own international army, an international court, and the ability to wage war against entire nation-states with absolute impunity. Full Article:

  • Bob

    What else would you expect when you have the blind leading the blind. It has been said that barry soeroto’s one term in the White House, is actually Jimmy Carters Second term, with a different idiot at the helm.
    Truer words were never spoken.

    • Joe

      And he is unconstitutionally in office. He is this bad on purpose and is purposely wanting to bankrupt every person and company in this country. He wants to bring us down to the level of living in Nigeria where he was born and wants all the cartels from Mexico to treat us like the gangs do in Nigeria. Time for us all to impeach him, remove all in office that have gone along with anything this guy has done. Get his real Birth cert and it will show he was never allowed to be pres. and never brought into this country legally so he never had the ability to work or do anything here and the Media and the communits/democrats show their true colors as does the mainstream media. Then you put all these people in gitmo where they all belong as domestic terrorist and traitors.

    • ProudUSAVet

      He was born in Kenya, Mombasa to be exact, according to his grandmother. She said she attended his birth. And, because of the controversy on Obama’s birth, the Kenyan govt. has sealed all of the Obama family records and made it unlawful to interview members of the Obama family.

    • Victoria DeLacy

      Now that we have the Republican Congressional majority restored, you would think one of those Congressmen would relocate their spinal column and take the birth certificate issue to the Supremes for ultimate resolution, especially since the document produced recently by the administration has been declared fraudulent by numerous experts already!

    • JRBeaman

      Unfortunately, relocating spinal columns was to commence upon the peoples mandate, but the good ‘ol boy crap is bogging them down. They have split loyalties, and the people’s will seems to be about third on the list.

    • Johnnygard

      Republicans only have a majority in the House. Think it through to the end. If the House impeaches, the Senate would acquit, just like they did with Clinton. It would be a huge distraction from the real issues before the 2012 election, and after the acquittal he would get even more “sympathy” votes ’cause he had been “picked on” by the racist Republicans. We can’t get him charged with any crime while Eric Holder is Attorney General. If he was born on American soil, he is a U.S. citizen according to the 14th amendment – do anchor babies ring a bell? The Supreme Court could rule against him, but it wouldn’t get there before 2013. If he was born in Kenya you would need criminal charges or impeachment, which as I just explained, won’t happen. Gas prices, unemployment, the economy/inflation, Obamacare, border security, talk to people about the issues!

    • Jon

      The Republicans do not hold a Congressional majority. They hold only s majority in the House of Representatives, not in the Senate.

    • am2sweet

      I agree. You would think that someone would step up to the plate to check things out. IN going to catholicbook/baronius there is what I believe to be a copy of Obama’s birth and hospital certificates. Complete with a notary stamps and a footprint. I took a copy of each and put them in my picture file so I could e mail them out. However no one seems to read their e mails. I’m assuming because they no doubt get hundreds to thousands a day. I’ve had no luck in having anyone mention them or say they are checking them out. But all the big wigs like I said get too many e mails to bother with just one.

    • WVF

      Victoria, one would think so, but we don’t have a single elected official who has the intestinal fortitude to take on this Imposter-in-Chief!

    • Dwayne

      Victoria: Don’t count on the Supreme Court to do anything about this illegal pres. I sent head honsho John Roberts his Kenya birth certificate, as I did Speaker Boehner, all to no avail. All the gutless wonders are scared of their own shadows. Our only hope is the 2012 election.

    • BERTA


    • gardenlady

      wish I could vote for your comment more than once!! so true!

    • Bob

      Berta, Very well could be, because there is a lot of talk out there that Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Huessin Obama Sr. are not his biological parents, but that they adopted him and then never married. When she married Soeroto he adopted Barry and gave him his sir name. The story goes on to say that he never did have a legal name change, he just started using the name Barack Huessin Obama. That is one of the reasons it is so hard to find any legal documentation with that name on it. Therefore, B. H. O. is a complete fraud and really doesn’t even exist. I’ve also heard that the passport he uses is an Indonesian passport in the name of Barry D. Soeroto. And one last thing, when he went to sign up for the selective service he was higher than a kite and drunker than a skunk, and filled out all the forms in the Barry D. Soeroto name.

    • BUD


    • James B.

      Another Proud American Vet, Right on I have a construction Co, I’m 72 I have owned this Co. for 50 years, I had 53 men working for me I now have my long time supervisor and 1 journeman doing small jobs for the Co.they get under 20 hr per. week so they can qualify for goverment medical as I had to drop theirs, I just had to drop my medical plan and go on medicare as I could not afford the $1,400.00 HMSA plan for me and my wife, I’m lucky I am in very good health. In all the years thatI have owned this Co. it has never been this bad. Even the Carter years. Obuma is the blame for all this with his Socilist agenda. I feel bad for all the good men I had to let go, so when I here that Muslim Socilist Obuma telling us how good things are I could just puke.

    • don

      James B, Sir, you are not alone in this mess, I own a small business as well, a few years ago, had several employees, could walk into any dealership and buy new trucks on my signature alone. thanks to this arrogant ass and the rest of the progressive democrat communists, my business is in ruins…. my financial situation is one step above poverty….. PLEASE PEOPLE WAKE THE HELL UP AND GET RID OF THIS JACKASS, AND THE REST OF THE PROGRESSIVES,

    • WVF

      Good Lord, James, I empathize with you. I see the same things here all over southern Nevada. It is truly sad, and BHO is doing everything he can to demoralize Americans.

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      Workingman-I am proud of you-you are tough as nails but a PATRIOT-I am moved by your desperate situation because of this foreigner-Obama is a shameful human being-unhonorable,untruthful,and overall disgusting-why?because he is a parasite

    • http://none bill

      By US Constitution Obama cannot be Pres. as he is not NATURAL born (both parents Americans)as required by the Constitution. His father is a Kenyan and mother American so if he was born in Hawaii he is only Natural born. As yet there is NO authenticated birth certificate from Hawaii or other state. All certificates produced are photo-shopped per several forensic type investigations. His SS# is not issued by Hawaii either. Since he has spent millions hiding various items from the public, I can only conclude he is illegal and a fraud.

    • Goodforall

      The real question is, are the idiots who still support this imposter ever going to wake up and realize their Messiah is taking us all down the tubes? I have seen recently where the young people with their heads filled with mush (I love how Rush put that) are less likely to vote for this usurper, and the independents have all but left him. But he continues to pull stunts like getting Osama bin Laden (even thought he had to be forced into making the decision) that still keep the weak minded blindly following him. This latest BS on commiting billions to the Arab uprising may bite him hard-lets hope so!

    • SpiritualMadMan

      They are one color blind short-sighted, just like animals.

      As long as their bellies are full *today* they could care less about tomorrow.

      And, their children are only useful while young. Just like in the wild.

      Therefore, they could care less about the nation going down the tubes…

      Does a grizzley bear care which state he forages in???? Or, who he kills in the process.

      You should *NOT* be allowed to vote if The Dole is your only support, ie., you haven’t paid meaningful taxes as a wage earner in the past two to four years!

      Election day should be moved to April 15th!

    • jjdebird

      But those would be the republicans Obama has put out of work…

    • SpiritualMadMan

      Don’t forget that most of the Blue Collar types put out of work by obamnism have made too much money too recently to be on the Dole anyway.

      Plus I was thinking two years for the House Races, Four years for the Presidential Races and maybe Six Years for the Senate Races.

      If you’ve been completely out of work that long, then I am not sure you are viable anyway.

      The longest I’ve been out of work is 1.5 years… Lost everything…

      Initiated by illness. But, “no one” leaves Robert Bosch in Charleston, SC no matter the reason. Most obstinate company on earth!

    • Johnf1234

      I agree with You on the fact that young people should not be allowed to vote… They should be at least 23 years old…. WHY YOU ASK?? because they have not yet paid any taxes, or at least know what its like to have that much taken out every payroll check… They are simply being decieved by the dumbocraps with social issues… If they worked part time and had 62% like Obama wants taken out, then they would feel how bad the economy is, but most of them are just students and don’t work but maybe part time.. What they get to them probably feels like alot…
      We all need to educate thee idiots out there!!! There are too many that don’t know the truth, or are ignorant to acknowledge the truth… As for the black people in this country that have always voted democrap. The reason why You people are poor and live in the gettos of each city is because the democraps want you to live poorly, they want you to depend on the government to take care of you, they want you to stand in the unemployment line and collect food stamps and so on…. Nancy Pelosi said it herself;; “foodstamps are the best thing that ever happened to this country” REALLY NANCY????? I’d rather go to work and pay low taxes with a great economy and great consumer confidence than to live under Pelosi’s BS LIES AND FALSEHOODS AND CORRUPTIONS>>>>>>>>>>

    • ihatelibs

      Notice that Nigabama is no where to be found.


    • SpiritualMadMan

      I keep saying that obama is *NOT* Black he is a mixed breedwith unknown Kenyan ancestry.

      He is not even Black enough to call a Mullatto!

      So, please do *NOT* lump all Black People into the same boat by useing such a totally obsolete term as niga.

    • SG-1

      “Don’t lump all black people in the same boat”. I wouldn’t save for the fact that a vast majority of blacks are black when it’s convenient. They have had an identity crisis since the 1960’s, wanting their own world that whites don’t belong in and so far, they’ve been very successful. Their angry rap “music”, lingo, attitude, etc. Separate facilities at college campuses, BET, a separate caucus for blacks only representatives in government. My god, the list is endless. And there’s no greater recipient of the “affirmative action for non-achievement in any lifetime” than Captain Zero. He is black when it’s convenient and he is as angry as they come. Why? Wasn’t he afforded the best education available in this nation? Free of charge? Doesn’t he live the life of luxury and privilege at the people’s expense? He has a multimillion dollar expense-account at the tip of his fingers. Wanna go to Spain? Dial it up. Nobody tells him “no” and that’s his problem. He has had an abnormal upbringing based solely on racial identity and affirmative action where “nobody criticizes the blacks”. He has no dignity, no character, no class. Though I find the term “niga” to be somewhat offensive, I am not so politically correct to say it’s not inappropriate in this context. He is doing all the things a person living on welfare does; Taking unfair advantage and whining when things don’t go his way. In other words, he started it, we didn’t. I mean, he won the election, right? Given the small percentage of blacks in the entire nation, and even less of those who vote, that leaves a majority of whites who voted for him. I guess they’re all racists too. Because…no matter what whites say or do, blacks seem to find a way to make race the issue of choice and the ONLY issues. I don’t feel guilty for being white. I earned everything I have. No one has given me a goddam thing because I’m white. I also don’t treat blacks ‘extra-nice’ or go out of my way to make sure they’re accommodated. I treat them the same as I would treat anyone. You would not believe, or maybe you would, the number of times that results in being accused of racism. When blacks get the chip off their collective shoulder is the day the term “niga” will finally and truly be obsolete.

    • SpiritualMadMan

      As a white person I totally agree that the Black Culture is unravelling in a very negative direction.

      But, majority is not 100%

      I am sure that the minority of Blacks are feeling a bit overwhelmed, just like the rest of us Patriots.

      I am reminded of a Bible Passage:

      1Ki_19:10 He replied, “I have been very zealous for the LORD God Almighty. The Israelites have rejected your covenant, broken down your altars, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too.”

      and again in

      1Ki_19:14 He replied, “I have been very zealous for the LORD God Almighty. The Israelites have rejected your covenant, broken down your altars, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too.”

      This was *after* the victory over the Prophets of Baal in the previous chapter…

      Rom 11:4 And what was God’s answer to him? “I have reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal.”

      I am just saying…

      That it doesn’t do either the Tea Party or Conservative cause any good to go around slinging racially charged language.

      BTW: I do not Concealed Carry without reason.
      But, that doesn’t mean everyone I pass on the street is a threat, either.

    • Bob

      AWOL is right. Actually, he and Aunt Jemima are over in Poland tracing their Polish roots. Pretty soon, if he keeps going, he will be 99.9% every other race, which won’t leave much for the black percentage. If he were a dog, he would be considered a mut or a Heinz dog, 57 varieties.

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      and out of each of those 57 he got the mutant black sheep gene-so frankentraitor has the worst stumblin bumblin knack for uselessness known to mankind

    • Bob

      Speaking of worthless dogs. Did you hear about the dog ted kennedy gave them? It was suppost to be a full blood Water Dog. Well every time the girls would go out to the west lawn to play, the dog would start circling and chasing them and to get away they would climb up the oak tree out there. So they took the dog to a vet to see if there was something wrong with it. After a complete examination the vet said that there was nothing wrong with the dog, other than the fact that it was half COON DOG.

    • Cher

      I think it is worse. With Carter, we did not have the media fawning & ga-ga. We could criticize Carter without being accused of being racist or anti Southern or whatever. We did not have Rosalind prancing around thinking she was the last word of fashion. We had Billy Carter to amuse us not George Obama to horrify us with his extreme poverty. President Carter did not have the Chicago machine churning away with plans & programs to take this country into 2 classes. The government class and the working class.

    • SpiritualMadMan

      Please clarify the difference between those of us outside the Beltway Government Workers and The Working Class.

      I have Civilian friends in-country in Iraq and Afghanistan who have come under fire.

      The Civilians that support the US Marines are *NOT* the Civil Servant Sluggards Rush stinkbaum and others have made them out to be!

      We are more a captive audience now and with the economy toast as we have no place to go either.

      Many of us are more than qualified to work outside of Government. And, would if the economy ever rebounds!

      The Government Workers who *are* the problem or the SES (Senior Executive Servive) obama clones anywhere in Government Service.

      The Working Class is The Working Class whether we get a Government Paycheck or a Private sector one.

      We don’t win National Honors and Recognition from both the private and pulic sectors by being the lazy bums Rush stinkbaum makes us out to be!

    • SpiritualMadMan

      I see that hatred towards *ALL* government workers seems to be the rule here.

      It’s a shame that people claiming to Patriots are so narrow minded that they look at one bad apple and color all the same way.

      Terminating my e-mail from Patriot Update.

      You’ve already proven obama a winner his “class warfare” has won the day and it’s “us” vs “them”….

      Born-Again Gun Tottin Serbed My Country in the Military TRUE PATRIOT who also works for America within the Government!

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      hey -I am in the civil service-I am with you on this one-I work hard-and I know many guys just like me over in combat-land-civilian gov’t workers sweating their tushes off to make a living-this gov’t worker mentality that we are making a fortune is rediculous-not my job and rate of pay I aint making enough to keep going this way

    • Robert K. Miller

      Truer words were never spoken, with one small hitch. THIS idiot is a Muslim backing Socialist/Marxist in addition! At least Jimmy Carter was a patriot. He didn’t se out to destroy this country like this boob has!

    • SG-1

      Socialism out of ignorance or out of malice matters not; The results are the same and should be punished likewise.

    • Bob

      I’d say that is the same as treason, which the punishment is death by hanging or the firing squad. Which do you prefer?

    • Nikita63

      Either one: preferabnly as quickly as possible while there is still a chance to recover our country and our culture; our quality of life and our civilo liberties. As soon as one is done we go after all his supporters who have violated and disdained their Constitutional Obligations to the electorate. peope like Kerry and Boxer, Reid and Pelosi, Napolitano, and Holder and Sibelius and Berwick and Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank: this for starters and may the beat go on until THEY and all like them are GONE!

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      it matters when you are born in mombasa, Kenya and still can over-ride security through widespread corruption-but only there is a catch in this crime as well as this socialism-it is far worse- it is being a bunch of TRAITORS- and what was the crime this foreigner did when he fired mcKrystal during a war?Yes Treason-the general was speaking the truth about our loser in office-he did not deserve to be fired -he deserved to be promoted-he should be allowed to be part of the firing squad to exterminate our enemy within the whitehouse

    • Kristine

      If Jimma Cahtuh is such a patriot, why is he now siding with the Palestinians against Israel and America? This from a man who also spouted his “Christianity”. No thanks, I’m not buying that he is a patriot. The Iranaian thugocracy recognized how weak he was when they held our people prisoners.

    • Scottie


    • nax777

      Counting eggs before they hatch? Hope you come around in 2014; of course it will be much tougher. GOD helps those that help themselves. The ones helping themselves are increasing their numbers while we have decreasing numbers.
      Are you convinced that protecting any white European culture is only protecting racism?
      Are most if not all non-European cultures free from racism?
      Is overpopulation just a racist view?

      If you answered “yes” to any one question; take a look in the mirror and see a racist person staring back you. No nation can absorb 100’s of 1,000’s of new comers a year. Just ask a Native American. At today’s numbers and rate most deaths will come from starvation. Today’s advancements will not help and so far has only added to the overpopulation problem.

      Deportation is a question of race, humanity and cost. Is the cost of starving your race humane? Borders will contain the problem but only education and self-discipline can control overpopulation. The powers have them and theirs safe from this problem. Do you? Are the powers inhumane for surviving and not allowing you in their border? I do find the powers inhumane for allowing overpopulation to cross borders.,, are free to join but like all successful causes they require active bodies and donations. has links to them you may be able to click my name.

      P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

  • T Lady

    I’ll sum it up in a short sentence: We’re in deep, deep trouble.

  • T-Partier

    Obama’s actually done quite well given he inherited the mess created by the worst president in history.

    • Bob

      T-Toatler, I think you have had your limit of Kool-Aid, He didn’t inherit anything from the worst president, HE IS THE WORST PRESIDENT. This whole mess began when he stepped foot into the oval office, and the rotten baggage he brought with him from Chicago.

    • ed

      obama is bush on steriods, some of the slower dems haven’t figured it out yet

    • Bill

      Your so bright, your line is about 3 years old, have you learned nothing new, update your talking points you sound like an idiot…I bet you hate the Patriot Act too, and it was just renewed by the democratic Senate and your Auto Pen holder. Your an IDIOT.. but wait that statement sounds as intelligent as you do.. I’m sorry your just not so intelligent..more PC.

    • Bob

      Bill, I feel sorry for you. I’m guessing that you voted democrat in 2008 and feel proud that you did that. Hey, you gave the black boy a job. Now he comes up with the Immigration act, which failed, so he and reid say, hey lets rename it to the patriot act and the people won’t know it because they are so stupid. What is this shit about an auto pen? Give me a freeking break.

    • SG-1

      Captain Zero is the laziest president in history. Loves to play/vacation but never actually works. He’s big on talk and lofty rhetoric but quite happy to let the functionaries in the government do the dirty work. That way he can go play golf and avoid any blame.

      He is the laziest, most irresponsible person to ever hold the office.

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      it is autopilot so that while he is vacationing for two weeks and a deadline zooms in-not to worry Jr.Woodchuck will sign Obama’s name-or auto-forge it-which is unconstitutional-if he cannot be there in person he should not get paid-really he never should have been paid without a proper vetting

    • gardenlady

      while he is out insulting our USA with his “queen” our country is being flooded/wild fires and tornados! and he’s giving $$$ bucks to foreign countries, instead of helping our people here at home, wonder if there’s any money left for our own?
      he and all his czars/Pelosi/harry have to go!…to jail

    • Johnnygard

      T-Part, Tell us some of the things Obama has done so well. When he told us we needed his stimulus to keep unemployment under 8%, conservatives said it wouldn’t work. Who was right? If you want to say the situation was worse than they thought, then they were stupid not to know what the situation really was. Or, they lied. If your spouse ran you $100,000 into debt, would you try to work your way out of debt, or spend $400,000 and say your spouse started it?

    • JRBeaman

      That’s a very good explanation. Thanks.

    • Sophie

      You can’t possibly be a T-Partier!!

    • Joe

      That is exactly right. The Democrats/Communists party all have been behind trying to portray TeaParty members as argumentative and will be violent and its them not the Tea Party people acting that way and he they have even shown up at events and directed people that wanted to go to the rallies away from where they were suppose to be going. And remember this pres and the democratic leadership all said this would be the most open, reach across the isle admin. ever. And they have been the most dishonest, meeting behind closed doors, murdering group we have ever had. T-Partier IS an Illegal and IS a supporter of this UNCONSTITUTIONAL admin.

    • Christine

      Sophie- You do realize the Dems put in a supposed Tea Partier in New York don’t you? The Dems are trying to get their puppet back into office and the only way they can do it is by throwing in a third party and call it a Tea Partier. We have to be aware that the Dems are like Serial Killers. They will do anything at any cost to stay in power.

    • SpiritualMadMan

      We have RINO…

      Now we have TINO (Tea-Party in Name Only).

      The only cure for thisw type pf election fraud is research, study and education.

      WE have a perfect example of the fact that a name means nothing right in the White House.

      Claiming to be a true American, obama is actually bent on destroying America’s foundation and founding principles…

      So, don’t look at the “purpported” party affiliation or even endorsement…

      Look at the actual candidate and their “true” background.

    • azwayne

      Change name please it shouldn’t be on same page with such idiotic comment. We’re living with the worst president in history. Get the blinders off and look at facts, quit sucking up the koolaid

    • K

      T-Partier is nothing more than a moron and a useful idiot who spouts the left-wing party line without a single original thought of his own.

    • Bob

      That is exactly what you end up withwhen your inteligence level is the same or less than your mentor, who in his case is soros and his sock puppet obama.

    • http://patriot chris

      t partier none of this crap that this illegal clown is doing is from bush you wish you had bush back a true american whay has this clown done except try to pass laws that are unconstutional wake up keep listening to the state run media ab out this imposter that now wants to raise your taxes 62% yeah good job get yourself educated

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      Obama took what Bush left him and failed to get rid of waste-failed to honor promises,honor the Constitution,GOD ALMIGHTY,normal workingmen and workingwomen-what has this BUM been doing-taking vacations worldwide every 3 months,wasting our money on goofy crap-driving the national debt up worse than all the previous presidents(whom were legitimate)combined-and lecturing-this useless asshole is our worst traitor

    • Bob

      He kind of reminds me of Benedict Arnold, and what did they do to him? Can we have history repeat itself? Couple more examples of like treatment we could give him. Saddam Huessin’s final fate. Usama Ben Laddem’s final day.

    • WVF

      If you were alive and trying to support a family in the 1970s, that was an awful situation, but Obama and his thugs have made that time pale in comparison.

  • William

    Quite well? Did you really say quite well?? Let’s remember some real facts ! Just like today, the president does not hold the purse strings of America ! That’s just a fact. The Congress does. For your information the Democrats held the majority since 2007. That’s right ! Oblah blah voted for all the spending while in Congress and influenced the continued and increased spending when he took over in the WH. Not only did he NOT inherit it from Bush he HELPED create the problem while in the Senate.Get your facts straight and stop drinking the Kool aide!

    • ProudUSAVet

      Bush inherited a recession from Clinton (remember the problem?) Yet, despite being attacked on 9-11, and fighting two wars,he kept unemployment at 4.5% (Obama’s is 9%), the deficit was 2.1% of GDP (Obama’s is over 11% now and climbing), because he cut taxes more money went into the federal treasury than in the history of the US. Then, the Demos took over in 2006 and the bottom fell out. Bush tried 8 times to get Congress to put controls on the financial industry and the Demos voted it down. So,I wish people would wake up and see the truth and stop blaming Bush for the state of the economy.

    • Victoria DeLacy

      That is correct. When George W. stepped down, unemployment was at 5.4% and the deficit was in the billions. We are now at 9% unemployment and climbing and the deficit is into the trillions with some suggesting we shouldn’t tell Obama what comes after trillions (he will make us go there next!). Do I miss George W. Bush? You betcha!

    • JRBeaman

      Stop blaming Bush? HA Ha ha.

      1. Play the Race Card, if that doesn’t work,
      2. Play the Bush Card, and if that doesn’t work,
      3. Start to belittle oposing posters, and if that doesn’t work,
      4. Start cursing and name calling.
      5. Don’t dare offer any facts, or constructive info to help our once great country.

    • noconfidence

      I remember the 1970’s. Ya didn’t make much. Gas cost a mint. Everything was a premium price. But when you filled up your gas tank, you did get a free drinking glass at the cut rate stations. You used to be able to buy laundry soap called Breeze and get a free towel inside the package. Cracker Jack had a decent surprise in it instead of a paper surprise like today.And when you did have something that broke, you could fix it, or take it to a repair shop. Not throw it away, like today. And everytown had a shoe repair place. People were curtious, respectful,and kept their word. Oh Well.

    • El Loco

      I remember the 7-‘s too. I drove my family out to Anaheim to visit Disneyland. When we arrived I couldn’t buy gas for my car ’cause they were rationing gas and my car had an even numbered license plate but that day they were only selling gas to cars with odd numbered plates. Thanks Jimma and thank you too Obummer.

    • AZ Don

      You are 100% correct sir, it is refreshing to see someone with some sanity post comments here.

    • SpiritualMadMan

      Bush also used the full power of the Federal Government to perpetuate the Housing Crisis Clinton’s every american deserves a home fo their own program,

      even though States Attorneys Generals all over the nation were sounding the alarm and trying to take action.

      Which both Bush and Clinton stymied by by making it a National Banking Issue not a State Banking issuse preventing the AG’s from stopping or at least mitigating the housing mortgage crash.

      But, you will notice that obama and holder have done nothing to prosecute the principles who knew they were violating good Credit Worthy Practices, either.

      We are where we are because people have not been praying **against** bad leadership…

      Would to God He would take matters into HIS OWN HANDS!

      But, He has delegated authority to the church during the church age…

      And, we’ve abdicated to the secularists!

      We don’t even appeal to heaven for relief anymore!

  • Sandra

    O’s transgressions against our United states are myriad. The comparison with Bush isn’t even rational. When do you prople wake up?

  • William

    This is all by design. Oblah blah wants this country to fail, that’s right! I’ll write it again. Oblah blah wants this country to fail.Look who he has surrounded himself with.All communist,socialist,marxist and domestic terrorists.Check the history of his Czar’s for yourself.Nearly all have a past that includes subversive actions against our government. Open your eyes and educate yourself, 5 minutes in front of MSNBC or ABC or CBS won’t do it. Attend a few conservative rallys in Washington and see how the mainstream media distort what’s reported. Get off your A** and do something positive to see the truth.Watching the tube does not fullfill your duty as a citizen to stay informed and vote for the best for our nation. Do it soon, before your children and mine are goose stepping to Oblah blah’s tune.

  • Dan DePauw

    Why is everyone pandering to this black asshole?


    Demo-crap=liberals=progressive=socialist=comunist hate people, they ADORE Lennin and Stalin, that combine KILLED more than 50 million people in the soviet union, they also ADORE Mao that KILLED over 70 millions people in China, they put the italians, the germans and the japanes in internaal camps, they ADORE George Bernard Shaw who was a water carrier of Hitler and Mussolini and we all know the history, the demo-crap ADORE planned parenthood founder Margaret Sanger the EVIL woman who was able to get her way of population control of the “undesirables”(poor, blacks, handicap ect.), in fact the DEMO-CRAP put in place the EUGENIC PROGRAMS during the first decade of the twenty century, and now they put in place the DESPICABLE OBAMACARE, and a very elaborate and sofisticated form of EUGENIC by the implementation of the DEAD PANELS.

    • SpiritualMadMan

      And, blame Christians for killing so many in Religious wars. Ha ha ha…

      Dr. Walter Martin had his research team figure it up and through **ALL RECORDED HISTORY** there might be 3 million that can be laid at Christianity’s feet…

      Hey, we’ll even double that figure.

      As the above state in just a single 20 to 50 year period the philosophy the obama regime and its hangers on adore have killed over 100 million… THAT WE KNOW OFF!

      And, they are **STILL** killing!

      This is what obama wants for America.

      And, he has made a damnable “good” start.

    • marcel duranleau

      obama is a kenyan marxist professor.New Lenin at the White House.Check out : femacoffininbrazil http://www.youtubefemacamp
      CONCENTRATIONS CAMPS: electric fences,trains,bus,plastics coffins made in Brazil paid by US taxes monies.Why ovens it is for pizzas or for people?Wake up America.
      algoterrivelvaiacontecer2de2 Be not afraid of theirs faces.Fear God only.TRAITORS HANG THEM HIGH.

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      hey El Zorro if you see our sadsack-in-chief on a beach vacationing-please carve a Z in his ass for us Republicans won’t you-even better give ZZ Top a tribute and make it a Z for each butt cheak

  • A

    Lets face it folks you cannot reason with an unreasonable person, T-Partier is not reasonable. Replying to him is a waste of our time.

    • liberty

      The demoncrat trying to convince others they are a member of the Tea Party is a good little democrat, exemplifying their traits: Liar, deceitful, deceptive, spreading propaganda with full knowledge that it is such, and strongly supporting the Marxist cause at any cost; after all, “The End Justifies The Means” is their mantra.

  • C. R. Voss

    Why can’t this idiot bloke traitor be removed from office? Nothing seems to phase him, he continues to implement his agenda without any consideration of the Constitution. Talk about illegalities, he tops the list, while a complicit Congress just looks the other way, as if it is just all in a days work. First off, he’s not a Natural Born American, & is an illegal alien, so should be deported.

    • liberty

      One need only remember the leaders of the Democrat Party are cut from the same cloth as the usurper, and have no problem with breaking various laws (Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, Lautenberg, Feinstein, Boxer, Shumer, to name but a few)

    • Bob

      What gets me, is every morning they get up out of bed, knowing that yesterday they lied their ass off, and every one knows they did it, but they still have the gull to go out in the world and do the same thing all over again, thinking we won’t realize that they are lying their asses off again. I wouldn’t be able to look at my face in a mirror knowing that.

  • Victoria DeLacy

    During the election in 2008, McCain was compelled to produce documents proving himself a natural-born citizen – why was that not done with Obama, too? This nonsense of pulling the race card has got to be stopped. Ethnicity is not a prerequisite for the office of the Presidency while being a natural-born American citizen IS – impeach the usurper who spent millions to hide his birth documents from the public!

    • Jane

      McCain went to Congress and asked that they decide if he was a natural born citizen. Obama refused to do the same even though there were questions concerning his eligibilty (Clintons started this ‘birther’ talk). McCain was found to be a natural born citizen because he had 2 parents that were legal citizens of the US even though he was born on a military foreign base. As Hillary and Obama signed off that being born into a military family stationed elsewhere would not eliminate the ‘born in the USA’ portion of natural born citizen. Obama has confirmed by his publishing his Hawaii long form is that he is not born of 2 US citizens. Corsi’s book is great to understanding this issue.

    • SpiritualMadMan

      Yes, but questions remain especially the issue that the original Kenyan birth certificate presented in Hawaii was sealed in a purported adoption proceeding by a Hawaaian judge who didn’t realize the possible repercussions of such and act.

      This was an easy thing at the time because everyone wanted to be a “real” US Citizen, the courts looked favorably and making as many “real” citizens as possible, and granting a US Birth certificate was possible under Hawaiian Law even if no actual adoption took place.

      Why Trump stopped his research and investigation is anyones guess…

      But, you don’t get that high in finance without some skeletons in your closet.

      Which I am sure with all the National Agencies at their command the obama regime was sure to find and warn him off.

      Because *if* proven…

      Congress would have no choice to act to avoid a major constitutiona crisis.

      Even calling into the legitimacy of a Congress that failed to act on such an egregious fraud,

    • Bob

      They keep making this hole bigger in diameter and deeper. Sooner or later it will collapse on them and we will never see the likes of them again. What goes around, comes around.

  • Frank Verdi

    That’s because back then people had jobs…

  • ralph

    impeach, impeach,.this guy and his fat ass wife.

  • ralph

    msnbc and ge and the obamas can kiss americas ass. they are trators!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • liberty

      All mentioned are pawns of the New World Order as mentioned numerous times by Obama’s owner: Soros.

    • SpiritualMadMan

      No, to be a Traitor one must first have shown and sworn True Faith and Allegiance to a cause.

      obama has *never* shown true Faith and Allegiance to America.

      So, while he can and has committed Treasonous Acts, he is not technically a Traitor. :)

      A viper will always strike at its handler, and a Leopard can not change its spots.

      obama is what he is, beny on the destruction of America!

  • Raymond

    New Element

    The densest element yet known to science has been discovered. The new element has been named “Obamacronium.”

    Obamacronium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 911.

    These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

    The symbol for Obamacronium is “O.”

    Obamacronium’s mass actually increases over time, as these morons randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy neutrons in a Obamacronium molecule, forming a large cluster of idiotopes.

    This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to believe that Obamacronium is formed whenever morons reach a critical mass also known as “Critical Morass.”

    When catalyzed with money, Obamacronium activates CNNnewsium, an element radiating several orders of magnitude more energy, mostly as incoherent noise, since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons.

    • SpiritualMadMan

      AWESOME! As an Electronics Engineering Technician with a love for Physics…

      This is JUST GREAT!

      But, maybe it should be spelled: Obamacronyum? :) (With a “Y”)

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      excellent brainiac fortitude-GENIUS-pure GENIUS-and we all know he is dense between the ears-when he cleans those ear canals he gets lots of corrosion-no wax-he has to use baking soda so he can hear himself think

  • Raymond

    Medical Miracles

    An Israeli doctor says “Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man, put it in another, and have him looking for work in six weeks.”

    A German doctor says “That is nothing, we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks.

    A Russian doctor says “In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks.”

    The Chicago doctor, not to be outdone, says “You guys are way behind, we recently took a man with no brain out of KENYA, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work.”

    • SpiritualMadMan

      Another astute remark!

  • Insurgent

    To all the morons who voted for Buckwheat: so how is this hopey, changey thingy working for you?

  • Duke

    The “Change” Obama promised came to pass when he entered office. Inflation, hi unemployment, loss of respect in the world. Yes Barry, Barak, the change you wanted is here and the change you so dearly love for the U.S.. Enjoy your earthly pleasure now ole boy as it will not last for you or your woman either here and the hereafter. We all have to answer for our misdeeds at a point in time and your sins and misdeeds contiue to grow by leaps and bounds.

  • Sonny119

    I have been saying this, and more, for the past 2 years, ever since Obama started implementing his Anti-American-Capitalist Business, Socialist-Marxist Policies and Agenda..

    And if you think this is bad now.. you just wait.. brother, you haven’t seen nothing yet, as the US Economy and the US Dollar, completely collapses, because of Obama and his Policies and Agenda.. not to mention his destruction of America’s National Security, and the destruction of America’s Free World Allies relationships.. as the world goes up in flames..

    This is everything Obama wants, as he is intentionally doing this.. Collapsing the US Political, Social, and Economic system of American Capitalism and Democracy.

    This is not just some bungling fool of a President, like Jimmy Carter.. This is exactly what Obama wants.. and I blame the Independent Voters in 2008, for their stupidity, for putting the Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, Socialist-Marxist, Islamic Muslim Kenyan, in the most power office in the world, without even a days experience in any chief executive leadership position, nothing, and resume for President, that my grandmother could have beaten.. and why.. because they, the independent voters, did not think about what and who they were voting for.. the same thing was done in 1932. when the Germans voted for Hitler.. and we all know how that turned out, don’t we..

    America and the US Dollar, is now on the verge of Collapsing form Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and will go into a Depression that will be almost worse than the Great Depression..

    Their is only one way to get back our Nation, our Economy, and our Freedom, and our Prosperity, and that is to get rid of Obama, period. Just like Jimmy Carter, we must have another President Reagan, a Patriotic Constitutional Conservative American, as President, to steer and guide this great Nation back onto it’s feet, once again.. and that is Gov. Sarah Palin, as she has not only done the very same thing in Alaska, but she got rid of the corruption that permeated the State govt., which caused the massive Deficits,, in the first place.. compared to who.. Obama, who has completely destroyed America, from the inside out.!!

  • ReaperHD

    Bin Bama has done more in 2yrs to destroy this Country than Bin Laden did his entire life. It’s time for this Anti-American Terrorist in the WH to be arrested and tried for TREASON against the Constitution and the American People.

    • The Enemy

      Reaper: On 9-11 the terrorists tried to destroy America’s economy. That was their goal. They failed. Obama is succeeding at that same endeavor. But the ignorant sheeple can’t (won’t) see it.

  • Insurgent

    The Republican party needs to find fresh new blood to beat the Kenyan. They do not need an old professional lying politician; Congress is full of selfish, greedy ba$tard$ and the country does not need someone like this running for the Presidency. These guys will do nothing but cause the election to go to the Dumbocrats. Bottom line, I am not convinced the whole election process is not rigged. EXAMPLE, How did Harry Reid get re-elected? OR are the people in Gamblingville that stupid.
    Life’s tough, but it is tougher when you are stupid.
    John Wayne

    • The Enemy

      Insurgent: Yes, it’s the Californicated liberal sheeple of Las Vegas who sent Harry Reid back to DC. Rural Nevada is still conservative, as Vegas used to be before it became “L.A.-East”. What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas—it goes to DC.

    • Johnnygard

      100% correct, and they may have had a little help from some voting machines!

  • Peter

    Barry Soratoro is a total DISGRACE INCOMPETANT USURPER! First time in my life that I am ashamed to be American….IMPEACH!!!

    • The Enemy

      Peter: Let’s still be proud to be Americans, but let us be disgusted and enraged at what the liberals are doing to Americanism!

  • Ralph

    Talk,Talk,Talk, no wonder the Dems wants to take our protection (GUNS) away, it’s headed in the direction of our only protection of life in America; so sorry that our children will forced into this, PRAY that GOD will hear our crys!

    • ihatelibs

      Nothing wrong with that.
      I’ll give them my gun along with every round that I will unload on them!

    • The Enemy

      Ralph: It’s the Second Amendment which protects all the others. If it goes, we all go. I wish all patriots would join us in fighting for the preservation of our Second Amendment rights.

    • SpiritualMadMan


      I am a member of the NRA, and with the Murder of a US Marine by Pima County SWAT I have joined

      I will also be joining Gun Owners of America as soon as I can raise the membership fee.

      I *will* defend my home and Rights to Keep and Bears Arms with all that is at my disposal.

      A crossbow with deer points would probably be a better initial weapon than a firearm though?

      BTW: Where is Holder’s Justice Department when a Minorities Civil Rights have been so egregiously violated…

      Oh, that’s right him being a Decorated Serviceman negates all his rights!

    • Bob

      Ralph, GOD hears our crys, the problem is, He is setting up there in Heaven, looking down at us and thinking to himself. You threw me out of your homes, your schools, your federal office buildings, your parks, your department stores, you took my name off your money, your pledge of allegance, you did away with the Nativity scene at Christmas, you did away with Christmas and call it a holiday season, NOW you wonder why I’m flipping you the bird? Well I guess it’s time you wake up. THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL.

    • John

      YES……….THE BIGGEST TRUTH IN THE WHOLE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ihatelibs

    It’s morons like this T- Partier shmuck that shouldn’t be allowed to vote or forced to go back to his communist country.

  • Ralph

    Time we the people of this great nation start WALKING the TALK !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James

    Our Only Chance:

    The Destroyers of Liberty: Incumbents:
    Vote Out Incumbents, All of Them.
    Demand Term Limits, Balanced Budget.
    For the Sake of Liberty!

    • The Enemy

      James: Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water! Let’s retain the few good people in Congress that we have already put there (mainly Tea Party people). But, yes, ALL RINOs MUST GO!

  • The Enemy

    And, it’s all by design, folks. The current mess is not due to mis-management like during the Carter debacle; it’s by design by George Soros whose henchmen are in the Obummer administration.

  • Rambo RVN

    There’s only one place that is good enough for obama/soetoro. It’s called HELL!!!!!!

    • Bob

      So Rambo, does anyone know where we can find Sylvester Stalone? I’m sure he could point them in the right direction.

  • buddy9210

    Hey Cubbies, what recovery?? With cooked numbers from the Obummer Admin. how can you say that this is a recovery?? No in fact Cubbies, the unemployement numbers are cooked, which is higher when you include those who have stopped looking. That number is really 19%. Add to the fact that inflation has hit and the Obummer admin. hates oil, so he wants gas prices to go up(facts are facts), the dollar is in the toilet. So Cubbies, lets stop beating around the bush, this is the WORST econ. EVER!!! So Cubbies what ya say we flush this toilet, that chance is in 2012!! If you are tired of smelling the crap and want to get ride of it THEN HAVE THE GUTS TO FLUSH THE TOILET AND SENT THIS TURD TO THE SEWER!!!

  • sean murrey

    I remember the 70s how bad the econmy was back then.At least we didnt have a president like obummer trying to have socailism and commustism he wants for this country.

  • Jack

    It’s deliberate. Our government aligned with industrial globalists and with the help of the central bank, create recessions to cause mass lay offs. As a result the employment markets are flooded with job seekers thus using the law of supply and demand they can drive down wage levels. Add to this immigration (both legal and illegal), and the situation for middle and lower class workers gets desperate.

    What’s different this time is that a socialist President is in power, and he is using that position with economically destructive goals. The real numbers are around one forth of the previously working Americans are now unemployed. We have gone from recession to depression levels.

  • Thomas Martin

    Millions of very unwise scum and crooked people got obama elected,
    Those who knew of his inability to lead knew the worst could be expected.
    Oh the lies he told to impress the welfare crowd on his campaign trail,
    Were words that he had borrowed from satan and the very pits of hell.

    The democrat administration were licking their chops as they took control,
    Then obama starts tearing this country apart and even more lies would be told.
    Disastrous obama health care that we did not want was shoved down our throats
    Old botox bitch nancy pelosi and harry reid and his ass hole cronies sit and gloats.

    Time for us to take our country back from this anti American obama abomination,
    Seems like he’s hell bent on destroying America by any means that’s his fixation.
    The federal government refuses to close our borders, obama’s happy as a clown,
    With fools like obama and his administration in charge he’ll really bring us down.

    Trillions of dollars unaccounted for since obama’s was elected, where did it all go,
    Our federal government is the world’s biggest crook’s our taxes will surely grow.
    Money stolen from tax payers to buy votes and they think that we really don’t care.
    Looking out only for themselves and all their benefits, democrats has never been fair.

    Bail out banks and auto makers give billions to foreign lands that really hate our guts,
    We struggle to buy our families food, obama loves to torture us and keeps us all in ruts.
    Drilling for our own oil is stopped by obama and his band of anti America lying trash,
    Then tells them in Brazil we’ll be your best customer and well spend ton of cash.

  • Wayne Baxtrom

    Barack Obama

    Today you’re in the house that’s white
    Against Hillary you had a real fight
    You think that you’re right with all the right views
    Campaigning with Oprah you’re in the news
    In the world today with all of its grief
    I’m afraid you experience is just too damn brief
    You fashion yourself as a black JFK
    I’m afraid I just cannot see you that way
    The deeds you’ve accomplished sure are all fine
    Being the President is a difficult line
    The wisdom and knowledge that you’ve shown
    The press has delivered them all overblown
    With Reverend Wright you took a stand
    To me it showed poor judgment to command
    The Reverend Phlager and Tony Resco too
    With friends like them you haven’t a clue
    Now you beat Hillary that was a task
    You wife Michelle hides behind that I’m not racial mask
    Now you’re the president and won with a small lead
    As for me I think you’ll make America bleed
    Wayne Baxtrom “ The Political Poet” 708-774-7203

  • Wayne Baxtrom

    Jimmy Carter

    When you won the election in nineteen-seventy-seven
    We looked to you for leadership, we all prayed to heaven
    You looked so good with what you did, we versioned you a crusader
    On your first day in office you granted amnesty to Vietnam War evaders
    You’re friendly with Castro, Chaves, and Kim II Sung
    These kinds of guys should all be hung
    In Iran you really botched it
    You should have run, but you decided to sit
    In Panama you gave away
    You couldn’t see us really stay
    You’re against Israel and it seem
    Your perfect vision is in your dreams
    I wish you’d stick to peanut farming
    On your farm you’re really charming

  • http://Google C.M.

    Sorry for all the typos in the above note but I become so outraged at how easy it is for B=Obama to get away with all the lies he spews. And trying to be funny when he ridicules his opponets – where is all that “Democratic TOLERANCE” that they conveniently forget when it doesn’t benefit them? Just too much to bear seeing our Country being destoyed by a “Soros-loving” president

  • sonata

    Hey you you Ever read this anger posted on here??? WE said IMPEACH the SOB!! Don’t you see what the hell he is doing to our great nation? He is sending our men off to wars that we don’t belong in unconstitutionally..Spending American taxpayers dollars in countries that we don’t like,dumming down our kids in schools,letting immigrants in across our borders and letting all the Muslims in so they can take over and trying to take away our gun rights and destroy OUR Constitution so how much planner can it be that he HATES American?? My God, is Congress and those that we elected so blind that they can’t see this or just that plain dumb?? IMPEACH THE LYING SOB FOR TREASON! Birth certificat saids: KENYA..that’s AFRICA!! He is NOT my Presiden! OUR president LOVES America and thinks it’s the BEST!!! USA,USA,USA..God Bless America! God Bless this wonderful Nation! God Bless the USA!!! Please,let’s get RID of this SOB..VOTE HIM OUT!!

  • Raymond

    That Obama sticker on your vehicle might as well say “I’m an idiot.”

  • Raymond

    Obama and Groundhog Day

    This year, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address occur on the same day. As Air America Radio pointed out, “It is an ironic juxtaposition of events: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication while the other involves a groundhog.”

  • Raymond

    Obama Goes For A Jog

    Barack Obama was out jogging one morning along the parkway when he tripped, fell over the bridge railing and landed in the creek below.

    Before the Secret Service guys could get to him, three kids, who were fishing, pulled him out of the water. He was so grateful he offered the kids whatever they wanted.

    The first kid said, “I sure would like to go to Disneyland.” Obama said, “No problem. I’ll take you there on Air Force One.”

    The second kid said, “I really need a new pair of Nike Air Jordan’s.”Obama said, “I’ll get them for you and even have Michael sign them!”

    The third kid said, “I want a motorized wheelchair with a built-in TV and stereo headset!!” Barack Obama is a little perplexed by this and says, “But you don’t look like you are injured.” The kid says, “I will be after my dad finds out I saved your behind from drowning!”

  • http://patriot chris

    The real issue here that this guy got voted in was because he was the first black president in the history of the united states that’s the bottom line 90% of black people voted him in just because of his skin color and had no idea what his policies were even the stupid college white kids who are fascinated by his bullshit speeches all the time with no results what this guy has done to this country is unbelievable but black people will only vote for him because he is black and the hollywood left clowns also believe in his shit like glooney penn pitt afffleck oprah rap clowns etc and the state run media at least matt damon came out and said he was disappointed that the great one was not doing enough for the country not doing enough he has done nothing liberalism is all lies you cannot talk to democrats because they have nothing to back up what they are saying wake up america

  • Keith

    Everyone needs to sit down, relax and take a long hard look ahead, not behind. Yes, Bush tried to take the conservative approach, and was largely successful until Dems took control of Congress in 06. Yes he had to run up spending early on in the War on terror but, after the initial injection, his deficits were reduced every single year until 06. What has Obama done for us since he came on board? $1.5 Trillion (-/+) deficits every single year with spending not projected to be below 22% of GDP through at least 2021. Now, his populist mantra is tax the rich, they can afford it. Yes, they probably can but I’ll tell you why that wont’t work. Back in the 1970’s Carter had the top marginal tax rate at about 70%. Meanwhile the worldwide average was about 50% to 55%. Where would you put your money? Of course, where the taxes are least. So, investors were investing in foreign operations back then. Reagan reduced the top marginal rate to 28%. As a result, investment in America exploded. GDP averaged about 5% for several of the Reagan years. Then, in the Clinton years, Dems raised the top marginal rate to 39.5%. They were able to get away with it because the worldwide average was still higher at about 45% at that time. With all of the Obama tax hikes so far, the top marginal rate is at about 44% right now. Unfortunately, the economies of the world have been cutting back their top marginal rates. The worldwide average top marginal rate is now below 40%. With our top marginal rate already above that and projected to go as high as 62%, it is no wonder we have no investment in America and a sputtering economy. So, Obama’s policies are only going to take us further into the hole. We have to get this idiot out of office before we are totally bankrupt. Our GDP so far for the year has been a paltry 1.8% while inflation is now 3.1% and wages are still flat. How long can you live like that whether you have a job or not? Our national debt is going to kill us. Look at it this way, if we paid back $1 per second until the debt was fully paid, it would take over 400K years just to pay off the principal!!!! Throw in the debt service and we are talking an impossible debt to repay. So, looking ahead, everything Obama is doing is designed to create two classes of people, the elite and the serfs. He is moving at lightening speed to ensure the America of the Revolutionary War is destroyed and the new USSA is erected in her place. He is working to invoke gun control through imperial decree (executive order). He ignores any law he desires and no one bats an eye about it (the War Powers Act and the 60 day window for Congressional Authorization for starters.) Now, all that being said, we need to take a long hard look at GOP candidates and ask the hard question, do we really need a RINO at the helm? I say no. I would be far less disappointed with a second Obama term than I would a disappointing RINO at the helm. With Obama at the helm I know and expect his actions. With I RINO, they pretty much create huge disappointments for me at every turn. So, if Romney or Gingrich happen to win the nomination, I will be tempted to vote for Obama just to punish the Republican establishment. I certainly WILL NOT vote for either of them. I WILL NOT vote for someone just because the establishment thinks they can win against Obama. I WILL VOTE for someone who stands on rock solid fiscally conservative ideals. Social issues are now and always will be meaningless chatter for me simply because I see that as, more or less, legislating morality. What you decide to do is between you, God and whoever you decide to do it with. I’ll tell you what the Bible says about it and the it is your decision what to do. God will reward or punish you for your moral decision. I can only tell you what God says about it and allow you to decide on your own. That is my two cents about what I see going on.

  • Bonnieblue2A

    This is exactly what Obama intended when he said during his 2008 campaign that he wanted to fundamentally change America! Impeach Obama now! Fire all the RINOs in 2012. Take back this country from the Facists and Marxists.

  • peggymarch

    I had to laugh at this week’s TIME magazine. It’s got a picture of Obama looking presidential with British guards, being quoted, an article about his “empty” campaiugn headquarters gearing up in chicago. BUT every time a Republican is mentioned, there’s some negative tag associated with it. Oh, I forgot, Bibi was MEAN to Obama.
    Cancel your subscriptions if you still have this rag in your house!

  • William

    I believe many here understand the mountain of problems this counterfeit president has created. We all want him out of office. How do we do that? Impeachment won’t do as too many in our government are corrupt and have many liabilities of their own they want kept silent. Clinton was impeached and why was he not found guilty ? The backroom deals made to keep him out of prison. I believe the Democrats promised the Republicans 8 years of the WH in exchange for a 50 50 vote of congress.Does anyone here believe the vote could turn out hung with no conspiracy or complicity on the part of all our so called representatives ? I certainly do not ! Like they say if it looks and quacks like a duck !
    So impeachment is out. Many noe look to the vote ! How many of you atually believe the vote is above board and honest? I don’t !In my county, even though there has NEVER been any voter problems, the Democrats in charge changed out all our old voting machines and put in the new electronic ones that have no paper trail and have a history around our country with tampering. So much for the vote!
    We “The People” must find a way and fast. Have you noticed the furious activity to once again take away our guns? Pay attention
    they are mounting a full scale attack on that front.This may be all they are afraid of
    as it is still one area they do not control and one our Beloved Founding Fathers made sure we had. As our “Fathers” had to do and what Thomas Jefferson laid out:

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
    time to time with the blood of patriots and

    Thomas Jefferson

  • scott moore

    Looks like hope and change has become, nope, and re-arrange.
    This false sense of security is going to self destruct.

  • joseph g

    Do not relent on the birth issue. He has now perjured himself openly and needs to be in court. Call your senators and congressman and demand that the birth certificate be proven authentic and to bring to light all of the discrepancies on the document. He needs to be in court. If the politicians will not do it maybe WE THE PEOPLE should do it.

    • Bob

      Joseph, What it is going to take is WE THE PEOPLE grabbing the bull by the horns, because the wimps in Washington don’t want to create waves this close to election, they may loose their chussy jobs, and none of them are qualified for ANY job in the work sector.

  • sanysue

    obama has done more damage to this country than any other president, even richard nixon,he was just crooked and made vietnam worse.. obama wants to destroys us, the united states.. republicans and all of us need to stand up and shut obama and the dems down.. it will take our country more than 50yrs already to get back to where we were before the obama disaster and obamacare.. hes an embarassment to us all..

  • skip gainer

    Obama said he inherited the worst economy was the worst of all time a plain lie. Obama did not inherit anything, obama ran for the job and lied to the American people. Obama said it was historic recession and he would save us by making 3 million new jobs a year. Where are the jobs? Not only obama does not know how to handle the economy, except giving our taxpayer dollars away. Obama was apparently a very poor student,and teacher, professor on our Constitution. He just keeps thrashing our Constitution, like it does not exist and that he is king.Even the DemocRATs have to know obama is a walking tragedy.

  • Tinman

    Want a JOB? Vote obama OUT!

  • Janice Fortin

    Fool fool fool America voted for an UNVETTED candidate with ZERO RESUME. Do notify republican senators and reps what you DO want – The Constitution. Gov should IMM. investigate the problem of obstacles hampering job creation in America. The only amendment that could so some good would be
    AMERICA MUST RETAIN HER FREEDOMS. In countries that have strict gun control, there has NOT been a decrease in crime,but an INCREASE. Common knowledge: criminals don’t obey laws. Let your Senator know, ACORN AND OTHER SUCH ORGANIZATIONS MUST BE
    CHECKED PERIODICALLY TO ASSURE THAT THEIR POLICIES ARE NOT VEERING FROM THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW. Every effort should be made to insure voting machines are working properly
    and recording the correct vote. Voting polls must be protected by police. Strict identification should guarantee that no illegal votes. All this will discourage corruption of votes. Citizens must be aware that order is being restored to America, because without it, there can be no progress.

  • William

    There is only one part of our government that actually works and it works wonders when allowed.That’s our military and the wonderful people that put themselves out there for us every day. Many in the military know what’s going on and do not like it anymore than we do. Under law, they are not allowed to say anything about the administration but once retired or discharged that’s a different story.Pay attention to the chosen one’s speeches at any military site and you will notice the absolute disgust on the faces of many of our soldiers. I mention this because when Oblah blah decides to declare Martial law and sic the military on the American people I believe he’s in for a surprise.The military have family, that’s us and they won’t obey a lying, cheating, thieving anti American bent on destroying this country.Others in power positions across this country already have had enough.I know in my county the County Sheriff will not take any orders from Federal agents about the confiscation of private weapons and I’m sure he is not alone.I believe the course of action to take is in the individual states.Remember that the states created the Federal Government ,not the other way around.Our state reps must stand for States Rights and tell the Feds to go to He**.In Pennsylvania alone there are enough registered gun owners to rival any nation’s standing army.It’s clear we have the power,what’s unclear is do we have the courage our Founding Fathers had ? Time will tell,…..but I’m betting on America ! !

    • Dave

      I wonder what Freud would say about you calling our President “The Chosen One”.

  • dave


  • http://yahoomail Herman McCloud

    Can you expect anything less from a traitor to the United States of America and that is
    taken in context to his proclamations and
    actions taken on his behalf while he has held
    the high office of chief and Commander, it
    must be stressful to be chief of somthing you
    are against not to speak of being a commander
    of somthing you don’t recongnize or like, It
    must be that this is only a steping stone to
    the true patronage he has for America or the
    American people it would explain the ripping
    away and destruction of our Constitution and
    our individual constitutional rights set forth within our constitution, It would also explain why he wants to eliminate our rights
    by eliminating the constitution, it explains
    why he is determined to destroy our way of
    life by bankrupting our government allowing
    everything to go to hell in a handbasket, Then this is when the bastard will make his
    move and try to reestablish this government
    into a differant government system which has
    been and is his priorty challenge of his
    agenda for establishing his desired position
    of dictatorship of America and making this land his own personal reighn and authority of rule, This is his goal which every dam
    thing that he has done or arrempted thus far
    has undoubtably varified these intentions.
    Now you must decide if you want this way of
    life, to keep or loose your freedom, It’s
    up to you to decide to realect or kick this
    piece of crap out of office.

    • alabamahank

      Buckwheat is here for the duration. He will probably win another term. Unless, the Republican party can come up with a viable candidate to lead this country to recovery, but this has to happen quickly, or the conservatives are sol. I am tired of this Obama creature looking down his nose at the American public, and spouting more untruths. But, it must end. It’s not hopeless yet.

    • billy396

      Buckwheat is almost guaranteed to win re-election and if that happens, America is doomed to failure as a free, Constitutional Democracy with the rule of law and private property rights. The Constitution is seen as a small speed-bump for Obama to ignore at will, since the media is complicit in all of his lies and deceptions of the American people. We MUST stop this madman, this true voice of pure evil who only wants to destroy freedom and libery in America. Obama is a demon. He is evil incarnate. NO halfway normal human being could possibly inflict so much suffering and misery on future Americans. Rampant runaway inflation and insanely high tax rates are guaranteed by the actions and executive orders of Mubarak Hussein Obama, the Muslim pretender to the throne.

    • Dave

      I got a thousand dollars that says you’re wrong.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama

  • StevenI

    Carter II and Bush II all rolled into one.

  • proudamerican

    Under Jimmy Carter(another dem masterpiece)- who used to be the worst president ever however he has reason to smile- no one could EVER eclipse obama as the worst president. obama is the only president to occupy the WH that actually tried to destroy the country after taking an oath to preserve it and it’s laws that were in place LONG before he was born in Kenya.

  • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

    I was watching a crime TV show and saw where the secret service went and arrested a Korean man that was giving a Ponzi scheme to his friends in California and Korea-and the SECC did not like it-had to get something done about it-Why does the SECC not do something about our TRAITOR-whom is worse than that Korean man?Secret Service?-they couldn’t keep a foreigner out of the white house if a fire was lit under their ass-it is evident they care about money-only money-somebody gets in the bigtime collection of money -that they notice-we the people they ignore

  • Dave

    I am very pleased with some of President Obama’s accomplishments and I am looking forward to 4 more years.

    Now can anyone name one specific thing the President has done to intentionally destroy America?

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      Yes-it was not his fault that he was born in kenya but being illegal is step one and he premeditated his crime-knowing full well he was not qualified to become president-also he knew he did not have experience crucial to getting us out of extreme financial disaster-he jumped into something and made it twice as bad-how about that action of a TRAITOR that should be backed up to a wall and executed for all of his many crimes

    • http://patriotupdate ENRICO

      as far as one specific thing deliberately done to destroy us -he has deliberately run up our national debt,come up with a failure imbecile healthcare blackhole that is full of waste and roads to nowhere,fired a war-hero during war-what does that make him?yes -a coward in a cheap suit that deserves to be shot as a TRAITOR that he is-election?this asshole just plain needs punishment for his crimes-he has as much chance of being re-elected as Dave would to turn cold shoulder to GAY PRIDE