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Obama is a NO SHOW for Georgia Ballot Removal

Written on Sunday, January 29, 2012 by

fulton county

On Thursday, Jan 26th, 2012, there was a hearing in the case were it is stated “Obama is not a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ of the United States and is therefore not eligible to be on the Georgia 2012 Presidential Ballot.” The initial article I wrote on this topic can be found at this link.

As a follow up to that article, it is true that neither Obama nor any of his lawyers were present at this court.  Obama’s lawyers tried three times to prevent this court to not pursue this action. It did not work and instead of caving in to political pressure, the Honorable Judge Malihi decided there were legal grounds for the court case to take place.

In a packed Georgia court room, much testimony was heard and many artifacts were collected. All of the information presented to the judge was obtained from experts under oath that seem to have very solid evidence to support their claims. Based upon what was described in court, it is a certainty this is going to cause Obama some pain. Well, that is if the judicial system in Georgia does not become corrupt and allows Obama to skate on this issue like so many other courts across America have already done.

There are several things that are important for us to know. First is this is an inflection point in our Republic. What this means is that either we are a Nation of Laws that are administered to everyone and to everyone they must comply with the Law of the Land, or we are no longer a Law based Nation and have succumbed to the rules and regulations of communism and socialism. Second is we must be able to fight for our FREEDOM just like every generation has done before us. This is the first time we are battling on our turf, but it is WAR and if we fail to win, we will become a Communist and Socialist Country!

Below is a link that will allow you to read, in detail, the blow-by-blow of what happened in Judge Malihi’s court room. Then there is information where you can send his Administrative Assistant an email to support what he has allowed in his court room. If you believe we are a Nation of Laws where everyone, including the President of the United States must follow, then please let him know of your support for the him and the LAW.

Never before in our history have we been in this situation and without the support of Patriots like Judge Malihi, the minorities in the country, Liberals and Communists will take over and our great nation will cease to exist. Read what Judge Malihi allowed and did not allow in his court and let him know how much you appreciate him standing firm for the LAW we must all abide by.

  1. Click here for what happened in Judge Malihi’s Court Room on Jan 26th, 2012
  2. Here is the information you need to send your appreciation to Judge Malihi:

Contact: Valerie Ruff for Judge Malihi
Case Management Assistant
Tel: (404) 651-7595
Fax: (404) 818-3751


“That President Obama’s attorneys didn’t show respect for the court, the citizens, the secretary of state, and the statutes of Georgia reveals the true character of the administration as being completely and utterly against state’s rights,” said attorney Leo Donofrio. “The federal government is growing out of control with every administration and this action today is a loud announcement that this administration is going to do what it likes, and you can imagine that their response to this judiciary would be exactly the same if this had been the U.S. Supreme Court.”

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  • nvrpc

    If this be the case “Obama is not a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ of the United States and is therefore not eligible to be on the Georgia 2012 Presidential Ballot.” how can he be a senator and now president. Did you all get dooped as you are again in Nov 2012..

    • Kenjoe

      a senator does not have to be a natural born citizen

    • Charles

      You are correct about a Senator not having to be a Natural Born citizen but they do have to be a US Citizen and from what came out of the hearing obama might not be a US citizen let alone a Natural Born US citizen .

    • John

      Many people do not know there is a difference between a “Citizen” and a “Natural Born Citizen.”

      Being a “Citizen” of any type, whether an Article II natural born Citizen, 14th Amendment born Citizen, 14th Amendment naturalized Citizen, or statutory born Citizen under a Congressional Act, means you are a member of the society and entitled to all its rights and privileges.

      But under our Constitution to serve in the singular most powerful office in our government that is to be the President and Commander-in-Chief of our military under our Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, of our Constitution you need to be a “Natural Born Citizen.” Being a “Natural Born Citizen” cannot be conveyed by any laws of man and can only be conveyed by the facts of nature at the time of your birth and circumstances of your birth, i.e., being born in the country to two citizens of the country. (Legal Treatise “The Law of Nations – Principles of Natural Law” Section 212 by E. Vattel 1758, SCOTUS Decision Venus 1814, SCOTUS Decision Minor v Happersett 1874).

      The Founding Fathers in constructing our Founding Documents relied heavily from “The Law of Nations –Principles of Natural Law”.

      The U.S. Constitution signifies specifically that only a “Natural Born Citizen” can be President. But it does not define this term.

      The Supreme Court of the United States has given the definition of what a “Natural Born Citizen” is. Since being a natural born citizen is an objective qualification and requirement of office for the U.S. President, it is important for all U.S. Citizens to understand what this term means.

      It’s not just having been born in a US Hospital that qualifies said person as “Natural Born Citizen” of the USA; the Constitutional qualification provision is specifically designed to exclude for instance, someone of ANY descent from fathering a child, and that USA born child qualifying as a “Natural Born Citizen”.

      The terms “Natives” and “Natural Born Citizens” are obviously English terms; used to render the idea conveyed by the French phrase “les naturels, ou indigenes”: but both referred to the same category of citizen: one born in the country, of parents who were citizens of that country.

      So to be very clear, the U.S. Constitution does not just require you to be born in the USA or its territories, but it requires very importantly that both parents also must be “Citizens” of the USA. The reason for this being in the U.S. Constitution is that it passes the ‘birth right’ on to future American generations, so that America cannot elect someone who is not a natural born citizen, and then they for instance, may destroy the USA from within.

      Below is an article which explains and cites the 4 Supreme Court Cases that define what is meant in the U.S. Constitution by “Natural Born Citizen”.

      In conclusion from the above court cases:
      Finally it should be noted, that to define a term is to indicate the category or class of things which it signifies. In this sense, the Supreme Court of the United States has never applied the term “natural born citizen” to any other category than “those born in the country of parents who are citizens thereof”.

      Hence every U.S. Citizen must accept this definition or categorical designation, and fulfill his constitutional duties accordingly. No member of Congress, no judge of the Federal Judiciary, no elected or appointed official in Federal or State government has the right to use any other definition; and if he does, he is acting unlawfully, because of unconstitutionally.

      In 2008 the Democratic Party, ABC, CBS, NBC, FactCheck, N.Y. Times and more were the original “birthers”.

      They thoroughly investigated John McCain for his qualification to be President because he was born in Panama. Senate Resolution 511 of 2008 recognized him as a natural born citizen specifically because both parents were American citizens.

      The Law of Nations-Principles of Natural Law, writings from which the U.S. Founders “heavily” drew both ideas and definitions, were cited as the precedence by this current Senate as still being the qualification.

      They never questioned Obama despite suspicions about his birthplace and parent’s citizenship.

      If the Congress had done it’s job and sworn duty, as they did with McCain, Obama would not be eligible for the Presidency.

      A Congressional letter released in 2010 admitted that no one had ever confirmed Obama’s eligibility. By Congresses’ own admission; this was a crime.

      Obama is serving as President illegally based upon the following:

      1. Obama’s father was Kenyan-never an American citizen.
      2. His adoptive father was Indonesian-never an American citizen.
      3. Both of these nations citizenship were passed onto Obama.
      4. Obama was registered in grade schools as an Indonesian citizen.

      This will ultimately be settled by the laws through the Federal courts and should be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    • Chief_Cabioch

      Kenjoe, as Matter of fact former Presidential candidate Alan Keys made that same remark, “obama replied, I’m running for the Illinois state senate, not President in an AP article

    • Chief_Cabioch
    • KittyKat

      So what…he still wasn’t, isn’t, and never will be constitutionally (and legally, we hope) eligible to be president. Everything this poseur has done..and every one of his “executive” orders should be immediately and forever nullified.

    • nails

      For the record – To be President of the United States the laws says you must be a Natural Born Citizen and 35 years of age or older. It is not a requirement for Obama or any person to be a natural born US Citizen to be Senator and governor as in the case of Arnold Swartznegger as Governor of California. The laws probably requires any person be a US Citizen, which Obama still may not be, but slipped under the radar simply because no one cared to check.

    • Phyllis

      “The laws probably requires any person be a US Citizen, which Obama still may not be, but slipped under the radar simply because no one cared to check” R U kidding? the whole senate was complicit on this one! why do u think even Hilary ‘stepped aside’? it’s a conspiracy i tell ya

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      There was a reason that he refused to go to Georgia on Thursday, he couldn’t answer the questions. They had proof of his lies right there written in ink on paper. He could not face it.

    • jdguy

      Sorry people, but nothing will ever come of this no-show. O will come out of this, as he always does, with his chin in the air in a show of fuhrer-like defiance.

    • Ric

      Ha Ha Ha! Yeah that!
      Or maybe the President of the United States has more important things to do than mess with a bunch of Rednecks!

    • Ric

      Ha Ha Ha! Yeah that!
      Or maybe the President of the United States has more important things to do than mess with a bunch of Rednecks!

    • john j

      First , what’s with the mods ?… Ric , can SPEW a ridiculous post , FOUR times , and I can just tell the truth and my posts get deleted ?… As far as this case goes , we’ve been following it for a while on Right W America , while THE WHOLE COUNTRY has been dumbed down on it ! And the FOX report was set up like some dumb idiots made the claim , but it’s TOTALLY contrary to that ! So Ric , you hick , you have NO CLUE AS TO THE TRUTH TO ANYTHING THAT’S FACT !!!

    • John

      @ Ric;

      I suggest you tone down your statements.

      The term “Rednecks” is a bigoted, derogatory and hateful racial slur.

    • Ric

      Ha Ha Ha! Yeah that!
      Or maybe the President of the United States has more important things to do than mess with a bunch of Rednecks!

    • Ric

      Ha Ha Ha! Yeah that!
      Or maybe the President of the United States has more important things to do than mess with a bunch of Rednecks!


      I’m confused//?? if your father is not a natural born citizen, can you still be president?? Then what about Romney’s father and Sanatorium’s fathers both being immigrants???

    • G Carson

      Your father can be a naturalized citizen as long as he was a citizen before your birth on US soil. Obama’s father never took out US citizenship.

    • Saner Republican

      I believe the Constitution says that both parents be natural born citizens of the U.S., not naturalized citizens.

    • James Baker

      Both parent must be citizens before birth of the child. They do not need to be natural born citizens…just citizens.

    • Terry H.

      Hi Saner Rep. The Constitution does not say anything about a president’s parents much less about their citizenship. Perhaps you should actually read the Constitution? Article II covers all the stuff about the Executive branch

    • Joblo

      The constitution does NOT say anything about Parents ! it ONLY says ( Article II, Sect 1, point 5 ) “No Person except a natural born Citizen..” The Supremem court in a case 100 years later threw in the part about the parents as they “understood” the constitution..however I think the writers of the constitution were bright enough to include the parents if that was what they intened. bottom line, this aint gonna fly.. the only change we have is to proove he himself was not born here, which more and more , seems to be the case

    • IL Marsh

      I wondered about that too?

    • http://Don'thaveone Gramma

      Type in United States Constitution in your search engine and you can READ IT FOR YOURSELF. Don’t make other people your excuse for not knowing the Constitution. READ IT FOR YOURSELF. You shouldn’t be depending on others to tell you what it says. People lie and some of them are no more informed than you are. That’s what is wrong with this country, no one bothers to READ THE CONSTITUTION. They do not know their rights.

    • Randy G

      If you can’t find it on your computer, look in up in your encyclopedia.

    • haditinsd

      Romney’s claim is that even though three generations of Romneys lived in Mexico they never gave up their citizenship. Well greatgrandpa Romney fled to Mexico with his three wives when pologamy was outlawed in the USA. Seems to me that is reason enough to lose citizenship when you refuse to obey the laws of the country. Of course by that logic all democrats and RINOs would be ineligible.

    • Raphael

      “I’m confused//?? if your father is not a natural born citizen, can you still be president?? Then what about Romney’s father and Sanatorium’s fathers both being immigrants???”

      Yes, you are quite confused. Be patient, though. You’ll cover this in middle school.

    • Sydco

      The parents have to be citizens, not necessarily “natural born” citizens. If a person’s father was born elsewhere but came here legally and became a citizen, that’s fine. But Obama’s father never became a United States citizen.

    • karen

      At the time of romney’s birth, his father was a citizen of mexico. Its clear in our constitution that says at the time of birth, both parents must be citizens. Romney is a white obama.

    • Joblo

      I know this is not popular..but once again, let me point out, the Constitution does NOT say ANYTHING about “parents” go online, look up the constitution and READ Article II, Section 1 point #5.. it ONLY says “No Person except a Natural born Citizen..” no mention of the Parents birthplace or citizenship status…that was 100 years later in a Supreme court interpretation which has not been upheld, and probably wont be for good reason. as for me, I’ll go with what the actual constitution says, that the founding fathers wrote..not a translation by appointed judges…

    • Suescritters

      They didn’t show up because they can’t prove Obama is a citizen, nor can they answer why he uses a SS # issued from Conn.

    • tjz

      Obama became a senator by getting his opposition thrown off the ballot. I think turnabout is fair play.

    • Grandma

      My question is why was a bench warrant not issued? No man is above the law!

  • Shane

    It’s a shame that the Supremes did not rule on whether Obama is a natural born citizen or not; that would have cleared up this mess. The Supremes declined to rule on Obama’s eligibility.

    • uwho

      Get real Racist Nancy puklosi would galge the supreme’s eyes out.

    • WASP

      Remember that these appointed-for-life weasels are bought-and-paid-for gummint bureaurats. And, a so-called “conservative” SCOTUS justice is about 2 millimeters to the right of Marx. Question is, Karl or Groucho?

    • Suescritters

      Supreme court is stacked in his favor. Just like everyone in the Gov they don’t want to screw up their retirement. I thought they were sworn to tell the truth just like anyone that comes before them? Not so much huh?

  • Gas Passer

    When the First Criminal of the United States is no longer president of the United States, will all of the military officers who questioned Obunga’s birth certificate issue who spent time in prison that ruined their military careers be able to “SUE” Obunga for everything that he has for the fraud that he was?

    • G Carson

      I certainly hope so!!!!

    • Carroll

      If they can’t sue Obama, I hope it’s because he’s doing life in Gitmo!

    • Carroll

      I believe his contingency plan has always been to enact Martial Law!

    • Terry H.

      Just a little note on this Martial Law stuff. There is not Constitutiona; authority for a president to enact “Martial Law” within the states of the Union. There is no provision nor mechanism in the Constitution to enacat such a status. There is no presidence for it other than Lincoln during the Civil War and the action applied only in the embattled territoried (I.E., the southern states that were no longer part of the union.
      The Copperheads in the Ohio valley were threatened but they could not be officially charged other than for their trespasses onto mitilitary camps.
      So in short, this fear of a generally applied “Martial Law” is unfounded. Governers can enact such actions within their states.

    • BCS-BUG

      Now wouldn’t that just be poetic justice!!

  • Zeb Blanchard

    Obama can’t appeal the Georgia hearing where he and his attorneys were found in default for non appearance. If he does he will have to produce documents that he doesn’t have. So he will blow off the 12 electoral votes from Georgia to avoid the emabassment or possible treason charges.
    But numerous other states are coming up for hearings and trials and will use Georgia’s findings as precedent. It will only take a few more key states to make the difference between a legal sitting POTUS and a usurper.
    It staggers the imagination to watch a “president” totally disregard the Constitution that he swore to defend.

    • Clayton Hall

      Right on! In a Republic we are ruled by law. In a Democratic/Communistic/Socialistic society majority rules; laws don’t matter. Get rid of this imposter!!!

    • UncleRoy1

      And if that happens, want to bet a nickle to a dollar, we’ll have marshall law and no elections??

    • http://none drdoo46

      You got it. That’s my number one concern now. If he puts us under marshal law…someone must have the gonads to arrest him…Hopefully no one in the military will follow SOBama’s orders…

    • Mike88

      If Obama does declare Martial Law in an effort to halt the elections the police and military will have to disobey that order to enforce Martial because it is coming from a person that is not eligible to issue that order, because of his ineligibility to be President.
      That would be an Illegal order and police and military people who are true OathKeepers will know not to obey that order and hopefully they can convince their fellow officers not to enforce it either.

    • Jon

      “WE” had better hope so. For if not were in Shit up to our neck’s!

    • Remington 870

      Consider this…the person who declares Martial Law in order to remain in power will officially make themself a target and whoever eliminates such target will be considered a National Hero. How many persons in our country will vie for this honor?

    • Terry H.

      1) Once again, their is no authority for the President to enact a general Martial Law within the States of the Union.(see above). The President is an executive. he can only execute the Laws as passed by congress.

      2) Article I sttes that their sghall be elections on the seconcond Tuesday of November. Nowhere is there an option cancel it.
      In article II it states that the “states” legislators shall determine how their Electors shall be chusen. The President has no power to stop that (other than a rogue action) Only the lagislatures of the many states can cancel the Presidential voting in their states but not the elections for the congress.
      In article II it states that the President shall serve a term of four years. Without an election for the second term, there is no authority for him to overstay his first term. Makes for an interesting situation!

    • Mike88

      I am from Illinois and I have already sent an E-mail to my Secretary of State reqesting that obama’s name be removed or not placed on the ballot for the 2012 elections.
      I hope voters from every state do this and bombard their Secretary Of State in all 50 states.It is time that our State Legislatures and Secretary of States actually do the job we request of them. If enough people write in about this hopefully they will take the appropriate action and remove obama’s name from the ballot.

  • Bob N

    Owebama has something up his sleeve, he didn’t show up, thats contempt of court, his attorneys didn’t show up. None of the documents put into evidence were refutted by Owebama. Whats his scheme? Why is he so confident that nothing will come of this? Why is MSM ignoring this trial? Nothing was reported by any station or news outlet. Why? I think because the outcome regardless of what the judge says will be squashed, therefore the media doesn’t see the need to report it. Or the judge will be murdered before he can announce a verdict, even though he was going to give a verdict by default.

    • Mike88

      Unfortunately Bob N this was only a Hearing and not a Trial. If it was a Trial and Obama refused to show up for it then yes the Judge could issie a Contempt of Court warrant for Obama’s arrest, but from what I understand since it was only a Hearing Obama was not legally required to show up. That is why the Secretary of State told Obama’s attorney that “if you decide not to show up you will do it at your own peril”.

    • Ralph & Deborah

      There was a subpoena issued for Barack Obama to appear or have legal representation just not showing up is contempt of court. An arrest warrant outside of Georgia is fuzzy.But For the commander-and-chief to disrespect a court of law subpoena summons is a impeachable offense. Anyway you want to spin it

    • Linda Mitchell

      It was reported on WSB TV Atlanta on the night of Jan 26, I heard it.

    • Friend of John Wayne

      obummer will either be a wanted man by warrant for his arrest or a hunted man eventually.

  • Bob N

    On a totally different topic, why is there an ad for Stabbenow on this web page? She is a liberal lying fricken whore, who licks Owebamas feet any chance she has.

  • Dave

    He’s a no show, what do expect from that arrogant P.O.S

  • Dave

    He’s a no show, what do expect from that arrogant P.O.S

  • robm

    If we were a no show, we would have a FTA warrant for arrest…

  • Bob Velon

    Obama’s attorney said he didn’t need vetting, the voters vetted him. Oh really, does buying a stolen car make it any less stolen? Pelosi committed fraud when she put him on the ballot. I hope this case spreads like wildfire and I hope other states do the same…Obama cannot appeal this case, to do so he would need to show all of the documents requested and we all know he cannot do that. He cannot even request the Supreme Court overturn any verdict that comes out of this hearing and I am glad all of the evidence was entered into the record. His attorney is as arrogant as the Fuehrer……

  • Bernie

    Only and only by voting his ass out of office in November can we be rid of his shit and all his cronies.

  • Doodlebug

    I hope they prevail and that they can keep him off the ballot. Perhaps then other states will follow. Of course, then we have to put up with hilly billy and she is not one bit better!

    • http://none drdoo46

      God help us if Hilarious C is put in as a replacement for SOBama…All the stupid idiots would vote for her…She’d undoubtedly continue SOB’s HELLth fiasco…grrrr

    • Charles

      Doodlebug , If obama is nullified his hole administration will be under an investigation and that includes Ms Clinton . Obama did not pull off the biggest scam in the history of the world with out help . There will be a lot of high government officials that will be charged with treason . Starting with Ms Pelosi and the Clintons are not far behind .

    • KittyKat

      Yep Charles, and may they, each and every one of them, male and female, stand side by side as they face the firing squads, as is the appropriate punishment for treason.

    • Goodyear Girl

      He won’t be charged with treason, as Eric “thwart the Law” Holder is A.G.

    • Doodlebug

      Holder the”thwart the law” should be right there with them Goodyear Girl. He’s as much of a traitor and liar as the rest. He let Fast and Furious happen right before his eyes. He simply just closed his eyes and denied knowing anything about it. Eric “thwart the law” Holder must also go.

    • James

      My two lilly livered Republican Senators won’t back it up. They will hunt something to crawl under and hide.

    • http://n/a Ron

      Jame, Let us say that everyone in our nation kows that Obama, recieves a military briefing each morning, and that is a true statement! He has received about 1,000 or more secret military intelligence for over three years. He is holding in his head, or personal notes, all ultra top secret. If he were found guilty of treason, would they put hm in Gitmo, or any other prison? Think about the secrets which could leak out of any prioon! My logic says that there is only one way to insure secrets…thre will be only one way to insure State secrets forever. Do any of you want to guess what it is? I feel sure that any billionaire who pulls the President’s strings, would toss anyone under the bus, train, ocean liner, to keep his involvment in destroying our government and way of life unknown. Or not, you guess!

  • James Barrs

    In response to Jerrymat, to be a natural born citizen you must be the child of two American citizens. It is not required that both parents of a Presidential candidate be natural born citizens, only that the candidate be one. As long as both of one’s parents are ANY kind of legal citizen & said candidate is born in the US, he (or She) is eligible.

    • David in MA

      I do not think you know what your talking about!

    • http://none drdoo46

      James Barrs knows exactly what he’s talking about. What he didn’t add is not only must the child born to TWO US citizen parents, but that child MUST be born not only within the US but what also applies is the child can be born within a US territory..even on a ship within the current limit…I think that’s 12 miles.

      Consider that the senate had to pass a resolution to allow John McCain on the ballot as he wasn’t born in a US territory. He was born in a hospital in Colon, Panama. Of course, the puppetmasters wanted McCain to go up against SOBama…need I tell you why? Soooo…McCain was NOT a natural born citizen!!!

    • JackK

      Obamas father was not a U.S. citizen when Obama was born.

    • TooToo

      That’s the point!! bho is not a natural born citizen because of his kenyan father.

    • Raphael

      “In response to Jerrymat, to be a natural born citizen you must be the child of two American citizens.”

      Incorrect, this is not an accepted meaning of natural-born citizen. Just take 2 minutes and do just a little bit of research before just spewing the same crap you’ve heard from bad sources. That’s what liberals do…

    • Carroll

      Jerrymat is correct! According to the supreme courts ruling in the case of Minor v. Happersett, it was determined that a ‘natural born’ citizen had be be born in the us or one of our jurisdictions such as a military base, and both parents had to be a citizen at the time of the child’s birth. They could be naturalized citizens, but they had to be citizens at the time of birth. Check out the supreme court case above.

    • Carroll

      This ruling of both parents being citizens at time of birth, was to prevent the potential of having any loyalty to any other country. There has been no other ruling since the Minor v. Happersett supreme court case ruling. That is why the Democrats have made over a half dozen attempts to change the definition of a ‘natural born’ citizen since Obama was a senator. So they bought off Pelosi and others and got him on the ballot anyway. He is not a ‘natural born’ citizen!

  • Bett in Fl

    Why is ONLY ONE state of these UNITED states doing this
    and is it because other states w/Democrats would stop it?
    The point is who removed our Constitution and what are we going to do about it, keep letting them get away w/it?
    Get us off this sinking ship, 2002 warnings to congress came true:
    Israel & CIA agree on foreign policy candidate, guess who?

  • MontieR

    What is the big deal. Der Feuror ignores all
    of our laws. He is above the law.

  • frank

    Why is the news hideing this.if that was bush it would be everywere.I new there someing wrong when they said he so cute & so like they have someing to gain.

    • Dark Knight

      Oblahblah did not show up for court. Frankly, I am surprised he hasn’t blamed that on Bush yet!

    • Rick

      No mainstream news covered the Georgia hearing. Is there something wrong here?

    • patriot2

      Rick those lamestream media pukes don’t want their darling boy to be,I don’t want them to send him home(kenya)either,unless it’s in a coffin.

  • Dave3200

    @James Barrs: You are correct on your definition of Natural Born Citizen.

    Another point: I don’t believe the subpoena issued for Obama to appear can be enforced outside the State of Georgia.

    One more point: I believe Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski, can be disbarred for his behavior in this case.

    Final point: Judge Mahili will not make a decision in this case. That responsibility is in the hands of the Georgia Secretary of State, Bryan Kemp. The Judge will submit a “report” to the SOS in accordance with Georgia law.

    • Carroll

      You are exactly on the money, Dave 3200, and the Secretary of State has indicated that he is 100% behind Judge Mahili, and he is expected to keep Obama off of Georgia’s ballot. Regardless of what Obama does, I believe this is the beginning of the end for this socialist fraud occupying our white house! The media has called ‘birthers’ loons for so long, they are embarrassed to even report anything on this. Bret Bauer with Fox only briefly mentioned that the ‘birthers’ were trying to keep Obama off the ballot. Best to get our news from the internet rather than the lame stream media!

  • Tom K.

    We don’t know that Obama swore to uphold the Constitution, because it was done behind closed doors..We need to correct that law!

    • patriot2

      Tom K,if he did the oath it didn’t count if it was the koran.that firestarter doesn’t count for much.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Clinging to My Religion and My Guns

      You are correct! He “flubbed” the Oath of Office in public (on purpose?) and later had to be sworn in by the Chief Justice in private. Who knows what oath he swore to. I could have been the Dog Catchers oath!

      “The Liberties of a people never were, nor every will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”
      —- Patrick Henry

  • Delaware Bob

    If there is any thruth to this, use it. If it is a hoax, get the thing removed.

    I have to question why he spent a miollion dollars to keep his records a secret. Ehat has he got to hide? If he was born in Hawaii, wouldn’t there be a record with his foot print at birth?

    • Shannon

      He didn’t spend money to get his personal records sealed. Every president since and including Reagan has had their records sealed. There is a false rumor going around that Executive Order 13489 “seals off all of Obama’s records”. Supposedly this is how Obama can seal off his school and birth records. Here’s the problem. That Executive Order only affects presidential records and by the definition in the executive order, records made prior to being elected president are NOT “presidential records”.

      People who think that either haven’t read the executive order or haven’t read the statute it was amending or haven’t done the proper statutory analysis.

      The executive order defines “presidential records” as those defined as such in the “Presidential Records Act”. From that act:

      The term “Presidential records” means documentary materials, or any reasonably segregable portion thereof, created or received by the President, his immediate staff, or a unit or individual of the Executive Office of the President whose function is to advise and assist the President, in the course of conducting activities which relate to or have an effect upon the carrying out of the constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties of the President.

      Presidential records must have been:

      1) Created during the course of being president
      2) Created by the president or his staff or advisers and
      3) Created pursuant to official duties as president

      So unless school records, birth certificates or other documents that people seem so interested in were created while Obama was president and created by him or his staff or advisers and pursuant to his official duties as president, then they aren’t covered by this executive order.

  • David in MA

    1. Default for failure to sgow.
    2. Name not on ballot due to open case without a decision.
    3. obozo found in contempt of court and a warrant issued for his arrest and presented to the court, resulting in a delay in trial date and therefore not on the ballot.
    4. Arrest and held for trial which would be set to after elections….
    Man oh man, so many options so little time, ha ha ha, I hope this judge has mucho cojonies and sticks the law to the illegal immigrant faux president obozo.
    BTW, does Georga have many delegate voters, or could this be a throw-away for the dictator…..
    I have been saying it for some time now and I believe it more than ever that obozo is gling to find a reason to declare Martial Law and “lock-down” America…..LOCK & LOAD< AMERICA, the battle is here.
    Pray for the Oath Keepers and hope for the Lone Wolf.
    See ya in the FEMA Camp…..Patriot!

    • http://none drdoo46

      Georgia has 12 delagates…

    • Friend of John Wayne

      Sorry David no fema camp for us.

    • Bigfoot

      David in MA… is something to chew on. Lets say (and they will) Georgia keeps Obama off the ballot…and lets say up to 10-15 other key states keeps him off the ballot. Well now the Dems say we can’t win so they throw in a ringer say as an Independent. Now this Independent gets a lot of votes. Obama does not get enough votes to win….the Independent looses also, but the Independent gives his votes to Obama….Now Obama has enough votes to win. If memory serves me correct this happened either in Clinton’s 1st or 2nd election. It gave him enough edge to win. Just throwing something out there that none of these blogs have thought about entertaining to debate on.

  • hearmetalking

    Do you have any idea how many Americans do not know anything about Obama disregarding the court order from Georgia, due to the fact that MSM did not report on any of this.Next time you waste your time and mind watching MSM ,ask yourself what are they not telling us now.Can you believe anything they are saying

    • Ron

      How important is this anyway in reality not at all.


      IF we are a nation of LAWS , Ron , it is VITALLY important !! IF we are a nation of MEN like the U.S.S.R. or VENEZUELA then it will never be important again because there won’t be anymore FREE ELECTIONS . SO if you only want DEMON’O’CRAPS on the ballot from now on…..I.D.M. [it don’t matter] Jack !!
      Oh by the way…to the Obamacraps who are monitoring the web ” UP with YOURS “

    • patriot2

      hey pinhead,it means we can get rid of him.

    • Jon

      It’s Important because, all of this is an act of TREASON! But then again I guess YOU don’t get it do you?

  • Dark Knight

    Anyone remember that scene from the movie “The Exorcist”, when the demon realizes that the priest it battled years before was going to come to do battle again? Well, we all know who the “demon” here is. He is aware that his time is limited…so does many of his minions who have jumped from his sinking ship.
    Now is the time for everyone of us to support Judge Malihi (The Exorcist, if you will) in every possible way that only “We The People” can support him.
    May the Good Lord Almighty give Judge Malihi, Sheriff Arpaio and anyone the strength/ endurance to be forever committed to swift and correct American justice in order to purge the progressive infection that not only occupies our White House but our government as well.

  • Jonathan Silberger

    LOVE THE JUDGE!!! About time a judge isn’t corrupted by this admin!!! Now, ostrich boy holder will be suing the State of Georgia!

  • http://Yahoo RichB

    It’s amazing that this story is not been televised (not even on FOX!), nor is it in the print media??? Do you smell conspiracy??

    • patriot2

      fox has been getting a little too liberal anymore,they got rid of Glen Beck I don’t even watch them need.

  • Jdangiel

    Of course he didn’t show up for the trial. He hasn’t shown up to work as our president, either.

    • http://none drdoo46

      He was out playing Golf…90 rounds in first 3 yrs. GWB didn’t do that in EIGHT yrs. grrr…

    • http://none drdoo46

      Hmm…forgot to point out one reason for SOBama playing so much Golf…Could it be something to do with getting away from someone…Michelle??? Hmmmmmm lol

    • http://Don'thaveone Gramma

      He only shows up for the photo ops. Never will miss one of those. He loves to see his face on television and hear his lilting voice. Narcissitic is the word. He is a narcissist. Loves himself more than his own mother.

  • Patricia Martin

    It was not just MSM who did not report this trial, NONE of the TV stations even alluded
    to it. It was not on CNN, FOX News, ABC, NBC
    or CBS. The big O has everyone in his pocket
    it would seem. Thank goodness there are other means by which these things are known.

    • Janiece

      Because it is total BS. Obama was born in Hawaii to an American mother, end of story. ( copies of the announcement in Hawaiin newspapers have been on micro film in most major colleges and libraries for DECADES !!
      Get on with your lives and leave behind the lies!

    • http://none drdoo46

      You mean the shenanigans were liberally applied? lol

    • http://none drdoo46

      The only place one can learn about the case in Georgia is online…or at talkstreamlive…Remember, those who voted for SOBama never heard the truth EVER…They’re either watching TV or playing games or walking down the street with pants hanging half off…Hmmm…Ever notice those dudes NEVER wear white undies…lol

    • Old dog

      You’re right Patricia,
      Fox New’s is now a turncoat, if Hannity or any of the commentators speak their mind they’ll go the way of Glen Beck, he’s the only one with enough gut to speak out and look where he is……

    • Goodyear Girl

      Glenn Becks site says he was told to “shut up” about George Soros-big O supporter. Now Fox isn’t much different from the other suck-up stations. What’s happened to all of us? Course, I heard Murdock is an O supporter, too. Anyone know anything about that?

  • Rocky C

    Obama didn’t show… closed. Georgia and all the other States who demand the same proof should just remove him from the ballot. He can’t be allowed to go to those states to campaign. This time, if he thinks he can get away with his goon squads threatening legitimate voters, I think he’s in for a big surprise. The Silent Majority doesn’t exist anymore. Keep the faith and remember, THROW ALL THE BUMS OUT,incumbent Democrats & Republicans alike and most of all, kick Obama out of office. He belongs in jail.

  • Norman

    Recommend you look at and click on the petetion to the Supreme Court # 11-587 Comrade Barry is in violation of 18-USC 1001

  • Richard Popovich

    IF Obama WAS a natural born citizen, doesn’t it just make sense that his lawyers; and he himself; would be in that courtroom with the proof that he is eligible to hold the office of President? He is admitting by default, that he is foreign born, and very possibly not even a legal citizen of this country! May other States follow Georgia’s example and make him ineligible to be on the ballot!

  • DOUG

    I don’t believe Holder will bring some frivilous lawsuit against Georgia, mainly cause it will bring the case to the attention of America. He will only do it if America starts finding out about this case and the media starts reporting it!

    Did y’all hear the professional reason Obama’s attorney gave as not wanting the case to go forward…how’s this statement, “The state of Georgia should mind it’s own business”…oh, so that’s why the case should be thrown out! How freakin’ arrogant can one be! And people are still getting chills down their leg for this criminal usurper!

    • patriot2

      what a stupid IS Georgias business,obamas been screwing up the jobs there just like everywhere else.besides obama being illegal affects all of’s even forcing me to buy more guns & ammo.(not that that’s a bad thing).

  • http://AT&T cutie

    Put my article back in I gave you my e mail address

    • patriot2

      been moderated cutie?that’s forced me to learn a whole new set of 4 letter words that they will allow.

    • Friend of John Wayne

      The moderator is on obummers side.
      Go to Right Wing
      Those people will open your eyes.
      All are carrying if you know what I mean.

  • gataheart

    May God withdraw his Spirit from our Enemy.

  • Norman
  • rick

    the major crack has now taken place and the end of this illegal gov’t. is at hand but, the communists did not illegally seize power to just hand it back. it’s removal will be agonizingly slow! soetero’s protector’s are many & in position’s of a butt load of power.

  • http://NA TONY B

    This is incredible

  • http://NA TONY B

    I have noticed that FOX is realy no better than the other so-called media..your right , no news at all..they want to do is to bash Gingrich, Palin, etc. What the H is going on???????

  • Ron

    and when obumer “retook” the oath of office he used the Quran and not the Bible. That’s why it was “in secret” As a Mulim he could’t use a bible. and thats why he isn’t “upholding the constitution.He doesn’t believe in it or America.

    • Friend of John Wayne

      RIGHT ON!!!

  • al

    I still think the clown was born in Kenya, and his mother brought him 4 days after and got a certificate of birth in Hawaii. Thats why nobody knows what happened at the hospital?

  • Laminator

    I think it is rather amazing that the media has not reported this. It is extremely important due to the possible consequences. I would suggest to others that they simply email this article to everyone that they know. It could be in the hands of MILLIONS in a matter of hours. It could also stimulate the other states to take like action and keep him off the ballots in a number of states, possibly enough to keep him from being elected. If enough people read this as well as the documentation included it will put him right behind the eight ball, right where he deserves to be.

  • http://YAHOO RED

    I have not heard any of the major networks pick up on this story! Not even FOX. How is this possible?

  • CO.40S&W

    Communist, socialist, Muslim, racist, Kenyan and illegal alien dictator POS. That’s who lives in our White House.



  • John

    ” The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide. ” – Barack Hussein Obama. You can see him say it on YouTube.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Clinging to My Religion and My Guns

    Everything being said, what kind of message does this send to the young adults and the children of this nation? How many times are the Democrats going to stick their fat asses in our faces and laugh about it in their marbled halls and country clubs? You try like hell to teach your kids right from wrong and then they see the President and his Lawyers tell a Judge and the whole Soverign State of Georgia to pound salt.

    We are “first and foremost” a Nation of laws. The Democrats just don’t get it and care even less. This will be their legacy to future generations. The Law is used for the Government’s convenience, not to be obeyed by them and to be used as a weapon against the “hot, hungry massas” which they will surely create. Our children, our most valuable “natural resource” will wake up slaves on the continent their Forefathers conguered.

    • Friend of John Wayne

      Yes we are a nation of laws but when hell breaks loose even my daughter will blow a intruder away with the 45. Practice makes perfect.

  • Ralph & Deborah

    The issue now is not if he is a citizen. Or he has the bocus Social Security number. It’s that he didn’t even show up for a subpoena. That is contempt of court and even King Barack Obama has to follow the rules. Just like all us other peons. If we look the other way for this and he gets away with this we are DONE. CONTEMPT OF COURT IS A IMPEACHABLE offense. We cannot let him walk away from this or he will be able to do anything he wants have agcorn to count the ballots. Have Bill O’Reilly arrested and detained for life order the military to attack Atlanta Georgia. Whatever King Barack Obama wants. This is game time people wake up or we are a capitalist nation are freedom will be gone our children will be slaves. to a Marxists third country regime. God bless our children and the USA

    • Friend of John Wayne

      When the warrant goes out the Marshall’s will bring him in dead or alive.

  • Justice4All

    Perhaps, and it’s only a thought, this guy “O” has an arrest warrant out for him in Georgia.
    Possibly many different charges are now catching up with him from his life of adventures and his conspiring with known criminals.
    In his fantasy world, he is the supreme leader of all people and does not need to abide with the laws of this GREAT COUNTRY. I guess it is time to bring him down to earth!

    GOD Bless The U.S.A.

  • Vet

    Strike everything O’Traitor signed as null and Void becuase the Fraud is illegal to
    even be a White House lawn caretaker. Ship
    Him!, his drunk uncle, nasty illegal aunt,
    And Wide load wife back to Kenya ASAP!..

    2012 you be the judge!

  • http://msn thomas Lee

    to one and all; the liberals have, since the 1950’s, been telling the silent MAJORITY to be quiet,go along to get along,not make waves,accept different views,without them accepting yours,and just lose their temper when you do challenge them. Notice how you are supposed to play nice and they throw away all and do what ever they want and you are supposed to stay out of the way. That is exactly the way obuma does and says.

  • Bob DD

    Bottom Up, Top Down, Inside Out! BHO wants his base riled up, so if they take him off the ballot, they’ll riot-guaranteed!

  • Bob Flannery

    A no Show means You LOSE !!!

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    It would be great if we could make him a NO SHOW in this November’s election. — Stay Well/Stay Safe/Stay Free

    • Gray

      I’ve lived in Georgia, my entire life and I think this proves Georgia is the greatest of the 50-states!
      I just hope the other 49 will follow our lead and we’ll have a bum-less ballot, come November.

  • http://ThePatriotUpdate LaVorna Tester

    I tried to follow the link to the “play-by-play” during the hearing… it was gone. Scrubbed?

    • Texan living overseas (until Texas secedes)

      No, fortunately Obama has not yet decided to shut down the internet. SOPA would give him that power and congress is working on it. But not yet.

      Obama’s probably out. Hell hath no fury like a judge scorned, so Obama’s team really shot themselves on the foot on this one. I was surprised they didn’t swoop in and use national security as an excuse to shut them down.

      Now it’s too late for them, as the case has been aired and evidence entered in. The Georgia primary is in early March so they may have a ruling very soon! This is beyond my wildest expectations.

      God bless Malihi! Pray for his safety and for him to stand fast against any oppression sent his way!

  • Bob Ski

    For all you idiot Obama supporters try doing
    some background checks on this man everything
    in his background is a secret.WHY?
    From place of birth to schooling,to ssn nothing is clear.Face facts the Goverment dropped the ball on investigation this man back in 08 but they sure ran the gambit on
    checking into John McCaine citizenship.

  • Chad

    If you or I don’t show up to court when ordered.. We lose automatically, don’t we?

    • Mike Cassidy

      So Obama doesn’t get on the ballot in Georgia,
      so what, who cares. Presidential elections are not popular votes, they’re Electoral College elections.
      Obama isn’t going to win Georgia anyways, so who F***ing cares.
      Mike Cassidy
      Utica, Md.

    • Daniel

      Whens the last time our votes counted for anything except in relationships with significant others. Obama wasnt elected by Voters as Mike Points out, The Rockefellers and the Rothchilds have already picked the Next president. Rothchild family is worth over 100 Trillion but how come you dont know them? Because of puppets like Obama who appear out of Nowhere and are “Popular” Just enjoy being uninformed and misinformed depending if You beleive Media!

    • Brett Tiernan

      not being on the ballot in Georgia will mean he automatically losses 13 ELECTORAL votes and the MORE STATES that have this trial will mean obama will not get ANY ELECTORAL VOTES in those states either – GOT IT?

  • Patrick Duffy

    If the emperor is found not to have clothes, get ready for a ‘false flag’ to keep the fraud going. These people do not go peacefully.

    • TruthMatters

      Patrick, you are right. – Look for some event (probably staged) for Barry to initiate ML. Failing that, look for the DNC to support his removal and in his place insert HC. This would throw all GOP plans (up to this point) out the window, in which case RP would likely be her most formidable opponent. But at this point, I think its a reasonable possibility that BO won’t make it to the election.

    • Texan living overseas (until Texas secedes)

      I find it sometimes surprising but many conservatives, even “Birthers” can’t make the leap to “Truthers”.

      Many think the government is willing to lie, cheat, and deceive, but apparently murder is not within their capability? They are applying for a job that has control of the armed forces and has lots of blood on it’s hands, but somehow Americans generally believe the “office of the Presidency” to be infallible on the issue of murder.

  • SFC J. Simmons, US Army, Retired

    God, I love living in Georgia!

  • Politicritic

    Terminology 101: Communism, Capitalism and Socialism are modern economic terms lumping general economic schools of thought together.
    Tyranny and dictatorships describe governments.
    Some examples of types of political organizations (or governments) are: Monarchies, Oligarchies, Kleptocracies (rule by thieves), Plutocracies (rule by rich), Republics, and Democracies.
    It is as likely to have a capitalistic, tyrannical oligarchy that calls itself communist (China) as it is to have a tyrannical, socialism for the rich, plutocracy that calls itself capitalist (USA).
    All too often, as the author does in this piece, communism and socialism are used interchangeably with tyranny and dictatorships.
    In the past, our old foe, the Soviet Union was characterized as a brutal communist dictatorship. Hitler’s Germany was a brutal fascist dictatorship.
    Today we in the U.S. have a increasingly brutal and tyrannical crony-capitalist imperial pseudo-republic with serious fascist overtones, that has diverged drastically from the vision of the founding fathers. We were never intended or destined to be a capitalist country, just a fair country.
    The United States hasn’t been a capitalist country since child labor laws and unions broke the brutal strangle hold on the economy held by the tyrannical industrialists of the early 19th century.
    To incite fear and hate at the economic theories of communism and socialism is ignorance personified. To use those words is tantamount to activating post-hypnotic suggestions of fear, anger and hatred programmed into us as the “communist threat” as we hid under our desks at school. REALLY!?
    We should all be able to agree that FREEDOMS granted in the Bill of Rights, liberty, truth and social justice are what we seek. With those ideals achieved, even under a socialist economic theory, we would be far happier than we are today subjected to debt slavery by the crony-capitalist system our tyrannical pseudo-republic forces on us.
    So, don’t be afraid of Democrats. They won’t take your business away. If anything, be afraid of the two party system and the fear based paradigm that has been programmed into us since childhood. Break free from the prison holding your mind hostage. If nothing else, we as human beings should be social.

    • Politicritic

      Oops… 20th Century (Early 1900’s).

  • Gordy

    Please keep up the work you are doing. The American people need to know if he is an American or not.

    It is bad enough if an American is doing this to us. With everything pointing to his not even being an American (yes, naturally born) then for sure he has to go.

  • cleareyes

    You all, watch out for the DamRats sucker punch, here.
    Georgia doesn’t have the best history of race relations
    And I think they will try to use it in this next election.
    I believe it is not as it was in the past!
    About 10 yrs. ago I had the pleasure to be at the fireworks at Bald Mountain, day after Thanksgiving.
    I could no’t believe at the rainbow of people there and the peace I felt there that day. Knowing the history of the place!
    I sat there with tears in my eyes along with my Korean wife and grand children. Believing I was witnessing the Holy Ghost was walking among us.
    One of the hight lights of my life.

  • http://gopusa Marcus

    Judge Malihi ,You are a true Patriot and should be commended for having the Integrity and Honor to render actual Justice for the People of Georgia ,If anything to just make a statement and finally expose the perpitrator of the greatest fraud in Human History ,Barry Soetoro ,AKA BHO

  • Ronbo

    When is he going to be arresded? Seed Doc and Beth after him. He is not above the law.

  • TuckTuck

    The link is dead. Big surprise. SOPA/PIPA are alive and well.

  • Dalek

    When are we going to get the decision from this court? I’m looking forward to that. So far, I haven’t heard what the court says.

  • Pat

    The Georgia ballot challenge to Obama intends to have a court rule on the merits of the Constitutional question:

    “Does the term “natural born citizen” in Article II of the Constitution, require that both parents of a Presidential candidate must have been U.S. citizens at the time the candidate was born?”

    Obama wants to avoid having a court rule on this question.

    That is why he didn’t show up and ordered his attorneys to not show up.

    He was hoping that the Georgia court would enter a default judgment rather than rule on the merits.

    He does NOT want any court to rule on the factual basis for the court action.

    If the court enters a default judgment, Obama will have succeeded in avoiding the Constitutional eligibility question. He will then appeal the default judgment, get the appellate court to suspend the default judgment pending appeal, and then delay the appeal until after the primary.

    There are forces acting behind the scenes enabling and furthering their own agenda. What sort of forces would have the money to be able to completely subvert our legal system?

    Logic leads directly to the forces that “create” our “money”. Since 1913, those people have literally stolen our republic from us.

    Since 1913, our money has been “created” by the actions of private citizens (not the US Government). When ever a bank issues a loan – that money is “created”.

    The bank “loaning” the money does not need to have had to previously “earned” that money.

    That money does not even have to exist previous to the “loan”.

    The bank doesn’t have to have gold in a vault somewhere to back the new money it is issuing.

    When the bank issues a loan – that money is “created” simply through the action of a bank official writing down an amount.

    So what sort of power do you think you’d have if you could “create” money simply by writing down a number?

    That’s one of the biggest problems we face as individuals and as a nation.

    They not only “create” our money – with their ill gotten gains they have purchased our entire news media and bribed our government away.

    So who are these people? It is instructive to note who controls, for example, the U.S. Treasury Department.

    Timothy F. Geithner (Jew) – Secretary of the Treasury
    Neal S. Wolin (Jew) – Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
    Stuart A. Levey (Jew) – Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
    Alan Krueger (Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy
    Michael S. Barr (Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions
    David S. Cohen (Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing
    Herbert M. Allison, Jr.(White European) – Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability and Counselor to the Secretary

    Of the seven (7) top officials in the U.S. Treasury Department, six (6) are Jews. How many of these Jews are citizens of the Jewish Nation (Israel)?

    This is a numerical representation of 86%.
    Jews are approximately 2% of the United States population.

    This means that Jews are over-represented among the top officials of the U.S. Treasury Department by a factor of 43 times, or 4,300 percent.

    This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews among the top officials of the U.S. Treasury Department cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance.

    You must ask yourself how such an incredibly small and extremely unrepresentative minority ethnic group that only represents 2% of the American population could so completely dominate the U.S. Treasury Department.

    You may want to take a look at other key policy making positions within the government as well – and note who the people are who are holding those positions.

    Prepare to vomit if you decide to look into the ownership of the various media outlets in the US – or management positions in ALL of the US Federal Reserve system member banks. They’re “kosher”.

    Our perpetual wars against Israel’s enemies – where Israel fights using American soldiers are starting to make more sense now…aren’t they?

    So is it “anti-Semitic” to state facts?

  • Joe Watters

    I was fortunate enough to get through to the link listing the “play by play” actions which took place in the Gorgia court room. It was extremely factual and everything was relevant to stating the sitting president is not qualified, under the Constitution to be President of the United States. Further testimony concerning the legitimacy of his Social Security numbers indicated he could be charged with fraud, if this area was persued. I can only hope and pray the Georgia State Police, GBI, local law enforcement and the Georgia National Guard are vigilant as this Judge has placed himself in a very precarious position. I would put nothing past this administration, including a “fatal accident” involving the Judge. He is a very brave man who deserves the support, not only of Georgia, but all of the U.S. as well.

  • Henry

    People, this is clear Marxism. Simply a fact of life. Hugo Chavez is slapping his knee saying, “Damn, I didn’t think the boy could do it!”

  • Shannon

    Jesus “HUSSEIN” Christ? Without an original birth certificate, we’ll never know….

    • Mike Cassidy

      You have the ‘most original’ birth certificate that is available from the state of Hawaii, GET OVER IT.
      Hows come John McCain wasn’t questioned about his birth certificate and ‘Natural Born Citizenship’, when he was running? He was born in the Panama Canal Zone, much less of a state then Hawaii.
      Mike Cassidy
      Utica, Md.

    • Shannon

      Whoa Mike, calm down. I was being sarcastic- I was making a joke! :)

      Get it? Jesus didn’t have a birth certificate either, so he very well could be a MUSLIM/FASCIST/KENYAN/COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST/ WHATEVER-ist.

      (In my best Colbert voice) I want to see Jesus’ full birth certificate, otherwise I will forever be conveinced that he is a MUSLIM and he HATES AMERICA (oh wait…America didn’t exist when Jesus was around…well don’t confuse me with the facts!)

      Do you see how dumb that is?!?! (not you, Mike, the “birthers”)

  • Gica Coca

    Now, how can we reduce carbon polution when we have a dark skin president that smokes!!!!!