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Obama Ruled Eligible To Be On Georgia Ballot

Written on Friday, February 3, 2012 by


Today, Judge Mahili ruled Obama IS eligible to be on the Georgia Ballot. What does this mean to all of us? It means we must FIGHT even harder to elect no DEMOCRATS in 2012!

Click on this link for the complete ruling.

Are we going to stand around and let Obama and the Democrats destroy America? We MUST rally and stand up for our FREEDOM or we are DOOMED to be subjugated to Socialism!

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  • Gas Passer

    I’m not a bit surprised that the judge would “RULE” in Obunga’s favor.

    There is no justice in the justice system of the United States.

    May you go straight to hell Judge Mahili…you sorry SOB!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Yes, I must admitt. The resident in the White House is more slicker than snot on an ice cube.

    • patriot2

      mahili is on obamas payroll too???

    • Flo

      He is now.

    • Honorary

      This stupid judgement is now opened for all citizens in the USA, in the future if you were charged or sued by anyone, all you have to do is send a letter to the court to shove it and not need to show up, they can’t do anything to you because this is not the court of law, it is the toilet seat and the judge is just a joker. You can just tell him to go to hell which I think he is looking forward to go there.

    • Randy131

      This Judgement is nothing more than a 10 page justification of cowardice, and they want you to believe this is a nation of laws, hogwash, just depends on who you are or who you know, and you can violate any law you want, as Obama has done since he came here from Malaysia as a child. Fraud in attaining college scholarships or in becoming President, one or the other, they both can’t be true and legal.

    • http://windowslive marymason

      why don’t the people of Georgia stand together and fight. why are people afraid of soros or obummer?

    • James

      I suppose this ruling will put Judge Mahili on the fast track for the next SCOTUS opening.

    • James

      Well, I see the ‘Free Press for the Conservative Revolution’ has me on hold again. I guess it depends what the definition of ‘free’ is

    • Fred

      Amen, Brother. He’ll receive his “just” reward (and, won’t have to wait till he gets to heaven)


      More like George Soros.

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      He may be just glad he and his family are still alive, but has forgotten what he has to live under. Another 5 years of the same. Do you really think we will even have another election?

    • Dean

      Now any baby born in the United States, no matter what country the parents are citizens of, can become president of the United States. Thanks Judge Mahili, you traitor.

    • vesuvius

      At least the Democrats have opened the door for Marco Rubio in the future as this guy is the best, along with a couple others IE LtCol West, since Reagan at getting the message across to regular people. When he speaks on the conservative philosophy he sounds just like listen to Reagan put it in terms average people could understand; something our current candidates lack.

      Having Obama as their candidate and President will come back to haunt the Democrats when the younger Republicans come of age to run for the Presidency.

    • Patriot

      Dean: I agree! Since when is a judge permitted to re-write the U.S. Constitution? What a flaming ass-for-a-judge! More money from Osama Obama to another judge, I suppose!

    • Harley

      I wonder just how much the taxpayer had to pay to buy off Mahili?

    • knowsit

      There are several rumors floating around in the Birther Movement as to who Obama’s father really is.

      Two of them are that he is either the son of George Marshall Davis, the card carrying communist and drinking buddy of Stanly Dunham, Ann’s father and himself a communist, that he had an affair with his drinking buddy’s underage daughter.
      The other is that Obama is the illegitimate son of Stanley Dunham, Ann’s father, and his black mistress, a nice family intrigue.
      Consider this, Ann dropped out of the university during her pregnancy, there is no photo available of her being pregnant, and she was able to take her “son” within days of the birth to Seattle to attend university there. Quite an accomplishment, and why the hurry to get both out of sight.
      Now look at the legal position of the judge and Obama’s nationality.

      Under both conditions explained above, Obama is legally qualified to be President of the US, because he would be the son of two American parents.
      If this would be explained to any judge, I can readily see the judge to simply declare Obama to be qualified, to avoid exposure of the President of the US as the bastard son of a semi-rape or an illegitimate relationship.
      I have seen photos of an adolescent Obama and Stanly Dunham, Obama’s supposed grampa, they are the spitting image of each other, when color is discounted, but on the other hand, Obama looks nothing like his story-book father Barack Sr.
      Hawaii housing records apparently have Barack Sr. and Ann Dunham never living together.

      Lastly, why did Obama put several body guards around his dieing grandma during his campaign, and visit her after the election results.
      She died while he was in Hawaii, bad rumors say he killed her because he could not risk having her expose him accidentally for what he really is.

    • RHSchumann

      The Constitution says nothing about citizenship. The definition of who is a citizen was set in a series of court decisions, which have evolved in the last 200 years. As it stands now, a natural born citizen is anybody with one US citizen parent – no matter where he/she was born.

    • Honorary

      I believe that this judge had already planned with Odumbo to do this. He pretended to accept the case and call for hearings then he made this decision to shun all other to sue Odumbo again, I think Odumbo must pay this guy at least a million or Soros pay him. I am wondering where is Lee Harvey when we need him? When I read the judges name at first, Malihi – I already suspect that this kind of name sound like a Muslim or Arab, and I was right.

    • wayne

      And this – so called judge – ,, is still breathing as he – rules – from the bench ??. I guess this – so called judge -, has no respect for facts, or law, much less making a good decision.
      He seriously needs to be removed from the bench yesterday, if not sooner.

    • American Patriot

      Subject: The Pope
      The Pope and Obama are on the same stage in Yankee Stadium in front of a huge crowd.

      The Pope leans towards Mr. Obama and said, “Do you
      know that with one little wave of my hand I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display, but will go deep into their hearts and they’ll forever speak of this day and rejoice!”

      … Obama replied, “I seriously doubt that!
      With one little wave of your hand . . . . Show me!”

      So the Pope backhanded him and knocked him off the stage!

      AND THE CROWD ROARED & CHEERED WILDLY and there was happiness throughout the land!

      Kind of brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it? Hahahaha ;-)~

    • tpm44

      Well what is it going to take we need to go after every republican congressman in every state and demoncrats also and go for recall votes on every politician that is against we the people and we need to do it now if we do not this country is doomed to a painfull death, one most of us will not survive in WE ARE THE MAJORITY WHAT THE HELL IS THE MAYYER WITH YOU?

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      You are correct. Obama had already taken care of that and that is why he so smugly, refused to go to GA. I think that Mahili knew it, too. We the conservatives, practically held our breath, hoping Mahili would be loyal not knowing he was a traitor, too, even he was probably threatened into it.

      There is one that he cannot bully, or threaten to fall into line.GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL. WE ALL WILL SOON SEE THE RESULTS OF THAT CONTROL

    • BillO

      Gas Passer; Who was the only candidate to tell the truth about our judicial system, and was hammered and silenced for his honesty? Newt!

  • evolved

    If you are a Republican and/or a conservative, you have plenty of reasons to want a new president. However, if you want Obama impeached/arrested/deported/tried for treason, you are seriously deranged. Let’s hear all your nutty reasons Orly Taitz’s obsessive mission failed in Georgia: conspiracy, threats, the judge was paid off, everyone is too afraid of Obama and his thugs…pick your excuse. I’m wasting my time, because no matter what proof anyone shows the lunatic fringe who just can’t accept Obama’s legitimate claim to the presidency, you will not accept it. By now, though, you really can’t accept it, because to do so would make a lie out of what you so desperately want to believe. Keep insisting, keep preaching to deaf ears, and come November, your president will be your president again. As an Obama supporter, I thank you.

    • Bree

      You’re right evolved, you’re wasting your time here on this conservative patriot site. What could possibly be your contribution or intent of good when you are a liberal Obama supporter and part of the vileness and evil of the leftists, progressive, Marxist Socialists threatening to destroy our great nation? You are the enemy. Go elsewhere.

    • Bree

      For you evolved, my comment is in moderation.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Bree..Thank you for expressing what most of us feel. Let’s hope that Evolved moves on, maybe with the Occupy people…. Looks like all that Hope and Change has addled her brain. or maybe it’s a he… Who Cares???

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Bree, that’s the way to go, Bree! must have been good, very good.

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Remember the good part, Evolved is one of “them” we are “OF GOD”

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      I think some of my, well liked as long as they remained, is either in moderation or just plain deleted. You must admit, they have to look out for themselves, too.

    • Ltjg

      He has nothing better to do. His Mother took away his Gameboy for not keeping up with his studies in History.

    • RHSchumann

      You don’t like a differenmce of opinion! Just want to play in your own sandbox? What kind of a Democrat are you? And I don’t mean the party but the system under which we live.

    • NotTheBama

      Evolved, I’m a little confused…in one breath, you state, “If you are a Republican and/or a conservative, you have plenty of reasons to want a new president;…” Yet, you say you are for Obama…

      please explain the paradox…

    • Phillip Hedo

      @ evolved:
      How stupid are you!?!? You can’t even spell our president’s name correctly. It’s O-D-U-M-A!!

    • vesuvius

      The only thing you have right is Obama will not be removed from office except by vote. His presidency is already a fait accompli and no court ruling will hold up that tries to remove him. I think he has very serious problems with eligibility which is the reason his college and travel records are sealed. He has been the stealth President and democrats believe in this guy despite his attacks on our Constitution. Where are the Democrats of old that Believed in the rule of law and our Constitution. I didn’t like Robert Byrd but I did admire his effort to make the government adhere to the Constitution.

      Our fight needs to be for the upcoming election as that is the only way we will get Obama out of office. We need to pull together because too many people will distort the facts to present him in a better light and groups will cheat during the voting to help him win a second term. We won’t get him out of office unless we decide to pull together and overwhelm the efforts to elect him to a second term.

    • Jay

      Evolved…In nmy opinion You are supporting the Anti-Christ. May you go where he will.

    • evolved

      Bree: What kind of patriot would ban another’s free speech? I’m vile and evil and threatening to destroy our nation? Do you wonder why you occupy such a small corner of our country? Ann Rand: I know you care. ltjg: Got any idea where mommy hid my Gameboy? I’ve been looking for that thing. NotTheBama: It’s simple, really. Republicans and conservatives don’t like Obama; Democrats and progressives do. No paradox here. Phillip Hedo: You guys are so clever with your cutesy names for our president. vesuvius: I’m always right. Jay: It’s folks like you who prompt my comments, but I don’t wish you eternal torment. I figure your life on Earth must be lousy enough.

    • Dennis

      “Evolved”? Boy, that’s a fitting name.

    • Furious in TX

      Yes he evolved from a monkey. The transformation is nearly complete!! Soon, he’ll be a full blown Muslim.

    • Ltjg

      Yes I do know where your Gameboy might be, but the only way you will find it is if you bend over and let a proctologist retreive it for you.

    • James

      That is interesting. Both his gameboy and his head occuping the same place. He is really a clever guy.

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Evolved, GOD HIMSELF, gives us the right to chose to live for GOD” or to live for “Satan”
      GOD is the creator of the universe and everything in it or on it. Satan is the destroyer.

      If GOD made Satan, why did HE make him evil??? He made HIS Angels so that they could chose, also. Satan made his choice. He decided he would take over and rule over everything that GOD had made fighting against the CREATOR. He was cast out of heaven to rage around the earth, destroying who he could until GOD put and end to all evil at the end of the 7 year tribulation. We are right at the point of the tribulation, which I believe we are well into.

    • wayne

      You yourself name all the reasons he needs to go. As it is people like – you – who choose , not to see the truth, and facts of any of this. You live in your little socialist utopia,, and say everyone else is ignorant,, when in fact it is you. And people just like you with blinders completely covering your eyes and face.
      You people – couldn’t – see the truth if it hit you right between the frigging eyes lol.

    • evolved

      RHSchumann: Of course I like differing opinions; that’s what makes us interesting as a species. With normal humans, debate is productive. With you and your loony types, there is no debate. You are unhinged, and reality doesn’t live in your sandbox. Dennis: Another person making fun of my screen name? Try some originality. Furious in Texas: I did evolve from apes; keep trying, and you may make it someday. I, like out president, am not a Muslim. That lie is one of many repeated on this site so often that it must be true, right? Ltjg and James: It would appear that you two have a preoccupation with my derriere. Something you boys want to tell us? Wayne: I live in the U.S., not a “socialist utopia.” (Do you know what “utopia” means?) I seek the truth from many sources, and guess what? I grow and learn every day. But, the truth is absent most days from this site; I come here to find out what life must be like in the asylum.

    • RHSchumann

      Hey, Evolved, why do you have a problem with me? I am on your side, perhaps the only one posting here. My comment to which you object was directed at Bree!

    • evolved

      My apologies for jumping too quickly. I, too, have been disappointed with Obama’s centrism at times, but in November, he’s the man.

    • AZ Don

      History has shown the way governments become totalitarian is with lies. Lies that some of the people believe. This is not an opinion it is provable fact. This president has lied about just about everything. He said before he was elected he would be the most open president ever in this nation. He has been the most secretive of any president. He says he supports the middle class and yet he supports wealth redistribution of course that makes supporting the middle class impossible. He has lied so much it is nearly impossible, without writing a book, to list his lies. You and others like you have fallen for his lies. That is the real danger not just his lies. Hitler could not have taken over Germany without people who believed his lies.

      Obama has bypassed the congress illegally on more than one occasion. The two most recently are getting involved in a war in Lybia without the approval of congress and the other his recess, non-recess appointments. He made many promises during his campaign for office he refuses to keep now. But the liberal progressive democrats still follow him. How is it the American democrats, once were proud patriots, have now put party before country.

      If Bush had done anything near what obama is doing the democrats would have been screaming for impeachment. Therefore, it is not unusual for a conservative to do the same when they see what obama is doing.

      I do not in any way believe obama can win reelection honestly. But I do believe he did win at least legally the last time. This time however, may be different. There is no way he can win honestly. The American people are just not that stupid.

    • Dennis

      “Evolved” says to me you changed, supposedly for the better. I think you went the wrong way.

    • RHSchumann

      You are the only sane person posting here. I am no longer a real Obama fan, he failed in too many ways to deliver on his promises. But what people are posting in this forum is almost without exception lunacy. Most don’t know what they are talking about and I just wonder how many have read the entire ruling?

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      RHS………GOD is the only who can make that decision. That is only your opinion

    • Shannon

      I agree- and the weird nicknames and threatening language are really getting old.

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Meg

      Evolved has not read all the reasons why we believe the birth certificate is fake. Even so his father was not a U.S. citizen. I want to know SOMETHING about this guy but nothing is available. With all his commie czars how can you believe he’s anything else?

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Evolved does not even care if it is legal or not, just so long as he rules for his master, Satan.

    • evolved

      Evermyrtle, I’m a Christian.

    • relayman

      Well pond scum, or I mean “evolved.” I would be interested in what evidence you have to say with such certainty that the present white house occupant is meets the qualifications for office. Especially since it has gone to great and extraordinary lengths to seal this from the public. We can take an adverse decision that is well reasoned.

    • evolved

      Oh…how about the fact that he was elected president in 2008? Legally. Fairly.

  • Sonja M

    Wonder how much Judge Mahili received to do a complete turn-around?

    You bet there is no justice anymore.

    • http://patriotupdate JIMMY CROWW

      no he woke up with his prised race horse,s head in bed with him, AND OFFER HE COULD NOT REFUSE!!!

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      That or the threats were so severe he did not have the guts to stand against. He was so scared he forgot that GOD is still over all.

    • Jay

      There are few people with courage and guts to do the right thing. So far, only one, and he’s running for our nomination – Go for it Newt!

  • VS

    I wonder what dirt Obama’s group of Thugs dug up and threatened to tell if he didn’t rule this way?
    I really didn’t think he would do the right thing, but I had hoped there was at least one honest judge left in the US, but apparently not!

  • VS

    Tim Geithner’s Father was Obamas Mothers BOSS!!
    Will this finally get anyones attention, does this make you realize how long this mess has been cooked up, that we are dealing with today?????
    Obama and the rest of our Elected Government Officials are increasing the Number of Work Visas (Accountants, Engineers, Programmers, IT, Science, etc.), and Work GreenCards to be issued! They also want to Increase the Number Allowed to Immigrate to the US!
    I bet you actually thought that you and you child were about to get US Jobs???? Nope letting US Citizens have US JOBS is not in THEIR PLANS!!

    Stop Blaming US Citizens that are Out of Work for Their Situation When the US Government and it’s Elected Officials are Responsible for Their Situation!

    US Elected Officials keep increasing Immigration Quotas, US Elected Officials keep increasing H1B Visas (Issued for Professional US JOBS – IT/Accounting/Engineering/Etc.), Greencard Work Visas and ALL Other Work Visas the entire time we have been in this mess! Add this to All the Illegal Aliens Allowed by the US Governments Officials to Remain and Work in the US, and All of the Work Visas Issued and it adds up to more than OUR UNEMPLOYMENT RATE!!!!!

    US Elected Officials have IGNORED these FACTS and this is a Major Factor in why US Citizens are still OUT of WORK!!!

    I suggest you start emailing,faxing, letter writing, picketing YOUR ELECTED OFFICIAL in Protest!!!

    • Spidermike

      The problem does not begin or end with the Socialist Democrats. It is the Republican establishment that must be defeated and replaced with Conservative Patriots. The Repubs will give us Romney, they believe Obama cannot be beat but think a squishy moderate RINO like Romney will bring out the the independents which they hope will put the Senate in their control. The Repubs have choked, they just want a piece of the power. The real reason they will not aggressively fight for the Presidency is “race”. If Obama is turned out of office they think the black urban centers will erupt in violence. They might be right but they may be trading a little blood now for a lot of blood down the road. American patriots will not submit to what Obama wants for this country.

      “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” ~ Ronald Reagan

    • vesuvius

      I agree with you except for one point. Romney is a business man and not an ideologue so that he understands today the problems are different than in the 1990 when he was a governor. He listened to the citizens and did what they wanted. So today he understands that we need to take conservative approach and that is what he is doing. Reagan was the same way as a governor in CA but realized later the country needed conservative ideas and programs. If someone else wins the campaign great but if not I will vote for Romney and know he will be far better than Obama. The only way a Republican will lose is if too many of us abandon him because he wasn’t our 1st choice.

    • fordman

      Most of the immigrants that come in from Asia are radicals and I believe a lot of them are in our own government. Our candidates running for president are fighting among themselves instead of fighting Obama. I think it’s all a dog and pony show. If they can’t fight Obama now then how are they going to fight against him in a debate with him? The only proven person that can do this is Ron Paul. All the others are just for show.

  • nvrpc

    I’ve told you many time that the reason they let so many immigrants into the US is to divide and concur and finallt fracture America so we’ll become part of the EU and one world order. Basically if you step back and look around you’ll see the US is turning in the Land of Mongrels where nobody shares a common goal or ideololgy. They’re becoming a free for all of freaks of nature society soon to become just a of worthless P-O-S society of entitlements owned by the government. Maybe total world destruction won’t be a bad thing. Maybe you’ll get it right the next time. I feel sorry for my kids and their kids. I suspect as soon as my son relizes how F’s Up the world is to be he’ll have the same regrets I do.

    • vesuvius

      Most immigrants have conservative values but we don’t have candidates right now that can appeal to them and explain how conservative ideas apply to make their life better. Marco Rubio is the best I have heard at doing this since Reagan. We just have to pull together whoever is the candidate and get Obama out of the office along with getting more conservatives in Congress and Senate.

    • RHSchumann

      I take it your ancestors did not come as immigrants to the USA?

  • Ltjg

    Orly Taitz is working hard on this. There are still five other States that are looking into this. Others could join in also. The word will get out, maybe not by the Media, but at least Orly has the courage to try to do something about this. If possible, try sending a little support. She’s doing this for all of us. Have a little faith. It’s not over yet.

    • Spidermike

      Well, now we at least know where the evidentiary problems were. All we need to do is find certified witnesses. Too bad they all work for the FBI or other law enforcement agencies under the thumb of Eric Holder. Where is John Galt?

  • Ltjg

    It is not over yet. There are still five other states looking into Obamas eligiblity. Orly is working hard.

  • Shane

    Let’s fact it, we are going to have to defeat Comrade Obama at the ballot box. We must support the eventual GOP Presidential primary winner, even if he was not your first choice.

    • Ltjg

      Agreed Shane, I am already down to my fourth choice. The others did not mack it. I will vote but might need a gas mask doing it.

    • Ltjg

      opps Make it

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Ltjg….. You just gave me a good idea!!! I am going to sell clothespins at the polls…LOL

    • Bree

      Hi Ann, what a great idea! Me too!! Lol

    • Taliesin319

      I’ll need a double dose of zafran, the strongest anti emetic
      on the market. Of course I could also skip it and vomit directly on the shoes of one of Obamas thug, he could serve as his master’s proxy.

    • Dingbat36

      I’d vote for Forrest Gump next November if that were the only alternative to the Marxist in the White House!!

      Might I suggest either Goofy or Pluto as a running mate?

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Dingbat… You forgot!!! WE already have Goofy!!!

    • fordman

      I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again I don’t think there will be an election if we have to wait that long.

    • vesuvius

      I agree completely and we need everyone to think of their country instead of if their guy won. I will vote for anyone who wins the Republican campaign. If things aren’t the way we want it after this election we can work to change the party or develop a strong party to replace the republicans but not this election.

  • patriotrenegade

    I read the ruling, and while I totally believe that bama is a foreign born islamo, the rules or law in place in GA says that as a candidate for federal office, the state (party) committee decides eligibility. The plaintiffs had a chance if it were a state office. They were hoping the judge would create new case law, when the legislature needs to change this. Will they?

    • Zeb Blanchard

      Georgia law is very clear. It is found in OCGA 21-2-5 (a, b, & c). The secretary of state qualifies all candidates to constitutional requirements.
      The SCOTUS is very clear in Minor that NBC’s come from citizen parents as was S.R. 511.
      Mahali took a dive, probably from an offer to spare his life.
      The SOS still has an open complaint that he qualified Obama without any credentials which is against that same Georgia law.
      The fat lady didn’t sing yet.

    • frustrated American

      That “judge” threw out all evidence. Must have gotten a big donation from the DNC or Obama himself. What say someone checks his banking records?

    • RHSchumann

      He didn’t throw out evidence. He disregarded unsubstantiated claims.

  • Terry Collins

    I have information that the judge was paid $230,000 to rule for Bambam. Dont know if it’s true but this is what I heard.

    • RHSchumann

      And you believe it?

    • frustrated American

      Wouldn’t surprise me one bit

  • fliteking

    For a brief moment I thought a Judge was going to do the right thing.

    Back to reality.

    • Bree

      You know fliteking, I love the way you think! Are you single?

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    God Bless Orly Taitz..It doesn’t look too good, but things happen, ya know??? One can always hope…

  • Dusterdog

    I would have bet my life on this decision.the justice system here in America is no longer relevant.As they are corrupt to the bone.

    • BillO

      Dusterdog; When Newt addressed the corruption in our federal court system, which has been stacked with anti-American judges,over the decades, he was bombarded by lefties, RINOS, and the media,suggesting his views were unconstitutional, but they never mention the destruction being done to that very constitution by this administration and the subject was silenced. Sounds a lot as the way they shut Joe McCarthy up in the mid 1900’s, by making him out to be a nut and discrediting him. It always works for the Marxists and all tyrants ! Remember when Joe was pointing to Hollywood as a place of incubation for Commies ? Well who’s embracing Castro,Chavez,etc.,and fighting conservatives, today ?

  • Barbara Simpson listener

    Who the heck is this idiot judge anyway?

  • Detonics

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.”
    -Benjamin Franklin

  • Maynard

    I have a new name for our fearless leader….SOBUMMER

  • Adrian Vance

    What? A corrupt judge? Glory be? Why are we not surprised. They got to him one way or another and that could be with a gun pointed at his head as he signed the paper. We have seen the last days of America and it will only take another revolution to repair it.

    The Two Minute Conservative at for political analysis, science and humor. Daily on Kindle.

  • amishron

    Both the Susan G. Komen & this Judge Mahili have failed to grow a pair & have caved into the tactics of the liberal f**cktards that need to be erraticated from the face of this earth along with that porch monkey in the White House.

    • Taliesin319

      Porch monkey, nice turn of phrase, I like it.

    • BillO

      amishron; Using such terms as, monkey, only hurts our credibility !!!! Just call him what he is,a Marxist-Islamist. In the future, he will choose which one he really is, because they are incompatible, just as both are incomptible to our constitution.

  • everett

    another OJ kangaroo kourt decision

  • dallas wolff

    We all know Obama is not eligible as he isnt a natural born citizen. We all know the Democrats and many republicans in the house and senate will not speak up along with the Judges of this country. Tells me its time to bear arms and take them all out and go back to constitutional law as we want our country to be as our fore fathers set up for us. All those who have violated there oath by not following the constitution need to be tried for treason against our constitution and hung.
    I believe this would get the medias attention and maybe some reporters would go back to reporting the news truthfully again.

    • BillO

      dallas wolf; Don’t hold your breath, waiting for our media to tell any truth, they are another branch of government, known as The Propaganda Ministry. We REALLY need Newt to clean house in D.C.!!!

  • TheThinMan

    as I keep repeating – Obama will still be there for four more years. the courts are in the liberal Socialist Democrats pockets, the Supreme Court won’t even hear it. At best – you all are suckers – at worst – it’s just one big Socialist Party in Washington.

  • RisingEagle62

    Another activist judge spits on our founding fathers intentions. Should we be surprised? The have twisted the language of the first amendment to mean the opposite when it comes to religion and free excercise of it. Why would we expect them to stick to the facts in any other case? As one very asturte person opined one time, just because a judge said it doesn’t make it so. God have mercy on the citizens of America because the ruling class has chosen to follow the evil one instead. At least we get to win in the end.

  • Dan

    Just another weak, cowardly judge trying to get on the most corrupt Administrtion in U.S.
    history’s gravy train. This “pretender” of a president makes Richard Nixon look like Father Flanagan, the founder of Boys Town. This judge wants to be like Sonia Sotomayor, who was ‘Bought and Paid For’ before she took 1 step into the Supreme Court of our land. Power and Influence is now for sale to any judge who will kiss obumers A@s !! Truely disgusting is all I can say. I am glad I am 63 years old and will not be around to see the wrath of damage if the clown get re-elected. DHT

  • jaxum

    Another disgusting sell out. With all of the evidence at hand, this judge must be blind, deaf and stupid to hand down this ruling

    • frustrated American

      He threw out all evidence. and did what he was told like a good little commie.

  • Olesarge

    “I don’t vote so you can’t blame me for the situation the country is in now.”

    Every time I hear that I want to puke. In the last election, as in the other past elections, less than 50% of those eligible even bothered to vote. I don’t blame the clowns that voted Obama into office. At least they voted. The thing we need to get this country back on track and off the road to socialism isn’t going to happen. Not unless some miracle happens that gets a lot more people to vote.

    A politician’s worse nightmare is if everyone eligible voted. Then they would have to work for their constituents and there is no money in that. Republicans as well as Democrats get huge donations from Special Interest Lobbies so we can have the best politicians money can buy. Many of the people who don’t vote seem to have an ostrich mentality. They stick their heads in the sand hoping it will all go away. They don’t vote or pay attention to what is going on and they refuse to talk about it, because it is too depressing or too confusing. So they grab a beer out of the refrigerator, sit in their easy chair and watch sports or soaps and stay away from the poles on Election Days. They deserve the government they got. They are the product of apathy. They may soon be in for a rude awakening when it is time to pay the price, for their apathy, when it is too late to do anything about it. Now many of them are crying because an arrogant, socialist and potential dictator, and his followers were put in office by a minority of voters. They are calling him a traitor and guilty of treason but they choose to do nothing about it themselves. I don’t blame the clowns that voted him into office. At least they voted. The real traitors are the ones who complain about who is in office but refuse to vote. In my opinion, they are just as guilty of High Treason as they claim Obama is. They did just as much to help him get elected as the clowns that voted for him. Apathy put Obama and his followers in power and apathy will keep them there for another four years. If the day of the rude awakening comes, the non-voters will be in for a shock when they are taken from their plush homes in the suburbs and moved to cramped apartments in the major cities with only the bare necessities, or into FEMA camps with even less. Many of the non-voters are crying about that NDAA that Obama just signed. If you check you will find that a large majority of Republicans also voted for it. Think about that when you stay home on election day.

    I’m not saying new here that I haven’t said many times. I’m saying what needs to be said over and over by all of us if we want to keep this republic the Founding Fathers made for us. Don’t take my word for all of this. You can do your own research, or you can just pretend to be an ostrich and stick your head in the sand and wait for that rude awakening. If more and more people decide to vote, the harder it would be to stuff the ballot boxes.


  • Albert

    I really thought this Judge would do the right thing for this country, I was wrong. I’m completely at a loss for words at the level of corruption in our justice system. We harvest what we plant….we are planting the seeds of our own destruction. The arrogance level of our government is unbelievable…Pride comes before the fall….God help us!

  • guest on this planet


    • Brad

      I’m afraid a revolution is what it is going to take. Most of the American people are so brainwashed and stupid they can’t see the truth.

  • Brad

    Just another coward. Throw them all out before our counbtry is gone.

  • RAM

    Just another reason term limits are needed, not only in Congress, but our judicial system as well.

  • Dozerman

    It is unbelievable that anyone would rule in favor of Obama Bin Lauden. I read the transcript of the trial and it was evident that the prick is not eligible to hold the office of President. God help us all.

  • Marlene

    Are ALL the judges in this country bought and paid for by Obama? What has he paid this judge? Or, what threat did he use to scare this decision from him? The corruption in this admistration can’t be any more intense than it is now. Obama is desperate to be able to say he’s won another election so he can finish his assignment of destroying the United States of America, which he hates with every fiber of his soul.

    • BillO

      Marlene; Instead of just expressing dismay here, we ALL must convey the message to everyone we talk to, and especially the youth, as to how their futures are going to be destroyed. I,m placing a banner on my car, which reads, Help save your constitution, Vote in Nov 2012.

  • Marlene

    I want to add – May he rot in Hell for eternity……..

  • hedy

    now , i like to knowe what the drethend the juds with, thos marxist hodlums

  • Shot in the Foot

    I guess he liked the money.

  • RHSchumann

    Of course the judge had to rule that way. Plaintiffs claimed that both of Obama’s parents had to be Americans. Everybody other than complete idiots know that it takes only one parent. The judge was kind for not citing the lawyer in the case for contempt of court.

    • RHSchumann

      One additional comment: It is obvious that nobody who posted to this article opened the link to read the entire transcript of the case.

  • AJP

    maybe money couldn’t buy Mahali off so they did the next best thing you think if you want your family to keep on living make him Eligible for the PRES. Vote in Georgia

  • Del

    Hard to believe after all the anti-Obummer talk that the judge changed his mind & did a complete 180. I can only conclude that he was either paid off or threatened….

    • RHSchumann

      What do you mean with “he changed his mind”. The judge made a ruling after weighing all evidence placed before him. Before that he never commented on the case.

    • frustrated American

      He threw all the evidence out and refused to even consider it. He did what he was told like a good little commie sheeple.

    • RHSchumann

      He didn’t throw any evidence out. He disregarded not substantiated claims. That was no evidence.

  • DGD

    Isn’t this wonderful? An idiot can prove this documentation is false? Who did Obama have Holder threaten, Mahilis’ family? Chicago style politics were no doubt in play. We are so screwed! The libs accused President Bush of fixing elections, well, wait till this punch of thieves and liars rigs this election.

    • BillO

      DGD; All the fraud that will happen this Nov. by the dems, will be paid for by the billions stolen from taxpayers through the so called stimulus plans and green energy companies that are just fronts for laundering tax dollars, to go to the dem candidates and voter fraud.

  • Larry Owens

    another Bought and Paid for judge, this is a conspiracy and well thought out plan to turn our country to a socialist country. Better arm your selves and be prepared.

  • Breeze

    I cannot belive what OUR Country has turned into, and our forefathers warned us of this. The only thing we have have left is to stop this entire government and start over. ARM YOURSELVES!

    • BillO

      Breeze; It’s no surprise to me that the younger half of our population doesn’t know much of our founding history or all the good we, as a nation has done around the world. Instead it’s all being turned upside down through our education system through the Dept. Of Education and teacher UNIONS and the Obama administration.

  • Chad

    Wish I was above the law too!

    Proof that our Justice system is a JOKE.

  • N Huffman

    Maybe outside sources informed the Judge that he would be exposed for something in his past. Maybe he was told that his life was in danger or that of his family. Politicians have been knows to have opposition to have faced being mysteriously disappearing or dying. You might want to check back on incidents that happened in the Clinton years. Power breeds corruption. Obama has a lot of power.

  • Bob DD


  • Lady Kroft

    Why would this be a surprise to anyone? It has become obviously apparent that when any official shows any backbone, that obama and his union thugs come along and sever the spinal cord through intimidation and death threats.
    Here is Malihi’s e-mail if you want to vent;…give ’em hell!

  • BobL.


    This was a case of Constitutional law and the judge, like so many others these days also referenced flawed case law. I disagree with him about there not being enough compelling evidence. There was more than enough to prove Obama not being qualified to hold office. Obama should have been required to present proof in answer to all of the charges brought against his eligibility instead of the judge just kissing off the charges. I think the fix was in before the trial was even opened and the judge just went through the motions of making it look like a fair trial.

    Justice was stabbed in the back again.

    It is said that we must respect the office of the president. I agree, but disagree that we must respect whoeven happens to be occupying the office when they are in violation of the Constitution and violate the Constitution and oath of office in every action they take. The Constitution provides the means for removing such a person from office but Congress is either too afraid to do so or acting in collusion with those who have held the office over the last 23 years.

    I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for which state(s) decide it’s time to once again stand against the destruction of the Founding Principles as was the case in 1860. That’s when I’m going to pack a moving truck and join them.

  • 57girl

    With every headline, I wonder if we aren’t getting just a wee bit closer to repeating history . . . in this case 1776.

  • Lady Kroft


  • REB

    This is what a police state feels like and looks like , the truth is never told and the
    the lies go on and every body will do as told and say what the government tells you to do(Obama and his goons)America is gone because we all just stood around talking and doing all this internet replies on news sites, this does nothing to gain and retain our freedom and God! in our country.Anything we put on these sites is nothing with out works.You can blow all the smoke you want but unless you commit to action nothing will ever change.
    We are with out a question liveing in a full control police state and no freedoms and right of any kind do we have now it is just a matter of time before they
    (Government) slams tha door for good on all our rights forever.

  • Lady Kroft

    Our Congress is against us; our courts are against us; they have taken away our First Amendment right of “redress of grievances”. IT IS TIME TO REVOLT!!

  • Eli Jones

    The judge must be a closet Democrat fascist, because this ruling is anti-American.

    • Proud Patriot

      Or he was told by the Obama administration to rule that way. I think this man has either more influence than we think or people behind him that do.
      There is a lot more going on in the shadows than we can even think about. This is the most corrupt government I have ever seen. And even though I am not thrilled with the Republicans right now either, how anyone could vote for any democrat is beyond me.
      Constitutional experts define “natural born citizens” as a child born from 2 citizens- what is the problem with taking him out of the White House?

    • Texan living overseas (until Texas secedes)

      If Obama has THAT much power, and I fear he does, then we shouldn’t expect a rig-free election!

      Focus on LOCAL politics, the only politics we as individuals have influence over! Change your mayors and your governors! That’s where the true fight is!

      And secede now! While we still have an “American way of life” left!

      New York, California, and Illinois won’t be satisfied until they get their socialist utopian hell! I say we don’t stick around for it!

  • tod

    The Only Hope Left is Dr.Ron Paul 2012!!! It’s Paul or FEMA Camps for ALL !!!

    • David

      tod, you just don’t get it, Dr. Paul is a nice guy and all, but his foreign policy would help light the wick of WWIII and besides; if he can’t win a debate against his competitors now. Romney is Obama lite and that leaves Newt. By far the best debater on the planet. No time for pot smoking freaks to sell our nukes to the highest bidder either. Time to wake up and smell the stench or evil in the White House.

    • Ann Wilson Kingsley

      Obama will not be beaten on the finest debating skills, but on ideology. This is not an either-or situation for Romney and Gingrich; it is neither. Gingrich was elevated to a win in S.C. because of his debating skills. However, debates are only for the purpose of getting voters acquainted with each candidate’s stance on issues and policy. Debates are not for the purpose of deciding our next president, based on a candidate’s debating skills. A good debater does not equal a good president. A candidate is best judged by his character, voting record, stance on policies and issues, and his plan. In addition, a candidate’s plan should be consistent with his voting record. If a candidate’s voting record is inconsistent with his plan, it sends up a red flag – something fishy here – an insincere candidate. I’m voting for the only candidate who measures up. View Ron Paul’s “Plan to Restore America.”:

  • tymtrvlr

    You all have to understand that the key phrase in this line of legal bull$#1t is that obama is found elligible to be on the ballot, this will help him circumvent any other lawsuits that claims he is NOT an American citizen, afterall, a bunch of commie activist judges have now deemed him eligible.
    These marxist pukes do things for a reason, using slight of hand to make a legal case when the issue comes up again.

    • ctc wilson

      More of the same.. Fabian Socialists, communists, truly are convinced that they can overthrow the nation. We MUST unite. Just that. We stand together, or we fall for anything.

    • msbets

      somebody got to da judge!!!!! every time something,to a boiling point regarding this pos, it gets squashed!! wonder what Arpio has!! it will probably not ever come to fruition or it will be squashed too!! this little fre&^%k has way too many arms and legs!!!

    • Floyd

      I know i’ve posted this a number of times ,,But still so many have NOT seen this,,I’ll be posting this till election day..
      PS.I add a new screw up by obama everyday cause this is what he does to America..EVERYDAY..!
      Here are just a FEW things Obama has done since in the White House. I’m sure you forgot but once you read the list it’ll ring some bells in your head..! And WE all know this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more he’s done to DAMAGE America..4 more years I HOPE & PRAY NOT..!

      1. Obama Lying About His Social Security Number
      2. Obama Lying About His Nation Of Birth
      3. Obama’s Endless Tyrannical Executive Orders
      4. The Obama Soros’ Occupy Wall street Mob
      5. Uganda
      6. Obama Giving Solyndra 535 Million Of Our Money
      7. Raising The Deficit To 18 Trillion
      8. America’s First Credit Downgrade
      9. Obama’s Fast And Furious Criminal Operation
      10. Repeal Of DOMA
      11. Repeal Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
      12. Obama Buying His Union Votes With Our Tax Money
      13. Obama Empowering The Muslim Brotherhood And Al Qaeda
      14. Obama Swearing That He Would Side With Muslims Against Us Patriots
      15. Obama’s Hate Speech Provocations
      16. Obama putting Muslim’s Rights Over All Other American’s Rights
      17. Obama Ignoring North Korean Aggression
      18. Obama’s Democrats Voting Against Auditing The Corrupt Federal Reserve Bank
      19. Obama Giving Brazilian & Soro’ Owned Oil Company Two Billion To Drill Off Shore With The Oil Slated To Go To China
      20. Lopsided Nuke Deals
      21. Obama’s Expensive & Unnecessary Trip To India
      22. Obama’s Illegal Aunt Living Off Our Taxes
      23. Obama Taking 500 Billion From Medicare And From Our Senior Citizens To Fund His Illegals On welfare
      24. Obama Having The Cross and the letters IHS covered up that symbolizes the name of Jesus Christ at Georgetown University obama delivering a dismal 45-minute speech.
      25. Mosque At 9-11 Ground Zero
      26. Obama and Hillary calling in the UN to slam Arizona, 22 States & our nation’s laws
      27. Our Tax Money Being Used To Fund The Democrat Propagandist National Public Radio
      28. Obamacare
      29. Abortions paid for under Obamacare
      30. Suing Arizona
      31. Obama’s Wealth Redistribution
      32. No Social Security Cost Of Living Increase For Retired Americans For Two Years
      33. Bailouts
      34. Bribes
      35. Obama’s & BP’s Mishandled Gulf Of Mexico Oil Aneurysm
      36. 535 Billion Of Your Money Spent On Illegals Every Year
      37. Obama’s 2.6 Trillion Amnesty
      38. Economy Trashed By The Democrats
      39. Democrat Voter Fraud
      40. No Real Border Security Enforcement
      41. Siding with the Marxist Zelaya in Honduras against the will of the people their
      42. No Jobs
      43. Beer Summit
      44. Calling Our Returning Veterans Potential Terrorists
      45. AG Holder setting the 9-11 terrorist trial just blocks from the 9-11 attack site
      46. Calling Christians Potential Terrorists
      47. Hands Holding Crotch During Pledge Of Allegiance
      48. Rev Wright
      49. Michelle
      50. Massive & Reckless Spending
      51. Harry Reid
      52. Nancy Pelosi
      53. Sestak Obamacare Death Panels
      54. Nationalizing Banks
      55. Nationalizing US Industry
      56. Obama’s Massive Stimulus Failure
      57. Calling Tea Party Activists Racists
      58. New Black Panther Party Thugs empowered by Obama’s AG Holder
      59. Using the NAACP to spread Racist Propaganda
      60. Obama’s Dept Of Justice Refusing To Prosecute Black Racist Discrimination Against White People
      61. ACORN
      62. Dead People Voting As Democrats
      63. Calling Terrorism A Man Made Disaster
      64. Calling America a Muslim Nation
      65. Obama Giving One Billion Of Your Money To The Hamas Terrorists Of Gaza
      66. Bowing to the Saudi king of Terror
      67. The Obama Apology Tour
      68. Obama’s Marxist Czars
      69. Obama’s Muslim Czars advocating for Islamic Sharia Law in America
      70. Cap & Trade Tax
      71. agenda 21
      72. Obama’s Terrorist Appeasement
      73. The Islamization Of NASA
      74. Muslims exempted from Obamacare
      75. Obama’s Mistreatment Of Israel
      76. The NDAA to imprison Americans at will the New Start Treaty in Russia the 111th Democratic Congress
      77. Violating the rules of the U.S. House•
      78. Inappropriately handing out the legislative powers of Congress.
      79. Upending the legislative process Usurping the powers reserved to the states in the U.S. Constitution.
      80. Barack Obama has advocated that the nation should move beyond the constraints of the founding document .
      81.President Obama informed Congress and the American people that he and he alone will decide which laws coming to his desk are constitutional or not.
      82.FEMA Camps
      83.Obama mistreating our friends

      Americans, hear what your president is saying: I’ll work within the system. But if they won’t move, then…I will dictate where we’re going.
      The arrogance of this man and the way he rewrites all of American history
      and obama adds something new everyday ,, cause he never stops hurting our America.

    • Roy

      He’s just One Big Ass Mistake America!

    • Shannon

      Many of these points are inane…for some you just listed a first name. What does that even mean?

    • budman

      I would like to see the written opinion on this since Obama provided no evidence whatsoever to prove he was eligible.
      If it was because he is the President but we know he was not vetted, this is wrong. We know the birth certificate and Social Number is bogus. He completely defied the court in this matter so something smells to high heaven and it appears this judge may have been coerced in making this decision. Did the Department of Justice threaten to remove him from the bench. Something took place for sure and we may never know the answer unless somebody in Washington with power has the guts to challenge this.

    • Riverdweller

      They all should have accepted a default judgement because he nor his attorney showed up. But NO they didn’t want that.
      So we are screwed.

    • me

      You can bet your a$$ homer or what ever his name is got to this judge. They are all alike, they rule against the people that cant defend themselves, they are cowards !!!!

    • Blackfoot AZ

      Just click on the link in the article to read the written opinion.

    • Proud Patriot

      Same thing he did to get Obamacare passed. He twisted the arms of his own party. I think they are all afraid of him.

    • Shannon

      Did you even read the ruling? The judge indicated that the Plaintiffs counsel had NO persuasive evidence. And the “expert” witnesses were not equalified as experts! Laughable. What a waste of the court’s time.

    • patriot

      I noticed nothing was mentioned about the social security irregularities. this is a case OF a very scared judge. Or one that is much richer today..

  • tymtrvlr

    We, as liberty and freedom loving Americans must always remember, that to a marxist commies, a precedent that goes unchallenged becomes law for them, whether or not it can be validated or qualifies by our U.S. Constitution. As long as there are marxist/commie supreme court judges sitting on the bench, America will continue this downward path to destruction, afterall that is the intent, and it is being overseen by the wealthy to make sure their wealth is not jeopordized, they have no allegiance to America, money is their god, and it doesn’t have to be the American Dollar, they pray to belial while they prey on the consumer, driving prices of everything through the roof.

    • Doodlebug

      Come Lord Jesus Come!

    • budman

      Gingrich is the only one who said he would do something about this so you have to decide if you want a Moderate to Liberal Romney minding the store or Gingrich who will challenge this.

  • Paul

    This is the most useless information ever. He wasn’t ruled anything, just given another okay by another liberal judge. Nothing new. If you never have a trial and let the evidence have a day in court, the judge makes his/her decisions without even using the court, just making decisions on their own, as usual. Big wast of time and more BS from the obozo court system. Paid in advance by obozo.

    • budman

      Paul: I don’t think this was a Liberal Judge and something happened that brought this decision. Remember, you are dealing with a rotten to the core Department of Justice and I think they had a lot to do with this.

  • jim in TX

    Or was it some more of the Chicago way some one made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. To coin a phrase from Mario Puzo.

  • jimvvet

    And we thought actual facts and the letter of the law would really be used in this much anticipated court room.

    • ccfonten

      Foolish us that we would think that justice and the law would actually apply to this Lying Thug in Chief.
      This opens up a whole can of worms for all of us. If we, the American citizens, don’t stop this lying thug with this next election….just imagine the damage he will inflict on us by his ruling by executive fiat since he will not have to worry about a re-election campaign.

  • wmagg

    Do we the people need any further proof that this system of so called justice is a farce. This judge was ordered by the DOJ to find for Obutma and to ignore the fact that no proof was ever tendered that the birth certificate offered, was real and not forged. If this judge decided any other way she would have been removed from the bench by the DOJ. This provides proof beyond denial that OUR justice system no longer works and places the burden of removing corrupt judges from the bench upon the people. Neither Obutma nor his attorney offered any proof that the documents presented were valid or legal and this judge made no effort to ascertain their validity, Neither Obutma nor his attorney even attended the proceedings but instead went to Colorado on the 26th. this is just further proof that they already knew the outcome of this case because they had all ready told this judge she was to find for Obutma.

    Wake UP America, get your head out of your a$$ and accept the fact that this is no longer the nation of the free. We have become the nation of Shut up, sit down, do what you are told, and take it up the wazoo, The government will tell you what to think what to say and when to say it. And the worst part is, We THE PEOPLE have no one to blame but ourselves. May God forgive us for what we have done to the future generations of this now failed Republic.

  • http://myyahoo A Retired Marine

    This judge was either paid off or he feared for his life. What that means to all of us no matter who the Republican nominee is, we must unite and remember ABO (anybody but Obama) and get out the vote to get rid of this fraud once and for all.

  • Roger

    Too bad that the demoncraps have packed the courts with liberal activists.
    The next Conservative President MUST FIRE ALL FEDERAL judges on DAY ONE, to clean up the legal polution jamed down America’s throat. Of course, the supreme court judges are exempt, but wwe have to start somewhere to save America.

    • Riverdweller

      NO, the Supreme Court judges are not exempt. Article III Section 1 –
      The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour (Constitution spelling)
      and goes on regarding their pay.

  • Bione

    I wonder what threats were made or implied in this case. My guess that the history of Chicago politics had something to do with the outcome. Looks like the Great Imposter will continue in his “death to America” campaign – economic destruction, class warfare, racism, Christianity bashing, and warfare with foreign countries to the benefit of Islam.

  • Louis Mayer

    Have you heard the story about a judge that faced five problems at once? He faced his “political life”, “mortal life”, “ethical life”, contempt for the Constitution and a “common sense” ruling. He opted for four, guess which one lost.

  • Louis Mayer

    Oooops. He solved five out of six. I forgot his “financial” future. Anyone taking bets he will be on the short list for the SCOTUS?

  • Floyd

    What is going on in our country… This is unexceptable..I smell Political corruption the use of powers by government ..God PLEASE Don’t turn your back on us..There are many who love an seek you everyday,,We still have hope and trust only in you..Watch the video the tiny dot..This video kinda boiles it down between the government and US..It’s called the tiny dot..

  • gsto

    Our king has no worries with his million dollar lawyers beside him. Just let “we the people” attempt to ignore a subpoena and see how fast were thrown behind bars. Our criminal so called president continues to destroy this country while we stand by and watch. Clinton was impeached for under the desk incidents but their is no end to what this dictator criminal terrorist illegal alien gets away with, while we idly stand by.. You people who voted this thing in office should be sickened at what your seeing this president and his cronies doing to you, your children and this once great country…But of course if you are just like him your probably loving it…

  • jim 28th reg.

    What the hell is this??? It was reported earlier that the judge ruled he would NOT be on the ballot.

    • Lipstick

      Yes he was going to rule that Obama was not to be on the ballot but the attornesy’s were afraid they would be overturned in ahigher court and wanted their facts on the case recorded. The judge probably knew they would not stand and that was why he would rule in their favor. Just a pat on the head or a shine them on ruling. This judge should be so ashamed of himself. We all have to show our birth certificates and data to get things in our life. Jobs are the main ones. To let this man walk without ever showing his is a slap in the face of every citizen in this nation. I really had faith he would rule at least in the favor of the people. But as the days drug on with no ruling I figured it would then come on the weekend when supposedly no one would notice. We guess what? We noticed. Justice really is blind to what is fair to We The Poeple. What can we do now for fairness. I hope all of you join me in November in helping to vote this man out even if I have to vote in Porky Pig.

    • jimbo999

      Lipstick, You are forgetting that Porky Pig, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse all voted for Obama…thousands of times.

  • Kathleen

    Who cares if he is on the ballot, Georgia is the state he fears! Dont vote for him , vote for Gingrich! Obama fears Gingrich, thats what we want, Gingrich is the only candidate that pledged his life if he becomes president. Think about it people , Obama will never be able to cope with defeat, Obama will have to make history thru defeat who better to handle that but Gingrich. Go home Obama, go back to your country.

  • Lipstick

    Kathleen right now so many folks are voting in mass for Romney. Even though he is a watered down version of Obama. People just do not take the time o know what is going on. I think the money to them makes these candidates better than they are. Myself I keep waiting for anyone but Romney to start winning. We will not get where we want to go with Romney. People wake up. He passed a health care bill in his state. He will look weak next to Obama. He will have no room to criticize anything Obama has done. Wake Up Please before it’s too late.

    • robert

      ron paul has tons of voter,everyone i know and talk to says the same thing there voting for ron paul.don,t listen to the media,tv radio,newspapers etc there all bought and paid for.and let all the bloggers talk what they want.don,t listen to them either.make up your own minds.he,s about the best one out there,for we the people.god bless america

  • frank1737

    These B–tards & B–chs in the Democratic (Socialist) Party are leading our great counrty in a Suicide Direction!!! I believe th Minutemen have the Balls to stop this nonsence with the assistance of every Veteran that loves the U.S.A. Obama, George Soro’s any anyone associated with this Sabotage must be taken out!!! It’s now or never!!

    • robert

      agreed,were and when,its time to take out the smell{ovomit,reid,pelosi,kagan,holdup,napalotano,doh,doj,the un useless people and building,federal reserve,soreass,all the politicians who allowed this treasonous trader to stay in the wh,for not upholding the oath of office.god bless america

  • Dee

    obummer is not eligible to be president. It doesn’t matter where he was born. His father was not a citizen. Wonder how much obummer paid the judge?

  • ED


  • Timothy

    This idiot judge must have been asleep in his own courtroom.

  • Riverdweller

    Is the judge Hawaiian ? His name sounds like it could be.
    OR did his family get threatened ?
    I can’t bellieve he used an Indiana old case to make this judgement and ignored the one by the one stating both parents have to be citizens at the time of the person’s birth in order for them to be natural born.
    Do y’all realize what this means if this is not reversed somehow ?
    we could have a Kissinger for POTUS or someone with a Communist Chinese for a parent.
    I will vote for whoever is the Republican Candidate. After November I will not vote again. At my age i turn the torch over to the younger people and hope and pray that they get it right before this Nation disappears into history.

  • Allen

    Our Fore Fathers, rose up in the name of freedom against tyrany, and made tremendous sacrifices in doing so! I am so thankful, that they can not see us now! However, we are under the watchful eye of another! We have one chance to get this right! The problem as I see it, one side is still trying to play by the rules, when it is extremly obvious, that the other is making up the rules as they go! What to do, what to do? What would the framers of The Constitution have to say on this matter?

  • pete0097

    As someone who wants obama out of office, after reading through the full brief, it appears that Taiz didn’t do her job and qualify all of her experts. If obama had shown up, maybe his lawyer would have forced this issue and maybe there would have been a different outcome

    • FireMall

      How bout looking at what Really was planned when the Judge even accepted the case.

      It’s obvious that the Judge never planned on ruling by the law and evidence against Obama.
      The case was heard for the sole purpose of quashing all future cases in other states.via presenting this ruling as Case law Period .
      End of story AND the End of Freedom, Integrity, Honesty, and the American way. AS PLANNED !!
      Not to mention the FACT that the electoral process was corrupted more years ago than I can even recall or could have ever dreamed of.
      It’s no longer a matter of What “We The People” “know” any longer, It’s a matter of what “WE” won’t know until it’s too dammed late. There is thousands of known Facts regarding corruption & tyranny in Gov right now. These facts haven’t changed the course of America’s destruction in the slightest degree , so the unknown facts are irrelevant in the scheme of the unknown facts.
      I truly wish that chicken little’s greatest fear was a false flag, however, in light of what “Our” traitors in Gov have done to America without remorse or regret , Yes: the Sky is Falling over America’s freedom and founding principles. It’s all over now but the crying part.

      May God have mercy on “We The Free” and our enemies within , After God’s wrath reins down upon the enemies of All God’s children.. Amen.
      BTW; Obama will be Dictator n Chief regardless of the elections or more likely, the Lack of a 2012 election.
      Place bets here .

  • Shannon

    Whaa whaaaa….

    • Allen

      Dearest Shannon;
      Let me take a shot in the dark here, you must be rather young, with little or no life experience…probably a student (maybe still living off of mom and dad!)! You are at the “know it all” stage, and believe the propaganda that you have been spoon fed! Truthfully, how far off an I? No disrespect intended!

    • Shannon

      You’re pretty far off, actually.

      Here are the bullet points: Married. Home-owner. Work in a law firm. Supporting my husband, who is in his last year of medical school. Not living with mom and dad (and haven’t been for quite some time, but thanks for stereotyping!). I think the “know it all” stage disappeared years ago with my braces. I am in law school, so I guess you got one thing right- but graduate school is MUCH different from the undergraduate experience you are thinking of.

      I work with the law every day. I think I have a leg-up on most of the people here who don’t understand a single thing about the legal process.

      Can we PLEASE put this “birther” business to rest now? It’s really obnoxious and makes you all look like idiots.

    • Paul

      So you want to be an attorney? Why not do as obozo did and skip that step, move up to being a community organizer then a year or so later you can be a senator and next year president. Now isn’t that quicker.

    • Allen

      Paul, actually Barack and Michelle were both attorneys…but they had license to practice law revoked! Hmmmm!

    • Katie


      That’s actually not true. If you check the ARDC website (Attorney Registration and Discriplinary Commission), you will see that both of the Obama’s are no longer licensed to practice law currently. Barack Obama is “Voluntarily retired and not authorized to practice law” and Michelle is “Voluntarily inactive and not authorized to practice law.” Neither of them are practicing law at this time nor do their present jobs require a law license. Both records indicate no public record of discipline or pending proceedings and we have not found any evidence of malpractice. Attorney discipline is a public record matter and so I assure you that it would be available to you if that were the case.

      C’mon, people, let’s check our facts before we spout off! It makes you look bad!

    • Allen

      Well Shannon, it’s worse than I tought! I was hopeing that there were excuses, for your naive stance, but alas, I suppose some things are exactly as they appear! You didn’t mention what kind of “law” you were studying! Just for the record, you are not the only one who has a back ground in law! The difference being, I actually have a BA in Criminal Justice, have 14 years with the local Sheriff’s Office, and 2 1/2 years with the District Court! As you should be able to determine, I have actual practical application and experience! I pride myself on having developed over the years a very functional B.S. detector! So guess what…?

    • Katie


  • Olderthanyou

    You may be a student of the law with your “leg-up” on some others who have commented here, but what kind of American are you? Are you an American by location or an American by “heart”? Since you claim to be a mature, settled adult, I would believe that you voted in the 2008 election and voted for Obama. We were told very little about him during the campaign. We knew that he had to have been “vetted” by the democrats, but little else actually. And anything anti-Obama was immediately hushed up by the liberally controlled ‘main media’.

    Oh, he was a good orator (that wasn’t hard for someone who had purposely been schooled in how to speak in order to influence the public). He was a senator from Illinois (who studied bills presented for decision well enough to vote ‘present’ the majority of time). He was tall, had a presentable demeanor and was black (his biggest asset at the time). How often did we hear that “voting for Obama would be an historic action”?

    What we weren’t made aware of was that he had spent his formative years with muslims and individuals who despised many of the beliefs that Americans hold near and dear and have made America the exceptional Country that it is (or, was). And let us not forget that he went to Harvard where he could find just the inspiration he needed to fuel his marxist/communist dreams. He promised us CHANGE.

    Only those of us who cared to take the time to delve into his past knew at least some of the truth.

    He is not who you think. He does not love our America. He may love an america that exists in his imagination, but that is not an america that we who love America in our hearts could ever embrace.

    Ignorance is not bliss. It is the destruction of all that is right and beautiful.

    • Shannon

      You want to know what I think? I think things that are DIFFERENT, scare you to your very core, enough to make you hate it.

      Obama is not the enemy. Liberalism is not the enemy. Fear is.

    • Allen

      You are absolutely correct on one perspective, I “fear” what Obama and Liberalism are doing to this country! I also fear, that if Obama is elected to another term, the Country that I love so dearly will cease to exist, and someone must be held accountable! I am ready to assume complete responsibility for my actions, and stand firm on my convictions! Can you honestly say the same? Do you hate America so intensely, that you want to change everything about it, even to it’s very core?

  • Nonne

    I want to know what the Pro-eligibility ruling was based on. ALL the evidence provided in the hearing on Obama’s eligibility showed he could NOT provide a birth certificate deemed 100% legitimate, and that his Indonesian citizenship was NEVER changed to (or back to) American citizenship. The multiple social security numbers used by Obama were also called into question. What is going on here??

  • Paul

    Now it seems that the judge is someone that almost doesn’t exist. His Judge’s bio, unlike all other judges, has nothing except his name and where he attended school. He passed the bar in 1991 and became a judge in four years? Then he sets to hear a law case about the POTUS, something stinks in Georgia, and I think I smell more obozo administration at work.

  • erdrod

    American politics have been infiltrated by communist and socialist since the 1930’s and now they are also being infiltrated by muslims and faggots. We The People in order to save our nations must start being active and let our voices be heard. Otherwise this negro will cause another Revolution in our country. The unions have sold their souls for a pension and freebies paid for by the working Americans. All the other Democratic voters consist of FREELOADERS such as politicians, welfare recipients, Negros and illegal aliens from all parts of the world. The hard working American Patriot no longer has any say so as to where our money is spent. The assholes we sent to Washington have turned TRAITORS and are attempting to destroy our REPUBLIC.

  • Shannon

    “As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality.” ~George Washington

    You fear THIS?