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Obama Smuggling Guns and Registering Yours

Written on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 by

gun runner

President Barack Obama wants you to believe that America’s Founding Fathers were in error when they gave citizens the right to bear arms.

The Obama administration and even its Mexican counterpart have manipulated public opinion to believe that the cartel drug wars are being fueled largely by American guns. In support of that spin, they are trying to impose a new regulation that requires licensed firearms dealers in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California to report to the federal government whenever someone buys from them more than one semiautomatic rifle with certain characteristics.

Obama’s Department of Justice essentially is amending the Second Amendment by changing the rules for gun sales in border states. While working under the guise of stopping illegal contraband and fighting drug cartels, the White House in reality is further imposing its gun control agenda on the American public through back-door rule-making. This is just one more example of the feds exceeding their powers and avoiding congressional permission. It is also another showing of complete disregard for the Constitution.

Based upon those illegalities, Wayne LaPierre — my friend and the CEO of the National Rifle Association — disclosed on Fox News recently that the NRA filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to issue an injunction barring enforcement of the rule. And with NRA support, the U.S. House has voted to withhold funding for the enforcement of the new regulation.

As LaPierre wrote in his weekly commentary last week, “the cartels run a $40 billion enterprise … but the (Obama) administration wants the public to believe that it’s going to disarm cartels with a form? Who is the president kidding?”

Doesn’t Obama know that restricting the right to bear arms primarily ties the hands of good guys while the bad guys purchase them from a host of illegal sources? And what part of “shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment do the feds not understand?

Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department will “vigorously oppose” the NRA lawsuit.

The fact is, as LaPierre points out, that cartels get their machine guns, grenades, missile launchers and tanks from Central America, South America, Russia, China, international black markets and defectors of the Mexican army. State Department cables, released by WikiLeaks, support that fact.

On the one hand, Fox News reported that in 2009-10, more than 20,000 guns recovered in Mexico came from U.S. manufacturers. On the other hand, 75 percent of guns submitted to the U.S. could not be traced to a licensed gun store. But there is one place to which more than 2,000 crime guns could be traced: the federal government.

The winner of the “Largest American Supplier of Guns to Mexico” award is actually the Obama administration, via Operation Fast and Furious — a botched, foiled and disastrous sting operation by the ATF’s Phoenix division to uncover a large network of cartel-linked gunrunners. During 2009-11, through Operation Fast and Furious, the ATF facilitated the sale of 2,020 firearms to suspected smugglers over 15 months!

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., who is chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, have been researching information on the Fast and Furious program for months. Grassley and Issa recently blew the whistle that to date, “hundreds of these weapons have already been recovered at crime scenes in Mexico.” (Your tax dollars hard at work!)

Among the tragic consequences was the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, gunned down in the Arizona desert last December. Two AK-47 semiautomatic rifles found at the scene were traced directly to the Fast and Furious sting.

As far as the Obama administration’s culpability goes, The Washington Times reported that Sen. John Cornyn, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, “noted that Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson told congressional investigators the agency’s senior leadership would have preferred to cooperate more with the congressional investigation of the operation, but Justice Department officials directed ATF not to respond and took full control of replying to briefing and document requests from Congress.”

To add insult to injury, the ATF recently promoted three key Operation Fast and Furious supervisors, who allowed firearms to be illegally trafficked across the U.S. border into Mexico, to new management jobs in Washington!

The truth is that the Obama administration is involved right now in a monumental cover-up regarding its criminally handing over thousands of firearms to gunrunners and smugglers. And to duck and dodge its responsibility for those illegalities by now coming across as the vanguard of gun control by cracking down on the sale of two guns to an American at one time is preposterous hypocrisy.

Moreover, to unilaterally mandate this new federal rule so close to the Fast and Furious debacle is more than coincidental, especially in light of the fact that the administration tabled the proposed regulation in January because it was “not an emergency.” The only thing that has changed is the embarrassing revelation of the ATF disaster.

The Obama administration is trying to not only eliminate our Second Amendment rights but also demonize good, law-abiding American gun dealers and citizens in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. It is not only smuggling its guns but also trying to take ours. And I, for one, am not going to sit back and just watch it happen.

God, guns and guts made America. Let’s keep all three.

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  • Retired USAF MSgt

    The winner of the “Largest American Supplier of Guns to Mexico” award is actually the Obama administration, via Operation Fast and Furious!

    Nuff Said?

    • Tom

      Also Retired USAF.I agree.What this Country
      need’s is a good Sgt. in charge.


    • bart

      this old Marine is willing to take charge. i’ll bring my own 1911 with me.

    • richard holmes

      I’ll bring my M1-Gurand and more than a handfull of bullets. ex-army Sgt.

    • catman

      I’m a little long in the tooth but you can add my AR-15 and my 1911 to the list. Anything with a heavier caliber than the .223 makes my shoulder feel like it was hit by a tank. Even had to trade my 12 ga for a 20.

    • Robert from Texas

      Amen Brother!!!!!

    • Graywolf

      OLD USAF Mustang, I am with all of you. For our 45Th wedding anniversary my wife asked for a 20 ga pump gun. She has never fired a gun in her life, but she is now ready to protect our country from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. She will have a little help with a semi auto rifle.

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      What our country needs is elected officals to uphold the U.S.Constitution and our Bill of Rights and stop making there own laws.democrats are such scum and democrat voters are brain washed by the media and can not make up there own minds. No more obama or his vacations. While obama is away and ready to play us americans are hurting and he says he has a plan and will give us his plan in sept. Why wait until sept when you have given us the knife in the back since 08? Wake up people or look your children in the eye and tell them why you voted for obama and his socialist agenda over freedom.

    • Robert from Texas

      Excellent post!!!!!!

    • carman

      why isn’t someone throwing these treasonous administration people in prison?

    • http://patriotupdate Kay Ferguson

      Carman, Why aren’t they in prison? Guess its because our representation in Washington is either part of the problem or too limp wristed to act. So far, Darryl Issa, Grassley and one other congressman (can’t call his name) are the only ones pushing for Holder’s accountability. Holder continues to stonewall and and not provide requested documents, so go figure. I’d love to see all the commies drug out of Washington and hung for treason. Remember, they all took the oath to uphold the constitution and not one of them has done it.

    • Jim Tilley

      I am proud that we have our second amendment rights. The Germans and Japonese were reluctant to invade the U.S. because they were afraid of an armed citizenry. When I lived close to Hawthorne,Nevada during the Los Angelas Riots, there were people from California driving to Nevada to buy ammunition and guns to defend their homes. But there was a law that would not let people from California buy guns and Ammo in Nevada. Our freedom is based on our free ownership of arms. Guns don’t kill people but people kill people. What do you do when a rabid dog gets in your house or yard. Do you let it bite your family or do you try to kill with a base ball bat. It sure is better to pull out the family shot gun and take care of it. I saw a boy die in Brazil from a rabid dog on their farm that bit him. It is a reality.

    • ConservEarth

      Actually, the whole “Fast and Furious” debacle began under Bush. Likely well intended, it was under the supervision of the DOJ, AFTA and a host of other government agencies.

      So to lay full blame on Obama just shows how controlled the people are by corporate media. Perhaps some blame should be laid at the feet of Obama.

      But tell me, what legislation has been brought to Congress that would take guns away from law abiding citizens? What mention of revoking the 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens have been uttered by this administration?

      If there is such mention, such legislation being considered, please present some form of proof so that it can be fact checked and distributed to the masses before the 2012 election. By all means, if this president is or has actually broken laws, or has violated the US Constitution, he should be made to resign/impeached. And if this has been the case in the slight, the GOP in Congress would have already tried, convicted and sentenced this man for treason. But it appears he must be upholding the law to the tee because no serious claim to impeach has been made by the 112th Congress.

  • DestroyCapitalism

    I actually dont care if the government is giving guns to Mexico or anywhere else. Too bad the drug cartels cant just overthrow the government. Then we could get drugs no problem and both the gubmint and the cartels would be outta business

    • billwhit

      Seems like your a mentally challenged person, A§§wipe!

    • Tom

      Great reply.


    • Robert from Texas


    • camel riding prayer rug making muslim

      billwhit,I wish I had posted that. Thanks.

    • Conservative

      As usual DestroyCapitalism your comments are disgusting and show you as not worthy to be an American. Don’t post such Anti-American drival.

    • d rash

      Hey Destroy, was it your mama molesting you that gave you such a negative attitude, or was it yo daddy molesting you? Your older brother really didn’t mean it, and your sister sends her apology as well. See a shrink, ….. get help. You really need it!

    • BOSUCS

      MAy God Bless you and bring you back to reality.

  • Brett

    As A Barnhardt has written, and I quote, …”Evil, rotten, lying trash.”

  • ED

    If there was a Nobel Enemy Prize, Obama would win hands down. He should try to remember that all Americans aren’t ignorant.

    • Traitors in our Gov

      Why are you comparing a Kenyan to an American?? We win, hands down!

      He will be judged, if not by us, then by God. I guarantee he would rather be judged by us!!

      Now that that has been said, Come take our guns. OR TRY, THAT IS!!! Texas is ready

    • Robert from Texas

      Amen Brother!!!! Come on down!!!!!!

    • Bill


  • Tom

    mr.o bummer rides around in armored cars
    airplanes,helicopters and has armed guards
    around him 24/7 here is my plan.

    No body armour ride in a electric car,Fly
    commercial planes,with pat dows from his
    beloved TSA No Secret Service that accompany
    him to be armed no one in white house and
    no career politicans allowed to own or
    carry weapons of any type.Five day work
    week. 30 day paid vacation a year.Same health care
    we have and when out of office no more pay
    or benefits.
    That is just a start.

  • billwhit

    Obama and Holder both have a lot of Blood on their hands! Never, in my 60 years, with 18 years military service, have I seen such a horrible, worthless leader as Hussein Obama! If he wins in 2012, it will only be thru Fraud, and then there may be a lot more blood on the ba$tards hands! We have to rid American of it’s Greatest Enemy, B. Hussein Obama!

    • Tom

      Amen to that.That scumbag does not have
      a clue what America is all about.


    • R. Cook

      Tom, I have to disagree with you. Obummer knows exactly what America is all about. That is why he stated;”We will fundamentally change America”. He is doing all he can to “change” what he well knows America is all about.

    • Robert from Texas

      Yep!!!!! He is ‘dumb’ like the fox.!!!

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      When the political winds turn, I will stand with the moose slums— JUST AS “nobamma” SAID !!!

    • http://PatriotUpdate Clinging to My Religion and My Guns

      This was just another “phony crisis” concocted for the sole purpose of gaining support for Hillary and the U.N.’s Dog Crap Small Arms Treaty. I can’t believe Holder stood before Congress and testified that he did’nt know about F&F until last April-early May! Lying sack of horse dung!
      The funding for F&F was written into the Obama Stimulus Bill. If Holder and Obama maintain this position they are admitting they never read the legislation and just like the Health Care Bill was written by their Apollo Progressive Commie Masters!

      “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of Human Freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves.”
      — William Pitt

      “Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.”
      — James Madison

      “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.”

    • JIM


    • Robert from Texas

      Amen Brother!! I am having a very hard time & losing old friends trying to explain to them that this is not about Republicans r Democrats; it is about Islam & your freedom. They hate Republicans so bad they r going to lose their freedom over it; and mine too!!!! They refuse to educate themselves on what is happening & let Unions brainwash them. I was Pres. of a local 25 years ago but I have since educated myself to what is going on. I do not care how strong your union is; if u do not have freedom u have nothing anyway!!

    • Rich in Pa

      I couldn’t agree more. In my 74 years on this earth I have never seen anyone more bent on bringing our country to their knees like Obama. This is done so that Obama can rebuilt this great country into a Socialist to his and George Soros’ liking. We cant let this happen. We all have to get involved, get busy and work on getting Obama out in 2012 or else we are done. I have. I have joined 3 Tea Party groups. Ya I guess I am a Terrorist , or like that NUT from California (Maxine Watters) says I CAN GO TO HELL. Gosh I would hate to be there with the likes of Obama,Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and Maxine Watters and others. I just hate crowds. Rich in Pa

  • Tom Stewart

    Who Is This Imposter Pres Obama Fooling?? Not The Cartels, Or The Dead Mexicans, Yikeess, I Know Eric Holder And Janet Incompatano Because The Border Is Safer Now!! Yikeess, And Thats The Truth Buckwheat. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots With Sarah Palin.

  • klovis

    How much longer are we going to put up with crimes and felonies against America and the constitution committed by the Obama administration.I don’t think we can wait for the election, by than it may be too late.
    We action now!!

  • Tom

    The other day when o bummer called for assaid
    to step down.I thought a great reply from
    him would heve been if you ( obummer) step
    down I will too.Kind of stick it back to
    o bummer that soros puppet.Kind of funny
    in a sad way that one terrorist asks another
    to step aside.

  • Cape Fear III

    The article differentiates between the good guys and bad guys. What it doesn’t recognize is that every day citizens who legally own guns under the Second Amendment are Obama’s “bad guys”. Sorry Obama, you’re our King George.

  • Dean

    Holder and Obama should resifn now otherwise it is time for impeachment. I can just see, about this time next year, an “executuve order” declaring some national disaster and therefore there will be no presidential or any other elections. Then he will ne one step closer to becoming a dictator. Mark my words. He will try something like that and we will have another AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

    • emerutil

      The time is not yet right for anyone to declare a national emergency, and declare himself dictator. Not even the Soviet Union could survive such a scenario. If it happens here, do we have the guts the Russians had, and arrest the usurpers?

  • http://yahoo Richard

    we have the right to bear arms and your founding father new what thay wor doing and i don’t care about MEXICO i am tirer of mexico drig in to your bessen i care about my country

  • Max

    Every tyrant, every dictator in the last 800 plus years has known he must keep his subject disarmed. Have the masses figured that out yet? Look at history, just 75 years ago the people of Germany did not. Just 20 years ago the people of England, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia and others let the government take there Guns away. The crime rate in all these country’s has go up 300%!! Is that what the government calls “your safer” ?? The truth is the government is safer. All the people in all these country’s are now subjects to the government. And a whole lot more unsafe. Our founding fathers where a whole lot smarter then we are today, they understood the government can be very dangerous. Even in this modern day, their are places in the world that the government just walks into home’s and take people away for just speaking out.
    In the last 10,000 years, 98% of people have lived under tyranny their whole life. America is most of the 2% that lived under freedom. Freedom is very rare. So, we better be on guard or it will be stolen. And the creep in the White and his right hand man, Holder are big on taking it from you.

    • Robert from Texas

      U R dead on sir!!! Excellent post!!!!

    • http://blacknight111 Randy Smith

      Yes you are correct sir. All the countries now in the European union,They did’nt even get to vote whether or not they wanted to surrender their country away to the globalist pigs,what could they do? throw bottles??,1st they took away their guns and put cameras every 10′.

  • jac

    I agree totally, never give up your guns, they took away the uk people”s gun and crime is higher than ever and the people thought it was a good thing at the time, now they are trying to get their guns back…the govt. lies they just want us to have no means of protection when they come for us. I will die before I give up my right to bear arms…………….I may even buy a gun.

    • Rich in Pa

      As a retired Police Officer I also have a few guns. I have them to protect myself and my wife from criminals. I never thought that I would have to have them to protect myself from my government. The one that I AM GOING TO GET is the Colt AR15 with the SSAR-15 Bump Fire Stock. Now check that one out on you tube. My wife also approves of that one. Then if the Obama Government and his Political cronies comes to get my firearms, that is the first one that they will TASTE. It is very sad that we have to protect ourselfs from our own government. They probably will want our firearms to give to the Mexican Drug Cartel so that they can kill more of our Border Patrol Agents such as Brian Perry. RIP Brother. Rich in Pa

  • jac
  • E.B. Myers

    I agree with ya Dean. Those lying bastards will contrive something(or try) to cancel the elections or impose martial law.
    The only way any of them can remain in office is through fraud and illegal acts.
    They all knew about “Fast and Furious” from the top down. It was just a ploy so they would have another excuse to illegally impose more gun restrictions on us.
    The 2nd amendment is very clear in it’s language.
    To the liberals, NO doesn’t mean NO anymore.What part of NO MORE, don’t they understand?
    @ Cape Fear, every day more of the people of the U. S. become a bigger terrorist threat to all liberals in this current admin. We free people simply don’t want their agenda or anything to do with it, or them.

  • Louis Jones

    Has anyone thought the Fast and furious was just a way to
    get guns into criminals hands so the administration could say U.S. gun dealers are responsible? That would give them an excuse to ban firearm sales and cancel the 2nd amendment.

    • Rich in Pa

      That was Obamas plan from day one to disarm the people. He IS working on the right now behind the scenes. If Obama gets re-elected (GOD Forbid) it will happen. Our Founding Fathers knew more then than what the White House knows now but what else can we expect from someone who comes from the Political Corruption Arena of Chicago and Cook County?

  • Randy

    Where’s R. Lee Erme when you need him??

    • catman

      The “gunny” was just elected to the NRA Board of Directors. That’s where he is!!! GO GUNNY!!

  • Brad Harris

    Congress needs to step up to the plate and shut Obama, Holder and the ATF down.
    They are violating federal law and getting away with it.

    • catman

      Brad, there isn’t a person in DC with enough cajones to get the ball rolling. They are scared to death of losing some of their “power”. Copm the day of reckoning, they will learn what it is to lose power.
      I got that sneaky feeling that day is not too far off.

  • Adrian Vance

    Every despot in history has sought to control arms and when he got the job done started a war on the people he didn’t like. This alone should see Mr. Obama out of office.

    For sharp analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at Now on Kindle.

  • AmericansRon2U

    Obama is true to his nature..a Communist Muslim. He’s doing what every good little DICTATOR does: Get rid of God, Guns and the Middle Class. That’s how a dictator amasses power over a nation…check your history.

    • Rich in Pa

      Very,very true.

  • http://Yahoo Mr. & Mrs. William Osborne

    Someone is going to have to take control of the situation and become the leader to stop Obama. I know that their life would be threatened and maybe someone (like the government) would try to take him out. But we need someone with the strength to bring it all together and move on Washington to remove Congress, the President, and all his cohorts!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Don Shields

      Good Idea
      Let’s put 90%of Washington on a airplane to a vaction trip some where. It’s a 10,000 mile trip but only 6,000 miles worth of fuel.This gets them past the half way point.This gives them a choice.They can swim back or ride a shark.

    • Rich in Pa

      He is on an island right now on his vacation on our expense. We can only pray that the Secret Service would evacuate Martha’s Vineyard and leave him there.

  • Bob Graves

    I see a lot of military minds speaking out against the great imposter, so as a retired sailor, I second the motion for impeachment.

    • AmericansRon2U

      Bob Graves…thank you for your military service to our country..I commend you. Let me just mention here though for all those who demand the impeachment of Obama.
      You cannot impeach a person who was never eligible to be POTUS. An arrest is necessary for crimes of high treason, etc. Impeachment doesn’t fly under Obama’s unique circumstances. Despite that fact, even if the House won a motion to begin impeachment, it would never pass through the Senate due to the Leftie majority. These fools couldn’t even pass a budget! Impeachment will never work…Obama MUST BE ARRESTED…nothing short of that will suffice. A few prayers certainly wouldn’t hurt either.

    • Rich in Pa

      Bob Graves, I also want to thank you and any other man and women of the military for their service to our Country and I pray for people of our Military daily. Now wouldn’t that be nice if Obama would have the same respect for our Military like George W. Bush had. Now whether anybody liked or disliked G.W. Bush NOBODY can deny the fact that he had GREAT RESPECT for our Military, Firemen, and Police Officers. Unlike the nut that is currently residing in the White House which is the peoples house, until his eviction in Nov. of 2012

  • White Man

    Obama wants to register the guns but put a few aside for his Black Panther buddies to bully Whitey at the polls.

    • randy

      i want to see his lil black panthers come to lil ole finger,tn…the kkk would have ah good time..not that im a kkk fan,just sayin….

    • mikie

      I would dearly LOVE to see Obmanations Black Panther boys at my polling place. Should I show them the end of my 9 Iron, 30 carbine Iron or the end of the AR15 Iron? They will see one. Just have to decide which. And this former Marine, son of a lifer Marine, will have the time of my life doing it.

  • Raymond

    Everything indicates that Obama the homosexual muslim
    is in bed with the drug dealers. This makes Obama
    an accessary to cold blooded murder. Any United States
    President who has someone murdered will never stand
    trail for that murder.

  • http://Yahoo Bruce the Grizzly

    On other blogs I have had the Lib-democrats telling me,”When have you heard obama say anything about taking your guns, it’s just a bunch of paranoia on your part.”
    My reply to them was “It is not the jerks words but his actions that does the talking.”
    Well folks here is just some more of that action-talk! This whole debackel was to get more Ilegals across the border for votes for Obeyme and at the same time take our 2nd Amendment rights away from us!
    I have also heard and seen in writing on blogs and one here aready that people beleave in our rights to keep and bear arms, but don’t own a gun. My advise to them is that you had better get gun training if you don’t have it yet and get to your nearest gun store and get one or more. Because you are going to need it or them sooner than you think. Along with getting armed they need to get stocked up on food and water, and what ever you can think of including ammo for you guns.
    God Bless America and Our Troops, Past, Present, and Future.
    Keeping to My Oath Locked Loaded and Keeping My Powder Dry.
    Get the US Out of the UN and the UN Out of the US

  • emerutil

    Could anyone tell me if new primers for reloaders and commercial ammunition is engineered to deteriorate into uselessness within a short period of time? I have fired ammo I reloaded 30 years ago, and it still fires flawlessly!

    • randy

      i havent run into those primers yet..been reloading for over 20 years..but i did read an article a couple weeks back,where obummer was talking to a scientist about making gunpowder thats only good for a year..

    • Ltjg

      Dear emerutil, I have fired old reloads dating back that far as well. As for the new Primers, I can not say. I have not experienced anything or heard from any of a number of friends that they deteriorate. If anything, the new Primers are better, hotter and faster. Most all my Shells do not last long anyway…I constantly shoot all year long.

  • Big Ugly, Wyoming

    When will you fools understand?

    If our Founding Fathers GAVE us the Right to bear arms – it can be ‘taken away’ just a easily.

    Our Founding Fathers GAVE us nothing, but the guarantee that our ‘government’ would forever uphold our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. God Almighty, as our Creator God, endowed WE THE PEOPLE with certain UNALIENABLE RIGHTS and the means to enforce those RIGHTS when the ‘governments’, instituted by men, attempted to wrest the God-given Rights from WE THE PEOPLE.
    Rights may only be granted by one who has the NATURAL AUTHORITY to do so – and those Rights may only be undone by the one who granted said Rights in the first place.
    It is up to WE THE PEOPLE to retain, by Force of Arms if necessary, those Rights granted by God Almighty and guaranteed by our chosen form of ‘government’.
    When our ‘government no longer abides by the rules set forth for that ‘government’ and when that ‘government’ no longer enforces the GUARANTEES it has agreed to – WE THE PEOPLE have, not only, the Right, but the Responsibility to choose another form of ‘government’.

    Get is straight – the Constitution, our Government, the Second Amendment, none, GIVE us anything but a guarantee to uphold our God-given, pre-existing, inherent, RIGHTS.
    I, for one, understand that it may cost me my life to enforce my God-given Rights against a ‘government’ that no longer serves WE THE PEOPLE – so be it. Many will make the journey with me.

    • Julius

      Big Ugly, I dedicated 25 yrs of my life to military service to do my part to keep this country free from despots like BHO. Save me a seat on that bus with you. I may also ultimately give my life so that my children and grand-children can live free.

    • a constitutionalist

      Big Ugly, I fully expect to take that same journey. I also expect to take others with me !

  • Maria

    Why are we paying salaries to senators and congressmen when obama does what he wants. They are merely there to collect .. freeloaders! It’s about time they did something. obama just tramples over them laughs. The sorry piece of sheet needs to be IMPEACHED before he does anymore damage and get rid of the muslim thugs. I love gun control … it means “hitting my target”!

  • lovemyusadou

    All the chat here is not going to rid us of BO and his corrupt cronies. We need to go after the money, to start, we go after the main street media, by boycotting them and their advertisers. Start calling the radio and TV stations, put the pressure where it will count. We want the reporters to report the news not comment on it with their liberal views. CNN, NBC, ABC, and my least favorite MSNBC. Go after some of the TV host that go after conservative candidates. We can do this. Money talks , BS Walks. Boycott the advertisers! But we need to let them know we are doing this

    • Myron

      Man, you’re right on the money (pun). If enough of us do exactly that, and you can do it by emailing them, maybe, just maybe they’ll get the point. I know Obummer is attempting to circumvent the 2nd Amendment by going through the U.N., but even with our lazy legislators I doubt that will ever pass. Start sending those emails today.

  • emerutil

    My firm belief is that the only guns that should be registered are those that have been reported as stolen

  • Randy Huffey

    Eric (The Red) Holder will spend taxpayer money to “vigorusly fight” our rights. It’s far past time for him to GO! He is the co-head of the largest crime syndicate in the history of the world. Obama is The Chairman, Chairman Mao-bama. It’s time for congress to re-assert itself while it still might be able to. Time to start calling for impeachment, and charges to be filed against Holder and Obama. Maybe Allen West will start impeachment proceedings. The crimes are numerous, just pick one of the stronger treasonous acts (un-constitutional Executive Orders) and get it goting!

  • Dee

    Our founding fathers that wrote the constitution were a lot of smart people. Much better than the people we have in the government now. They are trying to ruin the country. The founding fathers were saving it.

  • WW2 Navy Vet

    I’m getting old so I bought an AK so I don’t have to aim..
    just pull the trigger.Extra 30 round clips and 2 cases of
    good commie ammo..Hope I never have to use it……
    But you can never tell…GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • stephen russell

    We know Our History, So NO to my Gun & quit smuggling in guns to KILL our Border Forces etc.
    Stop this insane plan.
    Wont work.
    Were ONTO Your scheme.

  • scout

    Good article Chuck, Most of us are aware of the situation but need a strong LEADER to get us through this mess. It looks as if obama is going to give the country to the muslims and Americans are not going to lift a finger to stop it. Makes me nauseated.Lifetime Endowment NRA member.

    • a constitutionalist

      The NRA tried to sell us out over the “Disclose Act”. They thought they could bargain our rights in order to keep their’s as an organization. The NRA is NOT our friend !

    • Joe Laney

      A Man to that one, The NRA don’t care a thing about. All they want is our money, they are worst than the Unions.They get mote money and never see them facing the conservation on some of the rulls that they come up eith. They will keep growing till they will be bigger than the conservation department. Than you will have buy a certain permit to do any thing. You will have to ask them what days you can or fish, and what day and time you can do it. I’ll give it 3 years if something don,t happened, it was bad enougth when you all voted for the conservation tax, now they are buying all the land they can get hold of and won’t even let you use it.Prety soon they will own more land than the Federal Government does. Oh, by the way no one replyed on my reoly on voting and my stystem of picking a canidate, guess every one will just reelect mr. obama, let him steel it.

  • skip gainer

    They have to disarm the people so they can really force us to do what, they command you and me to do. This is why our founders wanted the people to bear arms. Our founders knew in time the greed of man would take control of our government, so to protect us from our own government they wanted the people to be armed.

  • mark from okc

    no more talk!! lets see what happens after elections..

    we need someone to stand up to mexico and our crooked polititions. if not then everyone needs to roll over and play dead.

    dont get me wrong i like to vent and chime in as well BUT,

    when is the talking part done?????????????

  • mark from okc

    face it!!
    we are screwed!!

    no one is going to start a revelution and take this country back!!

    its just not going to happen.

    when we are at the hispanics mercy without jobs, loosing our homes, wait to late that has already happend..

    its like everyone is saying ok, just let one more thing happen then i’ll do somthing…

    FACE IT WE ARE SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Gray

    Its time to wake up ! The congress charged a baseball player for lying to congress, they caused attorney general to resign for firing a bunch of rich white lawers .Holder lied to congress ( IE: black panther election fraud ).Asking for a dismissal, after the judge was going to rule in the gov.`s favor . Selective enforcement of the laws.I could go on & on & on.

  • Joe Laney

    I have read most of these replys, and they are all good and true, but what are we going to do. some say vote him out, that may help, but who are we going to put back in, someone that wants to kill babbies before they are born or one that hangs with the unions, or one that packs and ready to shoot anyone that gets in her way , or the other one thats is trying to ride in on her dress tail. Maybee some have good canidates that will do good, but I have come up to a point, that I am going to be real choosie.I aim to talk to all canidates, and ask them a few questions and any thats says no to any of them I’ll look for someone else.#1 Are you a Christian #2 would help get prayer back into schools.#3Are you for aboration. #4 Are you for free Immerigationor would help to deport all 20 million back home.#5 Are you for free federal health care(or obamacare) as some call it.#6Are you for a srronger armed forces, or are you ready to give up and start being a weaker Nation. I myself have never seen any thing or any body get beat by being strong.#7Are you for gun control, or are you going to stand up to your oath to preserve and protect the Consitution.#8Would you be willing to help get all elected officials to give up their self voted health plan and their retirement,than start paying into social security, and wait untill you are old enougth to get it like the rest of us.(In case some don’t know) these people don’t have to buy obamacare like us. They exemped themselves.#9Would be willing to give up part of these offices and the staffsto run them, that you all put in yourself at our expense, without our say so.also give up part of your unneeded travels, and most of your travel expense on the ones that is needed.#10Would you vote to cut about 15% of the benevelness payment to all of the countryies that we give to,this alone would put a lot of money into the old coffers. I figue that if all these things were done, it would balance the old buget and have money left over. The social security itself would put a fix to it in 1 day, with no more bankrupe about it. I just don’t understand people, we all talk about all the politicans but no one has a plan. Well this is one and I chalance any one to come up with a better one. After all these big lawers and doctors of medicines and college profesinals that people put into office has so many tricks that they can make everyone think that they are the boss. I still hold the believe that we the people are the Govfrnment and these people work for us, and if they get out of line we ought to draw them back in. Cussing them won’y ger her done. We should never vote for anyone with a degree of anykind. Vote in some of these old farmers, they will go to work and when they are done ,it’s back home to see about the cropes. I am 68 years young and OI was student council President in high school. A union President in a local in Kansas city, on a city council board2 terms, and on a school board, and I can tell you first hand as soon as people go voting what they thing are smarter than any one else, than you start having trouble. Even the Bible states that people will start getting too smart for their own good.

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired

    Got an old Sailor who will help the retired USAF any way I can. I may be old, but can still pull a trigger.

  • Lloyd

    We have reason to fear not our government, but the people we have allowed to be given the task of defending our Constitution & our Constitution.

    When the government fears the people, it is liberty. When the people fear the government, it is tyranny. – Thomas Paine
    The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases. – Thomas Jefferson
          Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any body of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States. – Noah Webster

    The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests. – Patrick Henry

    Let us then arm ourselves, and be prepared to fight for our freedom and independence as our forefathers fought to give it to us. We can never ask or give too much to defend our God given rights.

  • -D-

    oh, i dont know where bama’s gonna go when the volcano blows!

  • hollygreen9

    This old retired Navy guy is a little smarter. I only have one rifle that is registered. The rest, I will leave to your imagonation. I do not feel it is the government’s business what I own!!!

  • Serene83

    Chuck Norris for President!