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Obama Votes for Newt?

Written on Sunday, December 4, 2011 by

newt gingrich

Does President Barack Obama get a vote in the Republican primary? Apparently, he wants one. His campaign organization has targeted Mitt Romney for negative ads, a sure sign that he would rather run against Newt Gingrich than against Mitt.

Obama may not be right. His political judgment is, after all, flawed. But he likely sees the race in ideological terms — as he sees the world — and would rather run against a strong conservative like Newt than someone with moderate credentials like Romney.

How do we know? Obama is now running ads, through the Democratic Party, in Virginia, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin attacking Romney for changing his position on abortion. The ad begins with an announcer saying, in ominous tones, that he is about to describe the drama of “two men inhabiting one body.” But he’s not talking about multiple personality disorder. He’s attacking Romney for once having been pro-choice and now being pro-life. Apparently, Obama does not understand that Mitt — like Reagan, Nixon and Bush 41 before him — has abandoned his pro-choice position as he came to know more about the issue.

But where are the ads attacking Newt? There aren’t any. It is unprecedented for a Democratic candidate to take sides in a Republican presidential primary. But Obama is doing it. He’s scared to death of Romney. All of the things that make his nomination more problematic among conservatives strengthen his credentials to defeat Obama in November. His former pro-choice posture, his embrace of gay civil unions (but not marriage), and his sponsorship of Romneycare in Massachusetts — despite its obvious differences from Obama’s program — make him more acceptable to independents. So Obama is determined to vote in the Republican Primary for Newt.

Bill Clinton, doubtless following the same instincts, says positive things about newt. The Democrats want to defeat Romney.

But they may be wrong. Newt is the better debater and would doubtless destroy Obama in a face-to-face confrontation. And Newt’s creative thinking and original ideas might well appeal to an electorate used to sound bites that mean nothing and lead nowhere.

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  • nvrpc

    He’s hoping to split the vote. How about Romney as Prez and Newt as Vice Pres or Visavirsa. How’s that AH Obama and his dogass followers?

    • TheThinMan

      There are lots of things one can say about any of the Republican hopefuls – Cain was the only one that ever mentioned he’d accept VP. I doubt Newt, or Romney or any of the other candidates – excepting Michelle Bachmann would stoop to be VP, a do nothing thankless job with the only claim to fame being the tie breaking vote in the Senate. Newt – you really have to be kidding – and as Romney’s second, I think not.

      I don’t have anything against the LDS Church or Mormonism, but Romney being for abortion – ever – and then there is Harry Reid – says a lot about Mormon’s in general. Of course, Harry Reid and Romney have more in common that religion – there is philosophy, couched slightly differently – but one is a Socialist Democrat, the other a Progressive Liberal establishment Republican.

    • Neil Walden

      Romney No No He is just a little bit better then OBUMA

    • Randy131

      I would be agreeable for a Newt/Romney ticket for President/Vice-President, if Romney had the brains to accept the second spot on the ticket. If it were to happen, and they are as successful in reviving the economy as Reagan was, then Romney would be a shoe in to become the next President when Newt retires, as Bush I was after Reagan retired. It just depends if Romney is smart enough to forsee what the future could hold, if he loses the present nomination to Newt? Also would Newt, if he wins the nomination, think Romney would be his best running mate, which I think Romney would, it would make a great Republican Ticket.

    • Texan living abroad until Texas secedes

      Both Romney and Newt Gingrich are liberals.

      What the heck has happened to conservatives? With Herman Cain unfortunately dropping out of the race inevitably, that leaves only ONE conservative with a chance.

      The Texas congressman. I know many will say they like him EXCEPT for foreign policy, but it’s Ron’s foreign policy conservatives should like the most.

      NO conservative can support these TRILLION dollar Muslim “nation-building” experiments we call “wars”. They are not wars! They are transfers of American wealth to Afghan and Iraqi hands. My buddy in Iraq who is serving training those muslims said the Afghani and Iraqi armies WILL TURN ON US in a future Arab vs Israeli war.

      Let’s STOP giving muslims trillions, building them infrastructure, and training their armies! I get baffled when the people who say things like we should turn them to glass are the same ones supporting spending all of America’s wealth rebuilding BACK INTO A THREAT!

    • SC Gal

      You must not have seen the very 1st debate! I was leaning toward Perry until he made one statement about wanting Americans to pay for education, including college, for illegal aliens. He dropped in the polls like the Titanic. It completely turned me off!

      We are spending 100+ Billion annually to suppoet these blood-sucking illegals! Enough is enough! DEPORT THEM! DON’T SUPPOET THEM!!!!!!!!!

    • Kay

      I agree that Gingrich and Romney are both liberals and of the same ilk as Obama.My first choice is Paul, but doesn’t look like thats going to happen, so once again, I am forced to chose the lesser of the evils.Makes you wonder who is really running the show, and why no republican supported true conservative real American to vote for.

    • fordman

      Haven’t you people figured out yet that Newt and Obama have this all set up between them? Newt is not a conservative let alone a republican. He is all democrat. This country is in big trouble and if we don’t pull together and vote the right person in if there even is going to be an election our country is gone and the dictator takes over for good. All I’m saying is we have to get down to brass taxes and read everything on all of them that we can dig up to make a good decision. This election is for the whole ball of wax but I don’t think there is going to be one.

    • Johnnygard

      fordman, You and others can go around SAYING whatever you want about Newt but his accomplishments in the House of Reps. are far and away better then anyone elses. Remember the promises made and the promises kept in the first Contract With America? He is putting his promises down on paper again, is anyone else doing that?

    • Hank is back

      His accomplishments are actually quite few. They are cancelled out by his many major errors (including creating the department of Education). Most of the much touted ones are smaller than they are given to be, and many of those are more subterfuge than substance.

    • skip gainer

      How about Hillary for president and obama as vice president till we can take the training wheels off obamas bike!

    • Skipster

      Get off this blog, you twit !!!

    • TooToo

      When pigs fly!!

    • blackhawk

      Come on folks.He thinks if he supports Newt then we ,as Republican dummies, will support Romney who he knows he can beat.
      He is scared shi@less of Newt.
      Can you imagine Obama ,the non thinker , debating Newt.
      Nice try loser.

  • Donna

    I go on some lib sites and they are so happy Newt is in the lead they think Obama will win in a landslide because Newt is so bad. I have to agree with them on this one. Can you imagine what they will dig up on Newt.

    • Rhonda

      I would think they would have already dug it up if there was any thing there.

    • chic

      Newt’s laundry has been in the public eye for so long I don’t think it makes a difference to most people anymore.

      Newt knows how to manage the MSM. They are more fearful of him that he is of them.

    • TheThinMan

      Jesus isn’t running – so there are no perfect men or woman in the race. They all, except for Mr. Perfect, Dr. Ron Paul, have a few skeletons in their closets. Some human errors, some political faux pas.

      It is important to get Obama’s feet off the White House furniture, AnyOne but Obama. But you had better begin to think about the Senate, wresting it from the Socialist Democrats and establishment Progressive Republicans and somehow keeping a grip on the House of Representatives while getting rid of the dead wood like Boehner.

    • john j

      Oh , you can bet there’s more … What do you think the libbies want Newt for ?… President ?… No , TARGET PRACTICE ! I really don’t care anymore … They ARE going to get what they want ! I’ll vote , and with a clear conscience , for a real candidate , not who they want me to vote for , and after that … I’ll wait for the WAR !

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      On the other hand, can you imagine a debate between the usurper and Newt? That would be the mop up session of the year. Newt would cut this guy off at the knees on every subject except how to take long vacations.

    • Pat M

      Well put and sooo true!

    • Larrya pa

      if we are lucky we can put Obummer on a full time vacation.

    • TooToo

      As long as bho does not have his teleprompter or special devices in his ears, Newt will make mincemeat out of bho. He will chew him up and spit him out!!

    • andrew musaelian

      Have you seen the crap we have dug up on the Messiah? Illegal birth certificate to start with. Look, Newt will blow Obama back to Kenya with his articulation while Obama will studder and ask “hold up that telepromptor, little higher and now to the left”. “Ok great thanks. opps. “It slid down again. I can’t see my answer” Oh poop, I quit. Great round of applause. Newt will swallow him like a gold fish.

    • marcel Duranleau


    • david k.

      those were the glory i mean gloryhole days

    • Neil Walden

      How about lovers Larry Bland and Donald Young, That are now dead shot to death. Now who did that just before Obuma started his run for President.

    • TooToo

      Who? Who cares? It’s bho that needs to LEAVE, like yesterday.

    • Billie

      And make sure he takes that God awful worst 1st Lady (and I use that term loosely) with him!

    • john j

      If that happens , you better get REAL nervous …

    • fordman

      They have their answers and questions figured out together. I thought Newt was vain but you guys take the cake.

    • Starapple

      unfortunately, Obama will probably win in a landslide but due to George Soros, ACORN, the unions, welfare recipients and with the help of his thug friends.

    • huh duh







    • AmazedAmerican

      Can you imagine what newt could dig up on Obama. Start with the Obama pig, then go to Chicago men’s club where Obama and Rham hung out, until oh my! Obama wanted to run for Il senate, and three of the other gay members had to be silenced, least they sell story about member Obama. So, two of them were murdered, shot to death. The third one died of HIV related illness, saved him from the gun. Do you ever wonder why Obama doesn’t release his medical records? Naw! Newt might be too nice to reveal that in a debate…..or would he?

    • http://patriotupdate littlepat

      If you want to find out more, just Google “Down Low Club, Chicago”.

    • ruth

      can you imagine what they already have on obuma! obuma could never defeat Newt in a debate, NOT AT ALL, obuma will be done. obuma can not debate a horses ass in a free for all debate, and thats what it should be.

    • John Wayne

      I just wonder what they have dug up about Obamanation and are sitting on . . .

    • Icarealot

      Newt has already been vetted. It’s time for Obama. His birth certificate is a forgery! There is viable proof. His Social Security number is stolen, there’s proof. I’d love to see him actually debate anybody after the destruction and demise of our democratic system that he has perpetuated. The man is trying to destroy America, will you let him? I won’t!

    • fordman

      This is not a democratic system it is a republic!

    • john j

      What’s the problem with the negative reaction against Donna ? Makes total sense to me … The libbies WANT Newt , so they can UNLOAD on him ! But I don’t give two hoots in hell for Mitt though , a vote for either one of them , and it’s back to square one , only THE GAMES OVER !

    • Neil Walden

      Write CNN and ask them why they don’t report on OBAMA belonging to a gay mens club in Chicago and two of his lovers were murdered before he started his run for President. Look up Donald Young and Larry Bland

  • Cindy Sue

    Karl Rove explained why the ads are against Romney and not Newt. He said that Newt was low in the polls when the ads against Romney were made.

    This is an example of stupid spin. I am so disappointed that this web site printed this.
    It shows that even the conservative blogs are full of crap.

    Dick Morris wants to be important, sell his dog book and be relevent. What a wind bag!!

    • author5555

      It shows how ignorant you liberal idiots are. You are irrelevant. You try to show you are important, but you are full of crap as much as you liberal bloggers are. WINDBAG

    • cleareyes

      He’s got clear eyes just like me!

    • cleareyes

      Dick Morris, has clear eyes, same as me!
      Now try to put that on the wrong reply! AO

    • TheThinMan

      Karl Rove is a wolf in sheeps clothing. You better watch him carefully. He readily attacks any Republican that is even slightly conservative. He nearly did Bush in when he was senior adviser. Karl Rove is a Judas, a democrat hiding in the robes of a Republican.

  • Dr. Knewitz

    If Newt gets the nomination, I do not believe that Obama will debate him at all. Obama does not have to debate, and his handler George Soros will not let him debate and look bad to the American public.

    So that means that the Republicans would have to spend millions on ads to defeat BO – short for Barack Obama or BO that bad smell that follows some people around – you decide.

    BO will not debate Newt, and he will post a billion dollars of ads against him to beat him.

  • Carol Fryer

    Oh give me a break….a rino is a rino and the same as a liberal.

    • budman

      I am listening. Tell me how they are the same?

  • MH

    I don’t trust Newt or Mitt they both flip flop too much!

    • Millicent

      Let me guess, you support the Nazi nutjob Ostrich Ron Paul?

    • mags

      newt a one world government guy , wake up people do your home work

    • budman

      Mags: You just made a statement that I don’t believe you can’t back up. I checked the list of people who attended the Bilderberg Group meetings. Obama, Bush and Perry are on it but not Gingrich nor Romney as some have alluded.

      Does Gingrich has some views that are moderate? Yes, he does but the fact is in running a government, you can’t be a true conservative or Liberal. Even Clinton understood this and so did Bush. You saw what happened when Bush was faced with a Congress under total Democrat control and he moved to center where in Obama’s case, he has remained solid far left and refuses to compromise. We haven’t had a budget passed now in over three years (October begins new fiscal year). Did this happen when Gingrich was leader of the House? Of course not but it was a battle to get one passed and emergency measures were put in place to keep the government running for a few weeks.

      I don’t know who you want to see as the Republican nominee but I will tell you that if it is Ron Paul, You want the same as the Liberals and the Communists who say they favor him. Why? Because they know Obama would win and their vote would be for Obama. Obama will be hard pressed to beat either Romney or Gingrich. So if you can’t vote for either one, your only option is to not vote or vote for Obama and that is your right. I think we will need every vote we can get to defeat Obama because there is no doubt he will use every angle he can to get votes including manipulation of voting machines, ineligible voters, voters voting as many as eight times and the illegal immigrant vote just like Harry Reid did in Nevada and even had the audacity to say that was what he would do to get elected.

      I hope if you don’t agree with the nominee that at least you will go to the polls, hold your nose and vote republican as we need every vote.

    • joe

      Nazi nutjob Ostrich are stupid remarks! You must be against the constitution and freedom, love more taxation and obviously want government to make all your decisions!

    • author5555

      Itrust Newt more than I do Mitt. But both of them are better than the anti-American we have in there now.

    • distressed

      Agreed. None of them may be the candidate we want, but we know the one we have now intends on destroying everything that makes us America, starting with capitalism. Who could possibly be worse.

  • Shot in the Foot

    I did not think a dem could vote for a repb. primary. Just braking another law.

    • cleareyes

      Not true! What do you think Rush’s Chaos was all about?
      Every time Ted Kennedy, was on a ballot. I voted Marry Jo.

  • Sandy/LA,CA

    I’m thinking this is Reverse Psychology by Obama. In reality, I think Newt is the one he is afraid of and as a spin he’s saying Gingrich is the one he would like as his competitor. Watch out people! Things are not what they seem with Obama, but in most cases the’re the exact opposite!

  • Bud

    Obama will lie, cheat, steal, and buy votes any way he can. He is just getting warmed up.

  • joe

    The only republican candidate that really scares Obama is Dr. Ron Paul no dirt to dig up!!!

    • Starapple

      Ron Paul is a flake that does not scare Obama one bit.

    • fordman

      Yes he does. Ron Paul is the only one that goes by the constitution. Maybe Michelle Bachmann. They would make a great team no matter which one was president.

    • cleareyes

      Just a easy walk over,

    • ruth

      sorry, but ron paul is a nut case!

    • LadyLiberty

      I see all the usefull idiots are out today.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Ruth…. So true…

    • TheThinMan

      No dirt – a saint then – wonder why there are no bills ever passed with his name at the top. He is NO leader, regardless of his saintliness or his voting record.

    • Johnnygard

      ThinMan, Some people had the guts to give you a thumbs down, but I didn’t see anyone telling you about Ron Paul’s great accomplishments from the last 20 years!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Thin Man… Gooder than airy angel, so he is.. Never broke a saucer. But, does he pee his pants?? That is the question…

  • Dean

    Obama just wants people to think he wants Newt because he wants them to think he will beat him. Obama’s nick name should be “TRICKY DICKEY”. He is afraid of Newt and figures he will probably lose against him.

    • Johnnygard

      And you can bet they already have a bag full of reasons why Obummer can’t/won’t debate Newt.

  • Gerald

    Newt is a progressive! He would just continue the revolution. Conservatives are being left without a candidate.

  • Ron Logue

    If anyone pays attention to how Obama won his first election, check it out. He ran against no one, because he destroyed them all before election day. Personal destruction, that is all Obama has to run on. His record would destroy him.

  • Sick of Barry

    Newt will win it all. You and see!!! First off Berry wont even make it to election time!

  • http://facebook pat

    and the in-fighting has gotten worse,,cant u see this is what the msm wants..U people pretend to be conservative and want ur country back..well if that is the case then ur sure not acting like it..what is it,,u only want to save the country for a few years,,is that it..or maybe no years at all..u vote in one of the good ole boys like newt,romney or perry and we are all screwed..He is the absolute only constitutionalists on the ballot,,he is the only one who can or wants to actually turn our country back to being a free country,,go ahead keep fighting,,be sheeple controlled by the media,,u will get exactly what u asked for

  • http://facebook pat

    and i am talking about ron paul,,this continuous fighting just ticks me off..we can not win divided,,and this is exactly what they are doing to us

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Pat The Ron Paul people are always looking for a fight. They publish reams of garbage that no one wants to hear and get mad if we don’t jump on your sinking ship/ Enough already!!

  • distressed

    How could anyone flip flop more than he did as a congressmen or even between his election promises and the presidency. If the democrats are for Newt, there’s a problem with him. We will see. Now that he is moving in the top spot, they should be bashing him just like they did Cain or Romney. Everytime someone looks like a threat they will use billions to take him or her down. I saw some stats that said the Democrats had billions in campaign funds and the repub. only had hundreds of thousands. The difference in the money they have makes the whole thing unfair. They should have the same amount of money to work with, regardless of the contributions. There should be a limitation on the amount of donations they are allowed to accept. Even with all of that they feel compelled to grind to powder any republican that shows promise.

    • dem hater

      the reason why Clinton is for Newt, is because of Newt was Speaker during Clintons Presidency…… since they were able to work together then, Bill trusts Newt more than he does Obama……..
      As far as Obama goes, he wants Romney out of the way, because the Rhinos support Romney strongly. Since Obama will NOT compromise with the Republican leadership, he is afraid of the backlash later in the general elections from the Rhinos, that will hurt Obama heads up…….

      I know that we may bwe disagreeing on whom would be the best Republican, but when it comes to the general electin in Nov 2012, WE ALL NEED TO BACK THE REPUBLICAN, BECAUSE WE DO NOT WANT 4 MORE YEARS OF THIS ANTI AMERICAN……. NO F_____ WAY!@!!!!!

    • fordman

      Totally agree on voting republican.

    • TooToo

      Divided we fall!! We may fight like crazy now, but whoever gets the nomination, we MUST stand together!! Otherwise, you know what we get. NO!! NO!!! NO!!!!

    • TheThinMan

      People are “inferring” that the Socialist Democrats are for him. I’d imagine this time there will be a lot of “Reagan” Democrats that vote Republican – and Newt is the Man that can garner those votes. If they want a RINO Progressive Liberal – they might as well keep Obama – unless they want to be racist and have a white man this time with Romney.

    • fordman

      I feel the money don’t make a difference as long as we can put someone in office that works for the people and goes strictly by the constitution. The constitution will win every time. Ron Paul IS the man and he’s not crazy or too old but is very smart and always tells the truth. You won’t get any flip flopping from him and I don’t believe he can be bought.

  • Leroy Lippschittz

    Newt Gingrich is a conservative? I must have misunderstood the philosophy of this website if you think Newt is a conservative. Newt is the quintessential neocon.

  • Janice Fortin

    obama voting for newt? He BLUFFS…..and not at all good at it. Better take another look at that laundry of Newt. No doubt Newt could wipe the floor with the very evidently not brought up American who OCCUPIES the white house. That does not mean Americans would be happy with newt. obama’s support of him should be one great big RED flag…or is this his version of “tricky”? Thatis bloody pathetic.

    • dem hater

      he Baggage that Newt carries, is OLD NEWS to the majority of the public…. This was his past, and also Newt has stated that he completely blogged it on his website for all to see, so his past is right out in the open for anyone who wants to know about him more…. he was one step ahead of the left on this one….
      NEWT/CAIN 2012…..
      Newt having Cain on the ticket would disturb the left bigtime, they would not know what to say or do about it…. they would be puzzled, and if they were to go after Cain again,Newt would go after the Left Media and tear them apart……..

    • fordman

      I wouldn’t trust Newt on anything.

    • TooToo

      Who really cares which conservative bho is in favor of? Give me a break! He’s not voting this side of the aisle. Why would anyone believe what he says anyhow?? He’s been full of lies since day one.

  • excjoann

    I have followed history and politics particularly the last 60 plus years. This is the most important race ever. I have followed day to day the current political battle, I was with Romney last election and still today. I met him in The Villages one day with Governor Scott – Romney is not the outgoing friendly type – however, that is not what we need – we need an astute businessman. Hands down, Hands up –
    Romney is the man to take this country forward.

  • real patriot 1

    Obama is scared to death of newt. Every word out of this kenyan’s born mouth is a lie. i still cant figure out why he has not been impeached yet. he’s even using a dead persons SS# which did not come from hawaii. getting back to newt. obama likes to think backwards. he’s going after Mitt Romney because he wants to give the impression that he’s affraid of mitt. this is so far from the truth its laughable. obama wants mitt in. obama is saying he likes newt to confuse people. obama thinks people will say, oh newts a friend of obama . unfortunately for obama. the people of america and the world know that obama is a lying pig. Newt Gingrich will crush obama and obama knows it.

    • ruth

      and that is so dam true, obuma is so afraid of Newt!

  • david k.

    gotta love these comment posts,all the infighting over newt,paul etc.kinda reminds me of two brothers fighting each other over who has to take out the trash.i dont care who takes out the trash(obama)just as long as it gets for who you like but vote!then when it matters most lets all take out the trash together!peace all!

  • The Truth

    I don’t think obama cares whether it is Newt or Romney, both are RINOs like McCain; and just look how that turned out. My preference is to run a strong Conservative like Michele Bachmann.

    • TheThinMan

      It doesn’t matter how conservative or Tea Partyish any of the candidates are if they don’t know how to lead – Michelle Bachmann doesn’t, Ron Paul Doesn’t, Newt clearly has leadership ability and Romney and Perry have been/are Governors of states. Huntsman is smart – but has served on Obama’s State Department team.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand


  • Vern

    newt’s one of the biggist liars and thieves ever, unless your brain dead you would not support either party of liars and thieves, their all career politicians and live off of the taxpayers to support their lavish elitist lifestyles. every one of our elected representitives are traitors to the constitution and should be hanged by their pencil necks alongside of obama, the illegal alien and filthy muslim terrorist!

    • Johnnygard

      Vern, We must have been cut off – I missed the part where you show us Newt’s lying and theft.

    • Johnnygard

      Gutless wonder(s), I get thumbs down for asking someone to back up their claim? So you don’t mind people saying anything they want without any evidence? OK, I’m the handsomest man on earth!

    • Bree

      No, you’re not Johnnygard, El Lobo Solo is. But you might be second though I doubt it, my secret admirer is!

    • Johnnygard

      OK Bree, You caught me in an Obama type lie!

  • eyes open

    I will be very surprised if anyone can win against Obama because he doesn’t play fair and I think he will find a way to rig the election. The problem with choosing Romney because he is the greatest threat to Obama is that we run the risk of then having a very similar president with similar problems, the main difference being that Romney is a legitimate candidate (natural born citizen). Perhaps he really is pro-life now. I don’t trust him myself. I think he is too establishment to really make the changes that our country needs to get out of this mess that we are in.

  • Charles

    This fraud obama and his administration actually thinks reverse psychology is going to work . Believe me obama and his illegal administration do not want Newt Gingrich as the GOP candidate . If the fraud obama had to debate Newt Gingrich he might as well go back to kenya now . There is no way obama legally wins the 2012 election if Newt Gingrich is the GOP candidate .

  • D. Hanes

    Obama is an idiot, anything he does is suspect.. we should all know he cannot be trusted!

  • Sad Grandmother

    Newt Gingrich is now & always has been a dishonest person. Yes, he is much, much better than Obama; however, he is a very dangerous man! I’ve lived long enough to have watched his political decisions and am telling you, he should not be the GOP’s choice. Romney may not be much better, but at least he tries to be forward thinking whereas all Newt wants to do is WIN. My personal choice would be someone totally out of the political scene all together at this point. Just so Obama IS NOT It!! Unfortunately, the GOP candidates are fighting so much among themselves that one candidate may not be able to gain the support they need in order to fight successfully against Obama. May God bless us all as we try to make intelligent and prayerful choices!!!!!!!!

    • Johnnygard

      Sad, Yes you are. You call him dishonest without any evidence. Over and over I point out that Newt is the only politican that I have ever seen put promises in writing (in a National magazine) and keep every one of them in the first 100 days. His actions speak a lot louder than your words.

    • fordman

      You should learn to trust older people’s wisdom. We’ve been around the block a time or two and know what we are talking about.Ron Paul gets my vote.

    • Johnnygard

      fordman, You assume grams is older and wiser than I am. I wouldn’t advise you to put much money on either bet. And I still await evidence on her claims.

    • Dorothy

      being an older person I believe Ron Paul is to old to be running for president I like him but he is not sharp enough to set in his ways its hard for older people to change sorry paul

  • JackK

    The list of Obamas dirt is open to the public and obvious. His supporters do not see it because they are blinded. The independants,elderly,republicans see it plain and clear for what it is and know they want him out of there at all costs.



    • TheThinMan

      Before you post your comment – you should try reading what you write.

  • el viejo

    Check newt’s voting record at:

    Then decide

  • September

    Newt is going to ruin this country with another and the biggest yet, amnesty. He pushed through the one in 1986, and since then we have had 6 other amnesties. He is connected with to many hipanic groups. I feel he will be another Obama, a good talker that will lead many down another road to destruction for this country.

    • Luis R Vazquez

      Nobody, but nobody at all would ruin this country and cause more pain, hunger and disrespect to the USA than the clown who inhabit the White House today.
      The USA will gain back most its lost prestige with any one else, Gingrich, Romney or what ever the name is.
      Any Republican who bashes any of the present candidates of the party, is making a terrible harm not only to the party, but also to the country.


      I have some news for you September, Newt has forgotten more about the history of this nation and the political process and the maneuvering of the 3 branches of government in this country than OBUMMER ever learned at Harvard (if he really went there) or will ever know if he studied U.S. history for the rest of his life, which I hope and pray will soon be over, (God Bless all retired Snipers).

  • Rachelrao

    Like everything else obama is trying to “shape” the Republican primaries just so he can choose the person HE wants to debate. But whether it is Romney or News he will be debated well. Just as Newt became a grandfather and matured, Romney too became a grandfather and matured and changed his views. I do not see that as flip-flopping. But I do see that obama has flip-flopped during his first campaign, doing the same now, and has not kept his hope and change promise to America.

    • fordman

      Just because you become a grandfather don’t mean you mature any more than you are now.

  • http://yahoo littledee

    Newt also announced that we should all have to get our thumb prints taken, in order to buy a gun and register with the federal government. He voted against us before on gun laws he will do it again.


      This is one thing that Newt is wrong about. yYou should have to have your thumb print of your shooting hand made which would be put into the Data Base and then the cops could prove who held and shot a gun for sure in any criminal case. You can’t hold a gun, load a gun,or shoot a gun without a thumb.
      We should also have our index finger ink marked with indulable ink at the time we put our ballots in the voting box which would show all the poling places that we have already voted once and if you try to vote 2 or 3 times you will get rejected right then and there. Just like they do it in other parts of the world. That will say goodby to ACORN, The Black Panthers,and others who use Voter Fraud to win elections including OBUMMER himself.

    • fordman

      Tell it like it is littledee.

  • Luis R Vazquez

    First it was Bill Clinton, now “EL MISMISIMO OBAMA”( The very same Obama) endorsing Newt Gingrich.

  • Luis R Vazquez

    Only Criminals should be affraid of registering in a very strict way to obtain a firearm carrying license.
    I have not decided who I will vote for yet, Gingrich or Romney, although I will vote for either one against Barry the Clown.


    Newt is a crook,he jumps the fence to where ever the money might be,never for the middle class.He upholds the patriot act[destruction of our rights]Obama has bowed down to big money in some ways.upheld the patriot act,but he has also created jobs rebuilding our infastructure [the stimulus plan that some call overspending].When he trys to collect from those who can afford it,it’s fearfully called class warfare.Ron Paul wants bring back our rights as ststed in the constitution.[a platform he hasn’t deviated from for the last three decades]He is also an isolationist[quit policing the world and take care of ourselves]he also wants to do away with the fed reserve and base our currancy on gold,not derivatives.
    I don’t know about you people,but it looks to me like this election will be between President Obama and Dr. Ron Paul.they are the only ones with any solutions for the common citizens,so far.
    As far as personal life[mens clubs whatever].I could really care less what goes on.You people need to look at real issues not the piddly tabloid issues.

  • Earle Belle

    Whether it’s flip-flopping on TARP, supporting the individual mandate that served as a model for “ObamaCare,” joining with Nancy Pelosi in support of the global-warming crowd’s radical agenda, or making millions off of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as they helped destroy our economy, Newt Gingrich is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.
    He’s what is called a “counterfeit conservative.”
    Here’s an ad so you can hear Newt in his own words explaining his record of supporting liberal policies:

    Oh No!!! Very disturbingly and overwhelmingly devastating information about the words, actions, and record of Newt Gingrich:

    27 Reasons Why Newt Gingrich Would Be A Really, Really Bad President:

    Gingrich Center Took in $37M From Healthcare:

    Shocking To Hear From Newt In His Own Words:


    I have written it before and here I go again.
    The Clinton Machine had OBUMMER investigated in 2006 when he ran for the senate because they had a feeling that we wanted to be the first BLACK POTUS eventually and they were trying to protect Hitlary from being challenged in 2008 on the DEMECRAP ticket to be the nominee at the convention. When they found out thru college paperwork etc. that he was an Illegal alien they spread the word thru the senate and house to the powers incharge at the time and the future powers to be and told them what they had found out about him, thinking he would be elected to the senate and stay there for 6 years and then run for the POTUS position in 2012 or maybe ever wait until 2016 after Hitlary had her 8 years in the sun. OBUMMER found out what they knew and he uped the anny and came out of no where in 2008 and beat her for the nominee slot in 2008. Do you remember the 1 hour meeting between OBUMMER and Hitlary in the oval office after he was sworn in, well that is when the deal was cut, she would be SOS until 2012 and he would throw OBIDEN under the bus and bring her in as V.P. on the ticket setting her up to be elected POTUS in 2016, giving her 8 years to be POTUS until 2024. this way the DEMECRAPS would hold the POTUS position from 2008 thru 2024 or a total of 16 years which is what the libs need to complete the transformation of America to a socialist country while getting things ready to become part of the New World order, which is where OBUMMER wants to be POTUS of the New World Order. Think about it folks If it works out this way then OBUMMER & Hitlary can control the entire world from 2 places and no other country will stand a chance of objecting to anything they want to do with reguard to money, oil supplies,energy of any type, wind, solor, hydro electric,or anything else which will put money in their pockets thru insider trading or down right theivery of a business who is making a pot full of money on any product they product that is in high demand. Just look at G.M. & Chrysler bot making piles of money in other countries around the world only 3 years since the taxpayers of the U.S. bought the companies.
    Isn’t it great how to big to fail works.
    Trust me folks Slick Willie & Hitlary are both in on the deal, poised to make a s**tpot full of money along the way. Think about why OBUMMER paid off Hitlary’s debt that she had when she dropped out of the POTUS race in 2008, that too was part of the deal, and she has been hop scotching all over the world for 3 years meeting all the world leaders and dictators everywhere so that they know her personally just like OBUMMER did his appology tour all over the world after being elected POTUS and making speaches telling everybody that we were sorry for what we had done over the last 100 years or so and they all bought it hook line and sinker not expecting to get screwed in the long run, which is what is happening to them even as I type this posting.


      I also forgot to say that now you also know why the house won’t file impeachment charges against him and why the senate won’t investigate his birth certificate and social security number because if they did then a whole bunch of the members of both chambers would also go down the tube with him for harboring a criminal as the POTUS and that includes both Peloci and Reid as well a the current speaker of the house Boehner, and a lot more. There would have to be an emergency election in every state just to fill the vacant seats in both chambers when they were all implicated and convicted and sent to prison.
      Thanks for reading my posting, whether you think I’m nuts or what ever, when you think about it all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
      Thanks again and remember OMG OBUMMER MUST GO

  • John Acord

    I’ve followed Net for 30 years and he is everywhere whoring himself out to whoever has some loot to grease his hand. Gingrich would be the President “of the Lobbyists, by the Lobbyists, and for the Lobbyists.” We may as well put a For Sale Sign on the White House. He is the apotheosis of a Political Whore, a disgrace to to himself, his family and the nation. Obama will crush him in 2012 as he exposes one scandal after another. He is the perfect candidate for the vicious Chicago Machine to attack. I can visualize the endless nights of women accusing him of everything from rape to unwanted hugs, the revelation of his humungous receipts from lobbyists, his tax problems which have always haunted him. The list is only limited by the imagination of Axelrod and his horde of nasty researchers and set up artists. The MSM will scream headlines daily, hourly. Obama will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Newt is the least electable candidate the Republicans could ever imagine nominating. Its just a setup by the liberals. They will praise him and bury his record until the election starts. Then, will come the avalanche of bad press, endless revelations, ceaseless accusations. It may get so bad that Newt will have to resign in the middle of the campaign. A vote for Newt is a vote for a political nightmare and is a vote to keep Obama in office for another 4 years. Does anyone really want that to occur? There is only one conservative in the race and its Ron Paul.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand


  • Frank

    “Obama … would rather run against a strong conservative like Newt than someone with moderate credentials like Romney.” – Dick Morris

    Come on Mr. Morris! Newt is no strong conservative. He’s flip-flopped on many issues, often being on the big government liberal side of issues & he has a very sleazy personal, financial & ethical past… none of which I would qualify him as being “conservative”. Obama wants to run against him because Obama thinks he can beat him. Obama might be correct.

  • Skipster

    Here’s what is really going on. Obama and all the progressives know Romney is a RINO pushover and they think they will easily defeat him. But in order to get Romney nominated, they want us to think that they are afraid of him. Who they really fear in Newt but they have to get us to believe that they have no fear of Newt so that we will think he wont beat Obama. You people getting this?
    It’s really simple. It is all just a mis-direction.
    Typical Liberal/Socialist/Progressive/ slimeball tactic.

  • Dorothy

    to me it seems rather odd that any one getting close to Mitt R the liberals try to destroy them they will start on newt G next I believe they want to run against Mitt R. do you think Mitt leans a little to the left ?

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Dorothy… Romney is beginning to remind me of John McCain. The libs LOVE that for it seems that he won’t fight back. I heard today that Romney’s team is getting upset with him because he is too soft. In my opinion, McCain gave the election to obama.

  • Larrya pa

    If Obuma votes for Newt G. it would be the smartest thing he did since he was in office.

  • SC Gal

    Obozo is using reverse psychology. He’s scared of Newt Gingrich & certainly does not want to debate him, because Newt will use facts from memory & will call Obozo down for making up crap & spewing out all that “I’m wonderful, look what I’ve done” & “Muslims are great”.

    Obozo couldn’t debate his way out of a paper bag against Gingrich.

    I’m telling you folks, we better get behind a strong candidate before it’s too late and our indecisiveness leaves us with a weak candidate like McCain in ’08.

    Go Newt!

    Illegals: Deport them, don’t support them! I read recently that they are sucking 100+ Billion $ per year out of our welfare system, Social Security, free housing, free medical, food stamps, etc. + sending alot of money back to their homelands. DEPORT & DEPORT NOW!

  • blackhawk

    Maybe you Paul supporters should vote for Micky Mouse.Same results–Obama wins.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand


  • http://msn thomas Lee

    It would be nice if the people would remember the liberal media and stop reading them and their ruin america comments. Not one of those writers can relate with the poor. They simply have found a way to get their name in print, and will sell their soul to get there. The poor very probsly enter their thoughts/conversations for ego purposes only.


    IT is clear after watching the debates that Paul is the only true conservative in the republican party.I dont see anything conservative about policing the world.maybe all you haters ought to pool your own money to kill all the muslims and commys.this country is broke,and socalled conservatives didn’t help the situation at all.It’s time for a real conservative who sticks to his agenda.DR RON PAUL in 2012

  • deerhunter1



    The Eastern Republican Elite are stuck between Romney and Gingrich, like being stuck between “no-where” and “voidness”. Lackluster is Lackluster – neither Romney nor Gingrich have the forth-rigtness, clarity of vision and frontier openess that Rick Perry will bring to an otherwise stale politcal atmosphere.

  • http://InternetExplorer Homer

    Romney is a fence jumper antigun liberal from the east and he certainly is not to be trusted. He record speaks for itself. Mandatory health insurance for citizens of his home state, but he does’t believe it is necessary for the rest of the country. He is a joke along with Newt the lizard.

    • Salleeann

      Homer—or is that GomeR/ Any way are you naturally stupid or are you taking lessons.

    • ChillaKilla

      Don’t be fooled by the “Obama scared to death of Romney” rhetoric; it’s more like the RATS were already counting on Romney to be the nominee, since Romney’s poll numbers were the highest among the GOP candidates, and Gingrich was considered a non-issue for them, given that his candidacy seemed to be dead as of April of this year.

      Fact is, that oVomit’s handlers should indeed have reason to worry about Gingrich, and if they do not, they are fooling themselves. To begin with, Gingrich is a hell of a lot smarter and more articulate than both Romney and oVomit together; his political experience is greater, and his verbal skills in a debate with either –something that counts a great deal with the voters– would be lethal.

      IMHO the building up of Romney as ‘the front runner’ is a tactic the RATS used all along to get the least threatening opponent for their candidate. They had a definite plan from the day they decided to stick with oBumbler: to wit, they have been destroying every possible GOP opponent who appeared to be on the ascendancy. First they got to Palin, then they eviscerated Bachmann, Perry self-destroyed, Cain has just gone through the grinder, Ron Paul is rightfully dismissed as a nut-case, unacceptable to any sane constituency, Santorum does not even show up on their radar because he has no chance, and Huntsman has always been a non-issue.

      The only one left standing against Romney their chosen victim is Gingrich, who they were not counting on. Now they will train their sights upon him. It remains to be seen whether Newt, having a checkered past, can survive their slime and gutter politics machine of the Chicago thugs who have littered oVomit’s path to the WH with a slew of corpses.

      Newt might surprise them, however. He’s not one to take abuse lying down.

  • Hilda Kolb

    We need a candidate who tells the truth in campaign speeches, not lies that we have experienced in the last Presidential race. I am bipartisan and wish only to elect someone who cares about Americans first and in the USA. I have never seen what is going on this in this country. It is unbelievable that we cannot have someone that believes in us. This is going to be a bitter compaign, with our now President only interested in himself and his power. This must change.

  • Richard Davis

    After hearing that the Supreme Court has determined that Barak Obama is ineligible to run for President the how can Barak Obama run for office in 2012? Somebody set me straight!!!

    • Hal Daniels

      What you heard is pretty much bogus. However, Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Phoenix has a team of retired cops, sheriffs, lawyers, etc. investigating Obama’s birth certificate and the phony Social Security number issue. If he finds anything negative the info will be referred to the Arizona Secretary of State. That could keep his name off the Arizona ballot which would pretty much kill his candidacy to run for POTUS at all.

  • http://yahooo Anita

    Odumbo you are maybe finally getting a little smarts. Maybe there is hope for you after all.

  • don

    I would not vote for o dumb one if my life depend on it ,I hate this man for every thing he stands for////

    • http://aol Nancy


    • General Patton

      Anyone but Obama. This current president is such a Marxist/ Socialist, world wide apologizer for anything American!

      Thanks Don for saying what we are all thinking!

  • Darlin

    Newt is as bad as obama. He also does alot of flipping. You need to do research on him. He is also a cheating husband, why is nothing being said about that. They run Cain out and I hear nothing about Newt. Voting for Newt will bring no change. The only changes will come from Ron Paul 2012

    • GingerB4

      Newt left his first wife while she was sick and dying with cancer. Is that who we want to have to rely on?
      Not me, thank you very much.
      Ron Paul 2012!

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    I know a trap when I see one… It is Newt that they dread. They are Bast..ds, but they are not stupid.They think we are stupid enough to fall for that.

    • gofigure

      Newt/Cain 2012 – and I’ll bet ya a doughnut obummer can’t win. And I’m just not a betting person.

    • dfrank

      What took you so long Ann? I knew by the time I read the first paragraph that crying about the media and the dems trying to play mind games with us would be the response here. Anything people don’t like, they come up with this voo doo about somebody trying to dupe them.

      If they were to say, “have a nice day”, would you believe they were trying to ruin things for you? I don’t want to be mean, but that’s the way that kind of paranoia sounds to me. Just cool it: You can still vote for your choice: I am, and I don’t really give a hoot what “they” want me to do.

  • rocky

    I am supicious of all the talk from the media about Romney. Like they couldn’t live without him becoming President. Yet to me he is the quintessential RINO. For me that is just what the Fox news people want hired as President. Newt shows those qualities also when he is trying to seperate himself from the GOP race. Michele Bachmann has NOT done that, nor has Santorum, or Cain while he was in. Newt knows his stuff and he can debate without making himself look bad. That’s the kind of candidate we need to over throw this joke we have now. If Newt really is the one, I don’t really know, but I definitely don’t want Mit. It’s still really early. I would not cut out Michile. What we need to do as a nation is pray for God’s help, and healing of our country, and for own self morality and honor. Our country has become very corrupt and self centered. You can see that exampified in our leadership. We all need to work on our own lives as an example of what we expect of our government.

    • Hal Daniels

      Amen to that !!


    A stalemate grips the Republican Nomination process. And man is it stale, boring, tedious and truly stale to the tastes of voters. Same ole, same ole names Romney, Gingrich, Cain etc,etc, etc… The only freshness seems to come from Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry is not one of the Perrenial Wannabes that drone on and on in that Beltway Mumble Jumble until the listener is sedated into a mind-saving trance. Perry is not Beltway, he has fresh and dynamic ideas that point forward and exhibit no signs of Beltway influence. Refreshing is’nt it!!!!!

  • cheryl

    First of all Newt is so mucher smarter than Obama there is no comparasion. I think Obama is really afraid to debate him and in the end will not. He know’s he’s going to end up looking like the moron he is.

    • gofigure

      yeah buddy Newt has it all over obummer

  • Fred Adler

    It is somewhat sad that we have to consider, who can win, versus, who can do the job of returning the country to its former greatness. Since we are close to half the population benefitting from a president that borrows us into oblivion to support “free stuff” and no taxes it is a real challenge to defeat a guy who has nothing to lose but four more years of free rent in the most expensive house in DC. Obama will promise everything we cannot afford in the world economy and take us closer to the brink but the half of the population that has nothing to lose and only “free stuff” to gain will vote for him. Unfortunately, we cannot change the rules on voting and if the fools carry us over the edge, we are going with them.

    • GingerB4

      This is what I’ve been trying to tell people everywhere I can. You’ve stated it so very well. The media is literally nullifying my choice by ignoring him entirely and not giving him a minute on the air anywhere. Most I hear from those that disagree is that he is a nutcase, but they never submit any evidence of that. I’m not sure where that rumor started, but it would be interesting to find out. I’m for Ron Paul because he makes sense and I had to do a lot of research before I made up my mind. That tells me that the opposition is cutting him off purposely, because they don’t want his message to spread across the masses of Americans who desperately need to begin thinking along biased lines. So, that being said…it is my intention to stick to my guns and sing to anyone who will listen…that Ron Paul is still in the running and is a viable contender. He is against the nwo and is all about getting America back from the communist dictator currently in office. We as people should be a lot more enlightened than we were in the last election….believing lies and voting for things that we’ve never gotten. Now all these flip-flopping candidates saying what we want to hear is making me sick. Because they are lying just like 0 did. Will we never learn?

  • dfrank

    Fred, yours is about the most spot on post I’ve read in days. We spend so much of our time trying to destroy one or the other of the people we’re going to have to choose from to send against Obama, it almost seems that Obama has hired people to come on the various sites and destroy everyone running.

    Thanks for being different, even if your post is somewhat sobering. Perhaps that’s what we need — to sober up.