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Perry vs. Romney on Economy

Written on Saturday, September 3, 2011 by


Now here comes Rick Perry challenging Mitt Romney’s record on job creation. The stats are definitely in his favor. Between June of ’09 and June of ’11, 50 percent of the net new jobs created in the United States were in Texas, making Texas No. 1 in job growth by a long shot.

Under Romney, Massachusetts’ record was terrible by comparison. The Bay State ranked 47th in job growth, with employment rising less than 1 percent from ’03 to ’07 — his years in office. The U.S. job growth rate, at this time, was 5 percent.

Gov. Perry clearly did better than Gov. Romney at creating jobs. But it is not two governors who will square off over the issue; it is two men with two lifetimes of experience to look at.

Ever since former President Clinton drummed the concept of net job creation into our heads with his mounting claims of the millions of jobs “I created,” we have become accustomed to monitoring this figure as evidence of executive economic skill. But, in this case, Romney can point to a lifetime of actually creating jobs while Gov. Perry can only cite his role in presiding over their creation as a head of state.

It’s quite a difference. Perry’s Texas has had historically low taxes for decades and is one of only a handful of states without an income tax. In 1970, for example, Texas had 11 million people and Michigan had 10 million. Now Texas has 25 million while Michigan cannot find jobs for its current population of 11 million. The credit for Texas’s low taxes belongs not just to Perry, but also to Govs. George W. Bush and Bill Clements before him. (A nod is even due Gov. Ann Richards in between.)

The job creation record is partially due to a surge in oil demand (one quarter of the new Texas jobs are in the energy sector) and some of the new jobs are due to the efforts of former Gov. (and client) Mark White in getting the chip research industry to locate in Austin in the ’80s.

Romney has actually, personally and financially, created tens of thousands of jobs. His record of buying companies, fixing them up, selling off the unprofitable parts and obtaining financing to grow the money-making parts is invaluable in helping us to get out of the current job-creation funk.

Any good Republican president will hold down taxes and block new regulations. But it may take a businessman with Romney’s skill set to dig down into the bureaucracy and understand precisely how bank regulation or EPA controls stop job creation. Romney needs to make the case that we need more than broad-brush policy strokes to get the job machine running again. It is not enough to have been a good driver of the economic engine. You need to be a mechanic who knows how it works.

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  • 68Truthseeker

    Obama sticker in urinal draws criticism and laughs KGET TV 17

    Investigators Probe White House Role in Massive Energy Loan (CBS News – 9/2/11)

  • Rose

    However, neither of these candidates is a worth candidate – amnesty, state run health care as in MA or fed healthcare, etc. are viable issues for not even considering either one of these. Wait a while for a far better candidate with America at the heart of that candidate’s run and not a lot of loud yelling while their own states suffer from some of their governmental decisions.

    • Bob, Missoula

      Maybe but while we wait we have the likes of Obama how long can we afford to wait to get the perfect candidate.

    • Pete K

      WE CAN’T WAIT !!!

    • Maya

      There is no perfect candidate, as there is no perfect human being. Go for the good record and reasonable decisions in past, decent, honest life, dedication to nation, constitution, etc…
      Watch out! Too many candidates could bring defeat! Try to be flexible on letting go in time one you prefer most and not be stubborn.
      Important is BHO defeat!
      I’m former political refugee from communist country and know what absolute disaster would be if we do not win. DO NOT ALLOW DEFEAT FOR PETTINESS!
      God Bless America!

    • Pointdan

      Well said . . . .

    • Betty S

      Only 2 1/2 % of jobs in Texas are oil and gas related.

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ Betty S. AND, MOST [though I’ll agree not all] of those jobs are held by ILLEGAL ALIENS. I’m a lifelong Texan and have watched and participated in Texas elections since 1962, and over the last few years in which Perry SUPPOSIDLY created all these wonderful jobs, I’ve watched Texas CONTRACTED construction crews [local AND state] have their make-up go from mostly white, with a few blacks, to NOW 5 or 6 out of 6 OBVIOUSLY ILLEGAL ALIENS, AND FEW BLACKS [I now got so much experience I can “spotan ILLEGAL ALIEN a mile away.”

      About the only thing good I can say about ’em is that they ARE hard workers.

      This is true in highway construction and repair, the build and renovating of shopping malls, commercial buildings, schools, etc., etc.

      What’s worse, Perry “CLAIMS” credit for all the jobs, BUT… most of the NON-ILLEGAL ALIEN jobs were the result of the efforts of others, NOT PERRY!!!!!

    • Bushmaster66-68

      OOPS!!!!! I meant to say all of those other [non-petroleum related] are filled by ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    • Texas Pat

      What an inept and inaccurate observation. The influx of new businesses inspired by our positive business environment caused the increase in employment. Those new businesses are not the ones that are hiring illegally! Many have come because of efforts on behalf of our cities giving incentives to establish their companies here, and they would not risk what you are inferring. You obviously are supporting the Republican candidate from whose supporters we get all the negative comments about ALL the other candidates. Everyone knows who that is.

    • Apache6

      I’M sick of having to vote for the lesser of two evils every election,ROMNEY is a RINO,PERRY is a BILDERBERG,and the only true Tea Party Conservatives out there are BACHMANN-PALIN!!!

    • WiseOvOwl

      Aho Apache also sick of all the Evils, Wiwilaaysk speak higher of these two thugs. Perry & Romeo are not acceptable on my list of bad ass political that say what it takes list to fool you. I am prepared to write in my vote if this were to become the case; could give a shish if current illegitimate prezo got reelected if these two clowns stand on 2012 ballot. We the people need to stop the trend of establishment politicians and especially in the Senate this year. There are far better choices then these two fair wind followers. Funny how Thaddeus McCotter got the cold shoulder from previous debates to participate though fully qualified for them!

    • Bushmaster66-68

      @ Wise Old Owl. You are a FOOL if you think your voting for a “write in” will be ANYTHING OTHER THAN a vote FOR obummer.

      NO Presidential write in candidate has ever/will ever win an election. All it does is cause the opposition party candidate to win the election in return for “your” wanting to punish your party.

      Your failure to vote for WHOEVER the Republican candidate turns out to be WILL BE A VOTE FOR obummer.

      PLEASE dont be that foolish. We’ve been through this before with the spoilers Ralph Nader and old “big ears” Ross Perot. They drew away the votes that would have elected a candidate BETTER than the ones who were elected.

    • Binh Dinh

      Ron Paul cant be bought,isnt a liar,sure isnt a pretty boy,may have a few strange ideas,nothing that will destroy this country,the only ones who will suffer under Paul are the ones waiting for a handout,and those who want to destroy America.To old? bullshit!! With age comes experience and knowledge.

    • awakenow

      Absolutely, Binh Dinh.

      Both Perry, Romney, Obama are tools of the New World Order, Agenda 21, elites who have fashioned a very specific plan of control over the individual and loss of our freedoms and sovereignty.

      Perry pushed the Trans Texas Corridor/NAFTA Superhighway Corridor border erasing plan back in 2005 integrating our country with our neighbors to the south and north until Texas voters and his own legislature stopped him.

      Romney is member of the Council on Foreign Relations and favors socialistic health care and the false notion of Man-made Global Warming.

      I sure hope enough of us finally begin to wake up and recognize what is really going on before the 2012 election because so much is riding on its outcome.

      Btw, please check out the excellent post/video by this website regarding Agenda 21. This is all very real and horrifying so please do not disregard it.

      A big thank you to Patriot Update for posting this.

    • awakenow

      Bob, Missoula, what do you expect to be different if either Perry or Romney become our next president?

      Do expect that our troops will be called home instead of dying and becoming maimed in endless undelared, unconstitutional and unpaid for wars?

      Do you expect that our Constitutional freedoms will suddenly be respected and the unpatriotic Patriot Act allowing the spying on all Americans by thousands of police agencies will be repealed?

      Do you expect that the federal government will magically transform into something resembling the very small, limited government actually intended by our Founders?

      Do you expect that the spending of us in to oblivion will stop and that the private bank called the Federal Reserve will come clean about what they do with our money?

      Will either of them lessen the impact of the inevitable financial collapse that is coming?

    • mtnmedic1

      This article claims that Romney created jobs as governor. I disagree. He may have been governor while the government expanded but is that real job creation?
      I work as a medic in a small community under a “special district”. This means that the community has elected to fund us because EMS in small, rural communities operates at a loss. As a result of this, our community has decided to allow us to be a burden on them. They pick up the tab through additional taxes. Is this true job creation? I say no, it isn’t. We, as with all government employment is a burden. The only difference with us is that the citizens have chosen to carry our burden. I wonder, do the majority of us choose to carry the burden of Obama?

    • Pete K

      absolutely……………NOT !

    • Pete K

      The governor of no state creates employment. PERIOD. They may ease the regulations so WE can!

    • g2825m

      it says that he created jobs in the private sector by the thousands and managed over a small growth while Governor. As conservatives we cannot have it both ways claiming Perry “created” jobs as a Governor and dissing the private sector where we know jobs are created which is where Romney actually created jobs whereas Perry just oversaw and CONTINUED the great TX policies already in place prior to him arriving on the scene. Either we all agree that government does not actually create jobs or we say that it does and then Obama can claim all these job creations and “saving” jobs as well like Perry.

    • Bruno Boccagalupe

      It states that Romney did an abismal job of creating jobs as gov of Ma. It says however that as a busiman he has created many jobs in the private economy. He is a mutli millionaire. He buys companies fixxes the broken parts, puts people to work sells the co’s. Like a package insert medic, you gotta read the message.

    • g2825m

      Exactly, Bruno. However, it was not his job to create jobs in MA as you stated so whether it was abysmal or great I would put that under the State legislatures for creating regulations, taxes, etc. or lack thereof I mean to bring in businesses. In TX you have a heavily Republican Congress and in MA you have the complete opposite so yes, it was difficult for Romney to try to cut taxes, regulations, etc to attract businesses. It is like in the NFL, whether the team wins or loses the quarterback will get the glory or the boos even though it isn’t ENTIRELY up to him same with a Governor of a state.

    • Betty S

      As we all know the Government does not create jobs, but it does create and environment in which jobs can be created, by decreasing regulations and incentivising businesses with rewards and low taxes. Gov Romney did none of these, as you point out in your article, he actually created more regulations. His private businesses did make money but as Gov. of Mass. he did not emport businesses as Gov Perry has in Texas, therefore, I see Gov Perry as more quilified to get this economy back on track.

    • g2825m

      Betty, I respectfully disagree. See my post above. Perry also has raised fees and taxes per residents of TX. It still is the State Legislatures that set the agendas of regulations, fees, taxes, etc and then up to the Gov to sign these into law.

    • john marshall

      tax china repeal nafta create jobs it is simple the establishment wants you to overlook it so they can keep sucking you dry vote ron paul for president

    • Bushmaster66-68

      Perry has VERY LITTLE RESPONSIBILITY for the job growth under his tenure other than “relaxing” enforcement against ILLEGAL ALIENS who have taken THOUSANDS of CONSTRUCTIN jobs away from legal white, black, and even legal Hispanic workers.

      A combination of qualit tech workers “fleeing” their states, with high tech employers riding the IT “boom” did it, AND it WOULD HAVE HAPPENED regardless of whether Perry was in office or not.

    • Sharon

      Were you not paying attention? The article was talking about the jobs Romney created as a businessman, not as governor.

    • Texas Pat

      Well, that should tell you something. As President, Romney, more like his actions as a governor, might not increase employment where Perry as a governor, more like a president, did.

    • Dee

      Did you also know that Rick Perry bought in chinese companies. Just how many Americans did the chinese hire?

    • Texas Pat

      Give some proof, please. Rumors we don’t need. When we see baseless statements like this, it looks like the liberal trolls are present on the site. Sorry if you are not one of those, but you need to give some reference to that information.

    • Texas Pat

      Also Dee, if this was his personal investment, many Americans have invested in China’s companies. They were thriving for awhile; I don’t know about now. Many financial advisers recommended fast-growing Chinese investment opportunities to investors. If the investment was from a state agency, then they have their own retirement boards that choose how the retirement funds are invested. These boards are elected by state employees. You just need to give us a reference to where you got this information and how it relates to giving jobs to the Chinese???

    • Tea Leaf

      Rick Perry fills my bill for President, he has a military service record (was willing to die for America!), he believes in God and he believes in America. Everything our reigning president lacks, Rick Perry has! If Sarah Palin had not been so trashed by the Obama media, i’d gladly vote for her. We need an American with true convictions (not the soon to be criminally convicted)to lead America. Well, that’s my opinion.

    • Marilynn Reeves

      I think Perry/Palin would be a great ticket.

    • Rick Toronto

      I doubt anyone nominated for pres. will want to have their message sidetracked by the MSM by asking Palin. Remember, she already lost as VP candidate once. No, it wasn’t her fault, but it won’t help defeat Oblather either.

      Look for the VP from a different voting demographic/geographic high population region. For Perry, that would be Giuliani, Santorum or less likely from MN. Odds are on a RINO to solidify the GOP.

      Romney would probably go with a TEA party favorite such as Rubio or West.

      In other election years, an unknown would be more likely and could still be the case to pick someone the DEMs haven’t pre-attacked w/ the lynchmob media.

    • Texas Pat

      I would be excited if both of them, whichever one is chosen, would pick Rubio or West.

    • McClarinJ

      Ron Paul fills my bill for president. He has a military service record (was willing to die for America!), he believes in God and he believes in America. Everything our reigning president lacks, Ron Paul has!

    • john marshall

      rose there is a good canadate in this race he is the best man for the job in 100 years he is ron paul from texas honest to ma fault the very most important charachter in a president and has not been in any president since teddy roosevely you want the government fixed elect some one who wants that to even if his veiws are not exactly the same as yours

    • Richie

      I agree, Romney seens to be too liberal with socialist leanings and no one has vetted out Perry for his connections with the Bilderbergs and why he would attend such secretive meetings when he is a public official. Is the fix in?

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Richie …..Perry was invited to speak at their meeting.I don’t believe that he Joined them.

    • Jackson7268

      Excellent comment along with Apache6. Romney’s idea of healthcare reform was the precursor to this evil we have now in Obamacare and Perry is in Big Pharma’s pocket. Neither deserve to be anywhere near the White House.

    • Tom in California

      I agree with Bushmaster. Write in votes may make you feel good but do no good!
      I like Perry over Romney and would love to see one of the ladies as his running mate. I would even vote the all female ticket!

  • stephen russell

    (for now) Id take Perry vs Romney.
    But who has the worst “baggage” Romney or Perry & Romeny gave his state the HC plan that Obummer wants US to have IE the MA HC role model.
    Thanks Romney.

    • Joel Carson

      If you want american foreign policiy continually playing policeman all over the world and dedicated to empire of american business , our young people in foreign lands under the false guise of protecting american security from terrorists while in truth used to give our soveriegnty to the UN and expand agenda 21 the one world goal , weaken the defense of the 2nd and 10th amendments of the constitution then definitely you shouild vote for Romney . The one world corporatists love him .

    • Ben Midulla

      Ron Paul hands down is the only true Statesman running for President, all the rest are bought and paid for. How shallow and gullible are some American voters who just can’t see this? No wonder America is in such deep trouble.

    • June

      Why do you hate Israel!

    • Marilynn Reeves

      Our treatment of Israel and GOD in general is what has gotten us to where we are today.Israel is GOD’S choosen land and people. She is also one of America’s 4 true friends. We had better ask both for forgiveness.

    • Pete K

      OMG………Is that 100% true?

    • g2825m

      Joel you stated:
      “young people in foreign lands under the false guise of protecting american security from terrorists ”

      I have been deployed since 2005 and currently sit in Afghanistan as I type…trust me there are still people wanting, plotting, conniving, to kill Americans on our home soil…have you not seen over the last few years all the attempted terrorist acts on OUR HOME SOIL? This is not a false guise as you say…I just watched last month 31 of my fellow Americans board a C-17 in coffins protecting your right to just say what you did…and we will continue to do so over here whether you believe there is a threat or not. Thank you. GO NAVY!!!

    • Betty S

      God bless you for your service

    • g2825m

      Thank YOU for your support. People sometimes forget that we are still over here fighting for our freedoms as we are getting lulled to sleep that “all is well” and that is when the next attack comes.

      Time for me to head to the rack and get some sleep as it is 130am here…Good conversations all!!!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      g285m I thank you for your service and I pray for your SAFE RETURN. Please do not become disenhearted by some who are spouting things that they don’t know a lot about.They love our country, too. Ann Rand

    • Bob Graves

      Have a fine Navy day — every day. I am glad to see some worthwhile people still serving, while Obama is having people kicked out of the service for any reason at all. Tell your Adm that as a retired Navy man, I think that your new PTS program is a disgrace. Thanks for serving, and fair winds and following seas.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Shame, Shame, Shame

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      This was meant for Joel Carson…

    • Jackson7268

      So true. I would add Perry is the same, check out his ties to Bilderberg.

    • g2825m

      Thank the MA state legislature for MA Health Care. It was THEY wanted in their state. over the last several years I have read these posts as if Romney was in some dark room crafting this legislation by himself and springing it on an unsuspecting constituency. It was his State Congress, which had the right by the way, to craft this bill. Romney has said over and over and over there are things in the bill he does not like and would not have in there but he could not veto it because his party was in the minority. Again, it was the State that passed this and yes, Romney signed it but really did not have much choice.

    • g2825m

      meant to say:
      It was they who wanted it in their state.

    • john marshall

      pick a real president ron paul to hell with the gop telling us who is acceptable time to wag the dog ron paul for president

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    I like Perry a lot, but I am also looking forward to the debates this month.We should never have a closed mind.

    • Pete K

      Sorry, but I have a closed mind about Obama!

    • Charles Martel

      Pete that’s not a closed mind, that’s an INTELLIGENT, RIGHTEOUS mind.

    • Millicent

      I have some serious misgivings about Gov. Perry. I am a Christian and proud of it. But is he using this or is it sincere on his part? Many a wolf comes in sheep’s clothing. I also don’t like what I am hearing about his paying for children of illegal aliens in Texas schools. I have to listen to the debates very closely. Too bad Newt Gingrich doesn’t seem to be doing well. I heard him last month in the debate and he won it hands down. He is a fiscal conservative, stood up to Clinton and made him become more moderate and told the truth about the committee of 12 to meet on the budget.

    • http://x Washington22

      Millicent, you are like me……….still vetting the candidates. I also have reservations about Gov Perry, but ONLY where illegal immigration is concerned. I’m “good” with everything else he has done. I like the fact that when his voters don’t like a proposal, he listens. The other issues that keep coming up, I have resolved. But the illegal immigration is a stickler for me. I need to hear him explain what he would do to solve the situation. He’d have to begin with CLOSING the borders IMMEDIATELY. Use troops and just do it! Then, figure out the next step. Deportation has to be a part of the cure, as far as I am concerned. I know that this is a sensitive area, but our nation is suffering from the BURDEN of illegals being here. We, Americans, must come first. This is my plan of choosing a qualified candidate……………

    • john marshall

      good thinking ann ron paul for president not the pretenders from the gop

    • awakenow

      So, Ann, just wondering what it is you really like about Perry?

      Could it be his push for the Trans Texas Corridor erasing our border with Mexico?

      Or, could it be his doubling Texas spending from 49% to 90% during his time in office?

      Or, is it signing of the Texas Dream Act back in 2001?

      Or, how about his executive order mandating all girls to get the vaccine Gardasil by the time they reach the 6th grade?

      I mean all of that stuff just oozes small government and respect for our Constitution?


  • triple k

    Which one is connected to the Bilderberg
    group or convention ehich advocates a one world

    • J. Yuma

      Both of them are associated with Globalist Associations!

      Mitt Romney= Member of CFR

      Rick Perry= Bilderberg Group

      Rick Perry – Bilderberger, Mitt Romney CFR Member, Herman Cain – Federal Reserve, Newt Gingrich – CFR member, Rudy Giuliani – CFR member, Michelle Bachmann – IRS Tax Collector, Sarah Palin – Swetheart Coached by Bilderberger Henry Kissinger and John McCain – Bilderberg attendee – – Posted: October 12, 1999 – The Nov. 4-5 conference, featuring invited guests such as Vice President Al Gore and presidential candidate John McCain, is scheduled for the Library of Congress in the nation’s capital and is sponsored by the American Friends of Bilderberg. The U.S. group is directed by Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Paul Allaire and Richard C. Holbrooke.

    • Pete K

      If one is I would think ‘Rommney’

    • g2825m

      It is actually Perry…remember the whole Mexican Transportation (HWY) deal?? Romney is not part of the Bilderberg’s…

    • Ruth

      All of those who claim that Perry is a member of the Bilderberg group has yet to provide real evidence of this claim. Yes, Perry was invited to give a speech or two before this group. Yes, he did go and gave that speech. Other than that, where is solid proof that he is a member? Where is solid proof that Bilderberg is not just a think tank but a one world government organization that runs everything? I want real solid proof and not just accusations.

    • http://x Washington22

      Gov Perry “floated” that plan, {the Trans contineltal Hywy} the voters disagreed, end of story. Perry backed off……….I’ve heard this over and over again…………….Same as the Bilderbers thing. There is proof of him attending ONE meeting to give a speech………..

    • g2825m

      Fair enough. Good clarification. thx

    • awakenow

      NO! It is not end of story here regarding Perry and his big push for the Trans Texas Corridor. Btw, it is not the

      It is the FACT that he even supported this in the first place that SHOULD BE VERY TROUBLING TO ANYONE WHO VALUES OUR NATION’S SOVEREIGNTY.

      Sorry to post in all caps here, as I do know that it is the equivalent of shouting, but I just don’t understand how anyone can give Perry a pass on this.

      How is Perry someone that we can trust with our nation’s most precious sovereignty when he pushes an agenda like that?

      Washington, have you even checked out American Sovereignty dot org to see what they wanted to do and still are working toward?

    • Betty S

      Oh! Please, he attended one meeting, gave a speech and was never invited back, unlike Clinton who is invited back to every meeting. You know Clinton, the guy who walks around with a million dollars in his CHECKING account. The Guy that never owned a house until he was out of the office of the presidency.

    • treasuregem

      Its Perry, but to what extent, No one seems to know. Also, I just read an article where Perry’s ‘friendly’ to Islamic leaders and in 3 high schools he having them taught all about Islam including the language-a must in order to graduate. BUT, I absolutely DISTRUST Romney. Just something about that smile of his—–gives me the creeps. I think he thinks he’s a lady’s man. Do NOT fall for his ‘charm’ ladies! Its ALL act!

    • g2825m

      Do not distrust Romney. He is a great guy and do not judge a guy just cause he has looks. He is a very competent and highly smart individual. The guy flat out knows how to get things done and turn situations around if it is struggling. I would at least hope you vote for him if he is the guy once we all decide. I know I will vote for Perry, Bachmann, Paul, etc over Obama. Anyone of OUR guys is better than the current occupant.

    • Texas Pat

      That’s another one of those rumors. There was some kind of special program that I believe was federal. A Mansfield school district accepted it because there was a lot of funding involved. The townspeople raised a loud voice against it. It was in all the papers in the Ft.Worth/Dallas metroplex. People all over Texas raised hell over it and the school district dropped it. Blaming Perry is another one of those rumors that are being spread. Perry was never mentioned in any of the articles as having anything at all to do with it!!

    • regina rhodes

      Thanks for the clarification. All we hear is the liberal spin on these things and don’t know what to trust. I rely on comments like this to know the truth about Texas and all the other candidates’ local areas.

    • Texas Pat

      That was a Federally-funded grant of 1.3 million dollars that the Mansfield, Tx ISD was attempting to make a part of their curriculum until the parents in that city vehemently rejected it. If it had been a state requirement, the local parents could not have bounced it. If you want to blame someone, blame the Feds not Perry. I can understand Mansfield wanting the funding, but Texans disagreed. This was to be a part of foreign language requirements. Arabic probably is taught in some schools as a choice (not mandated) just like other foreign languages. Students themselves can choose whether to study Spanish, German, French, Latin, etc.etc. This is just another one of the lies being put out about Perry. Remember when you investigate a candidate on the internet, the things you read are not always fact but sometimes a slanted agenda by a single person or group of people, usually Liberals.

    • Texas Pat
    • john marshall

      ron paul for freedom in america and stay out of other countrys business

  • Patti Patriot

    Consider the author of the article….one RINO supporting another RINO. No one candidate will have expertize in every area. That is where approved advisors come in….Not czars!

  • haroldson

    I like Perry to. Still I would like to see and hear the out come of the debates, May see or hear some thing to change my mind, But for sure I want some new faces in the white house.this one is got to be ousted.

    • g2825m

      Perry just came out in NH and said AGAIN he is against the building of the fence! I am from AZ and I am sorry but we are tired of being the doorstep to America’s illegal’s!! Build the damn fence and then bring me home from Afghanistan and I’ll help guard the border along with the technical surveillance. Help support my Gov Jan Brewer (who Perry was against in SB1070) in keeping illegals out of our country. Perry is for illegals having in-state tuition. Why should someone from born in IA, CA, FL, MN, or TN have to pay out-of-state tuition while someone who came here illegally get a cheaper ride to a University education…the irony is so thick in those last few words “a university education” that it makes me sick!! Romney by the way is against illegals and tuition and is FOR building of the fence NOW!!

  • boboH

    OK, I’ve come here before and I’ll say this again: Dick Morris is a pompous old school ass and again here he is putting ALL of the attention on the two “candidates” most aligned with the Council On Foreign Relations and New World Order agenda. These are the people Dick Morris champions. These two have been pre-selected to be “your” choices whether you like it or not by the CFR-NWO-Globalist-Bilderberg evil psychotics who have pre-selected all of “your” candidates for the last 50 years. Dick Morris is obviously complicit with the CFR agenda and he, like the CFR owned and operated insane media, will do everything to put attention on the two most dangerous candidates and go to the greatest lengths possible to ignore Ron Paul, the ONLY candidate that understands and stands by the U.S. Constitution and confronts the Globalists by calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve, the instrument and creation of the same psychos that created the CFR just 8 years later. Please rid yourself of any trust in Dick Morris.

  • Night-Hunter

    I hope neither Romney or Perry are the final candidate chosen to represent the GOP. Neither of them are what the country needs. Of the currently announced candidates, Michele Bachmann has my vote so far.

    The GOP really needs to ignore divisive social issues like gay marriage, abortion, school prayer, etc. And concentrate on 1-JOBS & ECONOMY, 2-REPEAL OBAMACARE, 3-DOMESTIC ENERGY, and 4-TRULY FIXING SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, & MEDICAID. It can be done, and if it is done with plenty of publicity and explaining to the people, there will be a landslide GOP election. But if the campaign is “we need to fix things” the GOP will flop.

  • Elvis in Argentina

    Perry is a build-a-burger lol! Mitt passed gay marriage and built the foundation for BOCare with RomneyCare.
    Romney = Perry!!
    Backmann is good, Ron Paul would be OK if he would stop his lack of support for Israel, and if Palin or even Trump would run they would be the best!

    • BigJohn

      You need to study more.

    • g2825m

      Like BigJohn said!

      Romney did not pass Gay marriage…the Legislature did! People need to remember that Romney was a conservative in a heavily Liberal state that basically had veto power over anything Romney would have signed or not signed into law. He attempted and succeeded at times to make bills in MA more conservative than they otherwise would have been.

  • Mel Smith

    Be wary of Perry. Read this:

    One excerpt: “In 1988, Perry was Texas campaign manager for Al Gore’s presidential run. Perry then backed super liberal Michael Dukakis in the General Election.”

  • Pete K

    I truly believe one of the women would be our best bet. With the proper people surrounding them as advisors. One that comes to mind is Jim DeMint. Rand Paul, Allen West, Paul Ryan…………..Pete K. No forget it I’m too busy with honest stuff.

  • cheryl jessup

    If Christy runs all bets are off. I heard and read many times that Christy would win and beat Obama.

    • g2825m

      Like Perry, Christie has some very liberal leanings! I love the way he talks and is straight to the point BUT he does have many things that are not so conservative. HOWEVER, when it all comes down to it, if my guy Romney is not the last one standing, I will vote for anyone over Obama as this guy is a destroyer of not only jobs, but our country and what it stands for…

  • Margot Pennington

    Ron Paul is not against Israel any more than he is for illegal immigration. Economy wise he is the brightist person on any debate team. And Perry was invited to a Bildaberger meeting and went he is another one worlder just like Romney and many of the others running. Bachmann also. I really do not know Palin only what we all hear and why would she go along with McCain another one worlder and RINO.

  • g2825m

    Our Country is hurting and has been since the 2007 takeover by the Democratically-run Congress. If anyone can turn this economic mess around it is Romney and I am very, very surprised that when you look at the resumes of people running for the highest office in the land and you see what the country needs that Romney is not the person that automatically should be at the top of your hiring list. As Dick Morris has stated the man has created thousands of jobs, and in his case has “saved” many people from losing theirs. In some cases people did lose their jobs BUT that was not Romney’s fault but their employer who initially ran the company into the ground and then called to try to get BAIN to come in and save it. If I am hiring, which I am by my vote, I am hiring Romney to get us out of this mess!!! It is THE ONLY smart choice.

    • pat

      romney will do nothing but get us into more hot water and cost us more freedoms

    • treasuregem

      No offense to you, g2825m, but I totally disagree. My gut is reliable and its screaming “Stay away from Romney!” I have no love for Perry either. I said after Bush, ANYONE would be better. Look what we got; the spawn of satan himself. No, I didn’t vote for Obama. I’m just saying we need be careful in our selection. Look, listen to ALL they say/do, have done, BEFORE deciding. This time is WAY TOO IMPORTANT to get it wrong.

    • g2825m

      I appreciate your concern. I really do think that we’ve allowed the MSM get “into our heads” on Romney. He is a brilliant man and he also will elect conservatives to the SCOTUS. I lived in Utah at the time of the olympics fiasco and we were bleeding millions before he came and turned that around and to this day that is THE ONLY Olympics to make a profit…something our country could use right now. So I agree with you that we should really look at our candidates and I believe if people sincerely looked at Romney they would see what a strong president he will be for our country. I can’t wait to see him debate Obama as he will wax him big time.

    • g2825m

      I just caught this statement in your post:
      “I said after Bush, ANYONE would be better.”

      Why would you say that? Bush was a great president and I do not believe for one second all the polling (consider the sources) of Bush’s approval in the 20’s and 30’s. I’ll tell you from a military standpoint that whenever he, Condi, Rumsfeld, or Cheney came to see the troops in Iraq or AFG the place was packed and they had to turn people away, however, when Obama/Biden come out they have to send out emails to come see the CinC and the camera angles are always carefully placed to NOT show how empty the place is during the visit. True story! Has happened several times during all my time overseas.
      Back to what you said then…it makes me wonder where your loyalty is if you said “After Bush…anyone would be better…” hmmmm?

    • Barbara

      Sorry, treasuregem, but Romney appeals ‘way more to me, an Independent, than the rest of the Republican field – and that would include Christie if he decides to run. But don’t think he will. And my vote for Romney will not be a vote FOR him, not against Obama.

  • Murray


  • pat

    why is it that ron paul is still not getting any recognition..they compair romney,,perry and bauchman..but the true leader of all of them gets no attention..just curious

  • pat

    romney is a paid polition..hes a no go from any true believer of the constitution..perry would be a good president..but paul would still be the best choice

  • g2825m

    Even though I do not like the title of this article, Perry will need to be truly vetted and looked into if he is going to be OUR candidate over one of the other Republican choices:

  • RDM

    Romney is by far the best candidate, but I could hold my nose and vote for any Republican candidate over Cuzin Barry. 4 more years with this clown making illegal regulations and putting more lefties in the Courts (Supreme and otherwise) will damn this country to decades of decline and rampant poverty and even possibly civil war. Let’s get behind a solid candidate and work hard to save America.

  • John

    Written on August 16, 2011 by da Tagliare

    Rick Perry Has Some Explaining to Do
    Filed under
    Culture, Islam, Politics, Religion
    Comments (284)

    I’ve often been told that you can accurately judge a person by the friends that they keep. Using this premise, let’s take a look at some of the friends Presidential GOP candidate Gov. Rick Perry has kept and still keeps.
    In 1988, President Ronald Reagan had already served his two terms as President and was ineligible to run again. The Republican Party ran then Vice-president George H.W. Bush after a hard fought primary campaign against Senator Bob Dole. The top Democratic candidates included Gov. Michael Dukakis, Sen. Al Gore and Rep. Dick Gephardt among others. At the time of the 1988 campaign, then Democratic Rep from Texas Rick Perry served as the Texas campaign head for Al Gore. After Bush handily defeated Dukakis for the White House, Perry switched parties and became a Republican in 1989, but still kept ties with Democrat Al Gore – inventor of the internet and crusader for a one-world economy and government.
    In 1999, Perry became Lieutenant Governor of Texas and Governor in 2000. As Texas’s governor, Perry has openly courted relations with a number of Islamic leaders.
    One of Perry’s friends with Aga Khan, the multimillionaire head of the Shi’ite sect of Islam known as the Ismailis. As governor, Perry has used his association with Khan and other Ismailis leaders to establish cooperative programs with them and the state of Texas, including an education program to help teach children that Ismailis Muslims are peace loving people.
    Perry has also been known to be friends with Grover Norquist. Norquist is married to a Palestinian wife who is the director of communications for Norquist’s Islamic Free Market Institute. He has been on the Islamic payroll before and after 9/11. Just fifteen days after the 9/11 attack on the US, Norquist arranged for President Bush to meet with fifteen Islamic leaders who were supposedly rejecting violence and terrorism. However, a number of those Islamic leaders have been supportive of Hamas, Hezb’allah and the Palestinian cause to eliminate Israel from existing as a nation and who have called for the destruction of all those nations who support Israel, including the US.
    Gov. Perry claims to be a conservative Christian, just like Obama claimed before he was elected President and we have seen Obama’s track record of supporting Islamic peoples and nations while distancing the country from our Israeli allies. One can’t help but wonder if Perry is following a similar pattern
    Let’s face facts. Islam considers Christians to be infidels and peace loving or not (heavy on the not) does teach that infidels should be exterminated. Many Islamic leaders have taught the same and have vowed a Jihad – Holy War – against the US for being a nation of infidels.
    So why would a professing Bible believing Christian be friends with people who have openly supported the destruction of Christianity, Judaism and the United States? I know Scripture says to love your enemies, but it does not say to make them your friends and to court their ways.
    The Republican Party needs to pin Perry down and find out exactly where his allegiance is and whose side he’s on before any more voters head to a primary, unaware of his background.
    I have heard someone say, “Perry strongly supports Shariah Law! Perry is nick name are : Slick Rick and That flip flop man from Texas! See ,,,,and You tube about Perry weasel out of state trooper ticket! See and hear his nasty remarks I am above the law attitude! Perry is a very bad and poor choice. We all want to get Obama out! Not send in a copy cat Liberal from Texas the talks conservative-but act totally liberal.Does not care about the people that put him in!Wake up,! Please do not put this chamelon liberal- Perry is a communist and part of bilerburgers selloutman.

  • conservative as can be

    I’m with Romney all the way! No one can claim that he isn’t smart and that he doesn’t have experience creating jobs. He has had some government experience but hasn’t made it a life long career. He has had to work with liberals.
    “treasuregem” My gut has never let me down and it tells me that he’s committed to his wife and family and he is NOT a ladies man.
    Romney 2012!

  • http://x Washington22

    Keep an open mind, vett carefully, share your information. We have a lot of time ahead of us. I appreciate ALL the views on the “electable” candidates, I get impatient with the fringe candidates. Thanks to all of you who are concerned and bother to post. We need each other for information and support. {P. S…………I’m giving Rick Santorum another look, too. He’s lesser known and doesn’t have the money behind him, but he’s viable. He is VERY conservative and comes with a lot of experience behind him. Just a thought}…………….

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    Romney is a very good man. I am soo sorry that he didn’t get the nomination in2008 . We wouldn’t have this disaster in the White House now. I helped at McShame’s headquarters in my community and I had that sinking feeling that I was backing a loser.I will say that the dems had their game down pat. We need to get it together this time , for they are like a steam roller.

  • g2825m

    THIS IS PRESIDENTIAL and who I want leading our country out of the abyss we are in…
    GO MITT!! and GO NAVY!!

  • noink

    If Rick Perry get the Republican nomination to run for president of the United States of America, I will be voting for the Constitution Party cabndidate or the Libertarian Party candidate – whoever is best qualified to lead the United States our of the mess we are in. P.S. I will not vote for Ron Paul again as I did in 2008.

  • boboH

    My God! You sheep and your following politics as usual as prescribed and implanted by the CFR as usual. Snap out of it! Obama was SELECTED by Henry Kissinger and the CFR. The Bush family, especialy 41, is deeply committed to THE NEW WORLD ORDER and the CFR machinations. Clinton was a Rhodes scholar, hand picked and groomed to be the Psychotic Criminal-in-Chief (as in President)by the CFR. The game has been infiltrated and taken over years ago and Romney, card carrying CFR member that he is, is being groomed to be next in line as the NWO-CFR-Bilderberg globalists maintain control and further the agenda to TAKE DOWN THE U.S.A. one socialist step and international banking crime at a time. And, PLEASE, it is NOT about Republicans versus Democrats as BOTH parties are owned and operated by the Council On Foreign relations. Just look at their “bi-partisan” membership. Please step back and start looking and studying up. Supporting who you are “given” like has happened for the past 50 years is continuing on the road to disaster. Romney AND Perry have been chosen by the CFR!

    • 57girl

      Which is why the Media ignores Ron Paul, the real hope for America. Dr. Paul is not a member of any of the elite clubs, refuses their sponsorship and abides by the Constitution. I am so sick of the people blinding following the Candidates ‘presented’ to us for choice. I choose Ron Paul!

    • Sharon

      You’re sounding very paranoid, bobo. This is why we can’t win – there are few candidates in the field who will be supported by both Conservatives and Independents. We need to woo some disappointed Dems as well, if we want to defeat Obama and that IS what we want.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      I won’t ask who you would support , for it’s pretty obvious. Just don’t knock evertbody else for their opinions. We all have one, you know.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      That was meant for bobo. Don’t ridicule other people. It is not becoming.

    • http://x Washington22

      bobbo…………Where’s your proof? You can make accusations all day long but without proof, it’s blah, blah, blah………

  • 57girl

    They need to throw Ron Paul into the debate and get some real answers and insight in the problems that are haunting us today. Sadly, had we listened to Ron Paul in regards to Freddie/Fannie in 2002, we would have never seen a crash in the housing market . . . no need for bailouts and 100,000s + of foreclosures. Had we listened to Ron Paul about evading Iraq, we could have saved ourselves trillions of dollars and 1,000s of lives. Maybe it is time to let Ron Paul in on the debates and the media attention and really start solving some problems. The same problems Dr.Paul tried to divert in the first place. Too bad nobody listened.

    Ron Paul . 2012

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      57girl I believe Ron Paul will be in the debate. We will all be watching….

    • Texas Pat

      I wasn’t aware Ron Paul had not been in all the debates??? Every debate I’ve watched he’s been there when it was a presidential candidates debate.

  • Dan

    This article says Perry has created more jobs in Texas than Romney had in Mass.. But this article doesn’t break down how those jobs were actually created. Weren’t most the jobs created in Texas during that time government jobs? As we should all know, that makes government bigger and the people dependent on government, not to mention it grows the National debt. As conservatives don’t we despise big government and relying on them to employ us? I wonder if most of have figured out the big picture..socialism on both sides here?

    • Texas Pat

      Where on earth did you get that information that jobs created in Texas were government jobs? The truth of the matter is our state agencies have been cutting for years because our Texas budget has to be balanced every fiscal year. I was a state employee for nearly 30 years, and spending and hiring were frozen numerous times when funding was not plentiful.Our state employees were not thrilled naturally, but most understood and accepted it. There were no protest gatherings or hell-raising when these things occurred. We are a right to work state and not overrun with demanding unions like a lot of other states. The only time we have had gatherings at our state capitol regarding cuts was this budget year when schools had to cut back on their budgets and some teachers were laid off, but they didn’t get nasty and loud about it. But no,there has been no great hiring in government. Back in the 90’s some functions of some state agencies began to be turned over to private entities. I think you must mean the federal government. That’s where the hiring that Washington brags about occurred and still is occurring, especially when they start hiring all those people needed for Obamacare.

  • Howard-the Banger Club


    Christianity if not “religion.” Christianity is — Life of the Lord Jesus. Jesus Chist introduced into us moment by moment by the Holy Spirit. “I am come that they might have Life: (1 John 10:10) “He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the son of God hath not life” “1 John 5:12″ Amen

  • Earle Belle

    Does the Elite support Rick Perry?

    Rick Perry comes under fire for investment in America’s largest pornography distributor:
    Is Rick Perry on the side of the best interests of the American people?:

    More on Perry’s Globalist Ties and Agenda:

    Secession has been a verboten issue in the United States since the end of the Civil War. Any group who’ve brought it up have been targeted by press and government as ‘militant fringe groups” All of a sudden in 2009, we saw it endorsed by career politicians in several states simultaneously, and the media is giving them good press.

    Last year, Rick Perry, Texas Governor since George W. Bush’s departure in 2000, raised secession of Texas from the Federal Union at a Ron Paul type ‘Tea Party” to protest Federal spending and the tax burden on the little guy.

    Clearly the Illuminati intend to harness and divert popular discontent to advance their own secret agenda, I.e. The melding of the USA into their world government. Many people think the tea party movement in general exhibits a suspicious amount of organization and media acceptance. (Contrast Fox TV’s coverage of this with “9-11 Truth.”)

    Perry later told the Star-Telegram that he “never specifically said that Texas should consider trying to secede.” Technically he’s correct. He got cheers telling the Tea Party rabble that the Republic of Texas legislature left a provision in the 1845 agreement to cede with the US Federal government.

    But Perry is no populist. In May 2007, Dallas Morning News reported, “Gov. Rick Perry is flying to Istanbul, Turkey, today to speak at the super-secret Bilderberg Conference, a meeting of about 130 international leaders in business, media and politics.” All the Governor’s press secretary had to say was, “He’s looking forward to learning the secret handshake.” And, “It’s their conference, and I suppose they can run it anyway they want.” Perry’s expenses were officially paid by the PAC group ‘Texans for Rick Perry’.

    Although he’s never cared what the voters want, Perry ran for an unprecedented third term for Governor in 2010.

    Perry’s gubernatorial resume includes supporting ‘Open Borders'; proponent of the $145 billion+ Trans-Texas (NAFTA) Highway to the dismay and anger of central Texas residents who have never been consulted on whether they want or need it. (Thousands of square miles of land has been seized by the State of Texas under eminent domain for this project in Central Texas from the Mexican border just west of San Antonio, Austin, and and Dallas and North Texas.) Perry helped set it up so the project is being built by the Spanish contractor Cinta, and paid for by new toll highways all over the State.

    Perry further alienated Texas parents and Legislators by attempting to override a “No” decision on mandatory vaccination of 11-year-old girls with an vaccine for an STD, venereal & warts (the $350 a pop “slut shot.”) Perry invoked Executive Order in Feb 2007, but families filed class action suit and many financial connections between Perry and big pharma corporation Merck came out. Perry backed down but a new bill was introduced to make Gardasil mandatory “as an admission requirement for all primary and secondary schools.”


    The real secessionist movement leaders were arrested, one killed in 1997. Old school Texans will remember there was a genuine grass roots secessionist movement during the 70’s through the 90’s. They called themselves the Republic of Texas. During the 80’s one couldn’t miss seeing thousands of ‘SECEDE!’ bumper stickers in Houston and Austin traffic. Few people took the Secessionists seriously, but the Federal and Texas governments did. Secessionist movement leaders were hunted down and arrested or killed in West Texas in 1997.

    The story made the New York Times and CNN, referring to them as ‘militant secession group’ and ‘fringe group’. The group, led by Richard McLaren, stated historical fact that the original Republic of Texas legislature had never ratified Texas becoming a territory or State of the United States. The Republic of Texas was chartered as a sovereign nation recognized by the United States government at the time.

    All the Republic of Texas members had been calling for was an official state wide public referendum so citizens could decide whether they wanted to remain under Federal government or reclaim Republic status.

    One secessionist was killed in the Davis Mountains by Texas State Police helicopter snipers. No other witnesses. How is it that Governor Rick Perry is getting full media support using the same arguments as did a ‘militant fringe group’ ?

  • John

    See more on Rick perry:
    Rick perry strongly support antiamerican issues,more illegals , shariah law, does not care of the women in general,thinks only himself and buddies.Perry hates a smart and out spoken woman.perry is a pure liberal chameleon talking conservatively to fool and grain support over he like you to be dumb and he is smart.Wake up! Please to not replace a Obama with this thug.

  • Public Citizen

    And the place for a good mechanic is in the engine room, not the bridge of the Ship of State.
    The arguments made here are all good reasons for Romney to be considered on the short list for Secretary of the Treasury or some other hands-on economic post.
    The absolute sticking point for too many economic conservatives is Romney’s continuing to promote the Massachusetts healthcare plan – the plan for Obamacare and by all meaningful measures a failure.
    The country needs someone who will dismantle this program, root and branch, not somebody who will tinker with it and try to “fix” what is a failed design that needs to be junked.

  • MrInterpid

    All you people worried about the Bilderburgs and the Trilaterals should know that these orginizations are indeed globalists but their influence on America is very small compared to the farthest left wing communist think tank to ever be on American soil. I am refering to the Council on Foreign Relations that has headquarters in NYC and has influenced more politcs in this country than the Bilderburgs and Trilaterals combined. Please do some homework on the CFR and then notice that they give their commie stamp of approval to Romney. Perry was invited to and attended one Bilderburg meeting and to what effect their is no evidence either way. But Romneys obvious and deep connections to the CFR should be a red flag.

  • ChillaKilla

    People, wake up from this Perry personality infatuation! This is the very thing that put the Kenyan in the WH!

    Perry is just another career politician who has not worked outside the confines of the blood-sucking bureaucracy. Even his father was a bureaucrat, for heavens sake!
    It’s Ryan/Rubio for a combination of fiscal responsibility and charisma;
    Romney/Bachmann for business and tax savvy; Christie (minus 50 lbs), and either Ryan or Rubio for boldness and invincibility.
    Forget everyone else until the time comes to fill cabinet posts.
    But above all, UNITY behind the GOP candidate, until the TeaParty is established in the American psyche as a real force for good, and until the TP has a few positive achievements in the political arena.

    Unfortunately right now, after drinking the KoolAid offered by the MSM, a great number of voters hold negative views of the TeaParty. Check out the polls.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Chilla Check this out anywhere. Perry’s father was a county commissioner in their home county an Rick Perry was growing up. I don’t believe that makes him a beaureaucrat in the sense that you are referring.I believe he was a cotton farmer.

  • g2825m

    What’s up Patriot Update? I still have about 6 messages awaiting moderation??? There is nothing earth shattering in those messages…haha

  • Delite Gaddie

    Good for us! At least we have dropped a lot of the name callling.

    A case for Romney: He is a man of God. He was a Stake President over many Wards in his area. This is considered a very righteous person with great common sense and leadership.

    He is not a socialist. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) have a long and out spoken fear and hatred of socialism. Their prophets from the beginning have understood the loss of freedom that comes with facism, socialism and communism and have condemned them openly. Didn’t those regimes kill over 60 million people in the last century? It is stupid to call Romney a socialist.

    Health care in Massachusettes: Why do we fall for Obama’s take on Romneycare? States, counties and cities are the division of government who have traditionally taken care of the indigent and poor. Massachusetts solved their uninsured problem under Romney. Maybe it will work, maybe it will not. But, 96 percent of citizens are now covered.

    Texas is another story. Only about two-thirds of Texan poor and uninsured have health insurance. I rest my case. When Texas covers 96 percent of their citizens, then we can talk about the no income tax of Texas.

    • MrInterpid

      The liberal sheeple of Taxachusetts keep electing the Sodomite thief “Bwarny Fwrank” which pretty much leaves any thing they do of not much import. I rest MY case.
      P.S. Why do you always assume that everyone wants health insurance? I pay for my own medical costs cash, and almost always get a discount. Plus, I seem to get better care because they doctor knows that he doesn’t have to wait for his money.

  • Binh Dinh

    my comment can await moderation till h-ll freezes over,Im going elsewhere.SOOOOOO LONG!!!

  • Saif

    Perry is a fraud, his success is a fraud. The only reason Texas is in a better financial state is due to the previous Governor who signed several deals with companies (Mainly specialising in the production of energy) however the Companies became operational under Rick Perry (As it takes time to construct the premise and set up a business in another state). So basically he just got lucky.

  • sonata

    Rick Perry beats the HELL out of Romney anyday because Romney is another Obama or H.Clinton(they are all communist!) and that’s what we are trying to get rid of before our Country and Freedom is lost! A Nation devided is lost so Read all their Bio’s and Pray! Make your vote count for FREEDOM! VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN 2012!!

  • LaGirl43

    I’m by no means an authority, but I’ve lived long enough and followed history enough to know that Perry is another Bilderberg pawn, as was Obama and Clinton. The “plan” is a one world government and currency controlled by the rich, elite sector. The Word of God is being fullfilled day by day but man continues to assert his prowess but will one day, bow the knee!