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Republicans Are Falling For Elites’ Fear Mongering

Written on Friday, July 29, 2011 by


The playbook of the Washington establishment is getting old. Whether it is the Boehner plan, the Boehner plan version 2.0, the Reid plan or the Obama non plan, it all is scripted from the same playbook they have used for years.

Play number one is this: Pass billions in unfunded new programs. Tell everyone we will take care of them from cradle to grave. Subsidized food, medical care, housing, and if your employer goes broke like General Motors or AIG, we will step in with a safety net to rescue the businesses with government loans and grants. The criterion for help and rescue is: does your support come our way at election time?

Play number two is this: If the American people rebel and say we don’t want to pay anymore for Congress’ wasteful government spending, tell Americans that if they don’t capitulate, the end of the world is upon us. And give “destruction day” a specific deadline for added fright power. This time the date is August 2, 2011. The day the world will end unless you support our out of control foolish spending.

Then the theatrics begin. The media is mesmerized and cued to play its well-honed part in the playbook. Weeks of reporting commence on all of the terrible results from failing to fully fund the government elite’s pet programs. Here are some of the outcomes we have heard referenced resulting from a failure to raise the debt ceiling. Unemployment will skyrocket. Thousands of businesses will shut down. Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan will be abandoned without ammunition, pay or a way home. Your credit card interest rate will double or triple. Your mom won’t get her social security check. Your local hospital will close. All stocks on the NYSE will suddenly fall to zero with massive bankruptcies filling the courts. Farmers will stop planting crops. The super market shelves are soon empty. One pundit even predicted mass psychosis if Los Angeles doesn’t get its monthly shipment of anti-depressants. He claims one- third of the population is on the government subsidized pills.

Wow, no wonder John Boehner and the Republicans roll over and fund everything the Washington establishment desires. They would be personally responsible for the end of America, the starvation of 300 million people, and the shutdown of your cable TV.

People, take a deep breath. The sun will still rise on August 3rd, irrespective of what happens in the US Congress. And what does it say for a nation that it is so dependent on debt and additional handouts from the Chinese that it would implode in a matter of hours?

The final play in the playbook is for the media to give us around the clock coverage of a great clash. In this latest round, it is the Tea Party against sane people who want to keep America swaddled in the welfare state. And the great compromise is consummated.

In this case, John Boehner’s plan becomes “the best deal we can get.” It is now time for everyone to get in line. But please don’t give us the details. We might become disgusted with our cowardice.

The Boehner plan enshrines a massive, bloated, socialist state that will go on pretty much unaffected. We would laugh at his plan if it didn’t make us cry.

The blueprint proposed by Boehner gives Obama his increase in new borrowing authority, and then claims 10-year domestic phantom spending reductions, with the creation of a new committee of Senators and Congressmen to find these spending cuts.

The plan fails to provide much in the way of budget reductions in 2012, the year this Congress actually controls. To translate Boehner’s plan: new borrowing starts immediately and spending cuts may come someday over the rainbow.

The only benefit of the Boehner plan over Obama’s is it doesn’t raise taxes. And debt increase is smaller than Obama wanted, so we have to live through the whole charade again next year.

What they don’t want you to know is that they get over 200 billion dollars a month, and that is more than enough money to pay our interest bill, fund Social Security, Medicare and essential government services.

The best solution would be to reject all of the plans and force government to right size now. It will be a crash diet, but it is the best medicine for a healthy economic future. But we will be shocked if the elite that actually rule Washington don’t win again.

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  • Soroseetsdik

    what’s so hard about turning right side up again?
    “We cannot continue to let the Democrats have their misguided way AGAIN for another 3 years and another $6 TRILLION in overspending”!

    “More of the same will not fix anything – Americans know this and Harry’s posse of progressives should know this by now — 18% of GDP is our only shot at thwarting a debt downgrade”. THE ONLY WAY!


    • Jo Ann

      I want to pose a question.
      With all of the evidence that Obama is not in the Oval office legally, Why can’t he be put out? I think I know how he got in.

      Where is the power of the people? I have always been taught that,” The Government of the People ” was to obey the laws of the Constitution”, not re-write the Constitution to please the Government.
      I am a senior Citizen and I have never seen another person run for Pres. or get elected by pulling as many crooked deals as Obama.
      What has happened to the common sense and intelligence of the people?

    • James

      The RINO’s and dems are all the same. With the exception of a few. All we have is a bunch of self-serving iodits with absolutely
      no guts nor pride. Boy George, Bill Clinton
      all damn bastards that should have been im-
      peached. IT’S BUSINESS AS USUAL 535 PLUS

    • mary

      AMEN. This country pretty much started from ‘scratch’ the country that most Americans have forgotten or never learned about in history books. But I remember that my ancestors came here early 1600’s and they were willing to WORK for what they received. Down with more than four years as President, down with tenure….
      we want less government, less ‘juggling and changing’ of our Constitution! Where are all the red blooded Americans that need to stand up for this land “under God and home of the brave”???

    • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

      Starve a SOCIALIST (program) and feed a starving economy…

      Recall Socialism! Cut spending in government, cut taxes on those who create jobs…and restart the American capitalistic system…the greatest job creating environment in the history of mankind.

      The Demo-Socialists have had their day. They passed spending bill after spending bill for over three years…without adequate funding…because they knew they would not have the support for increasing taxes.

      The American People said, “NO!” to their socialistic programs and deficit spending in 2010… NOW they want to walk away from their shame…and blame the conservative Republicans for not being willing to pay for the bills that they ran up.

      Like a father of a college student who has charged up the credit cards…a hard lesson is now due…and if the Republicans fail to issue that lesson, only worse times are ahead.

    • Ken

      I couldn’t of said it better.

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      If obama was really Transparent as he promised all the obama voters he would be then he would put all the debate talks and all the plans from both sides Live on national TV and complete so all of America could really see who has a plan and who has a scam.obama has crush our nation and many who vote do not even see that. obama has broken many promises and if anyone votes for obama it is because they are weak minded and they let the media tell them who to vote for. no more obama.

    • alex

      the american voting public ARE weak minded, if they had paid attention to the campaign and the election it was plain it was all prearranged

    • V Hoffman

      The problem my friend is that they are all sleeping together Both Republicans and Democrats, all benefactors of the same programs and plots they impose. Our Government has been overtaken and dominated by the Trilateral Commission. Let me ask all of you a question…What good does it do for them to cut a Trillion Dollars from the Budget when Hillary and the unbelievable State Department will succeed more than $600 Billion this year with the United increases and Budget? Good Job Washington!!! Really bright! Your are going to cut a trillion in ten years while the liberals and Jihadist Hilary throw away more than another trillion before we get them out of Office and that is only in increases.
      If we were to revert all of the State Department increases and send home all of the new offices and shut down all of the stupid ridiculous programs Obamination started and weed out all of the Liberals who are simply sitting at a desk and drawing a pay check, and reduce our participation in the United Nations by only paying the average amount that every other country pays. While using all of that money to invest in American industry, and require big companies to pay a minimum tax rate…even only 5%…..Guess what we would be out of debt in about 6 years!!! In fact why do we not hear about Obamination securing a $3 trillion concession for China and they have already estimated that they will profit more than 18 trillion form that concession! Did anyone ever hear of any Chinese soldier dying in Afghanistan? Would not 18 Trillion pay off our debt?

    • Goodforall

      Which Republicans are falling for this fear mongering-McCain, Graham and the other RINOS in Congress? Thank God for the freshmen tea party people-at least they still hyave some common sense.

  • Nik

    Tea Party darling Allen West is now Tea Party Turncoat Allen West, courtesy of the Boehner debt debacle. Looks like the smarter rats are deserting the sinking Tea Party ship!

    • Johnnygard

      Nik, Please take a deep breath and hold it until the Tea Party ship sinks!

    • Goodforall

      Get off of your knees and pull your head out while you still can.

    • Johnnygard

      Did some people have trouble understanding my comment about holding his breath?

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    “The best solution would be to reject all of the plans and force government to right size now. It will be a crash diet, but it is the best medicine for a healthy economic future. But we will be shocked if the elite that actually rule Washington don’t win again.”

    Politicians are taking us for a ride again! The above quote from this article works for me.

    • savetheUSA

      why don’t we just layoff 9.7% of the goverment works to stay the line with the rest of us.starting with the carzs,lobbiest,we wont cut programs just the people that run them,we all had to down size


      The utmost in Kudos to you “Save the USA” yours is the most Lucid and seemingly easiest suggestion I have heard regarding Budgetary crisis! But I ‘m not quite sure it would be enough in and of it’s self. Getting Congress to do it is the problem with any suggestion “We the people” come up with . They will glad hand each other Til THE UN takes over completely and replaces them all with Observers from: Zambia, Yemen, Swaziland Gondwanaland, Sudan, China, Lesotho, Argentina and other third world demagogueries; a dozen or so for each state its self, 5-10 for each county its self, and depending on population 1 for every thousand persons per city; and of course they will have their own security Forces, from: Cuba Cameroon, Madagascar Indonesia, and else where.
      Then All of us will be Soiling our Knickers wondering Why No One marched on Washington DC. in 2011 in Sufficient Number to Prevent it form happening.

      Patriotism Comes from the heart and goes through punctured veins and arteries. Not from narrow minds spewing feeble words through pursed lips.

  • Elaine

    I have heard it said many times, and I believe it 100% Obama and his lefties are trying to create class warfare!! We must NOT let this happen!!

    • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

      Trying…you have got to be kidding right.

      He is in open class warfare.

      Every word out of his mouth is either bashing “the rich” or bashing “Christian conservatives” or bashing the “fiscal conservatives” or bashing any/everyone who does not believe in his Progressive (socialistic/communistic/fascist ideology.

  • Dodi

    We need to be careful or the House will go back to the dummicrats next election. Boehner is doing the best he can. You have Reid shelfing anything on arrival. The Dummicrats won’t give an inch and expect us to do all the compromising. That’s just like ObummerCare. The dummicrats are a mean bunch and for some reason, they have the most backing. I hope the Tea Party hasn’t thrown a monkey wrench into the mess.

    • V Hoffman

      Dodi scratch up enough money to go to Walmart and buy a calculator. If you understand the national debt as it was in 2008 had been accumulated from the year 1913. That is 95 years….Now in less than 3 years the National deficit has more than doubled!! If you go online and investigate then you will find that the incomes that are derived from tax payers to the US Government are more than sufficient to cover the operational cost of our Government! But it will not support the vast Socialistic spending program and world development That Mr. Obamination and Jihadist Hilary have been operating! There is no place for compromise if you understand the numbers! It makes about as much sense as someone telling you that you would only be able to buy a Coca Cola (16oz.) if you had $20, and then someone like Mr.Boehner comes along and says, Listen fellows give him $10…after all you know Coca Cola has gone up in price!

    • Ken

      The only monkey wrench you need to worry about is the one you are floating as a thought.

  • Patriot41

    The GOP has passed a budget bill for the year that provides for spending cuts, raising the debt limit and proposes a balanced budget. At present, that bill meets their requirements and they need to stand by it as it had the support of the House.

    Since the democrat controlled Senate refused to accept that bill it is up to the Senate to propose a budget and then send it back to the House. Two can play the same game. The conservatives in the House, can cut and rewrite the Senate bill making it feasible enough to pass and send it back to the Senate. As long as the GOP moderates and conservatives can work together to hold onto their pledge to the people, they can withstand any efforts by the Senate to discredit them. It the budget has to go back and fourth several times, so be it.

  • NoMoreObama


    Is this all a game to you? The Tea Party is the last great hope for this country. When is Washington going to cut spending? When we are like Greece? I am thankful for the Tea Party members in congress. They are only ones looking out for the best interest of this country not looking to get re-elected. The Tea Party has only just begun. 2010 was just a taste of what awaits Obama and his crony dems in congress. I’m hoping for a super majority in the Senate (filibuster proof) and even some gains in the house. Of course, Obama is going to lose as he should.

  • AmericanNanny

    I for one am Sick of the far left and their games. They had full control of both houses and the White House for almost 2 years and all they were able to do was Drive this country into the Mud! Reid said last year that he wasn’t going to raise the debit ceiling, he was going to wait for the Reblicans, this shows what Cowards the left really are. Having said that I’m also dissapointed in the Republicans for not believing in their base, we elected them for a reason. I was sickened to find out that 2 of my Republican Senators actually voted against the only Real bill that can save this country Cut Cap and Balance and you can bet your bottom I let them know it!!
    But we as American Citizens must not give up!!! If our men and women can go over seas and fight for freedom of speech, for our safety at home, if they are willing to Risk their lives for us………………..

  • Jstarusa

    Did anyone really think that congress would do the right thing? I’m sure it’s all ready a “Done Deal”. It’s got to go to the time limit to “look” good folks. Maybe a few tears from Boehner and a soulful bobblehead from the president as he reads from his teleprompters will make this soap opera a hit with “We the people”.

  • Joan

    I’m telling you these Rhinos all have to go and quickly!!! They are not for the people if I have to pay these Idiots I want who I wnat in office not some dumb ass who folds quicker then a bed sheet!!!

  • J.M.R.

    stop with the tea party bashing we just got a bunch of turn coats that don’t have a spine to stand up against the chimp dick-tater and his cronies. in case you have forgotten we had 2 yrs of getting it shoved down our throats and now its time to return the favor but boner boehner lost his spine when he got speaker of the house. i guess some of you want to let the scum have our country but the tea party wants it to stop it

  • Nik

    Hello there, HOBBITS!


    • Jackie

      Nik must be looking in his mirror.

    • John Galt

      Interesting comment douche bag! Keep in mind that it was the hobbits that saved Middle Earth by destroying the ring of power ….. and it was they that were able to carry the ring without being fully corrupt! So ….. in the final analysis it is the “Hobbits” of the Tea Party that will save the United States by being true to its principles and not becoming corrupt by its power.

      Thank you!
      John Galt

  • rae

    If thd republicians fall for obamas crap they will all get voted out of office as soon as they can be. We donot need to increase the debt ceiling, all we need to do is cut expenses……no more aid to foreign countries, no more useless grants, no more free education for students from foreign countries, the list goes on and on, I am not a CPA but I can all 2 +2 and come up with 4, how many politians can do that? Looking at the budgets, NONE

  • http://http/ sean murry

    i wouldn pay attention to the fear mongers they all full of shit.

  • Jax Cat

    Aug 2 doesn’t mean default. It means setting priorities on debt payment. A balanced budget is a plan for the future whereas blanced spending is will occur on Aug 2.
    The fastest way to balanced spending and a balanced budget is do NOT raise the debt ceiling.
    Let Obama and Geithner put medicare, social security, and veterans on NO PAY and wait for all hell to break loose.

  • IdontBrakeForDems

    The fair tax or flat tax is what would fix everything. When you have so many people running drugs, prostitution, under the table cash deals -whatever- everytime a person bought something or spent their money in the US, they would pay a tax. That tax would eliminate federal income tax. We’d suddenly have millions more tax payers than we currently now have. Plus, those welfare and entitlement folks would now also be PAYING taxes rather then consuming them. Spend a lot? Than you’d pay a lot. Don’t spend much? Don’t pay much. EVERYONE who spends money would eventually be paying taxes. It truely is the most ‘fair’ tax a person could ask for, and the fact that you don’t pay tax until you spend the money, it would encourage SAVING money too. Of course if we passed the fair tax laws, there would still be bitching…but who cares? Don’t like it? Move to another country!! P.C. is officially out the door now, no one cares about that crap anymore anyway, except for libertards and guess what? We don’t care!!

    • John Galt

      Good post. I have been a proponent of a flat tax for many years; some ideas are as follows:

      1) A flat tax of 10% on all income however and wherever derived. No exemptions, no deductions, no credits, no special provisions, etc.

      2) Revoke the tax free status of all foundations, post secondary schools, unions, etc. Everyone pays!

      3) Cut spending! Federal, State and local!

      There are many more things that can be done, but there is the start.

  • nax777

    Fear mongering and pay off work pretty well for over 80 years now.
    P.S. Did you vote this week at “you cut”?

  • Southern Son

    I predicated Bonehead was in Obumas pocket, Tea Party Patriots (freshmen Senators) stand your ground. Dont give in to this type of B>S>.

  • http://firefox kyredneck

    why don’t we all move to Texas and start our Country

  • Raymond

    “Republicans Are Falling For Elites’ Fear Mongering.”
    Actually, many Republicans are in bed with the
    Democrats (more accurately known as communists).

    • LadyLiberty


      The Raising the Debt Ceiling Show should be on CSPAN; so the people can see what is really going on. Here are my thoughts on the economy:

      If you take a good look at what is happening to our country, our Socialist Welfare State is on its deathbed and all their promises are going down with them. They don’t have any money to pay the public pensions; just like in Europe all the public benefits were wasted away. You know that they have used Social Security money for their general pleasure. Do you see this ending anytime soon? No amount of money will help this. Now is the time to CHANGE directions and not do the same old thing.

      Boehner, by raising the Debt Ceiling; you will do more damage by continuing Obama’s spending and your cuts that are not real cuts anyway. He will do the same old thing he has done in the past…stimulus, cronyism, Unions, special projects, raise taxes on the middle class and we will be Slaves to the Federal Governments debt until death do us part. No more!! Concentrate on bringing businesses back to our country and give them the environment that they need to start investing and bringing jobs back. The spending stops NOW.

  • debtwatcher

    I’m an ex facial and speech recognitions expert and studied the speech that Obama gave concerning the debt ceiling.. His microexpressions showed that he was constantly lying throughout the speech..

  • Raymond

    Archie Bunker and Obama

    After 35-40 years it fits today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marv

    3 Things we can do: Stop sending taxas to the federal government which everyone can do. They cannot put millions in prison not enough room. Next Stop buying anything but food and needy items. Stop using gaggets that tell where you are like cell phones and visa cards. Stop using banks and use cash for transaction. Donation should be to your candidates only not the democrats or repubicans party. Vote all incumbants out of office for now on. Get the old retards out of office. Tell them to STOP SPENDING MONEY THAT WE DON’T HAVE. Stop taxing the wealthy so they will bring jobs back to this country.

  • Transparency Now

    I hope all readers are taking notes and keeping track of WHO the turncoats and traitors are in this debate. Be sure YOU vote correctly and educate as many acquaintances as possible. We ALREADY have the majority, but too many belt-way zombies have forgotten how to interpret a poll. (I’m joking) The truth is the LIARS and scoundrels have to go.

  • An American

    Listen to Ron Paul, ” No more out of control government spending!”

    Ron Paul 2012 and ONLY Ron Paul in 2012!

  • http://NA johnny mccranie

    Pass somethig just one time that would be a start, wonder what or how there check books balance at the end of a month?

  • http://Cox Charles

    All the Congress and the Senate will lie to the people to get what they tax and spend your money.It is time for the people to wake up and put all new
    people in office