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Republican Deals With Obama Are Killing Us

Written on Saturday, July 9, 2011 by

Barack Obama, Eric Cantor, John Boehner

Writing a syndicated column in 2011 is night and day different from when we started writing for publication in the 1990’s. The overriding change is the volume and immediacy of feedback. In the 1990’s we would receive the occasional letter applauding or challenging our thesis, facts and motives. Today we find our email inbox and comment sections so full it is difficult to read it all.

We take our readers seriously, and even if we don’t personally respond, we read and ponder their many times insightful thoughts. Ironically, as hard as we work to provide clarity through our own words, sometimes they fail to accurately convey our passion and hopes for America.

After last week’s column was posted, we were accused of hoping for the collapse of the country. We couldn’t be more misunderstood by a reader. We see collapse coming, and like Paul Revere we ride the countryside in the hope that the country will mobilize to meet the dangers.

Here are three reasons we are frightfully concerned about the future of the economy and country:

The first is the dedication of John Boehner to cutting deals with Barack Obama. The Republican majority wasn’t returned to Congress so that they could strike a mega deal to balance the budget on the backs of the people. The growth of government must be stopped before it consumes what meager wealth the country has left. The current grand scheme as reported would increase taxes in exchange for budget cuts someday off in the future. We have seen how this bargain works. Taxes go up, but spending never goes down.

Second, the Republican frontrunner, Mitt Romney is far out of step with most Republicans on the proper role of government question. He is responsible for signing a program of socialized medicine in Massachusetts even before it was mandated by Obamacare. Through this act alone, he signaled his acceptance of the same style of big government Republicanism that made the governance of George W. Bush ultimately an economic disaster.

Third, the Democratic Party and Barack Obama individually haven’t demonstrated that they can break out of a hard left ideological ghetto and govern the country. Bill Clinton, for all of his personal liabilities, moved to the center after the 1994 elections and showed he could compromise. In contrast, Obama as recently as his news conference this week, is showing that he is clinging to delusional policies as the country totters towards collapse.

With Republican Party leaders dedicated to Washington deal making and once again preparing to nominate a presidential candidate from the ranks of big government advocates, it is crystal clear the political establishment both Republican and Democrat isn’t up to the task of curbing the size and scope of the problems. Both sides are invested in a system that provides perks and high salaries from the public trough.

This brings us back to our recent pessimism, America cannot continue to borrow and spend as she has in the last two decades under Bush and Obama. Unless the political establishment learns to live within its means we are headed for an inevitable economic disaster that will make 2008 and 2009 look like a walk in the park.

The only reason we write is in the hope that something we say will spark a change for good. Call us naïve, but we still believe the American Republic can be saved through the dedicated work of committed citizens.

But we would be more than naïve if we didn’t fully describe the looming crisis we see in the storm clouds still gathering. The economic crisis brought to our shores courtesy of political elites both Republican and Democrat isn’t over. We cannot relax yet and go back to our lives in the mistaken impression that the worst has passed. Uncle Sam is currently in intensive care, and Americans can send him either to the recovery room or the morgue.

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  • http://http/ sean murry

    No deals boner get a pair of balls.

    • Layla

      As of this writing there are no deals between Mr. Boehner and Mr. Obama. Check out your information before you get out your checkbook.

    • EddieW

      I just e-mailed Boehner asking him NOT to betray the American people, by making “deals” with Obozo, our Liar in Chief!! hope it helps!!! Please do the same!!

    • EddieW

      I just e-mailed Boehner asking him NOT to betray the American people, by making “deals” with Obozo, our Liar in Chief!! hope it helps!!! Please do the same!! You have to fix the (dot)!!

    • handyman

      Put baby bozo in the sand box, make sure he is tied up, so he don’t hurt himself.

    • nax777

      As long as you believe that the media and the parties cannot be beat they will continue their lawlessness and turn the 65 million loyalists to other cultures (Islam, Socialist, Communist etc…) today into 189 million by 2040. I have already seen the real bozo staring back at me in the mirror, when are you going to have the guts to admit it yourself?

    • frank1737

      Better Yet, Put Bozo in the morgue!!

    • Christian Archer

      I don’t like John (sell-out) Boehner but wishing he was dead is over the line and disgusting. Such comments give conservatives a bad name. Maybe you are a liberal disguising yourself as a conservative, so as to bring reproach to those who want our country to again be a Constitutional Republic.

    • Tom Stewart

      Right-On Christian Archer However Just Think Of The Lies From The Liberals Day In And Day Out As The Devil Speaking To The GOP (Who Believe Anything) Yikeess, Plus If We Could Stop The Devil George Soros War Won. God Bless America And Sarah Palin.

  • Ilene

    Yes I agree. Send in Michele Bachmann.

    • Sam

      Bachmann against Obama? You must be kidding!She dosen’t have enough experience, nor can she raise anywhere near the amont of money that will be required to defeat him.

    • Jeanene

      you say Bachmann has no experience. If I remember Obama was only a community organizier and NO EXperience. She has been in government and knows what is happening in Washington.

    • Apache6

      Sam,BACHMANN has ran a BUSINESS,and created JOBS,the ONLY thing OVOMIT ever ran is his MOUTH,and LOST JOBS!!!!

    • Dan

      She would emasculate him. Not that that is too difficult. And money ain’t gonna save his ass next year, no matter who he faces.

    • Dodi

      Michele has more experience than Obummer ever thought of. He was absent from the Senate a lot, voted present instead for or against. I sure would rather have her answer the phone at 3 a.m. than him. He has gotten us in so much trouble, we will be lucky to get out.

    • tom

      She dosen’t have enough experience than obama? What experience did hehave / does he have right now that caused you to vote for him? The only thing that dip-$hit ever did is hang posters on neighborhood phone poles!
      She has more expeerience in her little finger than he has in his whole duel race body! After foolishly being elected to the senate he immediately started campaigning for the presidential election.
      Face it pal, the prez is just an empty suit directed by the puppetmaster $orass.

    • frank1737

      Obama did NOT have any experience either!! Maybe as a Damn Clown!! We nee someone in the Presidental Office that has fresh idea’s . Noth the same old shit the RINO’s and Democrats have that are ruining America!!!

    • frank1737


      You sound like a damn liberal, Obama ASS KISSER. Be damn careful because when your down there kissing Obama’s ass someone may just knock your ass kissing head off!!

    • Whackajig

      Would you people just stop using capital letters when posting about ovomit. Use of capitals denotes respect. Do you have respect for him? Respect for the office of the president does not require you to use caps for obungle’s name.

    • Thomas Martin

      sam, are you brain dead your loving brack hussein obama was a damn community organizer for acorn the crooked outfit.

      Michelle Bachmann has more sinse than that boy ever hope to have.

      Lowlife on welfare and liberal dip stick put this a hole into office. This was not done with people with brain, they knew he was a imbecile when he was running.

      john mccain did him a favor, he was brain dead too. Love Sarah Palin though.

    • Skeptical

      LOL Nothing beats the months of intensive experience that the junior Senator from Illinios brought to the Oval Office. Ted Kennedy must be doubling over in his grave, laughing at the payback he is giving us over his Chappaquidick shaming. Oh yeah!

    • Bill

      Who can’t beat a community organizer?

    • Oldminstrelman


      I cannot decide if you are trying a lame attempt at cleverness, or if you are just sophomoric ignorant. Are you a Demoncrat? or, Are you a Rino?

      You know very well that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is the number one target of both of these groups.

      Michele Bachmann’s message is resonating with the public and hitting the demoncrat/rino statist’s right where they live.

      The Rino leadership is desperate to field another fall guy/palooka. That is their $orassignment and they are doing their level best to promote one of the two apostates from the faith and teachings of their professed religion as the candidate to face the demoncrat candidate.

      Whomever that shall be, I continue to be of the opinion that the teleprompter-reader-in-chief will not go into the DNC Convention as the candidate of choice. And very well may fall.

      It matters not to Bachmann. She has the ability to destroy the demoncrats favored candidate with her calm and even manner of speaking in those low dulcet tones that the masses will find soothing and comforting as she explains that we as a nation, having been deceived and robbed of our birthright are about to spring forth and retreive our birthright and heritage from the jaws of hell.

      At this point, the GOP/Rino leadership has ordered that the Bachmann candidacy be stifled and stopped early, lest it come down to a national televised debate between Bachmann and one or the other of the (rino) annointed ones before the RNC Convention.

      They (demoncrats/rino’s)know that Bachmann will Confuse and Dumbfound, O’Dumbo, Hysterialize (just a little poetic license) sHrillary and Perplex and Confound Cuomo.

      Just you watch the campaign funds come pouring from small donors, after the Bachmann candidacy is confirmed.


    • Laurie

      I am praying that Allen West will run with Bachmann for VP. That combo could save us. He has the military know how and strength to meet and concur our enemies and he makes the left look foolish with his no nonsense answers.Let’s not forget integrity.This man is sqweeky clean and respected.Look for groups that are trying to convince him to run and join!

    • Ernest

      He ment in for the republican speaker of the house on the debt limit and such,,and if she held her ground she WOULD be able to survive.

    • ccle1

      She has 10 times the experiance obuma had when he was nominated and has to date!
      If we will all get behind her 100% SHE WILL WIN!

    • frank1737

      Ilene, RIGHT ON GIRL!!!!

    • Adolf

      Michele Bachman voted twice for extention of the Patriot Act provisions, and she happily accepted Obama’s second BC forgery as authentic, and is now saying that she believes he is eligible. It is impossible she wouldn’t know he is not eligible. She is knowingly supporting Obama. How can you trust her?

    • Oldminstrelman


      How ignorant can you be? You know perfectly well that Michele Bachmann is not supporting Obama. You also know how the left’s liberal media complex like to frame the questions about obama’s BC, so that they can cast his opponents as kooks and radicals.

      The Pundits are fuming over the fact that as yet, they have not been able to entrap Bachmann into a gaffe that can be misconstrued and give widespread credence to their claims that She is radical.

      She clearly is a serious and sane thinking Stateswoman who has taken to heart the enormous task of waking up this nation and this sheeple to the terrible atrocities and pitfalls that is coming amongst us.

      I believe that she has been ordained and set apart by God to be born and grow up in the life experiences that she has had, for hope and awakening of countless Americans in reclaiming this land as a bastion of freedom, so that the eternal plan for this nation and the entire earth shall not be compromised and subverted prematurely.

      It is my strong opinion that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is the equivalent of one of God’s Great Pyrenees in temperament and purpose and trustworthiness.

      Temperament of Great Pyrenee’s below:

      Character and temperament are of utmost importance. In nature, the Great Pyrenees is confident, gentle, and affectionate. While territorial and protective of her flock or family when necessary, her general demeanor is one of quiet composure, both patient and tolerant. She is strong willed, independent and somewhat reserved, yet attentive, fearless and loyal to her charges both human and animal. (excerpt)AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB

      What to do with the de facto president is an issue that should and must be left up to the demoncrat party. It is their Waterloo if they ignore and let play out, by their own commission of apathy before the upcoming primary elections next year.

      They are in serious trouble and they know it. It is an issue that the Republican party has no power in controlling the outcome of.

      Impeachment proceedings nor the issue of
      Ineligibility of the aspiring young de facto (faux) antichrist should not be pursued by any of the Republican Presidential aspirants.

      For one, even to suggest that the Congresswoman commit political suicide over this issue, that’s just beginning to gain traction amongst the voters, exposes Adolf and others for the posers and losers that they are.

      Oh, and by the way. Why is it that the Congresswoman is the only one of the GOP hopefuls subjected to this ridiculous line of questioning?

      It must be because the Rino’s fear the message that she is bringing like none other and hope to give left-wing pundits an opportunity they have not been able to attain at their own behest.

  • Beverly Harper

    The republicans better be careful. We can replace some of them in 2012 as well as the democrats. That is part of the problem, a lot of the republicans don’t have balls.

    • Layla

      I would suggest you do your homework, Ms. Harper. There are NO DEALS between Mr. Boehner and Mr. Obama.

    • armyvet

      I agree, any Republican that caves in to the Liberal “deals” should be replacen at the next election. There are no Sacred Cows when it comes to running our government correctly.

    • Apache6

      WE must keep track of EVERY REPUBLICAN’T that votes to raise the Debit Ceiling,and BROOM them in 2012,or SOONER!!!!

    • slapjack

      Everyone needs to call or write their SENATORS and Congress person. Make your opinion be known. Attend Town Hall meeting when they come to your town. For the Love of our great Nation give them Holy Hell.

    • frank1737

      We had Senator Wyden come to a Town Meeting in Bend, OR. The Bastard didn’t listen to anything that the public wanted. Of course he was reelected by Obama’s vote fixing. We have to watch these crooked S.O.B.s at the polls and take out any ACORN or Black Panthers that show up

    • Joyce

      In the 2012 election, more than any previous time in our voting history, we need to have poll watchers in every polling place across the country to keep the corruption at bay. We also need picture ID’s to prove voters are really who they say they are and not names off cemetery lists or illegal aliens. I’ve worked the elections for many years and a lot of the voters have their drivers’ licenses out when they approach the desks, which means they aren’t opposed to proving who they are (to not require ID’s is major stupidity on the part of our government). This will likely be the most frightening and corrupt election we’ve ever had (IF it takes place) and I believe we can expect renewed threats by the NBP’s and the SEIU condoned by the current adminstration just like in 2008. (It might be a good idea to load up on purple ink.) And most of all, we should demand that no election results be announced or considered binding until all the votes of our military personnel have been counted, no matter how long it takes! The people who fight for our country have at least an equal right for their votes to be counted as we do, and that right should never again be denied.

    • Whackajig

      Show them your balls Bev.

  • SpiritualMadMan

    Compromise with the devil at YOUR own Expense!!!!

    We ***WILL*** remember!!!!!!

    • Layla

      Remember what???? There ARE NO DEALS.

  • The Rev

    After many years in a large corporation as a budget analyst, I have learned a few things about how to manage a very lage budget. When our revenues did not measure up to our spending levels, higher management on the recommendations of the budget analyst were very quick to respond by “across the board” budget cuts in all departments on a shared percentage level.

    It is not a hard thing to do or to understand when all departments are required to live within a reduced budget by say 10%, 15%, 20% or 25%. We had to do it many years in order to save the company. The Federal governmant can do no less if the country is to survive. The tax payer turnip has been bleeding to the point of expiring. Boehner must not bend nor compromise on this issue or the turnip will die. Force across the board budget cuts immediately. All it takes is an executive order forced by Congress and the deed is done. ‘Nuff said.

  • Bob

    These Repub deals with the Bum demonstrate what I’ve been saying for years. A vote for the lessor of two evils should also demonstrate my position. A vote for either party is a vote for the UN Council on Foreign Relations. The UN CFR OWNS our 2 party system and our government leaders. RINOs exist because their is a foreign power that gives them their marching orders. The Dems and GOP (Grand Old Pharts) are in fact one body serving the one world government, acting out in treason together against all of us. This is why our freedoms fade away while our government grows in power, why our currency and economy are deliberately destroyed by our government and political leaders. It really is very logical why our politicians sell us out, they are serving the one world government, the end times are really upon us, our politicians often do not have a mind of their own.

    The anti-Christ is rising to power. He is not officially here yet, future events will conclusively prove who he is, but we have had ample warnings that the end times are approaching and who the anti-Christ really is. Most of you are still clueless to these facts but then the faithful believers would be few anyway.

    • Virgil

      “BOY” have you got that right, “lessor of two evils”. Maybe three evils. The democratic will run over anyone that get in the way, the republican, well maybe we can work something out,. The independent they just don`t know “DUH” The people think we send the best to Washington, that a joke! After they get to Washington all they can think about is how to keep the best job they ever had or will have.

    • frjm


      You hit the 16 penny on the head but there are still a lot of 4 pennies hanging around.


    • Apache6

      BOB,Henry Kissinger (bilderberg group member)has stated that “OVOMIT is the one their grooming to lead the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT” so as the JESUS said “WHEN YOU SEE THESE THINGS HAPPENING (SIGNS OF HIS RETURN)LOOK UP,LIFT YOUR HEADS,FOR YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NIGH”!!!!!

    • tom

      That’s another thing, we must get the UN out of the OSA, AND GET THE U.S.A. OUT OF THE UN!
      That other miserable democrap FDR got us into Truman also complicit in that deal.The DEMS over the years have really shoved the shaft to the country,for example, realizing that they (DEMS) had spent all of the funds in the social security trust fund, and not wanting to pay it back, LBJ in a drunken stupor had the fund put in to the general fund. Question, AIN’T THE DEMS JUST GREAT??

    • EdPC

      Every major problem this country faces can be traced to Democratic policies.

    • frank1737

      Your 100%+ Right ON!!

    • Skeptical

      But BOB, this isn’t the 1930s?
      Ya know, if you daily predict your death is up and coming, one day it will be true! But is that a profound revelation?

    • Adolf

      Bob, you are right about the CFR and our 2 party/1 party system. We should not vote for anyone who is a member of or affiliated with the CFR or the Trilateral Commission. The whole Congress is corrupt and working against us. That’s why they all are covering up Obama’s ineligibility.

    • Bob

      The only independent that is running as a anti-CFR candidate is Andre Barnett, He like other independents was a Democrat and voted for Bumma. After considerable research, he realized how screwed up and anti-God the Demmed are, so he re-registered as a independent. I like that he is a non-denominational Christian and details his faith on his website, is a social conservative and seeks to reverse the UN treaty’s passed by the current/past presidents and related bills. He has a detailed plan to save our economy and dollar, pay off our debts, build closer ties to Israel, stronger military, etc. He is a US Army vet with battlefield experience and injury, background in intelligence with the FBI in Iraq & Afghanistan. He is young though but old enough to hold the office. Frankly, the next president MUST be younger with battlefield and intelligence experience when we are facing another global war.

      I don’t agree with him on everything but he seems the best man for the job to also boot out the UN, stick them in Jamaica with their Seabed Authority (L.O.S.T. Treaty).

      One of our biggest mistakes is voting for a POLITICIAN in the White House. Politicians are expert negotiaters who tend to serve their own agenda, bring under the table skeletons (CFR deals) in with them that we pay for later, time to leave the politicians and GOP (Grand Old Pharts) in Congress.

    • awakenow

      Bob, yes, some believe we have entered into the 7-year Tribulation period. I do not know for sure, and no one can. Only God knows.

      As for the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, yes, these are the powerful elites that have been running the show for decades.

      The first elite group was the Bilderberg Group, formed back in 1953 or 1954. These people are made up of mostly the bankster, money men, along with corporate titans, military leaders and high government officials (think Sec. of the Treasury and former Economic Advisor to Obama, Larry Summers and others).

      President Eisenhower, attended one of the first Bilderberg Group meetings back in the early 50s. It is my feeling that his exposure to their agenda caused him great alarm. Hence, he tried to warn the nation about these elites (not by name) during his farewell address to the nation in 1961.

      The PRIVATE Federal Reserve Banking System was created by six banking elites, and a high placed administration official, during a private meeting on Jekyll Island back in 1913.

      Control equals money. Those who have it, control those who do not.

  • Whackajig

    Floyd Brownose is full of shit when it come to his statement that America has only meager wealth left. This is one of the richest nations in the world, and there is no limit to the additonal wealth that can be created by productive people.

    • armyvet

      The wealth IS created by productive people. Not the government who is now taking it away. Taking away the hard earned money of it’s citizens and the jobs OF productivity! So, where do we go from here?

    • John Galt

      Whackajig: I see your point America is still a fairly wealthy nation, but that wealth is being systematically extracted and “exported” overseas. Middle class jobs are being lost at an alarming rate, (one major source of wealth) and the standard of living is generally decreasing. I also do not think that Floyd Brown is full of shit. If America is to survive and remain a beacon to the rest of the world, then action must be taken:

      1) Reduce the budget (cut spending).
      2) Reduce the national debit (pay it down).
      3) Reform and simplify the tax code (flat tax, no deductions, exemptions, credits, loopholes).
      4) Restore honor (a republic under God’s guidance).

    • http://johnGalt DULCIMAN

      I agree with what you said. We must stand together and let all the Republicans know that they can be replaced. Also to get back to a balanced government we need to go to term limits 2terms is enuff, then go home, and get a job. No one

      gets retirement after one term. I do not get full retirement after 4 yrs work. No one else should either.

    • Will

      Only WE THE PEOPLE can right the wrongs we have in America, we need to push for term limits for everyone, including Surpreme Court Judges, four year limits for everyone, no more life time appointments, the Judges should be elected by the people like everyone else, then they would uphold our constitutional rights because they do not owe the one who appoints them, no more ass kissing in Washington, we need to elect a good farmer for president who knows how to manage money, plan his appointments and follow the will of God,these city slickers are all the same, ass kissers, when we elect a person, they should do the will of the people, anyone who refuses to listen to the peoples wishes should be kicked out, I wonder if the Constitution would allow electing our congress and Senate leaders on a TRIAAL BASES, if they fail to do what is right, we kick them out, we should think about this, and as obama has no respect for our constitution or the people, we should ask him to resign,if he refuses kick his ass all the way to AFRICA where he belongs


    He has forgotten who brung him to the party.

    • Layla

      for what????? There are NO DEALS. Call his office.

    • Sam

      Afraid not. He has paid them many times over with money, new programs, changed laws, increased welfare, Medicaid, and meaningless Federal jobs.

  • Dee G Virginia….USA

    It would seem that Boehner and few others in the House dont have ANY BALLS they just dont have anything in them that says they know how to stand up to THE ILLEGAL MUSLIM OBAMA……………………GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • Layla

      You have been fed a line of BULL by these two writing this article.

      THERE ARE NO DEALS. Why do you suppose they are working so hard to convince you there are?

    • tom

      Dee you keep talking that way, Boehner gonna tear-up and cry all over you and won’t that make you sad? HA

  • http://PatriotUpdate Susie

    Boehner should know better than to argue with children. NO MEANS NO and it’s over.

  • Adrian Vance

    Only RINOs make such deals. Vote them out! One term is enough for anyone. Put the people back in charge.

    For political analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative, Now on Kindle daily.

  • CJB

    It may be time to play hard-ball with congress because they are very much derelict in their duty on several counts. It can be done within the confines of legallity, but if that continues to fail, the citizenry should keep the 2nd amendment option open.

    • Apache6


  • Patriot41

    On the money Floyd! One of the major problems with correcting the ills that we find in our current govt., is the fact the citizens no longer have representative govt. Neither of the two parties are listening to the citizens and as a result we have the Tea Party movement. These are the true patriots of the Republic who believe in the Constitution from which this Republic sprang. God Bless each and every one of them.

    Interesting to note, not all Tea Party members are considered conservatives which is also encouraging. There are a smattering of Independents, libertarians and even a few democrats that are behind this movement. That should tell the leaders of both political parties that they are not doing a good job and are indeed straying from the fold of our Republic.

    Unfortunately, there are yet not enough Tea Party members in Congress to make a difference and stop the destructive policies that threaten our Republic. They have however, made significant inroads with the GOP leadership and that has slowed the progressive effort to change our govt., into a Socialist monopoly.

    Because most of the compromising has been going on behind closed doors, citizens have no idea of what is taking place and cannot therefore take part in the critical discussions that will adversely effect their lives. Political leaders are deceptive and the media is very bias, so by the time the citizens find out what is going on, it is too late.

    Without adequate warnings from writers such as yourself, our citizens have very little certainty of what tomorrow will bring. They are not prepared for the financial crises which is about to consume them nor are they prepared to deal with it. Most unfortunately, neither political party is willing to take responsibility for the terrible shape that has befallen this country. Therefore the attitude of doing what is right for the country is sadly missing. Party first, country second has become the dominant factor in the destruction of our political system.

  • Gordon

    Instead of pissing and moaning here gang, write
    to your congressman…I DO!!!!

    • azwayne

      Yes, great idea still need more, what is response? crafted copied statements? Record and use, but if we ever want to change we’ll have to break two elite party heads. Get third party rady adn for now use independents, only change we can do for now.You’ll never clean up and take back a party and you’ll never get representation in DC until we get change.

    • Randy131

      Unfortunately you are correct, for I to have been involved in notifying my Congressmen as to what the most popular policy is and that they should back, but they always seem to do what their party bosses require of them, and then declare they know better than their constituents, which they are supposedly representing.

    • anthony san diego

      They don’t take their marching orders from their constituents, we the people, they are beholding to what they consider to be a greater power…. the bankers and their cohorts, the media.

    • Sam

      VOTE them out of office. You pay them $175,000 per year to represent YOU, not tell you what Congress wants you to do.

    • AZ Don

      It is totally unfair, of course, to pant all congressman and women with the same brush (although it is for the most part correct, but there are some good ones it is just hard to see them in all the muddy water) we should consider how hard it is to maintain a correct position when many of those around them are trying to overwhelm them with their one sided opinion. However, those who do succumb to the lobbyist wishes become just as irreverent, as those who convinced them to join their group.

      I suspect that lobbyists are the main cause of problems in both parties. I have been preaching that for 15 years, and no one would listen. The biggest problem, other than Obama wanting to destroy capitalism and our freedoms is the lobbyists. Furthermore, the primary reason(s) the politicians will not listen to the voters is also the lobbyist. We citizens have no one lobbying for us, but the unions and large corporations have many. Furthermore, that is one reason they pay little or no tax. The lobbyists create loop holes for the corporations. Now don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, corporations do not pay taxes, that cost is passed along to the consumer in increased costs. Once that additional cost is included however, if they can decrease their exposure to taxes it goes into their bottom line. Consequently, when used in this manner with lobbyists, high taxes with lots of loop holes favors large cooperators. They have learned how to use government to their advantage with the help of lobbyists and bribery.

      The congressmen and women are elected by the voters (electorate). But the large corporations and unions have the controlling influence over them via lobbyists. It is obvious why the politicians do not want to eliminate them because they provide the lions share of the campaign funds for their reelection. Politicians have learned they can buy the votes of the “apathetic” citizens if the corporations give them enough money, here again Obama is a perfect example. No one bothered to find out what he planned just that he wanted hope and change. Those folks that voted for him will be hoping for the rest of their life because the change he brought is destroying us. Politician seems to be another word for bribe! How many times do we have to ask ourselves “why aren’t they listening to us?” Well the reason is quite clear if we would look.

      Just term limits may not solve the problem completely, but term limits and eliminating the lobbyists should eliminate most of them. Right now it does seem it would get rid of much of the graft and corruption that exists today. This is the straight story folks, if we do not get the politicians back to listening to the people we’re done as a free nation! It will not matter who we elect to replace the ones we have if the new ones are still subjected to the lobbyists influence. It is disheartening to elect these people and than find out they are crooks. But government does seem to be getting more and more corrupt each day. If we, the people do not get it stopped it will ruin the country for sure. Need a good example? The president we elected in 2008 is a compulsive liar, and he has surrounded himself, since becoming president, with other liars just like himself. A truer statement was never made than “birds of a feather flock together.”

      When did a mans word stop being his bond? I sincerely believe anyone who would lie to you would steal from you! It is impossible to take Obama at his word, because of his lies.

    • Cliffystones

      I once got a call from a staffer of Sen. Mark Udall (CO). This was in reference to a petition I signed and faxes I made to his office regarding illegal immigration. The faxes were through Numbers USA.

      He started trying to question me as to where I had got certain statistics mentioned in one of the faxes, knowing full well that I wouldn’t have the answers at my fingertips.

      I turned the tables on him by fully admitting that the stats provided were from Numbers USA and that I had full faith in them. Then I politely but firmly proceeded to tell him my personal history with illegals growing up in Southeast Los Angeles. I also told him how I was sick and tired of being called a racist because I wanted the borders secured. I told him my Mexican-American ex-wife and her family also felt the same way, and my Father-in-law was even more pissed than I was! I told the staffer not to take it personally, but Mr. Udall and his Democratic colleagues need to stop all of the damned BS and start representing the American People, not the illegals.

      As everybody can tell,this talk did a world of good! He listened and straightened everything out! And several monkeys just flew out of my Southern Orifice :)

    • Layla

      And if you do, or better yet call the Washington office. You will find out THERE ARE NO DEALS.

      Floyd Brown is trying to raise money for GOOH. Lately the conservative writers are passing on more lies than the Demorats.

    • Margaret

      I write also. But unfortunately, our senators are both democrats, who keep getting re-elected, because the people in the district either are not paying attention to how they vote, or they just want hand outs. They will all be sorry, when there is nothing left for anyone.

    • E V

      As are mine. And those who vote them in year after year have had their snouts in the public trough since they were born. And some even through the 4th and 5th generation. They will ALWAYS vote Democrat for that reason.
      Or at least until the trough is no longer available. Then they might find religion. Finally.

    • wayne x-vet nam

      unforgently i live in AZ McCain ,does he sleep when hes in washington at his desk. i think so.

    • Apache6

      I believe WE’RE all in contact with OUR Reps.,they just don’t seem to hear us (mine does,though)maybe they’ll hear our GUNS!!!!

    • tom

      Gordon, like most in congress I’ll bet he gets a good laugh out of your letters. The only thing they want from you is more money for their re-election campaigns. Else go to your corner and hush.

    • Skeptical

      I write my representitives too. Thier form replies are so gratifying. It kinda explains why I have not voted incumbant for years.

  • http://Comcast R.Woodworth

    We need to start dealing with the National Socialist media in both the newspaper and airwaves. America must boycott the advertisers on the TV, radio, and newspapers. Next: We need to learn the names and locations of the Managing Editors and protest where they live and work. Their names should be printed describing what these socialist are doing to American values and freedoms?

    • Sam

      Why do you want to use democrat tactics? Just VOTE the SOB’s out of office. All of them.

    • Apache6

      Sam,it’s time to take this WAR to our enemies,and turn the HEAT UP all the way!!!

    • Laurie

      I agree with everything except protesting at their homes. That is out of bounds.

    • Patriot41

      Has anyone ever considered the fact that the media benefits most from a good political scrap during election time? They charge and absolute fortune for air time and paper ads and reap more income then any other time they spend reporting the news.

      One of the primary reasons politicians must cater to lobbyist and corporate CEO’s, is the fact that their campaign expenses run so high for commercial ads., fixed polling by media sources and endorsements. Unless you have run a political campaign you have no idea of what these bandits charge and get away with.

      It would seem to me that politicians would eventually get the idea to use govt., available resources that they are now paying for such as CSpan and NPR. By granting equal time to all eligible candidates, they could get their messages out to the public without having to pay such outrageous advertising fees. Most if not all citizens, have TV, Radio and computer communications devices to listen in and observe the candidates. Since they are campaigning for govt., jobs, the govt., should foot the bill through their own communications system.

      By cutting most of the campaign communications cost, candidates would not have to rely on bribe money from lobbyist and corporate bosses. They would still have PACs to defray travel expenses and fund raisers in their own districts. I believe one of the major reasons they have not changed the system, is because they can amass tremendous money in their campaign war chest and take it with them when they leave office.

  • Warrior

    2012 – throw out everyone who’s been there more than 1 term….Oh. except barry.

    • armyvet

      Yes Warrior, everyone out after one term except Barry Sortore, he should be kicked out before completing his term!

    • Bundoker

      There’s an ex-leatherneck representative in MN that’s had at least three terms and knows what loyalty, patriotism are, right from wrong and does what is right… John Kline … would be a better candidate than any the Reoublicans are touting for prez … does a weekly Pork report. Sure wouldn’t toss this guy out with the dirty bath water … there must be a few more loke him too.

    • Whackajig

      Minnesota is also the state that has sent two muslims to our congress.

  • J.M.R.

    i just read where the boner is already caven so get the vasolene ready what a joke he has turned out to be.

    • Layla

      And you know this how? Because Floyd tells you? Well guess what, Floyd is lying to you.


      Now ask Floyd why he is not being truthful….possible to raise money for GOOH?

  • Bob

    Keep in mind the senators with power over the impeachment process are also the RINOs and CFR members that are also corrupt. We impeached Clinton, what did that get us?

  • James USMC RECON

    The American people must know how Bachmann feels about compromising on any and all issues that affects our freedoms and our liberties as a whole. I personally do not believe in compromise at all when it comes to American policies that affect the American populace lives and rights. For example; Absolutely no compromising on any issues that affect the Bill of Rights.

    • Bree,

      Absolutely agree with you James, when compromising starts, so goes the freedom.

    • Skeptical

      Seems to me that decades of compromise has compromised the American middle class into virtual non-existence. Notify the bums NOW that we intend voting them out as a foregone conclusion.

  • LadyLiberty

    Senator Richard Lugar is a BIG RINO…vote him out!! Check him out Indiana.

    Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.),
    Dream Act strongest backers
    Lugar is Obama’s favorite Republican

  • paul

    As I have said before,we should demand that all meetings should be open.All votes should be voice votes.Then we will know who is causing the problems.It is time to stop listening to the “eleat” of both parties and start doing what is best for the country.

  • kenneth dameron

    I do not understand all the talk and emphasis on “deficit reduction”. Note that I did not say “debt reduction”–no one has ever mentioned that.
    Speaker Boehner seemingly is ignorant as to the power of the Congress, in which the Constitution places the power of the purse. He (as Speaker of the House) should simply pass a resolution to increase the national debt, exactly sufficient to accommodate the appropriations bills presently making their way thru the House, which are reflective of the Ryan-authored budget resolution. Then, he should send it over to Dirty Harry Reid in the Senate, who would undoubtedly run to his mother, Barack Obama, who would have a decision to make–sign it or shut down government spending.
    I fear that Boehner will agree to a large increase in the debt limit in exchange for Obama’s vague promise to reduce spending in 10 or 12 years or so. And we all know the value of Obama’s promises.

    • Layla

      Why don’t you call his office and find out what he is doing? You might sound a lot more intelligent.

      There ARE NO DEALS.

    • AZ Don

      No, do not increase the debt under any circumstances. That is the cut we have been looking for. They will never cut any other way!

    • Whackajig

      Here is the straight skinny…………. if you have no intention of increasing our debt, you have no need for an increased debt limit.

  • Concerned

    This very morning, I heard Cantor state that congress would not pass an agreement on the debt ceiling that included ANY new taxes. Mark that down and see what happens. If it is a lie, as I expect, take note.

    • Sam

      Key word is”NEW” taxes. Taxes will be increased in a number of ways, count on it!

  • stephen russell

    Have Rep West in our negoiations Tea, then, Then say NO.

  • Layla

    I am beginning to question the motives of those writing these articles. First and foremost, Mr. Boehner IS NOT MAKING DEALS. If you doubt that, call his office.

    I have read more misinformation in the past 72 hours than I have seen in 6 months and I can only conclude it must be designed to rile people up and to raise money for conservative causes, which is fine, as long as you are being honest in your writing. This article is NOT ACCURATE.

  • jjdebird

    Democrats use union tactics with their “budget” stance. They ask for many times what they want & need, so they can give away a few items & still come out ahead. Their initial pledge to cut spending was to reduce the increased amounts they wanted added each year by a small amount, telling us it would save billions. If my household budget was written out for $1,000,900 and I agreed to reduce it by $1,000,000, leaving the $900 I wanted all along, it is a scam not a savings. Unfortunately republicans have fallen for the trick and let then keep the far to high budget amounts they have been wasting if the agree to reduce the increases.

  • Bob

    I decided to vote as an independent because I see that the GOP is no different than the Demmed. Voting for the lessor of two evils has become so evil, there is no reason to support the same Satan. Voting for either party is a vote to keep the UN in power. Even Ron Paul has to toe the party line, his agenda is curtailed by the party. If he were president, the GOP RINOs would twist his platform into their desires so a Palin vote would be no different. In fact, the CFR now teaches their running for office to not reveal their membership. The year 2010 bylaws of the CFR demands all members keep meeting details top secret, any violation no matter how small means instant expulsion. CFR has always been extremely secretive. Why do you think that is?

    I refuse to vote for the UN any longer, I’m voting American. Voting for the lessor of two evils keeps the RINOs and UN in power. A majority independent vote is the only hope we have for it would have the most powerful effect on the incumbents, put the whole party on notice. Anything less is a sellout to the UN.

  • NIELS OLSEN kimberly, idaho

    shall we have a constitutionalist party? a new party of like minded persons dedicated to a system of integrity? the quickest way to solving so many of the problems this nation faces is to abolish the progressive taxing leading us to a communist state. read carl marx. he gave two ways for creating the communist state: revolution and progressive taxation.
    we must have a flat tax now. imagine filling out your tax form on a post card. 10% is plenty when all across the nation pay 10%. corporations with loopholes use extra money to build their businesses. ok, but if every entity paid 10%, no deductions, no loopholes, then no problem. the govt would have enough. you and i would have enough and even still we could take care of our poor and needy.
    maybe, just maybe, someone will come forth and be recognized as the real leader of our free nation and champion a flat tax and direct this nation towards capitalism and freedom. so much good will come from a single stroke of the pen. one quick act for a flat tax. just imagine how it would make you feel.

    • http://! Bobcat

      if a 10% tithe is good enough for our God it should be good enough for the government.

    • Patriot41

      Sounds good Niels, but without a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, Congress could continue to spend more then it takes in. Then what happens to the flat tax? Why of course, it goes up !

  • Dark_Side

    Cry baby BOONER is just as big an a-hole as Polosie was MABE worse..No dought there will be a deal and BOONER will yet once again cave…….

    • Layla

      And you know this how? There are no deals. Now why do you suppose there are those like Floyd Brown telling you there are, when there are not? Possibly to raise more money for his organization GOOH? (Get out of Our House.)

      Whatever the reason, this is why you are called names like Tea Baggers….you jump at anything without bothering to find out if it is the truth.

    • Bundoker

      Get real Dark Side, nobody but the KING SH*T and HAIRY come close to Pelozee.

    • Patriot41

      In all deference between the two house leaders you mention, there is a big difference between the two. Pelosi could care less about what the majority of citizens want. On the other hand, Boehner has at least tried to appease his constituents. Pelosi stands her ground and Boehner does not.

  • ruth

    If you think what he has done to the country is bad take a look at the church…Many are now CHRISLAM houses of evil…..Not to mention the effect Obama has had on the entire world… He is behind the uprisings in all the muslim lands….His plan for the future is world presidentcy as soon as muslim nations can vote him in…
    Only antichrist could attain this… Corruption of America, corruption of the Christian church and ruler of the entire world not to mention the one world religion Islam happening as we spreak..

    • Patriot41

      The last thing standing between the NWO and freedom are the Judeo/Christian faiths. Once those two faiths are destroyed there will be no opposition to the anti christ.

  • ruth

    I am surprised John Boehner has fallen under the spell of BO… His life was difficult enough when he was young you would think he would recognize fantasy…
    The truth is everyone that has contact with BO are changed…Many seem to lose their zest…Many become like robots obeying their masters whims… and sad to say only a few see through this man and walk away…


    • Bree,

      Wow Ruth, you said it all….and sadly I fear you are just as right. Nothing like him! Terror reigns.

    • Bundoker

      Maybe we should go easier on Speaker Boehner until he actually says he must screw the pooch on a deal with Obie.

  • Bobnip

    Listen, you idiots that call yourselves the Republican Leadership in Washington DC…quit compromising!!! Did Obama compromise when cramming Obamacare down our throats? Heck no! Did he just compromise when implementing the Dream Act by Executive Order? Heck No! Any time he doesn’t get his way he circumvents your authority with another Executive Order.
    His arrogance is profound. His disdain for the Constitution and our three branch form of government is more than evident. His desire to destroy America is overwhelming. He needs to be stopped in his tracks…not compromised with. Get a clue, Morons. We have had enough!

  • Steven

    Unfortunately, Speaker Boehner does not realize the power he has and that is why Witch Pelosi is seen on tv more often, because she has not given up her power and Boehner is too impressed with his paper tiger position to notice nothing has changed in Congress. We are in big trouble Keem-O-Soob-bee! The GOP is mostly filled with cowering whimps who let Witch Pelosi and her maggots whip them like the cowards they are.

  • http://patriotupdate SICK & TIRED#1


  • Greg

    You are not going to change the system in Washington as long as 50% of Americans who can vote pay no taxes. They subsist on the government, and like it. They will continue to vote for the party that takes from the tax payer and gives to the moocher class. If you amend the Constitution to say that you MUST pay taxes to vote, The Democratic Party would be finished and Washington would have a better balance in power that could potentially be Constitutional in it’s beliefs.

  • tod

    Have You all seen Barry Soetoro has passed the Dream Act without Congresses OK?

    • Sam

      Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, did not get the Dream Act passed. He wrote it into the policies and proceedures manual for handling illegals, thereby, circumventing Congress.

  • walter

    Throw all those that will not do the right thing for the people of this country in prison. From the top all the way to the bottom. Let WE THE PEOPLE take over.

  • Cherie

    Columns like this are exactly what we, the American people, need not only to WAKE US UP, but to INSPIRE US to write letters, make those phone calls to DC, send those emails to friends, family and politicians giving our opinion and telling them what we want them to do. As long as we are SILENT (can’t be bothered w/ civic duty; it might interupt our TV time at night…)then we are giving America away ! Silence is often taken as consent and as long as there are no objections to what is going on, then they think they have agreement from the people. If we do not make the time to perform our civic duties then we have no right to complain when we do not like the outcome. That is why Obama is in the White House now… no one was minding the store.
    So, turn off the TV and start sharing your opinions/wishes with everyone you know and some you don’t! If every American wrote one piece of correspondence per month, then the wishes of the people would be carried out.
    Complaining without action changes nothing.

  • http:Google Connie B.

    It appears that our Republican majority has forgotten why we chose to put them back in the drivers seat. Boehner seems to be driving off course and in the direction of a pile up. He had better get his head on straight or he may end up boo hooing for the last time. Call him up folks and give him a piece of your minds,, because it looks like he may be losing his.

  • http:Google Connie B.

    And as to Barry bypassing Congress? Isn’t that what he’s been doing all along? Emperor Obama;;;fiddles around with his golf clubs while the Constitution burns. Meanwhile Congress studies the problem of Asian prostitutes and their alcoholic consumption.
    Situation in Washington? All f____cked up!

  • CJB

    Misprison of felony must be put upon congress over the forged long form BC. Last call for peaceful solution.

  • skip gainer

    If the Republicans give into obama on raising the debt limit. Then it just shows there really is just one political party in Washington. The Republican party will implode on its self and be just a part of American history.

  • lonetrader

    They are all part of the same club. They put a show on for us, that is all. Politicians are out for themselves and that is all. WE the People need to change the laws immediately regarding politicians. What has the new Republican Congress done. NOTHING. If they had some balls and were truely for the country, they would have arrested obama for treason. They are nothing but Rino’s.

  • subby

    Apache6: thank God Jesus is coming soon

    • Bree,

      Amen, and he can’t get here soon enough! Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  • Patriot7

    It’s good that we have a complaint forum by which to express our displeasure over the failure of the politicians to do anything useful towards cutting spending and balancing the budget. We need to start using our literary talents toward getting these spendthrifts in D.C. under control. Let’s phone, fax, and write these reps in D.C. and let them know we won’t put up with their ineptness and procrastination any longer. As Floyd Brown said in this article ” we would be more than naive if we didn’t fully describe the looming crisis we see in the storm clouds still gathering. The economic crisis brought to our shores courtesy of political elites both Republican and Democrat isn’t over. We cannot relax yet and go back to our lives in the mistaken impression that the worst has passed. Uncle Sam is currently in intensive care, and Americans can send him either to the recovery room or the morgue.” I think this says it all when we ask how severe the problems in this country are.

  • Mutantone

    I am a firm believer that the Constitution limits the terms of the congress to years and not decades. They have interpreted it in their own way to assure their jobs over and over again. It is time to follow the Constitution as written, where it states how long they can hold the office. Far to many of them have made a career out of running for or holding office to the determent of the people.
    They have shown us what they want to cut benefits for the citizens, let them start with their own benefits and funding first. Remove their staff, make them work for their constituents. Take away all foreign donations to the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, and any other nation that is against us. Stop funding 22% of the UN which has placed enemies to civility in positions of power. How in the world is North Korea going to be in a position to watch over weapons. How is Iran going to be in charge of human rights when most Muslims think that a woman that has been raped needs three male witnesses to prove her claim and if not is put in jail herself for being an adulteress?
    Stop supporting others until we can care for ourselves and the needs of our population. Eliminate funds to Unnecessary projects like how much booze does it take to make a monkey drunk, or the number of aids carriers in the prostitution field in Asia. There are far to many supercilious programs being funded by the tax payers.
    Time to change all that instead of cutting the necessary programs for the citizens of our nation remove the funds going to other programs first and if they do not come to the budget freeze their pay all of it until they come to a balanced budget.
    “ the People of the United States are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the constitution.” Abraham Lincoln

  • Dumbfounded

    These things are planned well ahead of time,and its all a big show.Boner told a group of bankers months ago that they would raise the debt ceiling.No,I will not vote for any politician that puts a foreign country above America,such as Bachmann.As head of the tea party caucus,she has already told Israel to go ahead and attack Iran,if they must.Yeah,we can afford 7 or 8 wars on people that have done nothing to us.Letsjust kill everybody for them.No thank you,not in my name!

    • awakenow

      Dumbfounded, you are correct that Bachmann will lead us into more wars, perhaps even the big one that is foretold in the Bible.

      However, it is not Bachmann, herself, nor the Republican leadership who is making policy here.

      Rather, it is the interests of the elites, the shadow government aligned with the military-industrial complex, that continue to be served.

      It is this complex that President/General Eisenhower darkly warned the nation about back in 1961.

      Do an online search for “Eisenhower military-industrial complex.” Watch any of the YouTube videos that show Eisenhower’s address to the nation.

      Then research the Bilderberg Group and understand that Eisenhower attended one of the very first meetings of this enormously powerful made up of banking, corporate, military and government elites.

      Obviously, having been exposed to their agenda of control, he became alarmed and tried to warn the nation. And this concern, coming from a military man.

      A warning that goes unheeded today.

  • Mike Brown

    Hey friends, this Mon. Pres. Obama, the UN, the UK, and Russia are meeting to discuss the Israeli/Palestinian problem. Since no one in this group tend to support Israel, be forewarned. First, pray, second have a plan B. Liberals/athiests, yes, I am cwazy, so just ignore this warning, just another day… MJB

    • Bree,

      Thanks Mike, yes we are watching this meeting very closely as I’m sure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet are. If they side with the Palestinians then we are sunk and immediate war is soon to follow. We MUST support Israel or go over the edge as a nation. PRAY!

  • jean

    We need more independents running for office. I’m getting tired of both sides saying what they will do knowing damn will they really can’t make promises. They are not for the people they are for themselves because they want to get re-elected and keep all the perks that go along with the Job. Obama is the worst President we have ever had

  • dago dave

    the repubs need to declare them not repulicans ,throw them out of the conservitive party-this is whats wrong with the party any way-we should be concidering an all out support of the TEA PARTY,You can’t trust the likes of these people any longer (ahem) Includes John (the fence sitter)McCain!

  • John Welch

    President Obama is an evil man,sadly this is true.Preventing his reelection is job one.

  • ray

    we can reduce foriegn aid by 20% and then send food ,grown by are farmers , instead of money to by more weapons.that should save a ton of money for the next 3 or 4yrs. instead of 10 yr plans how about 2-4 yt plans. we can bring 40% of troops home from bosnia,korea, iraq, afganastanguam,japan and anywhere else.have them nation build here (usa)that would reduce the spending!!!!!!

  • Paul Revere

    Yes, absolutely I will not vote Republican as most of them are in bed like the Democrats with the Global Elitists!

    I will vote for Ron Paul and Tea Party people that come from his pure line of Tea Party candidates – not the Republican Plastic Tea Party members, invented to keep the Republican RINO establishment who work for the shadow government of Corporate Oligarchs, the likes of Rockefeller, Soros, Kissinger, Gore, Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton in tact and in position to take down America for lord Rothschild! “Plastic”, Tea Party members like: Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry ex-Campaign manager for Al Gore!

    Here then are some more deals that are literally killing us!

    Wanted For Crimes Against Humanity: Bill Gates, Ted Turner
    1776 Freedom Fighters
    July 9, 2011
    We are under the guise of a few men, a few men who seek to control, manipulate, deceive, brainwash, and exterminate us. They see it as a duty, and obligation they must fulfill in order to grasp control of all facets of our lives. These are… the social engineers. Eugenics programs, monetary enslavement, media monopoly men; they are threatening to bring the whole world to it’s knees.
    America has dramatically fallen behind on the world scale. We are now more recognized by our financial meltdowns, increase in illness, poor education, and police state than anything else. Why is this, what has happened? Or better yet, who has been doing this, and why?
    We ARE the resistance, We Are the answer to their tyranny. By informing and spreading the message locally, we can achieve a lot. Stop letting these tyrants get away with so much! Put up posters where legal and lawful, peaceful resistance!
    Also posted at:

    For deeper understanding of the tyranny that is happening around you, go to:

  • http://yahoo Peggy Gill

    We need to get this Muslim out of office.
    He is the worse President that we have had.

    We need a President that puts his emphasis on

    God Bless America.

    Christian, Republican, and Conserative

  • Lovemyusadoyou

    You all are falling into the trap of questioning those who might be on our side. We need to give support and encouragement to those we elected (republicans) in 2010. Don’t be deceived by the negativity until we hear what deals are being made and why? Sure I have my doubts, but I am trying to give the Speaker of the House a chance to prove himself. The Dems still blame Bush, though we all know it is BO policy now, that are slowly destroying this country. You don’t hear the Dems shouting any negativity about any of their cronies. Weiner is a good example. All you are doing is giving ammunicition to the enemy to use against us.

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