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Rick Perry: Man With True Grit?

Written on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 by


Our Governor, Rick Perry, is a man with “True Grit.” He is brave enough to speak truth about a government program which has been called the “third rail of American politics” and has no fear of  being “politically incorrect” in a day and age when such attitudes prevail. Unlike many, he is not afraid to be pro-life, challenge evolution and global warming, nor to hide his faith in the Almighty.

Neither is he afraid to defend the border of the United States against illegal immigration and, worse, the drug cartels that invade Texas and smuggle drugs engaging in gun battles with the Texas Rangers whom Mr. Perry has sent to the frontier with Mexico. The biggest irony of all is the false charge Mr. Perry is weak on illegal immigration. No one anywhere has committed more armed officers to the border both on land and in the air to protect the border with Mexico.

Yet, despite his tough, no-nonsense grit in the face of all the issues facing the nation, perhaps one of his most courageous positions is his fearlessness in standing tall to protect the innocent little children whose parents crossed the Rio Grande illegally and, find themselves in Texas through no fault of their own. At this point in our national history, such a stand proves he really is a man with “true grit.”

For many who find fault with Texas on the near unanimous action of the Texas Legislature in 2001 which passed a law that allows such children to pay in-state tuition in a Texas College or University, it is clear they either do not understand the culture in Texas or prefer to ignore it for political gain. In fact, all students from any Texas border state such as Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, etc., are eligible for in state Texas tuition. But the main point is that nearly two centuries of the blended cultures of Texas and Mexico still survive. The border cities of Texas along the Mexican border not only share cultures but also commerce and schools. Students from Mexico, for example, cross into Texas to attend Catholic Schools often only blocks and walking distance from the border.

Texans and Mexicans cross the border for work and trade and intermingle perhaps more than any other place in the nation.

Texas was once a free Republic and the only state of the union to have fought its’ own war of independence. The war was against the dictator Santa Ana who had disdain for the Mexican Constitution but not against Mexico. In fact, many of the heroes of Texas are Hispanic such as Juan Seguin and others who rank as high in the mythic history of Texas as Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie. Like the travel brochures say about Texas, “it’s a whole different country.

How many Americans realize the Texas flag that flew over the Alamo during the famous battle was the Mexican Flag imprinted with the year 1824 to commemorate the Mexican Constitution enacted then, but later, thrown out by Santa Ana? The point of these minor historical facts, and there are many more, is to present a broader understanding of the Texas culture and why the majority Republican Texas Legislature with a near unanimous  vote allows in-state tuition for not only the children of the illegals but for all the other bordering states of the U.S.

Lately, Governor Perry has been under unfair attacks by all the media, the Republican establishment, and the other Republican contenders for the Presidency.

One of the most vocal was Michelle Bachman who herself voted for in-state tuition in Minnesota in 2005 when she was in Minnesota Senate.

In Texas, land ownership is practically a sacred religion and I would be willing to bet that those politicians claiming they would build a fence on every inch of the U.S. border would probably find much resistance to federal fence building across  privately owned land in Texas.

The majority of people living on the land in Texas, for the most part, are strong Christian believers and many would find the average Texan with a Bible in one hand and a shotgun in the other when the government arrived to seize their land and build a fence.

In closing, this Texas is the culture from which Governor Perry has come and been shaped. President Obama has claimed Americans have grown soft. Communists and their sympathizers are occupying the financial centers of the country and “wishy-washy” contenders are seeking the Presidency. At this dark moment in American history, it is time to send a man with “True Grit” to Washington. A fearless, honorable man who is not soft and who will keep America free and make her prosperous once again.

Think of it this way, would you like to live in a country more like France or more like Texas?

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    • Mark

      Perry has done a great good in Texas and should stay there. He has proven himself to be not ready tobe President and frankly we have one of those already.

    • ACEMAN

      I agree, Mark! He’s part of the CFR and the Builderberg Group. Stay in Texas, Perry! Go Cain! Click on my name to visit Right Wing America! 100% Free, 100% Uncensored. No PC police! Join today!

    • Truth Teller

      Yeah! And don’t forget that he’s a baby eater and wears holey socks.

    • Bill

      I agree, I think a black man who runs a restaurant chain is eminently more qualified than a three term Christian governor of the second largest state in the country.

    • David

      Bill you are showing your ignorance. Herman Cain is no longer CEO of Godfather’s. He left in 1996 to become president of the National Restaurant Association. Since then he has done various things, including being on various boards of directors. Cain is more qualified to be president than Rick Perry. America seems to be on board with Cain’s stance of not being in politics, being an outsider as evidenced by his surge in polls and Perry’s falling. Cain is not “the flavor of the week” and it would do you (and the country) well to vote for him in your primary. He can beat Obama. I don’t think Perry can.

    • David

      And in addition Bill, Herman Cain is also a Christian…and an associate pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Atlanta. So that has nothing to do with the conversation.

    • patriotrenegade

      cain and perry have met with bilderbergers, perry twice 07, 11. cain attended the NAU conference which is absolute treason, and chaired the illegal fed “reserve” inKC. How can apparantly people do zero research, listen to great speeches, and are unaware that the NWO’s own 4 of 6 horses in repub race plus bammie. They win, you rocket scientists gave it to them AGAIN.

    • Allan

      Bill- Wouldn’t you admit the professional politicians have screwed things up royally? Having accomplished leaders from the real world do temporary public service was the founding fathers’ idea. BTW, Cain is a Christian as well.

    • patriot

      What is the builderburg group???

    • Connie

      Bilderberg is the group who are behind New World Order and One World Bank. They are made up of the 125 wealthiest people in the world, including the King of Saudi Arabia (the guy Dumbo bowed). Members of their under groups include both Clinton’s, both Bush presidents – but mostly Daddy Bush) and the majority of the decision makers in DC. Soros is their main mouth piece and Dumbo’s puppet master. They want to control not only all of the world’s people, but the corporations, land and minerals under it. A nasty, greedy, ego inflated, group. Apparently they don’t have enough power and money, contrary to being filthy rich already.

    • patriotrenegade

      connie just said it better than me. I was thinking of an answer when she beat me to it. excellent.

    • am2sweet

      Connie explained it well but one little add in is that the Bilderberg group made sure Clinton got elected president. They decided to front him and put up the money for him. Same thing with Obama. No telling who else was financed by them that got in office. Now they are fronting Perry which says he’d have to do things they want because they do expect a return on their money. It’s like working for the mafia.

    • http://yahoo RON HOLMES


    • patriotrenegade

      he’s a freakin bilderberg shill. Stop listening to awesome speeches and do some research.

    • http://facebook Ruby Franks


    • traitors in our gov

      Mark and Aceman go back to and spew your liberalaties there.

      He is a good Governor and would make a better POTUS than anyone else in the field, period..

    • Mike88

      Rick Perry is just an establishment hack. If Rick Perry had any “True Grit” he would have said no to the Federal Government by telling the TSA No, you will not place any of your child molesters called Agents in any of our airports in Texas, and when the Federal Government threatened to make Texas a “No Fly Zone”,which would deny any private or corporate planes the right to fly into Texas, than Rick Perry should have threatened the Federal Government by saying fine you do that and we in the State of Texas will refuse to send any tax dollars to the Federal Government.

      But Rick Perry didn’t do this, he like many Governors failed to stand up to the Federal Government on behalf of the citizens of his State of Texas. Rick Perry has no True Grit Rick Perry is just another Elitists,Builderburger,CFR, political Hack who likes to endanger little 12 year old girls by Mandating by “Executive Order” they take a vaccine without parental authority or consent that has been proven harmful to many girls, killed some girls, and placed others into a coma.
      This vaccine called Gardisil has not been tested on humans yet and has not been proven to work on all Sexually Transmitted Diseases, yet Rick Perry was paid handsomely by the Pharmaceutical Drug makers to push their drug that killed, paralyzed or put other girls into a Coma.

    • Garry

      Could you please explain how Perry could have refused or agreed to sign a bill that never made it out of the Texas State Senate?
      Actually, Gov Perry gave that bill a second chance and added it to the Special Session. It still didn’t get passed…
      Texas Governors are not dictators….

    • http://N/A Jim Kindle

      What is his stand on the North American Union? I hear he is all for the union of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. We do not need a Euro here or will it be an Amero???

    • Mariel

      Where did you get that info? I Live here and have not heard those charges. Could you give us some specifics.

    • Mariel

      Where did you get that info? I Live here and have not heard those charges. Could you give us some specifics.

    • patriotrenegade

      He is for it, and cain attended that treasonous conference. They have both met with the bilderbergers, perry TWICE. EVIL, DECEPTION.

    • oneAmerican

      Curious as to source of comments like these. I worked for Medina’s campaign against Perry & we had a full team doing nothing but scouring for anything that looked like dirt. Re: Bilderbergers ONE summer he went to Turkey to speak on the Texas Financial structure. It was a week long conference. HE WAS ON THE GROUND LESS THAN 2DAYS. That hardly sounds like he’s an insider in the group… So would like to know where you found this, also Cain. Thanks

    • patriotrenegade

      It’s all over google, plus after watching the NWO destroy our nation for decades, I have more than a few books on the subject. In fact a lot of folks have added more info than I’ve had time to find

    • patriotrenegade

      PS-there are reasons for two invites. These do’s are invite only. I think he discussed more than he released to you guys or the public.

    • Johnnygard

      Patriot, you seem to be gullible or are a liberal plant. Attending a meeting or two doesn’t automatically make you evil. You are speculating everything after you make the statement that they attended. And although the Bushes weren’t great, if they were under someones control, why were they 100% better than Obama, even during the times they had a Democrat congress? As for Cain and the Fed, maybe the rest of the people didn’t like him, helping him make the decision to leave.

    • Hay Tommy

      Anyone that thinks Perry has true grit, has probably been kicked in the head by a mule, like he probably has, Perry is a true democrat and will say anything to get elected. Perry walks around with the same smirk on his face as Hussein Obama and is not much better. The only things better is he served in the air force and so far hasn’t come out of the closet and said he is a muslim or gay. If I had to vote for him over Hussein, I would do so unreluctanly, anyone want to make a wager on Al Gore being on his cabinet.

    • Billyc

      Rick Perry he has shot himself in the foot with his million dollar video demeaning front runner Gov Mitt Romney. Perry using a sidekick pastor to criticize indirectly Romney’s faith. Perry is a liar he is Pro Annesty and pays tuition to illegals with taxpayers money .He wants and prefers boots on the ground to stop the flood of illegals crossing the border from Mexico. Ask an Israeli about their fence to keep terrorists out . It works , boots gotta sleep sometime!.The 8 % in each state of the USA has a problem ,no health insurance they are freeloading the system and as a consequence upping medical premiums.Romney was doing something about it with no help from the Govt. By By Perry .

    • safwat nassif

      …did you see inside his strange, long lasting ( and even relation of his daughter…) with the Aga Khan?…..we don t need an other muslim connection in the WH

    • Phil

      I think we all need to concentrate on beating Obama. Doesn’t matter who much true grit or whatever else a candidate has going if they can’t win the general election it means nothing. That said it’ll take more than just Texas to win and America doesn’t understand the relationship between Texas and Mexico. The best chance to beat Obama is a Cain/Perry or Perry/Cain ticket. That’s a winning GOP Ticket. As a Texan I don’t care who’s at the top.

    • patriotrenegade

      You’d better care. The NWO is just about done with our goose, one more term by any one of theirs will be the end. cain and perry (twice) have met with bilderbergers. cain and perry support the NAU and cain attended the conference. Do you want the very enemy, a fed “reserve” banker anywhere near the WH?

    • oneAmerican

      It appears from this & previous posts that you are relying wholly on google for your (mis)information. As ONE of my sources, I use google also. Yet have never seen the items you relate as fact. Perhaps you could be more specific as to which sites this information came from. Sometime we ‘cheat’ ourselves by lilstening to BFF’s or limiting ourselves to a single search. I do hope you’ll share specific sources.

    • Garry

      He gets his information from Alex Jones and Prison Planet. They are shills for Ron Paul. They also promote the idea of 911 being an inside job. Just so you know….

    • LINDA

      I agree 100% with you Phil. I would prefer it be Perry/Cain, but either way it’s better than what we have sitting in the White House now.

    • Texan living abroad until Texas secedes

      As a Texan I can tell you this article is a pile of HORSE DUNG! He might as well get on all fours and bark for Rick Perry.

      Rick Perry has been a traitor to Texas. This article ascribes all the good that happened in Texas to Perry and NONE of the bad.

      As a Texan GOP Primary voter I can tell you HE’S LIED TO US ON IMMIGRATION SO MANY TIMES I CAN’T COUNT!!

      My father for example said he was dead set against Perry, then Perry gave a speech saying he’d do everything in his power to stop illegals. Then he gave them in-state tuition discounts and when Arizona passed their law, RICK PERRY SAID IT WAS “WRONG FOR TEXAS”.

      I can tell you true Texans are PISSED at Perry. He did win the favor of much of the Latino vote in Texas. In fact, Latinos vote for Perry more than Democrats because no one has done illegals a better favor than Perry.

      I also think it’s weird Rick Perry speaks better Spanish than he does English. Whenever he says a Spanish name he does it with a perfect spanish accent, but his English accent is almost purposefully “redneck”, just like Bush he FAKES his accent to seem “folksy” and I find it INSULTING as a Texan.

    • Lish

      Well said. Also, what part of illegal don’t these people get ???

  • Anne


    Also, please see a recent interview with Perry.

    Gov. Rick Perry – ‘Heartless’ Poor Word Choice In Immigration Debate

    “In Texas, our efforts have focused on stopping the illegal flow of narcotics and people before they cross the border, rather than once they get here. It’s the philosophy that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    We’ve spent about $400 million of our state tax dollars to put more boots on the ground, more helicopters in the sky and better intelligence in the hands of law enforcement.

    And we’ve seen real results. Our surge in manpower has created major disruptions for the drug cartels and human smuggling rings. We’ve seized millions of pounds of drugs, taken 3,500 illegal weapons off the street and made America safer.

    Securing the border and enforcing immigration laws are the federal government’s constitutional responsibility, and it’s time for Washington to do its job.”


      HEY RICK PERRY; Give the MINUTEMEN with the Spirit of 1836. Open range of the border, and I bet, you will have hell finding a North Bound Mexican or Terrorist..SAVING TEXANS MILLIONS IN WASTED DOLLARS..



    • Liz


    • Mike88

      Ron Paul the true people’s candidate for President in 2012. He stand for our Constitution, Freedom and Liberty of the American people, abolishing the Federal Reserve, and all unconstitutional Federal Government Agencies or Departments. The True Presidential Candidate that will end all Foreign Wars, entanglements, and foreign aid, restore our dollar and our Economy with private Sector Jobs for American citizens.

    • LibertyLover

      Damn Skippy!!! Paul is the only one with True Grit!

      He’s the only one who has ever had the courage of conviction to tell the truth, no matter how unpopular the truth may be.

      But arguing that within these posts is pointless.

      This site seems to be “Paul Basher Central”.

      Very rarely can an open minded discussion be found here.

      Mostly Rhetoric and childish displays of “name calling”.

      Hello Ann Rand and Bree.

    • Bree

      Hello again “LibertyLover”, back for more or just in the wrong neighborhood – again? Let me give you some true grit. Ron Paul is Libertarian and unless we get a true conservative in this time, this show is over. You can take your videos and go home now. Try Cain, Bachmann or Perry.

    • http://facebook Ruby Franks

      We need anyone but that monster we have now.

    • David

      I understand that the drug cartels have taken over entire towns along the border in Texas…While Texas is supposed to have seized 3,000 weapons, Obama and Holder have sold the same number to the drug Lords in Mexico, killing people on both sides of the border.

  • Lou E. Brown

    Onward and upward! Rick Perry for POTUS,Herman Cain for VPOTUS and America is back on the right track. Come and get me, trolls and obots, but read the article again before you do!

    • Walker

      Actually, since Cain was so fast to throw Perry under the bus . .before he tried to find out the truth about the N rock, I no longer support him for VP. I’ll take Allen West.
      Go Perry and West!!

    • Yael

      Perry West 2012. What’s not to like?!

    • http://AOL Barbara R.

      Walker, you were right on, in my opinion! I really liked Herman Cain until he brought out the RACE CARD. He talks like he is not racist but I have my doubts. I do not know where he received his information about the rock. Would he make a fuss over this trivial matter if the rock had CRACKERHEAD or HONKEYHEAD or any other racial slur against white people painted on it. It was leased land and Perry’s dad painted over it. In my opinion, Cain saw that Perry was getting a lot of attention and like you said “threw Perry under the bus” He will not get my vote.

    • Bill

      If Cain were not a black man, you would have never heard of him. He has played the race card since day one.

    • LibertyLover

      Definitely played against Perry. Perry’s family just leases the piece of hunting property Cain was so offended with. Had Cain bothered to check the dictionary he would have found:

      1. niggerhead An antiquaited logging and trucking term used to define a large round rock or outcropping of rocks usually on an unpaved road bed that could damage a vehicle. – Cached
      More results from »

      I seem to recall the Offensive word was written on “A Large Rock” at the entrance of the property.

      Sorry we’ve allowed the race card to be played entirely to often.

      We are all born into this nation with equal opportunities so it’s time we give it a rest.

    • Liz


    • Connie

      Definitely Allen West. I’d prefer him as POTUS and Perry as VP, but West swears he won’t run – at least at this time.

      I live on the opposite coast but still get West’s newsletter for his district.

    • traitors in our gov

      Cain blew his chance at having my vote.. twice.. so he will not get my vote, and if he wins the primary I will probably write-in either Perry, or vote for Paul(which makes me sick to my stomach thinking about Iran having nukes, but that is how sick&tired of people playing the race card before they know WTF is going on)..

    • Mike88

      Why does Iran having Nukes bother you so much and who in the hell are we the united states of America to tell another Sovereign nation what weapons they can or can’t have. Did we tell China, Russia,India, North or South Korea, or any other Sovereign nation what weapons they are or are not allowed to have? No. We did not, and we as a Sovereign nation don’t have the right to tell Iran what weapons they can or can’t have. We are not and can not be the police of the world, we simply do not have that authority to do so, if we did that would make the united states a Dictatorship, an Empire not the Republic that we are.

    • LibertyLover

      Please investigate what Dr, Paul really said.

      Please watch the whole video.

    • Johnnygard

      The sound bite I heard, Cain was saying the name on the rock was insensative, and I never heard him say anything about Perry and the rock.

    • patriotrenegade

      both bilderberg shills, same bosses as bammie’s bosses. They need to sneak in a “conservative” to make us feel good about national suicide.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Sorry. I can’t agree. Perry’s attitude and how he deals with illegals in his state will only progress through the entire United States if he were to become President. We already have had presidents that are soft on immigration and illegals. With his outlook, it will be what keeps him from becoming president. He has a few other ‘issues’ as well. I wish it were different, because he may have been a good president except these ‘issues’ will hold him back.

    • Walker

      Did you read the entire article? Did you watch the video? Perry is not soft on immigration or illegals. He has a very strong record on opposing illegal immigrants, and he has spent millions of Texas dollars protecting the border. He said there are places where it does not make sense to build the fence BECAUSE IT WON’T DO ANY GOOD! In these places you need “boots on the ground”. Perry is 100% for protecting the border. Please look this up.

      Letting children who are non-citizens pay “in-state” tuition rather than “out of state” was enacted by the Texas Legislature. It is his job to uphold Texas Law. Also, the Legislature passed this law, because if they get educated and get a job, it saves Texas Millions of taxpayer dollars, because they get off welfare . . .you know, federal welfare that has to be subsidized by state money.
      They are trying to build tax payers instead of welfare recipients. Also,

    • Walker

      Also, these students PAY to go to college, they do not receive tax payer monies.

    • dmam

      If they PAY to go to school and are from illegal parents, where do they get the money? Do they qualify for student loans? I don’t know how expensive college is in Texas, but where I’m from, even state schools are over 10,000 a year and I can’t afford to pay my childrens way to a state school.

    • victoria_29

      These kids work, they get private scholarships. It is only less than 1% of our total college attendance & MOST of these attend a community college & get 2 yr degrees in things in technical areas.

    • Inside Agent

      Ahh! How soon you forget his supporting the cho cho train that would have allowed them to enter unencumbered. lol

    • Mike88

      Yes, the Texas Legislatures did pass this Instate Tuition Bills into law, but Perry as the Governor of Texas does have the authority as Governor of the State of Texas to over-ride the Legislative vote for In-state Tuition fees for illegal aliens and Veto this Bill instead of signing it into law. Which Rick Perry failed to do.

      Hell, Gary Johnson 2 term Governor of New Mexico Vetoed over 700 Bill’s that the Legislature of New Mexico attempted to pass, but Gary Johnson Vetoed all of them while he was Governor because the State of New Mexico simply could not afford these Bills and the People of New Mexico were better off for these Vetoed Bills not passing. Rick Perry does not stand for the people of Texas, he stands for the Illegal alien population of Texas at the expense of the Texas and American taxpayers.

    • Garry

      And if he had vetoed the legislation, his veto would have been overridden. The bill passed with 95% of the vote!
      I am anti illegal immigration as much as anyone, but that doesn’t alter the truth. There was absolutely NOTHING Perry could have done to stop this bill…nothing!
      I was outnumbered in the committee hearings 100 to 1 in testifying against this and other illegal immigration bills.
      More people should show up to voice their opinions.

    • patriotrenegade

      he met with the bilderbergers TWICE. TREASON.

    • Johnnygard

      How would you feel if you lived in a state next to Texas (or Calif) and had a college age kid that wanted to attend in the neighboring state? It might be the closest college, and might even be close enough to commute, at least on weekends. And you have to pay out of state tuition while illegals get to pay in-state tuition? In some cases, people near borders do all their shopping, groceries, automobiles, etc. in the neighboring state becaus that’s the nearest place with the stores. So they buy everything and pay sales taxes all their lives in the other state, yet illegals get the breaks! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

    • victoria_29

      Once AGAIN wish you idiot RINOS would learn to research, you would NOT sound so stupid. Kids from states on our borders-the counties that are on us-which is the PEOPLE you describe, get in-state tuition. So, your whole little RANT is stupid. And maybe we Texans prefer a hard working illegal in our colleges over a northern liberal lazy ass whiner.

  • http://facebook Pat

    You know Mr. Perry I was all ready to vote for you but after reading this I’m not. All you talked about was Texas just like the rest of the states didn’t even count. Get your act straight Texas is new only thing in the world.!!!

    • http://facebook Pat

      By the Way, Mr. Perry I live in the state that has the longest freshwater coastline in the world. Check it out and find out what the other states have that you don’t

    • Walker

      Hey Pat,
      Perry didn’t write the article. It’s not his words. Don’t blame Perry for what Mr. Villarano is saying. :(

  • el_loco_jp

    Perry has done nothing to curb or lessen the influx of illegal aliens into Texas. In fact, hes has promoted policies that encourage illegal immigration. We do not need a deadbeat politician who will pander to illegals and other social parasites in order to get elected.

  • Larry

    Rick Perry can talk the talk but he can’t walk the walk…One can’t say they are tough of immigration and then give aid to the illegals…

    The vast majority of Americans want illegal aliens out of our country, PERIOD…Nothing short of that will do…

    Perry is Texas this and that, so I don’t think he’s ready for the big job of running a country…He’s falsely assuming what’s good for Texas is automatically good for everyone else…NOT!!!

    • Bill

      I think a black restaurant owner would be more qualified than a long time Christian republican governor.

  • Paul Z.

    More political BS trying to make Perry look goon on Illegal Trespassers. We don’t care HOW the Illegals got here, their ILLEGAL parents are responsible for them, NOT the American taxpayer. In-State tuition for Illegals is AMNESTY no matter how toy try to sugar coat it, and Americans in other States don’t get it! Anyone here AFTER the “one-time” Amnesty in 1986 has to be deported.

  • Paul Z.

    More political BS trying to make Perry look goon on Illegal Trespassers. We don’t care HOW the Illegals got here, their ILLEGAL parents are responsible for them, NOT the American taxpayer. In-State tuition for Illegals is AMNESTY no matter how toy try to sugar coat it, and Americans in other States don’t get it! Anyone here AFTER the “one-time” Amnesty in 1986 has to be deported.

  • Erv Niehaus

    Don’t mess with Texas!

    • Bill

      You are right. We need to leave Perry there.

  • ladykroft

    Yeah, Walker…while they live on welfare they “PAY” to go to college. There are not enough jobs out there for them to put themselves through school, not to mention that their parents taught them, why work to go to college when you can live free on welfare.
    Mr. Vallorani is obviously a very strong lover of Perry…this is about the third article I’ve read by him that blindly praises Perry for his accomplishments which are not entirely factual. Put Perry/muslims in your search engine.

  • Fran

    That is ironic to find that Michelle Bachman has voted for in-state tuition in her state after she so viciously attacked Rick Perry for his stand on the matter. It was not just his idea but she hammered him with out mercy about this situation and the vaccine for young girls. She lost my respect when she refused to acknowledge his explanations and continued to pound away regardless if it was the truth about the matters or not. I cannot understand the neeed for some of the candidates to attack each other and try and destroy the other candidates. That makes them no better that the liberal left that we are trying to defeat. I truly believe we have missed the mark unless God decides that he will be our new president. If God so desires to bless America again with a president who will stand up to the people that are trying to ruin our country then we have a chance, if not, there will not be much to say by anybody about anything.

    • arfisher

      Rick Perry has done more to destroy other candidates than any of the others

  • john

    I don’t know much about Perry’s in-state tution for illegals off-spring but as long as they are not favored or receive more benefits than american/Texas students it at least deserves observation. In some areas of this country, illegals receive more benefits/favoritism than US citizens (?California).
    It’s just a difficult decision to make based on what little I know but I feel all americans should be treated equal and illegals are not citizens of this country. Not that they should be singled out and ostercized but allow them to get an education based on their contributions perhaps?

    • arfisher

      I believe Barack Obama did.

    • David

      I work for the state of California and I have seen illegal aliens with Matricula Consular cards obtain welfare benefits. The law states that they are supposed to be US citizens.

    • David

      By Moderation, you mean censorship like in Nazi Germany and Obama’s Amerika. We are not allowed to tell the truth about Perry and his cabal.

    • patriotrenegade

      perry met with bilderbergs twice.treason

    • Johnnygard

      You are a broken record!! And you have no idea what went on at the meeting(s).

  • tod

    Dr. Ron Paul 2012 !!!

    • Liz


  • ladykroft

    When the majority of Texas voters voted for in-state tuition for illegals, and the majority of voters were themselves illegal aliens…well, what do you think happened there?

  • James

    As long as we don’t have another “Great Change” in the White House while the door is still cracked open. We had better also watch the back door.



  • Jax Cat

    I think Perry has been weak in his reponses to the media and their alligations.
    Mormonism was one of the religions classified as a cult in the ’60’s and was included in a Methodist affiliated college course “Modern Religious Cults” where the professor was an ordained Methodist minister and graduate of Southern Methodist Univeresity (SMU)in Texas. Could it possibly be that our educated journalism majors are not educated enough to have learned to research before they write and accuse?

  • Ralph


  • Marilyn

    therefore we Really?? through no fault of their own,therefore we owe them a living. What we owe them is total deportation!!! Many American children live overseas due to their Parents business or the Military they attend schools and still remain Americans. The excuse for these children are this is the only country they know. BALONEY.we gave them the learning tools, now they can go home to the rest of their families and apply what they learned there. By the way the extended families of these kids get to come in too. While we still wait for our families whoare still overseas.

  • Ralph


  • http://AOL Barbara R.

    I would like to have our Governor back. He has been Governor for over 10 years so most of us are satisfied with him. God Bless America, and God Bless Texas!

    • Liz


  • arfisher

    If being racist and a religious bigot give you true grit maybe.

  • David

    Perry may talk like a conservative for political reasons but in reality he is a flaming liberal. (1.) He has earned a D on immigration by opposing the fence being built at the border, opposing SB 1070 and E-Verify. (2.) He is a Globalist and has attended Bilderberg meetings. He was all for the NAFTA Highway being built in Texas and Bush’s North American Union conspiracy. (3.) He is all for the creation of jobs in Texas- for illegal aliens. Texas has one of worst records for unemployment and student achievement in the country. (4.) He has doubled spending in Texas and has a huge deficit…With Perry in the White House, the country will not look like Texas but Mexico, drug cartel, murders and extreme poverty and all.

    • patriotrenegade

      home run david! perfect. cain is guilty of the same things including the NAU deal. What deceit. Incredible.

  • Wilbor Gavin

    We are heartless for not agreeing to educate illegals free.No thank you.

  • oneAmerican

    Isn’t it interesting that so many that do not live in Texas & have never witnessed the criminal activity on the border can be so quick to critize. Frustrations are valid as is desire to secure our Country. OK, I feel that Perry could do more on immigration, something like Arizona.
    But, Tell me WHAT OTHER CANDIDATE HAS HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS ON A DAILY BASES???? The Federal Goverment blocks & limits what any Govenor can do. (Ask Jan Brewer)
    All the caca de toro spewed by ‘some’ bloggers is NOT FACT & done by those w/ another adgenda. You certainly don’t have to like him, or any other, but PLEASE before you repeat what you hear CHECK FOR YOUSELF.
    I keep seeing a post (regardless of subject) Ron Paul 2012…ok WHY. Admitedly Perry has done a poor job expressing himself on some issues. He talks about Texas because that is what he knows best & knows that overall his experience with it has been successful. So what he didn’t mention your state by name?
    Are you not capable of seeing how his ideas would transfer tothe entire Country? Oh, by the way, I am NOT supporting him in the primary…just respect those that do.

  • CJB

    Well, Perry = Bilderberg/CFR… Romney = CFR and then Cain = Federal Reserve… I’m not sure about the rest but I AM sure we are screwed again. You should at least know where their loyalties lay before you cast your vote and then bend over to accept the consequences.

    • patriotrenegade

      Yes, “they” have polluted and corrupted the process for decades by the use of smooth talking traitors from both “parties”

  • Howard-the Banger Club

    Most of these comments are excellent. Email Governor Perry and encourage him. Also tell him to select Congressman Allen West as his VP With West we get double coverage: 1. He is smart, has good morals, believes in our Constitution and is for the people. 2. He solves the race issue as some folks still vote color.

    • ladykroft

      Well, here is a “color” for you, Harvey. If you vote for Perry, you’re just trading a black obama for a white one.

  • http://patriotupdate Emily

    First of all…printing in the Dallas Morning News last year that in the year 2009..our charity hospitals (as Parkland in Dallas) gave birth to 60,000 babies to illegals. From inception to the first breath they were supported and received the American birth certificate.

    I happen not to agree with this give away attitude from Perry. He won the “3rd” term against Bill White (mayor of Houston) for beating him up for allowing Houston to be a “safe haven” for the illegals..even that he also knew about that situation all the time. Adding DFW are the same as many other areas of Texas, without a word from him.

    Since he became a father in law to a muslim, he has become one of their best the most influential muslims and passed the bill to allow their own history taught in the Texas schools which tell very little from our own history any more.

    Do you suspect that most Texans will vote for him to take the WH..Forgetaboutit!! We will not!!!

    He is a Bilderberg “boy” just as Obama and don’t forget Hillary Clinton who came from the same Saul Alinsky gene. In fact, she was one of his best friends until he died..Wrote one of her college papers based on his Marxist ideas.

    If Americans are lazy enough not to study about each one that is campaigning now..we are doomed…to be a socialist country. Forget freedom and liberty. Period.

    • Mary S

      It is NOT true about teaching Islamic beliefs in the Texas schools. I have school teacher relatives in Texas and they said it was not true. Perry was invited to attend a Bilderberg meeting; this doesn’t mean he is part of their agenda.
      Perry can beat 0 in 2012.

    • patriotrenegade

      he met with them twice. 2 strikes and yer OUT!

    • oneAmerican

      just the facts, mam…Who is married to a muslim? ??There was a Debra Medina running. One heck of a Christian Conservative, too bad she didn’t the chance to run against Perry

    • oneAmerican

      “Some” of what you say, is at least partially true. At the start of your post I really hoped for more….for instance..HOW many times did the Feds help when asked, for that matter, how much pressure did you put on your own legislators to honor Perry’s request for help ENFORCING the laws???…As an FYI…Los Angles County, alone, had figures higher than this in ’08..
      Perry could’ve done more probably, but has dealt w/ this daily for 10 years, other govenors (exclude Brewer) are just getting startred…This violencve is spreading & the Federal Law must be enforced or it can’t be contained in just the border states. Your home may be next. I have friends closer to the border than can’t let their children play outside without an adult w/ a gun nearby to watch. I pray for Perry rather than critize him on this issue.

  • http://deleted Jon Darmes

    If I lived in Texas I might like the idea of giving illegals in state tuition better(I really rather doubt it)Unfortunately for the Governor, I live in the U.S.A. and he is running for President. I don’t give a tinkers damn what they do in Texas. Illegal immigration will be the end of this country if allowed to continue, and rewarding illegals in any way is bad policy. DEPORT THEM ALL.

  • Patriott 101

    Perry is a gloabalist. He is not a conservative. This author is trying to resurect this guy. Hope it don’t work.

  • Steve

    Rick Perry, like GWB, has a number of qualities which really recommend him. If he gets the nomination – which I genuinely doubt at this point – I will vote for him. Having said that, the notion of another psuedo-conservative (versus a thoroughgoing conviction conservative) who can hardly get through a coherent sentence representing the conservative/constitutionalist side of things from the White House is almost more than I can take. Perry’s debate presentations of himself have been so bad they have been startling. His wrong-headed courting of the illegal alien lobby, coupled with the genuinely offensive quip that those of us who disagree with him on this contentious issue “have no heart”, is politically unpardonable. We had eight years of Bush ’43’s insulting “compassionate conservative” hokum – implication: conservatism, by itself, lacks concern for people. That’s always been a lie, and GWB exasperatingly helped peddle it. GWB was, undeniably, a decent fellow; he did some great things in office. He also dropped the ball prodigiously in all kinds of key areas -and the conservative movement, not to mention the country, has suffered massively because of it. Despite Perry’s attempts to set himself apart from his fellow Texan and former Governor, the more Perry is around the more I flash on GW Bush. Again, against Obama Perry will have my support in a heartbeat. Right now I’m not ready to settle for that, however.

  • JUDY


    • Winghunter

      That’s ‘Nit-Pick’ and we’re through with electing RINOs which is exactly what got us into this giant cluster!

      Rick Perry isn’t the perfect candidate the Republicans dreamed he was

      Rick Perry Caught on Tape Lying About TARP

      Rick Perry AGREES with Obama: Open Borders for America

      Rick Perry not a true conservative by Tancredo

      Rick Perry thanked by Vicente Fox for Illegals In-State Tuition (TX Dream Act)

      Does GOP want Perrys DREAM act too?

      Study: Most new Texas jobs went to immigrants:

      •Opposed to a Border Fence, Called It a “Cockamamie Idea”
      •Came Out Against Arizona’s SB1070 Law
      •Spoke to “La Raza” Pro-Amnesty Organization (570 KLIF Talk Radio)
      •Gave College Tuition Benefits to Illegals, Defended it in the Debate
      •Signed Hate Crimes (AP May 2001)
      •Al Gore’s Texas Campaign Chairman in 1989
      •Supported Liberal Rudy Giuliani in 2008
      •Spending and Debt Problem in Texas (WND (Aug. 2011) Texas owes more money than the state of California.
      •Called Hillary Care “Most Commendable” (Daily Caller Aug. 2011)
      •Tried to Vaccinate Through Executive Order All 11 and 12 Year Old Girls
      •Former Chief of Staff Was Part of a Lobbying Firm for the Drug Company
      •Laid the First Brick at a Plano Texas Mosque and Initiated a Teacher-Training Program to Train Teachers on Islam (Star Chronicle 2011)
      •The Texas-Trans Corridor (NAFTA Superhighway)
      •Tried to Allocate Money for it and Use Eminent Domain on Ranchers and Land Owners (Townhall Aug. 2011)

    • victoria_29

      Wow you Liberals are really desperate…So much of that bull is flat ass lies that it proves how very terrified of Perry you silly liberals are….it is hilarious.

    • JUDY


  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    If Mickey Mouse is the Republican Nominee, then he has my vote!!!

    • David

      We already have too many rats in Washington DC. We don’t need to import another one from Texas.

  • Adrian Vance

    Rick Perry is the classic opportunist politician and he will be whatever it takes to get elected, but under that is base of liberalism. He would be an improvement over Obama, but not enough. We need a man with more principle and that man is Herman Cain.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

    • patriotrenegade

      ade baby, you’re an ass baby. cain, perry whatever, new world order and you sound busy being adrian and UNAWARE.

  • Inside Agent

    Remember that the we make is the bed in which we will sleep. Make a dog house and you live a dogs life.

    • patriotrenegade

      almost wish I was, dogs aren’t able to understand that the new world order is bad. no taxes either.

  • Bill

    “Gritty” without the word “True” is more like it.

  • http://patriotupdate Emily

    Mary…I understand this much. A middle school in Arlington, Tx. (suburb of Dallas) was offered a “government” deal…one of five nation accept a financial gold mine to teach Muslim language, culture and history..REFUSED it because the Muslim parents raised hell at the city meeting..saying they left the Middle East to keep their children from those lessons. They still have their presence in all American schools, by many are taking Christian signs away from them..even a suit against a young lady to end her wearing her cross necklace..a teacher to remove his banners from his classroom and removing the right from saying prayers down to even the word “bless you” if anyone sneezes. Give me a break!!

  • betty thompson

    to all the canidates i never hear anyone talk about the seniors except to cut everything. yes more for teachers and jobs for all but nothing for seniors. you don’t know but many live on $900.00 per month and no one got a reaise for the last 2 years. yes they get low housing and food stamps, BUT DO ANYONE OF YOU KNOW FOOD STAMPS DO NOT COVER TOILET PAPER IT IS NECESSARY. JUST LAST WEEK I WAS AT

    • distressed

      I don’t know if things have changed since my mother passed away. She was poor and disabled. She went to get food stamps and they gave her $10 a month. So, it seems that seniors have been dispensable for a long time. I remember a senator making a suggestion about euthanasia for old people. That has been several years ago now. Of course it was voted down, but makes you think it has been in the minds of some people for a while. We need to be more careful about who gets voted in and more vigilant about our right to vote.

  • Lyneil

    Are adult college students really “innocent little children” anymore? By the time they’ve received free K-12 education isn’t that enough from the taxpayer? Out of state citizens don’t get in-state rates but Perry doesn’t feel sorry for them. No one is saying illegal aliens can’t go to college in the U.S. but they chouldn’t get subsidies from citizens. Perry’s selective compassion is irritating. Also, he was one of the authors of the trans-national corridor that would have ceded a two mile wide strip of land to Mexico starting at the border and going all the way to the point of entry in Kansas. He even called tom Tancredo a racist, according to an immigration reformer I know from Texas. The more I know about him the less I like him.

    • fliteking

      “Also, he was one of the authors of the trans-national corridor”

      Great point! If I am right the plan was to bring freight into Mexican Ports and then have Mexican Truck Drivers move the freight north through the USA and Canada, thus costing thousands of land owners there homes and tens-of-thousands of jobs here in the USA.

      Perry doesn’t make the cut for me.


      Not good.

    • David

      When you think about it- why does Bush and Perry want to build a super highway so that the Chinese can haul more of their junk into the country? Haven’t we lost enough Middle Class jobs and accumulated enough trade debt to the Chinese already?…No, we should do the opposite. Close the border and impose a high tariff on all Chinese imports. Bring the factories and tens of million Middle Class jobs back home. Deport all illegal aliens and give their stolen jobs to our 22% unemployed.

  • fliteking

    Perry lost my support when I heard his stand on “In State Tuition”.

    I don’t dislike him, but I won’t vote for him.

    Perry has lots of GREAT ideas, that said, CITIZENS SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST.

    • victoria_29

      Obviously your silly little rant proves that you really don’t think citizens should even be listened to. What part of 80% of Texans & 99.6% of our legislature in 2001 supported this BILL. IN other words VETO PROOF, will of the people…guess you only care about what people want when it is what you want..typical CINO.

  • http://patriotupdate Emily

    Personally…I think the smartest in this campaign is Newt Gingrich…but will never forgiven is sad, in a way. He’s been there and done that…with a business man that has no idea about foreign affairs, what will he do about the terrorists?

    Just thinking and wondering.

    • patriotrenegade

      newtie the newt is a CFR-traitor, and cheated on two wives. not good.

    • distressed

      What is CFR? I have heard people say he is a closet globalist and voted that way early on, but heard an interview with him. He is either the biggest liar in the world or has some decent ideas. I heard this about politicians and infidelity. The only difference in them are the ones who got caught and the ones who didn’t. I figure we are trying to find someone to restore the Constitution to it’s rightful place and we need to figure out who that is. One of the first things we need is to know the ones owned by the Bilderberg group. I think they probably have people in both parties. They prefer the liberals because they don’t have to work so hard to destroy their values, but they will take a republican or libertarian if they have to. Any of them can get the job done.

  • http://patriotupdate Emily

    Speaking of Texas again…We need a strong conservative to replace the “she-devil” Kay Hutchison next year…Not Dewhurst, who is Perry’s “boy”..How about another Marco Rubio, like Ted Cruz..check him out. Again my opinion::He is the one for us.

  • Gisela

    When I first saw Rick Perry survace I thought if he did good in Texas maby he will make a good president but then i heard him on the debates and his coment about giving Illegals school money ,that did it for me .I will not vote for anyone that supports the Illegals in any way shape or form so you can keep him in Texas as for as i am concernd

    • victoria_29

      Maybe you should do research. Tax payer dollars except for sales tax which even ILLEGALS PAY don’t support our colleges. And do you have problem grasping VETO PROOF, will of the people, 10th amendment RIGHT…all these apply to our in-state tuition.

  • Co. Deb

    Check what Perry is NOT doing for the state of Texas… The Parks Department is SHOOTING ON SIGHT ANY AND ALL BURROS that they come across, and with the way some of these people shoot, they leave these animals to die slow and lingering deaths. ALL because they want to bring in Big Horn sheep to sell hunting licenses for. THEY ALSO ARE NOT NATIVE to that area, but for OVER 200 years the donkeys have lived there and been no problem NOW they ( like the BLM says the mustangs are doing) are SUPPOSEDLY–based on absolutely NO DOCUMENTED STUDIES—they are SUPPOSEDLY NOW eating up ALL good forage in sight and causing horrendous ecological damages to other species and landscape there. This is the biggest pile of bullshit ever shoveled by anyone since Ken SLAUGHTER-CZAR took over the BLM and began HIS quest to TOTALLY DESTROY ALL WILD HORSES AND DONKEYS OUT HERE IN THE WEST, living on WELL OVER 8.7 MILLION acres in over TEN Western states…yet they say the horses are DESTROYING THEIR HABITAT and MUST ALL BE REMOVED…yet they have and continue to add more than TWICE the number of cattle BACK ON THOSE SAME LANDS as the horses and burros that have been removed!!!! LAWS are CONSTANTLY being broken and now in TEXAS, PERRY is hoping to get the corporate vote by being able to have BIG HORN SHEEP HUNTS for those with the money ……… REALLY??? THIS is NOT someone who would be any more fair to some small citizen with no deep pockets than he is to animals who can’t defend themselves. Check him out further, we don’t need more of the same back in the White House.

  • nvrpc

    He pro-immigration, pro-socialist health care and pro-gay and has no plan but to carry on where Obama left off. I want Cain. At least he’ll willing to put the IRS out of business..

    • distressed

      I remember someone commented that he was the Republican Obama.

    • David

      The international bankers (the Rothschild family) own Cain – that’s why he won’t investigate or audit the Federal Reserve…If Cain is so lucky and becomes the president of the United States, he will be controlled by the international cabal and will be forced to abandon our worthless dollar and accept the one-world currency.

  • distressed

    I hear a lot about researching these candidates and how several belong to the Bilderberg. How do you find that information? I would like to be informed but don’t know where to go. Hear about a site several months back that gives Christians the info they need to make an intelligent decision but can’t remember the name of it.

    • http://patriotupdate Emily

      Just sign online to the Bilderberg…they will have a link that states the attendees list..
      Simple..and may surprise you to see the ones that visit and the ones that are life long members.

  • Edward Peterson

    Cain is the only person running for President who is qualified, and we desperately need a man of his ability. As for the terrorists mentioned previously, they are a fantasy, and are conveniently resurected every time Obama has committed a major screwup.

    • victoria_29

      Yep his flip flops, his love of Romney, his race baiting…Aquila…yep cain is great RINO

  • rowley

    Demos and RINOs and Media Hate Texas. Only a Texan Prez. will give TX the same consideration as all the other States.

    • David

      Both Bush and Perry are RINOs and globalist stooges. Texas is famous for their Alice in Wonderland politics and rotten politicians.

  • victoria_29

    It is always SO EASY to find the fake Texans that lie about being Texans, the RINOS & the CINOS. They are so obvious in their hatred of the Constitution & gasp someone actually supporting the 10th Amendment & doing the will of the people.

    Cain is a moron & a thief (google Aquila) , he is nothing but a con man & romney’s stalking horse-neither can beat obama. You looney tunes are playing right into Obama & Romney’s hands. What fools.

  • ELI

    Rick Perry for President
    Herman Cain for V-P


  • FreeDame

    “fearlessness in standing tall to protect the innocent little children whose parents crossed the Rio Grande illegally and, find themselves in Texas through no fault of their own.”

    Oh Puh-Leese. Texas was almost bankrupted by having to educate the “innocent little children” of illegals, and in Spanish, too.

    I’m sorry the kids have to pay for some of their parents’ bad decisions. I have to pay for some of my parents’ bad decisions too. That’s life.

    What is NOT right is that I my taxes are raised to pay for the “poor innocents” to the point where I can’t pay for my own child’s college education, assuming there was a place left for him after giving the illegals “prefered treatment.”

    The second-to-last argument of Progressives (right before they start name-calling) is to get all teary-eyed over “the poor innocent children.” Sorry, I’m not buying it anymore.

    • grumpy

      FreeDame, Texas is not bankrupt by educating the illegals but if we didn’t, we would have far more problems in this state.
      Be honest, please! It is a Federal Requirement to give a public education to all children in the United States. This is not a Perry policy, it is a Federal policy. So, it is inane to be critical of Perry for this program. If one has a problem with the policy, change it in Washington but don’t blame the state for the problem.
      The best policy is to stop illegal immigration and make English the official language of this country! When an illegal commits a crime in this country, they are deported. They don’t have to pay for what they have done, they are just sent home and return again to the U.S. That is crazy! Block the borders and send the illegals home by law. Let me make it clear, I am for legal immigration. If the immigrants are legal they would have to abide by our laws, pay taxes and contribute to this nation as all legal immigrants have done for years.
      One must remember that it is the Federal laws which are the problem, not State laws. States are having a terrible time enforcing laws which are meant to protect us….protest the Federal bureaucrats who choose to ignore Immigration Law. Newt Gingrich has boldly put forth plans to enable America to solve such problems but he gets little support from the media or the public. Too bad.

    • Politicalgal1

      FreeDame, if Perry can reduce the cost of living for all 50 states like he has done under his leadership in Texas, we will all be better off. His energy and jobs plan is a good start. His cut, balance and grow fiscal plan is a good start. None of the other candidates have the record of ACTUALLY doing what they are proposing to do. Perry has!

  • trish

    I think he has done a fine job in Tx..cant please everyone, that is human nature, but overall I think he has done well, and is a patriot for sure..from the Katrina overload, to securing the borders, he has worked hard to try and control the situations and for that, he has my respect, what needs to go in Tx is the RRC…..

  • grumpy

    Trish, you are most assuredly correct in that Perry has done a good job considering all the problems that exist in the state of Texas. The problem with most Conservatives and Liberals is that they don’t like the way Perry talks. He is honest and forthright in what he says. We have seen the results of the ‘slick-tongued’ elected officials in this country. Texans talk a little slower than the Northerners and that can make them sound rather dull. However, I would much rather have an honest man/woman than one who lets meaningless words trickle from their mouths to win votes. I can hardly believe this so many people in this country are buying into the 9-9-9 plan without thought of where that will lead us in the future. If Cain were to be elected and pass such a plan, what would happen in the future if we had another administration such as we have had in the past few years and they would make this Cain plan increase by 5%, 10% and so on until Americans would be paying over 50% of their income to the Federal Government? It is a dangerous road to follow. I know it sounds good for business but the average American will ultimately pay far more taxes without individual and standard deductions. Certainly, the very rich will love this 9-9-9 plan and perhaps that is why even conservative talk shows promote the plan. I love Fox must admit when they promote the 9-9-9 plan they are not thinking of those less fortunate in this country which accounts for over 50% of the people. Will that 50% need more government aide to survive. What about those on Social Security? Many of those people pay a small amount of taxes but under this plan they will have an added burden of 18% of their income taken from them. Who is thinking of them. I am all for tax reform, but not this wild, untried method.

  • Gloria Wedemeyer

    I was behind Rick Perry until I found out about this. I don’t think an illegal, no matter how they came here, should be given something that is not given to every American child. I don’t think any child should be given a college education either.
    Have them get a very low-interest rate, but no one should be given a free ride at the expense of taxpayers who do not believe in this. If they go to college, their salary should surpass any amount that is spent.

    • Politicalgal1

      Gloria, and what is it that children of illegal immigrants receive that is not given to all American children in Texas? The Supreme Court has ruled that all states MUST provide K-12 education for all students, regardless of legal status. Texas universities are supported by sales tax revenues, not your personal property taxes. Perry has challenged the university system in Texas to come up with a $10,000 degree program. How many other governors are challenging their university system to do that? In our state, the cost of a 4-year college degree is about $100,000. Wish we had a governor like Perry!

  • Glen Xx


    Perry is a man of NO whit !

  • dj

    I live in Texas. They don’t get it free as so many seem to think. They have to pay just as well as any other Texan does to go to school. It is just that they don’t pay as if they were from some other country. After all most of these children were born right here in Texas. By most people’s reasonings then all those that came over here from some other country go back where your relatives came from and go to school there. That is a flawed way of thinking.

    Some remind me of a neighbor that complained once her seven children got through college that they shouldn’t have to pay any more property taxes since she no longer had any children in school. I told her that we only had two children that went to school but I still had to pay for hers to go. That is how it works. If one had to pay all of the money from Kinder through college for their child there would only be the very rich that could send their children.

    I don’t want Texas children, no matter how or where they came from to not get a good education. I believe in what Jesus said “If you have 2 coats give one to the one that needs it” but I can’t understand people that are so greedy that won’t share with others. Guess they just aren’t the Christian that I was raised up to be.

    Where did the Christian Spirit go to over the last 60 years? It seems to have gotten lost somewhere along the road to the desire to be greedy and it’s all about me attitude.

    May God have meercy on us sinners because most have become like Judas. Greedy and complainers.