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RINOs, DINOs, and One Good Democrat

Written on Friday, January 6, 2012 by


United States Senator Joe Manchin (D- West Virginia) is a breath of fresh air amidst all the confusion and dysfunction in Washington.  Joe hasn’t been in our nation’s capital very long but he is trying to rebuild America and West Virginia like a hard working CEO of a corporation. (Joe won the special election in November 2010 to fill the seat of Robert Byrd, who had died in office.)

Joe’s family background and his own experience go deep into leadership and capitalism. His Italian grandfather (Joe Manchin I) owned a grocery store. His father owned a carpet and furniture store.  Both his father and grandfather were elected as Mayors of Farmington, W.V., Joe’s hometown.

My first encounter with Joe Manchin was in the late 70’s before he was elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 1982. My wife and I wanted to carpet our stairs and all of the companies in the area could not figure out how to cover the edge of the steps until we called Joe’s company. Joe figured out how to do the job in just a few minutes. We were both thrilled we found someone who knew how to tackle the job and get it done correctly. Ever since that day, Manchin impressed me.

I have been a reporter for two daily newspapers, a newsman on television and a business owner for 37 years publishing a weekly paper with a large regional circulation. I have witnessed and covered many politicians and news events in the last 40 years, so I can really appreciate Joe’s work ethic and family background. He’s hard working and dedicated to getting the job done.

Starting Monday January 9, he is launching a two-week statewide tour focused on “Standing Up For Common Sense.”  On the tour Manchin will discuss policy changes ahead in 2012 and the need to stand up for common sense ideas that will boost the economy, create jobs, achieve energy independence and rebuild America.

Manchin wants to put politics aside and focus on what’s best for America and the next generation.


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  • brunch20

    Joe Manchin has served in the U.S. Senate since 2010, when he won a special election in November to fill the seat of the late Robert Byrd. He previously served as West Virginia governor from 2005 to 2010. Manchin has expressed support for gun rights and banning open homosexuals in the military. He has voted “yes” on the following issues: constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget, barring EPA from regulating greenhouse gases and extending the Patriot Act’s roving wiretaps.

    Except for the Presidential election (I will Vote Republican), I will not support either a Republican or Democrat until I can clearly understand their stance on Obamacare, stimulse, bailouts, illegal imigration, etc.

    Hopefully someone from West Virgina, who is familiar with Mr. Manchin, can comment on his record and approval rating while he was Gov. of that state.

    • sid

      and he’s a liberal??? then what does he believe, that makes him a liberal???

    • Serenity

      Conservative Democrats used to be strong in the Democratic primary, then they died off and the infiltrated liberals showed their true colors. JFK was conservative compared to Democrats today. Everyone used to be vocally opposed to Socialism and Communism, because they oppressed individual freedoms, now it seems both parties do not realize that basic fact.

    • KevinH

      Reagan was a liberal compared to today’s Republican’s. He compromised with the Democrats on many issues. He raised taxes several times, including what remains the largest tax increase in American history.

    • DTK

      Reagan’s only fault was signing the bill giving amnesty to illegals. We still have the tax cut in effect that was initiated while he was still President.

    • dave

      You SIR!!!!! Have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!!!!! You cant come onto a site like this and spout out a bunch of liberal revisionist propaganda and not be called out for it !!! To set the record straight Reagan wasnt a liberal in any way shape or form and was far more conservative than any of the rinos masquerading as conservatives that are trying to put one over on the electorate today!!! The only one even comparable to Reagan in conservatism today would be Michele Bachman .
      Second , The largest tax increase in US history to this day belongs to slick willies 1993 tax increase enacted weeks after taking office !!. Third , the dumocrap controlled congress under the threat of a gvt shutdown was responsible for the havok in Reagans budgets , especially during his second term.

    • Dave

      Get off those moron pills buddy!!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Hey Kevin!

      “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me”
      Ronald Reagan

    • Damon

      Norman Mattoon Thomas (1884 – 1968) was a leading American socialist and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America.

      As the 1944 Socialist Party candidate for President of the US, Thomas, said in a public speech:

      “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened… I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.”

      A good American would not stay in the Political Party whose hardcore-Left ideology base and high hierarchy –now absolute lead by Obama– is inflicting America such utter destruction as we non-leftists clearly see it.

  • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

    Yes, United States Senator Joe Manchin (D- West Virginia) is a breath of fresh air. As a matter of fact, he sounds to be more of a Conservative than most of the posters on this website.

    It’s too bad that we don’t have anybody like him running for the Presidency, in either of the parties.

    A Democrat! Go figure…..

  • George Paolacci

    What makes Joe Manchin a good Democrat rather than a Tea Partyer?

  • Dorothy Heath

    I KNEW ther were STILL some good democrats in the government!!We NEED them to stand up against the socialist Demos that are bleeding America blind along with OBAMA!!!!!

    • fordman

      Joe sounds like a real good man. I used to vote democrat until Obama showed up on the scene and I switched to independent but lean very far conservative. I believe the dems will have this man ruined within two years.I did not vote for Obama and will never vote democrat again.I didn’t vote for anyone in 2008 because I didn’t like the way Obama talked and thought we had enough of the Clinton’s and McCain was no better than a democrat.

    • SirJohn

      I was a an uneducated (ignorant)voter (Democrat) for 20 years. The more I learned about government and politics, the moreconservative I became. I too changed from Democrat to Indepenet in 2008 and will be changing to Repub in the next month.

    • Gene

      me too. the same story for me. we should form a ‘disenfranchised Democrats’ club. Oh wait, the Tea Party did that already & it’s been a good fit for me.

    • Oregon Bill

      Fordman you are a real American, I’m in the same boat, lifetime Democrat, retired Union guy. I will never vote for any Democrat again, since Soros and took over tha Party.

    • Damon

      When I registered to vote, like many in the South, I registered Democrat. I realized at a very early age the Democratic Party was not the Party I was inclined with my Conservative values and also switched to the Republican Party. The Socialist Party of America has taken over the Democratic Party. As a group of Conservatives, we must Unite for the salvation of America and pray for this Nation as never before. George Soros, who by the way paid the Occupiers to protest, was recently ran out of the United State in fear, for receiving death threats, by the “Occupiers themselves (The Snake being devoured by his own self, tail first.) United we stand, divided we fall. The United States has been undergoing struggles since the time she became a Nation, and we are now once again, fighting for the Independence as we once were, and will become again. We have a “Trojan Horse” in the White house who has done everything from silence the conservative voice to now his NDAA–the law that permits the President to literally kidnap American Citizens, at his discretion, a total obstruction of Justice, his Obamacare=to control the lives of Americans, and into creating his own Military Army–stronger than the US Military, all in the name of protecting the United States–remember his speech where the President stated in his own words, ” We are going to fundamentally change America”, and that my fellow conservative friends is what this President, with his appointment of Czars, to his executive orders, bypassing Congress-proving his need for Dictatorship, is all about.

  • Cactus

    This guy is a shining example why one should vote for the man and not vote for the party.

    • BigArch

      He is a shining example why one should never vote for a demoRAT since he has added to their count and that gives Harry Reid control of the senate. If this man really wanted to help the country he would declare himself to be a republican or an independant and help remove Reid.

    • pat

      While you may be right about voting for the man instead of the party I can’t think of any other Democrat that stands up for the conservative ideas as Joe Manchin.The next thing he should do is switch parties and become a conservative republican!I find it hard to believe that any country loving american with a job or any sense of decency would ever vote democratic,with what we’ve seen happening in washington under obama!

    • A Recovering Democrat

      As long as the Democratic Party has a pro-abortion plank in its platform, I will NEVER vote for any of their members. They are aligning themselves together for a pro-death agenda, and voting for one of them, even if he or she claims to be pro-life, is something I will not do. If the politician supports that party, that person is disqualified from holding public office, without exception.

  • tomm

    My only question would be, can he find enough Democrats with his common sense to
    vote, along with the Republicans and get
    that illegal imposter out of our White House?

    • BigArch

      NO !!!!!

    • Gene

      hahahahaha! well said! :)

  • Doodlebug

    Are you sure he is a Democrat? Sounds too much like a conservative to me!!

    • BigArch

      If you stand with the demoRATs, you are a demoRAT.

    • Brandon Vallorani

      The only way to get elected in West Virginia, for now, is to run as a Democrat.

    • susan

      This is so true here in WV.I live in one of the few Republican counties that, in order to be elected, you have to be Republican. I’m very proud of the progress my state has made in standard of living, health and education. I’m extremely proud that my state’s meager electoral votes did NOT go to obomber.

  • BillF

    This man might be what most Democrats used to be- Patriots. Most democrats are now Socialists and Marxists
    and follow the Muslim/Marxist Obama.

  • DrSique

    I grew up in a family full of conservative Democrats just like him. I’m not sure exactly when the Democratic Party was coopted by left wing loony birds but Manchin is a sign that the trend can be reversed. A significant number of Dems must be unhappy with what has happened to their party. After all, it used to be the party of the working class. Now, it is the party of those who won’t work and have no class.

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      I agree. I was born in WVA. My Dad is a Democrat, but he is 86 years old. I am sure the Democratic Party was good decent people when he was young, but he doesn’t see what has happened to that party. I try to tell him, but he is living in the past. I have only voted Democrat once, and it was years ago, and i made a mistake then. I have voted Republican since, but i believe that both parties are corrupt. I can’t see much difference.

    • Warrior 07

      You my friend have a Tea Party state of mind.

    • BigArch

      I also grew up in a demoRATic family but I never voted for one. I declared to be a Goldwater republican and my dear mother told me that my grandfather would roll over in his grave if he knew I was a rePUBlican. I told her that he would never recognize his party with it’s leadership having been turned over to such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the communist party USA.

    • don

      i once was a dem. but that party is no more. it turned into what you see today. liberial. sosalism. an the party i’m in today isn’t much better.the good old boys leave a lot to be desired. if there was a tea party thats where you would find me.

    • jim letourneau

      you guys are good when you find a germ like Bush Channey, you love knowledge read Mineral Management Service 2002 and 2003 you guys are too smart I tell yea, you are proud Christian, Well Geo sent Channey over to revamp and he filled positions with big oil personal which caused the worlds worst oil spil in our gulf coast, and you’ll facts check I’am sure, one of the facts comming out during Channey rules no joke everyone knew, 2003 -2007 118 golf events 4.4 million tax payer dollars spent on big oil exec’s spent, damn demo’s digging where they shouldn’t, you keep track of unfunded stuff oops no not so much of that either, tax cuts 03, war 03 unfunded(longest in history), who was in office W, fact check the oil thing Geo & Dick held news conferrence it’s real, it’s sick, gulf coast area is in bad shape,(tar balls on alot of beaches)

    • JEB

      Dude, seriously, you got to change the channel and stop drinking the koolaid! Dang! To start with I live in Pensacola, Florida and have yet to see the world worst disaster because their simply was not one. The oil that came up into the Gulf was sweet light crude and is as much apart of the environment as sea weed! It comes out of crack in the ocean floor by the millions of barrel all over the world every single day! However, Rahm said it best, “never waste a good crisis!”

      As far as the Democrat party goes it is still the party of slavery, lynching, and keeping the Brothers and Sisters on the new plantation which is welfare, food stamps, and now lifetime unemployment! They invented gun control to prevent blacks in the south from voting after reconstruction…no gun meant the Southern Democrat Night Riders were free to burn a cross or lynch or just keep them down. Abortion was pushed by the infamous democrat/marxist Margret Sanger with Planned Parenthood! Democrats have always been the party of John Wilkes Booth and Senator KKK (Cyclops) Bird of WV! Damn, do so reading outside of the leftist commie crap you been sucking down! Read about Bull Conner, Slick Willy’s mentor Gov. Fulbright, and George Wallace or should I just name every damn democrat that fought the Repubilcan Parties push for civil rights in the sixties! If you can keep a (D) by your name with Pelosi as your leader you are beyond converting. There is a little thing called the Internet today so trust but verify! Jeb

  • Gordon James Klingenschmitt

    Joe Manchin is a hypocrite who broke his campaign promise to vote to repeal Obamacare. Watch the video on youtube. “Senator Joe Machin Lies and Betrays West Virginia.”

    • Larry B

      Thanks, Gordon James, for shedding a bit of light on the squisshy side of Joe Manchin. Sadly, even those in the (D) party who may have conservative leanings succumb to the go-along-to-get-along pressure of the progressives/liberals who are in control of the party. And, as mentioned earlier, their remaining as Democrats provides the dems with a majority in the Senate and Harry Reids control.
      Gotta change, Joe, or gotta go.

  • WASP

    The idiots that write this crap need to get one thing straight. There are no Democraps.
    The damm fools had their party hijacked and taken over by the socialist-progressives, but they continue to act like nothing happened. Talk about living in denial. Besides, the US has for decades been a one-party system disguised as a two-party system. The same rich powerful b@#$%^&* that own and fund the DNC own and fund the RNC. That way, whichever way things go, they win. They installed, both Bushes, Clinton, the Kenyan, and most other presidents going back who knows how long. JFK was their boy, but he crossed them, so they whacked him. No one since has dared cross them, so their little “object lesson” worked pretty well.

    • SirJohn

      I see many clear differences between the two parties, and for me, it’s a very easy choice.

  • Don Ruane

    Joe’s focus and hard work brings up the question, ” Is there any rank and file Democrats who will stand up for our county and help to save it from the destruction of Obama”?
    No coal, no oil, no gas, no jobs = No Hope.

  • BigArch

    How can this saintly man stand in the senate and associate with the leadership of his party and it’s leader in the whitehouse without gagging every day? If he is such a fine man he needs to show it by leaving that party if only to declare himself to be an independant. By belonging to the demoRATic party he shows that he approves of their anti-American and socialist/communist ways.

    • Terry Bell

      Maybe he is working within his party to try to change it, much like the tea partiers are working within the republican party to try to change it.

  • el_loco_jp

    Dems, get Manchin to run in the primaries against Odummy.

  • Boyd

    Joe Manchin voted for the NDAA act. That sounds like a Democrat at work!

    • Damon

      Boyd-I am also against the NDAA-along with you, but, there were a lot of Republicans who voted for this bill also, including but not limited to the famous United States Senator, Marco Rubio–that’s right–he did.

  • John born in Beckley

    My grandmother once told me that Roosevelt that made a Republican out of her. Guess things never change.

  • LoonsToTheLeftOfMe

    Uh, so why is Manchin still a Democrat? Sorry, but he still voted with Reid et al in every significant vote before the Senate since he became a Senator. Democrat = Snake these days. The party has been taken over by the Marxists, and anyone who hasn’t renounced it is still, in my book, a fellow traveler. Look at his voting record, not his rhetoric. Manchin voted against the paltry $61 billion in spending cuts that the GOP wanted earlier this year. He voted against repealing ObamaCare (even though he campaigned against it). He skipped the vote on the DREAM Act and the repeal of DADT – a real profile in courage, this guy. West Virginia, put a real Republican in the Senate next time. See

  • Alvin D. Ambers

    Some of us are old enough to remember when Democrats like Joe Manchin were more common. I think of them as “Kennedy Democrats”. Would John Kennedy have supported abortion on demand? Homosexual marriage? Another seemingly good Democrat is Randall Terry, who wanted to or is going to contend with Obama for the Democratic nominee. Terry laments that the DNC has been infected and infested (my words) by the Liberals, and that they (Democrats) need to take their Party back. In all the madness, divisiion and fracturing, I hope we can maintain some sense that not everyone “blue” is a raging, flaming Socialist/Communist. That element IS who is running the Democratic Party though, and they try to keep people like Manchin and Terry in the closet.

  • Dave Scholl

    Don’t go overboard for Manchin. The test is who he will vote for to lead the Senate. He voted for Harry Reid when Manchin was first seated. But you might give him a pass on that, since the Libs had enough votes for Reid anyway.
    But if Manchin will be a tie breaker – will he still support libral control of the Senate or “go rogue.”
    Someone close to him needs to start nudging him to the conservative side on leadership issues.
    Otherwise he is a “Manchinurian candidate.”

    • Damon

      Dave Scholl-very good statement and the proof is in the pudding–let his record speak and before we make any sound judgement on the guy, than let’s obey Jesus’ own words, ” You shall know them by their fruits…”. Just because he looks like a sheep does not mean he is a sheep, he could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Time will tell. Let’s watch!!!

  • WakeUpAmerica

    This article gives me some hope that there is still someone who ‘REPRESENTS” his constituents first and the Dim party second! That alone deserves congratulations to a man and not a party puppet like Pelosi and Reid!

  • ConservaDave

    Will he help repeal Obamacare?

  • http://Justgettingolder charles Campo

    He did NOT VOTE TO REPEAL Obamacare. He is a fraud and the people of W Virginia will take him to the cleaners. He can take his rifle and stick it. The chickens are coming home to roost Just watch what is coming. A Patriot

    • carson lauffer

      A state that kept Byrd in office all those years is going to do what with Manchin? I’m not convinced that WV voters will do much of anything to stop the loons from corrupting our country.

  • Sergeant Major – U.S.M.C. – Independant – Extreme Far Right Conservative TEApublican

    Stop voting in fake people like rino’s and dino’s. Check out people’s history, experience and record. Just do not vote BLACK, DEM, GOP, etc…

  • jim letourneau

    Bush one of your soldiers, they alot still alive but ask a vet from vet nam time in a gaurd menber miss 3 meetings Geo couldn’t attend he was helping with a senate eection in Miss. it mattered how muc money you had didn’t, Oh I got a bidge family isn’t using in NY send cash i’ll send title, you guys are so smart, tea party can’t trick you