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Romney’s Glass: Three-Quarters EmptyRomney’s Glass: Three-Quarters Empty

Written on Thursday, November 10, 2011 by


Mitt Romney has maintained his one-quarter vote share in the Republican contest against all comers … and against those who stayed home. Whether confronting hypothetical threats from Donald Trump, Mitch Daniels, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin or Chris Christie — or real threats from Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry or Herman Cain — the former Massachusetts Governor has with maddening consistency gotten a quarter of the primary vote.

But the key question for Mitt is whether his glass is one-quarter full or three-quarters empty. No matter what the match-ups, he never drops below one-quarter of the vote or rises above it.

It would seem that 75 percent of Republican primary voters will vote for anybody but Romney, no matter who’s the flavor du jour. And when candidates fade, their vote share is picked up by the next flavor du jour instead of going to Romney.

Right now, Herman Cain, on the strength of his bold and audacious 9-9-9 program, has surged into a tie with Romney. Here’s hoping the baseless charges against Cain will fade away or be discredited. But if they are not, one can already see former House Speaker Newt Gingrich poised to inherit the wind. Anybody but Romney!

As the field narrows down to a few candidates, will the Ron Paul voters — or those now backing other candidates — come to Mitt? Or will they embrace anybody but?

Should Romney win the nomination, this lack of enthusiasm among three-quarters of the GOP vote does not auger well for Romney’s capacity to generate the turnout among his party’s base that he will need to defeat Obama in November.

It’s not that Romney is getting only a quarter of the vote; it’s that three-quarters oppose him no matter who’s his opponent or what’s going on.

Why the aversion to voting for Romney?

Perilously, much of his support comes from the GOP establishment. He’s the favorite of the Fortune 500, the Club for Growth, the Chambers of Commerce, Wall Street and party insiders. But his appeal is much more limited among evangelicals and Tea Partyers.

In a sense, Mitt is a traditional Republican candidate harking back to the days before Ronald Reagan united the economic conservatives, the national security backers and the evangelicals under one tent. Unfortunately for Romney, it was the union with evangelicals — now increasingly recast as Tea Party supporters — that let Reagan create a majority electoral coalition. Romney must follow in those footsteps if he hopes to win.

Mitt’s position supporting Romneycare in Massachusetts and his flip-flop-flip on abortion and gay rights cause understandable concern among conservative voters. Less reasonable is the aversion to a Mormon candidate among evangelical Protestants. But regardless of its cause, Romney’s candidacy is now reaching too limited a base for success in November.

The energy and kinetic enthusiasm that must animate the Republican campaign has to come from precisely the voters who are now lukewarm, at best, to Romney’s candidacy.

Disappointingly, it seems that Romney is not as willing as he should be to reach out to the Tea Party groups. Recently, he rejected an invitation from the Tea Party Patriots — the largest of the Tea Party groups — to a Lincoln-Douglas-style debate on November 28th covered by CSPAN. While Romney can hardly be accused of ducking debates — it seems he’s in one every few weeks — it was a needless affront to a group that embraces more than half of the Tea Party organizations to plead a scheduling conflict for the date. (Even though it’s my birthday!)

Romney must not sit on his lead and calmly watch the other candidates battle it out. He needs to do more to reach out to the GOP base, with which he’s badly out of touch.

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  • The Enemy

    Our economy is in such bad shape that we don’t need another RINO in the White House. We need a TRUE conservative who has the courage to make the tough decisions in spite of opposition from the liberals. The fate of our nation lies in the balance. Romney is too liberal for America at this juncture. GINGRICH/CAIN 2012

    • URKiddinMee

      You obviously have not looked into Newt’s flip-flops on many conservative issues. I count him among the many RINO’s in the beltway RNC.

  • setpoint

    Newt Gingrich has the intellectual muscle to bring down Obama. He has weathered a lot of storms caused by democrats and can go toe to toe with Obama and drive him crazy with astute answers and stymie that pretender. As far as Romney is concerned, his achievements are good but he is part of establishment republicans and they haven’t served us well in controlling the country for the good of the people.

    • Brenda

      I don’t like Newt for the simple fact he supports and believes in global warming. If he supports it, what kind of bill is he going to get passed? Are we going to continue down same path under Obama? No oil explortation in the US, electric cars, etc. etc.? He may be a good debater but so is Mitt and no one seems to want him as our candidate. Dont’ want ’em!!!

    • McClarinJ

      Let’s hear a rousing cheer for the next shooting star, charter CFR member Newt Gingrich. He would be perfectly suitable to the global elites.

      BTW, it’s not “anybody but Romney” since Romney would also be perfectly subservient to the global power cabal, and so would Perry and so would former Fed board chairman Herman Cain. Shuffle those chairs however you want and TPTB will be happy.

      What you MUST NOT DO is entertain the slightest idea of electing Ron Paul. He is not on the list of approved candidates.

    • awakenow

      McClarin, spot on comments. Thank you.

  • conservative as can be

    I don’t see where Romney is part of the establishment. He has spent most of his time in the private sector. He has changed his mind on some things but so have most people who have grown and experienced life. Lets remember Reagan was a man of many changes in his life time, and it shaped who he became. Newt on the other hand has been in politics for most of his adult life. Don’t get me wrong I like Newt but we need to stop attacking our GOP candidates. Anyone of them would be better than what we have and we need to get behind them. I personally like Romney and hope that he wins the nomination but I will support any of those on the stage last night. We are doing just what the liberals want us to do when we attack and belittle our own.

    • don ellsworth

      rommey is not even close to what we need. hell he';s the back bone of obobmacare. rino ext. we have got to get it right. first go round or itsw over. can you understand what i;m saying? no more freedom if we fail

    • Tom

      Romney is one of the party establishment, who puts party loyalty ahead of the Republic. Just because he hasn’t been in Washington doesn’t mean he isn’t part of the problem.

    • Patriot1776

      Romney is also unable to take a true stand, he will support whatever group he is talking to at the moment. We need a Constitutional Conservative with the back bone to stand for the legal citizens of this country and take it back to the center, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all…

    • awakenow

      A true Constitutional Conservative … Ron Paul.

  • Tom

    I will admit that Romney should appear before Special Report (Brett Baier)or it will adversely effect his chances of winning the Republican nomination. HOWEVER, I disagree most vehemently with the view if he does win the nomination that he will not win all Republican supporters. I cannot believe, for the life of me, that a Republican would sitout the election due to a snit with Romney. That would be totally un-American. Anyone that could do that is not a Republican or even an American. To think that anyone would do anything to allow this
    Muslim, Commie, Socialist bastard another four years to tear down America should be eligible for the firing squad. Look at it this way, with all of Mitt’s flip-flopping, he has flipped in the right direction.

  • Mike

    I do not want the following people as president of my United States: Barack Obama, Rick Perry or Mitt Romney.

    God Bless,
    A Christian Since My Baptism in 1949
    A United States Citizen Since Birth
    A Man Married to the Same Woman for 38 Years
    A Veteran of the USMC
    A United States Taxpayer for 46 Years
    A Conservative

  • AliveStillKickin

    Anyone who votes for this RINO has a head 3/4 empty.

  • tod

    Dr.Ron Paul 2012 for the Only Proven Honest(for well over 30 Years,Canidate running !!!

  • Jonathan Gartner

    Mitt has always been a RINO he could have not signed the health care bill in Mass instead he went gleefully to the signing that he wanted. He has gone back and forth on just about everything. During the debate look at him he could not keep straight his opinions because they might conflict with something else he said. Liars also have the same problem with keeping with the same story

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Romney is basically “McCain 2012″, a weak uninspiring nominee. A great many conservatives will be turned off. It remains to be seen whether others will hold their noses and vote for him out of fear of the damage the Dems have done to the nation, or whether they’ll see Romney as “Obama-lite”.

    • jug

      Boy, those two fit perfectly! McCain 2012 or Obama lite! ‘Nuf said!

      Give us someone with gonads!

  • am2sweet

    Sad to have to say that Romney isn’t who we need but there it is. Rick Perry isn’t standing up to the pressure either. If they can’t take the heat just campaigning how can we expect them to take being president? A good president takes a lot more heat standing up to our enemies.

  • Dale

    Perry had another gaff, but I agree with him that he is still a conservative with conservative ideas. I am not yet off him as a viable candidate because he is not a “slick” debater. We have one of those in the WH now, and look were we are!

  • Joan H. Brown

    I support Mitt Romney 100%. He has the super
    intelligence and devotion to America that
    we need in the White House. His father was
    Chairman of American Motors, his wife won the
    U. S. Olympic Gold Medal in horsemanship, and his family’s roots are deep in American History. He is super intelligent and devoted to his wife and sons.

    Newt Ginrich left a wife with cancer to marry
    a bimbo intern working in the House of Repre-

    Herman Cain’s character is questionable.

    Perry is allowing the wholesale slaughter of donkeys by Texas Rangers on the open range and favors some illegal immigration.

  • awakenow

    As a Conservative, I believe that the biggest threat to this country is our enormous debt and a huge government ideology that many of my fellow Conservatives seemingly accept … even as they rail against Big Government spending, in their support for either Romney, Cain or Gingrich.

    Romney has no plan to dramatically reverse the growth of the federal government. His plan is is to pay lip service to those willing to foolishly believe that he can fix things with 500 billion in cuts in the federal government, yet he has not told us where those cuts would be. And, these proposed cuts would actually be cuts to “proposed future spending increases.”

    Cain’s 999 plan is all about “growing” our way out this gigantic mess. His economic plan is based on the notion that tweeking the tax code would suddenly recreate millions of lost jobs oveseas and that our economy will suddenly leap from a 2% GDP, to 5 or 6% GDP … which even it were to happen, would not be nearly high enough to start digging us out of this deep economic hole we are in.

    Cain’s plan calls for very modest, unnamed, cuts to federal spending and downsizing the federal government “down the road” He says we can outcompete China, even as China keeps the value of their currency artificially low.

    Gingrich is flaunting a rehash of his failed 1994 “Contract with America” that even his Republican-controlled Congress could not pass even 1 of the 10 points in his plan … yet, as Speaker, he called for this vote full well knowing what the vote outcome would be.

    Two years ago, Gingrich sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi in a TV ad that warned us about global warming and that we should all start embracing “green” technology.

    Two years ago, he went on a four city, education reform tour with the likes of Obama’s Education Sec. Arne Duncan and the Rev. Al Sharpton. Gingrich said that he thought Duncan was doing a “great job” as education secretary.

    There is no way that Gingrich would abolish the Education Department or any other, bloated, wasteful, inept and tax sucking department of our gigantic federal government. He is Mr. Big Government.

    Perry? Well, I think the result of last night’s debate proves he doesn’t have the mental quickness, thinking on his feet, ability, that our president should have.

    The only candidate who understands the real problems facing this country, which are the huge government that is literally sucking the middle class tax-paying public dry, in order to continue growing itself and its authority over us. And, the private and highly secretive Federal Reserve banking system and its authority over us is … Ron Paul.

    If elected, he will use the power of his mighty veto pen and strike down every single bill that spends money we do not have due to a failed ideology that “deficits don’t matter” … a decade’s old ideology that has put our country in serious financial jeopardy.

    As president, he will use his authority to push even harder for a full audit of the Federal Reserve. He will work to replace it with a return of our money, transparency about its use, to the Congress who are accountable to “We The People” through our power of the vote … as intended by the Founders’ words as written in the Constitution.

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 5: “The Congress shall have Power…To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.”

  • Mark Matis

    If the GOP is stupid enough to nominate Romney, I will vote AGAINST their candidates UP AND DOWN the whole ticket. The stench is overwhelming from the donkeys-in-elephant-suits.

  • Sylvia M. Auten

    Again, it would be good to read Romney’s books, then you will get a better insight to how he thinks. The candidates all have good
    traits or talents. We need someone who can preside, govern, and not a womanizer. Mitt is a stable governor, family man who has had
    (5) sons and many grandchildren and knows what it is like to support a family. HE HAD COMPASSION FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT INSURANCE AND EVERYONE WANTS TO CRUCIFY HIM FOR THAT. He has a good head on his shoulders and just needs to wait till folks come to their senses. Can he beat Obama???? One would think so if everyone with good sense gets behind him. Being a GOOD MORMON IS A GREAT THING AND NOT SOMETHING TO SLAM HIM WITH. He has gone out after a friend’s daughter who had lost her way, shut down the office and said, ‘let’s go find her’. brought her back and she is fine today. There are many things one does not see JUST LOOKING AT a candidate or in a debate. Pick what you want, Newt knows SOME stuff and can rattle it off, Ron knows SOME stuff and does the same. Rick S. is pretty serious, and Michelle is a really good person, Rick Perry has been a governor, and Herman has lots of business experience. TAKE YOUR PICK, BUT THINK ABOUT IT A LITTLE

    • Patriot1776

      “He had compassion for people without insurance?” Sounds like an obama poster line to me. A solid conservative would have worked to create jobs so that the people can get insurance, not grow government to take care of the little people. Either you’re conservative or you are socialist, you have to pick just one.

  • Gene Vallorani

    Conservative Americans are at odds with both the Left Wing Godless Democrats and the Eastern Elites of the Republican Establishment. Both parties believe in big government and only want to take turns being in power. Mr. Romney is the candidate of the Eastern Republican Establishment and is essentially “Democrat Lite.” It’s time to rally for Governor Perry who is a true conservative and one of us.He doesn’t have to be a “Fast Talker” In fact we should make sure we don’t elect a fast talker. He has the grit to subdue big government agencies so we can all go back to work and start living a normal life again.

  • Henry Head

    So you want to nominate someone Who cant remember a cabinet name or someone who is a skirt chaser like clinton??? Romney is head and shoulders above the rest, Rebs or Dems.

  • larry hagedon

    Hopefully Romney is going no where, and I will never vote for him.

    Only those who do not understand Mormonism are puzzled by why some Christians will not vote for a Mormon. Study their beliefs and you too will understand why.

    If my candidate, Herman Cain, is successfully lynched by his white sheeted, night riding enemies, and if Romney does win the nomination, I will vote for the one person I never thought possible; Ron Paul. There are many things about Mr Paul that I despise, but congress passes laws, not Presidents.

    So I will go third party if I have to, but I will never vote for Mitt Romney.

  • Earle Belle

    Ron Paul’s Plan Preserves Seniors’ Benefits, Mitt Romney’s Cuts Medicare

    LAKE JACKSON, Texas – See below for statement from campaign of 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

    From National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton:

    “Ron Paul’s ‘Restore America Plan’, which some have called the boldest plan to reduce the federal deficit, proposes $1 trillion in federal spending in the first year, and it balances the federal budget in year three of a Paul Presidency.

    “The plan cuts spending by ending the costly unconstitutional foreign wars, and cuts foreign welfare, corporate welfare, and overgrown federal bureaucracy.

    “These cuts are made so that those who are dependent on domestic spending programs such as Medicare aren’t endangered through a sudden change in benefits.

    “Mitt Romney’s economic plan makes only nominal cuts yet it manages to cut spending from Medicare benefits, the same benefits on which many elderly Americans have come to rely.

    “That’s a shame because not only are the cuts disingenuous but the protections seniors are counting on are absent from a proposal that Mitt Romney regards as ‘bold’ and fair.

    “Ron Paul’s ambitious plan also cuts taxes, authorizes a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve, and reins in dangerous government intervention by curtailing runaway spending and regulatory overreaches.

    “Today’s government-imposed economic weakness demands action. Ron Paul is the only candidate with the experience and plan to get Americans back to work and create lasting prosperity.”

    The best grasp on the economy of any Presidential candidate, ever!
    Trick or Treat? (9-9-9 or Restore America?)

    The Daily Caller reports :

    “As children across America costume themselves as ghouls, ghosts, goblins and former North African dictators Monday night, they may have missed the most spine-chilling scare of the day. According to calculations based on the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook, on All Hallows’ Eve the United States’ total debt will surpass its Gross Domestic Product for the first time since World War II.

    That means the average American’s share of government debt is more than an average American makes in a year. Spooky!

    On October 19 Bloomberg released a chart showing that per capita gross government debt would to exceed per capita GDP in the very near future. As Bloomberg put it, “America’s bills are about to exceed its paycheck.”

    Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan does not address this national debt problem. There are no significant cuts. Neither have any of the other candidates offered any such cuts.

    Ron Paul’s Restore America plan: cuts $1 trillion in the first year. It is the only plan among the 2012 GOP presidential field that offers real and substantive cuts in line with what this country desperately needs.

    Or as Rush Limbaugh put it: :

    “Fooling around the margins isn’t going to get it done. A 2% tax cut here, or a 3% tax variation over there is not going to fix what’s wrong. Genuine, big spending cuts are the only thing that is going to bring us back … But nobody on our side has ever seriously proposed this and Ron Paul is going to.”
    Ron Paul: Fed ‘On the Defensive’

    The Hill reports:

    GOP presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) believes his criticisms of the Federal Reserve are finally resonating with voters.

    Speaking on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday, Paul argued that the American people might finally be ready to pay attention to the message he’s been pushing for years.

    “Time has changed – and if it is true that (voters) are coming my way, I tell you what, we have a solid base,” Paul said. “The country has changed, dramatically different compared to four years ago. Think about the success we’ve had with the Federal Reserve. Bernanke has to go out in front of press conferences – they’re on the defensive now.”

    “The movement is in our direction – you talk about the failure of the Fed,” he continued. “This is significant. They don’t have any cards left to play, this whole economy has no cards left to play.”

  • Ltjg

    My Lord, I Pray it will NOT be Romney. I will vote for him only if I have to.

    • awakenow

      Ltjg, Romney will be no better than Obama.

      Romney will not get our brave troops home from fighting the endless, undeclared and therefore unConstitutional wars we continue to wage.

      Over 4,000 of our finest and bravest have died, over 35,000 have been wounded and many horrendously maimed, because we were told that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, when he didn’t.

      Al Qaeda didn’t exist in Iraq before we started Operation Shock and Awe. It didn’t exist in Afghanistan either.

      But, they are surely there now as they are increasingly welcomed by the Afghan people … the farmers who every day are leaving their plows idle and instead picking up AK47s and planting roadside bombs because of collateral damage … because an innocent family member died because we dropped a bomb on their heads.


      Nearly all of the 9/11 attackers were Saudis. Yet, we have not accused the Saudi government for the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans.

      Bin Laden was never charged by the FBI for 9/11.

      A former under Assistant Secretary of State who was also a Senior Policy Planner under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz and James Baker has come out and said that Bin Laden died back in December, 2001 from a degenerative disease called Warfan Syndrome.

      And, Steve Pieczenik, says he is ready to testify to Congress concerning this.

      Our country wages war by executive decision against the will of the majority of people in this country and in total disregard of our Constitution which says only Congress can declare war.

      The majority in poll after poll who are sick and tired of the wars, especially as we crumble financially at home. As those in Congress warn we must face cuts to the people’s money, money that should never have been taken but is now gone… Social Security.

      It appears that donations to Ron Paul’s campaign, from US military personnel, are a reflection of a likewise feeling about the wars.

      To date, Ron Paul has received more than all the other GOP candidates combined. And, more than Obama who campaigned against the wars and who said he would bring them all home immediately upon taking office.

      Ltjg, neither Romney, nor Cain, nor Gingrich, nor Perry will start following and respecting the Constitution.

      On this Veterans Day, I would like to salute all our best and bravest currently serving and retired. Despite the rightness or wrongness of these wars, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      Source: Ron Paul 2012 Military Donations

      Source: Politifact

    • Ltjg

      Thank You awakenow, Like You, I have been doing my own research. I do not let the Media, Polls or anything else influence me. I have my favorites just like everyone else. My first choice is not running. At this early stage in the game, I am reviewing all of them very closely knowing that some will make it and some will not.