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Schooling Matt Damon

Written on Friday, August 5, 2011 by

Shaved Matt Damon Joins the "Save Our Schools March"

Actor Matt Damon is a walking, talking public service reminder to immunize your children early and often against La-La-Land disease.

In Damon’s world, all public school teachers are selfless angels. Government workers and Hollywood entertainers are impervious to economic incentives. And anyone who disagrees is a know-nothing, “corporate reformer” ingrate who hates education.

Last week, the liberal box-office star addressed a “Save Our Schools” march in Washington at the behest of his mother, a professor of early childhood education. He attacked standardized tests. He praised all the public school teachers who “empowered” him and unlocked his creative potential by rejecting “silly drill and kill nonsense.” Speaking on behalf of “an army of regular people,” Damon decried the demoralization of teachers by ruthless, results-oriented free marketeers whom he mocked as “simple-minded.”

What Damon’s superficial tirade lacked, however, was any real-world understanding of the deterioration of core curricular learning in America. Students can’t master simple division or fractions because today’s teachers — churned out through lowest common denominator grad schools and shielded from competition — have barely mastered those skills themselves. Un-educators have abandoned “drill and kill” computation for multicultural claptrap and fuzzy math, traded in grammar fundamentals for “creative spelling,” and dropped standard civics for save-the-earth propaganda.

Consequence: bottom-basement U.S. student scores on global assessments over the past two decades. Blaming the tests is blaming the messenger. The liberal education establishment’s response to its abject academic failures? Run away. This is why the Save Our Schools agenda championed by Damon calls for less curricular emphasis on math and reading — and more focus on social justice, funding and “equity” issues.

Out: Reading is fundamental.

In: Feeling is fundamental.

After his drippy pep talk absolving teachers of any responsibility for America’s educational morass, Damon then lashed out at a young libertarian reporter who had the audacity to ask him about the negative impact of lifetime teacher tenure. “In acting there isn’t job security, right?”’s Michelle Fields asked Damon. “There is an incentive to work hard and be a better actor because you want to have a job. So why isn’t it like that for teachers?”

It’s elementary that people will work longer and harder if they know they will be rewarded. There’s nothing anti-teacher about the question. (And before teachers-unions goons go on the attack, I am the child of a public school teacher and the mother of two children in an excellent public charter school by choice.) But Damon’s hinges came undone when confronted with the mild question.

“You think job insecurity makes me work hard?” he retorted. “That’s like saying a teacher is going to get lazy when she has tenure.” Gathering all the creative potential he could muster, Damon unleashed crude profanities on Fields. “A teacher wants to teach,” Damon fumed with his mother next to him. “Why else would you take a sh**ty” salary and really long hours and do that job unless you really loved to do it?”

Never mind that most out-of-work Americans would find nothing “sh**ty” about earning an average $53,000 annual salary plus health and retirement benefits for a 180-day work year.

Damon went on to deride standard, mainstream behavioral economic principles as “intrinsically paternalistic” and “MBA-style thinking.” And when the young reporter’s cameraman pointed out that there are bad apples in the teaching profession as in any profession, Damon called him “sh**ty,” too.

Tinseltown stars can afford to put emotion over logic, progressive fantasy over practical reality. The rest of us are stuck with the bill. And those whom bleeding-heart celebrities purport to care most about — the children — suffer the consequences of bad ideas.

Interminable teacher tenure in America’s largest school districts, from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles, has produced a rotten corps of incompetent (at best) and dangerous (at worst) educators coddled by Big Labor. As the D.C.-based Center for Union Facts reports, “In many major cities, only one out of 1,000 teachers is fired for performance-related reasons. … In 10 years, only about 47 out of 100,000 teachers were actually terminated from New Jersey’s schools.”

By contrast, as the educational documentary “Waiting for Superman” (produced by avowed liberal turned reformer Davis Guggenheim) pointed out, one out of every 57 doctors loses his or her license to practice medicine, and one out of every 97 lawyers loses their license to practice law.

In Los Angeles, it’s not just meanie tea party terrorists making the case for abolishing teacher tenure. When the Los Angeles Times exposed how the city’s tenure evaluation system rubber-stamped approvals and ignored actual performance, the district superintendent admitted: “Too many ineffective teachers are falling into tenured positions — the equivalent of jobs for life.” USC education professor Julie Slayton acknowledged: “It’s ridiculous and should be changed.”

Pop quiz: Would multimillionaire Matt Damon apply the same warped employment practices and dumbed-down curricular standards to his own accountants that he champions for America’s public school teachers? Film at 11.

Michelle Malkin is the author of “Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies” (Regnery 2010). Her e-mail address is


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  • evolved

    This article represents ignorant thinking at its worst. In over 30 tears as a teacher and administrator, I never encountered the kind of touchy-feely garbage portrayed here. Most teachers I’ve known and worked with cared about their roles as educators and took seriously their places in their students’ lives.

    For anyone on this site who believes the mainstream media are the only ones guilty of slanted reporting, look no further than The Patriot Update for right-slanted views and opinions. For example, Damon did not call the cameraman “shitty.” He said that there are incompetent people in every profession, including teaching, and said, “Maybe you’re a shitty cameraman, I don’t know.” It’s not the same as telling the guy he’s lousy at his job, but count on the PU to tell the story in a way to rally the far right against the target du jour.

    • Double Ace

      Well for over 24 years (as opposed to tears) educator. I have dealt with the public school system, and I have to tell you it is a mess. Sure, there are some teachers who are concerned but for a majority it is just a job. Maybe that is because they are burnt out by uncaring parents, rowdy children who were taught nothing by their parents. I don’t know, but what I do know is the text books they are using are not actual representation of our nation, our history, or our way of life. The government has gotten into the text book business and they are trying to brainwash the children.The teachers in many cases have been taught the far left agenda and their opinions and attitudes creep into their teaching.We want our kids taught the facts, if we can’t get it in the public school system, which we cant, we will go elsewhere.So stop acting like you are the only one who knows anything.All you know is the left propaganda that you had ingrained into you at America’s major universities.

    • evolved

      Double Ace, I made a typo; thanks for pointing it out. I’m so ashamed. Also, thanks for letting me in on the fact that you “dealt with the public school system” for more than 24 years. Ok, I’ll bite. In what capacity? By the way, public school has the burden of educating everyone, not just select private school darlings. Tough job, wouldn’t you agree?

    • Kathleen

      evolved: I can’t pass by without a comment. I hope you are retired. Your comments reveal your anger and hatred. Glad the “darlings” in the private sector didn’t have to put up with the likes of you…in fact, I’m sure you couldn’t have found a job in that sector. Glad my family has all gone to private schools.

    • evolved

      Kathleen, you misunderstand me. I’m neither angry nor do I hate anyone. I loved my time in education, and I left a job in the private sector at nearly twice my teacher’s salary (my and my family’s choice) so that I could serve in a different way. I just don’t like the unsubstantiated bashing of teachers that I’m reading here. I’m glad all your family could afford private education. Your choice.

    • Gordon


    • Randy131

      Whats really strange about this argument is that the public school system educated our youth with tremendous success in the past, sometime before the 1970’s, when teacher unions took over and introduced tenure to protect their incompetent membership, which was not all of them, just seems to be most of them, and the socialists and communists with the union group who took over the education system then started revision of history and our text books in order to eliminate patriotism and our GOD, which both is a hinderance to socialism and communism, which today just about every teacher’s union claims they are. Those are the true reasons are children are being dumbed-down to a level ranked in the 20’s in the world rankings on education, which before the 1970’s they were ranked number one. Tenure destroys any accountability but saves jobs for the incompetent, and the system led the world before it was forced on the education system by the unions (Communists and Socialists). Parental involvement in their childrens education has changed very little from the early 1900’s to the 2000’s, but the results of the education their children has received has greatly declined, and there were changes made to the educational system that coincide to it’s decline, which proves the cause of that decline, so look at them and weep, for it is the introduction of teacher’s unions and their forced changes that have changed the results of the standard of education our children receive, you can’t fight facts.

    • Hotfoot

      I agree with everything you say EXCEPT the parents’ involvement in their kids education. I think it has deteriorated since my school days back in the 40′ and 50’s. Very seldom did anyone skip school and, if they did, they were more scared of their parents’ punishment than from any the school might deliver
      HOME SCHOOLING is the answer – my youngest son was removed from public school after the first grade because of differences we had over what was being taught.
      He returned as a junior, passed the standardized tests with flying colors, became a national honor society member and was graduated in the top 10% of his class – all this while being a very active athlete in baseball, soccer, basketball and cross-country. On top of all that, he took piano lessons for ten years.

    • Jim

      More than just unionization changed. Too many parents don’t love their childres so much as they love themselves through their children, which accounts for the lack of parenting, and the use of lawyers to force everyone at the school to be their kid’s unwilling victims. The schools have plenty of blame to own, expecially in the area of indoctrination.

    • Ed Mack

      Have to disagree with you; Mom & Dads educating their children has changed dramaticly. Since the ’60’s our children have been given the right to make decisions without any form of discipline other than being talked to by parents. A good many kids don’t pay attention while being talked at. A light spanking gets their attention, now talk to them. Problem is to many of you higher educated people(do-gooders) can’t tell the difference between a spanking and a beating. Now Mom & Dad don’t dare teach kids discipline. Do you people know what taught respect in kids BEFRORE the 60’s? Morning time for prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance BEFORE classes started. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF IT?

    • Jon

      I am a product of the 60’s and thank God I was. Most of my teachers were passionate about their profession and took great pains most of the time to assist those of us who needed that extra push. I had a lot of creative teachers who made classwork a game, made it fun to learn, and stimulated our own imaginations and minds. They did this without sacrificing any of the knowledge we needed. They just made it interesting instead of boring. To be sure, we had boring teachers, who were all about rote repetition, but it was the inventive ones who I remember. The ones who made learing the basics (reading, writing, & aritmatic) fun. And of my most favorite teachers, two of them were black (african-american wasn’t invented yet) and they challenged us daily to become better students and better people. I will never forget those two gentlemen for the important things they taught me. I graduated high school in 1974, at the height of race riots in my hometown (Dayton, Ohio)). The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • BarleyWheets

      Most schools in WA state in elementary schools don’t even USE books. Just pieces of paper that the teachers have printed out!

    • Sueand toots

      true, but we need to start NOW. Home schooling is the only way to pull them out and get a charter school started using all the parents to do so. Where there is a will, there is a way…I see that apathetic people and parents do not have the will. They do not realize that there kids will never know our great Country and the knowledge will prevent them from this loser’s thinking and from voting for Tyrants in the future.

    • Paul

      The person says most teachers are good but what about the bad who have tenure. Have you ever seen a bad teacher terminated? My Mother was a high school dean of girls besides teaching and she said that they had a tenured bad teacher, the school board tried to terminate but NEA would not allow it. How do you get the bad teacher out that didn’t commit a sex crime?

    • Steve in Michigan

      I read some of these quotes from some of the bleeding heart types who claim “nothing is wrong” with our education system, and I say, BS. I am a professional analyst with almost 20 years’ experience. I can draw exacting, direct parallels to the direction education is going in the United States with the now-defunct USSR.

      The Department of Education is about as sinister an organization as there is. Not because of some crap conspiracy theory, but because the USA is (or is supposed to be) a Republic, but now we have ONE organization dictating the education of our children. Note my use of the word “dictating”.

      My father, and three of my sisters, are teachers. I can also draw from their experience and state unequivocally that there are teachers out there who should without question be fired, but because of ridiculous “tenure” laws, they continue to show up drunk, or stoned. They continue to abuse their position, and they fail to educate our children. Is this acceptable?

      At the same time, there are inner city schools where the kids are allowed to get away with assault, battery, drug dealing, etc with no consequences because “they’re from a harsh environment and we have to give them special consideration…”. One of my sisters teaches – taught – at a school like this. She is currently recovering from a broken back. A student body-checked her into a door frame because she told him to sit down. The student received a three-day suspension because “he is from a broken home. Again – is this acceptable?

    • E V

      And I, as a teacher for more than 4 decades, say that Damon is full of it. As was the poster I’m replying to. Teachers today are OVERPAID, UNDERWORKED, and, not a few of them, incompetent.
      America’s public school systems are, for the most part, totally failing their responsibility to EDUCATE children. Instead they are INDOCTRINATING them. Remember- I’ve been a teacher in that system for over 40 years. I KNOW what’s going on!
      The stronger the teacher unions (AFT and NEA) have become, the greater their failure. Why? Because they are into politics to push their Socialist agenda. I know this ALSO because I infiltrated as a union rep in the AFT and KNOW their agenda.
      Meanwhile, our kids have fallen from being amongst the best educated in the world to barely that of keeping even with the THIRD world countries. They are a disgrace! Should government want to, they could probably make a case for decertification of both at the least, and possibly even sedition-if not treason.
      Gov. Warner in WI did only HALF of what is needed to fix the problem. The other half is removing politics and ideologies from the classrooms. Under penalty of permanent loss of teaching credentials (license to practice).

    • evolved

      EV, I don’t know where you teach/taught, but you sound like one of the burnouts who won’t go away. I believe that it is far too difficult to get rid of bad teachers; fortunately, that number is not large based on MY experience.

    • Mike Brown

      You are the “burnout”. It looks like your fan club has abandoned you. What is wrong with our schools is that the unions are calling the curricula shots and they want gay rights, outcome based education, and evolution to prevail. Go practice putting a condom on a banana. MJB

    • evolved

      I have a fan club? Sweet!

    • Duif100

      You are proof that Darwin’s theory is incorrect.

    • Ed Mack

      Evolved; I’ll bet you do have a fan club and all of them blow. Not what I would want my kids to see. As far as Damon is concerned, he and Hollywood live in a fantasy world. Rather than support US children adoption they go abroad which is caused by our highly educated politicians brilliant red tape display. I expect that you higher educated people received you arrogance fron college. I have been told you all left what little common sense you had as teenagers in a box outside the college classrooms. They must have been thrown in some dumpster.


      Bravo teach! UI agree. Too much political interference in the Ed. field. Matt? You’re too involve with Treadstone. Get a life!

    • slapjack

      My response to MR dumbmon is I will never pay to see your CRAPOLA movies ever again. I will badmouth you and your ideas every chance I get. You are a La la land Knee jerk poor excuse for an American. Other than that you really suck dude.

    • Blender

      Absolutely! I homeschool for free. No brainwashing and push the basics first. Every time my children attempt to enter public school their test scores fall and the chief complaint is “the teachers don’t teach us what’s on the test.” the teachers assign letter grades that are not based on standards and the test tells the truth of how they teach, poorly. The extra fluff that has become common in the classroom and the touchy feely garbage is ruining our children and their futures. Matt Damon is an overly emotional brat whose lucky, not necessarily talented. What does a sensitive guy do when challenged by a question he can’t understand? He flips out and starts calling people names so people call him passionate and not ignorant.

    • Allan

      It takes character to criticize one’s profession. Thank you for that and for your teaching. If teaching is a selfless profession, then it should be completely based on student outcomes. We know it isn’t, just as Congress is hardly representing voters at this point. Albert Shanker, long time head of the American Federation of Teachers, spelled it out for us: “When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of schoolchildren.”

    • Hank, MO

      I totally agree with you, E V. Schools should be a place of teaching that which is known to those who don’t yet know it. They should not be places of brainwashing and indoctrination, particularly of political matters. Unions have little, if any, place in education.

    • Furious in TX

      Evolved… What did you evolve from? Pond scum? A monkey? A reasonable human? You can defend your idiot co workers all you want, the proof is in the pudding.. Your students can’t read, can’t write, and forget about math!!!! If I do a crappy job, I lose a customer, and some income.. If a teacher does a crappy job, they get “tenure”, a three month summer vacation, and lifetime benefits paid for by, you guessed it, those of us who actually earn their pay… I’m sure there are some good teachers out there, but for the most part, you are union trolls, mooching off the taxpayer, and producing nothing worthwhile.. If teachers wish to regain the respect of the private sector, you need to dump the unions, and embrace policies that REQUIRE measurable performance.. Otherwise, you will continue to be viewed as welfare recipients by us working people!!!

    • Furious in TX

      P.s. matt damon has one notable performance.. Anyone see team America??

    • evolved

      Furious in Texas, do you know my students? Doctors, lawyers, businessmen and -women, clergy, pro athletes. Also, welfare recipients, criminals, and deadbeats. In public education, we take them all and do our best.

      Summer vacation? Nope. I worked, sometimes two jobs to make ends meet. Did I sponge off you folks with “real” jobs? I earned my keep, and contributed much to my students and community.

      Unions? Most of my co-workers and I didn’t join the NEA, wishing to avoid giving funds to a national organization that didn’t always reflect our beliefs or politics.

      More comments about my screen name? If my being on this site proves anything, it’s that originality doesn’t live here.

    • Duif100

      I do not know if you are any good as a teacher but judging by the depth and intelligence of your comments I would not consider you as a tutor for my children.

      One thing is for sure the quality of education in the US has dropped significantly. Your agreement is not necessary. The facts have proven this for the last 20 years.
      Today you can hire college graduates who can not understand what they read, can not write a decent memo or report, can not add, subtract, divide or multiply (I mean math, I know they can with sex)

    • Hank, MO

      You may be one of the few good ones left, Evolved. If so, I appreciate the contributions you have made. There are many good teachers, I’m sure, and many who would be if they were not thwarted by the system of indoctrination which has been encroaching upon our schoools since the ’70’s. I can’t imagine having to deal with some of the situations in our public schools today, and I can certainly understand how those conditions could beat a good teacher down to the point that he / she just throws up his or her hands in defeat. Even so, we can not allow the continuation of this decline, and I don’t think additional funding is the answer. We need more basics and less idealism; fewer social issues and more realism; less gay agenda and more fundamental learning agenda, I think.

    • CM

      New teachers hired in Texas can not get tenure. The state did away with it several years ago. Teachers new to a district have a three year probationary period. It is easier to fire them during that period, however some districts are reluctant to do that because they are afraid of lawsuits. I have been teaching for 36 years and I can tell you the more involved the federal government gets in education, the less teachers are able to teach all the necessary skills. High-stakes standardized testing is killing public education. Public school teacher have a limited amount of control over what they teach or how they teach it.

    • nax777

      Child molesters really care and want to get involved with children lives too. Substance, substance, substance, I did not see you mention substance. Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, 40 million… Hello Sharia Flag, For English please press 2!
      P.S. Did you vote this week at “you cut”?
      They have removed the “and tell us what else to cut” link.

    • Rod H

      i believe there is a bias in our national
      education agenda towards excessive sensitivity to so called intolerance. That includes accepting views by those they agree with without fully checking the facts and hypotheses behind the views.

      That said – i find it equally biased and disturbing that folks cannot accept & allow contrary opinions to be expressed and supported or exposed through fact citations and dialogue. Let “evolved”‘s reply stand open and challenge the thesis with facts.

      Whatcha afraid of? huh???

    • Allan

      Does that mean we have to continue listening to propaganda that the education system is fine and would be performing even better if we spent more? Well, the public knows it isn’t so, and it will only get worse as long as the establishment is shielded from normal accountability people have in the private sector. Everyone makes sacrifices. Some talk about it more than others.

    • Hank, MO

      No, Allan, it doesn’t mean that we have to continue listening to propaganda and PC sensitivity baloney. But it does mean that we have to be tolerant of other people and their views. Tolerance is taught, largely in schools at an early age. But, by tolerance, I do not mean we have to accept every wacko idea without comment. I mean that even wacko ideas should be heard without someone talking over the speaker in order to prevent his views from being expressed, as is so often the case now. A good teacher can then draw out the idea, explore its logical results and allow everyone present to see where those results will lead without cramming his own theories down the throats of his students.

    • Duif100

      The US spends more per student than any other country in the world.
      What do we get for that money.
      Very little!
      We certainly do not get the best education compared to what other countries deliver.
      Are our students too stupid?
      Do we teach the wrong material?
      Are our teachers no good?

  • http://PatriotUpdate JNJRSNAP

    The correction about the cameraman was needed. It was said as a supposition, not fact. If a Hollywood type is offensive in his “judgement” of anyone with a different viewpoint, I just don’t patronize their movies, or whatever they support. Seems to be ok for me. I do get tired of their arrogance, so I just stay away.

    • Double Ace

      As do I. I refuse to support these bozo’s with my funds.

  • Double Ace

    Geez the obama acorn bunch have found their way to Patriot Update. Is there no place we can go with out hearing their tripe.

    • evolved

      Sorry if we commiemarxistpaganistacorndeviants ruin your happy little sandbox. If you hear one side only, the tripe you eat may be your own.

    • slapjack

      We hear you maggots loud and clear and you are the root cause of all that is wrong in this country. I promise to be the biggest pain in your ass till the day I Die.

    • evolved

      Slapjack, I’m really none of those things. But I will name my hemorrhoid after you.

    • Blender

      They are allowed here and in fact may learn a thing or two from the grownups. If evolved has hemmoroids it just might be from sitting on his/her lazy butt and whining instead of actually contributing to this society. Not a threat, just a wart.

    • Byron

      evolved, you can’t possibly have a hemorrhoid because you are a prefect As$hole!

    • evolved

      Blender, it’s easy to assume that someone with whom you disagree is a leach. It makes it easy for folks like you to keep believing what you want, rather than to try to learn.

    • evolved

      Byron, I will never achieve perfection, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

    • Kenjoe

      So evolved how do you feel about the possibility of people having the ability to take their tax dollars with them if they prefer a private school verses a public school? Would you have a problem with competing with them?

    • evolved

      There’s no competition without an even playing field. I chose to send my child to an expensive private college and didn’t whine that you didn’t help me pay for it. No tax money for private schools.

    • Furious in TX

      Hey you forgot homosexuals!! I noticed all of your “students” either fall into one of two categories.. They are either part of the social elite (doctors, lawyers) or they are a social degenerate (welfare, criminal). This is amazingly descriptive of the democrat party.. Totally void of hard working middle class americans..They either bought their way to success, or they have none.. Didn’t you ever teach anyone without a trust fund that worked for their success??

      No tax dollars for private schools??? How about no tax dollars for public schools that churn out incompetence??

    • evolved

      Dang, Furious, I didn’t mean anything by my omission of middle American, grass roots, blue collar types. I taught them all, from the elite, privileged rich kids, to the way-below-grade-level kids, and everything in between. Lighten up and get your panties out of a bunch.
      Sensitive fellow, aren’t you?

    • Duif100

      You should certainly know. You appear to excel at one sided viewpoints.


      American’s be aware, that Acorn and their counterpart are busy planning how to stuff the coming ballet boxes (again) with bogus and dead voters. The fact that the Obama administration didn’t shut them down is that he needs them (again)for for 2012 election. With a corrupt DOJ leader, we can expect more dirty work afoot.

    • Bluesman

      ACORN is long gone, yet your paranoia about them still exists. Time to grab that clicker and switch away from Fox News. Pathetic.

    • Hank, MO

      Just like the last election in Nevada. You’ll never convince me that reasonable people would willingly reelect a weasel like Harry Reid unless they were solely concerned about their own welfare or they were simply ignorant of the facts. In this case, I think Nevadans were brainwashed by a Democrat controlled media and just didn’t want to trade their “Majority Leader” for an unknown, media derided neophyte who would have little power in that position. Hence, they voted that rat back in because they thought he could bring home the goodies.



    • Double Ace

      Yes we need God back in America, but we must also speak up. For too long the real Americans have remained quiet and look what that has gotten us into.

    • Bluesman

      Oh thank God you’re here! Can you please define once and for all exactly what makes one a “Real American”?

    • slapjack

      We are all going to need to fight the good fight to prevent the undermining the Looney Tunes are doing to this country. I don’t see any other recourse.

  • Red Rock Bob


    • evolved

      Red Rock Bob, when I was kissing Obama, I got no real impression that he was gay. Where’s YOUR proof?

    • R. Cook

      Larry Sinclair

    • evolved

      And you believe that trash? One lone nutbag impressing you with what you want to believe. Idiot.

    • citizenbychoice

      evolved, that sounds like you. Do you talk about yourself like that all the time?

    • evolved

      I’m not a lone nutbag; I have lots of friends.

    • Duif100

      I can understand that even Obama was not aroused by your kisses.

  • JVB

    Hollywood is going to have school its actors and actresses like the old studio god fathers did back in the day about blabbing to the press things of which they know nothing. I won’t see another MD movie…just as I won’t see another Julia Roberts movie. They are paid to act….if they don’t like being subject to those conditions involving keeping their personal opinions regarding politics out of it in order to make a living then they need to have the guts to jump into politics and give up the idea of making a living as a court jester…which is all they are….any of them. I pay to see them act….not deride the people who pay to see them act. I’m sick of Hollywood. They are all of the mistaken belief they can treat a certain segment of the population like shit because they don’t belong to THEIR party…the ELITIST PARTY. These same ‘shitty’ people helped create their careers…and I, for one, think that’s pretty shitty of them to turn their noses up at us. Not to worry. They won’t see another dime of my money.

  • Russ

    See what a great job the schools did on this nitwit Damon?


    Notice how Obama and Clinton suck in the liberal Hollywood crowd? They love the limelite and rubbing elbows with the Muslim (they think) gives them a warm fuzy feeling.

    • Duif100

      Why should they not like Hollywood?
      They are actors too.
      Clinton could star in porn movies.
      Obama could take roles as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Polk, Castro, Chavez and Mao.

  • Dewey E. Du Bose

    What type of collage degree does matt Demom have that qualifies him to stand before anyone and speak with any authority? I might not be the sharpest tool in the work shead, but I sure as hell know that Matt Demon is full of shitza. Until he has walked a mile in my TEA PARTY SHOES, he can kiss my redneck azz.

  • Larry Boston

    I have had 3 children and 6 grandchildren go through the public school system. I was not impressed. I have one grandchild that my wife & I raised. We pulled him from the public system after the ninth grade.

    The reason we pulled him was his rating in his class of 276 students. It was 46th with a 2.65 GPA. We home schooled him in association with a private academy. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

    Public schools educate, no, indoctrinate, yes.


    Under damon’s logic(?) the New Orleans cops recently convicted should be kept on the job. Not fair to punish someone for killing somebody, huh mr. damon? Lousy teachers can kill a childs chances for success. lousy is as lousy does! There is no place in a sane society for protected incompetence.

  • Bree,

    LET US NOT FORGET:- Today is America’s National Day of Prayer, called by Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. It is this Nation’s call to Repentance according to 2 Chronicles 7:14; “IF MY PEOPLE WHICH ARE CALLED BY MY NAME, SHALL HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY, AND SEEK MY FACE, AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS; THEN WILL I HEAR FROM HEAVEN, AND I WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.” Will you bow your head and pray one last time for America? Please join us in fasting and prayer – it is so urgent! Thank you Patriots

    • Bluesman

      Or, how about if I just relax a bit today, maybe go out for a couple of fish tacos, instead of turning over my entire life and fate to some imaginary guy in the sky?

  • http://http/ sean murry

    You cant teach the libs nothing they think they have all the answers.

    • evolved

      Sean, you’ve written a run-on sentence, “can’t” is a contraction requiring an apostrophe, and “nothing” should be “anything” to avoid use of a double negative. Three errors in one short sentence? Maybe you shouldn’t question anyone’s ability to learn.

    • Lido

      “Evolved”, you suffer of a severe form of Loquacious disease. My advice is wheather to contact quickly a doctor specialized in your syndrome, or, if a little of rationale still exist in your sick mind, shut-up.

    • Bluesman

      You know you’re wasting your time with this, right? Proper use of the English language requires a person to be, well, evolved…

    • JohnC, Freeport, NY

      evolved…..He probably learned to write in a public school.

    • evolved

      Why, yes, John C., I did learn to write in public school. Pretty good at it, too, I must say.

    • http://http/ sean murry

      if i wanted to hear from i would sqeeze your head and shit would come out.

    • evolved

      Brilliant as always, Sean.

    • Allan

      Actually, your first sentence is a run on sentence that should have been two sentences instead of the comma.

    • evolved

      If you’re referring to my first sentence, Allan, you’re wrong. My sentence includes a series, appropriately set off with commas as proper punctuation.

    • momto3

      You are correct. A series is separated by commas. I homeschool my kids, although I live in the “best” public school area of our city. I taught my 2nd and 4th grader a classical grammar curriculum this year which covered this topic in addition to many others. The bottom line is that public schools are failing children and families who pay taxes to fund the schools. Even if you are a very involved parent, teachers don’t want to challenge all kids. They are only concerned about getting the low-end kids up to speed. My very bright kids were bored and I was tired of supplementing the sub-standard curriculum. I for one, think it is a shame!

    • Duif100

      Most important is that he got his point across.
      You understood perfectly.

    • Hank, MO

      Yes, he got his point across, and that is most important. However, you can’t criticize public education and, in the same breath, criticize a teacher who corrects poor grammar, spelling, etc. The more comments I read by Evolved, the more impressed I am with her teaching skills, and I cannot find anything in her comments to make me think that she is a libtard. She is simply defending herself and others like her who have done their best in a bad situation. (I’m under the impression that Evolved is female– apologies if that is in error.)

    • Hank, MO

      Nice correction, Evolved, and maybe he shouldn’t question anyone’s ability to learn. But, we should all question why, at this late stage, he has so many grammatical errors in that one short sentence. That, I think, is the point worth noting.

  • donl

    When an actor gets involved in politic’s; thats it for me, and them. Reguardless if their democrat or republican after they reveal their political views, they are done!!

  • Dewey E. Du Bose

    Can someone come up with a list of these nut jobs in LaLa land who support causes like matt demon does. This would be a good thing to have when reviewing which movies to see or which video to buy, if their name is on the list they get boycotted. Also a list of the good guys and gals so we can better support them.

    They have freedom of speech, but I also have the freedom of choice.

  • http://LarryontheRight Larry McNorton

    As a long time teacher and administrator, I have found that most teachers in long time service lose the ideal of “changing the world on child at a time” and simply fall into the “just let me make it to Winter a(in reality Christmas) Break. It is not because of tenure, however, but rather because of the endless amount of government red tape that ties up their time to a point they cannot do the job they were hired to do. So they “quit” not pay check just the job.

  • Michael

    I have noticed problems when I was in High School. Teachers then seemed not to care one way or another if a student passed or failed. The impression I had was, it was a job and that was the bottom line. There were a very few that seem to enjoy what they were doing. Now, that I am a grandfather, I am very involved in my grandchildrens education. I go and visit their teachers, and get to know them well. I do this because of my time in school, and I want to make sure that since my tax dollars are paying salary’s of the teachers involved in educating children. I also grill my grand children on what they have learned plus look at their teachers note’s in their ajenda books. Overall, getting to know the teachers responsible for educating the children of america, you will know if they are concerned for the future of america thru their responsibilites in teaching the future generations of leaders. The ones I have met, seemed to be very concerned. They send me notes home when they start getting concerned, then ask for my help, or a phone call, but over all so far I have ran into great teachers in the elementry school levels.

    • Duif100

      You are fortunate that your grandchildren attend a quality school. My children have been educated in various schools in various states.
      Believe me, there is a big difference in the quality of education provided by the schools.

  • Randy131

    Matt Damon is a new father, it will be very interesting to see if he sends his children to a public school to be taught by these tenured teachers, or if he acts like the hypocrite he is and sends them to a private school that has no tenure for teachers,but to keep their high standards of educating, hold their teachers accountable for how their students pass those standardized tests that Matt Damon criticizes so harshly. I personally will bet that it’s the private school for Matt Damon’s children, with the phony excuse used by all hypocrites of the public education system, that their children need the security provided by a private school, and has nothing to do with the great difference in the education received betweeen the private and public schools, as proven by the results of students from each.

    • sandra

      Yes, let us wait to see what he does with his own kids. We all know what he will do. The same as all the liberals, “do as I say and not as I do”.

    • Luis R Vazquez

      Matt Damon showed his true self in the series about Jason Bourne, the assassin who was trained by the CIA.
      In those three movies he played the GOOD assassin, while demonishing the agency that protects the safety of our country, risking the lives of its agents at every second.
      That is what the International Comunist dictates

    • daves

      Ms. Malkin completely misrepresents what Mr. Damon said.

    • Sueand toots

      …seems to me that this guy is so stupid, he won’t get that his kids are dumb at all….and there it goes, on and on with these libs until one day, they do not have the smart accountants to hire or the brainiac lawyers around…as we will be a lower than average Country.
      He is a lost cause….we can’t teach libs, as they refuse to listen to facts, so we must defeat them and implement good ideas like private schooling and more charter schools.

    • http://verizon Albert Lloyd Grounds

      I think most already know the answer to this.
      If he does start them in public school, they won’t remain there for long.

      My daughter taught school until her two girls were old enough to begin school. She opted to home school the girls because she recognized the public school system was not for her children. Now the 15 year old is already excelling far above most of the students in public schools and even taking college courses and the 13 year old, even with a slight learning disability is almost on the same level as her sister.

      While I agree with Mr. Damon to a degree that much to much emphasis is placed on testing, my argument with this is the public schools are teaching the answers rather than the students actually learning the subject.
      Tenure is only as good as seniority. If a teacher isn’t teaching, then they should put on probation for a certain period. If the quality of her teaching doesn’t improve, they should be terminated just as any business would do.

    • http://comcast Beruta

      Albert LLoyd…the whole crux of the problem is your phrase ‘my argument with this is the public schools are teaching the answers rather than the students actually learning the subject.’ I’d only add to this ‘wrong answers’. This is indoctrination — in other words, mind control. If your daughter doesn’t have it already, tell her to pick up George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’ and give to her daughters to read. I’ll bet they catch on to the present going-ons in DC before Matt Damon does.

    • Jim

      You’re right, otherwise can someone tell me what the question was to which singing “Barack Hussein Obama, mmm,mmm, mmm…” was the right answer?

    • Whackajig

      Home schooling is great if the parent who teaches knows his shit. Is stupid parents teach, you will still have uneducated dummies, but you will have lots of liberal votes.

    • salvatore suppa


  • EH

    Typical Calif thinking. Could we just push Calif off into the ocean?

    • seabee combat vet

      Maybe the next shaker will break it off and it will float away, better yet, just sink with pelosi there!!! Don’t forget Boxer while you’re at it!!!

    • Bluesman

      I’m willing to bet that everyone who posts a wiseass comment like this knows someone from California, being that it’s the most populous state. The sad thing is, other hateful conservative morons vote up these comments while this one will no doubt disappear soon due to negative votes.

      Oh yeah, and I’m a Navy vet too. So to everyone: we’re not all like this tool.

  • oldtexasgal

    This is out of context for this article; however. it is is of vital interest if you are interested in the U.S. Government’s violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Admendment of the U.S. Constitution:

  • gil

    I believe affirmative action plays a big part in the downgrading of our educational system.

  • Say What??

    Yep, tenure plays a HUGE role in the performance of todays teachers. I started grade school in the late 50’s…graduated in 1967. Our teachers were tough!!! The teacher had a “say so” back then. The teacher could discipline the rowdy kids…the parents had to step-up when something was brought to their attention, when jr. was a screw up. Not anymore!!! My daughters graduated in the late 80’s & early 90’s. Man, had school ever changed…mostly, it was the idiot subjects they had them study. Very little American Hx, no “Bookkeeping”, and no Gov Hx to speak of. Thank GOD my girls graduated and went onto college…both are doing well in the fields they chose. Both agree that High School was a joke. Teachers are overwhelmed with the caliber of students these days. There’s no way in this world I could be a teacher (retired Nurse) and tolerate watching these kids do the crap they do….
    the school is the babysitter…their peers are the jerk-offs they go to school with. No sense of responsibility/accountability on the students part. Teaching kids about gays, (they don’t need to know that crap) when they need to be teaching them about self respect/respect for others, and doing the right thing. How about GOD & praying?
    Matt Damon is a great actor….we’ll see what kinda Dad he is in about 5 yrs. He’ll see how peachy public schools are.

  • Bluesman

    A typical post from the brain trust here begins: “What type of collage degree does matt Demom have that qualifies him to stand…”

    Idiot conservatives and ignorant Tea Party “patriots” don’t have a tiny fraction of the intelligence of a Matt Damon or many other activist actors / celebrities. BTW, my cousin has a “collage” degree, because she was an art major. LOL, dumbasses.

  • pinky Lee

    I am a retired teacher with 22 years of experience. I could only have current information for my students by going back into industry to get a vocational license. When I taught in secondary school I had a program that allowed some of my college bound students to audit some college courses. I had a waiting list from future employers for my graduating students. My problem with the educational system was the politics involved. Sometimes I didn’t have enough seats in my room for the number of students I had assigned to my classes. We had a local union of sorts, but never associated with the national union and therefore didn’t need to follow their demands. For me, when school was closed for vacation I was either working in part of the trade I taught, or taking some educational course. I really didn’t take any vacation. I feel sorry for that union worker that has to work 25 min. for every manhour charged.

  • ARMYOF69

    Great actor or not, he is no longer welcome to any of my money. I’ll read a book instead.

  • Mike88

    My question to Matt Damon is very simple and direct. What makes a Teachers job any more important than any other profession that they should get Tenure and have a guaranteed job for life with full benefits. A teachers job is no more important than a plumbers, carpenters, politicians, actor or any other profession or trade. Anybody and everybody is replaceable in their job.

    • Duif100

      Like one old boss used to say.
      Stick your arm in a bucket with water.
      Pull it out. The hole that is left after one minute is how much any indispensable person will be missed after a few weeks.

  • m. sharpe

    In my school I would teach; Reading, Writing, Basic Math, and Musical Chairs. Musical Chairs because it teaches one not to get caught up/distracted by music/noise and lose focus. Don’t get caught….when the music stops.

  • Bluesman

    Why are comments I posted hours ago still “awaiting moderation”?

    ‘A FREE PRESS for the Conservative Revolution’ – sound familiar?

  • Christy

    Great article Michelle!

  • Raymond

    Execuive Director of CAIR speaks on Hamas-linked TV channel
    Posted: August 6, 2011 | Author: barenakedislam | Filed under: CAIR Nazis | Leave a comment »

    Nihad Awad, Hebollah and Hamas-supporter, tells Arabic-speaking viewers that right-wing ideologues are fueling violence against Muslim Americans. It’s not the first time that a CAIR official has hyped American Islamophobia to hostile foreign media sources.


    What a wasted brain, his mother must have been on LSD when she conceived him. Take away his money, his good looks, which are on the decline anyway, and you will have a wasted hollywood has been. Unless he joins the other 27 years old’s in never never land first.

  • rikker5700

    another hollywood twit that I won’t be watching any more. these people should stick to acting and not try to tell the rest of us what to believe.

  • dee cee

    The government wants it this way. They are the ones who are giving our children an inferior education while theirs get a superior one. Its part of their plan to keep the people dumbed down.It’s easier to keep people stupid and easier to control if they can’t think for the themselves,so the governement can step in and do your thinking and decision making for you

  • Paul

    The unfortunate thing about this entire article is that Ms. Malkin diplays an even greater degree on non-understanding and ignorance of the public education system than Mr. Damon does.

  • Hank, MO

    I began school in the ’50’s, and my first four years were in a one room schoolhouse in which the teacher taught all eight grades of elementary school. We seldom had any new textbooks, but when we did, it was an exciting thing to help unpack them. Though not exceptional, the teacher did a fairly good job with what she had to contend. My fifth grade teacher was a dud, but my sixth grade teacher was exceptional– and good looking to boot.

    High school, for me, was a mixed bag of absolutely great teachers (thank you, Mr. Barry) and sorry jackasses who should never have been issued a license. I suppose my experience is not unlike many others. Perhaps I benefited from living in a rural community and going to a relatively small school, but overall, I think I learned all the basics quite well. There were those who didn’t, but most who wanted to, and who were supported and encouraged by their parents, received a decent education. We even had some teachers who were gay. We all knew it, but except for the jokes the kids made, it really wasn’t an issue for the most part.

    Though I hope I’m wrong, I fear the liberal and PC agenda has eroded even those schools to the point that their students graduate with minimal skills and abilities. I am afraid of what that portends for our nation. How can we compete in the world if all our students know is how to do texting? A tough fight lies before them– students in other countries study ten and twelve hours per day and are serious about those studies. The welfare of our nation as well as the standard of living our citizens enjoy depends upon the excellence of our public educational system. In my opinion, we must move now to improve the excellence there by removing those teachers who do not perform and by eliminating any and all obstructions to the learning process. School officials must be allowed to exercise reasonable discipline sufficient to maintain order in the classroom. I don’t believe the Dept. of Education is an asset in this process, and it should be the first to go. Responsibility for education should be returned to the state level and funded locally. The influence of the federal government and the unions should be diminished if not completely removed, and political / social agendas should not enter the classroom.

    These changes, I believe, would do more for education than any amount of additional funding. I don’t know that they are absolutely the best changes we could make, but I hope we will soon institute those which are so we can again have a public system that is second to none.

  • Janice Fortin

    E.V.and Double Ace: You were both in the business many years so one must respect your
    opinion as the “knowing” what was going on…
    Just curious: were there any other teachers like yourselves? Were you an overwhelmed minority? I’ve seen good teacher flattened by an administration and parents. But you were on the inside, in a position to start a
    if not a revolt, at least an intelligent assertion? Or were the majority of today’s teachers indoctrinated with the pretend
    conscience of the sort of Obama’s? It seems that unions, whom no one I know blame for having “intelligence”…plenty of tough influence, but are unintelligent thug grade unions running the schools, the police, nurses???? Are they the method Krushev had in mind to take America WITHOUT A SHOT? NO.
    Congress isn’t rep. the people. uh uh. Clinton and Obama had one thing in common:
    gave higher priority to foreigners than Americans….and both had one corrupt goal in mind: one corrupt world order dictated to by a corrupt UN….and they couldn’t wait to toss America’s sovereignty and assume their place in the UN – the corrupt few living in wealth while dictating to the many many peons downgraded in every way possible. CAN DO AMERICA MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THAT!

  • Sue Timmons

    Time to boycott Matt Damon, i.e. remove his boxoffice tenure, and see how he fares sans Hollywood.

  • http://none dave bulkoski

    Matt Damon is a punk. It’s easy to talk crap when you’re rich. Shut the fuck up you punk matt before i strip your white skin off your body