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Standing UP for Palin!

Written on Saturday, June 4, 2011 by


Editor’s Note: Due to an oversight by the editor, only a portion of this column was previously published. We are re-publishing the column in its entirety below:

I recently went out on a limb and wrote several articles about Israel and how I disagreed with Obama’s pro-Palestine stance.  I declared that I was standing by my friend, Israel.

Well right now, I’m saying the same thing about a woman who has never been anything but a friend and ally to the United States—Sarah Palin.

Seriously, when you see or hear about someone getting beat up on a daily basis and you don’t do anything about it, what does that make you?  That’s the question I recently asked myself after seeing countless MSM commentators bashing Sarah Palin’s bus tour.

For one thing, how in the world can anything as innocuous as touring the U.S. by bus make so many liberals this furious?  Or more importantly, what are they afraid of?

My personal belief is that every time Sarah Palin speaks to large groups of people they fall in love with her.  She knows how to reach people’s heart and souls regarding America; she never denigrates our country, but instead talks about how much she loves it and how we can get back on the Right track.  I believe the Left fears this type of honest, realistic talk so they feel the need to do anything they can to combat it—by attacking Sarah Palin every chance they get.

But this time, they really are reaching.

Recently MSNBC’s Martin Bashir (yep, the same Michael Jackson guy) made the claim that the American flag painted on the side of Palin’s bus was potentially criminal.

“In fact, the whole thing could be in breach of a federal law because the United States Flag Code establishes important rules for the use and display of the stars and stripes, the flag of the United States,” Bashir said, patriotically.

I think Bashir’s problems may be due to that terrible Liberal disease called “Selective Memory”…

‘Rules for use and display’?  Really, Mr. Bashir?  Have you forgotten the 8 years during Bush’s presidency when the real (as in ‘not painted’) American flag was being desecrated every way imaginable by former anti-war protesters?  (I write ‘used to be anti-war protesters’ because those people no longer seem to mind the fact that we’re involved in three wars now…but I digress…)

Fortunately for flag burners, the Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that doing so is protected by the First Amendment.

But to give Mr. Bashir the benefit of the doubt, maybe he really does love the American flag and simply wants to protect her.

If that’s the case, Martin (in case you’re reading this)–if you really are concerned about people desecrating the American flag, I have much more interesting news items you could spend your hours talking about on MSNBC instead of Sarah Palin.

How about you focus on whether or not it’s a federal offense to be photographed standing on top of a real American flag?

Obama’s good buddy (and known-terrorist) Bill Ayers did just that— featured proudly in Now THAT should be a story for you, right Martin?  But I certainly didn’t hear you jumping up and down about Professor Ayers…

Unlike Sarah Palin, who loves and cherishes America and displays the American flag on her bus as a tribute to her greatness, Bill Ayers is standing on top of the flag to show how much he detests not only the flag but America itself.

Or Martin, how about you do one of your hard-hitting American flag investigative pieces on ultra-liberal Janeane Garofalo?  Read what she has to say about her intense hatred for the American flag:

“Our country is founded on a sham: our forefathers were slave-owning rich white guys who wanted it their way. So when I see the American flag, I go, ‘Oh my God, you’re insulting me.’ That you can have a gay parade on Christopher Street in New York, with naked men and women on a float cheering, ‘We’re here, we’re queer!’ — that’s what makes my heart swell. Not the flag, but a gay naked man or woman burning the flag. I get choked up with pride.”

Also, in addition to checking on the use of American flags by Professor Ayers and Garofalo, how about also looking into the desecrators of the following two American flags?  The first is from a huge protest in Oregon, the other from a Code Pink rally.

I’m pretty positive a flag that’s covered in mud, displayed upside down and spray-painted to say “Abolish Imperialism” is a direct violation of the United States Flag Code (which Bashir is suddenly so concerned about).  Same with the hippie-dippie version of our flag by the smiling Code Pinko woman, with her stupid peace sign sewn over the top of the stars…

I personally believe that any of these causes are much more newsworthy for you, Mr. Bashir.  Go after the people who truly have evil motives toward our American flag and we, the American people, will happily support you in your journalistic endeavors.

People on the left and the right have bashed Sarah Palin long enough.  They’ve tried to paint her as unintelligent (she is not), hokey (okay, she’s a little hokey but in a good way) and mostly they’ve tried to make her GO AWAY.  I think the fact that she won’t comply with their rules is precisely the reason they’re at their boiling point right now.

No matter what anyone thinks of her, the last thing anyone should ever be allowed to say about Sarah Palin is that she is anti-American–and that the flag painted on her bus is in any way disrespectful.  I have never stood up for Sarah before but from now on, whenever I hear anything negative mentioned about her, I won’t be silent about it ever again.  She’s been beaten up long enough for no good reasons other than being a threat to other politicians and the Main Stream Media.

So I say, ‘Go, Sarah, Go!’  I support you in whatever the heck you’re doing right now; have fun on your tour, keep inspiring Americans and God bless you and keep you safe in all you do!

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  • Retired USAF MSgt

    The left counts on the rest of us to have a very short memory.

    Well, here’s a wake up call for the liberals. YOU ARE NOT SMARTER THAN US!

    The sleeping giant has awoken and will walk all over YOU.

    • hwabear

      You are right on, Sarge~~!!! We have to get these “nuts” out of office, soon~~!!

      (From another Retired USAF MSgt)

    • American muslim scum remover…

      God bless all of our brave and awesome military men and women. I pray all muslims come to the truth or else eat pig dung pie forever.

    • Dave

      This article is silly. One guy says one dumb thing and it turns out the whole MSM is attacking Sarah Palin?

      I just haven’t heard any attacks.

      I heard a lot of debate on whether or not she is running and I have heard several pundits – both Conservative and Liberal – say that they don’t think she will.

    • Marlene

      Dave, you must live under a rock!

    • John Detwiler

      It tickles me when the media claims Palin is ignoring them. I seem to remember that they also claimed that she was also to dumb to be president. Someone who is thinking of or actually running needs all the news exposure they can get. Her ignoring or critizing them means that they will be even more intent on proving their point. Not being an egotistical person like Obama, Guess what she has achieved jexactly what she needed EXPOSURE, yes people even though negative it still has effect. Those who previously hadn’t payed any particular attention to her, now become more aware of her and her potentualities. And her discust of the dishonorablly leftist biased Media.

    • am2sweet

      Why shouldn’t she ignore them anyway? They didn’t have a good word to say about her before. They even made fun of her on Saturday Night Live which I’m sure everyone remembers. She took it well but it still wasn’t right when the media picked up on it all. They don’t deserve any attention from her.

    • Lawrence Brown

      Sarge: We have been fighting a internal war since Carter was in office. The liberals are like a cancer and it needs to be removed ASAP. Our flag means nothing to these ungrateful bunch of fools.

    • nax777

      Most of you are still sleeping.
      It is irrational to think that any single payer social program will work. It is irrational for nations to tax its way out of poverty. It is irrational to help overpopulated poorer nations by becoming one. It is irrational to believe that a power convinced that you have nowhere else to go will do your biding.

      Replace the powers with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

      P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

    • American muslim scum remover…

      Thank you Retired USAF MSgt,Could not say it better then you have. Lets go mama grizzly and lets take back America even if the democrats lie,cheat and try to steal this election with soros,acorn and the black panthers.If the balck panthers try to stop you from voting then target pratice is obama ever again… Remember,muslims killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 so lets stop voting for them……

    • Mike

      Hmmmm….Soros v Koch brothers…..Acorn was found innocent AFTER Brightbart affair blew over. The new Black Panthers were 4-5 strong and attempting to protect African American voters when accused of attempting to intimidate voters(another Brightbart scam) Oh, and among the dead on 9-11 were a considerable number of American Muslims….you people are ignorant as a group of people can be.

    • American muslim scum remover…

      mike,if brains were gasoline you could not prime a piss ants motor scooter. You are a muslim loving should move to the middle east and have fun with shariah…

    • Mike

      And you are as ignorant as a person could be. Fortunately the teeny tiny audience you have here is just as stupid as you; and very few with any sense even see your inane tripe. You are all in a sorry, sorry state!

    • Dave

      Muslim – have you seen my other offers to buy you a beer? Are you in?

    • just sayin

      You, my friend, have s seriously deficient sense of reality. Eric Holder and his corrupt justice department protected the black panthers from prosecution. It was not adjudicated at all!

    • Robert

      You can bet anything a lib spews is a blatant lie.

    • just sayin

      i thought you are what you proved to be by your next comment

    • patriot77

      Hey, Mike…Why don’t you put the bong down for a while and go get something to eat.

    • Verus Langham

      Are you so certain that we are “ignorant”? if so in what context? If we be ignorant in an educated way, could it be perhaps that our liberal educators and system of education taught us nothing; or if we be ignorant in the sense of being uninformed, well then partner, you are certainly one of us with respect to being misinformed. Your simple math calculations may be true but you’ve entirely missed the whole point of this discussion… your diatribe is your weakness for you can recognize nothing beyond the “BLACK CARD”. The subject of this matter deals with a current and relevant issue and all your examples deal with the dead issues of past black-American encounters with – hey! – the mainstream and liberal media which still exists and still spreads its venom whenever and wherever they have eyes and ears that see and believe their highly biased views.

    • Dave

      I do believe he was responding to Muslim, in which case his comments are very relevent.

    • Ken

      Since when has it been that Muslims ever were concerned about killing other muslims to make their terrorist point? Your statement is so ignorant I don’t even know why I am responding to it. The other points are as baseless as the one I just mentioned. You must think the people who read this post are stupid, but we aren’t. The topic was about Palin. What a great lady. A lady who has taken more unneeded personal and professional hits then anyone one I know. She says it like it is. She is a true American

    • Dave

      “We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic?” –Sarah Palin, admitting that her family used to get treatment in Canada’s single-payer health care system, despite having demonized such government-run programs as socialized medicine that will lead to death-panel-like rationing, March 6, 2010

    • Dave

      Over the opposition of oil companies, Republican Gov. Sarah Palin and Alaska’s Legislature last year approved a major increase in taxes on the oil industry — a step that has generated stunning new wealth for the state as oil prices soared. …
      BP Alaska, which runs Prudhoe Bay, said earlier this year that it had delayed the development in the western region of the North Slope as a result of the tax. ConocoPhillips cited the same reason for scrapping a $300 million refinery project.
      “What the tax has done is take away all the upside,” said Doug Suttles, president of BP Alaska. The U.K.-based oil company paid more than $500 million in taxes to Alaska last quarter — far more than it earned in profits from Alaskan oil, according to Suttles.
      Investment dollars are flowing instead to places that have a better return, like the massive deep-water projects offshore in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, where ConocoPhillips said the government take equals less than 50 percent of the barrel.

    • Apache6

      I agree,Ken,she IS awesome!!

    • http://aol mimi


    • Gordon

      Your Right Mike Muslims did die in 9/11,as they die every day buy the hands of there brother Muslims. Your ignorance is showing Mike also your BIAS.

    • liberty901

      Mike – you need to get your head out of where the SUN does not shine.

    • Robert

      Mike is another brainless fool and the landscape is full of these things.

    • http://enternetexplorer Jerald R. Morin

      US army Master Sgt.Ret. I gave 25 years to portect this USA and would do it again if was not to old. God bless People like Sara and those who respect and support her.

    • catman

      Hey Dave….I do believe Sarah wasn’t even in office when all this BS about the tax was
      done. Want to check your dates????

    • Dave

      August 10, 2008

      Over the opposition of oil companies, Republican Gov. Sarah Palin and Alaska’s Legislature last year approved a major increase in taxes on the oil industry — a step that has generated stunning new wealth for the state as oil prices soared.

    • Apache6

      She WASN’T Governor last year,Dave!!

    • Fred

      David, What you fail to understand is that Palin did this on a state level and look at the refund that the people received. Fishing and oil are Alaska’s main revenue generating resource. Unlike Obamas’ so called stimulus plan at least her deal went directly to the people (Tax Payers of Alaska). Not into a slush fund for the enemies of the United States. No I do not agree with the notion that Alaska should share it’s revenue with other states Ie California. not that you mentioned it, but all the liberal blog sites
      are demanding this.

    • Dave

      Apache – I put the date of 2008 there. Hardly last year.

      Fred – are you saying socialist policy is ok at the state level? You don’t have any problem with Romney care either?

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      I just read an article which says Sara gave a speach on June 1 under the shadow of the Statue of Liberty praising LEGAL immigration.

      She went on to say that, in effect, illegal immigration was a slap in the face of all who wish to enter our country legally and wait in line for the privilege of doing so.

      Combine this with the fact she recently bought a house in Arizona, a state on the front lines of illegal immigration and cross border crime and I think we are seeing the begining of a completely unconventional run for national office.

      With the way she is winning against the MSM by not acknowledging their claim to exclusive reporting rights she is making THEM dance to her tune. Her speech and Arizona purchase may be more of her strategy at circumventing the traditional, and accepted, methods at attaining her goals.

      The more I see and hear about her the more I like her.

      She’s driving the left mad!

    • Dave

      Being a liberal, I would love to see Sarah Palin as the Rebublican nominee.

      4 more years!

    • catman

      DAVE, YOU ARE A TOTAL ADAM HENRY. (In ccase you don’t know what that is, it’s cop talk for an A– H—!
      Crawl back into your liberal cave and go back to sleep.

    • Bree,

      Hey Dave, I can refute every one of your “quotes” / misquotes from Sarah Palin but let us not waste time indulging in the liberal media bias so I will give you the first one you conveniently misconstrued. Sarah’s statement was “We hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada, and I think now, isn’t it ironic?” The HUFFPOST POLITICS (liberal media) ADDS the insinuations saying, “The irony, one guesses, is that Plain now views Canada’s health care system as revolting with its government run administration and ‘death panel’ like rationing.” Here again we see the slant and slander of liberal messed up “reporting”. Get the real information from the real Sarah Palin and let me warn you, you liberal demos won’t like it. SARAH 2012

    • Dave

      I have only given the one quote – but it seems you didn’t change a word of what I said.

      However, she did acknowledge the irony of her comments.

      “Believe it or not – this was in the sixties – we used to hustle on over the border for health care that we would receive in Whitehorse,” she said.

      “I remember my brother, he burned his ankle in some little kid accident thing, and my parents had to put him on a train and rush him over to Whitehorse, and I think, ‘Isn’t that kind of ironic now’. Zooming over the border, getting health care from Canada.”

    • Willy

      The left is already mad

    • Apache6

      And,MSgt,the more the PIMP STREAM MEDIA attack HER,the more I love HER,and BACHMANN !!

    • Ret USN MC

      MSgt, it is IMPOSSIBLE to “drive the left mad.” They’ve already been there far too long.

    • WVF

      Retired USAF MSgt, I agree with you. She is driving all of the Lefties mad! I think you are also correct about the Arizona house purchase. It would be too hard to run down in the lower 48. Not only that, but it would be much easier for her to help other true conservatives. Besides, she could always run for the Senate seat of the retiring Jon Kyle. I am enjoying this front row seat in which the media is just banging their heads against the wall because of this wonderful woman!

  • mad as hell

    Amen, MSgt (and thank you for your service)
    The liberals with their chicken little mentality go into a tailspin and attack mode
    when anyone articulate, patriotic and intelligent dares to contradict their warped
    belief system. They are digging themselves into a hole and soon will not be able to
    climb out of it. I will be ecstatic to
    watch them all fall into an abyss – good riddance to bad rubbish

    • das Aardvark

      mad as hell: I am afraid that you shall have a very long wait. The plunge into the abyss follows the judgement, and that is still at the very least a millenium away. I have not seen the Christ at Jack-in-the-Box or Wal-Mart yet.
      I would also point out that your analogy bears mixed metaphores. Digging holes simply creates a vertical tunnel in which one who digs deep enough loses sight of Truth and the Holy Light. The abyss lies to the left and right of the slippery slope that trends away from the strait and narrow way; the slope is called the wide and accommodating path to self-destruction (it is a one-way path to the unrepentent, leading ever downward to the spiritual death) and the abyss is that chasm of hell that lies beyond the vertical brink of the selfsame slope. Once one starts down that path, one’s hardest task is to turn back around and seek the Light of Truth. Once one has managed to turn back around, one finds strength in the Light to claw ones way back to the strait way and again seek the narrow gate that leads to salvation. It takes one hundred percent sincerity to make the climb back from the brink, but once one makes that sincere commitment, the Truth of the Holy Light draws one back to safety.

    • Ken

      Rapture is not a thousand years away. I don’t know how far it is away, but I can say with great confidence it’s not far off. The problems that we have on plant earth are plant wide. We all are at each others throat over every conceivable thing anyone could imagine. Killing now is at it’s highest, and no one seem to have the answer for it. If the USA gets any worse the balance of power to off set the evil of the Muslim terrorist will fall. Israeli will fall because big brother will not be able to help and neither will anyone else. When this happens God will make his presents known. He already has with the challenges we all have with the natural occurances on Earth. Think about it. In the mean time Sara Palin is the light in the dark. The truth against the corrupt. She stands for the values that made America great, and that makes the left fearful and angry. Thank God for Palin and the Tea Party people.

    • Apache6

      DITTO,Ken,the RAPTURE can take place at any time NOW,but OUR(Christians)Judgment takes place just after the RAPTURE when WE are given CROWNS(different crowns for different things).By accepting the GIFT of PARDON that JESUS died to give US,OUR sins are forgiven.When JESUS died on the Cross HE didn’t say “IT IS FINISHED”HE said “TOSOSTI”Latin for “PAID IN FULL”!!!!!!!!!

    • American muslim scum remover…

      Thank you all former and current military men and women. I salute you all.All military past and present is why America is free even for muslim scum lovers like mike.

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      I don’t know who originally said this but,
      “If you can read these posts, thank a teacher. If you are reading them in English, thank a soldier

    • Bree,

      Very good MSgt, I like that as a teacher and as a military wife I can appreciate it very much too. I appreciate all your comments here and know you are a great Patriot. Thank you!

    • Dave

      Well thanks Muslim. Usually you have nothing but hatred for me. I am glad to accept your thanks since I was in the Marine Corps from 1980 to 1984.

    • Bree,

      Dave, I will thank you too, although I don’t always understand your comments and sometimes they have even made me angry, still you have served our country as a Marine and I have a very high honor for that. There is no place for hate among us as Americans or as Christians. That belongs to the muslims and other enemies of our soul. God bless you.

    • Apache6


    • Apache6

      Your welcome,AMSR!!

  • celia

    Really now, MR. BASHER OF MSLSD – is that all you have to say? We the people know the BIAS of the MEAN STREAM MEDIA.

  • Raymond

    Palin in 2012.

    • Ron


    • danm3096

      Hang in there JARHEAD, there are millions of us to love the way your think and are most grateful to you for your service to your country and its freedom.

  • Michael

    Remember when obama threaten to NOT pay our soldiers. Remember this one issue amoung mamy nov 2012. BOY that is to far off. Lets get rid of him now.

    • Leithel1

      How many Democrats or blacks watch Meet the Press? Meet the Press
      doesn’t offer handouts. I tried to tell everyone I saw that Obama was a great
      mistake. The stupid people just turned off the truth. Said I was racist.
      I said that Obama uttered those words not me.

      He was the one that hated America and said that he would put his hatred (racism)
      aside. The message needs to be put on the news media so that the idiots can
      at least hear it from a source that appeals to their interests.

      Everyone that gets this email should email it a Democrat, a black person or a
      person that voted for Obama.

      A reminder of what we elected for President, lest we forget!
      Read and send onward . . .

      Read And Forward Without Changing Or Adding A Single Word…

      I forward this as received, without comment.

      Yes, he told us in advance what he planned to do. Few were listening.

      The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised “Meet The Press’.

      From Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008 11:48:04 EST, Televised “Meet the Press” THE THEN Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag.

      General Bill Ginn’ USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.

      The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171…

      During rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, “Stand and Face It”.

      NOW GET THIS !!

      ‘Senator’Obama replied:

      “As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides”. “There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression..” “The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing.”


      Obama continued: “The National Anthem should be ‘swapped’ for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing’. If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as ‘redesign’ our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of waring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails – – – perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ……..”

      When I become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past”.

      “Of course now, I have found myself about to become the President of the United Statesand I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path..My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America ”

      WHAAAAAAAT, the Hell is that???

      Yes, you read it right.

      I, for one, am speechless!!!

      Dale Lindsborg , Washington Post


    • CommonMan

      Leithel1, I hate to put a damper on your post, but it is simply not true. Obama did not make those comments about the flag and our anthem. It a satire piece written by someone else about Obama. In fact, as far as I can tell he wasn’t even on Meet The Press on 9-7-08. We have to be careful what we post here. There is SOOO much to dislike about BHO, that there is no need to make stuff up…

    • Dave

      Thank you for your refreshing honesty.

  • Bob

    My liberal son-in-law once remarked that he couldn’t understand why anyone liked Palin. I told him it was because she calls scumbags scumbags and many of us still admire candor like that. He was so shocked he had no reply to that. But, that does not make her presidential material and I hope that someone talks her out of running for president. She may make a better president than maobama, but that doesn’t take much. America needs better than both of them if we are going to survive.

  • Bree,

    Thank you Ann- Marie for such great articles as this. Keep going out on a limb and drive the liberal media crazy since whatever they do not understand they must attack and destroy or silence.It never ceases to amaze me how far left the liberal agenda really will go to even condemn the air Sarah Palin breathes or the color skirt she wears. This time for a bus tour? Nope – they haven’t a clue and this big bus tour is simply a big big threat that scares them to death. Next thing you know it will be Hillery on a bus or a boat to china! As you correctly stated, every one who meets Sarah falls in love with her and she is truly America’s sweetheart. What a winner we have here and she will be worth the wait! Love ya Sarah! 2012

  • Sam

    Actually, Sarah Palin doesn’t have a flag on the side of her bus. Just a banner of red and white stripes. Like you might see in bunting..

  • http://http/ sean murry

    i stand with palin and with the rest of you guys.FU Obumma.

  • Irwin

    Sarah Palin has the courage and conviction to speak out for American values, and she does that with force. She is a dynamic speaker and is well schooled in economics and domestic goverance. However I fear her international understanding of political forces may be her weak side. If I am wrong I wish she would forcefully demonstate that she has a command of those areas that are so volitile these days.

    • Anne

      ???International Understanding of Political Forces?? What ever are you talking about???

    • Allen

      That’s why they have advisers.

    • Bree,

      Irwin, I do understand what you are talking about in terms of foreign policy and that has been a ligitimate concern of others as well. I can tell you that Sarah has done her homework and been in the middle east recently for the third time. This time staying with the Prime Minister of Israel and addressing members of several councils there. She plans to return at their invitation again soon. She also has addessed members of the UN and has met with other middle eastern officials. She understands the threats of Iran and other terrorists nations towards Israel and America. I cannot speak for Sarah but I follow her and I can tell you she will have good foreign policy in place should she be elected to office.

    • Ltjg

      Palin has more backbone than all put together. What we do not need is Senators, Lawyers, Policy Makers, or Congress Men and Women running for President. We need Governors that have the experience of running a state. Not people that talk about it, but doing it. We do not need Fat, Short, Balding men either. Ever notice people like this might have Great things to say but are never elected. The public likes a good visual image as well. Usually someone Tall, fairly young, a full head of hair and fit. Its like people buying a package instead of reading the ingrediants. I think Both Palin and Bachmann have these areas covered. I do not care which role either serves. I would like them team up together.

    • OregonStorm

      Great post Bree, I absolutely love Sarah!! She is the living embodiment of middle America and a glimpse at traditional values that have all but disappeared under the boot heel of the Obama administration.

      You can always tell who scares the crap out of people on the left by how badly they froth at the mouth and scream when some names are mentioned!

      If I had anything at all to criticize about Sarah it would be a wish that she would not talk quite so fast and that she modulate the voice (too shrill). Other than that, she’s just about damned well PERFECT!!

    • hwabear

      And Herman Cain has more? Read up – study up~~!!

    • conservadiva

      Herman Cain belonged to the Federal Reserve and that needs to be investigated. They have sold out America.

    • WVF

      Irwin, do you think Hilary Clinton or BHO know more than Sarah does about anything? Please, give me a break!

    • leithel1

      You deserve a break. You got it!

    • das Aardvark

      More about anything? Hell yes. They both know a hell of a lot more about how to be crass, satanically inspired Jackasses (well, Jennyass in her case).

    • Dave

      When you talk about her economic schooling – do you take into account the socialist policies she brought to Alaska?

    • Bree,

      Well here we go Dave – and I’m ready for ya! Socialist policies? Now what would those be? Name one, and remember I’m ready for ya.

    • Dave

      I am talking about when she raised oil company taxes and gave higher royalty payments to the Alaskan Citizens. It was in 2007.

    • Dave

      I’m so sad I missed you Bree. I was really looking forward to your reply.

      Does anyone else want to prove that this was not a Socialist Policy of Sarah Palins?

    • Dave

      Bree – you were here after my response and didn’t respond? Why?

      Could it be that it was a Socialist policy of Sarah Palins?

      Bree, says:

      June 4, 2011 at 3:58 pm

      Well FireMall, it would be nice to get at least a few thousand to be there when the Million Man Muslim March shows up this summer. There’s got to be a better way and it needs to be soon. Time is running out for America.

  • Bob

    It would appear that the GOP is going to shoot itself in the foot again, this time with Palin. Wake up people, if Palin were butt ugly no one would even being paying attention to her. If we lose in 2012 because we fell in love with a flag waving pretty face we deserve what happens to us. We cannot afford this type of stupidity when we are faced with the possibility of another four years of Satan’s right hand man leading this country to destruction.

    • http://Yahoo Abby

      Bob, are you a plant? Or just ignorant and believe all the slop the media puts out? I can see if you were educated in recent years as students have been indoctrinated to believe in socialism and hypocracy (sp). Having a pretty face is not to do with her stance; she has a better grip on the national scene and world affairs then Obama ever had. And yet, I hear nothing from you about that.
      You probably believe his mafia style of running the government is okay also. Well, buddy boy, you need to wake up, learn the facts before you are obliberated. Which is what will happen if OB is reelected for another four years. His reign of terror has just began.
      God bless Palin and the USA

    • das Aardvark

      How does one obliBerate? Check out the prefix ob- and see if you can make rhyme or reason out of it when you attach it to LIBERATE, which does not mean to release from bondage, but to reject the morals and rules of civility and God. . . . Some typos can be quite amusing and this one wins a star.

    • catman

      Hey AARDVARK….Abbey meant “obliterate” as in “destroy”.

    • fed up

      Couldn’t agree more. Sarah has more gonads than any man in Congress (Dumos or Rinos). This is why they are scared of her. All Congress thinks about is their power and money and mainly secure their next election bid and would sell their soul to get it. Once in, they could care less about who put them there. I truly believe Sarah loves and wants to protect the United States of America. I would vote for her in a heartbeat if she ran for President. HillBillery is just another example of a Socialist and could care less about the US as long as she is taken care of by her thugs.

      I have yet to speak with anyone who said they voted for Obummo, and I truly believe if he supposedly wins this next election, it would be by crookedness, cheating, and intimidation by his Acorn, Union, and his Socialist thugs.

      May God Bless America, and may God have mercy on this country.

    • Anne

      Bob, You are Correct about One Thing ONLY, WE CAN NOT AFFORD ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF “SATANS” RIGHT HAND. We may have SATAN”s Entire Being at work here!
      Sarah Palin for All Intents & Purposes Is IN DEED A “GOD SEND” To America, We NEED More Sarah Palin’s in Our Country! You poor foolish man.

    • Lawrence Brown

      Bob: You are either dumb or ignorant or maybe a plant from Obama. After next elections your liberal butts are on bus to one of your favorite countries,LIBYA,SYRIA have fun in the sun or sand.

    • Old Bill

      I don’t know Bob. Have you looked at some of those demacrates that got voted in. Man they make butt ugly look good. Call it cyote ugly cause if I got drunk and woke up the next morning and something that ugly had its head on my arm, I would chew my arm off.

    • FireMall

      First, I not only agree about “We The People” not Deserving another 4 years of Satan”O”bama.

      America “Will” still be in deep trouble for many years after the Son of Satan / Zero “O” is gone regardless if a Patriot Conservative is seated. Ref: The Conservative House of “Get nothing done” Doesn’t sound patriotic of conservative to me. .
      The House has the Power to Kill Obamacare, De-fund illegal Mid East support, Et.
      Have they even tried ? Hell no. If they said they were , which they did, It was pure BS lip service to give a Desperate, Angry constituency more false hope , when it’s all just more business as usual. I.E. Corruption.
      If America even makes it to 2012. It’s Obvious that Obama is pushing the final phases of the Soros’ agenda back in anticipation of losing in 2012.
      Now: As far as your OP about the GOP screwing up by supporting Palin “If” she runs.
      Who in God’s Great name would want the GOP behind them to begin with ??
      If one has noticed so far Palin doesn’t seem to have any more faith in the GOP than 90% of All Thinking Americans. IMO; Palin “Migtht” just be the First Independent POTUS someday. Beats the hell out of what the First So called African American POTUS turned out to be. The only way is Up when one is already at the Bottom.
      Note; The term– Thinking Americans is reserved for American Loving True Americans.
      Note:— All Liberals/ Socialist/ Marxist, Rinos, Trojan Horses need not apply For the Honor of being granted “True American” Status. Including just about all Elitist Americans supporting the GOP. No need in mentioning the DNC. Their Flag has been waving in True American’s faces more many years with no one challenging them.
      I understand that the GOP “Might” be America’s last hope. I would “Hope” that conservatives would look back & see Where the Lesser of the Evils choices have brought America.
      I.E. Head on with the “other” side and sadly, I no longer can see / identify one or the other in the Wreckage of America’s once Indisputable Character & Honor.
      IMO: To hell with the parties and the irrelevant BS bickering Solely for Party Sake
      If “We The People” don’t pull our Partisan Heads out of our short sighted azzes and Vote / Elect a Selfless, American Patriot who Knows and will abide by the Original , Unaltered words, Demands of the Constitution of the United “Republic” States of America, Then all the Hell raising Partisan BS in the entire Globe “Will” Not Alter the Course that the Partisan Politicians on Both Sides have laid out for America.
      Has no one else but me see that the Shortest way /route to stop the Partisan BS from Destroying America occurring within Both parties, Was Mapped Out within the Constitution and It’s Bill of Rights some 235 years ago ?
      Damit people !! Every Solution “We The
      People” need to bring America back to her well earned Greatness is Written in the Simple Wording , Commands, Instructions of the Constitution.
      The only Right left that has not been used or Abused would Be. “The People have the “RIGHT” to Dissolve & Replace” a Tyrannical Government by any means necessary to ensure the Survival / Continuance of ” The People’s” Freedoms & Future Freedoms.
      Please name one Politician that has Truly held to their Oath to Protect the Constitution ? As in “promises”.
      Name One or a Group for that matter, that would Have enough Power to do so “IF” he /her Honorably chose to Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk. to ??
      Can’t do it. HUH ??
      Wake Up !! The Only People Left walking the land of the Free who still have access to the Power & at this point , the RIGHT & Duty to save America are Not the Crooks “We” Elected. IMO; “Our” Salvation & the Solution of said salvation, {other than God, “our” True provider of Power } Has, not one dammed thing to do with R’s,D’s or I’s.
      Hint: The First line of the Constitution.
      “We The People”
      If the oppressed People of East Berlin can bring a Tyrannical Government down to size without Firing a Shot. “We The People” of America dammed sure Can.

      It’s Time , for time is short to—————-Fire-M-All.

  • Fred

    WELL,( you are publishing my email address.) Take it off your list.

  • Karen

    Bob – where do you get off that Palin is stupid??? You are the brainless one. She has done an amazing job as Governor in Alaska – just ask her people from Alaska. She has more knowledge than Obama will ever have. She wasn’t a pot head for her entire 20’s and 30’s like the Muslim/Socialist we have now.

    • leithel1

      You left out gay prostitute.

    • Dave

      Well she did just say 2 days ago that Paul Revere rode around ringing bells to warn the British that they weren’t safe from us. :)

  • gary

    Way to go Ann-Marie. You put into words what so many of us genuine United States of America loving voters feel about Sarah and how she is so savaged by the socialist media and commentators. I will continue to stand up and support her no matter what she decides to do for one reason and one reason only. She is a real patriot, proud of it and don’t care who knows it. Sarah, we love you and GO GIRL!!!!!

  • Janyce Rhodes

    Bob, I wonder if you don’t want Palin as President because she’s a woman. The men we’ve had in office and there really are a group of good men to run this year, but I don’t think men have done such an excellent job as president in the past since Reagan, so maybe she will do better. I think she could. Some of the men have deficits now.

    • Allen

      I really believe America is ready for a lady president. By lady i mean Michelle or Sarah. Sarah is great but for me I will vote for Michelle. I believe she is a lot more mature and has just as much wisdom as Sarah.

    • Old Bill

      Janyce, I hate to tell you but Reagon wasn’t as great as everyone thinks. He down size our military when it should be built up. The smaller it gets it will be easier for the UN to over run. That is why they want to disarm the people. Japan did not invade the main land because they knew how our people were armed.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Art

    Sarah Palin is the person many of us wish that we could be. She’s smart, honest, stands tall for what she believes in, takes responsibility for her actions, has good Christian values, totally supports the Constitution and is a gifted speaker. How can anyone in their right mind find fault with this?

    • WVF

      AMEN, ART!

    • Jake

      That is exactly why they hate her, because she is a Christian and tries to live it out. She is a light shining in the darkness and the darkness hates the light. But they don’t really hate her, they hate Christ in her. They hate Christ’s authority. They hate being exposed to the truth.

      Having said that, I think we need to re-elect Obama, give them exactly what they want and bankrupt the country with all this foolishness. Kind of like an economic chemotherapy. They have had it too good for too long and are acting like spoiled children. We need to be willing to suffer with them and do without until they grow up. Like a drunk on a bender we need to give this monster a dose of it’s own medicine and feed it until it makes itself sick. Until just the smell of socialism, overspending and lack of principals makes them want to vomit.

    • Bree,

      Jake, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy! Although I do understand your sentiments, you have to know we are Patriots and we STAND! God bless you

    • FireMall

      IMO; Some here obviously didn’t understand the context of what Jake was saying.
      I don’t want Obama now and dam sure don’t want him in office later.
      Imo, Jake was just saying, metaphorically, If one has a rabid dog clamped down on one’s hand. Yanking one’s hand from the dogs mouth will leave nothing but blood & scars. The way to make a Dog, Such as Obama retreat is to Shove the hand down Further down the Throat of the dog. I.E. Gag him on his own prey.
      As i was saying before, The East Berlin people brought down Maxism without firing a shot. They used the E. German military and their Oath to never use force on un-armed civilians.
      The sight of millions of Berlin citizens staging a Silent, Un-Armed protest and the Military Not following orders to kill the un-armed protesters , brought the Oppressive regime into reality, nullified the regime’s power, and the regime ran away like a Choking dog.
      Obama wants to own “our” very souls.
      I Wonder if Obama would like to personally take charge of “We” the People’s souls when several million showed up on 1100 Pennsylvania Ave and said Here “WE” are Obama, Come & get us ??

    • Bree,

      Well FireMall, it would be nice to get at least a few thousand to be there when the Million Man Muslim March shows up this summer. There’s got to be a better way and it needs to be soon. Time is running out for America.

  • Anne

    Way To Go Art! You have said it all good Sir!
    God Bless You!

  • James

    I wonder if the AMERICAN FLAG in my front yard is illegal. The bus ride isn’t costing the tax payer anything. Get ready press, Sarah is the next one. Sorry!!!

  • TommyGun


  • http://optium sam giordano

    kepp it up sarah

  • Chuck M.

    Ex-Governor’s have executive experience running their State which Congressmen / Congresswomen do not normally have. I prefer Sarah Palin vs. Michele Bachman because Sarah has at least two years as a Governor and has outstanding accomplishments during her reign.
    But I will vote for either one before I would vote for B.O. He has been a disaster for this country in all areas.

    • Old Bill

      Chuck, I’ll vote for both of them before I vote for Rummy and Rummycare.

    • conservadiva

      Just got back from Boston and a trip to Romeystate and they have the worst roads with no signage! What a mess! I’d never vote for Romney and Romneycare! He is a phony! I can’t stand his slicked-up image, and goofy smile.

    • conservadiva

      But I do understand that the Kennedys rule MA and so the mess is predominantly their fault. Should call it Teddycare!

  • GB.

    GO SARAH, GO! DRILL BABY DRILL! And kick some leftist BUTT!

  • http://InternetExplorer William

    How can we get these comments to Obama’s desk.
    He needs to see what he is up against for 2012.

    • leithel1

      It can’t be put on his desk. It has to be on a teleprompter before he can read it.

    • Jake

      Stick it to the flag on the 18th hole.

  • charlie

    those liberal haters at msnbc and other news outlets are afraid of us God fearing patriotic Americans. I pray that Americans will how much these liberals hate God, Christians and America and tune them out

    • Peaver Bogart

      Charlie, I’ve got a T shirt on right now that says “I’m a God fearin’, Bible believin’, Gun packin’, America lovin’ Conservative”


    Bob; ya make me sick to my stomach, change your name and move to another country!

  • k

    Did anyone read the advertisement that: The Republicans stole the Florida election, robbing al? Someone at patriotupdate is a whore. follow the money.

    • James

      That stupid al couldn’t even carry his own state. That lying S.O.B. is the most ignorant of all dummycrats I have ever seen. I know. I’m from his state. We hate him.

    • Ret USN MC

      How on earth could you EVER say that about the man who “INVENTED THE INTERNET?”

      And people thought Dan Quayle was stupid!!!

      Gore is a JOKE.


    I sure like that Palin/West combo!!!

  • WVF

    I don’t know Sarah Palin, but if she asked me to march into a hail of lead with her, I wouldn’t even give it a second thought.

    • das Aardvark

      I would! I’d want at least a twenty Liberal shield in front of me to take the brunt of the hail, er, uh, hell!

  • das Aardvark

    Fools wade in where angels fear to tread. Fools don’t believe in angles . . . just faeries . . . like ‘Barney’and have minds embroiled in fantasy and fallacy, so we cannot expect them to even begin to understand the concepts of truth, much less tell it; just be terrified of it. Pity them, but do not trust them an inch. Yes, one might forgive the cobra for biting you, for that is what cobras do; but one does not French Kiss the cobra after forgiving it. One “remembers” what cobras do.

    • das Aardvark

      Fumble-fingered typo. Angels, not angles.

    • Bree,

      Very well Aardvark, we shall remember what cobras do. But nevertheless, I hate snakes of any size or color no matter what they do.

  • CJB

    These LB Media ass-clowns are low on usable material to support their messiah, so they are on attack mode. Anyone in the opposition camp is fair game. They attack those they fear the most with more venom. What’s up with that (criminal) forgery complaint against Obamba?

    • WVF

      CJB, I personally spoke with Mr. Doug Vogt, President of Archive Index Systems, Inc., two days ago by phone, and he is an expert on the examination of documents and has demonstrated in a 22 page complaint against BHO that it is an out and out forgery! He has presented it to Mueller head of the FBI. Mr. Vogt has clearly shown that BHO forged the document which is a Class B impeachable feloney. We need to pressure all elected officials and the media in any way we can to get to the bottom of this. The Donald smoked him out, and BHO got some bad advice, because regardless of wherever he was born, he has broken the law.

  • voted against carter

    Sarah Palin is the MOST FEARED conservative out there as far as the left is concerned.

    JUST LOOK at how much the LIBRATARDS are going out of there way to trash her.

    IF she was NOT a THREAT would They be saying anything??????

    They KNOW Sarah Palin IS electable,…

    AND IF she runs against barry in 2012,…

    She WILL CRUSH him with indisputable numbers.

    Rush is RIGHT about the establishment Republicans ALSO FEARING SARAH

    All the “serious” (sarc) pundits feel this way too. WHY else  would they go OUT of their way to trash her.


     they are all peeing in their pants at the thought of her running.

    Remember,.. the MORE they say how easy she will be to beat or how stupid she is etc,.. 

     one word.


  • danm3096

    I love that Sarah Palin; she is patriotic AMERICA in the flesh and doing it in a most patrioticly-American way. I repeat Raymond’s message: “PALIN IN 2012.

  • Barbi

    What they’re afraid of is NOT knowing what she’s doing or not doing! They absolutely HATE the fact that she truly LOVES AMERICA and is a TRUE PATRIOT! She’s like ME and YOU ~ American Patriots that LOVE America. I find it amusing that she has the Media standing on their ears!!! lololol GO ~ Sarah ~ GO!!! Let’s keep cheering her on!

  • shorething

    future potus (not totus) abo anyone but oBowMao. as a semi-vet NG thanks to all who served and are serving. just saw on fox that the won has lost 17% of his (historically dim voting) women, 69 down to 52 and still falling with the failed socialistic policies of obozo killing capitalism

  • Fenderman52

    I like Sarah and I respect her. I’m sure she’s a fine lady and would do our country proud. But I still would prefer a president that had military experience, preferably combat experience. Perhaps if she added to her platform a promise to appoint a proven vetern military leader as Secretary of Defense and promised to defer to that person in all cases of military action it would allay much of my fears on this issue. It’s a hostile world out there and this should be a very important factor in deciding our next president.

    • The Enemy

      Fenderman: I think John Bolton would be a valuable asset in a Sarah Palin cabinet.

    • celia

      That’s why the President has a cabinet to take care of that – like the last Pres. Bush did. Let’s try a woman Pres. to clean house in Washington. Some women have more BA#@# than men.

  • The Enemy

    The liberals who continue to bash Palin do so at their own folly. They demonstrate to America how short-sighted and shallow they really are by degrading an honest true-blue American patriot. And, yes, anyone who turns their back on Israel is a fool. Hello, Obama!

  • FLChristyB

    The media itself is becoming a laughing stock. Their blatant socialist ideology, their lies of omission, their moronic insistence that the economy is getting better despite every indication that it is getting much, much worse.
    Sarah cannot lift a finger without the media denigrating her, so I think she should run for President, if for no other reason than the entertainment factor of the news medial going berserk!

    • Bree,

      FLChristyB I agree with you. Sarah is the only woman in history that the media has crucified and burned at the stake – AND lived to tell about it. She is above them now and very strong. Let them drive themselves crazy and be gone! SARAH 2012

  • William

    At 72 and being male and seeing all the other males leading this country I have come to the conclusion that if we could put two women (Palin and Bachman?)in charge the whole damn place would get “cleaned up” for the first time in our history! Let’s all join together and give them a chance after all we elected or caused to be elected all the other “male” idolts and look where that got us! It could not get any worse with them!

  • William

    Palin just think ya wanna drive all the liberal socialist nuts I mean nuts (they don’t have far to go anyway)elect Palin, a God fearing (American attitude)Bible beliven’, gun toten’, educated mother, wife, Govenor (former) MULTITASKER and successful at all of them, WOMAN! SHE IS TODAY THE REAL SOUL OF GEORGE WASHINGTONS’ CONCEPT OF A TRUE EARTHY AMERICAN!

    • Bree,

      WOW! THANK YOU WILLIAM! Patriots, he just said it all. Sarah, clean house!! 2012

  • Bob Marshall

    Sarah Palin! You can’t be serious.

    • Bree,

      Oh yes Bob, WE’RE VERY SERIOUS!! SARAH 2012

  • harleydavidson

    I too am standing up for Palin. Go, Sarah, Go. You are good for America.

  • John Wayne

    Sarah Palin is a GREAT AMERICAN! Not a Communist nor a Muslim, but an AMERICAN! We’ll remember Obamacare and your arrogance to Israel and your refusal to to honor the National Anthem and your apologizing for America and your “Crotch Salute” and the rest of your arrogance. We’ll also remember yourspending this country into insolvency and every other traitorous act you have committed! Trash Sarah all you want to. If you hate her, that means I love her!

  • ARMYOF69

    It’s simple stuff. If the Demorats are telling you he / she is too dumb to be president, then the truth is . THEY ARE SCARED OF HIM/ HER.
    The other way is true too.
    They tell you he/she is a great contender, that’s your signal NOT to vote for that person.

  • Rosco1776

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • conservadiva

    Thanks for posting that Sarah Palin bought a house in Arizona!!! I did not know that!!! We should all buy real estate in Arizona!!! Wow! I love her gutsy moves! She is amazing and breathtaking! Move over Gov. Brewer…but I heard Obama threatened Brewer’s son, so as a Mom, I understand her dilemma. We need to support Arizona with everything we’ve got! We The People can’t let Obama get away with his treason. And Arizona represents the HEART of what people in this great nation are up against in the Washington WH and at our borders every day 24/7. Sarah, thank you for stepping up and showing the people you are on our side. Thank you for ignoring the rabid media, the snakes and dark underbelly of Soros’ regime. We are with you, heart and soul. America needs you now more than ever! We have all got to support Sarah against her detractors. They are ignorant and hateful. So glad the AMERICAN FLAG is flying on your bus! Kudos! GOD BLESS!

  • Bree,

    Thank you very much Ann Marie for the rest of the article. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. And I have about a thousand words for Janeane Garofalo with her “gay pride” statements but it’s not something I could ever put in print so I will just say, God Bless America and God bless Sarah in all her ways. Keep her safe. I agree with you and everything you write and its as if you are writing for me! (you are!) Sarah is that great! Believe me she is! SARAH 2012

  • HoosierDaddy

    I watched Ms. Palin on Hannity last night and found her thoughts were just about perfection. Among other things, she decried the unwillingness of most Republicans to really fight. The democrats lie and lie and lie. Outright whoppers. Republicans respond with “I must disagree with my friend’s interpretation of blah blah blah”. NO! You don’t disagree, this clown is lying his keester off. SAY SO!

    Or go away.

    • Bree,

      Yes HoosierDaddy, she’s right and so are you. Republicans for the most part won’t stand up and speak up or ruffle feathers but the PATRIOTS will! We are making our voices loud and long and when thats not enough we will put feet to the action thats needed. One way or the other we mean serious business for the sake of this country and we will make those demands no matter who it is. SARAH 2012

  • Painted Horse

    We need to rid our country of the TRASH that is trying to ruin our country. From the liberals, to the teachers and other unions,to the obama regime!!!

    • Bree,

      Hey Painted Horse, there are still some great Patriotic teachers you know! – and they will be voting for Sarah too.:)

  • Elvis in Argentina

    Garlofalo, is sadly mistaken, trying to hang guilt on the USA about slavery [We now have a presidency based not on qualifications, but instead on guilt, and condemnation]. She must be unaware that obama’s father’s tribe the Luo tribe is descended from Arab slave traders, not African blacks. As for America, Only a few people in the South had slaves, and they were treated well by some, and they escaped river blindness, other African diseases,and genocide in the dark continent. As for me and many Americans my Spanish/Bask side came here long after slavery was abolished, on the other side my ancestors were in slavery for 400 years in Egypt, but that isn’t supposed to be a attribute for a president, as though you owe me a presidency, because my ancestors were slaves.

    • Bree,

      Well stated Elvis, thank you for saying that! Excellent comment

  • Steve Challis

    Like Ann I am sick and tired of the loony left wing media and Dems misquoting and attacking Sarah ,Her Family and anything she says or does. After all what does the truth matter when you are a liberal American hater.
    Sarah was Governor of the largest state in the Union (Sorry Texas / Calif your not even close)
    She also had the highest rating of any Governor in the United States an 80% approval rating.

    She got there by being honest and telling the truth,She filed charges against her corrupt predecessor despite him being in the same party .This spawned protest from republic and to which Sarah replied there is no place for corruption in politics .
    Not surprisingly the GOP backed off. Sarah does not play by the rules ,because the rules have brought the same pork spending and old boys network to Washington time and time again.

    The rise of the Tea Party has scared many politicians of both parties who see it as a threat to their comfortable lifestyle and this has scared them rigid. Sarah and Michelle are leading the fight back.

    When my wife and I lived in Alaska we supported Sarah now we live in the Lower 48 that support has not diminished.
    I agree the best ticket would be Palin/Bachman . It would draw massive fire from the left and the political pundits but America will have their backs.

    Remember the Left,the Democrats and the Political pundits will not elect Sarah. That is the function of the American people. They have a choice Freedom and Honesty or Corruption and bankruptcy. I trust them to make the right choice in 2012.

    Steve Challis

  • Marlene

    Great article that only enhances Gov. Palin’s true American spirit and further shines on the hypocracies and true communist/socialist “freight train” of the left. No matter which way Sarah chooses to keep her message of patriotism, strength, truth and consistent respect and love of America and all of our true American’s she will continue to have the impact of making the left run scared and invigorating WE THE PEOPLE!! These lying scum such as ‘DAVE’ should just move to the country of their choice – Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. – and live the life of lies, corruption, slavery that they seem to want on our soil. Move and bring all your communist/socialist buddies,
    all the demento’s of this mindset and live happily ever after – elsewhere! Oh, I don’t seem to hear they have all the entitlements and phoney agencies that allow scum like you to protest THEIR countries government. Hmmm … could get a little rough, just go and let us know from your cell how that’s workin out!! Bye, Bye!!

    • Frances

      GO GIRL! Doesn’t anyone ever question the
      NOW organization? It’s SUPPOSED to be about
      WOMENS RIGHTS…but in reality it’s only about LIBERAL WOMENS RIGHTS….As a group they should have been praising Palin..but what do they do…they send people to Alaska to try to find dirt on her…and some Alaskans help their cause….out of jealousy
      and envy” Of course…..The fact that she is
      a beautiful woman and smart to boot scares
      some of those ugly “womens rights” women…
      They are not only ugly in appearance but in
      their spirit…that is what makes them ugly.

    • LadyLiberty

      The Liberal seeks to dominate any institution that can interfere with, weaken or destroy individual parental rights. Thus you will note that Liberals completely control and dominate public schools, child abuse agencies, pediatric associations, welfare departments, social service agencies and all NGO’s that feign concern for the welfare of children. Why? Because in order for Liberals to impose socialism upon a people, they must undermine the ability of the people to govern themselves according to God’s moral law. To accomplish this they must weaken the main support of morality. Strong families are one of the greatest threats to the final goals of Liberalism. The total disintegration of the American family in recent decades among some ethnic communities has occurred as a direct result of the design and intention of Liberals. Feel the hate. Hate is good when directed at these demonic Liberals who are the avowed enemies of God, Family Values and freedom. This is #17 hard truths of 60.

      Google: 60 Hard Truths about Liberals

    • Lee Baldwin

      You bring up a great point about the liberal women being ugly. First, they really are ugly. But, I think their uglyness is enhanced by their uneducated rants and the fact they voted for the Obama without being able to read the facts. They will do that again.It is up to us that can read to teach them how to vote for AMERICA first, then their heart.

    • David Roberts

      Marlene, Here’s documentation about your Communist/Socialist statement, just in case there’s some dunderheaded Liberal here ready to accuse you of being hateful. It will show you are being “factual”.

      Posted on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 11:29:17 AM by broken_arrow1

      Not too awful long ago I wrote about the Communist Party USA and their support for many of the identical principles endorsed by the Democrat Party here in the US. I listed the various similarities but now I have some even more honest words from the Communists themselves. Joe Sims, co-editor of the Communist Party USA online magazine Peoples World states among other things “the possibility that the communists may be able to “capture’ the Democratic Party entirely.” Read that slowly and carefully…”the possibility that the communists may be able to “capture’ the Democratic Party entirely.”

      Joe Sims is a proud little Commie. He goes on to brag that among other things, “heightened class and democratic struggle…all have combined to produce an unprecedented situation – and opportunity.” How long have I been railing on against this Democrat Party effort to frame the current political debate as one of class? Clearly even the ones seeking to wage this struggle freely admit that is their effort and how said effort is an “opportunity” for them?

      They are seeking to destroy this nation and they are using Democrats to wage class warfare, pitting imaginary groups of haves against equally imaginary underclasses. The US has no class structure at all…never has. Monarchies had them. Europe had them. China had them. India had them, but the US NEVER had them. NEVER! For anyone over 40 or so, does this sound like a good thing? Do ya remember the old time Communists?

      Communism is responsible for more human misery than the Nazi’s ever hoped to cause and by one big, huge, massive, overwhelming, undeniable margin. Even blaming Hitler for every death in WWII in wartime Europe, the Communists, since the October Revolution in 1917, makes Hitler look like a minor schoolyard bully.

      (Excerpt) Read more at …

    • nax777

      WE THE PEOPLE believe the chains of socialism and parties cannot be broken. Therefore lip service rules the chained fools that are WE THE PEOPLE. Fact; government intervention has killed walking and talking children and Sarah is just like all the candidates. They talk it and tell you they won’t walk it simultaneously.

      It is irrational to think that any single payer social program will work. It is irrational for nations to tax its way out of poverty. It is irrational to help overpopulated poorer nations by becoming one. It is irrational to believe that a power convinced that you have nowhere else to go will do your biding.

      Replace the powers with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

      P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

    • American muslim scum remover…

      The far left media and far left democrats(THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME) hate Sarah because beautiful and honset and also being a real Patriot rubs them all the wrong way. Sarh has some wonderful and insight ideas on how to bring America back on track. I hope she is an advisor to whoever wins and helps our great nation get back to being number in the world(BY FAR).If America would be willing to face the real truth then here it is.Watch what obama and the democrats do and do not listen to what they say and promise,its two different things. obama recieves an award for transparancy and yet he put reid and pelosi behind closed doors to write and give us obamacare,then they exempt themselves and there families and there campaign contributors and special interest groups from it only to force all those who do not want it to have it or face a fine and or jail.What is it really going to take for America to wake up and stop all this PC crap? We elected a lying muslim who said he was a christian to be our president after muslims and only muslims killed thousands of Americans on 9/11.Why do the American people hate America itself so much? Why can’t we wake up and see obama and the democrats are crushing us and stomping on our constitution?We have to stop voting muslim commie loving democrats to the white house or we will only read about the once great America in the 2020 history books. Its not to late to turn our nation back around but we have to get it right in 2012. Remember this,all muslims are taught to kill all those who will not convert to islam and we already have millions of muslims here in America and obama himself said,if the winds of tide change,he will be on the side of the muslims. You know,the ones who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11. Are we really okay with a president who sides with the terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11? Oh America,we better wake up already….. All muslims are worth less than camel piss.

    • American muslim scum remover…

      All liberals are democrat commie bastards and should be hung for Treason. The white house is now controlled by socialist commiecrats that feel entitled to take our tax dollars and like a spoiled child go out spend as they like.Why is it that the white house spending is not under audit for all of America to see? Can you say SOLDOUT???? we better wake up America,the obama led democrat commies are hoping to change America into a third world non super pwoer nation. Stop voting muslims and muslim loving democrat commies into office or America as we know it will be done. All muslims eat pig dung pie,and like it.

    • BILL U

      Sarah Palins detracter’s cannot attack her belief in America so they atack her in vicious inuendos trying to discredit her character. I have never heard of Sarah resorting to vicious personla attacks on any of her critics, the way they treat her, she does not practice the riducule and devious personal attacks, she responds with her love of God , family and country. She is a very special personality


      I would happily vote for S.Palin than say for say, Senator Clinton. And since she is frustrating the main stream media I applaud her for the courage she is showing that seems to be lacking in most every elected officer in Washington who are even afraid of their own shadow.
      Sahra, you go girl, hit them where it hurts the most when the going gets tough get tougher and dirtier by having the dirt and use it to expose what WE know but are not in position to prove. UP, THE REVOLUTION!!!!!!

    • Dave

      I have not lied about a thing. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

    • Eddie G.

      The left hates Sarah because she’s a good lookin’ hummer and tells it like it is. I think she’s the original Wonder Woman and may God bless her.

    • All muslims are worthless….

      sad how the media bashes a true American patriot while obama has his records sealed and the media gives him a pass. If you do not know about obama then how can you vote for him? Only brain dead voters would blindly vote for obama not knowing anything about his past. All muslims are scum.

  • Sandra

    Great Job Sarah!! I appreciate every time you talk about love of country, and patriotism. I’m with you all the way. Thank you for your spirit.

  • Mary Ann

    No one I mean no one could have said it better,it reminds me of school days when kids would mock and pick on the kids most vunerable, and as time went on they (the picked on) became the most successful and happy, the others faded in the years of time, Oh you said it perfect, Thank you, We can get our pride in America Back thru Palin: Mary Ann

    • Apache6

      DITTO,Mary Ann!!

    • Paul B

      Mary Anne you are so right, if it has to be a women to take over in Wash. we couldn’t ask for a better women and I would follow her anytime. I’d be proud to Call her Madam President. She would make one of the best if not the BEST. I’m behind her or along side all the way.

  • conservadiva


    “Well after a little interesting research, It turns out Palin is right. The signal from the north tower was a lantern to indicate whether the Redcoats were departing Boston for Lexington on land, by way of Boston neck the longer southern route, or by Sea, the more direct route,across the Charles river and on to Lexington.

    Revere’s ride triggered a flexible system of “Alarm and Muster”. Bells, drums, alarm guns, bonfires and a trumpet were used for rapid communication from town to town, notifying the rebels in dozens of eastern Massachusetts villages that they should muster their militias because the regulars in numbers greater than 500 were leaving Boston, with possible hostile intentions. This system was so effective that people in towns 25 miles (40 km) from Boston were aware of the army’s movements while they were still unloading boats in Cambridge.

    Revere did indeed have contact with “the British”. About 20 Men, from the 5th regiment, had been dispersed along the route to intercept any messengers – like Paul Revere. Revere escaped the sentries closer to Boston and wasn’t stopped until later in the evening. Revere told them it was too late – they had failed their mission. The British could have called off the their march on Concord, they were warned that Militias had been mustered and were waiting for them.

    In spite of this the British continued on to Lexington, where there was a brief fight that the small group of Rebels lost, and then on to Concord where the shot heard “round the world” occurred. The British took heavy casualties and had to retreat back to Boston under fire. Massachusetts was now in open revolt.”
    DID WE REALLY BELIEVE THAT THE LIBS KNOW THEIR HISTORY? They probably never read the Paul Revere display at the museum! No time for “that silliness!” Right Obama?

    Read more:


    I seriously doubt that someone who writes an article as sophomoric and juvenile as the one I just read could possibly have the credibility to be able to say whether Sarah Palin is intelligent or not. So when you say ‘She’s not’ unintelligent, did you actually think people would just take your word for it without saying WHAT makes her smart? Smart people just need to hear her speak and they KNOW INSTANTLY that she is not a real bright person.

    • Randy131

      The fact is, real smart people have heard her speak, as this article’s author has, and know by what she says and how she says it that she is smart. But what makes her almost a genius is that she rejects the stupidity of liberalism, with it’s policies of socialism and communism, which every time they are employed prove to be great failures, as is Obama’s policies and agendas. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome, as Obama is doing with his old, tired out, continuously used policies and agendas of past failures, but I’ll bet you think Obama is smart, which must be the reason he hides his educational records from the public.

    • Bree,

      Well said Randy, Sarah is not some kind of intellectual despot with intellectual jargon for the elite. She is a true conservative and patriot who loves this country and has the wisdom and patriotic pride that is so lacking in our nation’s capitol. I would make no apologies for her “smarts” or anything else about this beautiful American woman who has all it takes (and more) to lead this nation – from the brink of despair. SARAH is exactly what the doctor ordered and she’s amazing! SARAH 2012

    • Jackie

      CTHULHU: Clearly, you voted for Obama. What do you know about him that makes him “smart”? Is it his ability to read a teleprompter? Is it his deliberate attempts to blow up our economy, or his disdain for Americans (including you), or his obvious alignment with our enemies on so many issues? Is he smart because of all his lies during the campaign (transparency comes to mind as a big one) or because he is deliberately driving up the price of energy and sabotaging our ability to obtain energy independence? Is it because he thinks criminals are the only private citizens who should own handguns? Maybe it’s because you think American citizens should pay for the healthcare, education and social security benefits for those here illegally and allow them to jump in line ahead of immigrant who are following the law so that Obama can buy himself more votes at our expense, and all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Unless you too are an enemy of America – what the hell are YOU thinking?

    • Joe


    • Bill

      Obama proubdly admits that he and his radical wife were flag burners. Why are such unamerican people in the White House? Do we mistakenly think they have gone through a spiritual conversion and are now true patriots and love this country?

    • Joe

      I think your showing your true dumicratic colors they ripped her up in ’08 and came up with nothing cause she is quite a honest and down home lady not the lier that is in the W H

    • Thomas Martin

      C–k sucker
      Ugly to the bone
      Low life
      Useless as tits on a boar hog

    • TooToo

      NIIIIICE WORDS! Do you kiss your mother with THAT MOUTH??

    • American muslim scum remover…

      You must be ugly,stupid and jealous of real American Patroits.If brains were gasoline,you would not have enough to prime a piss ants motor scooter. Lets go Sarah. Mama grizzlys to the top….. No more obama or any other muslim scum to the white house…

    • DENNIS W

      The way you talk, it sounds like you are an ugly,spitul and nasty person. Do you look the way you sound as well?

    • All muslims are worthless….

      the truth hurts sometimes. I speak about muslims as scum because it was muslims and only muslims that killed thousands of my fellow Americans on 9/11 and I am tried of muslim scum killing our brave men and women in the military because they want to kill all those who will not convert to islam. All muslims eat pig dung pie and like it. allah and mohammed the child molester and all who follow them are low life anti American scum bags and they all eat pig dung pie and like it.obama said he would side with the muslims if things changed.

    • Air Force Cop retired

      CTHULHU: What is that name all about, some F@*King chink-assed communist acronim? as to you not believing in Sarah’s smartness, how would you know? Stupid is as stupid does commie!

    • chas

      …”It” thinks “it’s” being nuanced/ intellectually superior &esoteric; the name comes from H.P.Lovecraft books, a reference to one of the “ancient ones” that ruled earth prior to organized religion….CTHULHU is worshipped/ heralded in the “Necronomicon”, Lovecraft’s “book-of-the-dead”…..

    • chas

      …I FORGOT to add that it is FITTING CTHULHU relates to “the dead”; THAT is where “its” kind is headed, along with the “dustbin-of-history” Blue-shirted Liberal NAZIZ & COMM-U-CRATS……

    • Karen

      And so what makes you the expert ? Oh must be your Democrat credentials. Which you think makes you smarter than the rest the world. Get lost we don’t want you here buster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LadyLiberty

      The Liberal seeks to dominate any institution that can interfere with, weaken or destroy individual parental rights. Thus you will note that Liberals completely control and dominate public schools, child abuse agencies, pediatric associations, welfare departments, social service agencies and all NGO’s that feign concern for the welfare of children. Why? Because in order for Liberals to impose socialism upon a people, they must undermine the ability of the people to govern themselves according to God’s moral law. To accomplish this they must weaken the main support of morality. Strong families are one of the greatest threats to the final goals of Liberalism. The total disintegration of the American family in recent decades among some ethnic communities has occurred as a direct result of the design and intention of Liberals. Feel the hate. Hate is good when directed at these demonic Liberals who are the avowed enemies of God, Family Values and freedom. This is #17 hard truths of 60.

      Google: 60 Hard Truths about Liberals

  • dave schwolow

    Janeane Garofalo, she is, well just ignorant. Here’s my thought, if it were not for the “right” who post comments and articals of the stupid “left” their words would never get read or heard. Nobody (I mean with any grey matter at all) reads or listens to the likes of her and Ayers UNLESS THE RIGHT PRINTS OR REPEATS IT. The left knows it, WHEN will the right get smart and not publish or repeat their ignorance? No Body would have ever heard or read what that woman said, if it werent for us!

    • Bea

      I understand your point, Dave; but I believe we must expose them.

    • mike

      Bea, you are exactly right ! The only way to cure the unholy, unrighteous and unpatriotic rants and actions of Garofalo, Ayers and ALL the other like minded IDIOTIC LIBERAL RADICAL PROGRESSIVE JERKS is to, as Beck says, ” shine the light of day on them ” and ” listen to their own words ” !

    • American muslim scum remover…

      Why does the media and obama get a pass on obama’s friends like ayers and rev wright and his commie appointments like van jones and yet they bash a true American Patriot and make her out to be the bad one? America,it time to start thinking for yourself. obama has said with his own mouth,if the winds chabge you can bet I will be on the side of the muslims. Hello,obama said he would be on the side of the muslims,you know,the ones who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11…. Yes,all muslims and I say ALL muslims are for shariah law and are taught in every mosque to kill the jews and the infidels(THATS US AMERICANS PEOPLE) and All those who will not convert to islam. Why is it so hard for Americans to wake up and to stop selling ourselves out to the radical middle east oil scum muslims?It was muslims and only muslims that killed us on 9/11. Its muslims and only muslims that are taught and they teach their small children to -to kill and get your 72 virgin reward. Give me a break. one man could not handle and really please even one true woman so how can any man really think they could handle 72 hot to trot women?Remember this too,mohammed was a child molester and anyone who follows a child molester is a scum sucking camel licking pig dung pie eating low life commie bastard and should have there nuts cut off. All muslims are scum bags including are anti American head muslim in charge.

    • DENNIS W

      Just listening to her talk, anyone can tell she ‘gets off’ on fantacies and ‘dildos’.
      For most gays and lesbians, that’s all they have sexually going for themselves. And, on the other ‘HAND’ (dildo), most lesbians are so damned ugly, especially Garofalo…SHE’S SO UGLY SHE COULD ‘BLISTER’ PAINT FROM FOURTY PACES…..!!!!! A ‘dildo’ is all they can get.

    • Beegee

      We tried to ignore them in the 80’s, they entered academia, began indoctrinating our kids, masqueraded as patriots and got elected to office, and if we didn’t publish their words, they’d have been confirmed by the Senate, (like a certain 2 SCOTUS, AND MULTIPLE APPELLATE AND FEDERAL JUDGES)! THAT’S HOW WE GOT INTO THIS MESS, IGNORE A RATTLE SNAKE IT GROWS AND RAISES A FAMILY, GET OUT THE SNAKE HUNTERS, AND IT HEADS TO THE WILDERNESS! I guess that’s outta sight, outta mind, unless we have the integrity to send the snake hunters to the wilderness, to at least capture, and cage it!

  • Stan B

    I can only say I love SARAH PALIN she is a sweet women PATRIOT, I’M a veteran 8yrs in the USAF, go SARAH and please run for PRESIDENT, we need YOU SARAH, to save our country, and get rid of the traitor OBUMMA, that is destroying our great nation..Thank you for all that your doing for our country GOD BLESS YOU AND OUR COUNTRY..

    • http://x Patty

      This AM on the Chris Wallis show, they interviewed Sarah Palin. Chirs, a democrat, was actually impressed with Sarah! I was shocked that he admitted it. Also, on another program, there was some speculation on her getting in the race late and being able to raise the money? What? Are you kidding me? Sarah have tourble raising the money? Millions are waiting for her to say she’ll run and the money would pour in if she doe decide to run………..when the RIGHT person comes on the scene, America will rise up and support him or her. We are still in a “wait and see” mode, and it’s driving the media crazy. Obama is wondering just who will run against him and whether or not to be afraid……….news flash! If Sarah runs, Obama wiil not get a good night’s sleep ever again, he’ll be watching his presidency disintegrate…………..and he’ll get really dirty and nasty…………

  • Mike Harkins

    May I butt in here, Ladies? I was an admirer of Margaret Thatcher in the UK because she took no prisoners. Seems to me Sarah Palin fits that bill, so she’s my choice for leading the country if she decides to run. When all the smoke clears,folks like Thatcher and Palin make life better for all of us, even those not living under the Stars and Stripes.

    • Apache6

      Your RIGHT(pun intended)I’ve made that same comparison myself,Mike H!!

  • Michael

    Every U.S. Veteran whoever truly served never ever wants to observe in any fashion our flag belittled in any shape means or manner whatsoever.

  • John

    CTHULHA you are obviously not very bright by your comments and wouldn’t be on this blog only like other librats are threatened by anybody who is patriotic and shows love of our country like Sarah.Go Sarah we love ya.

    • Joe

      AMEN JOHN he sure showed his true color as a dumicrat

    • All muslims are worthless….

      cthulhu- if brains were gasoline you would not have enough to prime a piss ants motor scooter. You really are a muslim loving scum bag.obama for turd collector.

  • Dr Wil

    I am getting into this… way late. However I must say that I agree with virtually all that has been said in Palin’s defense. I would like to add one very important bit of information. Sarah Palin is not now, nor would ever become a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). For those of you who are not aware of the (CFR) it is the one true ‘bad boys club’. Ponder this for awhile… Every candidate (blue & red) running for the Presidency of the United States of America (2008) election, WAS and still IS a member of the (CFR). In closing… Please go on the internet and search “Hillary Clinton’s Address” to the (CFR), you will get the message. It ain’t pretty but it is accurate!

    • mike

      Dr. Wil, you hit the nail on the head, I am not schooled on the CFR but I know that most of our presidents have been members of this organization ( CLUB ). You have brought something forward that is not discussed in any degree during campaigns.
      I intend to educate myself on these people and I would advise ALL who are not knowledgeable of the purpose of the CFR do the same ! Thanks Doc !

    • Apache6

      REAGAN wasn’t CFR,that’s one of the reasons I loved him!!

    • http://PatriotVision Grandmawisdom

      Thank you for opening up my eyes even further!! It is really one nasty “Club”!!

    • http://Yahoo Dee

      I guess I am a really dumb American I have to admit I have never heard of the club CFR do we have republicans that are running for election who are members of the club???????Was George Bush??????Thanks so much for informing me of this information.

    • Apache6

      Lets not forget the TRILATERAL COMMISSION either!!

    • bill

      you go girl if you do decide to run you have my vote

  • Carol Mulshine

    I think Sarah Palin will run, and she will beat OBAMA!!!

    You Betcha!!!!

    • ARMYOF69

      That’s the spirit Carol.

  • Awakening 2012

    Remember the Jr High/Middle School days??
    When something intelligent or rational could not be said…the name calling and “monikers” started. Kinda sounds like today’s media and parts of the political scenery, doesn’t it? Oh how we’ve grown up!?
    Soooo…GROW UP and have something really intelligent to say…or, just keep your peace. [“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say ‘nothin’ (sic) at all!” from “Bambi”]

  • http://AOL Claude

    I wish we had more people like Sarah Palin.

    • Bill

      I’m with you, but I understand Palin’s reluctance. She has been unfairly castigated by the liberal media and receives threats, on a continuing basis, against her personally and her entire family. Voters, as she says, may not be ready for a woman as president. A large segment of the female population, particularly those in the northeast, do not like her, because of her ‘working class’ roots.

      Her appeal is undeniable, but she is commendably cautious, because she will probably only get one bite at this apple. She is still young enough to wait. The move to Arizona was a great idea. She can run for Kyle’s Senate seat and wait for the next election cycle.

    • Beegee

      The question is, if she waits, and everyone else is to scared to take BO and the LAME-bRAIN-MEDIA ON, WILL THE SENATE BE RELEVANT AND WILL THIS BE A COUNTRY FREE TO ELECT IT’S LEADERS BY 2016?
      I love how she’s baiting them and just by having fun, going about whatever, and ignoring all their hate.

    • http://x Patty

      Bill, I don’t think that Sarah is reluctant for the reason of being ‘afraid’. She’s NOT. She’s just waiting to see of someone will carry the mantel and be electable……..She’s hanging back. After seeing her talk this AM on Chris Wallace, I don’t think that she is impressed that there is anyone yet. No one is quite right. Only a couple have the right message and she knows that they are not electable. She’s watching closely, as we all should be. There’s still time until September, I think.

  • John

    I think your CFR is a librat podium for big name librats,and Sarah doesn’t need these one worldy one govt. progressive agenda commie organizations dictating our country and its future.Like Clinton in the UN trying to disarm Americans.Only because they know that we will not be taken over without a fight.

  • John

    I have a reply for “CTHULHU” that at first I was going to just let go, but the more I thought about what was said, I just have to put in my two cents worth. Talk about ‘CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK’. I don’t know just what you are using as a ‘guide for judging others’ but in my humble opinion, according to ‘what I see you write’ and ‘the way you write’ YOU have not progressed far enough in education to understand the word ‘judge’ little lone trying to ‘judge’ others.
    And speaking of ‘credibility’–I would venture an opinion that you have lost all you had, if you had any at all.

  • Donald Barnes

    SHALL NOT WAVE THE crescent moon with star
    flag !
    ISRAEL !

    • Bree,

      Thank you Donald for a great post! YES AND AMEN! SARAH 2012

  • http://AOL Claude

    Sarah will beat tight lip dictater chin up and out like Hitler and i see he is telling Israel to give up thier land to a terror islamic lead murderers which they state to the public ,they will kill all Jews and destroy Israel.I guess when Obama looks at himself he sees power power power blood thisty power and he talks about Being a follower of GOD Ha? is he now.But he stated America is not a nation under GOD,so who is his GOD ????I bet i know.

  • George


    What more is there to say?

  • Marye

    Yet Sarah went to AZ and helped John McCain get re-elected to his Senate Seat. Neither McCain or Palin has offered to help AZ Gov. Jan Brewer secure AZ borners. Why is this. Every illegal alien entering thru Arizona’s open borders ia another vote for Obama. JD Hayworth ran on his promise that he would secure AZ borders…and was leading over McCain…until Sarah showed up. This is McCain’s home state that he has represented for many, many years….yet it looks like he is helping Obama out as he has not done a thing to close their borders or even mention it. Sarah and her daughter bought homes in AZ and you would think Sarah would be helping Governor Brewer….or is she just there to take Senator Kul’s seat when he leaves….and by the way, he is another Republican who has done nothing to help his Governor secure the borders. Whose side are they on anyway? I am a registered Democrat and I can see that these two Republican Senators have been in Congress many, many years and are not doing their duty to protect their State and their Country from illegal immigrants who are taking the jobs that out-of-work true American Citizens could have. Why doesn’t the mainstream media and/or FOX NEWES make a point of this travesty?

    • Bea

      Sarah is in FULL support of securing our boarders.

    • randell

      I agree but i think she may be a little soft on what to do about those who already have been here illegally. Is she in favor of amnesty?

    • Bree,

      No Randell, SARAH says NO AMNESTY! Check her site on the issues and see for yourself.

  • stevor

    Since Bill Ayers was shown in the picture,here’s a comment about him, instead of Palin:
    Ayers thinks the 2 parties and the corporations represent America, as did O’Bummer. Since then, the corporations BOUGHT O’Bummer so he’s singing a different tune. If he actually stayed true to being against the corporations that turn society into a feudal state with they being the rulers and we being the peasants, that would have been a good “change”. But O’Bummer was just a “community organizer” with no more guts than to vote “present” over 100 times, so with government (owned by the corporations) will ruin what greatness that the USA once had.

  • WVF

    Sarah Palin is a good and genuine patriot, and I wish people would stop trashing her. When I hear her speak, I feel like a father filling with pride when hearing his daughter stand up for America. If she should decide to run for the presidency, she will wipe Obama, BHO, Barry Soetoro, et. al out!

    • Asa Christian

      It is human nature to attack that which you are afraid of. Sarah stands “for” what America is all about and “against” everything the liberal, socialist, communist, one-worlders are leading us to. It underscores their fear of her when they attack her at every turn. She hasn’t even ‘announced’ yet. Wait till she steps into the ring and those who speak out against her and ‘they’ turn up the volume. I thought it notable that she has never had any involvement in the CFR nor the Tri-Lateral Commission. I have known of thos two ‘evil’ organizations since the late ’70’s when they were never spoken of. Its interesting that as America has moved further and further to the left, they have moved from the dark in the closet to the shadows and finally into the full light. I love the way she is messin’ with their minds now. The RNC,(those who love to dictate to us who we can vote for and whom I have told not to call me anymore) is upset which to me is wonderful. I say “GO SARAH DARLIN”, get us back on course. And PS, listen to some of the things Sen Ron Paul has to say!

  • Ltjg

    Sarah is doing a great Job. So far the Media has not figured out that they actually help her expand awareness of Sarah. The more they bash her…the more she is in the Public eye and the more people get to know her. She could NOT BUY this type of exposure. She knows this and the Media is doing exactly what she expects and wants them to do without their knowing it. If they would just SHUT UP and leave her alone, she would probably seem just like any average person. Her Bus never showed the Flag…only Red and White stripes. No Blue and No Stars. Even if she did have the Flag…Who Cares. Fourth of July is approaching. I wonder how many T Shirts, Ties, Jackets we will see being worn. No one complains about this. Is it wrong for our Olympic Team to display the Flag on their apparel? After all the Media puts her through she has the Courage and Backbone to keep asking for more. Frankly, this alone shows what a great Patriot she is and why I would support her. Look at the amount of Lawyers they teamed up to investigate her back in 2008. They tried to crucify her by looking up any Dirt they possibly could find. They spoke with the Town Folks, Neighbors, People that worked for her etc. The thing that angered me was that they did not do the same to Obama. No one questioned his back ground or demanded a proof of a Birth Certificate back then. It was only later that it became an issue due to aware public pressure and he had 2 years to have it Doctored. He was treated completely different because of racism. I think it is just as racist not to question him because he is BLACK. But try to give a woman the same courtesy??? The more I see and hear of Sarah…The more I love Her. She has more “Balls” than most men and the Smarts to use the Media against themselves. Her Policies Domestic and Abroad are exactly what we need. Bachmann is great too. Eother of these Ladies are far more qualified and beleive in the principles of our ancestors. Of course the Media hates it. Maybe the Media should be driving around in RED vehicles with the HAMMER and SICKLE on them.

    • http://! Bobcat

      Bachmann/Palin 2012

  • Ltjg

    I have looked at the way Party lines have shifted. In todays society the Democrats are nothing but Communists. The Republicans are nothing but old Democrats. IF JFK were alive today…His policies would be considered as a conservative. He knew Tax breaks helped the economy. His brother went completely the opposite direction. As far as I am concerned McCain was a Democrat. If it was not for Sarah, he probably would not have gotten the Votes he did. The “HELL” with reaching across the isle. Each time we do..we give up something in return, more of our Freedoms. No wonder we are in the mess we are in.

    • randell

      If it wasn’t for McCain she would have been vice president.

    • WVF

      Ltjg, right-on! Everytime we conservatives reach across the isle, we lose. If I were in Congress, everytime I reached across the isle, I would check and count my fingers!

  • Sharon Ashworth

    Go Sarah Palin Go Sarah Palin Go Sarah Palin Go! Run the race as only you can! Go Sarah Go Sarah Go Sarah Go! Show us the way out of the frying pan!

    • Eddie B

      Sharon….I couldn’t have stated it in a more succinct manner….You got it!….GO SARAH!!!

  • randell

    She could be touring the country on a tricycle and they would still be afraid of her.

  • Jon Dee

    Sarah Palin in Her college days played on the school’s basketball team. She became known among her teammates and competing teams as “SARAHCUDA”.

    Sarahcuda was not a derogetory nickname; but a statement of Her tenacity and endurance for her team and college.

    Sarah Palin brings to what ever venue She happens to be, the same contagious vitality that she demonstrated in Her college years.
    She is a National Treasure and the Spark Plug of the Tea Party group of American Patriots.

    I don’t know what Sarah will do in the future; but I am certain that what ever it is it will be in the best interests of Her beloved America.

    Her personal magnetism and obious sincerety may very well influence and reinvigorate the many millions of disalussioned citizens.
    Those that became fed-up with the various political parties in recent years and no longer vote.

    Sarah Palin is a great lady and role model; and possesses the ability to bring out the best in all those who get see the positive results of Her presence.

    God Bless Sarah Palin..God Bless America

    Jon Dee

    • http://! Bobcat

      go sarahcuda!!!! take a big bite

  • Norman A. Schlosser

    Well, Ann Marie….You did a fantastic job!!! I do, however have a few more points to add. First off, for those of you that have not read G. W’s. ( thats George Washington’s) farewell address… He stated that we should not get involved with political parties. I think that is what Sarah is doing, causing….well…. GREAT FRUSTRATION and CONSTERNATION with the establishment, especially the established and imbeded republicans as they cannot control her. AMEN, I say to you AMEN. As T.J. said, we need to have a revoultion every so often to keep the Government refreshed. I think that now is the time. It is time to get RID of the established republican party, as they are to soft and to far off base as being a CONSERVATIVE PARTY. They are FAR to liberal, and out of control. They no longer stand for “WE THE PEOPLE”. I would like to go on, but there isn’t room. Thank you for your time!!

    • http://x Patty

      Norman, I think that WE, the conservative Americans,{Mostly Tea Partiers} should TAKE OVER the Republican party. We put 82 Tea partiers in place in 2010 in the House and in 2012 we’ll load ‘er up some more…………We will have the vast majority in place. We’ll finish up the process in 2014………NO THIRD PARTY. The split will doom the county. Let’s keep working from the bottom up. We’re almost there…………………….

    • Norman A. Schlosser

      Well Patty – You are so very very right, BUT WE have to get rid of the RNC from the top down, along with the SRC and CRC. That is the hard part!! That is what I don’t know how to do. This is where I think that Sarah is going.

  • Lawrence Brown

    I am 64 years old man and Sarah has given me life. She has shown what a true america is. Sarah has stood tall against everything the liberals,MSM,and her own party(GOP) has tossed against her. Show me one other that has taken that many hits and still scares the hell out of the liberals. She has my VOTE to occupy the white house as PRESIDENT.

    • http://! Bobcat

      AMEN i am behind her all the way

  • http://http/ sean murry

    the left is scared of her she wont take any of thier bullshit what a lady a lot better than most of the men in govenment.

  • James

    Bashir, Ayers abd Garofalo can get no other type job. Nobody wants them. How did they even get that low of job. Get ready. Sarah will be the “First Lady of the White House” and I don’t mean her husband will be the President Come on Sarah. Start running.

  • lizaz

    These poor liberals have nothing else to do but bash Sarah and they do so because of jealousy. They are jealous because she is nice looking, commands huge attention which they cannot, speaks with common sense and isn’t afraid to tell us who lies (like obama, and his minions) and she has more intelligence and life experience in her little finger than they have in their entire “brain”. She’s a regular person, not an elitist like the liberals pretend to be, and she can raise huge support for any candidate she chooses. The liberals hate the fact they can’t measure up to her, and fortunately we can simply ignore the idiots on the LSM. Imagine Sarah put beside Garofalo!!! Wow!!!

    • http://x Patty

      She dares to speak agaist THEM………………..

    • Asa Christian

      Jealous? NO! Afraid? YES! GO SARAH, give ’em hell!!

  • http:Google Connie B.

    These commie/liberals like Ayers have little regard for our nation; let alone for anyone of Sarah Palin’s stature and patriotic fervor. Ones like him wish only to remold our youths minds in their own image. That being the image of Socialist hate mongers who only wish to destroy America from within.
    I applaud Sarah for her love of America and her dedication to , We the people, and to our flag and all that it represents. Go Sarah,,,Go!………

  • http:Google Connie B.

    Oh,,John? I agree about CTHULHU. That person appears to have a humongous chip on his or her shoulder; or they’re one of those fake liberal heckler/spies?

  • Alvan G. Burman

    I believe that Sarah Pahlin is what this country needs to dismantle the liberal movement and i will support her for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES TILL THIS COUNTRY IS RID OFF ALL THOSE PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS. GO GIRL….GO GIRL……

  • David

    THANK GOD for Sarah Palin & her family!!! I pray for them daily. She is more God-fearing,intelligent, inspirational, interesting,beautiful (internal as well as external), dedicated,bold, patriotic, exciting, honest,& of strong scruples, than all of the perverse, vile, ungodly ones in there now.
    May GOD with her & her family!! GO SARAH GO!!!!

    • WVF


  • R.F. HORKA


    • http://x Patty

      Excellent point, Horka…………..she has a record to look at. She WILL clean house.

  • larry

    Sarah palin will be comming in fast and hard on her large white horse to send the damn commie ,lying ,scum bucket obama and all of his cronnies back to the depths of hell, GO SARAH, SAVE US

  • BILL U

    These people r so afraid of anyone who honors the historical story of our great country, they r afraid of anyone who departsd from the “politics as usual” theme and explores the american spirit of America. They despise anyone one who seeks the truth about our history and displays it. Sarah Paliun is a true patriot and onme of the millions of miliktary mom’s who r the true heroines of our time. She operates in the political climate in unusual, unorthodox ways the likles of which we have not seen in centuries. Where would this country be without the unorthodox and inventive passions of George Washington, Abe Lincoln, henry ford, fulton(steam boat)Whitney(cotton Gin)and the pioneers that haqd to be inovative and unorthodox to survive. Sarah Palin rejects wqhat our political system has degenorated into, She wants to do whatever she can to restore the integrity 0f our political system, she is truly the all american girl,

  • Rick Casey

    THANK YOU!!! I am so tired of hear conservatives constantly put down and dogs like Ayers praised for their liberal sickness. THANK YOU!! By the way, yes I would vote for Sarah Palin and Herman Cain.

    • John

      So you would put another person up there who would continue the push for Mu-lim appointees at all levels of our government???

  • http://PatriotUpdate Ali R. Sal

    I, too, am with you on what you have written about the extreme liberals. I am with Sarah Palin all the way, and, yes, I would vote for her. God Bless her.

  • William

    Sarah Palin is the real deal, not a stuffed and bought shirt as many others in both major parties. Just for the record,I admire John McCain for his service but he is, after all a progressive.If you remember his speeches in’08 he had no interest in securing the border or dealing with it other than mass amnesty. Now,of course, he’s telling everyone he has always been for securing the border. An absolute politician of the worse order.Telling the electorate whatever he believes they want to hear !

  • Shirley

    Very good article on Sarah. I like you are awful tired of people putting her and her family down. Just what has she done wrong? She’s out promoting America where Obama keeps putting America down and apoligizing because we are a great country. Just listen wne disaster happens ” Where is America”. So I just wish people who don’t like America pack up and leave.

    • WVF

      Shirley, I couldn’t agree with you more. If you listen to some people about Sarah, you’d think SHE was the anti-Christ! I, as a male true conservative, cannot find a single thing I don’t like about her. My only regret about her is that she is not MY daughter! God bless her, Todd, and all the rest of the family!

  • david celaschi

    In reality,both parties are definitly afraid of Sarah Palin.The reason being is she is to much american for them.They the,the powers that be are afraid if she would be elected, they all would loose their holds on the american people. By that I mean she would take away all the free be’s they have become accustomed to.Such as no more life long pay checks for 1 term of service,free medical ,And I could go on and on with the free rides ,but you allready know what they are.I would support her completely. Why, because she is the only one that says she is for AMERICA FIRST AND FORMOST!

  • Bill Simpson

    Two things. I think, as most here do,that Palin is a good, solid conservative. I agree with her beliefs on almost all issues. I want, as you all do, to rid ourselves of that crowd in the W.H. They are poison! Now, don’t get mad at me; I’m only a messenger – in reality she cam’t win the W.H.! There’s just too many people that WILL NOT vote for her. We need SOMEONE(?) that CAN win. And, right now, the Conservatives do not have that person. The O. administration is dangerous to and for our great country, and, O. would beat Palin. She should continue to speak out. I’m sure in a Repub admin. there would be a place for her. But focus! We need someone to crush Obama and his policies. America needs him out in the street.

    • John

      You’re right Bill but watch; both our comments will be multi thumbs down before you know it. I like Palin, but she is not White House material. Her die hard followers have blinders on and will only hurt the chances of a qualified Republican getting rid of Obama.

    • WVF

      John, unlike Bill, you are full of it! You are the typical Palin hater. You better believe I’m giving you a thumbs down!

    • WVF

      Bill, I am not angry with you, but you are wrong about Sarah not winning. She can and will win if she runs, because should she get the GOP nomination, BHO has absolutely nothing on which to run. He has run America into the ground. His own words and actions prove it. In reality, I think whomever the Republicans run will get elected, even RINO Romney. I will hold my nose and vote for him, if there isn’t another choice. This country cannot last four more years of having a Muslim mole, pathelogical liar, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Soros controlled puppet in the White House as Commander in Chief. The bottom line is Anybody But Obama (ABO).

  • Lois Lengel

    Ann Marie MURRELL…Thank you for this article. It’s so good to read someone defending Sarah. She’s gotten a bum wrap and for no good reason. She’s such a good and true American and they keep digging to find some dirt but they can’t and so they are so frustrated they resort to other means of trying to destroy her. Thank you again!!!!

  • rebecca brigandi

    I have an idea, if we all love Sarah and feel such a huge sense of outrage whenever the Big bad bullies try to destroy her, then we should all rise up everytime it happens, no matter what venue, and defend her as a massive union of protectors to send a clear message to her (and our) enemies.
    For almost 3 years, I have been an dedicated Palin defender and apologist. It has been non stop and the woman deserves none of the constant bashing she gets from the MSM and the Dems, Libs, and now even the RINOS, not to mention the hypnotized zombies that the liberals tell lies to (And they actually believe them, poor slobs).
    Anyway, I think all those who see Sarah for the great patriot that she is, and hate the fact that she is so viciously attacked from every side, non stop, should at every oportunity you get look out for articles, news clips blog posts and anywhere else there is a Palin Bash Fest, Just pummel them with barages of defense comments . If the portion of America that loves Sarah (including those who usually stay silent in the side lines), would all just rise up and blast the perps between the eyes, maybe the big bad bullies will back off for a while.
    We have to be her army and guard dogs. If we diligently do this for as long as it takes, we should help her get to the place she neeed to be, to be the Joan of Arc that God had sent save our beloved country (and HIS).

  • Michael Saxman

    Folks, there’s a LOT going on in Washington, definately. But, a lot, and I mean a bunch, of what Obama and the Democrats have done to us could be ‘undone’ if we all send emails and make phone calls to Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and to our OWN Representatives in the House about Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate. Since he wasn’t eligible to be elected, most of what he’s done could be changed back by Congress. If we make this a huge issue, Obama can be impeached long before 2012’s election! Wouldn’t THAT be a lot better than waiting that long and HOPING Obama is defeated then?

  • Dave

    A lot of people are very nervous about this whole rapture thing, though a lot of people didn’t understand it. For instance, Sarah Palin said, “The raptures were the scariest part of ‘Jurassic Park.’”

  • Dave

    It’s the anniversary of D-Day. Or, as Sarah Palin calls it, the day that Paul Revere warned the Americans that the Danish were coming.

  • Dave

    That’s right, Michelle Obama is taking Sasha and Malia to South Africa and Botswana and Sarah Palin was like, “Wow, they’re going to all the places Paul Revere went.”

  • Dave

    A new Republican presidential poll has Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, tied for second with Sarah Palin. Or as Obama put it, “Do I even need to campaign at this point?”

  • Dave

    The summer blockbuster “Thor” is about a warrior from another dimension. But one third of Americans believe he was born in Kenya.

  • Dave

    It’s the anniversary of D-Day. Or, as Ms. Palin calls it – the day that Paul Revere warned the Americans that the Danish were coming.

    • Shan

      AND she was RIGHT in what she said!! SO, I ask, WHO ARE THE IDIOTS?? Ya Liberal Idiot!! Get a LIFE!! You liberals are quick to come down on things Sara says but you might want to research and learn yourselves before you start bashing, get the FACTS moron!!

  • Thomas Martin

    dave is an ass sucking welfare obama loving piece of liberal trash. That’s how that piece of human waste got into the oval office because of idiots like dave.