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Stealth Anti-Tea Party Websites: Be Careful Who You Trust!

Written on Monday, June 6, 2011 by

patriot majority Logo

Those pesky Democrats are at it again—and this time they’re aiming for the group that almost single-handedly changed the standing of the House of Representatives in 2010:  The Tea Party.

With their usual aplomb, instead of fighting face-to-face like decent human beings, the Democrats are sneaking around-back and trying to find Alinsky-approved ways to infiltrate unseen.

They are doing this with the help of a VERY deceptive website called (formerly–a group which basically funnels money out of everyone from ordinary citizens to big labor unions and redirects them into slush funds for Democratic activists.

When you first go to the PatriotMajority website, it initially looks like every Conservative website on the Internet.  It’s all red, white and blue with a video of the Statue of Liberty and graphics of Mt. Rushmore.  Their “Patriot Majority” logo has the usual Tea Party graphic of a Revolutionary soldier in profile holding a rifle.

Their motto is:  “We believe it is our patriotic duty to protect the American Dream, strengthen national security and provide for the common good of all Americans. We also work independently to elect candidates who support these patriotic policies.”

And their ‘About Us’ statement and goals:

Patriot Majority PAC was formed in October 2009 with two organizational goals:

Promote policies that protect the American Dream, strengthen our national security and provide for the common good of our growing and dynamic population.

Work independently to elect Senate and Congressional candidates in targeted races who support these patriotic policies.

To help achieve these two organizational goals, Patriot Majority PAC’s new web site will examine in depth and vigorously support policies and candidates dedicated to achieving this American agenda:

1. Strengthen our national security, support our troops and keep the promises made to our nation’s military veterans
2. Create jobs, ensure America’s return to a vibrant, job-creating economy and keep America at the global forefront of technology development and innovation
3. Secure and diversify our energy supply with affordable, clean energy and, once and for all, end our reliance on foreign oil from countries that either hate us or harbor those who plot to harm us
4. Strengthen our health-care system so that it remains the best in the world, but also so that it is affordable
5. Educate our young people to compete successfully in a knowledge-based economy
6. Promote the free flow of public information vital to a well-informed citizenry and ensure transparency in public life and among government officials in order to serve the common good rather than special interests
7. Support smart and effective public safety policies that are beneficial to law enforcement, other public safety officials and the citizens they are sworn to protect

Sounds awesome, right?  Sounds just like any Tea Party or Conservative site with the basic same set of goals.


When you click on a link called “The Tea Party is Over”, you’ll see the real monster behind the proverbial curtain.

On their REAL page, the first thing that grabs you is a picture of Sarah Palin looking as vicious as our Sarah possibly can with a banner that reads, “We came unarmed (this time)”.

“It’s time to fight back,” the website screams.  “As Americans, we must answer the call to patriotic duty and say no to the dangerous extremism that threatens to tear our country apart.”  Following this call to arms, there are links that say, “Sign up! Support real patriots!  Tell your friends!  Vote for who should be defeated!” “Keep America Strong and Secure.  Bag the Tea Party.”

On this undisguised page, there are articles called “Florida Congressman Discusses the Issues” (all about Col. Allen West, whom they apparently see as a potential threat); “Tea Party Fringe Still Likes Donald the Demagogue” and “Tea Party Stands for Toxic”.  There’s also an “Eye on the Tea Party” map, in which you can see exactly where the most active Tea Party movements are throughout the United States.

A Fox News report last year uncovered exactly who is behind this website and it all boils down to two men:  Democrat strategists Craig Varoga and George Rakis.

These two sneaky dudes run a Maryland-based consulting firm called Independent Strategies (another site that looks much more Conservative/Patriot than liberal).  They have another address which Fox describes as the center of where their activity seems to come from, a single office in Southeast D.C. — 300 M Street, Suite 1102 which, according to Fox, “plays host to a sprawling political shell game they have established.”

Their Suite 1102 office is run by lawyer Joseph Sandler, who is a general counsel to the Democratic National Committee.

Part of what Varoga and Rakis have done is set up a number “527’s”, which are basically tax-exempt groups that, under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, are “allowed to raise money for political activities including voter mobilization efforts, issue advocacy and the like.”

According to, “Many 527’s run by special interest groups raise unlimited ‘soft money,’ which they use for voter mobilization and certain types of issue advocacy, but not for efforts that expressly advocate the election or defeat of a federal candidate or amount to electioneering communications.”

So Varoga and Rakis are able to keep a central mailing address in Washington and can gather this ‘soft money’ from unions and other Democratic contributors in what Fox calls “a legal laundering system”.  The tens of millions of dollars collected “gets circulated around to different states by the 527s, which pay for TV ads, Internet campaigns and lobbyist salaries, all while keeping the hands of the unions clean—for the most part.”

The “most part” meaning that this deceptive system hides the true sources of funding—making it appear as if the money is coming from individual states, or more of a ‘grass roots’ base instead of a huge central location run by two Democrat strategists.

All of this is dishonest and borderline criminal, yes; but illegal, no.

Rep. Paul Ryan said, “There’s a reason they do it:  they know voters don’t like outsiders coming in to sway the vote.”

According to Fox, public records show “at least seven political shops listed in Varoga and Rakis’s D.C. office, most of which are essentially clones of one another, but all of which have offered money—from measly thousands to game-changing millions—in state-level elections across the country”:

The American Public Policy Committee         Donations | IRS forms
Patriot Majority                                                 Donations | IRS forms
Citizens for Progress                                         Donations | IRS forms
Oklahoma Freedom Fund                                Donations | IRS forms
Mid Atlantic Leadership Fund                        Donations | IRS forms
Public Security Now                                         Donations | IRS forms
Pioneer Majority                                               Donations | IRS forms
Bluegrass Freedom Fund                                Donations | IRS forms

These groups worked hard to win the November ’10 elections, using their money for anti-Tea Party ads and more.  And all of their money was came from Patriot Majority and Citizens for Progress (also called Patriot Majority West).

Election law experts call the naming system intentional and “generally disapprove of the practice.”

Ryan said, “I do take issue with and have long complained about groups that shield particular special interests with innocuous-sounding names like … ‘Americans for America.’  That type of naming of an organization, I believe, is specifically intended to obscure the true sources of funding of special interest groups behind political activity.

Some of the major contributors of Patriot Majority and Patriot Majority West are:  the Service Employees International Union, Change to Win, the Communications Workers of America, the National Education Association, the Teamsters Union, the United Food & Commercial Workers Union, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which in 2008 donated $5.8 million to Patriot Majority and another $4.1 million to Patriot Majority Midwest.

What this means to YOU is that taxpayer dollars, sent up as union dues, have been going to fund a host of Democratic causes and help quash the tea party movement.

So please PLEASE be very aware of any site you visit which may or may not be what you think it is.  (I personally saw several of my Facebook friends listed as members of the site).  The Democrats are out for blood in the 2012 elections and they are willing to achieve their goal through any means available.

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  • Paul Revere

    Gaddafi’s Stolen Billions: Max Keiser Explains ‘Financial Terrorism’

    This video is ultimate for you to see what kind of Financial Terrorism is going on!

    The biggest heist in the history of the world! Enough tell your Reps to stop this! As Max says Revolt now or be a debt slave!

  • DaNangMe

    I’m not knowingly donating to anyones cause or campaign monetarily.However I will volunteer my time to defeat or unseat any politician,local, State, or Fed. that continues to destroy this Nation and our Freedoms with wanton disregard for the rule of law and our Constitution.

    • Mike

      You mean like the Governor of Minnesota and the Republican legislators there who disregarded State law to pass a bill that essentially strips State Unions of their right to bargain?

    • JoJo

      You mean the SAME unions that have ruined the steel, textile, furniture, education industries and are currently working on the auto and government? You mean the SAME unions that beat the h*ll out of people just because they’re holding a sign that disagrees with your ideology? The SAME union that pays and supports members of congress, the senate and the president to circumvent laws (aka the Constitution) in order to get their socialist agenda jammed down our throats? Glad you cleared that up.

    • ARMYOF69

      Well said JoJo.



    • nastyned

      ARMYOF69, did you get a chance to view the link IO posted for you concerning Obama taking the oath of office on the Koran? If not I just wanted to make sure you got a chance to see it. That is if FB does not pull it like they did before.

    • nastyned

      I also wanted to take this chance to apologize for the mistake I made earlier about the Somalians. It was suppose to be the Saudis that he imported.

    • LadyLiberty

      I have just sent this article by email to all my email buddies to make them awhere of the slime scam we will have to deal with.

      If you are going to do the same, please make sure you tell them to send it out to their email buddies too. We have to get this message out there to as many as we can… before it’s too late.

    • http://patriotupdate SICK&TIRED OF THE B.S.


    • All muslims are worthless….

      Trusting a democrat is like trusting obama to be transparent or trusting reid and pelosi to write a healthcare bill that is about healthcare only. America will wake up. I just hope its before obama sells us to the middle east oil scum muslims.Anyone who votes for the democrats are scum commie muslim loving low lifes that hate America. If brains were gasoline anyone voting for obama would not have enough to prime a piss ants motor scooter made in china…..

    • Buckeye

      To all of you union haters just tell the truth you hate unions because they are the only organized opposition to the corrupt republican party. Unions forced the rich repubs to pay at least a minimum wage and stop using the people as slaves. Mike Lee a repub senator from Utah has a bill up at this time trying to do away with child labor laws. More than one repub state has bills up to do away with the minimum wage. Check it out voters the repubs would love to have slavery back.

    • Antiliberal

      Buckeye, if you think your union bosses have your back, you’d better hope you never have to find out.

    • 1VoiceOfReazon

      Good grief. The minimum wage has only two purposes: buy votes from people who don’t understand basic economics, and cause inflation so as to raise taxes through “bracket creep.” This buys votes from the poor and the dull-witted, and squeezes the middle class for more tax money. People who offer value to the company they work for, or who own the company, get raises to cover the losses to inflation AND higher taxes or they go somewhere else where they will. This forces the gap between the very rich and the very poor to increase, by government fiat (though “hidden” from dull people), which gives Demohypocrites “fodder” for claiming that the Republicans “just love the rich, and don’t care about the little guy.” They lead more and more idiots around by the nose, like the rings used on pigs. They’re all for the dumbing down of America, simply because it means more power and more control for them. The best liars and cheaters are the ones who move to the top in the current-day Democrat party, like Barack Hussein Obama (going by the name HE chose). He lies just about every time he opens his mouth, and he does just about everything “under the table.” He ignores the law and the courts, and his oath of office, loads the court system with “judges” who have no interest in Rule By Law, and actively works to undermine and destroy the Constitution and the principles upon which this great nation was founded and to which we owe our greatness. FREEDOM – rule by law, and the LIMITATION of government power and influence on the common man – THAT is what has made this country a light and a beacon to the world. NOT obamacare or the “pass the bill so we can read it” policies of this radical leftist regime that has lied, bought, and cheated its way into power and is similarly working diligently to solidify that power.

    • Johnnygard

      Mike, Did you mean Wisconsin? What can we expect from a lib., certainly not accuracy.

    • KrazyKyngeKorny

      Obama violated the Constitution, when he directed Hillary to sign a treaty to confiscate guns, worldwide. This treaty will give the Obama Gestapo permission to enter and search ANY house, or building they “suspect” may be concealing firearms. Can you say, “Heil, Obama”? Learn it. You will need it in about six years.

    • Christian Archer

      I don’t trust your post because of your name which seems to insinuate that you want for viewers to associate you with the KKK. Thus, I take you as a liberal masquerading as a conservative to discolor and smear what we Tea Partiers believe. If I’m wrong, denounce the KKK and other Nazi groups like them. We Christians are NOT going to refute and resist such mind pollution as the philosophies propounded by the Marxists and Fascists.

    • Christian Archer

      I meant to say, “We Christians are going to refute and resist such mind pollution as the philosophies propounded by the Marxists and Fascists.

    • Old Bill

      The senate must ratify such a treaty before it is agreed on.

    • David Roberts

      Very “sharp’ observation.

    • cel

      your right about facist,the kkk was the left wing of the democratic party,,every-body got sick of their crap,,and the democrats replaced it with this communist crap,,the agenda is the same,total control and absolute power…

    • morg

      When Hillary comes for my guns, she had better bring the heavy artillery and a company of troops.

    • jjdebird

      Before the Whitehouse retouched the pictures of her turning to introduce Obama, it did not look like she would fit through the door.

    • Charles Martel

      Love ya Brother!

    • Apache6

      AND Morg,a SHIT LOAD of BODY BAGS!!

    • 1VoiceOfReazon

      Let us hope that there are enough in the military who will refuse to turn on their countrymen at the order of this traitorous dictator wannabe.

    • http://PatriotVision Grandmawisdom

      Wow! I never picked up on her initials. I, however, did agree with the first two sentences, but not at all with the last two!!

    • Debra

      Hey Mike, looks like JOJo put you in your place.Plus I saw The Union members with my own eyes,(thank God Obama hasn’t turned off the T.V. yet)destroy the Wisconsin Capital building and attack anyone who disagreed with them.It looked like I was watching a Gangster Movie. Come to think about it, that is what the Unions and Obama are,Gangsters,with a Gangster mentality.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      The members of the Wisconsin legislature chose their demise and left their seats vacant. I might have ran home, taking my marbles with me too when I was 7yrs old; but for so called professional adults, that was just plain stupid and unprofessional (as well as unamerican in that, we have all agreed to this form of a Republic representation.) The unions and the legislators are to blame for this one…they OWN it.

    • jjdebird

      Naa, the unions don’t own this economy or this nation, that’s why they treat it like a rented mule.

    • Seabee Combat Vet

      You got that right you union slug whose taking down America!!!

    • Nancy

      Don’t you mean the State Unions that are destroying the country. Wake up! Oh, you can’t, you are too blinded by The Man BO and his communist cronies.

      I lived in MN and have watched it be destroyed that great state. If you notice, all the states in the worst trouble in this wonderful country are BLUE and run by UNIONS. Duh, that says something to me.

    • Buckeye

      You of little knowledge check some facts. 2012 budget deficits ————————1st. Worst Repub Nevada -45.2%—————#2. Repub New Jersey -37.4%—————–#3. Repub rich oil Texas -31.5%————-

      Where did all of their money go TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH

    • Johnnygard

      Buckeye, Nevada doesn’t even have a state income tax, so what extra breaks did the rich get?

    • Thomas Martin

      mike, go cry on your belove obama’s shoulders.

      I want this I want that I’m union I’m better than you.

      The democrats and unions screw American tax payers all to hell.

      How many jobs has went over seas to your high demands for momre more more.

      Pay backs a bitch….

    • Apache6

      To all the communist union leaders,you can get VIOLENT if ya want,but WE have GUNS TOO,so bring it,IF YOU DARE !!!

    • All muslims are worthless….

      I have a nice 223 round for any and all muslim scum bags.

    • john

      Unions are evil marxist devils. and are full of lazy, overpaid pigs who think they deserve more than everone else. I know I was in a sleazy union for 20years and saw how companys couldn’t fire worthless workers and under union law couldn’t give the good workers any extra money for their good work.

    • R. Cook

      Hey Mike, how many of the listed organizations do you belong to?….I smell a Troll

    • icetrout

      They should never of had a Union to begin with,their suppose to be civil servants.Job security makes up for not belonging in a Union like a privet worker.

    • JoJo

      Absolutely. I’m more than willing to volunteer to go door to door, stuff envelopes, make phone calls or whatever it takes. What is needed is an army of volunteers. The emails for money are a major turn off because I don’t know WHO is getting the money and what they are actually using it for.

    • R. Cook

      I trust Jim Demint’s fund raising. Money only goes to conservatives.

    • http://x Patty

      Do us ALL a favor and don’t visit the web site, not even out of couriosity………As far as “pesky” democrats, as stated in the above article……well, that’s not an adjective that I’d choose to discribe them. I was thinking more on the lines of, cheating, lying, treacherous, dispicable, anti-american, cominist, marxist, socialist, awful, putrid, smelly, hateful, dispicable, pigs. Did I leave anyghing out? I’m sure that I did…….

    • Ray Sears

      You forgot ” PUKE “

    • nax777

      Are you writing and going to your States halls and city councils to demand stiff laws for people that house and hire illegals?

      Most are falling for the propaganda. We will make someone in Britain listen to us as we allow the Brits to define what makes a person smart enough and experienced enough. Only content matters!

      The opposition is using capitalism against us. Even the capitalist are destroying us. All the conservative groups out there won’t set capitalism aside long enough to get everyone on one platform.
      Capitalism works best for individual prosperity raising all boats. But as a political tool capitalism serves as the best way to separate people.

      Feeding an overpopulating poor nation of people before they learn to govern their passions is the work of a cruel or foolish heart. What better way to teach the fool hearted than to have these nations overwhelm them.

      Ill taught Libs and Christians produce the most foolish hearts. One line scripture and buzz phrases are served as applications to all things. Jesus has been quoted many times; “is it not written?”, “have you not read?”

      Replace the parties with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

      P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

    • John

      Unless you want to see this great country go down the tubes you better start contributing to the fight,it does take money to change things and if you want to sit on your wallet you can be miserable and hungary and have little freedom,oh and you can have obamacare.
      You can watch and be stuborn about giving 10 or 20 dollars to this cause or that which is important to your beliefs,but if we don’t try to stop the madness who will.My retirement is fixed but I will do without something to try and right some of these wrongs.Its not hard to see the frauds if you heart is in the right place.

  • Lawrence

    Well, WE (the real patriots) are out for blood TOO. The real thing, not ‘revenge’ or ‘victory’ – the sticky red stuff. And we will get it FROM THE LIBERALS in the old fasioned, but quite effective way: high velocity lead poisoning.

    • JoJo

      You DO realize you sound exactly like the liberals love to portray TEA Party supporters. Nuts.

    • Buzzkill

      Naw, he’s just gotten to the end result faster than the rest of us.

      Powder dry!


      locked and loaded.

    • the7thson

      This mook is obviously a shill for the libs. Trying to make conservatives sound like raving loonies…don’t mind him.

    • the7thson

      I’m talking about Lawrence.

  • The Enemy

    The very fact that the liberals are attacking the Tea Party validates their viability and credibility. When the Dumbocrats attack someone (like Sarah Palin) it’s because they see them as a threat to their socialism. It is as good an endorsement of the Tea Party as they can get.

    • JoJo

      Exactly, the democrats only attack or belittle what they fear might interfere with their one note agenda.

    • Dale Vandy

      I always find it fascinating that they are so “concerned” about “helping” us to win an election! As I just stated in another post, listen to what the “media” says, and then do the opposite!

      It’s the same with our “president” (small “P” on purpose): what ever “tactics” he complains about, you can be sure that they will try the same thing, already have tried it, or are doing it now. Just listen to what they say–they will tell you much if you listen to them. They will often tip their hand if you listen to what they say we are doing. Then just realize that they are talking about themselves! Is that who we want in office?

      Be very, very careful. I feel that Obama will do ANYTHING to stay in power. I even say that if it looks bad for him nearing elections, there will be a “crisis” (either manufactured, enlarged to look worse, or one that they let happen), so that he can declare Martial Law. I fear this will happen.

      I have said ever since he got elected that he will be the last elected president this country will have.

      Please, let me be wrong!

      Is this a conspiracy theory? Yep. Look around and see what has happened since 2010, and try to tell me there hasn’t already been a conspiracy. Let’s see: Birth Certificate problems, sealed records, faulty/inaccurate/conflicting information, Czars, Executive orders, blatantly breaking the law (“I told them not to uphold the Marriage Amendment because I don’t like it”), the “media’s” lack of vetting, etc….

      And, by the way, I am not being a racist. Obama is half white, so I am simply complaining about the white half of him!


      like calling a spade a spade or an Amer Indian an apple.

    • Old Bill

      I figure if he declares marshall law he will call in those jokers with the panzy blue hats. (UN)

    • http://x Patty

      Emeny , well said………….

    • Apache6

      DITTO,ENEMY !!

  • Harry Mathis

    We need to educate everyone who might be inclined to fall for the pseudo-Tea Party sites. I believe that the leftist strategy was in play in the May 24, 2011, NY special congressional election where a “Tea Party” candidate, who was in reality a Democrat, siphoned off 9% of the votes of unwary voters, and that gave the Democrat Party candidate the win: D 47.4%, R 42.4% and TP 9.1%.

    The Democrats crowed that they won because of Paul Ryan’s proposal to control Medicare costs, but don’t you believe it, it was due to uninformed voters voting for a bogus “Tea Party” candidate.

    • http://x Patty

      Harry, we all realize that their “crowing” was bull…………however, it’s too bad that we ignored the race and let the other ones get away with that win. We could have kept them chasing us instead of letting them get ahead on that one. Where was Sarah P ?If we would have sent her up there, it would have never happened. Sarah would ignite the situation, as she has done before. She is the “rock star” who ALWAYS makes the difference. We can’t let this happen again. This is where she can effects change!

  • Christian Archer

    My rules of thumb when some organization is being deceptive and promoting their agenda or a new bill is trying to be passed as a new law are the following. Does it increase the size of government? Will it diminish and strip me of my freedoms? When I’m standing in the voting booth, I let those two questions bounce around in my mind as a measuring tool.

  • lilbear68

    the tea party started out as a great idea but like a lot of ideas it got watered down and is no longer relevant. in fact i would venture that the tea party is no more than a branch of the gop

    • Christian Archer

      lilbear68, your post is spoken like a true Libertarian. I find myself parting ways with them more and more. I once read an article citing that conservatives and libertarians are cousins. I can’t remember if the article said they are distant or close cousins. As far as I’m concerned, they are distant cousins. Libertarians are very liberal socially but somewhat conservative fiscally.

      Your post is nothing more than your opinion and can’t be substantiated with fact. The Tea Party has NEVER been a part of the Republicrat Party. God help us if it ever gets absorbed by the Republicrats. I hope that the Tea Party people drift into “The Constitution Party.” Do the research on what they believe.

    • jjdebird

      They are not part of the republican party, as Nancy Pelosi wanted followers to belive when she called them an “Astro turf movement” & not a grass roots movement. After all democrats know people must be paid or sent by their union to do anything politicle.

      TEA party people do tend to be more republican than democrat when you add up thier values, they just see they have been let down by republicans they had voted for in the past.

    • Dale Vandy

      Yes! I have looked at the Constitution Party platform and I like what I see. I REALLY like what I see! If there ever is to be a 3rd party, it should be the Constitution Party. The trouble is that it isn’t even recognized in all 50 states.

      And also, it can be used to split the vote.

      If there is one thing that “the other side” is great at doing (besides destroying this great nation), it is being deceitful. We need to have some people who are able to think like they do, so that we can defeat them at their game. No, I am not saying break laws like they do, but be able to intercept their plans before they get off the ground.

      One of the things I fear will happen is the Internet will be “locked down”. If we have no way of communicating, we need some other ways.

    • jjdebird

      Most everything dems have tried to stick or republicans is something they are already doing. Pelosi’s calling the TEA party “Astro Turf”, meaning they had to have been organized & paid by someone else is what dems & unions have needed to do for years. They pay people to show up, give away tee shirts & lunch, other wise their “people” would never show up. Pelosi just can not understand how individuals can think for themselves, & go to marches all on theri own without some one telling them too.

    • http://x Patty

      Suggestion………once you see more than 4 or 5 “negative” hits on a post, don’t respond to it. It’s just another “rable-rouser” like liberal68, messing with us. He doesn’t deserve to waste our time. We have real issues to discuss. If we read the post, we only encourage them to visit this one. What they say is typiclally lies, dishonor, critical of those that we love and with the typical liberal slant. IGNORE THEM…..

  • jjdebird

    The last election saw donations made on credit cards to Obama, republicans never alowed.
    People voted with out being alive, or with out their knowledge. My 97 year old grandmother told a democrat canvaser, she would let the younger people decide on the last election, she now gets mail thanking her for her suport in 2008 from the democrats???

    We are in for a Chicago style mess in 2012.

    WATCH everything or we are in for “Zig Hiel Obama” for life…

  • ARMYOF69

    The King of America, shall soon be the Dictator of America if he has his way the UN using the pant suit lady Hilary to try and remove our guns from our hands. If that happens, it’s MARTIAL LAW, and a massive blood bath.
    Get ready. He cares not a hoot about WE THE PEOPLE, the Congress, the Constitution, and is willing to turn this country of OURS into another banana republic.

    • Seabee Combat Vet

      As a vet I say,”When they come for my guns, I’ll gladly hand them over, Ammunition First!!!!!”

    • ARMYOF69

      Keep them oiled, and your finger on the trigger guard, ready.

  • am2sweet

    Well, proof that the dirty Nazi Dems will do anything underhanded to get what they want. Never believe anything a Democrat says. Watch instead what they do. Sad that they are so concerned about winning control that they don’t care about people. I don’t see how any of them can be Christians and believe what they do.

    • http://x Patty

      Me, too…….

    • http://PatriotVision Grandmawisdom

      I agree, but lets be fair here. I can name quite a few “career Republicans” that you can add to that list!! Makes me sad to have to say that!

    • cel

      yea, like walter jones an linsey graham

  • Vern Nay

    “Pesky democrats?”Thats putting it mildly, I would call them criminal and hang them all by their scrawny socialist commie necks till DEAD.Followed by all the republicans, the founding fathers never dreamed that our govt. would be corrupted by self serving carrer politicians, and led by a illegal alien, muslim terrorist. Good luck America,the idea of freedom was a good idea but short lived. –

    • http://x Patty

      Vern, “the good luck” part, YES………But I’m not giving up yet…………

  • randell

    I came close to signing up with the teaparty online the other day, for one, to piss of liberals (on Sodahead). Two to find a way to become more active. The only problem is, from what i saw was they have been too quick to jump on anyone’s conservative bandwagon who might be running in 2012. Why so quick to nominate Herman Cain?? I just don’t think he sounds like presidential material. Maybe a smart business man, granted, but we have time to vett other possibilities as well. I’m just saying let’s not be too hasty about this and shoot ourselves in the McCain (and i don’t mean toe) again.

    • http://x Patty

      Randall, good thoughts…….I joined the Tea Party a long time ago, but there are plenty of ways to “join up” and help the cause. Go to Tea Party Partiots and find who is in your area. Then contact them {even on the phone} and sign up. It’s safe and a good thing to do. Join up just so they {the dems} can see that our numbers are HIGH……….also, check out other clubs such as the Lincoln Club. It’s mostly men but women can joing, too. It costs a little, but they are a fine organization and are SO VERY informative. There are plenty of others, too. My Republican Women’s culb took pity on me because I am on diasbility, so they made it more affordable for me. I love the group. We have wonderful guest speakers and many ways to put our presence into service to help the cause. Don’t hang back. Join something {join 2 or 3 groups] if you have the time and energy. A group voice is heard better that a single voice and the organization allows you to really do something to help. I have been making these suggestions for six months now, and I’m sorry that I’m preaching, but I feel so strongly about “getting involved” before it’s too late.

    • http://x Patty

      Randall, what is Sodahead? I poked around and I can’t tell why to use it. Maybe you should just use google to get to the Tea party………I’m not much of a computer expert so I’m in the dark about Sodahead.

  • albert w loescher

    Three years ago, I suspended all donations to secular agendas, for I trust none. ‘All politics (charity) is local.’

  • Christian Archer

    I can tell by the posts, that most of us on this site are very conservative, patriotic and constitutionally minded citizens. We need to help each other stay sharp and not let any media dull our senses.

    I post/blog on several sites but want to post a new thought I’ve NEVER heard conservatives address regarding the erosion of our freedoms, martial law and the confiscation of our guns. I read a lot of tough cyber talk by conservatives about what they would do if the government were instructed to take our guns due to a disaster and martial law ordered. Now, think on this! IT HAPPENED IN THE AFTERMATH OF HURRICANE KATRINA IN LOUISIANA. Why didn’t the people open fire on the National Guard that disarmed them? What would all you tough talkers have done if you were in New Orleans and surrounding areas? Would you have fired on the National Guard troops? Was the taking of American arms constitutional (rhetorical question)? These are things we must consider because it may happen. Would you pull the trigger on someone you know that is a peace officer, guard member or soldier that has been instructed to disarm you?

    May the Lord help this nation stay together!

    • randell

      was the confiscation of guns in N O actual martial law or was it a preventative task of keeping guns from looters and falling into wrong hands. I’m asking because i don’t know.

    • Christian Archer

      Randell, I stand corrected. Martial law wasn’t declared but circumstances similar in which martial law can be decreed existed.

      “The federal and state governments derive their powers from the Constitution, and must respect the limitations of the Constitution. Martial law is a short-hand for the use of force to maintain order when the rule of law has so completely broken down that there is no order and the Constitution no longer applies. Martial law cannot be invoked as a substitute for ordinary criminal law enforcement against citizens in the United States when there is no war or insurrection and the courts are open. For example, while the the courts will not be physically open in New Orleans for some time after the hurricane, they are legally available and the judges can hear cases sitting at a different physical site, such as Baton Rouge.”

      “The most recent United States Supreme Court discussion of martial law is Justice Scalia’s dissent in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, 124 S.Ct. 2633 (2004). While Justice Scalia was not in the majority, his discussion of martial law accurately portrays its only application, which is in the: “…the theatre of active military operations, where war really prevails…”

    • ARMYOF69

      Randell, that is precisely what it was. Hundreds of looters and criminals holding people up at gun point. I would actually have HELPED the Guard in that case. This guy is just another liberal asshole.

    • Ray Sears

      If you believe that the Gun Grab was to “keep gun’s out of the hands of looters”, you sir are a dammed fool ! And as for “I would have helped the N.G.” Violate the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens, you sir would betray your fellow Americans, and that makes you nothing less then a Traitor to this great Nation.

    • http://x Patty

      Christian, I’m ashamed to say that I never heard about the guns being taken away during Katrina…………..If what you say is true, The sheeple probably reacted like sheep because of their great distress. It’s something to be aware of, though, incase of some other disaster. Were their weapons RETURNED?

    • Christian Archer

      Patty, I live in the greater Houston area (Missouri City, TX) and I saw live footage of gun confiscation. As you may know many Katrina refugees ended up in Houston because Bill White, the Houston mayor at the time, welcomed them with open arms. Our news reporters were covering the Katrina fiasco as it New Orleans was Galveston or some Texas city. There were stories of sniper fire by thugs at the National Guard. Maybe that facilitated the confiscation of arms. I even saw a picture of some of the cache of arms taken.

    • http://PatriotVision Grandmawisdom

      In your last sentence, you said there were stories of sniper by thugs at the National Guard. Did you mean to say, that sniper fire was by thugs toward the National Guard? That would be more accurate!

    • Christian Archer

      Yes, sorry I didn’t word that clearly.

    • http://x Patty

      Christian, thank you for answering my question about the guns. But did they return those confiscated weapons? Also, I agree about not sending money to the RNC…I’m not sure if I made myself clear on that issue. Also, since you reside in Texas and have first hand knowledge, what do you think of Governor Perry? Please share anything with us. I saw today how he {Perry} called for prayer as to guidance on whether to run for president or not. Also prayer during their drought………I really like that. What can it hurt, if you don’t believe in it? I’ll watch for your responce…….

    • the7thson

      As far as I know, Patty, the vast majority of the firearms confiscated (stolen) after Katrina have yet to be returned to their rightful owners.

    • Christian Archer

      First of all, Houston is in close proximity to New Orleans (316.90 miles, about a six hour drive). There are many Cajuns working here in the greater Houston are because we have a common interest, offshore oil. I have heard first hand stories from people with relatives and friends in the area where the guns were confiscated. If you had your gun serial numbers you would get your firearm back. It took a while but you eventually got it back. But there were some exceptions as in all corruptable acts. When someone sees a real nice firearm, it doesn’t make its way back to the owner.

      Regarding Rick Perry. I am a Christian, constitutional conservative so what I say will be my opinion. Rick Perry is a complex man. He does things that both excited and infuriate the conservatives in Texas. He was in favor of the Trans Texas Corridor. Do the research on what that is because I don’t want this assessment to be too long. Rick Perry issued an executive order in 2007 requiring all Texas girls to receive a vaccine against the human papillomavirus before entering the sixth grade, lawmakers balked and blocked it. Many of us Texans feel Mr. Perry has not put forth the effort he should have regarding our border with Mexico. He did NOT approve of what Gov. Jan Brewer did in Arizona because he courts the Latino vote. We feel he shouldn’t wait for the Federal government to secure our borders. He has executive privilege and Texas constitutional rights to call up the Texas National guard and secure our borders but he hasn’t done it. I believe that he is of the elitist mentality much like the Rockefeller country-club Republicrats.
      He does have his strong points as well. He is for small business and that’s why many businesses are relocating in Texas. He’s a strong advocate for the Second Amendment and even packs the heat. He was out walking his dog one day and a coyote tried to attack his dog. He shot the coyote dead with his pistol. We Texans like that. LOL! Spiritually I don’t truly know where he stands because I don’t know him personally. I have heard him speak in person at civic center and he is a dynamic speaker. I don’t believe that he needs to run for President of the U.S. He first needs to protect Texas from the invasion coming from south of our border.

    • Old Bill

      Maybe that is why some of those jokers down there got shot at. Personnelly I can’t see myself taking some ones gun. They might need it to shoot crooks, food or varmints. But I’m retired now so no telling what these young fools will do.

  • michael sharpe

    We should all stay up or one step ahead of the doctrine’s of satan. That is where S.Alinski got the tactics from. Study,isolate and freeze the enemy. Remember the parable of the Wheat and the Tares. Cancer has to get close to a host before it is a threat, Don’t let it.

  • LadyLiberty

    Well, we have our work cut out for us for this year and nex year regarding our candidates. To combat this another way, is to make sure we know as much as possible about all the candidates.

    Does the Tea Party have a website where you can verify if a candidate is backed or not back by the Tea Party…especially for the GOP House of Represntative in each state’s district and Senate candidates?

    • Christian Archer

      LadyLiberty, if we get to know the candidates personally, we won’t have to rely on the Tea Party’s endorsements. I realize that we can’t know the candidates personally who are not in our state and across the country. I live in Texas and supported candidates in California, Arizona, Florida and New York who steadfastly held to my Christian, Constitutional and conservative views. Only two of the candidates I supported won: Allen West and Marco Rubio.

    • LadyLiberty

      Thanks Christian…I keep up with the candidates but sometimes I like to double check. Also, sometimes my friends don’t know what’s going on in other areas. So, then I give them some help, so they start to learn for theirselves. Again thanks for your advice.

    • jjdebird

      Even though we only get to vote for 1 representative & senator (unless you are a Chcago democrat) our future is voted on by all of the other congress people from the other 49 states (Obama’s 53).

      We need a group who looks at all the congress people across the US to help control the country in the best possible way.

      As it is the population centers & states elect more people telling the large land states how to do things on their own property & therefore state.

    • http://PatriotVision Grandmawisdom

      I did the same thing in many many states. I also did it for Govenor races. I made a grid of of all the states involved and individually looked into the backgroud of those running. Yes, it takes time, but it was well worth it!! Remember Jay Leno’s Political Man on the street series?? He usually got 1 of 10 to answer correctly!

    • http://x Patty

      Lady, i agree about all of us staying informed and sharing everything that we know. Bring it all to the table and STUDY each candidate before you make your final decision. We can’t afford to make a mistake. We need to become delegates to the convention. I’m afraid, if we want to make sure that our choice is elected, we must be a delegate. A bunch of RINO delegates won’t listen to us. We need OUR choice, not theirs………….

  • Frank Landrey

    I totally agree with these comments. “The GOP is on notice. We are not going to try to bail you out if you give us a bad nominee. We want a great nominee that we can work our hearts out for. We want change. We want to throw Obama and his merry band of socialists out of the White House and the halls of power. We want to consign socialism to the ash-heap of history. If the GOP saddles us with another bad nominee, many if not most of the Tea Party people are not going to be out there working for him. Mitt Romney is a bad choice. Jon Huntsman is a bad choice. Gary Johnson is a disastrous choice. We may or may not be able to stomach Tim Pawlenty. Michele Bachmann is a better choice as is Herman Cain or if they run, Jim DeMint or even Rick Perry.”
    In 2012, we need to elect people who want to protect the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. is all about doing that too. While we seek a Presidential Candidate to sign it, we must also find Congressional Candidates that will sign this pledge too. Don’t send anyone to Washington for more of the same Statist mentality. Make them commit.

    Ask Candidates To Vote Themselves Term Limits…to sign this:
    * I, ______________________ your candidate for President/Congress… DO support mandatory term limits for all elected officials. It must include a repeal of OUR lifetime benefits that WE have gotten in the past. WE must give up OUR Private Government Health Care Plan and take the one we vote in for our constituents. Next, WE must live under “all” of the same laws that WE vote in for those who live in our state/nation. If American citizens are ever going to get their rights and freedoms back, and limit on the size and scope of government, WE need to end the power and corruption of incumbency. Statism must end and OUR Statism Status in Washington D.C. is a big part of the problem. Signed __________________.

    “WE THE PEOPLE” must do our part. Repeal the Eighteenth Amendment bringing power back to our State Legislature…back to “WE The People.”
    KEY TRUTH: That Eighteenth Amendment was a bad idea brought forth out of a political novel. Yes, that is correct. A political fiction book published in 1912 set out the ways to overthrow our government. Step by step, the main character of this book did just that and became America’s dictator. Laugh, if you like. But, it is exactly what has been going on in America for the past 100 year. Piece by piece and step by step, that author’s lackeys have been fulfilling his dream and legacy for America. I have proof of it in my book.
    Frank Landrey

  • Jim

    I do not donate on line PERIOD.

  • ARMYOF69

    I stopped sending money to the REPS years ago, when they showed their true colors. Now, I get 5 envelopes each day for all sorts of donations needed. I would have to be a millionaire to keep all, these people in cash. SORRY…..NO MORE CASH for anyone anymore, especially for fake charities. DO NOT SEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY out to anyone. Offer other services if you can help in a cause you believe in. It’s like giving cash to beggars, who then go and get drunk or go get drugs. NO DIFFERENT.

    • jjdebird

      Good for you. Tell them you “never” make donations over the phone or internet, you pick your own on your own. That puts a stop to the callers who get a percentage of what is given to them.

      When you pick your own cause & send what you want, more of it get to the right place.

    • http://x Patty

      When my candidate gets chosen, I will make small contributions directly to their campaign. Not the RNC………..When we get down to it, that person will need our help.

    • Christian Archer

      Patty, I have cut the RNC off completely. They’ll NEVER get another penny from me. In the N.Y. 23rd district special election of 2009, remember how the RNC backed the ultra liberal Dierdre Scozzafava instead of Doug Hoffman? They poured money into the Scozzafave campaign only to see her withdraw from the race. Like a true Republican liberal she backed the Demoncratic candidate Bill Owens instead of Doug Hoffman who was from her party. He had the support of the Tea Party and ran against Owens as the Conservative Party candidate.

  • Frank Landrey

    I totally agree with these comments. “The GOP is on notice. We are not going to try to bail you out if you give us a bad nominee. We want a great nominee that we can work our hearts out for. We want change. We want to throw Obama and his merry band of socialists out of the White House and the halls of power. We want to consign socialism to the ash-heap of history. If the GOP saddles us with another bad nominee, many if not most of the Tea Party people are not going to be out there working for him.
    In 2012, we need to elect people who want to protect the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. is all about doing that too. While we seek a Presidential Candidate to sign it, we must also find Congressional Candidates that will sign this pledge too. Don’t send anyone to Washington for more of the same Statist mentality. Make them commit.

    Strategy-Part I…. Ask Candidates To Vote Themselves Term Limits…to sign this:
    * I, ______________________ your candidate for President/Congress… DO support mandatory term limits for all elected officials. It must include a repeal of OUR lifetime benefits that WE have gotten in the past. WE must give up OUR Private Government Health Care Plan and take the one we vote in for our constituents. Next, WE must live under “all” of the same laws that WE vote in for those who live in our state/nation. If American citizens are ever going to get their rights and freedoms back, and limit on the size and scope of government, WE need to end the power and corruption of incumbency. Statism must end and OUR Statism Status in Washington D.C. is a big part of the problem. Signed __________________.

    Strategy Part II… “WE THE PEOPLE” must do our part. Repeal the Eighteenth Amendment bringing power back to our State Legislature…back to “WE The People.”
    KEY TRUTH: That Eighteenth Amendment was a bad idea brought forth out of a political novel. Yes, that is correct. A political fiction book published in 1912 set out the ways to overthrow our government. Step by step, the main character of this book did just that and became America’s dictator. Laugh, if you like. But, it is exactly what has been going on in America for the past 100 year. Piece by piece and step by step, that author’s lackeys have been fulfilling his dream and legacy for America. I have proof of it in my book, A Statist Spy Tells All…America’s 100 Years of Debt, Deficits, and Deceit. Three “Free” Chapters and only $5.99 for the complete eBook.
    Frank Landrey

  • http://AOL Claude

    They are all crooks everyone wants your money so they can go visit the hid away Lady friend or a vacation free on your hard earned money.Like good old Ed.

  • CJB

    Corruption is legal and encouraged. I’m shocked! The Scam-a-rama regime of Obama/Soetoro is now in damage control mode, trying to figure out how to prevent news of the SS fraud cover-up, and the forgery criminal complaint from becoming public knowledge. Uh huh, good luck with that …..

  • peggymarch

    I sent some money to the Audubon Society in memmory of a friend (per the family’s request) and now I get sollicitations not only from Audubon, but ever other organization that wants to save the whales, owls, polar bears, etc. I have totalled soured on Audubon — seemed like a harmless operation, but they sold out to money hungry environmentalists.

    • Old Bill

      Peggymarch; you got that one right. Own your own polarbear. You can claim it and we’ll just pocket the money. They are all scams.
      Humaine secities are unconstitutional. All the poor critters (dogs and cats) that are put down are probly sent to China for food. Being a retire U.S.D.A. meat inspector I know that most of the horses, goats, and cattle taken are sent to slaughter. If not for the H.S. most people that get into animals then find they know nothing about them would give them to someone that would fix the problem or go to a vet for help. But fear keeps them from it. Besides when you step on that persons constitutional rights you step on your own. Nowhere in the constitution does it say to report on your nieghbor. But it does say when the gov. takes something from you they must pay you for it.

  • http://http/ sean murry

    I will watch out for the bastards they want me to donate money i dont trust them and i dont give them any.

  • Pete Bennett

    I have a problem with anyone becoming involved, financially or just vocally, in the campaign of anyone outside of their own district, that would be for anyone ‘you’ are not eligible to vote for because of your residence. ‘You’ don’t really have a dog in that fight. I don’t know that it is written anywhere, but it just seems ‘right’.
    If ‘Joe Blow’ is my representative, and I voted for him, I don’t care if he makes it tough for ‘you’. Old Joe may be a SOB, but he’s our SOB and ‘you’ kindly stay the Hell outta our business.
    Remember, that road runs both directions.

  • Charlie

    So the liberal political strategists are being deceptive…..where’s the shock in that? I’ve seen conservative political strategists act underhanded, too, but not quite to this degree.

    Unfortuately, free speech does work both ways. What we could do, though, is file civil suits against these clowns for false and misleading advertising. While I don’t know how far the case would get in court, if enough noise is made, it may cause unethical operatives on both sides to think twice before attempting to deceive anyone.

    • Pete Bennett

      I think that question was raised a long time ago. I believe that the 1st Amend. ‘Free Speech’ clause refers to political speech, and ‘does not guarantee that there be any truth in what is said’, or words to that effect. So, politicians probably lie on occasion, problem being… to determine which occasion.

  • nastyned

    right after I got out of active duty I went to work for a grocery store as a stocker. I had to join the union to get the job. After working there for a few months a new assistant manager who one day threaten to beat me to death for not working fast enough to make him happy.when I filed a complaint I was fired because they said I instigated it where in reality I never said a word to him. The union boss was there and when I ask him to do something he said no and walked out. since then I would not work where a union was in charge. All they want is your money and you mean nothing to them.I would like to take them out back and teach them how it fells to be an individual with no one to help them.Of course this was about 200 years ago. God I’m old.

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