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Stop Obama’s Attack on Christianity

Written on Saturday, July 16, 2011 by

obama netanyahu

President Obama wants Israel to revert to the pre-1967 borders. That would mean handing some of Christianity’s most sacred sites over to the Palestinian government, which for all intents is controlled by one of the world’s most radical terrorist organizations, Hamas.

Do you want them to control some of the most sacred sites of our Christian history?

I didn’t think so.

In a speech May 19, the president endorsed the Palestinians’ demand that their future state be based on the borders that existed before the 1967 Middle East war, a move that has infuriated our ally Israel and is certain to endanger Christians’ free access to holy sites.

In a meeting this week, the so-called “Quartet” — diplomats from the United States, European Union, the United Nations and Russia — apparently reached no agreement on a common set of principles for new peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. But Quartet representative Tony Blair, former prime minister of the United Kingdom, told Bloomberg Television the group wants to “take [Obama’s] speech and turn it into a framework of guidance for these negotiations.”

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority is moving forward with its proposal for United Nations statehood recognition, which will likely come before the Security Council later this month and the General Assembly in September.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas clearly sees the U.N. proposal as a big bargaining chip, stating that he will have “no choice but the United Nations” unless talks are restarted. The Arab League has now voted to support the Palestinians at the United Nations.

We can only assume that Abbas also wants a framework based on Obama’s speech, if negotiations are advantageous to his cause, but he is clearly determined to pursue his goal by any available method.

Although the United States is seen as promoting the Quartet initiative as an alternative to immediate Palestinian membership in the United Nations, it is hard to believe that the Obama administration will oppose membership if and when a border agreement is reached.

After Obama’s May 19 remarks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the president’s proposal and said a return to the pre-1967 borders would be disastrous for his country.

Netanyahu called the pre-1967 lines “indefensible,” saying such a withdrawal would jeopardize Israel’s security and “leave major population centers in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) beyond those lines.”

And although Obama was careful to mention the possibility of “land swaps” in his proposal — presumably to allay the fears of those who are rightly concerned that the pre-1967 borders are his goal — the president seems more concerned with brokering a deal than with Israel’s security.

Mention of East Jerusalem and its holy sites is noticeably absent from the Obama proposal. In a scenario with pre-1967 borders, Israel will lose East Jerusalem.

The president needs to reassure Israelis that the United States stands firmly behind their sovereignty over the border. There can be no wiggle room here. Either we are with the Israelis or against them.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “The New Reagan Revolution” (St. Martin’s Press, 2011). He is the founder and chairman of The Reagan Group and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his website at, or e-mail comments to

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  • Helen Smith

    Leave Israel alone and leave the land to them. It was given to them by Christ and they are his chosen people. God help the ones that try and mess with Israel.

    • Apache6

      Helen,GOD takes betraying ISRAEL very seriously,I’m wondering if that’s not the reason the having so many weather disasters lately!!

    • Crownos

      Search: “Angels Don’t Play This H.A.A.R.P!”

    • Carol S Key

      God is waiting for all Christians to unite in support of Israel so the prophecy in the Bible can play out. Since we are ignoring Him, He has had to try and get our attention. If you look at all of the disasters they have been against un-Godly cities and countries: Haiti (a bastion of devil worship), New Orleans (ditto), Japan (no God here), the Tsunami region (ditto) and so many others.

      The writing is “on the wall” specifically IN the Bible and it is time to read it and follow its directives…or else. God does own the lightening and clearly is not afraid to use it!

    • ChristianPatriot

      Apache6, that is exactly what is happening with the disastrous weather. It has never been 100 degrees the first of June in the south. Obama is NOT a legitimate president and does NOT represent America.

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      black Christians hold obama’s word higher than the word of God. look,the Bible says thou shalt not kill. black voters do not care about the bible. The bible says thou shalt not kill so if you vote for anyone (either party) who is for killing babies through abortion then you hold that persons word higher than the bible which is the word of God. Remember,God will not be mocked,what so ever you sow you shall reap. I hope all christians understand this. No more baby killing. No more obama.

    • Apache6

      Actually it’s THOU SHALT NOT MURDER,hence the reason I call it PLANED MURDERHOOD!!!!

  • Wilbur Wasson

    I do believe Obama is tring to invoke the wrath of God.

    • Wilbur Wasson


    • Apache6

      Wilbur,I believe OVOMIT has succeeded,WE’RE seeing disasters of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS,floods,sever storms,earthquakes,etc,one after another,with no end in sight!!!

    • http://yahoo Margaret Cook

      I totally agree. Israel is one of our best allies in the Middle East.

  • Wilbur Wasson

    Father GOD you are wise and merciful. Every thought you have is above ours. I trust in you and you alone. your will be done for the greater good and I believe that Israel will stand in your Glory. Glory to God in the name of JESUS.

    • Johnf1234


    • Apache6


    • keith


  • Dan

    Obama wasn’t speaking for the American people he was speaking for himself. If he checked with the people he find most people support Israel. We don’t side against our friends. Obama has to go his agenda is not in the US best interest. He definitely isn’t a Christian or he would heed what the Bible says about Israel. Only a non Christian would side against Israel. I think this proves he’s a Muslim.

    • SirWizard

      Don’t know if it proves he’s a Muslim, but it certainly proves he’s no Christian.

    • Howard-the Banger Club

      Good comments. You are right it doesn’t appear that Obama is a Christian and if you listen to him during various interviews, you will see he is a universalist. This belief is that all roads lead to God. Oprah Winfrey epitomizes universalim. This would explain in part, why Oprah is so enomored with Obama. They are kindred spirits, no pun intended. Now, let’s clean out the White House in 2012. Governor Rick Perry, President and Congressman Allen West,VP. Both smart, moral men who believe in our Constitution and support we the people. You also solve the racial issue. Go to their web site and learn more.

    • Daphney

      Your are right about this!
      Oprah had something to do with the ssm also she promotes it on her show constantly she is a big advocator for ssm.
      Of course she whispered in Obama ear and that why he has the ball rolling in that direction (ssm). I would like to see Perry/West.
      But i do not believe that West is running.

    • ChristianPatriot

      Disagree with Rick Perry and Alan West since they are both males. It’s time for a female president (President Michele Bachmann and Vice-President Sarah Palin). It will take a woman to turn this country around the way our founding fathers intended it to be. All the men have done is destroy little by little until Obama who has stepped up the destruction. I wish Obama would have an brain aneurism and become a vegetable.

    • Jazzlady

      I believe that Obama is a Muslim. There are too many things happening that have been told that shows him to be a Muslim.

      Obama conned the American people and wonderful Christian singers and performers to believe that he was a Christian before he got into office. Then it was like surprise!! I met people who voted for him and they are now totally sorry and wish they hadn’t. We as a nation better turn back to GOD Almighty Jehovah and the Lord Jesus CHrist as They are merciful and love America and I believe THey want America back.

    • Daphney

      I don’t think Obama knows what he is.
      I tell you he is a “DAM FOOL”
      Vote Him Out!!!!!!!!!!

    • Raymond

      SirWizard says:
      July 17, 2011 at 10:13 am
      Don’t know if it proves he’s a Muslim, but it certainly proves he’s no Christian.

      Item 1). Obama has stated on CNN that he’s a muslim.

      Item 2). Michelle Obama has stated publicly
      that her husband is a muslim.

      Item 3). His name is Barack Hussein Obama,
      not John Smith. That should tell you something!

    • Teeter

      It amazes me how many still do not know these facts!

    • American With A Birth Certificate…

      America must choose,obama and sharish or freedom.

    • Jack the FAC

      Our sultan, Hussein the Obamanation, was really not speaking for HIMSELF; rather, he was speaking for his RELIGION. His islamic religion and his brother muslims and his real hatred for Christians and Jews.

    • A Gail Frame

      You got that one right, Dan…he’s no Christian, and I sincerely believe he’s a Muslim. And I also believe he leans definitely toward Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other terrorist groups, just short of Al Quaeda. He’s our enemy, not our friend.

    • Dee

      obummer has not right to tell another country what to do. Who in the hell does he think he is?
      I sure don’t call him our president. A president of this country would not be trying to take it down.

  • Uncle Bill

    As goes Israel, so goes the world

    • Raymond

      Uncle Bill says:
      July 17, 2011 at 12:45 am
      As goes Israel, so goes the world.

      You’re absolutely right.
      Most don’t understand this.

    • Joan Clawson

      Lets get this Person out of our white house.

    • Apache6

      I don’t think OVOMIT is a person,I think he’s a FALLEN ANGEL,in fact,I think he’s THE FALLEN ANGEL,GOD cast him out of HEAVEN,and OVOMIT(Satan)took a third of the ANGELS(liberals,AKA,Demons)with him,hence no Birth-Certificate!!! Just thought I’D throw that out there,food for thought,it would explain a lot!!!

    • Daphney

      Amen Joan!

      lets Vote Him Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Daphney

      Bill you are right!
      The bible say bless thought who bless Israel and curse upon those who come against Israel.

      God help us All!

    • Apache6

      Daphney,I ask GOD to BLESS ISRAEL,and HIS Chosen People everyday!!!

  • pacamomma

    come August 1st, 2011, watch where this
    obama in-sane goes. He will be attending the celebration of Rhamadan AGAIN like last year. Doesnt this tell you something.
    He is a treasonous misfit taking this country down, and no one will stop him. God help us who love this country. There obviously arent any real men left in this country anymore.

    • handyman


    • David

      On August 3rd, Default Day, our Seniors won’t be receiving their Social Security checks while Obama is celebrating a big birthday bash and collecting millions from rich idiots.

    • James

      Those ” idiots ” expect to be paid back ! Look at IMELT, CEO of GE. NO TAXES. HMMMMMM.

    • Jazzlady

      May God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost convict Obama for what he is doing to the elderly and to the USA in the mighty Name of the Lord God Jesus Christ. We must pray that he has a change of heart or God gets him out.

    • Apache6


    • Daphney

      Let stop the 1 billion dollars he sends to planned parenthood every 3 years.
      Stop the money he is sending over to rebuild hospital overseas.
      Not to mention Obamacare.
      He could cut spending from these other unecessary spending and release the checks to the people who have paid into the social security.
      This should tell you where Obama concerns are.

    • PAT

      where? why is he celebrating Ram. again? He is a closet Muslim who should not be POTUS. WORST PRES EVER. IMPOSTER with no competence,no money sense, no American values nor beliefs.O is a disbarred lawyer who has no morals nor goodness. Head of Satan should not be treated so well. May God Save America. We deserve better.

    • Jazzlady

      Amen honey! Obama is a low class fraud with a lot of money and doesn’t deserve to live in the White House where great men lived, slept and made decisions for America. God in Heaven, have mercy on America and bring restoration to America and remove the imposter from the White House in Jesus’ Name. God bless America and God defeat our enemies that are within and outside in Jesus’ Name.

    • Teeter

      BO may appear to be a “closet muslim” to this Christian nation, but in the muslim world and to his fellow muslim in this country he is very obvious and plain to see!

    • SHERMAN (like the tank)

      I think it’s time we vote Godly Conservative Women into office of president & or v-President who clearly have better focus and more courage than most of the Conservatives now serving.

    • Apache6

      Pacamomma,I’M ready to get this show(Revolution)on the road right NOW,but I can’t do it by myself,so I’LL keep stockpiling AMMO until everybody’s ready!!!

  • Adrian Vance

    The man is a Muslim. How much more do we need to know than that?

    For humorous political analysis and science see The Two Minute Conservative, Now on Kindle daily.

  • Christian Van Niekerk

    Let us not forget Hitlery Clinton, who has shown he hatred for Israel and side with this Muslim Osama Bin Husein Obummer.

    I pray that they do not live long enough to see their evil ways flourish.

    May the ALMIGHTY strike those who are out to destroy the Holy land by dividing it, and handing parts of Jerusalem to the terrorists

    Time for the world to wake up and see what is going on in Islamic countries. Muslims hate and kill Muslims.(Sunny v Shia) They are evil and cannot be trusted

  • Raymond

    God will punish or destroy anyone who tries to
    hurt or destroy Israel, Obama will find this out
    soon enough.

    • Loha

      Amen to that!

    • David

      Unfortunately, the nation will also suffer because of Obama’s action (Genesis 12:3).

    • ARTHUR


    • Jazzlady

      Islam is pure evil wickedness and a political ideology which encourages lies, hatred and abuse. THE USA must absolutely stand up against Islam now as it has already invaded several of our states and must be driven out of America permanently!!

    • Apache6

      ARTHUR,I’m thinking RAPTURE here!!!

    • http://windowslive mary m

      Amen Raymond yes he will hes trying to throw crap on israel and god will prevail

    • Jazzlady

      Raymond, you are right and…if God knows and sees that America does not stand with Obama, then I want to believe that HE will not fault us or judge us for Obama is doing to Israel.

      I love Israel and pray for God to protect Israel from Islam now and forever in Jesus’ Name.

    • Raymond

      Jazzlady says:
      July 17, 2011 at 1:51 pm
      Raymond, you are right and…if God knows and sees that America does not stand with Obama, then I want to believe that HE will not fault us or judge us for Obama is doing to Israel.

      I love Israel and pray for God to protect Israel from Islam now and forever in Jesus’ Name.
      Hi Jazzlady,
      Many people in America love & support Israel,
      but please remember that many millions of people
      voted to put a muslim in the Oval Office. As a Nation,
      America has rejected God & embraced every evil
      under heaven. God is punishing America & that
      punishment will become more severe as time goes
      on. Raymond

    • chuck

      AMEN AMEN AMEN he is spitting in GODS eye so don’t worry about him no one & I mean no one has ever done that & not paid the ultimate price. AS soon as america wakes up & turns back to ALMIGHTY GOD obama will be history. YOU can bank on this. GOD will not be mocked !!!!! P. S. ISREAL will be the final victor. WHY because the BIBLE tells me so. chuck

    • Apache6

      Chuck,maybe,just maybe,GOD expects US(with HIS help)to overthrow this EVIL GOVERNMENT,and take OUR Country back!!!!! Just a thought!!!

    • ChristianPatriot

      Ok, let’s go to the White House that Obama has polluted and drag him out. When do we do this?

    • Apache6

      DITTO,RAY !!!!

  • Ed

    Obama is poison to the American way of life.

  • Rod

    Heaven will not help those who go against Israel. Read your Bibles. It is in there. I was delighted to see Israel’s leader stand up for his people when he addressed washington’s “leaders”. I use that term loosely when it comes to America, because a true leader would not be doing to his country what ours is doing to America.

  • http://http/ sean murry

    Fuck you obummer.

    • Donna

      Sean….that comment was not necessary!

    • Daphney

      It sure wasn’t Donna.

      Let just vote him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skydiver

    Congress must rein in this socialist, Muslim, and order him to cease formulating foriegn policy that is against the interest of this United States. Bozo is a radical idiot!

  • Rodney

    AMERICA is our home. God told us to keep our home (house) clean. It is our (yours and mine) christian duty to rid the country (our home) of the evil and restore the grace and blessings of God on our lives. The days of turning the other cheek are over. It is time to arm yourselves withrightousness and take our home (ountry) back.

  • David

    The Arab countries are surrounding Israel and trying to force the Israelis to give up Samaria, Judea and Golah Heights (Psalm 83). It won’t happen…The UN may recognize Palestine in September (Obama will stay out of it for now because it’s an election season) and when they try to enforce the occupation, nuclear war (fire) will break out and Israel will have to annihilate the Arab cities (Amos 1-2, Isaiah 17:1 and Ezekiel 29).

    • Howard-the Banger Club

      If you are really interested in what the Bible says about Israel, then write to Evangelist John L. Bray and ask him for his book “ISRAEL in Bible Prophecy” Address: John L. Bray, P.O. Box 90555, Lakeland, Florida. He doesn’t have an email address. In closing let’s clean out the White House in 2012. Governor Rick Perry for President and Congressman Allen West, VP Both smart, moral men who believe in our constitution and are for we the people. You also solve the race issue. Go to their web site and learn more.

    • Jazzlady

      I don’t know anything about Rick Perry. I will do some research on him.

      Allen West is a strong Christian man who knows about Islam and what its doing in America. He is a great choice for President. I also like Michele Bachmann who could be Vice President. That lady loves GOD and country too!

    • Daphney

      Sounds like a winner to me.Perry/Allen
      What are the site address.

  • Patricia

    Obama does not recognize “the people” as real humans. We are a lower life form made to work and pay taxes to him for the restructuring of America. If it rained he and his Queen would drown from their nose being so far up in the air.
    Elitists are nothing but overeducated idiots.

    • Raymond

      Obama is a muslim & that says it all.

  • Patricia

    Obama doesn’t speak for us but to the world at large, he does. He’s also playing with fire. If he were truly a Christian he would know it’s God’s will for us to stand with Israel. If we don’t, America will suffer. He needs to read the Bible, not the Koran.

    • Jazzlady

      Obama is a puppet for the elite, but he has a brain and a conscience that needs to be touched by Almighty GOD and the Holy Ghost. He needs to repent and come to the Lord Jesus Christ. Will that happen? The choice is his.

      I believe that IF the American people knew that he was a Muslim, they would never have elected him as many are now truly sorry for voting for him.

      I did not vote for him. It has been stated that his birth certificate is a forgery and a fraud. HOW much more do we need to remove him from his seat of power?

      GOD ALMIGHTY help us please in Jesus’ Name!!

    • Raymond

      Item 1). Obama has stated on CNN that he’s a muslim.

      Item 2). Michelle Obama has stated publicly
      that her husband is a muslim.

      Item 3). His name is Barack Hussein Obama,
      not John Smith. That should tell you something!

  • David

    And what does this Arab vs. Israeli war have to do with America? God promised to curse the nations that curse Israel and Obama (and Hillary) have been cursing God’s people for years and trying to push them out of God’s city and the Holy Land for years (Genesis 12:3).,,America is cursed. Just look at our sick economy, all those natural disasters and prophecies of more judgment to come (a big earthquake in September).

    • Dan

      I agree we are being punished. This decline started in the 60’s when the liberals started taking over. That’s when we started to turn away from GOD. Now if someone even talks about praying or anything that may pertain to religion the atheist come out suing. We need to elect Govenor Perry as our next President that would really piss off the atheist. How can they complain that Govenor Perry is interfering with freedom of religion for calling people to pray. The atheist are the ones that are interfering with everyone’s freedom of religion. These liberals don’t know the real history of this country all they no is the socialist revised version of history. The only thing that the Government is forbidden from doing is establish a national religion in other words they can’t tell anyone they have to join a certain church that’s all it means. Jefferson and Madison both held church services for the denomination they belonged to in Congress every Sunday during their administration and I’m sure they new the intent of the establishment clause. We need to start teaching the real history in this country and not the revised version and it’s utter nonsense to point out the person was gay it doesn’t and anything to the discussion except making gays feel good. No matter what they do gays will never be normal and their activity will never be considered moral that’s why the liberals want to bury religion for as long as religion exist homosexuality won’t be accepted. We need to fight all homosexual agendas as being detrimental to this country. While I don’t believe in what the Westboro Baptist church does I think protesting at military funerals is in poor taste. I do believe that we have lost favor with GOD because of our acceptance of homosexuality. Homosexuality is one of the sins that God will destroy a whole city for allowing this practice. We must not allow the education system and the courts to dictate that we will accept this lifestyle as moral and normal and we must not let them teach our children this also. We have been in decline for the past 40 years because of liberals we need to reverse what they have done. Vote against all liberals so we can turn this decline around and make the US great again. Only by turning this country back to God can this be accomplished.

    • http://windowslive mary m

      They should put all the gays, and atheists,On and island of their own and there they can have allthe stupid laws they want God ,is Good ALL the time.

    • Raymond

      mary m says:
      July 17, 2011 at 12:23 pm
      They should put all the gays, and atheists,On and island of their own and there they can have allthe stupid laws they want God ,is Good ALL the time.

      Hi Mary,
      Speaking of homosexuals, they don’t understand that if the muslims
      take over America the muslims will kill them.
      Can’t fix stupid.

    • Daphney

      Mary they will have at it after the tribulation.(All the Ungodliness they could imagine) God will give them their wish!!!
      Then they will wish they know God!
      I do not believe we will have long,the signs are everywhere

    • Robbie C.

      David, what you say and the references you give certainly gives me an inkling hope. How can we get the word out to others (USA)? “those that have ears, let them hear” – if only. . .

    • Jazzlady

      David, I truly hope not. I believe the Blood of Jesus Christ is more powerful than anything and we as Christians and Jews have authority that GOD has given us to stand against evil and even storms. I’ve heard it and seen it for myself, but…I do believe that we cannot go against Israel or support things like gay marriage or abortion as those are abominations in the very eyes of God.

      May GOD In Heaven have mercy on Americans who do not support Obama and his policies against Israel.

      GOD has to see that the American people do not want to hurt Israel nor do most of us agree with Obama and what he is doing.


    • Raymond

      David says:
      July 17, 2011 at 10:08 am
      And what does this Arab vs. Israeli war have to do with America? God promised to curse the nations that curse Israel and Obama (and Hillary) have been cursing God’s people for years and trying to push them out of God’s city and the Holy Land for years (Genesis 12:3).,,America is cursed. Just look at our sick economy, all those natural disasters and prophecies of more judgment to come (a big earthquake in September).

      You’re right & it’s going to get worse
      as me move closer to the Tribulation.

  • http://yahoo Dan Kinsman

    Well Obama is not a christian especially if he supports abortion including partial birth abortion and same sex marriage. He plays games with God. He will bring God’s punishment on America for these things and his persecution of Christians. The next election in 2012 will be different because people who supported him in 2008 said they won’t in 1012 including celebrities.

    • Jazzlady

      I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ blocks Obama’s every move and attempt to get himself elected again no matter what he does.

      GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD please give us a man after YOUR own heart in Jesus’ Name.

    • Daphney

      Dan I sure hope that you are right!!
      He has gotten all kinds of donations from the wealthy to run again.
      We know with God all things are possible even removing him out of the white house.
      Lets do our part and vote him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patriot7

    God is not mocked! He has said in his Word that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. We are now experiencing the latter because we elected a leader who is against Israel and has shown this to be so by his words and actions. Disastrous weather, economic crisis, and other events we are seeing in America today is not due to mother nature and bad luck but because we are not supporting our only true ally in the middle east, Israel.

    • Daphney

      Amen Patriot7!
      although a lot of people do not beleive this!!

      Lets Vote Obama Out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Enemy

    As with almost everything-else king obama is doing, this is a big mistake on his part to throw Israel under the bus. There will be hell to pay for turning our back on Israel!

    • Bill

      Obummer would throw his family under the bus.

    • http://windowslive mary m

      Well I sure hope god has leinincy on those of us who doesn’t have the clout to do anything about it I pray all the time Its hard to force people to do what you tell them god wants from them. all this is so aggrivating. to watch your country go to pot.

  • Bill

    Stop attacks send obummer back to Kanya were he came from.

    • http://windowslive mary m

      first we need to get at him for all hes done to our blessed country.

  • Larry

    Obama is a closet Muslim and does believe that the laws of that Cult or Sharia Law should be the Law of the Land so he does believe that he can lie to anyone so long as the end result will benefit his agenda. His supporters seem to be not only blind but they are also Deaf and the worst thing is they are so stupid they need to be committed to a institution for the terminally Brain Dead.

    • No fool

      Only mindless fools will believe he’s a Christian, as there’s enough evidence on the internet to prove otherwise … including a nice photo of him on a prayer mat.

    • Daphney

      Its the opponents job to expose him!
      So far they are doing a lousy job.
      This man is very dissconnected to the people in America.

      lets Vote Him Out!

    • Marie Heron

      There’s a pic of him on a prayer mat, on the internet?? Please–tell us where. This I’ve GOT to see. My Bible stdy teacher swears he isnot muslim. we got intoa couple of really nasty arguements about it. I’d love t show it to her. She thinks everything he stands fo is good. She has a lot to learn. I love her dearly, but—–

  • Seamus

    We can clearly see that Bible Prophecies are being fulfilled with more accuracy that anyone could have ever imagined. It’s all playing out perfectly as it was written!

    But now the biggest question remains:

    ‘Comrade Barry Boy Soetoro the Despot Marxist’ has neither been impeached nor arrested for his blatant high crimes against the American people and our beloved US Constitution because…?

  • Yellow Horse

    Well I guess it’s true……….muslims don’t like Christians!!!!

    • No fool

      Not totally true. Just a large number of them. Unfortunately many Muslims that try to convert to Christianity get murdered off, as it is written in the Koran to do so. The only way they won’t be killed off is to convert over as a spy, for the Muslim leaders.
      It is also written that it’s okay to masquerade, lie and deceive your enemies so long as it benefits them.

    • Jackie

      That’s Obama to the bone!

  • V. Anthony D’anjou

    I stand 100% with Israel, I stand 100% with the Jews and I stand 100% with the Jewish people! I Agree with everything that people said above about President Barack Hussein Obama II NOT being a Christian but a Muslim. I love the Holy Bible references because the Holy Bible is True and the Quran/Koran a.k.a. Al-Quran is of the Devil/Lucifer. I am an Apostolic Christian and I love Israel. I am NOT on the Muslims’ side for the Muslims are the Anti-Christ religion.

  • ARMYOF69

    I’m no saint, but I still believe in God , and the Jewish man, is still our leader called Jesus. How could anyone who claims to be Christian not love the Jews and Israel their home? It is disgusting the way that HUSSEIN treated Netanyahu.

  • Jazzlady

    I pray that every time Obama opens his mouth to curse Israel, the Bible and Christians, the conviction of the Holy GHost comes on him. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ visit him during the night in his dreams and he has a revelation and a realization that Jesus Christ is God and that he must repent for what he is doing to America now. Then, I pray that he and his family apologize for what they are doing to America and pack their bags and leave the White House!! YIPPEEE!! That would be a great day! Glory to God. Hallelujah.

  • JM

    What I do not understand is WHY he is still representing OUR Great Country as the President of the USA!
    Why hasn’t he been IMPEACHED!
    Why hasn’t he been tried with Treason!
    He Is Not a Legal Citizen!
    He is a LIER!
    He is a Muslim, Marxist, Communist loving extremist!
    He supports the Muslim Brotherhood!
    He is destroying America! The FREE!
    He is deliberately wanting to destroy the American Dollar!
    Why is OUR congress allowing this MAN to get away with all the unconstitutional agendas he has shoved down OUR throats!
    What about that FAKE birth certificate!
    What about his Social security number!
    What about his pass!
    What was he doing in Pakistan when he was approx. the age of 18. And on what passport!
    He was raised as a little boy living in Indonesian schools!
    Why? Why? Why? Is he getting away with all what he does?
    Why hasn’t he been removed from the White House?
    What are people afraid OF?
    Why is the congress IMPEACHING him?
    Get OBAMA out of OUR WHITE HOUSE! And kick Biden OUT with HIM!

    • JM

      Why is this Congress NOT impeaching Him!!!!!?????

    • Craig Ritsema

      Congress won’t impeach him because the liberal democrats control the senate and they will not vote to impeach him, he’s their buddy.

    • Daphney

      JM they are to dam scared!!
      Are they love their position so much they are willing to turn their heads the other way and forget about the people in this country who put them their.

      Vote All Of Them Out!!!!

  • alan g

    Nostradamaus predicted that the antichrist would come wearing a blue turbin. I’m just saying………

    • Dan

      He may be the false prophet that comes before the anti-Christ.

    • Daphney

      Dan he is not a false prophet,I believe he will help ursher the antichrist in!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      He has a the signs of being capable of during this.

      Vote him out now!!!!

    • Daphney

      Alan he is not the antichrist, but he will help ursher him in!!!!!!!!!!

      obama is insane you can look at him and his actions. Vote him out!!!


    We need to start a ‘Congressional White Caucus’ I bet you would see these white hating SOB’s screaming racist! racists!! Racist!!! RACIST!!!! unlike the peice of S%$T jerimiah wrong (spelled WRONG on purpose) and I quote his words ” We believe in the following 12 precepts and covenantal statements. these BLACK ethics must be taught and exemplified in homes, churches, nurseries and schools, wherever BLACKS are gathered tey must reflect the following concepts:
    1)commitment to god… yeah right my inflection on that
    2)commitment to the BLACK community
    3)commitment to the BLACK family
    4)dedicated to the pursuit to education… teach to hate WHITEY my inflection again
    5)dedicated to the pursuit of excellence… not sure what that means?
    6)adherence to the BLACK work athic… we all know what that means don’t we
    7)commitment to self-discipline and self-respect
    8)disavowal of the pursuit of “middleclassness”
    9)pledge to make the fruits of all developing and acquired skills available to the BLACK community
    10)pledge allegiance toallocate regularly, a portion of personal resourcesfor strengthening and supporting BLACK institutions
    11)pledge alligance to all BLACK leadership who expouse and embrace the BLACK value system
    12)personal commitment to embracement of the BLACK value system
    remember this is where the now seated imperial ruler spent 20 years of his younger life
    I wonder if you substitute the word ‘BLACK’ for ‘WHITE’ there again would be screams of racism from the BLACK community. let me remind everyone that blacks were not the first slaves it was the Jewish people. and you don’t hear them screaming and complaining for their just deserves, also it was their own people that put them on the boats and brought them here to be sold to ‘southern democrats’. I would like to add this how many black living today here in the good ole’ U.S of A have been slaves?…. huh NONE of you, stop living in the past and get on with your life and leave us alone.

    • Daphney

      VOTE HIM OUT!!!!!

    • Daphney


  • Craig Ritsema

    The Lord blesses those who bless Israel. The Lord stands with those who stand with Israel. The Lord will destroy those who attempt to destroy Israel. We should remember that if look at the scriptures closely, the USA is NOT mentioned during the end times, where are we? There are many symbols used in Revelations for many of the nations, but none for us. Food for thought. It also says that the days will be shortened for the elects sake and that Christians will be persecuted for His names sake. (separating the wheat from the chaff is what the persecution may very be). Let us not be fooled, Obama could very easily be the great deceiver, he is so consumed with this path of destruction he is on that nothing matters to him, even though he claims to be a christian and he claims to believe that there is a God, so does the devil.

  • ARMYOF69

    It is time for WHITE, Christian, Heterosexual Americans to claim their country back. By force if necessary.

  • Mike James

    As we pray for our POTUS who wants to PREY upon us… we must remember… all who challenge God fail miserably… Nebuchadnezzar (the original one) and the so-called Nebuchadnezzar II (we found him in a spider hole)… from Nero to Suleiman the Great… every leader, despot, and wannabe god (not too much unlike our president-SELECT) who wants to exalt himself above God… will be humbled… God said ‘my glory I will not share with another’. Israel will survive. God is faithful. He will not allow the apple of His eye fall to the whims and wishes of mere politiciansand social-climbing pieces of trash (who dare call themselves democrats)

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