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Strangers in Our Homeland

Written on Thursday, September 1, 2011 by


Summer is a time of strong memories. Memories of sunshine, lemonade and bicycles flood our minds. Summertime is the season when our youth is so close we can almost reach out and touch it. This summer we have been extra reflective, the marriage of our first child and the contemplation of our parents mortality have only heightened our introspection. Because it is so integral to our lives, much of our analysis has focused on America and her changes.

Change is not always negative, but as we review the changes of the last decade, we are simply aghast at what has happened. It’s like comparing before and after snapshots of a person addicted to methamphetamines, and the picture isn’t pretty. Hence, today we often feel like strangers in our homeland.

The social upheaval of the past decade has been beyond monumental, and it has resulted in a broken America, with a high number of dysfunctional and lost people. Like a colony of termites stealthily destroying the wooden beams of a house, Liberalism has devastated the social fabric and consensus that made America the preeminent country in the world.

First, the rule of law is a fading memory. Obama and the radicals he has surrounded himself with in the White House think less about following the law than they do achieving political objectives. A liberal outcome is first and foremost on their minds above America’s laws. Three examples are the treatment of GM bondholders, the ongoing war in Libya and the Obama stealth amnesty for illegal aliens.

In the case of GM, the bondholders who had primary liens on the physical assets of General Motors were illegally striped of their legal rights in the Obama takeover of the company. Obama’s primary objective was to protect the United Auto Workers, a major contributor to his campaign. The UAW was essentially transferred the monies that should have been paid to bondholders in the reorganization. The stock the bondholders should have had went to the Union in the form of shares for healthcare.

Next is the ongoing Obama war in Libya. The Obama administration has ignored the legal requirements of the War Powers Act. We never liked the War Powers Act or Gadhafi, but the act is still law and Obama’s failure to follow either the US Constitution or statue in this crisis is a flagrant disregard for the rule of law.

Finally, Obama’s latest act, to use his power to overrule both immigration statues and court orders to suspend the deportation of illegal immigrants, amounts to the outrageous violation of the law.

If George W. Bush had been involved in any of these illegal acts, impeachment hearings would be in full swing with live C-Span coverage available for you to watch in your home. Because of the weakness of Republican leadership in the US Congress, Obama flaunts the law with impunity.

The debt ceiling legislation is a perversion of the US Constitution with the Republicans in Congress actually transferring the power of the purse from themselves to the executive against both tradition and the Constitutional framework developed by the founders to divide power. Now Obama will be able to unilaterally increase the debt by over 2 trillion dollars without as much as a whimper of opposition. If you are a sucker who actually believes the so-called “super committee” will reduce spending, we imagine you still believe Obama has the best interests of the country at heart.

As youngsters, we lived in an America that protected children from abortion. In those halcyon days we would never have contemplated the act of sodomy as somehow proper, even if characterized as a monogamous same sex marriage.

In our youth, which now seem like a distant memory, Christian virtue was actually lauded. You were taught to look up to people who believed in the difference between right and wrong. Instead, today the social disorder has degenerated to the point where Rap stars leading flash mobs are considered community heroes.

We are strangers in this homeland, yet we never give up hope. Before the America that we love becomes even more foreign, the breaks must be applied to the runaway liberalism that is destroying America from the inside out.

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  • Ann Mere

    Bravo !!!!

    • EdinNola

      In 1963, the researched and verified goals of Communism with regard to the USA was read into the Congressional Record and debated in Congress! It did a whole lot of good! This documentation very clearly outlines the HOW of the Communist take over of the USA, the crown jewel of their One World Government. It’s there in the Congressional Record, step by step and the central theme is to degrade the American family, educational system, judicial system and the American Way of Life. Have they done a good job? What we are now experiencing is what those documents call “the end days.” What that means is that Communists now feel that they can come out of the shadows (call themselves Progressives openly) and expect the USA to give in to their domination. Obama is in fact the modern day equivelent of a foreign dictator who has already taken over control of the American government. Unless there is a sudden awakening, the game is already over.

    • ronnie

      Where is our beloved Military to help the American citizens make a citizens arrest?? GOD SAVE OUR BELOVED COUNTRY!

  • Robert Bruce

    The above is all-too-true! What happened? We were not watchful enough, were we? Too complacent; too accepting; “There is no right or wrong”, “I’m O.K., you’re O.K.” became the nation’s mottoes. Truly, the insane now run the asylum. Wake up! Re-take out country! American is too good a country to let fall to the cockroaches!

    • shannon853

      things in the article are being left out. first, we give more “freedom” to illegals and minorities and celereraties. drop kick out all illegals period! next the bull of rule of law is a joke, it is plain and simple RULED BY LAW! most laws now are made to rule the people and were not requested but made by the elete jerks in congress to either control or take money from the people for their spending sprees!

    • http://n/a Anna Ferguson

      I agree with you. Your statement “…rules to…control the people” was actually stated by John Dingell of MI. I was apalled and will never forget it nor get over it. I don’t need to be controlled by anyone – give me clear, patriotic rules (Our Dec. of Indep)and HONEST politicians…I can follow those all by myself.

    • mare

      Sadly this movement to bring socialism into this country has been a steady one. If you take a few minutes to read about it in the Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia…here is an excerpt about democratic socialism and how it’s tied to communism.

      In Eastern Europe between 1989 and 1991, every communist government surrendered its monopoly on political power. Communist parties underwent decisive changes as their regimes gave way to multiparty governments. Bowing to new political realities, most Eastern European communist parties sought to mask their origins by changing their names. Communist was replaced by terms such as socialist, social democracy, democratic socialism, and the democratic left. For example, the Bulgarian Communist Party restructured itself as the Bulgarian Socialist Party.
      Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

      Incidentally, 70 members of Congress are members of this party. It was listed on their web site. So really the situation is a lot more serious than most Americans believe. We are fighting for our very existence in America and freedoms that no longer exist.
      Yes…America better wake up and wake up fast!!!

    • Mark

      The slow embezzlement of morals and decency by the worm of political correctness is a lot of what got us to this point. Liberals used the old “label someone a ‘racist’ or a ‘bigot’ or a ‘homophobe’ if they disagree with us” tactic. They did it very subtly with “political correctness” so that it wouldn’t be noticed until we got to a point where a person could not say much against it. Political Correctness is causing MOST of the problems in this country RIGHT NOW!

    • Apache6

      IT’S time to EMBRACE the HORROR,only “GOD GUNS,and GUTS” can save us now!!!

    • guest

      But’s no longer..’i’m ok.your ok. If there is a disagreement over obama’s’s greeted with calling..obscenities.outright lies and often violence toward’s the one who is conservative. And now..liberal’s have instigated a racist war against black’s/whites inviting black flash mob’s and riot’s against whites.It’ will get bad.

  • ExArmyMP

    Why the Republicans continue to allow Obama to get away with flaunting the law, defying the Congress, and ignoring the Constitution, is nothing short of amazing. Congress refuses to pass Cap and Trade, “Card Check”, and Illegal Alien Amnesty, so Obama “backdoors” these issues through regulations (EPA/NLRB)) and/or Executive Orders that violate the will of the Congress, and the will of the People. Republicans need to stop bringing a knife to a gunfight. Dems are playing for keeps, and Republicans need to “man up” and fight for our country’s laws and values.

    • Ron Alford

      I’ve been wondering the same thing, and I’m sure all normal people have also been wondering; but when you come right down to it, they can’t do anything because of a Democrat controlled senate and a Democrat president who can veto anything they try to do. The only way to be victorious is for all true Americans to humble ourselves before God and His Son, Jesus Christ so that we can vote out all of the Democrats and replace them with a super majority so that we can accomplish God’s righteousness.
      In His Word He tells us that He sets up kings, and He takes down kings. And, He gives us the leader that we deserve rather than the one we need. Anything else will fail.

    • Jean

      Lamar Smith, Rep-TX, has a bill, H.A.L.T. that will stop all the backdoor amnesty crap obama has pulled. Please check out the bill and contact your congress person. is fighting illegal immigration tooth and nail. Check that site also, if you haven’t already. We, in southern Nevada, are being overrun by illegals thanks to reid.

    • white and proud

      the repubs are letting obozo run rampid for their own agenda…they want to nominate Marco or Bobby for vice pres. runners but neither one of them had parents that were US citizens at their time of birth which makes them ineligible to take the place of pres should the need arise…so if they ignore obozo’s lack of citizenship parents then the repubs will have a precident set to allow non-us citizens to run for the office of pres and they can vet in Marco and Bobby.

    • Apache6

      “WE THE PEOPLE” must take control of the SENATE next election,if WE can survive that long!!!

  • conservadiva

    Where do these flash mobs come from? Check out

  • mike

    we already are stragers in our own country several months ago i read an article that said by 2040 the white race will be extinct if we dont do something about it now

  • http://PatriotUpdate Alan Lopez

    Unfortunatly also true,and it appears that as states implement stricter immigration laws,more illegals migrate to Florida.

  • Joel

    Excellent points and a pretty good read. However, you spelled brakes wrong.

    • mark from okc

      really! a spelling lesson? lets focus on that.

    • Karl

      And you spelled “statute” wrong.

    • mark from okc

      the dog ate my homework??!!

    • Ray Cunningham

      Agreed and what has happened to the teaching in schools of even basic English in the U.S?

      Take this little gem.

      “The stock the bondholders should have had went to the Union”

      Where is the important comma between ‘have’ and ‘had’?

  • Richard A. Brown

    Please bring back my country-the ache and
    pain I feel for it’s demise is just incredible. I want back a nation who loved their neighbor, trusted God to direct us in all we do, schools that “teach”, nation that
    loved our flag, a government that allowed
    and listened to it’s people, and the idea of
    liberals and their agendas were something we
    wispered about as anti USA not as our leaders.I pray for this daily, how about you.
    Please lets take back the remains of our country and restore it to it’s glory.

    • Morgan

      Yes, me too! I can still remember it like a distant dream. Things are 180 degrees the other way now, sad to say. I do not see it getting any better until the Prince of Peace returns and brings the real”change” that every eye will see and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

    • Burt

      SOOO do I,

    • Art

      I feel terrible for my daughter and the children of her generation. At the rate things are going, they will inherit a country with a great and wonderful history and a lousy and degrading present.

  • Tom

    Truer words were never spoken! The vast majority of these Liberals have no background in growing up the American way…i.e., Boy and Girl Scouts, 4th of July Parades, baseball, 4H Club and the list goes on and on of the things that form us as Americans with a love for our Country. These left-wing bomb-throwers only know one thing….POLITICS and getting elected. What a shame. Tom

  • Burt

    I know most people are not ready to accept the crushing and loss of a free America and think she may yet be turned around..But the forces that are arrayed against her within and without are incredible and while i beleive in miracles i also beleive we may be living in the times where the bible foretells of a coming global opression and gathering of evil against good and a surrounding of Israel by those determined to wipe her out. these things cannot happen with a strong America. Im beginning to beleive that the Kingdom of God may not be far off…. im not being dogmatic, but something to ponder..

  • mark from okc

    1. SORRY to all you folks coming to America but I think it’s time you go back to, or stay in your own countries for awhile. If you haven’t noticed we Americans are having some problems here at home and need to get some things straightened out and we really don’t have time to put up with your crap write now. Ya see, among other things, we really don’t have enough jobs to go around at this point in time and you understand, it’s time for you to go now. Once we get things fixed up maybe you can come back and visit but under our terms not yours. But until then please take your friends on your way out. You don’t have to go home…….but you can’t stay here. No matter what the guy in the white house says. but he’s another problem Along with some others that have hijacked this country, they dont know it yet but they works for me and fixing to be without a job.

    true Americans please stand

  • Fred

    It is not the Average American who has become a stranger in his homeland. It is the Political Establishment, Judiciary, and groups like MALDEF who are forcing changes that are foreign to the American Belief System. It is time for the Average American to Wake Up and realize what is happening to their country and put a stop to it. WAKE UP AMERICA or it will be to late. We will be another Greece or France and will have lost any hope of being able to stop this madness.

  • Luna

    What will happen when those of us who are working, paying taxes to support the entitlement-minded-generation, all retire and there’s no more taxes coming in, to be paid out??? Who’ll support all the couch potatoes then???? Because we (workers) are becoming a minority…….

  • taminator013

    It is truly sad when people who were at one time on the fringes of society now seem to rule it. It is very distastful to me to see so many television advertisements and programs prominently featuring gays and lesbians. Jane Lynch of “Glee” and Neil Patrick Harris of “How I Met Your Mother” advertising for Comcast. A very homely Ellen Degenerate DeGeneres with her own show and also shilling for Cover Girl makeup. Give me a break! An ugly dyke in a makeup commercial? A Febreze commercial with two obvious lesbians sniffing up an old restaurant while blindfolded. The LOGO (fag) channel on Comcast cable that everyone with anything more than basic cable is forced to pay for. When will this lunacy end?

  • Pale face

    Dont blame a weak GOP, its all in who is really in control. If you control the media, one can control the minds of the people. Is it an accident that most of the networks are controlled by Jews? Homosexuality, seperation of church and state, no prayer allowed in schools, no mention of Jesus publicly, men are women and women are men. Kids are taught that its great to marry outside their race and to be White is to be guilty of all past crimes in History. Our government, media and schools controlled by Jews who hate Christianity and a traditional family.

  • Carl Sudbrink

    Bravo! We need to clean up the Whitehouse and congress! This administration are against all American, and are pro Muslim!–He openly stated that He Hates America!

  • Robert Rose

    Though I agree with all your comments, I wince at the structure of your statements. We all know that conservatives are judged more exactly than liberals and so spelling becomes that much more important. Statutes instead of statues, brakes instead of breaks. Of course one large change you left out is how we care for the poor. We once relied on religious institutions of our choice to which we donated our tithes. Now Liberals expect Uncle Sam to do this for them since many of them, like President Obama I understand, don’t go to church. And we pay Uncle Sam up to 50% in our taxes. That’s a denial of individual responsibility for our fellow human beings that is rampant in our society today.

  • Art

    This is not the country I was born in that’s for sure. Mandatory “Homosexual Education” classes? WTF!

  • Paladin

    AMEN to this!

  • MrInterpid

    GOD hates sodomy! Just remember what he did to Sodom. A lot of the problems we have in this country today are caused by the sodomites and their supporters. The most glaring example is Bwarny Fwank of Mass. He and his b&&t buddies are responsble for a lot of the housing mess through their corrupt use of Fannie and Freddie. The second example is San Fran Nan. This horrible old hag reresents the most degenrate area of San Francisco. The last but not least of the unrepentant sodomites is ole Barry Obooboo himself. Nothing more than a crack smoking corn holer himself. These folks are in open rebellion to GOD and causing all of us no end of grief.

  • guest

    I just read how mexico has for all practical purposes declared war on america and plan to take California..colorado.texas. Can you imagine if that happened? The crushing poverty..the drug cartels taking over these southern states? Let’s face it..illegal’s are already stealing from america’s tax payer’s by taking free healthcare..foodstamp’ college tuition..all the while american’s who put into system can not get a job..lost their homes..can not send their kid’s to college.When will those who support obama..see that he only plans to enrich himself and his cronies..not them. I must wonder if God has sent a delsuion to america..nothing else makes sense.

    • white and proud

      just as with the Bibles Daniel…he was destroyed from within, otherwords by his own sons. America is being destroyed the same way, from within…obozo has 6 pro-islam radicals in his inner-circle, judge jan napolitano is the first one I remember, and check out the DOJ, another there. running ’round the constitution whenever the laws don’t suit them…prepare for the worse I’m afraid…….

  • am2sweet

    This article was a good reminder of what our country was and what it could be again if we got rid of more government and all those wanting it to be a socialists country. The Nazis have taken over so many parts of things. Media, government, schools, and some companies. We need to clean house and get rid of all those working against America so we can restore it back to a great country for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to live in and enjoy.

  • tweety

    I stopped going back to my old neighborhood in Chicago. It’s too painful..What used to be a thriving area is now a bunch of vacant lots overgrown with weeds. Houses with boarded up windows. Thriving businesses replaced by ice cream or taco carts with bikes attached. Nobody on the streets (too dangerous). What kind of progress is this, America???

  • TakethePowerBack

    Our country has become to diverse and they WONT assimilate.

    • TakethePowerBack

      p.s. it’s also this damn political correctness run-in ramped!!!!!!!!

  • Gisela

    I must say a lot of this should start at home where is the respect for your elders.look at how the Kids dress today because they want to look like the slutty entertainers that every other word out of their mouth is f…. that is where it all start and our politicians support all that freedom of expression

  • az native

    I have one thing to say, get the “F” out of my country…we’ve had enough,this is the nation my dad fought for, either you start acting like an American, upholding our laws, obey our constitition or get the hell out, this is my country…the rest need to be deported.

  • Amazed American

    In my opinion, which surely will be questioned….we have a choice at the polls. The most steadfast person to take over the mess Obama has put our country in. Newt and if he would accept, Allen West. I know they would be the odd couple but they are both great Americans whom have the guts to lead. Our other big chore will be to be actively watching the polls like hawks on election day. We have to unite against this socialist takeover and make sure it doesn’t happen again. No more sleeping on our watch this is our country, without our flag it would be a very different place.

  • Dave Nelson

    I have always wondered how could people just stand by and do nothing when an evil and corrupt government is doing what the Federal Government is doing. I realized after watching Americans do nothing as this government takes their freedom and does not follow the law. It was simple they are cowardly Americans.

  • Nick

    Remember when Ferdinand Marcos slithered out the back door of his palace in the 70’s? The people of the Philippines had enough of the thug dictator. UNITED they filled the streets of Manila in a PEACEFUL PROTEST. The People Power was sucessful in the removal of that criminal.


  • Steven Higgins

    We as a nation are over our heads in problems oval office has done nothing for US. In war 3 at once, “none like Vietnam” 9 years and counting. hight unemployment high government debt. time for the hands grab each ear pull down sharply till you see the blinding light potilians ” pull you head out of your ASS

  • Spyder Dalton

    Are you kidding me? If you see one white person getting out of the schools at 2:00 walking along the street you need to get out and take a picture. The hell with the polar bears, white people are extinct in L.A.

  • john swinson

    Dr. Williams is a great AMERICAN GENTLEMAN AND SCHOLAR.