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Texas TSA Anti-Groping Bill Fails

Written on Thursday, June 30, 2011 by

david simpson texas

Because of (another) last-minute glitch, the Obama administration and DOJ got their wish when Representative David Simpson’s anti-groping bill died.

According the Longview News Journal:

The airport security bill, which attracted national attention, did not get a final vote after lawmakers failed to suspend the Constitutional rule that a bill be voted on twice over two separate days. The bill’s supporters needed 120 out of 150 lawmakers to suspend the rule to vote on it twice on the same day, which also happened to be the last day of the special session. The motion to suspend the Constitution failed on a 96-26 vote. There are 101 Republicans and 49 Democrats in the House, but 26 lawmakers did not show up for Wednesday. Most Democrats opposed the bill because supporters characterize it as defying Obama Administration policies on airport security.

The bill’s author Rep. David Simpson delivered a passionate, sometimes heated speech on the House floor on the close of the session.

After quoting Winston Churchill’s ‘Never give in’ speech, Simpson said, “This is not the last of the effort to stop unreasonable searches of our person.  I am not giving up, and even if I did, I do not think the people are going to allow the violating of their rights to persist.”

And speaking for his constituents, he reminded people why he became a State Representative.

“Providence and the People brought me to the legislature.   My race started without me. I was sought out by the people when they wanted a representative who would not only represent their values, but endeavor to keep the oath to the Constitution of the US and of this state — which as Jefferson once said are like ‘chains that bind down elected officials to keep them from mischief.’”

He continued, “I came to do what is right for the people — the people of my district and the people of the state of Texas. I did not come for special interests. I have sought to do what former Speaker Pete Laney told me early in the session:  ‘Do what’s right; explain it; and you will be okay.’  He also said, ‘Don’t do anything you don’t want your wife or your mother to know about.’”

A portion of his speech also seemed directed at Lt. Gov. Dewhurst and Speaker Joe Straus, both whom were instrumental in trying to kill the bill.

“I am not only fed up with the TSA and its humiliation of travelers. I am also fed up with phonies — especially phony politicians who seek to take credit for legislation that they are at the same time seeking to kill,” Simpson said.

As for who was ultimately to blame, Simpson said it was Texas politicians.

“The defeat of this bill can only be laid at the feet of the leadership of this state,” he said.  “However, this is a victory speech. The people in support of this bill have succeeded in shining the light on those who collaborate with the growing tyranny of our federal government.”

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  • Allan Jones

    the patriot update website are all pussies…so much for freedom of speech

  • lilbear68

    texans remember these dirtbags when election time rolls around

    • dave

      AMEN TO THAT!!!!

    • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

      I have never been so gut gnawing, red faced angry in my almost 60 years of being a Texan, and an American.

      Our so-called representatives have proven whose side they are on…and it is not on the side of law and justice, and freedom, nor liberty, and not on the side of Texan’s.

      They choose to run and hide from a vote, and to become supporters of lawlessness. They refused to even come and vote present.

      They failed to do their sworn duty for which they are being paid to do. They choose to ignore the rights of their people, and to favor the unlawful laws of those far away in Washington D.C.

      Even through Texas has seen massive immigration from Mexico and our own Governor has failed to act to protect our lands and property, our safely along the border and in our great cities….this cut is deeper still.

      It denies all Texans of the protections granted by the United States Constitution.

      In Texas, today…we are no longer a free people. We are but subjects to the Crown once more…at least on this day.

      What comes is yet to be seen. Native Texans are a fiercely independent lot. We shall see if the values and beliefs of our native Texan forefathers have been lived well enough by their sons and daughters, that the flame of freedom has been adopted by the 100,000’s whom have also moved here from all other states, and countries…

      Or have our new state residence, and our own people become infected by what these outsiders have brought with them…their progressive and cowardly ways, their willingness to accept the yoke of oppression.

      Yes we shall see on election day…but until then, we must ask ourselves…

      “At what price have we sold our liberty, our freedom, our rights to live without fear of our government…what price did will we pay for allowing our Texan lands of freedom to be surrounded and infiltrated by “foreigners?”

      Are we no longer brave enough, nor strong enough to rise up out of our apathy and be free men once more? Will we bare a yoke willingly? Will we, unlike our forefathers, become slaves in our own land?

      We shall see if they who came to Texas, choose to be live free and to enjoy the opportunities that freedom brings along with the duties and responsibilities that freedom carries? Or if they and we are simply moochers off the once great nation and state that were created to be free and to live in liberty.

      If not, then our people have become little more than scallywag carpetbaggers of the 21st Century.

      Freedom has never been free.

      The ultimate test of a moral society
      is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.” Deitrich Bonhoeffer

      “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil:
      God will not hold us guiltless.
      Not to speak is to speak.
      Not to act is to act.”
      Deitrich Bonhoeffer

      “I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.”
      General Douglas MacArthur

      If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of
      that original right of self-defense…
      Alexander Hamilton

      When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. Thomas Jefferson

    • Robert Young

      One of the Citizens of the Republic, that was a well written article with lots of truth there.As a born and raised Texan I believe in my God, my Family, my Country, and my Guns which I would use to defend the first three. If the scumbag politicians won’t listen to their constituents then recall them immediately if possible, otherwise vote them out when they run for reelection. Voters must have a long memory to get rid of all the scumbag carpetbagger type politicians. May God Bless Texas and America.

    • vietnamvet

      I hope you boys know the names of the ones who failed to show up. You can’t kick ’em out if you don’t know which ones they are.

    • Larry

      Well Said Citizen, I don’t think anybody here including myself could have said it better. I know we all agree with you 100%.It’s really sad to think there are millions of people in this country that call themselves Americans and do not even know what it means.They think they are American just because they were born here or because they live here.They have no respect for our history or where our history has brought us.They have no respect for the men and women who have died to protect us and give us what we have today.This country is going down the toilet because of these fakes.If they can’t respect our constitution,our great history and quit trying to change our country,then it’s time for them along with these useless politicians to LEAVE and may our shores hit them in the ass on their way out…Keep up the fight Texas you still have friends out here.

    • John Dallas


      Thanks for your well written view on the status of America. You are obviously a true Patriot and it is great to learn so many Americans are sharing the same thoughts/beliefs about washington. Have a great 4th.

    • ARMYOF69

      This is nothing. Wait till the TSA does get organized and accepted as another government union.

    • LadyLiberty

      Welcome to the New USA 3rd World Government!!! Pretty soon the dollar will be called the Amero; when we have open bordors with Mexico and Canada!!!

      We have to remember our goal; to remove and replace as many Democratic Senators with Republicans; and elect a Republican constitutionalist as President

  • azwayne

    It’s really ad when stupid congressional traditions stop and ruing good legislation.

  • scout

    I read yesterday where it passed. Now today they say it failed. Who knows. WTF

  • Kurt

    This should be an election issue nationwide. We need to know if people running for office or seeking reelection are for or against the TSA.

    Simple as that.

  • dee cee

    Where is that wonderful Presidential hopeful Rick Perry in all of this? Why isn’t he around to push that through? Oh that’s right he is a RINO and really doesn’t care about me and you.

  • 1minuteman

    it is time for a nation wide militia under one umbrella who are willing to stand against tyranny and anyone who undermines the constitution and the will of the people. obama has his thugs we need to have our continental army.

    • John Dallas


      I fully agree with your observation. Many politicians both state and federal are bad people. From many years of business one lesson I have learned, bad guys only care about themselves and how they benefit personally without consideration for who they hurt / damage. In most cases the best way to discourage this behavior is with force /severe recourse which seems to be the direction Americans are heading. It has become obvious politicians are not interested in representing the American people but to gain personally while in office. It is time to squash these people.

  • slacker1965

    If a police officer did that the TSA workers do he fired.

  • Anonymous

    I refuse to fly until the TSA is disbanded permanently.

  • David Roberts

    Representative David Simpson gave one Hell of a speech! It’s a shame all Politicians aren’t like him. I guess they can try again in the future to get this bill passed.

  • John Dallas

    Once again Texas politicians have failed to represent the demands of Texans & protecting Texas and its citizens from the unconstitutional socialist policies of a corrupt washington. Dewhurst & Straus are traitors selling out Texans for socialist policies of washington.

    The outcome of this vote again establishes several facts, politicians willingness to ignore, the Constitution & Bill of Rights in governing, the voice of the people, lack concern for those they reportedly represent & are willing to sell out for the socialist policies being forced on Americans by a corrupt washington.

    If Americans are to retake this country from elitist politicians they will have to take it for politicians are drunk with the power of being in office. Millions of Americans are fed up and angered by lose of freedoms and socialist policies as evidenced by the peaceful revolution currently underway in America. If washington continues to ignore the demands of the people dragging America into socialism it begs the question how long will the peaceful revolution remain peaceful.

    It is time for all true Americans to take a stand or be run over by a corrupt washington.

  • Raymond

    Sexual assault is still legal at the airport.
    Muslim females still get a pass at the airport.

    • Berrygirl

      either don’t fly or just dress like a Muslim woman to avoid the groping

    • handyman

      What is the meaning of legal?

      You can’t, don’t you dare,
      it’s ok if the government says so!!
      Hell NO!!

  • Ed

    Rightwing mantra:”Knives to gunfights”…repeat…


  • MontanaMEL

    Everyone just STOP flying for 30 days and say WHY you are doing this… Tell the airlines that until they manage to load passengers without grooping, you will NOT FLY with them or any other carrier!

    Follow the money in reverse, eh?

  • Adrian Vance

    They may have been avoiding some big federal lawsuits knowing this bureau will be soon gone after the next election.

    For political analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative, Now on Kindle daily.

  • Buckaroo 63

    Now we have a list of Senators who are either too dumb to understand the American and State of Texas Constitutions or are clearly not Constitutionalists and must be removed from office for being traitors!

    • Byron

      Where’s the list?

  • Buckaroo 63

    No agency of the general government has a Constitutional right to make regulations in an individual State. And furthermore they have no right to make regulations about travel. I see no power in our American Constitution that allows for agencies or agency regulations. Get rid of agencies and stop billions of dollars of unnecessary spending and thereby begin to balance the budget!

    • handyman

      Save our money, drasticly cut down on goverment and their benifits, about 60% GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, today, CUT OUT, the scum of our country!

  • JimTex

    Anyone know the name of the suppose to be Republicans that voted against the bill?

  • Edward Ferrer

    Amen to all that! I am very weary of politicians who think that they are gods!
    IMO, What about IMPEACHMENT for this Sociopath
    in The White House and his Den of Snakes?
    Let’s PRESS for Impeachment, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO MORE! Enough is REALLY Enough! SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS! Let’s Grow and Keep Our Faith! GOD
    is SOVEREIGN and ABLE, and HE has The Last Word! I have witnessed TYRANNY IN THE MAKING,
    50 years ago (Cuba), and I will not live under
    it ever again, So Help Me, God, My Lord! Better to be dead, than die a living death!

  • Bundoker

    About the RINOS … you cannot even trust the PATRIOT UPDATE, WND and the GOP PR BS that fills your in box … one day they say dump AARP [and rightly so] by switching to AMAC … then the come back with a full page AARP advert … like the others say IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY not us or the US.

  • http://ATT.Net Larry

    As already asked: WHERE”S THE LIST? Let’s get a list out and publicized on just WHO these individuals are.

  • KG Utah

    One Citizen of the Republic and John Dallas’s comments along with the rest have laid it out very clearly and refreshes my faith in the fierce independence of the people of Texas.
    This regrettable failure by some Texas politicians to uphold their oath of office is but a symptom of the political malaise that is infecting too many elected officials all across the country. Once they lie their way into getting elected their ears become stopped against the voices of those who hired them, just like their federal counterparts. Either they fail to understand or believe in states’ rights under the Constitution, they don’t care, or they are too cowardly to oppose the federal juggernaut that will crush them AND those that elected them. They must all be removed. Their collusion with the federal establishment has brought the nation to a point where it is rapidly becoming unrealistic to believe this insidious trend can be peacefully reversed at the ballot box. At the rate the “progressives” are progressing, November of 2012 will be too late.
    The TSA debacle along with the criminal BATFE gunrunner project are prime examples of a government drunk with its usurped power and running amuck. Exactly the kind of situations Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and many of our Founding Fathers anticipated because they understood the proclivity of some humans to want to control everyone else and warned that if we would preserve the Republic it would become the DUTY of all who value their freedom to remove those would-be rulers. That is one of the primary reasons they saw fit to include the Second Amendment and so clearly stated that right SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. There has already been a lot of ‘infringement’ and obuma/holder/h. clinton and their fellow traitors intend to completely abrogate it if the people allow them to.

  • Mary

    We tell our children that NOONE is supposed to touch them and then we have this. This makes for a confused child and will probably willingly let anyone touch them now. Very bad. We also allow the TSA to now be UNIONIZED and as Federal Employees they will never be able to fire them. This is also very bad. The Administration wanted to Unionize them so when they strike it will be the end of the airlines. Very good planning on the administrations part, don’t you think. They will not be concerned about all the loss of jobs, they haven’t been worried about that yet, so why now.

  • American ex-Pat


  • slacker1965

    If a police officer did the same thing the TSA agents do they be arrested.

  • tod

    The TSA is 100% UnConsitutional,Period!!!

  • Buckeye

    Get over it you repubs would bitch if they hung you with a new rope. When the shoe box bomber made his attempt the repubs 100% shot off their mouths and blamed Obama as he was just continuing the old Bush policies in regard to security. So then the dems said okey we will make sure we secure our airports and they did a damm good job of it as a matter of fact excellent. If you don’t like the rules then don’t fly. LOL

    • handyman


    • Larry

      Come on Handyman, don’t pick on buckeye.Try to show a little sensitivity. Maybe he likes to be groped. lol

  • G. Brown

    We have become a nation of sheep, but it’s not just the House and Senate in Texas, it’s America.
    Landing in Seattle from Scotland a nurse told me a TSA woman was hearding a dozen people through the terminal, “Were walking, were walking!” There was an elderly woman there who could not keep up. Upsetting the TSA person she told the old women, “I could just slap your face!” No one said a word.
    If you witnesed the TSA person going over and over a little 6 year old girl on TV, there again, no one said a word.
    Welcome too the “New World Order!”
    It was suggested all the people should lay down. Worked good with Gandi and the “Civil Rights” movement. Responses were, yes, but then you get arrested! Ok, then keep handing these Nazis and Marxist our liberties.
    Yes, where is your RINO Governor?

  • handyman


  • Kraut

    If the TSA had told my mother to remove her diaper at age 97 I would have killed the bastard or bitch doing the searching. However they can rest easy – my mother died long ago. I haven’t flown since I retired from the Military long long ago.

  • Art

    All of a sudden, I am beginning to realize that Texas is all hype and nothing else. This fiasco is just one example, but Texas is a liberal state, especially in the illegal capital southern range. Much like California, Texans love to get something for what they think is nothing, but illegals cost them a fortune. Yeah, Texas sure isn’t what she use to be.

  • Raymond

    In honor of the 44th President of the United States , Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream has introduced a new flavor: “Barocky Road ”

    Barocky Road is a blend of half vanilla, half chocolate, and surrounded by nuts and flakes. The vanilla portion of the mix is not openly advertised and usually denied as an ingredient. The nuts and flakes are all very bitter and hard to swallow.

    The cost is $82.84 per scoop….so out of a hundred dollar bill you are at least promised some CHANGE..!

    When purchased it will be presented to you in a large beautiful cone, but after you pay for it, the ice cream is taken away and given to the person in line behind you at no charge.

    You are left with an empty wallet, holding an empty cone with no hope of getting any ice cream.

    Don’t you feel stimulated?

  • http://http/ sean murry

    if i was you texasians i would get a list of the ones awol and vote thier asses out.

  • Brook

    We need to go after Pistole. He’s the f’r that ordered this done, and even the TSA agents think this is crazy. We need to make his life so uncomfortable, he will resign.