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The Plot Against Perry

Written on Saturday, October 1, 2011 by


The Mainstream Media, including Fox News, and the establishment of the Republican Party have put together a coordinated effort to defeat Governor Rick Perry’s bid for the Presidency of the United States. There are three reasons why these groups are plotting against Perry.

First, he hails from Texas and they claim he is “soft on illegal immigration.” I will set the record straight on Perry’s immigration policy. Second, he’s not a “silver tongued” public speaker — as if that should be a qualification anyway.  We all know what the last “silver tongued” orator has done to our country. Actions, my fellow citizens, speak louder than words. Third, Governor Perry is a Christian Conservative.

Plot #1: Discredit Perry’s Position on Immigration

First, my fellow Americans need to understand that Texas is a border state that shares 1,800 miles with Mexico. Governor Perry is adamant that the Federal Government must commit more troops on the border with the addition of aerial surveillance with unmanned drones. Governor Perry has also dispatched the fabled Texas Rangers to perform reconnaissance missions on the border. Does this sound like a candidate who is “soft on immigration?”

Secondly, let me address Perry’s position on granting in-state tuition to the children of illegal aliens. One of the many great things about Texas is that we do not have State income tax. State schools are funded by sales tax and property tax. Everyone living in Texas, regardless of national citizenship, supports these institutions by paying sales tax. Besides, this tuition law was one passed overwhelmingly and nearly unanimously by the Texas Legislature in 2001. The Wall Street Journal, in an editorial published September 27, 2011, reported that clearly 73 percent of those children are native born Americans. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that such children cannot be deprived of an elementary public education based on the immigration status of their parents. That ruling applies to all 50 states. Texas allows citizens of all its border states to also pay in state tuition. To politicize a decades-old law over the education of innocent little children because of the citizen status of their parents is not right.

To further understand my point, please take a minute to watch the following video of my fellow conservatives who support Perry’s position on immigration. If Republicans are not careful, we will drive Christian Conservative hispanics to the Democrat Party!

Texas is the only state in the Union that fought its own war of independence and many of its heroes are Hispanics like Juan Seguin and President Zavalla. These men are as much heroes in Texas as Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and Sam Houston. In Texas, there is a special bond between its Anglo and Hispanic citizens — we are all free men under God.

The Left wants population control. They don’t want immigrants in America, because they will not be able to achieve and sustain their Socialist dream. Why are conservatives supporting a Left-wing agenda?

Plot #2: Portray Perry as a Poor Public Speaker

On September 22nd, the Fox News organization allegedly worked behind the scenes to portray Governor Perry’s facial expressions in a negative light while his “so-called” fellow Republicans attacked him. Technical operations and camera angles can be used make one look good or bad to the viewing public. During their hosted debates, CNN and MSNBC concentrated their negativity toward Governor Perry both during and after the debate.

Fox commentator Sean Hannity is being most hypocritical when he adulates New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, but fails to report that Mr. Christie favors gun control and has no arguments against homosexual marriage. Mr. Hannity’s actions reinforce my thesis that Fox, the Left wing media, and the Eastern elites of the Republican Establishment really do support gun control, same sex marriage, and all of the filth and immorality that has befallen this once Christian nation.

Plot #3: Dismiss Perry because he came from a poor family and he is a Christian

Governor Perry is the son of a share cropper. He grew up in a house without running water and worked in the fields with Mexican workers. He went on to become an Air Force officer, pilot, and longest-serving Governor in the history of Texas. His life is truly an American success story fulfilled. Most importantly, he has placed his faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is the same Lord and Savior that our hispanic brothers worship. The media despises Christians and persecutes them at every opportunity. They are doing this to Perry as well.

Believe me when I say that Governor Perry is the only one who can defeat President Obama. If Mr. Romney wins the nomination, the Tea Party will probably split and form a Third Party. We all know this will ensure the re-election of Mr. Obama and our great country will be ruled once again by godless non-believers. Now is the time for all Christians from all denominations to unite and not to be misled by the Media who would willingly bring about the decline and fall of America.

Perry is a Christian and a Patriot who loves America. He is the only man who can defeat Obama and take America back from the clutches of his socialist regime.

Mr. Vallorani is a resident of Beaumont Texas, a self employed Financial Consultant  and a retired veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

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  • Elvira Hasty

    Thank you for writing the truth. I am a conservative Republican who supports Governor Perry for President. The only thing I knew about Perry before was that he was Texas Governor. I have since researched his personal and political background and was very impressed. Last week I met him at an event in Orlando, Florida. WOW! Immediately I could tell he is a true Christian, a man comfortable with himself,calm,and personable. I pray daily for him and his family because, as you just explained, not just the Democrats, but the GOP eastablishment and the news media (including Fox News) are pounding him hard. It is indeed because they are northeastern and DC elitists who cannot stand to see a real Christian form humble beginnings in Texas become our next President. They have completely distorted his immigration stand and gullible Tea Party people are falling for this bias from the media.
    May the Lord protect us from our own pettiness and stupidity.

    • tod

      Perry is a Back stabbing Snake!!!!

    • Bishop, Robert

      Tod what kind of snake and whoes back?? for someone with this much Info. you must have been real close to the action, like providing the snake or the knife. take your knife and go back to the hole you crawled out of.

    • http://yahoo Monte Hargrave

      It would appear that Raymond with the white hat has all the answers. If you live in TX, why in the world dont you leave? I live in TX and am very much in favor of Rick Perry for President. #1 – Christian Morals! and all the rest will come in where they are needed. He has done a super job in TX with jobs, education and taxes and immigration.
      You should know that the in state tutiation was granted in 2001, it is for US citizen students, primarily, with alien parents. If you want this changed – change the constitution. Education in general is dictated by the federal government and that is whats wrong with it. Jobs, if the stupid federal government would grant more drilling permits, the average wage would surg upward with a large number of good paying jobs in the oil field and off shore drilling. You arent going to drive your car on green grass or corn oil any time in your lifetime so get over the nasty ole oil and gas — or just walk. All the rest of you rant is just liberal talking points. Perry is the only choice for President in 2012 in my opinion.

    • hillplus

      For being a ‘true Christian’ he sure hasn’t given much to charity, not even to his own church. What constitutes a true Christian? I think Romney is more Christian.

    • AZ Don

      I do not believe there is a coordinated effort to defeat Perry at least not from FOX. I do not watch the MSM news. Furthermore, someone has to convince me, an Arizonan, that Perry is on our side. He, at least originally, came out against AZ SB1070. Our immigration law. You have to understand something, we have a large area in Arizona (80 miles long and 20 or so miles wide we are warned, by HLS to not enter because of armed illegal’s). Who thinks that is not an armed invasion into our country and does not deserve the proper attention of our armed forces. I actually had a friend who was shot at in that area before the sign was put up. Also he (Perry) does not support a fence. Why, may I ask, is that. Will a fence in any way “conflict” with securing the border, I doubt it! It can only assist. We don’t just have illegal’s to stop we also have drugs coming in along perhaps with terrorists and terrorists weapons many that may be unknown at this time. All the illegal’s are not just Mexicans. I was for Perry until I found out about his position on the border, not now! Its not just an illegal problem.

  • Patricia

    Perry damned himself to voters during the last debate. He didn’t need help from any news outlet.

    • pearl

      I’m with you! But Perry’s operatives appear to own this site.

    • am2sweet

      Bilderberg Behind Rick Perry 2012 Run

      With a GOP primary field weak in viable-but-malleable globalist candidates, Perry may well prove to be a rising star. Current U.S. media is buzzing with speculation of his imminent entry. Bilderberg have long worked to own both horses in each cycle of U.S. presidential races. Bill Clinton, an obscure governor when he attended Bilderberg in 1991 before his 1992 presidential run, is a prime example of a candidate selected and run by Bilderberg. Bilderberg is also responsible for selecting British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron.

      Gov. Rick Perry has been building his credentials as a pseudo-Tea Party leader and supposed proponent of succession, so he may prove to be a marketable product to the grassroots populists rebelling against the establishment GOP. In reality, of course, he is another pawn. His own rise in politics in the mid-80s came at the hands of one Karl Rove, known alternately as “Bush’s Brain,” who convinced Perry to flip from Democrat to Republican. Perry became George W. Bush’s Lt. Governor, rising to Governor once Bush the Younger gained the White House in 2000. He is now the longest serving governor in office.

  • stephen russell

    Now I may again vote for Perry.
    (Damn Fox News), whats this.

    • pearl

      This effort to portray Perry as conservative will fail. I don’t care how many bloggers he pays to talk him up.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      are you nuts???

  • Larry

    I guess the question is are these children actually US citizens whose parents are illegal aliens or are these children illegal aliens themselves…

    Gov. Perry has indicated they are indeed illegal aliens and not US Citizens…If they are citizens he needs to clear this up immediately and do it loudly with any media event that will listen..

    Even though we may not like the idea of children of illegals being citizens, it is the law…

    • Byron

      They are Illegals themselves. Perry’s take, “They are here through no fault of their on”. So now they are of college age they know they are not legally. Do they care any more than their parents did that they are criminals, nope they take everything they can from the Tax payer.

    • Goodforall

      Our own government has made them leagal-it’s called anchor babies-that is a fact! I am glad the record has been set straight and I can now see this plot against him. I do not toitally agree with all of what Rick Perry has done but do know in my heart he can and will be 100% better than the dic tator we have in the WH now.

    • Goodforall

      Sorry for the typos!

    • Betty S

      The illegal aliens granted in-state tuition are approximately 16,000 per year, according the the Wall street journal, 73% or 12,000 are anchor babies with citizenship granted to them by the Supreme Court. 4,000 per year may be illegal immigrants. In-state tuition doens’t mean that the Government will pay the tuition, the student has to pay the tuition, and after all they are living in the state of Texas. I can’t see what the big deal is, it is not as if other states don’t do the same thing.

    • Tina

      What a bunch of Liberal pablum!
      Children born here have always been eligible they are US citizens.
      These laws apply to illegals only. And once they are eligible to in state tuition it opens the door to Federal finanacial aid.
      Perry voted for a backdoor “Dream Act”
      He is a RINO! Do not fall for this blatant attempt to sway your vote towards another DEMOCRAT trying to portray himself as a conservative.

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Who died and left the Suprem Court God!If the parents are here unlawfully that should be cause enough to deny their off spring Citizenship , how do we know the conception ws don deliberatly so mommy & daddy could stay here and suck the taxpayers wallet dry.
      If Perry was not soft on Illegal immigration then Why hasn’t he begd the fed to round em up and head em out. tHE lAW IS THE lAW, ILLEGAL IS STILL ILLEGAL, I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH MONEY THE BILDERBERGERS SPENT ON TRYING TO RE DEFINE THE WORD AND NEGATE THE CONSTITUTION.

    • Hank is back

      So because all states make the same mistake that makes it all right? What a tool you are. Perry supposedly believes in States Rights. He doesn’t know the first thing about them.

    • armyvet

      Between Romney and Perry, I would choose Perry. Between Bachmann and Perry, I would choose Bachmann. If Palin were running, I would choose Palin. Between Obama and whoever runs against him, I would choose the latter!

    • ShadyRay

      If I had to choose between a dirty mop and Obama the dirty mop would win!

    • Co-opted Confederate

      Between em all I go for Ginrich , Paul, Cain, or anycombination there of. in any order there of.Thw nation is more important big party candidates and their rotten platform planks; which will colapse under constitutional scrutiny

    • ladykroft

      LARRY…”The Law” as stated by Mr. Vallorani was that we were supposed to provide an ELEMENTARY education to the children of illegals… not go on to support a college education of 4 years at $25,000.00-$35,000 per year.
      And again, LARRY… natural born in the Constitution pertained to the slaves and their children, not to any alien from any country. Can you imagine what would happen?
      You must have missed your history classes in school.

    • Larry

      Actually the US Constitution and its lawful usage was covered in CIVICS not history, which is why you probably missed the part about the authority of the Supreme Court. It’s called Supreme for a reason.

      FYI, I don’t like any part of this tuition ordeal in Texas and any support for illegals whatsover…But right now, the Supreme Court has the authority and they have ruled. ITS THE LAW and throwing your opinion of what you think the framers had in mind, means squat…

    • Gerd

      If you read the writings of Jacob Howard who wrote the citizenship clause of the 14th amendment, you will see he wrote that this of course will not apply to the childred of aliens, ambassadors and foreigners. That pretty much reveal his intent.

    • Terry Bell

      No, It’s not the law. It’s a supreme court decision. And that was, as most are, a split decision. Now if nine of the finest legal minds in this great country cannot agree what the law is, then it is not the law. It is only an opinion.

    • Hank is back

      The problem here is not that you ‘missed’ civics. It is that you showed up on that day to be brainwashed like everyone else. The supreme (lower case, just like in the Constitution. Maybe you should ask yourselves why the Founders used lower case ‘s’!) Court has the authority to judge Constitutional matters BETWEEN States, between individuals, between corporations and businesses, between individuals and states, and all manner of combinations thereof. These facts can be inferred from traditional legal and judicial authorities, the wording of certain clauses in the Constitution, and the absence of other clauses or amendments. NOWHERE does it say that it has the authority to judge Constitutional disputes between the Federal Government (mainly the Congress with its ability to legislate) and a/several State(s). In fact it says more or less the opposite. The power of the Federal Government (the supreme Court) to judge itself (the Congress), having not been DELEGATED to the Federal Government, nor PROHIBITED to the States, is Reserved to the States as per the Tenth Amendment. It was Justice Marshall’s power grab of a ruling in Marbury v. Madison that established the supreme court as the behemoth it is today, violating the Article Three Section One and the Tenth Amendment. If any of you were to actually read what those say, there is NO justification for even one tenth of the powers the supreme Court has ARBITRARILY ASSUMED AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHER BRANCHES OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (especially the Congress) AND THE STATES.

      All three branches of the Government have stolen authority from the States. The Congress through Unconstitutional Acts, the Court through ignoring these infractions, the President through Executive Orders and not vetoing Unconstitutional Acts.

      The Courts have stolen authority from the Congress through Judicial Legislation (Roe v. Wade is a notable example).

      The President has stolen authority from both the Congress (through Executive Orders not pertaining to to the authorities he has Constitutionally to implement, fund, or enforce Constitutional Laws) and the Courts (through ignoring rulings in the right direction, threatening Justices, and executive orders refusing to enforce Laws that were Constitutional when Congress passed them and deemed so by the Court).

      We have a top down system where the President is above the Courts, the Courts above Congress, and the Congress above State Legislatures. This type of centralization of authority is Unconstitutional and is exactly what we fought against from 1775 to 1783. Even King George would be blushing at the system we have today. If any of y’all think Perry is going to fix anything you are probably the same people that voted for Nixon, Ford, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., and McCain. If anything Perry will perpetuate it, further it, support it, continue it, exacerbate it, albeit at a slower rate than Obama.

    • http://yahoo Shirley Holland

      I have always felt that the media was out to make Governor Perry look stupid..especially fox news. I am almost ready to just listen to Rush and Beck. Brit Hume sure showed how classy he is by his inappropriate saying Perry “threw-up all over himself”. Now I can’t even stand to look at his old face. Hume should join the “cartoon club” with Matt Damon.I am with you Mr. V….

    • Texas Pat

      ladykroft, yes, we believe the Constitution meant the children of slaves, but that is not the way the law is being interpreted now. Whether we like it or not, it now includes those children born in this country period. Allowing in-state college tuition does not mean the tax-payer is paying for the education (except in the 1-12 years), it means the person pays the lower tuition because they LIVE in the state or surrounding states. I don’t know your residence, but here in Texas we have a large citizenry of Hispanics who are as much loyal Americans as any of us. As long as the law considers “anchor babies” to be citizens and illegal children (who cannot be deported by Federal guidelines) then they LIVE in Texas. What’s the big deal about in-state tuition at colleges? They have been provided free education in local schools as they are in other states. This doesn’t mean our governor is for amnesty!

    • MH

      They are illegal even the ones born in this country are really illegal the laws have been twisted over time. In the constitution it says they are citizens of the country they are under the juristiction of. Illegal invaders are still technically under the juristiction of their homeland therefore their children are citizens of that country no matter where they are born. This needs to be clarified maybe with an ammendment that says the child must have one or both parents be citizens of the United States. It’s long overdue and I’m sick of hearing about people that come here in their 9th month of pregnancy and give birth so their baby can be a citizen then they go home. Now at any time in their child’s life they can come back and claim they are a citizen and take from us the real citizens.

  • irley Kinder

    I am now going to remove myself from your emails list BECAUSE: I disagree with your strong support of Perry. I am a two-time TX State Delegate and know the man well.

    He still agrees that the dangerous Gardasil was ok to make mandatory with his (moral reason only opt out!!!!). he just said he should have gone through the legislature…i. e. he got called down for not doing so.

    His Illegal Immigration efforts have mostly been rhetoric; FACT!!!

    He refused to debate Debra Medina and KBH in a very large important Reublican Forum last election; was given 2 1/2 months notice. He does not debate, because he has always been a slick-Rick Spin guy.

    There is much research; I believe it that he has frequented titty bars and had sex with young hotties.

    He was heard cussing by a close contact’s info when he lost the KERA debate last time(as he left the stage).

    He has been 100% behind the Trans TX Corridor and the co. from Spain getting it so to speak.

    The list goes on!. Your mind set has totally turned me off; I no longer respect you!

    • armyvet

      You forget, Romney passed “Romneycare” in his home state, (from which Obamacare is patterned) which funds obortions and other vile things to teenage girls! So, both have their baggage. Bachmann is a better choice.

    • ShadyRay

      irley Kinder says:
      October 1, 2011 at 11:31 am
      I am now going to remove myself from your emails list BECAUSE: I disagree with your strong support of Perry. I am a two-time TX State Delegate and know the man well.

      He still agrees that the dangerous Gardasil was ok to make mandatory with his (moral reason only opt out!!!!). he just said he should have gone through the legislature…i. e. he got called down for not doing so.

      His Illegal Immigration efforts have mostly been rhetoric; FACT!!!

      He refused to debate Debra Medina and KBH in a very large important Reublican Forum last election; was given 2 1/2 months notice. He does not debate, because he has always been a slick-Rick Spin guy.

      There is much research; I believe it that he has frequented titty bars and had sex with young hotties.

      ShadyRay- You sound like a two-time TX State Delegate. Seriously! titty bar!

  • Mike

    Do some research and do not support any candidate who is being pushed by the Council on Foreign Relations or the Bilderbergs. The members of these organizations are some of the most powerful globalists in the world.

    • thecolonel

      Mike …

      You forgot to wear your stupid ‘I’m an idiot and that’s why I’m supporting Ron Paul’ T-Shirt!


    • Hank is back

      Name one stance of Doctor Paul you disagree with and I will show you why you are wrong or it is irrelevant. Your facts will be shown to be wrong. Your arguments will be shown to be flawed. I will even pick apart your motives and sentence structure if you like. I dare you. Bet you can’t do it. You are the kind of guy that just follows the herd, spouts the same ad hominem or empty nothings.

      Are you really a Colonel? I will take your word for it, but at the same time I will have you know that anyone that has made it that far is either a hero (seriously doubt it), a lifelong ladder climbing bureaucrat, has been brainwashed satisfactorily or is an out-and-out bootlicker. And also that more men from active duty military support Ron Paul, both in the amount of people and the total amount of dollars, than any other candidate, whether Obama, Perry, Romney, etc. THe men who cary the military on their backs, the ones that go out there and get their hands dirty support Ron Paul, while the Manchurians on top (such as yourself) perpetuate the failed Status Quo and the myths of the establishments. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, desk-job boy.

    • am2sweet

      From an article worth reading:

      Perry has repeatedly denied that he is running for president, but several campaigns have been put forth to draft the three term Texas governor. In addition, Perry keeps pushing himself as a Bilderberg wild card. At Republican events, he has described the type of nominee the GOP needs (like himself) without naming himself.

      Bilderberg, true to form, wants the U.S. recession to continue throughout 2012 and for oil prices to remain high and increase further. This could make Obama a one-term president. But at this point it appears Bilderberg’s “other horse” is headed for the stable, to be groomed as their ace in the hole.

    • am2sweet

      More of the article worth reading;
      With a GOP primary field weak in viable-but-malleable globalist candidates, Perry may well prove to be a rising star. Current U.S. media is buzzing with speculation of his imminent entry. Bilderberg have long worked to own both horses in each cycle of U.S. presidential races. Bill Clinton, an obscure governor when he attended Bilderberg in 1991 before his 1992 presidential run, is a prime example of a candidate selected and run by Bilderberg. Bilderberg is also responsible for selecting British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron.

  • H Stumpf

    Perry must learn the difference between Legal and Illegal!

    • Icarealot

      How would you handle it? We all know the Federal government will not deport any illegal immigrants unless they are “known criminals”. Any State that has tried is being sued by the Feds. So, you have a border state with over 1200 miles. No fence will keep them out, they will crawl over it or tunnel underneath. They are there in the state whether you like it or not. So what would you do with them? Perry is at least trying to give them a chance to become taxing paying individuals who can contribute to the state rather than having them join gangs, rape and rob and other crimes. The Federal government won’t do their job and enforce the law but won’t let anyone else do it. What would you do?

    • Tina

      So because the federal governemnt isn’t doing their job we should start rewarding criminal behavior?
      Access to in State tution gives them access to Federal Finanacial Aid. Perry voted for a backdoor Dream Act.
      Perry supporters must be so proud.

  • judy

    no it is not the law. the Constitution was talking about the freed slaves and their children not every illegal who comes here dropping babies.

    • Larry

      Sorry but the Supreme Court which is duly authorized by the US Constitution to rule on these matters, has stated that anyone born in the United States is a legal citizen…

      I don’t like it either but it does have the full weight of the law…US Constitution included…

    • azwayne

      Please tell us when and how the supreme court ruled, also why was there an amendment needed, NOT in the constitution. It is only Congress incompetence or undesire to interpret it correctly, children of illegal aliens are not totally subject to our jurisdiciton, do they pay taxes , have social security number,NO then what they hatch is not a citizen either, simple. Framers had it right liberal dumbed down society no.

    • Larry

      I’m not gonna site all the cases where the Supreme Court has ruled on this.

      FYI, Congress isn’t the judical branch so they don’t interpret the law.

      So someone has to pay taxes to be a citizen?

      It is just the blind ignorance of the law that makes it easier for the Libs to push their adgenda…

      You got a problem with the law, work to get it changed. Don’t sit there and spout what the Framers had in mind when they wrote this or that…Besides, were you there when the Constitution was written?

      The Framers also realize that everyone of them were immigrants with NONE of their parents born in the US and most of them deemed illegal by the British Govt…

    • Jacqueline

      Actually, the 14th amendment did only apply to slaves and their children.
      The confusion comes in with the statement by, I believe, Supreme Court Justice Brandeis….And it was not within the confinds of the ruling, it was simply a statement that citizenship should be granted to anyone born on American soil. The statement has been used to bastardize the 14th. Hence, we have Soetoro/Obama using the 14th to pretending to be NATURAL BORN. Even if you are born on American Soil to non-citizens you still only get to claim NATIVE Born.

    • Retired Marine MSgt

      Larry: Your statement, as far as it goes, is true that anyone born in the United States is a citizen. However, since he is a “Naturalized Citizen”, zer0bama doesn’t meet the additional requirements established for being President or Vice-President. Those requirements are that he/she must be “Natural Born”.

      Zer0bama is a “Naturalized Citizen” at best. AS SUCH HE IS INELIGIBLE TO BE EITHER PRESIDENT OR VICE-PRESIDENT.

      Natural Born Citizen: The Supreme Court of the United States has never applied the term “natural born citizen” to any other category than “THOSE BORN IN THE COUNTRY OF PARENTS WHO ARE CITIZENS THEREOF”.

      Naturalized Citizen: One who, being born an alien, has lawfully become a citizen of the United States under the constitution and laws. He has all the rights of a natural born citizen, EXCEPT THAT OF BEING ELIGIBLE AS PRESIDENT OR VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. In foreign countries he has a right to be treated as such, and will be so considered even in the country of his birth, at least for most purposes.

      Native Born: In general, a native-born citizen of a country is a person who was born within the country’s territory and has been legally recognized as a citizen of that country since birth. In some countries, being a native-born citizen provides certain privileges and rights not afforded to naturalized or foreign-born citizens, such as being able to hold certain offices or being able to pass on citizenship to one’s offspring.

      In some countries, native birth is a requirement for certain high offices, such as the head of state or head of government.

      Being a native-born citizen is not exactly the same as the principle of jus soli (that is, citizenship due to place of birth). For example, a person born in Japan to Japanese parent(s) is clearly a native-born citizen of Japan. However, such a person became a citizen of Japan due to jus sanguinis (i.e., citizenship through descent) as Japan does not recognize the principle of jus soli. That is, if parent(s) who are not Japanese citizens visit Japan just to give birth to a person, that person will not be entitled to a Japanese citizenship.

      In many countries (such as Japan), being native-born is not sufficient to confer citizenship.

      By the time this mess is straightened out in the Courts, it will be too late to do anything about it. In the meantime, get out to the polls in November 2012 and Vote zer0bama’s communist ass out of office.

    • Retired Marine MSgt

      Whoops! I”m being “moderated” again. Was it “Vote zer0bama’s communist ass out of office”?

    • Sergeant Major White Owl (TEAPUBLICAN) Extreme Far Right Conservative (White Caucus)

      Semper Fidelis Marine warrior.

  • ladykroft

    Mr. Vallorani seems to forget about the “heartless” label Perry put on those of us Americans that don’t want to support the educations of illegal aliens in lieu of sending our own children to college which many of us can not afford.
    His “job creation”, 88% went to aliens and of those, 85% were “illegal” aliens.
    Also, Mr. Perry is a muslim sympathizer, through and through; best friends with the Aga Khan. Muslims are our self proclaimed enemies and are infiltrating this country, hiding behind our 1rst amendment and using it against us, with the agenda of converting America to Islam. This is not a good thing, and those officials who think that muslims are peace loving and tolerant are “aiding and abetting and giving comfort to the enemy” which is treason.
    So, with all the pretty words and scenarios Mr. Vallorani has presented us, he must have been out on the fairway when other undesirable things happened with Perry. Perry is supposed to defend AMERICA, not Mexico, or the Middle East or any other country. We already have a POTUS that is doing that, and America is not too fond of him.
    He’s not the saint he wants us to think he is.

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    A good commentary here.

  • Jeanne

    As far as I am concerned Gov Perry has most of the attributes that I am looking for in a president. I don’t need another glib speaker who is busy touting his own wonderful self. I like him also because he isn’t dragging down his own fellow Republicans in an effort to make his own campaign look better. Instead he is saying what he would do as president which is of greater meaning to me.

    • ladykroft

      Jeanne…what do you find appealing in these attributes?
      1. Favoring illegals and giving them the jobs you so desperately need;
      2. You can’t afford to send your children or grandchildren to college because you’re too busy paying for the education of illegal alien anchor babies;
      3. You can’t drive to your house or get in it because muslims are on prayer mats all down your street and the law says it’s okay.

    • Intelligent Conservative

      I believe what Perry actually said, and what the Texas legislature voted for was to allow children of illegal aliens who live in Texas to pay instate tuition rates, not that the state would pay for their education. There is a huge difference there.

    • hillplus

      My children are legal citizens of this country but they would not get in state tuition…. why should illegals get it?

    • http://x Washington22

      ladycroft, I like Perry for everything but his stand on illegals. I too, am from a “border state” and their presence is unconscionalbe. Other states have no idea of the intrusion of these law-breaking illegal aliens………………That said, if Perry could let us know that he’d TOTALLY and RAPIDLY enforce the laws on the books that are ALREADY established, I think he’d be the best choice. He is an all-American story and he is a Christian and he is an economic -wonder. He also has 10 years executive experience, all the while NOT being a Washington-insider! There is time for him to fine-tune his weakness and come out on top! I’d be happy to vote for him……….

  • LadyLiberty

    Who cares about Perry; he doesn’t care about America. Illegals and anchor babies are not being deprived of an elementary public education based on the immigration status of their parents. Let them get a job and work themselves through college. They take plenty of our jobs anyway.

    If Texas makes that much money on the Texas sales tax to pay $100,000.00 for a 4 yr college education; help out our natural born American citizen students first. Their families have been supporting others all their working life. I’m sure their parents have a tough time scrapping the money up for their kids. It’s time America give them a break.

    • Intelligent Conservative

      I believe what Perry actually said, and what the Texas legislature voted for was to allow children of illegal aliens who live in Texas to pay instate tuition rates, not that the state would pay for their education. There is a huge difference there.

    • oneAmerican

      Right you are, IC, let’s remember also that stuents in La, Colo, Ok, & N. Mex are also afforded this privilege. Vallorami has his facts laid out in a way that anyone who bothers to ‘read’ them can understand.Texas has a State Guard that is also used in Border issues….I might add that ‘any’ apparent so called support of anything Sharia is because of US Federal Law, not Texas. If you don’t want a candidate, don’t support them BUT tell us WHO & WHY you feel is good to go. Stop nit picking waitig for the ‘perfect’ candidate. It ain’ta happening. Do I ‘like’ Perry? Not particulary. I also feel the infighting he & Romney do is detremental to both & to GOP.

    • http://x Washington22

      I hear that, Intelligent, but what would Perry do on a NATIONAL level? This needs to be made clear…………………..

  • Dorothy

    My problem with Perry is that he appears to be pandering in one way or another to every voting group in Texas. He stands for nothing in particular. Specifically, he has a very strong relationship with the Muslim community in Texas. One third of the tax funded Muslim charter schools in the US are in Texas. That’s 35 schools promoting Islam and Sharia law. He has made common cause with the Dominionist Christian community who want to bring in that theocratic system. How many masters does this man want to serve?

    • Intelligent Conservative

      Kinda sounds like he believes in freedom of religion!

    • David M Zuniga

      Dorothy, show me one piece of evidence where Rick Perry has EVER endorsed shar’ia law. He is for freedom of religion, period. If the blithering lunatic follower of Mohammed tries to break a law by, say, sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl or whatever else an ‘observant’ Muslim might attempt, then the criminal laws (federal and state) come into play in America.

      You know, at one time Roman Catholics put plain Christians to death, for not agreeing to follow the Vatican line. Same thing with Lutherans and Calvinists; they killed plain Christians for not getting with their religious program. And for a long time, the followers of those lunatics Joseph Smith and Brigham Young could take 8-10 wives if they wanted to, and they could ‘marry’ them as young as 9-10 years old!

      But did we outlaw Mormonism? Lutheranism? Calvinism or Roman Catholicism? Nope; we civilized them but let them do their religious thing, only. Unless you want to just deport all Mohammedans (I personally wouldn’t mind, but then there’s all those damned pesky Jews, and Hundus, and Buddhists, et al…) I think the First Amendment is still the best way to go.

      I’m still waiting, by the way, for you to find me that evidence of Governor Perry supporting shar’ia law in America. And I want to be specific about “religious law” because it’s the same for Catholic, Calvinist, Lutheran, Mormon, etc…religious strictures and rules; the government cannot mess with them except in any area where they promulgate breaking an existing law.

    • Hank is back

      What in the world is a ‘plain’ Christian and who the hell are they to call themselves such and don’t each of those groups you told half-truths about consider themselves ‘plain’ Christians no less than any of the others or the ones you denominate as ‘plain’?

      Sorry to go off on a tangent, but how can a person so full of half-truths and generalizations have any credibility in a political discussion?

      Let me say this about Perry:

      I reject most of the balogne that his blind followers put out there about him, but even if I accepted it, it wouldn’t change a damned thing. The fact remains that ‘conservative’ and ‘electable’ don’t cut it. A man has to have a love for the Constitution (not Rick Perry’s play-acting with States’ Rights) like Ron Paul, and/or an actual status-quo-changing, but decent, plan, like Herman Cain. Perry, for all his good, or should I say: good-only-in-the-minds of-his-sycophantic-entourage, qualities, he doesn’t have the aforementioned fundamentals and will NEVER receive MY vote (it is called MY vote because I own it and because if I just put a check in the box that SOMEONE ELSE put on MY ballot because I think that is MY only choice, it ceases to be MY vote). The concept of the Lesser of Two Evils is just a part of the game. It is tried EVERY time and ALWAYS fails. Either the worse guy gets elected or the guy that is supposedly better turns out to be just as bad. Anyone here that will VOTE THEIR FEAR OVER THEIR PRINCIPLES is a lost cause. If you vote for Perry because you genuinely agree with him (not just his words, but his actions. His words are appealing, but such is the case with any demagogue), then God Bless with you. If you vote for him simply because he is ‘electable’ and you are scared of Obama, then God pity you. You are willing to throw away your vote, your principles, your rights, even, just so the nightmare will go away. It would be like Galileo (Perry’s favorite) burning all his scientific manuscripts that questioned the conventional wisdom just to save himself from being condemned a heretic. But let me tell you: Perry will certainly be a temporary improvement on the Presidency and the the Nation, but nothing lasts for ever. This short term thinking that everyone is now engaging in is exactly what gave us most of the ‘gems’ we have had as Presidents. The only way to break the vicious cycle that is voting for the Lesser of Two Evils is to refuse to participate using the establishment rules. That is why I will be sitting out or writing in if Perry or Romney or certain others are on the ticket. Whoever the candidate is, he will fix the country (or maybe just ruin it at a slower pace) in the short run, but will destroy it in the long run, along with the GOP, the Conservative movement, and the credibility of self-proclaimed conservatives for years to come, just as Bush Sr. and then Bush Jr. had done. It will likely be worse in the case of Perry, not because he is worse than either of the Bushes (I would say they are all three about the same), but because the Nation has scarcely been in more dire economic straits than what we are currently experiencing.

      You see, it goes far deeper than the Bilderberger and Gardisil and open borders accusation against Perry. Some of these, and others, are legitimate areas of concern, and some are blown out of proportion. Regardless, my criticisms of him go to his very essence, not to the occasional mistakes he has made, as any man is prone to. He is slick, he is sly, he is smug, he is smarmy. It is in the way he looks, the way he talks, the things he says, and his words when they conflict with previous statements or actions. These are the signs of a Demagogue. You can dismiss me as a crank if you wish and claim you do not see these things. My response, of course, would be: you are so taken in by this man’s swagger and words and you are so blinded by your own fear of the current (admittedly awful) administration that you either didn’t see these things, didn’t even bother to consider these things worth looking for, or chose to ignore these things in order to suit your comfortability with the man’s rhetoric and occasional superficial deed.

      Perry compared to Romney:

      Never vote for either of these Checkpants/Neocons.

      Perry has half of his stuff right, but lies about the other half that is wrong.

      Romney has about one third of his stuff right, flip-flops about another third, and stands firm on the final third that he is wrong about.

      This is an relatively inaccurate estimation based on where I agree or disagree with these men and having seen their reactions and heard their conversations (with each other and with others). But the point that I am getting to is: Perry is SLIGHTLY more Conservative than Romney (they are both soft Trotskyites, in my humble opinion), but Romney tells the truth about his beliefs and actions SLIGHTLY more often. Anybody watching the recent debates and seeing how Romney DEFENDED his beliefs (albeit flawed) but how Perry denied, changed the subject, accused others of the same or worse policies or statements, etc., should know what I am getting at.

      On Social Security:

      Both men are correct that it is flawed. Romney is wrong to try and patch it over. Perry is right to call it an Ponzi Scheme. However, they both dislike it for the WRONG reasons. Romney dislikes it because it needs to be fixed. Perry dislikes it because it doesn’t work. The fact remains, though, that both men would be just fine with it if it worked properly and had no problems. Even though it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and VIOLATES INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, both men would still be just fine with it if it worked. Sure, Perry has CALLED it Unconstitutional, but then he turns around and says he would CONTINUE IT either through the States or through Privatization. This begs the question: What if people want neither a Federal, a State, or a Private Social Security System? Has Perry ever addressed this? No! Even though he wants to take SS out of the hands of the Feds, and God Bless him for that, he still wants to violate individual rights in such a way that would be more palatable to those of us that have grown used to the idea of Social Security always being there. Perry would therefore uphold one part of the Constitution (a strict and accurate reading of the Commerce Clause and General Welfare Clause and the first part of the Tenth Amendment among other potential clauses) at the expense of another (the Ninth Amendment and the second part of the Tenth Amendment among other potential clauses) part. He also does not address the fact that ENTIRE STATES might desire to opt out of Social-Security type programs ALTOGETHER! Sure, he says the States can choose WHICH modified form of SS or retirement accounts works best for them and their citizens, but he never goes into the fact that such programs are GARBAGE to begin with, regardless of who is running them, and on top of this, that some or all States might wish to reject entitlements in toto!


      Motto of the Formerly Great State of New Hampshire, and of those who VOTE their consciences and principles.

      Not Live not quite so free or slightly less free.

      Motto of the servile minions of the failed notion that the Lesser of Two Evils is the only option, and of those that vote their conventions and fears.

    • patty

      no sharia. no more terrorist training.

  • Tom

    First, I blame the last 3 presidents for not upholding the constitution and allowing 10’s of millions of illegal Mexicans to free cross the border without penalty. The illegal population is responsible for 30% of all the crime in America and our prison system can prove that and we don’t know how many crimes committed by illegals go undetected. So I agree that Rick Perry can’t be blamed for the lack of the Federal government’s policy on securing our borders. And when the state governor’s attempt to do the Federal government’s job, they are sued and scorned by the White House. I praise Alabama’s new law that cuts all entitlements to illegals. No schools, no medical, no welfare, no food stamps and no jobs. Rick Perry should promote and follow Alabama’s lead in the fight against illegal immigration. All people in America who are here illegally should return to where they came from and legally apply for citizenship and get in line like everyone else in the world. The border needs to secure now and all entitlements to illegals must be stopped now! I’m not a heartless person. I’m a law abiding taxpaying American Patriot that is fed up with a debt crisis that is made much worse by illegal aliens sucking our tax revenue, our jobs and our security and safety. Mr. Perry, as president of the United States of America promise that our borders will once again be secured and ALL entitlements to illegals will stop. Please send all illegal aliens in our prisons back to where they came from. We cannot afford to house, fed, clothe and provide dental and medical benefits to them. Change the law to end all “Birth Rights to Citizenship” to illegal alien parents. The illegal people came here; they can certainly find their way back home.

    • Deborah C. Blank

      Tom -If our lawmakers follow your suggestions our country can be saved. Our laws must be enforced, otherwise our country is doomed. Also, English should be our official language–our only language. Good luck! This is important to U.S. citizens.

    • http://x Washington22

      Deborah, after the 2012 elections, after the dust begins to settle, let’s form a huge group of citizens to bring focus to how to deal with ALL of the ILLEGALS here in our country. It’s gonna take CONSTANT media focus to correct a 15 million person problem in this country. These people MUST go back to Mexico, their own homeland. Now that they have had a taste of liberty and freedom, they can work on their own corrupt country and change it into the likes of America. We’ll need to practice “tough love” with them, but it has to be done.

    • oneAmerican

      PRESIDENT DWIGHT D. ESIENHOWER’S 1953 “OPERATION WETBACK” Politically correct was not a guideline. From June ’53 – Sep 53, starting in CA & across TX 1.3 million ILLEGAL trespassers were deported! Where there is a will, there’s a way!

    • MH

      You said it perfectly I totally agree with you. Things are only going to get worse we need to take care of our own first.

  • Rex

    Whatever explanation you do, history speaks for itself. Instead of arresting and deporting “ALL” law breaking foreign nationals a.k.a. illegal aliens which in the immigrant community consider them all criminals, felons, anarchists, opportunists, liars, dishonest, etc, Governor Rick Perry gave them more reason to stay in our country initially in Texas. The laws applies to all that when you sneaked, smuggled in by coyotes, overstayed your visas you violated our US immigration laws. Nobody is stopping them to bring with them their sons and daughters back to where they came from. No amount of damage control on your part can we change our views on Governor Rick Perry. Governor Rick Perry is a Senator John McCain in the making a “CODDLER” of illegal aliens. FLUSH HIM IN OUR TOILETS IN 2012!

    • pcsrocky

      Rex – Are you involved in any way in getting someone else on the Republican Party ticket? Have you supported one of the current cnaiddates? Have you let your State’s National Committee Delegates know how you feel about candidates whether good or bad? Have you gotten involved in any and/or every level of politics in your area? I personally made a committment to myself to be involved for a period of time and if I was not able to be begin making a difference I would find another way. It took less than half of the time I gave myself to be recognized and listend to by poeple at the State level. I can now work to get people elected to State and National Party leadership positions that are more in line with my positions. No, I do not always get the people I prefer, but even the ones I did not support will listen to me. If I am not heard I can not make a difference. Try working in various levels of your local and state party, you may be surprised how you can make a difference.

    • http://x Washington22

      Good advice, PCSRocky………….I have gotten involved with my county electoral office and the Republican Women’s Club but I’ll take your advice about the delegates and their choice and mine for our party. I hadn’t thought about doing that, but I certainly will.

  • Rex

    Governor Rick Perry is a Senator John McCain in the making. No to Governor Rick Perry! I would rather vote for Obama to punish the GOP/Republican party if they “GOP/Republican party” will insist that Governor Rick Perry will be the standard bearer for the GOP/Republican party to face Obama. If Obama wins in 2012 it is only the GOP/Republican party is to be blame for insisting a John McCain type candidate run against Obama.

    • Intelligent Conservative

      You’d vote for Obama to punish the Republicans? People like you are what make me wish people had to pass IQ minimum standard tests to be allowed to vote!

    • Hank is back

      Rex goes too far, I agree, but the GOP DOES NEED TO GET THE MESSAGE that their establishment picks will not do! That is why if Perry or Romney is CHOSEN (not by me or you, but by their elitist backers and blind minions) I will sit out or write in. Ross Perot was no angel, but he was a Godsend. Better for the vote to be split and Clinton to win than for Bush Sr. to besmirch the good name of Conservatism and America. Would you rather have four more years of Bush Senior to destroy both the Country and the cause of his supporters or would you be brave enough to suffer through Clinton with an loyal opposition in the house? The answer you give to that question should by no means be different than the answer you give in regards to Obama/Perry, only the D/R are reversed. Why should I reward a RINO by voting for him? Would not voting for ABO (usually means Perry or Romney) just send a message to the GOP that Neocons and moderates are hunky-dorey? Is that what you want them to think? Then there will never be any choice other than a Democrat or a self-loathing Republican. You will always play the game by their rules and will never be free to vote your conscience. You will stay a slave to the system all the while thinking you are fighting for a cause. In reality, you are picking up a filthy quarter in a parking lot, polishing one side, and pretending it is a clean quarter.

      And, if you will read Rex’s previous comment, you will see that he is quite intelligent. But, then, why would I expect someone that is SO insecure about his own INTELLIGENCE and CONSERVATISM that he has to tell the whole world (or at least Patriot Update) about it, to care or understand.

  • Greg

    Perry did it to himself. The problem was defending his indefensible illegal immigration policy. He is done.

    • http://x Washington22

      If he can clairfy his stand, if he will talk about how he would immediately enforce the American Immigration Laws, he may be able to save his run………………I’m all ears!

    • Hank is back

      Clarify? You mean flip-flop! You are so in the tank for this guy it is not even funny. No matter the dirt you will always say ‘if only…’ in the hope to convince others that Perry ain’t so bad, all the while maintaining your flimsy credibility by appearing to be objective. I believe you tried this same technique some months back with…was it Bachmann? I like Bachmann alright, but the style and choice of words you are using reminds me of when you were in the tank for her (or was it someone else?)

  • Rex

    The Anti-Illegal Immigration Movement wish comprises several organizations will “NEVER” support Governor Rick Perry for President specially when he called us “HEARTLESS” for disagreeing on his views on illegal aliens. Illegal is illegal!

    • pcsrocky

      This comment is very good and points out a couple of “bads” by Perry. First, and I believe formost – illegal means they have broken the law, quit rewoarding them. Second, calling someone names when they disagree with you is not smart and makes me think he is not open to discussion.

      Are you involved in the “Anti-Illegal Immigration Movement” in you area? How does one contect them? I live in MN and we have no southern contact but we have contact with Canada. We have seen ads telling illegal immigrants to move to MN for the best handouts. We, in MN, need to get more people involved in and Anti-Illegal Immigrations Movement.

  • Patriot41

    Any political candidate that cannot abide by the laws of this nation, should automatically be disqualified to run for office. This should be the case for Obama as well as Perry.

    • Intelligent Conservative

      That is part of the Oath of Office the President must take when taking office, but we all know they can lie (and do), so how would you enforce that?

    • Hank is back

      Just like any law that can be skirted around, this law has been skirted around. That does not mean it is UNENFORCEABLE. In fact, it has been enforced a few times. It requires a riled up populace and Representatives that truly represent their constituents. You enforce it through the proper channels, but it is driven by popular will.

  • Elvira F. Hasty

    It is sad to read so many incorrect and mean-spirited opinions from fellow Americans. I am considered Hispanic since I was born in Cuba. I have been adamant about border security and no amnesty to illegal aliens. But to want revenge on those who came illegaly by punishing their children is equivalent to African Americans asking us for reparations because of what our ancestors did to them. Everyone needs to stop the hysteria over a petty issue and understand what is at stake for our country.Rick Perry is the only conservative and experienced candidate we have. Also, the Rep. Party will not win without obtaining 40% of the Hispanic population. We need to engage the brain and clamp down on emotions.
    What Governor Perry did was to obey the Texas law and respect State Rights—-is that not in the Constitution? We might not like it, but we cannot cherry pick. Our money did not go to these children; it came from Texas residents who supported the in-state tuition for them.
    And someone even wrote that Perry should had rounded them up and deport them to Mexico. Do you not understand that a Governor cannot do that; it is a federal issue. Has Jan Brewer done that in Arizona?
    If we re-elect Obama or get a RINO, the Lord will not give us any more chances. It is shameful that so many Americans care more about revenge than saving their country from a Marxist dictatorship. Wake up before it is too late.

    • http://x Washington22

      We don’t want revenge, Elvira. We want the laws ENFORCED, not ignored for votes and to bring down the living standard of America……….We are over-run with illegals and the next president must address it firmly. Thanks for your thoughtful comments and bless you.

    • oneAmerican

      Thank you, Elvira, for your thoughtful comment. The local talk radio station has a large ‘designated hispanic’ audience & about 80% say exactly what you do.

    • Hank is back

      Elvira, you are right about many things. States Rights. States can do many things that the fFeds Constitutionally cannot. The Tenth Amendment gives more power to the States than the rest of the Constitution gives to the entire Federal Government. So, Perry’s stance on illegal immigration may have been sort-of maybe alright I guess. But, it will NOT work for the Country. So, until he changes his stance so completely as to be palatable to conservatives across the Nation, he is dead wrong on this issue. Remember Bush? He was a softie on Illegal immigration in his State too. People thought it wouldn’t affect his policies as President, but it did. I have NO REASON WHATSOEVER to believe that Perry will be ANY DIFFERENT. So, as you said, Obama and RINO should not be elected. Perry, for his stance on Illegal Immigration , in addition to his stance on many other things, is a RINO. Some of these stances are okay on the State level, but many of them cannot and should not be applied on the National level. His weakness on border issues is one of those things. God Bless.

  • Larry

    This SOB Barrack Obama is a silver tonued Devil and closet Muslim that is in the process of destroying this country the same way the Terrorist’s are working to achieve but Obama has done more in less than three years to destroy our country than the terrorist’s have done in more than ten years. It is time to send someone to Washington DC that cares what happens to our country so its time to send Rick Perry to Washington DC to put our country back to what it once was and still can be a great country again. Stop the silver tongued Devil and Scam Artist Barrack Obama the closet Muslim in favor of an honest man that Loves his country and that is Rick Perry

  • Raymond

    Rick Perry supports Islam.
    Do you really want someone like this
    as your president?

    • Intelligent Conservative

      Rick Perry supports the Islamic people’s right to worship as they see fit, whereas Obama is Islamic – can you see the difference?

    • Raymond

      Evil is evil no matter how you spin it.

    • Hank is back


      Glad to see you are no fan of Perry, but let me remind you that even evil has a right to exist in this country as long as that evil does not extend to violate the rights of others.

      The First Amendment wasn’t written to allow agreeable speech and tolerable religions. It was written to allow offensive speech and intolerable religions. I am no fan of Islam, either, my friend,but as long as no Muslims are violating my rights, I am happy to let them live here. THis does not ,mean that some Muslims aren’t violating my rights. Many are. But so are many people of many other groups, whether they are good groups or bad groups. So, across the board, we must defend those Muslims that are not committing acts that violate my natural and Constitutional rights. The ones that do should be kicked out or locked up. But the same goes for atheists, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Democrats, Republicans, Billionaires, Welfare-Recipients, Politicians, Businessmen, Family members, associates, and etc. that violate my rights. A Muslim practicing his religion, however offensive, does not violate my rights in and of itself. His religion may call for him to beat his wife or behead me, but until each and every Muslim does so or threatens to do so, I see no reason to not tolerate at least some of them.

      God Bless.

  • Raymond

    #1 Rick Perry is a “big government” politician.
    When Rick Perry became the governor of Texas in 2000, the total
    spending by the Texas state government was approximately $49 billion.
    Ten years later it was approximately $90 billion. That is not exactly
    reducing the size of government.

    #2 The debt of the state of Texas is out of control.
    According to usdebtclockdotorg, the debt to GDP ratio in Texas is 22.9%
    and the debt per citizen is $10,645. In California (a total financial
    basket case), the debt to GDP ratio is just 18.7% and the debt per
    citizen is only $9932. If Rick Perry runs for president these are
    numbers he will want to keep well hidden.

    #3 The total debt of the Texas government has more than doubled since Rick Perry became governor. So what would the U.S. national debt look like after four (or eight) years of Rick Perry?

    #4 Rick Perry has spearheaded the effort to lease roads in Texas to foreign companies,
    to turn roads that are already free to drive on into toll roads, and to
    develop the Trans-Texas Corridor which would be part of the planned
    NAFTA superhighway system. If you really do deep research on this
    whole Trans-Texas Corridor nonsense you will see why no American should
    ever cast a single vote for Rick Perry.

    #5 Rick Perry claims that he has a “track record” of not raising taxes.
    That is a false claim. Rick Perry has repeatedly raised taxes and fees
    while he has been governor. Today, Texans are faced with significantly
    higher taxes and fees than they were before Rick Perry was elected.

    • David M Zuniga

      Raymond, you’re a government leech (judging from your get-up) so you’re an example of the pot calling the kettle black.

      As for your specious claims against Governor Perry, see them debunked point by point:

      The Founding Fathers lived in a day when every able-bodied American male over age 16 was expected to own a “service firearm” and ammunition, and stay in training with his Militia. THAT was national defense; and in the US Constitution, we see how fearful the Founding Fathers were of a standing military that could become a heavy-handed political monster against the American people; the Constitution only allows funding for two years, maximum, at a time for any military necessity.

      Instead, the Military-Industrial Complex is an open-mouthed Leviathan, spreading unemployable, loud-mouthed fools all over the earth to step on the necks of people in their own living room on the other side of the wortld, for ABSOLUTELY NO NATIONAL DEFENSE PURPOSE.

      This military monster now gobbles up a hundred times more taxpayer funds than all immigrants combined, so stop your pontificating lies about the Governor of Texas. It makes you appeear to be one government leech, trying to cut out potential competition.

      If you don’t believe the modern American military industry and self-righteous, self-adulating military subculture is anathema to the Founding Fathers, read Vietnam veteran and former West Point instructor Andrew Bacevich’s book, “The New American Militarism”, or the classic book by the most decorated military officer of his day, General Smedley Butler, called “War is a Racket”.

      Rick Perry served in the military as an Air Force pilot, then came home. He’s been a damned good governor, given the liberal bunch he’s had to deal with in Austin. That’s why we’ve sent him back twice; longer than any other governor of our great State.

    • Hank is back

      Every one of those 17 points on Peskytruth is a hyperbole laden repetition of what Perry himself has said in his own defense. You trusting this garbage would be more or less equivalent to Congress being okay with Eric Holder appointing his own special prosecutor in the Fast and Furious hearings/trial before Congress.

      I do agree with ALL of your points about the military and Constitution, but fail how you justify supporting a demagogue like Rick Perry with these points. It seems to me that you are an embittered former Paultard that has had a run-in with one or two obnoxious conspiracy kooks in Paul’s camp (they are a minority, albeit a vocal one and one that the media just loves to cite in order to discredit Doctor Paul and his supporters) and, out of disgust for them, have betrayed your own principles for the sake of expediency. Instead of voting for the one person that truly believes in those points you have enumerated you will support a man that claims to believe these things (his record and previous stances to the contrary) simply because waving the Constitution and joking about States’ Rights happens to be popular these days. Rick Perry may be more conservative than a number of the other candidates (Romney and Huntsman for starters, with qualifications), but of all the GOP nominees there is no person whose words on the campaign trail are more at odds with his deeds in any number of previous settings. There is no candidate with more slick of a demeanor than Mr. Perry. Besides Obama. If you would like me to refute or discredit each and every one of those 17 points, I will be more than happy to do so. Anyone can write 17 half truths in their own defense or the defense of ‘their man’ and make them seem iron in their credibility and resolve with a simple utilization of certain rhetorical flourishes. Liberals have been doing it for a century.


    Perry has not proved he is not any of the things they are now pointing out, he is a sloppy speaker, he did rub the public wrong on illegals and his debate appearances have not been top notch…good intentions are the paving stones to hell. Stop the incessant whinning.

  • Rick L

    As an active TEA party member, I can assure all that the TEA parties will NEVER form a third party regardless of who the Republican nominee is. TEA party members are very politically astute and know the dangers of a third party. Any third party that claims to be associated with the TEA party is purely a Democratic mis-direction ploy. The first choice of many, perhaps, most, TEA party members is neither Romney nor Perry, but Cain. Why? Several reasons. One, Cain is NOT a career politician, the only one of the contenders who is not. Two, Cain is highly qualified due to a diverse background in math (degree), engineering (rocket engineer), business (corporate head), finance (one of 12 Federal Reserve Bank heads), and media (conservative talk show host). No other contender has that diverse a background. Three, the fact Cain is black makes it more difficult for Obama to use the race card (“vote for me or you’re racist”). However, while many if not most of the 4000+ TEA parties favor Cain, TEA party members can be counted on to support whoever the Republican nominee is against Obama, Hillary, or any other Democrat socialist for president. TEA third party? Don’t believe it even if one seems to arise because it will be a Democrat play fake, not a legit third party.

    • David M Zuniga

      Rick, for the triple-PhD you make him out to be, “The Hermanator” doesn’t know 6th grade civics. That’s a problem for a pizza CEO wanting to be president by adding another layer of federal taxation, with the cutesy-sounding “999 Pan” label. Then he claims he’ll abolish the income tax AFTER he adds the national sales tax!

      In the first place, nowhere in Article II of the US Constitution is the president given authority to design the scheme of federal taxation. In the second place, that hardly leaves “The Pizzanator” in a position to later shut down the income tax, right?

      In the third place, Herman Cain asserts that his REAL plan for taxation is the so-called ‘FairTax'; a revenue-neutral Trojan Horse that would make every American retailer an agent of the IRS. See that disastrous scheme exposed here on the Mises Institute’s website:

      For a fellow that claims to be a financial wizard and a (literal) rocket scientist, “the Pizzanator” gets an ‘F’ in American civics. No presidency for him, sorry.

    • http://x Washington22

      Rick, I too, am a Tea Party member from California. I like Herman Cain as a successful business man, a good American citizen, a Christian, a decent human being. But you can’t speak for ALL Tea Partiers. Herman Cain is drastically lacking in knowledge or experience in foreign affairs………………..It’s an important component for a well rounded candidate……….You may like him personally, but you can’t speak for the Tea Party quite yet. There are others who are shining, too. I like Herman Cain, but he is NOT my first choice.

  • pearl

    The Patriot Update has been shilling for Perry, but the Tea Party will have none of it! This article is another transparent attempt to convince conservatives that Al Gore’s former campaign manager is something he is not. Give us a break! This Muslim loving, NWO promoting, CFR attending, illegal alien embracing, Gardasil pushing RINO is NOT going to be nominated by true blue American patriots. Period.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Now. tell us how you really feel!

  • Paul Revere

    The biggest reason I won’t vote for Rick Perry is as simple as, why any human being shouldn’t put a loaded gun to their head and pull the trigger!

    Rick Perry is a prefered candidate of “Bilderberg Group”!

    As is Mitt Romney ( CFR ), Newt Gingrich ( CFR ), Rudy Giuliani ( CFR ),Herman Cain ( Federal Reserve and Skull and Bones ), Chris Christie – Bilderberg support by Henry Kissinger, Sarah Palin – Running mate John McCain – Bilderberger and coached by Bilderberger Henry Kissinger, Michele Bachmann – IRS, any of these people that are hyped up and pushed in by establishment elitist groups are literally a warning like the Skull and Bones on a bottle!

    They are more of the same puppets for the Globalists’ interests, as the most illegal President of our time Barack Obama!

    People be very, very careful, this election is and is going to be very treacherous, the Globalists’ want control over every citizens’ life and they are attempting very hard to re-elect a puppet and minnion of their choice once again, there is nothing nasty they won’t do to get their way!

    Ever since 911, everything has been going down hill for American citizens!

    How and do you think it got that way? Think this is just a coincidence?

    Please give your head a shake, get serious and investigate wisely who you choose to govern you, your spouse, your children, your friends!
    The wrong choices and apathy could mean the demise of yours and my life!
    Yes this is very serious!

    • David M Zuniga

      Eloquently put: “yours and my life”. Exactly. I just love to hear Alex Jones Paultards when they’re really wound up! Priceless.

  • Paul Revere

    The reason I would not advocate Perry is not about his stance on illegals!

    It is his Bilderberg agenda that is anti-American period and any and all of these associates of Globalists have an anti-American agenda!

    There gal is “Kill America”, “Kill Freedom around the world”, starve everyone else, leaving only Globalists as “Gods” to rule the world!
    It really is that stupid and Narcisstic!

  • Paul Revere

    Typing Error: “There Goal is: “Kill America”, “Kill freedom around the world!”

    • Intelligent Conservative

      Spellcheck: Might you mean “THEIR goal is………..”?

    • David M Zuniga

      Don’t correct him; the misspellings and quirky syntax add heft to Paultard tirades, I think. Just as with the capitalization and making every sentence exclamatory, FOR EFFECT!!

      It’s like listening to Alex Jones for 15 seconds of hair-on-fire commentary. Apparently, the Paultards listen to a great deal of that, and it rubs off in punctuation, spelling, syntax, the works.

      It’s a beautiful thing, watching the piss-stained groundlings throw rubber chickens onto the stage with such honest contempt!

      [Ooops! Where has the time gone? I have a Bilderburg Group meeting in 45 minutes…ta ta!]

    • Hank is back

      Hope you are proud to be a media tool. There you go regurgitating the stereotypes of a Paul supporter. Not someone that loves his country, loves liberty, loves the Constitution, hates warmongers, money-changers, and globalism. Nope. Just a bunch of tin-foil hat wearing kooks that think everyone is a telepathic Reptilian conspirator. As a Ron Paul supporter that rejects most conspiracy theories and despises the likes of Alex Jones, let me say this: we are the majority in his camp. Just because you and every other lover of the Status Quo gets a kick out of finding the few very vocal Paul supporters that legitimately are nuts (but they have a right to be nuts and that is the beauty of Paul’s message: tolerance. Especially for ideological minorities. Not multi-cultural diversity crap.). The reasons you may do this are varied, but most commonly they are a) the realization that Paul is the only candidate that tells the truth, understands the problems, and upholds the Constitution and therefore all liars, deniers, and lawbreakers (on the so-called right and the left with their UNCONSTITUTIONAL wars, entitlements, abridgments of rights) must marginalize and delegitimatize both Paul and his supporters; or b) you are repeating what you have heard and every time you come across a Paul supporter, you view him through the lens that conventional wisdom has handed you, the results of which are either 1) looking for every conceivable point in his message, relevant or irrelevant, whether an idea, a word, a spelling or a punctuation, and attributing it to his kookiness regardless of how much sense it may actually make, even in the opinions of many that do not primarily support Paul; or 2) ignoring everything that person says precisely because it makes PERFECT sense. The many Paul supporters that say things both sane and logical do not fit your template of what a Paul supporter is (which is derived not from your experience but from what pundits on both sides of the aisle have said), so you choose to ignore them or refuse to engage in a discussion with them.

  • Adrian Vance

    Sorry, but I think Fox is only reporting what is obvious: Mr. Perry is not well-prepared. Mr. Perry is arrogant and thinks he can take the nomination in a walk. No cigar. Not going to happen.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Carolynr

      One cannot be arrogant and learn from their mistakes at the same time and admit it. Governor Perry has. Romney has yet to apologize for Romneycare and if you didn’t read my post, know that the second lie he told was that he, with a look of disbelief at Perry, had taken NOT SENTENCES…BUT WHOLE PARAGRAPHS out of his book. Why did Perry mention it…because, in the hardcover version…Romney said his plan was a good blueprint for America. In the softcover, he would change it so that private companies would be involved in its implementation…HOWEVER…GET THIS…THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WOULD STILL ADMINISTER IT.

      I blog on all the major sites…and believe me…that info was out on the web…BUT NOBODY REPORTED IT…and nobody asked Romney about it. BTW…Adrian…how many years have they been talking about a fence..say 35 and it is not built yet. Romney’s solution (although he is not arrogant) build a fence…with what Mitt…we don’t have the $$$ and it can’t be implemented immediately. Has anyone ask Romney that question…No. In fact..he hasn’t gotten any hard questions…including calling him on his lie.

    • http://x Washington22

      Adrian, on the whole, I think that FOX has been fair. Mr Perry is NOT a polished Washington Elite politician. He is from Texas, for goodness sake, not the belt way. People seem to want it both ways! I’ll accept his “folksy” ways just fine, as long as his message is RIGHT. So far, I like his agenda, his proven track record on everything but illegal immigration. He leaves me very nervous. I want a candidate who will come out STRONGLY on immediately enforcing the Immigration Laws that ate already on the books………and I mean ENFORCING them. I want it done JUST as quickly as the undoing of Obamacare, on the first day. If Perry would invoke this message, if he would make his intentions known, I would consider him as my choice. Only a few of the candidates have stepped up to clairify their stand, Rick Santorum is one, Michelle Bachmann would, I think Newt would……………the others I’d question.

  • Rosalee

    I don’t understand the hatred the author has for Fox. There are other programs on Fox that really talk-up Perry. As far as I’m concerned, I want to know how Perry feels about Islam and the terrorist and what is his real relationship with Aga Khan! To me, that is a very important question in Perry’s life that I would like answered.

  • Jacqueline

    The current misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment is based in part upon the presumption that the Wong Kim Ark ruling encompassed illegal aliens.
    It was a statement by Supreme Court Justice Brandeis that has been used to bastardize the 14th. The statement was just that, a statement. It was not included within the confines of the ruling.

  • ladykroft

    NO ONE can begrudge an existing president or candidate or governor the laws put into effect before their administration. However, after their election into office, appeals and reversals can be done by an official who has a good mind and common sense when a law just isn’t right. In Perry’s case, illegal immigration is just that…”ILLEGAL”. Allowing in-state tuition, new jobs for the illegals, sharia law for the muslims, defies common sense. When elected governor he vowed to uphold the Constitution and defend his state and the U.S. against other countries. Instead he’s defending Mexicans (mostly) and muslims. The rest of us can eat cake.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Carolynr

      This is why Barack Hussein Obama is in the White House…nobody reads or listens to the words…they already have their minds made up. Please look at Perry’s stance on sealing the border. I haven’t heard Perry praising Muslims…where did that come from.

    • ladykroft

      Put in your search “Rick Perry and the muslims”. You’ll get a lot of answers.

    • http://PatriotUpdate Carolynr

      Apparently…Tom Tancredo and his perceived notion that Perry is Pro-Islam is a little bit much. He seem to have a problem with Perry. These websites are mostly all left wing dumpsites. I guess the left will use anyone and anything to discredit Perry.

    • Bree

      Very right Carolyn, just like the ones on this site who don’t know the difference yet between a Muslim and a Jew. Perry is very pro Israel and so am I along with the 500, 000 Christians who support Israel. The stupidity out there on this issue is unreal. Most Americans STILL do not have a clue when it comes to muslims. No wonder they (muslims) are taking the country which is really just being given over to them in the name or “tolerance.” America wake up!

  • http://PatriotUpdate Carolynr

    Well…we are starting to finally see what is going on. The writer cannot see how Fox is bias…I can. Their debate was framed in such a way as to get “certain” candidates to argue with each other…and get this..for ratings. I listened to Fox Business and heard Lou Dobbs more or less put Perry down. Hannity just yesterday, showed ONLY THE AD that Romney ran against Perry, Not the ad that Perry ran against Romney, wherein he lied TWICE in the debate.

    If Romney should be the pick for the GOP…I will not vote for him. I did this with McCain…just for the Indies…and we got Obama. Romney is not different than Obama…big tax and spend..all centralized government. So, if we go down, which we will with Romney, I go down with principles because I will not do what I did the last time. Perry is the people’s president…Romney is hand picked by the GOP, their mouthpiece, Fox and Karl Rove and Dick Morris.

    • georgia

      You don’t like Romney …that is obvious, but you do not really speak the truth about him!My guess is you dislike his religion and therefore say he is just another “big government “candidate ….which couldn’t be further from the truth! He is the most qualified and competent of all those who are running for office and a breath of fresh air! He is about getting America back on track with the constitutional law being enforced.

  • tod

    Dr.Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  • Gwendolyn

    Really!!! I’m seeing a large “crock” in most of these comments. As a past resident of Texas for 25 years, I know a bit about Perry, I voted for him. He has been a great Governor, and would probably make a so, so President. Romney is a politician, plain and simple, I would not vote for him. But all of you are overlooking the only really qualified man for the job. Newt Gingrich. He never hessitates to answer any question with clarity and knowledge. No HMM, or ah, or any other means of stalling while thinking up an answer, that all politicians use. His “Contract With America” was a great success. The man has the common sense to attack problems with a purpose to an end, not as a grandiose play to the voting public. We need his expertise to dig us out of the gaping hole that Obama has put our Country in. Think about it!

  • georgia

    I will vote for Mitt Romney because he is a Christian in word and deed and I know he loves God and Jesus Christ! He loves America and supports and upholds the Constitution of the United States of America because he believes it was Divine inspiration that it was written and established!

    • David M Zuniga

      Hogswallop. Romney is a Mormon, and that is no follower of Jesus Christ. Go to Wikipedia, pull up “Joseph Smith” and “Brigham Young” and read the origin and history of those two lunatic cult leaders. Very similar to Mohammed, but without swinging swords. Anybody who is so gullible (or evil) to follow the teachings of Mormonism (i.e., Jon Huntsman, Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney) is no true Christian, but a member of a lunatic cult. Read the Wikipedia articles; those are FACTS of American history.

      Besides that, Romney is a big-government liberal, as his MA governor’s record illustrates.

    • georgia

      If you want to know about the church from a reliable source I invite you to visit the official church site at If you really are honest and want to know what the Mormons believe this site will answer your questions and correct any misconceptions you have embraced because of those who would pervert the truth!

  • Missionary James

    Our so-called Brother in Christ (and I do believe Him to be a true-christian) has done some things as Governor that warrants extreme caution on the part of ALL Believers:

    Perry attempted to FORCE young under-age girls to get a Vaccine, by Executive Order, rather than going thru the Constitutional Legislative Process! This is what OBAMA has done with CAP & TRADE and PLANNED PARENT-HOOD! WE rightly cry out when OBAMA does it and WE need to rightly Cry-Out and Question when a so-called Brother does it as well!

    I am afraid that PERRY will do the SAME THING if given the Office of President! That was a HUGE LAPSE of Judgement on His part! If PERRY knew both Scripture and the Constitution of USA like HE SHOULD, Perry would have NEVER ATTEMPTED such FOOLISHNESS with the VACCINE ordeal.

    Second. I do not know where u get your Facts from, but it is a FACT that LIBERALS WANT ILLEGAL ALIENS to continue to come, because THESE ILLEGALS VOTE them into Office!

    Further, Liberals want Illegal Aliens and their Children to be ON THE TAX-PAYER DOLE. You failed to mention that the MAJORITY of the TEXAN LEGISLATURE at the Time of such ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT KIDS TUITION vote were MOSTLY DEMS you idiot!

    Perry FURTHER buries Himself because He OUT-RIGHT WILL NOT SUPPORT as President the BUILDING of a BORDER-FENCE…..This is sheer STUPIDITY! We need what PERRY said, “BOOTS ON THE GROUND & DRONES” and we need a BORDER-FENCE….WHY NOT A FENCE? There is NOOOOOOOO good reason to NOT HAVE A BORDER-FENCE….Having a Fence is just an ADDED LAYER of Protection and PREVENTION of Illegal Border Crossings you dimwit

    Finally, How does Brother RICK PERRY who used to be a DEM, justify these Words below as He left the DEM-PARTY?

    “I intend to vote the same convictions,” Perry said. “The only difference is there will be an R beside my name.”

    Other than that, I agree with EVERYTHING ELSE BROTHER RICK STANDS FOR, but these QUESTIONS must be ANSWERED by nothing short than an APOLOGY and REVERSAL of such past Blunders, or He’s not getting my vote in the Primaries>>>>

    Of course, If Brother Rick wins the GOP-Primary, He will get my vote instead of Obama

    • Missionary James

      I forgot to add, BROTHER RICKS MYSTERIOUS INVITATION to speak at a BIDERBERGER Event and the BILDERBERGER Society Endorsing Brother Rick.

      Can anyone explain this and the Trans-Corrider Hyway from Oklahoma to Mexico, He endorsed as Gov of Texas???

    • David M Zuniga

      You’re believing the urban legends thrown out there by followers of Ron Paul, Barry Obama, and past losers of the Texas governorship.

      That’s all they are, legends.

    • georgia

      Google “committee of 300″ it is all about the “new world order”. A question about Perry why did he change fromt he Democratic Party? Will he embrace the socialistic policies if elected?

    • Missionary James

      Michele Bachmann is MORE QUALIFIED than Rick Perry and so is SARAH PALIN, but for now, she is not running! But if Sister Sarah decides to run, THERE IS NO ONE that can EQUAL HER, for SARAH PALIN is what this Country Needs!

      She has a Record of fighting CORRUPTION within her OWN PARTY and WINNING and was doubly strong against ALL OTHER DEFACTO Politicians and Programs running Her State of Alaska!

      SARAH will also lead Americans back to FAITH IN GOD and has MORE BALLS than ALL the other GOP-MEN currently running for Prez…..

      I say this to OUR SHAME (we men) that GOD Himself is raising up a WOMAN to do the Job, because He can not find a CHRISTIAN MAN that is WILLING and/or COMPETENT


    • http://PatriotUpdate Carolynr

      Let’s talk about the HPV vaccine. I bet that none of you knew that the vaccine has to be administered in 6th grade because in order for it to be effective, the person must not have engaged in sex. So, Bachmann with her poor, little innocent little girls bit doesn’t get. it. This virus is a epidemic and it leads to cancer. His motive was right, his procedure was wrong and with a checks and balances system, the vaccine was not mandated. Although, I must say, that the supposed “mandate” had an opt out in it. To you Brother…that means, it was not mandatory.

      The polio vaccine had an opt out in it too. Guess more polio. I guess Brother Rick didn’t want people dying. So…well, in your words..unchristian.

      Next subject…Illegals. You say the Liberals want them in the country because they will vote Liberal. I thought the Republican Party was a big tent party. Would you rather the Illegals vote for Obama? I am not Latino, however, I will tell you this, for the most part (excluding gangs) Latinos have a religious upbringing that comes with values, a strong family ethic and a strong work ethic. Want to compare that with the generational welfare of Detroit?? So, are you saying that Rick Perry is Liberal because the Legislature voted to allow the children to “pay” for in-state tuition? Are you saying that when they graduate they have a better chance of failing. Governor Perry…Excuse me…Brother Rick believes if they learn more they can contribute more….again…so un-christian on him. Next…

      The Fence…ah…yes…the Fence. Do you know Missionary James that we have been talking about fences for more than 35 years now? Have they fixed the levies in New Orleans yet? Perry said…fences work fine in Urban areas, boots on the ground and drones can be used immediately. You do want this done immediately…don’t you? And…with the state of the economy…where are you going to get the $$ for the fence. Build a 10 foot fence…and the ladder people go into business…dud….Next..

      Brother Rick used to be a Democrat. Well…Missionary James…so did Ronald Reagan. When Perry was a Democrat…they were Southern Democrats…family, 2nd Amendment Rights, State’s Rights, etc. They were not the Democratic Party of today which many comprises of Socialists.

      Now…for the icing on the cake. The Bildenberg Group. Please…why don’t you find out what these people are. Well, let me tell you…they are very rich people that meet several times a year to consider “diverse”…DID YOU GET THAT WORD…I.E., DIFFERENT points of view. I am sure that Perry made a big hit with them with his subjects: Energy Independence and State’s Rights.

      God, I wish people would research before they just repeat talking points from someone that has an agenda.

    • Bree

      Amen Carolyn! Keep talking because you are the lone voice of truth here when it comes to Perry, except the writer of course. I concer that you “get it” and I know the truth when I hear it. I am a strong Christian and Sarah Palin supporter so who is “Missionary James”? Bet I know!

    • Hank is back

      You are a weak Christian (as proven by the fact that you have to keep bludgeoning everyone over the head with the act that you are one and then show us that you are just as capable of lies and name calling as anyone) and Sarah Palin should, or I dare say WOULD, be ashamed to have such a self righteous YOUKNOWWHAT as yourself in her camp. Wash the Outside of the Vessel much?

    • Hank is back

      Boohoo! Sniffle. The poor little SLUTS (or, as you tell us, soon to be)! My heart bleeds! Maybe we should just forgive all are debt to Africa because they all have AIDS. Or maybe we should just vaccinate everyone for everything because they might someday catch something. Isn’t that what Jesus would do? There is a one is 147 chance that a woman will get cervical cancer WITHOUT the Vaccine, and a one in 417 chance that she will die. And this is what Dick Perry is so bent out of shape over? Usually his blind followers will say that he was only doing the will of the people. Well, given the minimalities of this cancer, I would say it is more like he was doing the will of a special interest group. Savvy?

      I hope you eavesdroppers could detect the sarcasm that was laced throughout. I do not think Jesus would approve of Perry’s excuses for his tyrannies.

  • DE Navarro

    I’m not against Perry for his immigration stance. I actually agree with most of it. I’m not against Perry for his speaking ability or lack thereof.

    I’m against Perry because I can smell an opportunist half-way around the globe. Because I understand what an Establishment politician is and what a RINO is. I’m against Perry because he is a slick politician in the mold of Clinton.

    I’m glad he claims to be a conservative Christian and I hope he is, but too many use their “religion” as just another way of obtaining support from a population demographic.

    Perry caters to conservatives but it will take more for him to prove to me his conviction is genuine, especially when I see his opportunistic tendencies manifest, which are not indicative of true Biblical commitment and resolve.

    • Missionary James

      Amen, Amen and Amen Brother!

      Something just ain’t right about Brother Rick Perry. He clearly is an opportunist, OFFERING HIMSELF (George Washington did not do this) as the Solution, yet SISTER SARAH PALIN does not SEEK or OFFER HERSELF and has clearly stated that SHE DOES NOT WANT TO RUN, BUT IF HER COUNTRY NEEDS HER, SHE WOULD.

      So for now, SARAH sits back and is watching, hoping and Praying Americans find the Right Leader to place as the GOP-INDEPENDANT Candidate.

      SARAH has shown us that she is not MAD with POWER, by humbly stepping down for the good of Her State of Alaska!

    • Bree

      Shut up Missionary James, you’re as phony as a three dollar bill!

  • antiglobalist

    I would just comment on the author of this piece of trash. 1) he is not a property owner in Texas. I live in Texas and I pay taxs to the school system that is attached to my property. It is a significant amount every year. If this is the bull *hit you guys want publish so be it. Don’t bother sending ant more of your trash.

    Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist. I think he would be good for this country. At least he does not have a hidden agenda.

    • David M Zuniga

      I agree with about 90% of Ron Paul’s positions over the years, but he’s an ineffective old codger, and a thin-skinned, whiney politician who’s a two-time loser for the presidency now trying to build a family dynasty in Congress.

      Paultards are a ragtag retinue of atheists, anarchists, anarcho-libertarians, trusting but gullible Christians, and glassy-eyed conspiracy nuts. Thank God that Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance of winning.

    • Hank is back

      Since when did questioning conventional wisdom and the ways of the WORLD become ‘gullible’.

      Since when did having a diverse group of followers (ask yourself why this is the case. Could it possibly be that he appeals to a broad spectrum because he is the only one with a message compatible with the LIBERTY, without which, these persons would be marginalized, persecuted, targeted, lied-to, lied about, and belittled? hmm?) become cause for alarm or a point of contention in a NATION that was founded on TOLERANCE (I do not mean MULTICULTURALISM, which I hate as much as any one else here, but freedom of expression, the right to pursue happiness, the right to life, including the use of one’s own, and the right to be secure in one’s property and belongings).

      These things are the VERY CORE of Doctor Paul’s message, but you seem to have overlooked them. How can you then claim (in my opinion, you are trying to verbally disarm us ‘Paultards’. FAIL.) to agree with 90% of what he says? BS much? I know people that agree with Paul on 10% of things that understand his message more than you.

      The point is that he is the only one with a consistent record. The only one with a moral philosophy and a respect for individual rights that motivates his decisions. The only one who defends and upholds the CONSTITUTION, in both LETTER and SPIRIT. The only one who understands the origins of the financial crisis and how to handle the next one. The only one that stands against the conventional wisdom (held by both Democrats and Republicans) that GOVERNMENT can fix anything without first getting the Hell Out of Dodge.

  • http:WindowsLive kcatt

    Well I agree about choosing Perry over Romney; for sure. As to Paul? I have some doubts about whether he’d be strong on terrorism. And yes;;Bachmann over Perry. Now if Mz Sarah decided to run I’d definitely go for her. Last choice Cain. Oh heck even if a ferret would run against Obummer I’d vote for the little furry thing. But I do think Perry is getting a bum deal as to his integrity being questioned.

  • Military

    Its not just against Perry but its aginst America as a whole,WE the people of the UNITED STATES.We want to make you united states of europe.its obomba to bomb America again.

  • BarleyWheets

    This comment is a contradiction in terms!!!!!!
    “Perry is a Christian and a Patriot who loves America. He is the only man who can defeat Obama and take America back from the clutches of his socialist regime.”

    YOU cannot belong to the Bilderberger GROUP (as Perry is ) and be a Christian!! To promote ONE world order and a one world reglion is against the word of GOD! Perry is a wolf in sheeps clothing .. don’t be fooled!

    • Missionary James


      If Brother RICK PERRY knew before hand, WHO the BILDERBERGER SOCIETY was, yet SPOKE at their event upon Invitation by Bilderberger to do so, then RICK PERRY IS A TRATR and a WOLF in SHEEP’s CLOTHING……

      However, We True Christians are READY with OPEN EARS and ARMS to receive our Brother Perry and Endorse Him IF HE WOULD JUST ANSWER OUR QUESTIONS?



      If you DO NOT ADDRESS this Issue, YOU DO NOT DESERVE to go ANY FURTHEWR….WE ARE NOT CONSPIRACY THEORIST, FOR WE BELIEVE IN TRUTH, FACTS, the EVIDENCE, RESEARCH and INVESTIGATION…..Give us the Info we seek and we will VINDICATE and ENDORSE YOU or we will pray that the Father Take you out and/or Home before your time!!!


      He who walks in the Light has the Truth and speaks the Truth with Authority and NO SHADOWS OF DARKNESS in them…..You have a few Shadows that needs some Light to be shed upon…..Can you Hear Us NOW?????

    • Bree

      You are a stupid idiot “missionary james” completely an embarrassment to anything remotely called Christian. Let me warn you, God is not mocked and what you’re doing will turn on you to expose you for the vulger person you really are. And leave Sarah Palin out of it, you haven’t a clue let alone speaking for her. Sit down and shut up! You know nothing.

    • Hank is back

      Now I know what Georgia was commenting on. Bree, practice what you preach. All (or most) of the rest of us are Christians, but we are nowhere near as self-righteous as yourself. Accusing someone of unchristian behavior where there was none and then going onto besmirch his name. You are not setting an example for anyone. There are those of us that are no stranger to name calling or belittling, but we are not so conceited as to do it in the same breathe that we make accusations of unchristian behavior towards others. Everyday I find it harder and harder to acknowledge Dual-Covenanters as my brothers and sisters. You and your ilk are a huge part of the reason why.

  • Robert Johnson

    Your article is a good one; however, I do not like your reasons for supporting Gov. Perry on instate tuitions for illegal aliens. I’m very much a Perry supporter, but I have scratched my head on this one because I see no reason in the world why we should give free instate tuition to illegal immigrants who are here in clear violation of all applicable laws. There is a reason that one should support this however. Because the federal govt. has refused to enforce the laws, Texas has a huge influx of illegal immigrants. It is not the fault of the citizens of Texas that this has happened, but Texas is stuck with the failure of the US to enforce the law. Because of the failure of the feds to enforce the law, Texas has to deal with the influx of illegals. It is better to get them off the streets and educate them than to have a burgeoning prison roll. That is the reason to support what the Texas legislature did (it was not Perry by the way—the legislature would simply have overridden any veto he might have given since only 4 opposed the bill in the House and none in the Senate as I understand what happened). I agree that Perry is the only true conservative in the field that has a chance to win. Gingrich might have a chance, but he does things at times that make you wonder where his true inclinations are—he is unpredictable. So, I’m staking all my support on Perry.

  • Gloria Wedemeyer

    I would vote for him over Obama any day but no illegals should be given something over an American college student wanting to go to a Texas University and pay a higher tuition than the illegal. And as for the remark that the schools in Texas are paid for strictly by state and property taxes, I find hard to believe as the federal government also contributes I would think.

  • georgia

    ..CINO’s blog here….a true Christian shows a little respect for others beliefs, and should temper their comments to reflect their love of God and his children.

    • Hank is back

      Georgia, let me say that I love you and I love Rick Perry in the way that I, as a Christian, am called to love my neighbors, and even my enemies. But love without honesty or conviction is hollow and false. Therefore, I am compelled, out of the Spirit of Love, to denounce Rick Perry as a LIAR, a DEMAGOGUE, a PLANT, an ELITIST, an ARROGANT PANDERER, an IGNORANT TOOL, a PSEUDOCONSERVATIVE, LITTLE DIFFERENT THAN BUSH, CLINTON, BUSH, or OBAMA, and CERTAINLY NOT THE ONE WE ARE LOOKING FOR. And as for you, Georgia, I will withhold criticism out of caution, not knowing exactly what it is that you are referring to in your comment.

  • Michael Guy

    There have always been plutocraticall-controlled internationalist throughout American history. In 1812 we had New england politicians who hated “Mr. Madison’s war as much as Cindt Sheehan and senator Obama hated Mr. Bush’s War, The war of 1848 of President polk was instigated and foisted by plutocratic interest as we used naked agression against Mexico, Ditto with the Indian wars, The wars against Spain, Nicaragua, the Phillipines and against the Chines Boxer Rebellion were all influenced by wealthy plutocrats seeking colonial empire and access to goods, services etc from independent, sovereign foreign nations. The fomenters of these wars of aggression and conquest fraudulently portrayed themselves as patriotic, conservative Americans. we also have had the internationalist, Jacobin/socialist variety foisting and fomenting foreign entaglements and capitulation to a one world rule of elite oligarchs since the Wall street plutocracy ( ie federal reserve bank owners) wanted the League of Nations, Socialist internationale and the UN. Admit it, plutocracy is our Fourth Branch of Government.
    Wealthy individuals and cabals have been influencing and purchasing politicians from the New England Merchants in 1812 through the railroad and industrial robber barons, through today when Wall Street and Beijing rule our politicians today.
    still ,we get to choose which person represents our beliefs, morals and philosophy and which politicians will best advance our freedom and prosperity. Today I believe Michelle Bachman best does that, followed by herman Caine, then rick perry and Ron Paul

    • Hank is back

      I agree with the body of your message, but disagree that Perry is anything but another bought and paid for by ‘plutocrats’ and oligarchs frontman. Bachmann, Cain, and Paul (top pick) are all okay. I still have reservations about Cain, but no one can say he is OWNED (if not bribed, then at least brainwashed) by the establishment like Perry, Romney, Gingrich, or Christie.

  • Teri

    Why not free tuition for all American children? Why forced vaccinations? Why the connection to Merck? Why so chummy with wealthy muslims? Hmmm…maybe we should keep our eyes and ears open. A person is judged by the company he keeps.

  • figures

    #1 & #2 Are true, he proved it by his own mouth. #3 Is irrevellant. I don’t believe Perry will get America back on track. The whole country will look like Texas. All illegals getting a free pass and hard working families footing their bills. And the abudance of jobs will be minumin wage. No Thankyou.

  • lou

    Hannity is a cry baby

    • Sergeant Major White Owl (TEAPUBLICAN) Extreme Far Right Conservative (White Caucus)

      Hannity says what he belives and what we all should saying.

  • Sergeant Major White Owl (TEAPUBLICAN) Extreme Far Right Conservative (White Caucus)

    People that usually get attacked are usually the right on for the job. Because their opponents see Perry as a threat to their chance at the White House. I like Herman Cain and he is getting alot of the attacks also. Michelle Bachman will have a come back and she will start getting attacked again. I wish Rubio would get in the race.

    • CitizenK

      Doubtful on Bachmann now that it has been revealed that she voted for instate tuition for illegals after trying to bash Perry for it.

      Her every inch of the border fence is a waste of taxpayer (MY) money. Why would anyone think that a fence on top of 1000 foot sheer cliffs do any good?

    • onaroll

      Antipersonnel mines would serve where we have not yet put our fence. Every hundred feet takes fifty per mile. About seventy thousand would do the job in 1200 unfenced miles. If we were not sucking up to the UN and put a sign up that would be the fastest / cheapest way to discourage passage.

    • Gary Crowley

      Rubio is not a natural born citizen and therefore not eligible for the position.

    • bambi12

      Sorry.Gary…just because Rubio might be stopped is not reason not to run… sfter all, Osama bin Obama wasn’t “natural born ” either, and that didn’t stop him! the Socialist found a wsy….so since the lead has been set, I’m sure your guy could be helped out as well….what the heck! we don’t even follow the other parts of the constitution much any more either, I guess we should just throw it all out and follow Castro openly… his boy is our prez anyway….and they do kind of favor one another….suppose this is obama’s REAL daddy??..

  • Raymond

    #6 Even with the oil boom in Texas, 23 states have a lower unemployment rate than Texas does.

    #7 Back in 1988, Rick Perry supported Al Gore for president. In fact, Rick Perry actually served as Al Gore’s campaign chairman in the state of Texas that year.

    #8 Between December 2007 and April 2011, weekly wages in the U.S. increased by about 5 percent. In the state of Texas they increased by just 0.6% over that same time period.

    #9 Texas now has one of the worst education systems in the nation. The following is from an opinion piece that was actually authored by Barbara Bush earlier this year….
    • We rank 36th in the nation in high school graduation rates. An
    estimated 3.8 million Texans do not have a high school diploma.
    • We rank 49th in verbal SAT scores, 47th in literacy and 46th in average math SAT scores.
    • We rank 33rd in the nation on teacher salaries.

    #10 Rick Perry attended the Bilderberg Group meetings in 2007. Associating
    himself with that organization should be a red flag for all American

    #11 Texas has the highest percentage of workers making minimum wage out of all 50 states.

    #12 Rick Perry often gives speeches about illegal immigration, but when you
    look at the facts, he has been incredibly soft on the issue. If
    Rick Perry does not plan to secure the border, then he should not be
    president because illegal immigration is absolutely devastating many
    areas of the southwest United States.

    • onaroll

      Saw a bar chart showing the three most solvent states as of last year were Texas followed by Alaska and Florida. Worst insolvency is Illinois. Insolvency is more immediate than any other issue on or nation. I do not care what unique problems or advantages placed the states in that ranking. Executives deal with the problems, not exacerbate them. Give me an executive, even if he channels Harry Truman or Reagan.
      The litmus test of vaccines and Do Ask/Do Tell are minor preoccupations by comparison.

    • Stan Lee

      Same here! Despite individual gripes coming out of Texas about Rick Perry, he has presided over basic success of the state, not just one term, but multiple terms.
      When I see enumerated bad-mouthing of the man, especially that “dreaded” word “Bilderberg,” my radar gets real active.
      There’s too much crappy innuendo about the man, and too me that means an attempt to divert the man’s successes into failure with sea-lawyer talk.
      There is no way in this world that I’d ever believe Perry is not a far,far, better choice than the trainwreck taking golf-lessons on our tab right now.
      Once again, the Leftist media is attempting to make up our minds.

    • retire05

      #6, and 26 state have a higher unemployment rate than Texas even as their unemployed flee that state and head for Texas.

      #7, Perry was NEVER Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager. That is a false meme put out by Ron Paul. If there was a titular head of Gore’s campaign in Texas it was Bill Hobby and Gib Lewis, who recruited 27 Democrats to support Gore, at the time considered the more conservative candidate to Dukakis’s liberalism/progressivism.

      #8 apples and oranges. How much did the cost of living in Texas increase compared to the rest of the nation?

      #9 IowaHawk dispelled that entire “education” myth. Texas has high graduation rates than any other state comparative in size, including New York and California, yet spends a lot less. Do better research. Texas also has higher minority graduation rates than Wisconsin, who touts its great education system due to union teachers.

      #10, Perry never attended meetings at the 2007 Bilderberger group. His name is not on the attendee list. Unlike John Bolton and Margaret Thatcher who were actual attendees, Perry simply gave a speech, nothing else, due to Texas being the 17th largest economy in the world.

      #11, not true. The median wage in Texas is $15.14/hr, right in the middle of the nation.

      #12, state governors have no control over border security. They can only deal with the problem on a state level. State and local law enforcement do not have the authority to deport anyone. If you were honest, you would admit that Perry has spent more in state resources trying to secure the border than all other border state governors combined.

      Go tell Ron Paul his talking points don’t work here.

    • Texayn

      Thank You! I get so sick of reading all the lies perpetrated by the “get Perry” crowd.He’s not perfect, but I expect more maturity from an electorate hell bent on replacing Obama than to want a candidate that meets their every social and economic whim. Snap out of it! Your political naivete could return Obama to office in 2012. An honest appraisal of Perry’s track record may show him to be the most productive conservative in the race. The Tea Party is inspiring, but most of their people are new to the political arena and therefore neo-phytes as to what is necessary to conduct a successful, national campaign.

    • Stan Lee

      When these Paul clowns spew “Perry backed Gore,” they conveniently omit the fact that at that moment in time, Rick Perry was a Democrat. And, I was a Democrat until Barry Goldwater! And my Dad was a Democrat most of his life, but this Democrat Party is not your Dad’s Democrat Party. This Democrat Party ought to have Vladimir Lenin’s portrait on its logo instead of that donkey.

    • Stan Lee

      I think the Republican Party is more than charitable to have Ron Paul even take up stage space in those televised debates.
      The man’s a crackpot and literally nothing turns out to be “our business” in his opinion. Paul doesn’t want a high wall on the Mexican border, he wants one around the entire USA! He’s a isolationist and while we need to exercise limitations in foreign policy, we still also need to make the right strategic calls. And, we need to stay militarily first-class and strong.
      There will always be some theocracy/autocracy hoping to knock us off.
      We’re the “lead dog’ and if you’re not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

    • obamavitch5

      Too bad raymond does not like our next president.

    • Margaret

      Perhaps he was attending the Bilderberg convestion so that he would know what they are doing. He and we NEED to know that!
      He’s a Christian so I don’t think he buys into that bad group trying to take over Europe and theh world. Obama definitely wants world government with himself as the Imperial president.

    • Stan Lee

      The way I heard it,one doesn’t attend a Bilderberg conference/dinner unless one is specifically invited. Having been invited is not an indicator that one has been asked to become a member, or has accepted an invitation to join.
      You know, there’s a lot of scuttlebutt floating around about the Masons, too.
      Lots of folks don’t know that to be a Shriner, one must be a Free Mason first.
      Shriner’s Hospitals for kids needing acute surgeries (and whose families could never pay the bill) are supported by the efforts of Masons/Shriners. No bill is ever sent to the family, no matter how expensive a child’s surgery and treatments could be.
      But, those organizations are vilified because they’re supposedly secret organizations. Frankly, they don’t want notoriety. That very Christian when doing good deeds, isn’t it? Practically every President of the United States has been a Mason, obviously not the present one!

  • Raymond

    #13 In 2007, 221,000 residents of Texas were making minimum wage or less. By 2010, that number had risen to 550,000.

    #14 Rick Perry actually issued an executive order in 2007 that would have
    forced almost every single girl in the state of Texas to receive the
    Gardasil vaccine before entering the sixth grade. Perry would
    have put parents in a position where they would have had to fill out an
    application and beg the government not to inject their child with a
    highly controversial vaccine. Since then, very serious safety issues
    regarding this vaccine have come to light. Fortunately, lawmakers in
    Texas blocked what Perry was trying to do. According to Wikipedia,
    many were troubled when “apparent financial connections between Merck
    and Perry were reported by news outlets, such as a $6,000 campaign
    contribution and Merck’s hiring of former Perry Chief of Staff Mike
    Toomey to handle its Texas lobbying work.”

    Rick Perry has a record that should make all Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents cringe. He is not the “conservative Republican” that he is trying to claim that he is. He is simply another in a long line of “Rinos” (Republicans in name only).

    • Linda

      I have only read comments on this site for 2 days but both days your obvious ability to not only see through the smoke screens but be able to put out the truth so anyone can understand. Thanks for that. We cannot judge if a person has accepted Christ or not but we can certainly tell if they are blind. Anyone that does not understand that the border security in Texas is not just a Texas problem but a NATIONAL SECURITY PROBLEM is blind. And forcing drug shots on these girls..%#$@**#!!…….Part of the qualifying requirements for ANY AND ALL elected officials down to our law enforcement should be passing a course on the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.
      And anyone that is so blind that they do not understand that Islam is in fact NOT a peaceful religion would again put our Naional Security at risk. His record on this teaching in the schools in Texas is a loud alarm. I wonder what his REAL reason for switching parties was????????

    • retire05

      I have to ask you; did you have a problem with Michele Bachmann when she was a state representative and did not do anything to end the requirement that all school children be vaccinated against Hepititus B, a sexually transmitted disease or did not try to stop the mandate that all Washington, D.C. girls be vaccinated with Gardasil that the U.S. Congress approved in a Congressional resolution?

      Where was your outrage agains Bachmann then? Oh, that’s right, you are so uninformed you didn’t know about it.

    • Stan Lee

      You’re on the right track. Arizona has already been sued by the US Injustice Dept. for superceding a federal resonsibility. Rick Perry’s a smart guy, don’t let that “folksy” twang fool ya. He could have instituted the same thing as Arizona, but it would have been neutralized by the federal government which has the absolute responsibility to safely maintain this nation’s borders…but will not!
      It is not Rick Perry who patronizes the illegal vote, many of the Hispanic families of Texas started there long before Anglos arrived, they are Perry’s constituents and I don’t blame him at all for being their Governor as well as every other Texan’s.
      One day, we will have a President who will lead the way to protect our borders properly, but we need to vote out Obama to get to that point.

    • chummali

      You really hate him, dont you, Raymond?

      Time for a heart-check.

    • obamavitch5

      Perhaps a brain check as well.

    • Rick Perry Report


      Rick Perry runs the Texas jobs machine but it is a myth, according to Democratic Party talking points that are often parroted by liberal talking heads. Before you leap to thinking all of that anti-Perry jobs hype is true, take a look at this.

    • onaroll

      Of course anything that runs better than the dysfunctional WH has got to be spun as a myth. We already know which sources of disinformation are generating mythology, and WE do not waste time listening to them, but so many do. Even with that disadvantage, it is hard not to imagine the 53 percent who pay taxes will have become be tired of the insults and affronts that have been launched at them and will vote those scoundrels out no matter who WE run.

    • daves

      Raymond – why do you say “beg the government” instead of opt out? They seem live very manipulative words to me.

  • Neal

    “Read my lips, no new Texans!”
    Do you remember? He said that he wanted Texas to seceed from the Union. That is actually a treasonous statemant, don’t cha know… Now he is no longer qualified to be president, also and for sure… And he also had like a C+ average in college so he’s qualified to be a lobbyist….

    • Ann C

      I’d want to secede too if the traitor in the Oval Office is allowed to continue his hellbent drive to socialism.

    • Aristophanes

      neal – at least he has put out there what his average was in college – seen anything on obummers’s???

  • Java Jazz

    my only problem with Gov.Perry is, is a member of the bilderberge society? It is rumored he attended one or some of their meetings.If he did not do this then I am all for him.

    • Whackajig

      Do not believe the lies circulated about Perry. The fact is that he was invited to speak at one of the Bilderberg meetings, which he did. He has not been back and is not a member. do not circulate lies.

    • chummali

      So, he attended a meeting — at their invitation. Get real! Going into a barn doesn’t make you one of the animals.

    • Stan Lee

      How’d you like to be hung on a rumor? Perry hasn’t hid a damned thing about his life that would matter to a normal voter.
      I haven’t decided on him, but having attended a Bilderberg dinner (oh, my goodness!) creates no “problem” for me.
      I’m just getting fed up on this sharkfeeding at a decent man’s expense.
      I’m starting to wonder if the Lord himself would pass muster with some nit-pickers.

  • ChrisYAHanWatcher,servant4YAH

    Perry merely: “POSING,” as a CONservative, is the Problem!

    Exposing HIS ROOTS reveals the actual DEFECTS in his Character that make Him dispiccable to Real CONSERVATIVES,

    His New World Order Global Elitist Asociations with SOROS, Ali Khan,
    Tri Lateral Commission, BilderBergers, Bohemian Grove’sDruken Homosexual soirees, and Other Tyrannical Despotic aspects to His TRUE nature reveal His Communist Socialist Predilictions!
    Perhaps the TEXAN for America may be Ron Paul!

    • oneAmerican

      Elitest? Progressive? NWO? Ali Kahn? Soros ? Good grief! That’s quite a laundry list! (to me) It sounds like ‘word-picking’ from a slew of blogs. I see no sources listed, nor examples from which you’ve made these {assumptions}Are you aware that many sites are easily accessed for “Fact Checks”? I’m sure you care about the direction of Our Great Nation. Rumors, half truths as well as lies are harmful to the progress of America. I hope you will follow up on some of these reliable sites & better understand.

  • SamFox

    Rick Perry is not to be trusted.

    Perry is FOR the Trans Texas Corridor:

    Here is Ron Paul on the Texas super corridor:

    Rick Perry, Cain, Romney–IMO are all CINO globalists in disguise. Bachman voted to extend the ‘Patriot’ Act. She also takes govt money while protesting the practice. Santorum is a neocon perpetual war hawk. Gingrich is a NWO one world govt CFR member.



    • SamFox

      I agree that Fox ‘News’ is not to be trusted. But the real plot is against Ron Paul. As a mostly CINO NEOCON network, Fox has no real reason to go after Perry. He is one of their own. Unless the back lash against Fox regarding their disingenuous treatment of Ron Paul makes them think that “HEY, if we look like we are going after Perry, we can use reverse psychology to get people to think he’s OK”.

      A Fox lady I used to like, SE Cupp, is saying Ron Paul is “out there” & Ron would be an albatross around the neck of the R half of the Big Govt Party, the D’s being the other half. As I was looking for media bias against Ron Paul I was again surprised to find another Fox ‘heartbreak’, Laura Ingraham, who seems to be a sneaky, subtle slyly understating negative remark making CINO NEOCON shill when it comes to Ron Paul.

      In the 1st interview link Laura interrupts Ron Paul quite often, vainly trying to trip up the good doctor. She gets her lunch eaten.

      The only shows left on Fox now that are worth watching are Lou Dobbs, Stossel, Freedom Watch with Da Judge & Cavuto. I WAS a big fan of Follow the Money, but when bottom line push comes to saving the country, Eric Bolling exposed himself as a CINO.

      On Freedom Watch, Da Judge exposed the bias against Ron Paul by others at Phony Fox News & some other ‘news’ outlets. Da Judge played this clip:

      Note Fox employee Chris Wallace, who moderated the Fox debate, & what he says. And does NOT say.

      I am a TEA conservative independent. I used to have hope for Fox News. Now I wonder how long Dobbs, Stossel, Cavuto, & Judge Napolitano will survive because they still push for Constitutional liberty & have Ron Paul on their shows as often as possible. Plus they don’t disparage Ron, they give him the cred he richly deserves by just letting Ron speak. Not a good thing at Fox these days…

      Looks like Fox News’ true Conservative In Name Only network colors are shining forth.

      Rick Perry is, I repeat, not to be trusted. As are most of Fox’s talking heads.


    • CitizenK

      Ron Paul has given millions in earmarks which directly and only benefit certain companies but one has to know local geographic terms to see this.

      His fiscal rhetoric does not match his fiscal actions.

    • oneAmerican

      Sam,Thank you for your research. We aren’t on the same page on some of the isues, but we have the same book. Yes, I did check out some of your suggestions, had already been on a couple of them. I worked against Perry on Medina’s campaign & can’t get excited now. However, I’m yet to see a candidate that walks on water…I’m narrowing it down, making a list & checking it twice…Like you, I want to make my choice (vote) with knowledge & facts in my pocket.

    • retire05

      Do you still attend the meetings Medina holds at her house every month where the Alex Jones conspiracy theorists gather?

    • Texas Patriot

      IMO Ron Paul is NOT a serious candidate. He is a fringe player – irrelevant and insignificant. He cannot win. He can only assist in victory for the Socialists and more tyranny for honest hard-working Americans.

    • Stan Lee

      I suggest that Paul and his followers won’t be there to support any other Republican who makes the final cut. I sincerely doubt that they can be counted upon to assist in voting out Obama…Mission Number 1!
      They are a 3rd Party that’s not big enough to be one. They can only see America within their own vision, they won’t be with the rest of us because they cannot be even a little pragmatic.

    • chummali

      Another Ron Paul supporter — drunk on the Kool-Aid.

  • Obamavitch5

    2012 = Perry/Rubio

    • AmericansRon2U

      Obamavitch…I can’t believe that conservatives are making the mistake of not doing their own homework again. Haven’t we learned anything from the 2008 election? Perry has some serious flaws and Michelle Bachman was brave enough to point them out to us during the last debate…so we attack the messenger? Are we stooping to the ploys of the Lefties now? And as for Rubio, I like him but he is NOT eligible to be POTUS for the same reason Barry is not eligible. Rubio’s parents were NOT U.S. citizens at the time of his birth. So, now you want to toss out the Constitution and act like the Commies in DC? Rubio and Jindal are both born of foreign parents…do your homework people!

    • daves

      Michele Bachmann claimed she had been “faithful” to her pledge not to request federal earmarks. But she requested $40 million in transportation earmarks in the 2009 fiscal year budget after taking the pledge, later claiming such projects should not be subjected to her promise. She withdrew her requests after the House Republicans took a party position in 2010 not to seek earmarks.

    • Stan Lee

      Well, under the conditions you’ve identified, she challenged a technicality which could have involved her original pledge. She’s an accomplished lawyer and did have the right to argue the point she made.
      In the end, she did not accept nor was she offered the amount in question.
      I could then ask, did she or didn’t she get the money? But, you gave that answer too.
      I guess you could say “Case closed.” That would be appropriate.

  • Ms. Kelly

    To suggest that liberals/democrats want LESS illegal immigration is such a joke it is hardly worth responding to, but for the sake of the less informed I will. The Left has been championing the illegal immigration issue for decades. Poor and ignorant Mexican immigrants increase support for liberal causes and everyone knows it. To suggest that the Left wants more white people in the U.S. is laughable.

    It is not JUST in state tuition for illegals that makes Perry soft on illegal immigration. He also opposes “E-verify” the nationwide database for employers that allows them to check the legal status of an employee. In addition, Perry joined with other liberals in opposing Arizona’s new law to curb illegal immigration.

    Put these three things together, and you have a man who is obviously on the side of illegal immigrants.

    Illegal immigrants and their children receive many, many entitlement benefits in this country that they should never have been allowed to receive. As a result, American citizens are paying out billions of dollars a year to feed, cloth, house and educate half the population of Mexico.

    In California, children of illegal immigrants receive free breakfast and lunch in school compliments of the taxpayer. Is it any wonder CA is broke?

    PS. Collega age students are not “innocent little children”.

    • allen charles

      I always get a laugh reading the extremes , being they right or left. The globalists have control of both parties and it matter not who you vote in or out, as long as they control your money and can buy the two parties they will just use the left/right fight to keep you weak and divided. The things I hate in Bush are right there in Obama, and likely will be in the next one because those that own and control the system will continue to do so. Perry like Obama would do exactly what they tell him to do, and that is not going to change. I just find the ideological slaves on both extreme are so caught up in their petty fights that the real issues are never being addressed and the cou try has numbered days as the once great American nation.Open your eyes folks before it is too late !!!!

  • oneAmerican

    Comment after disparaging comment spewing hate & name calling does not offer sources or a ‘solution’ to our dire situation as a Nation, nor does it influnce votes (mine or any thinking voter) It does allow an outlet to vent & wallow in rightousness when others agree. Tell me, please ! Have you found the candidate that can walk on water ??? If so, share!! please!! If you found one that ‘comes close’, tell us who & why YOU believe in him/her. I’m the child of a Chief Bowsain’s Mate & X of a Drill Sgt, I can name call with no help.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Carolynr

    Well, our problem in the USA is supposedly JOBS. So, what does some of the people posting on this board and the MSM (including FOX) focus on…EVERYTHING BUT. So, here it is folks…you don’t get the free market working again then you have no one feeding your services. If you have a top heavy government…who do you think pays their salaries..Gusss…it is you. Sooner or later, whether you are privately employed or on SS…the jobs dry up (from regulation and Obamacare) or SS goes bust…because nobody wants to look at it. Then … nobody pays the government…and you have no government. Can anyone say Venezuela! This is a common sense situation and ANYONE that has any of it can solve the problem.

    • Bree

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, Carolyn! I am sincerely grateful for your very worthy analysis of the candidates thus far. You are in a very small percentage that will see the truth here but I thank God you “get it” and I agree totally with everything you have stated. This is nothing but an assassination by the media and left (with help from the right) on Rick Perry and I am not moved by this type of slander and unsubstantiated “facts”. Keep bringing the truth, it’s a rare commodity these days to America’s shame.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Carolynr

    So…let’s run down the candidates. First…let me remark that there are two factors that will determine this election. (1) Does the electorate judge the candidate through the prism of Hollywood. What do I mean…It’s all fluff, soundbites, and “framing”. What do I mean by that? Questions that allow the viewing audience to come to one conclusion…the one that the interviewer wants. (2) Who is going to take away the way Washington DC has operated for centuries…especially the last and this. If either party feels threatened…they will lean towards the candidate that will allow everything to stay status quo…no matter whether it hurts you or I. If it benefits them…they will back the candidate. So, together with a Hollywood Production and the backing of the political party…THIS IS HOW CANDIDATES HAVE BEEN ELECTED. We the people, just followed and believed the whole darn thing.

    Michele Bachmann – OK the woman is a Conservative and a fighter in the House. However, she does not present a figure of strength (Hollywood…remember). She has an issue with her husband getting federal and state grants for his clinic wherein they try to convert gays into straights. Quite frankly, I don’t want my money spent on that.
    She will not be the candidate.

    Rick Santorum – He scares the heck out of me. We will be in perpetual nation building. I don’t like his demeanor either. His Opt out and Opt in argument is stupid and a waste of debating time. Would satisfy the status quo…he was one of them.

    Jon Huntsman – He is a far left leaning Moderate…don’t like him. He will not be the nominee. Very smart person…but comes off as a snob (Hollywood). Would satisfy the status quo.

    Ron Paul – Like many of his ideas..but not realistic as far as foreign affairs go. We’re inter-connected…we need to find a way to get out of the web and still have our former allies. I don’t want to support Europe…neither does he..but we can’t do it all at once. Nobody has asked him about immigration either. What is his solution. As a matter of fact…no one has asked any of the candidates about their “comprehensive” solution. Ron Paul will not be the candidate.

    Herman Cain – Has good credentials but the MSM keeps referring to him as the Pizza Candidate (Hollywood). I have been to several of his events, I have listened to him. However, when he said he would back Romney and not Perry…that meant he was not a Conservative…because Romney is not. To add to the problem with Cain, Obama has poisoned the water so bad with regard to race, that many people who were so-so with race will not consider another Black. Obama ruined that for Cain. He will have a problem with the GOP Country Club Crowd…they will not back him. They are too unsure of him. O’Reilly who touts himself as an Independent…has made mannerisms that indicate that Herman is “way out there”. Hollywood factor and status quo factor. He will not be the candidate.

    Newt Gingrich. Now, this is a very smart man and in my opinion has won ALL of the debates. He and the Republicans are responsible for the balanced budget..NOT CLINTON. He knows the ins and outs of government. He is very solution based and people are picking up on that..hence the rise in the polls. He will have the Hollywood factor. They will dredge up his past. Can America get past that…I don’t know. I do believe that Gingrich will pose a threat to the current GOP status quo. Too many solutions. We will have to wait for next debate for him.

    Christie – Well…this is the Hollywood factor on steroids. The man is not Conservative. He will play well with the in-crowd…the GOP will back him. His strong suit…unions. His state lost its AAA rating, he has an issue with Muslim judges and Sharia Law, he is anti-2nd amendment and pro-choice. We will be center left country with Christie…If he gets the candidacy it will be the Hollywood factor.

    Romney – This is the Hollywood Factor and the status quo wrapped in a bow. However, the man, if you listen to him…lies, is manipulative, is a big spender and a centralized government guy. If he is elected…he will have a center left government and America will not recover from anything. I pray he is not the candidate.

    Rick Perry – Perry would be a good president. Government would be closer to the people and they would have more say in the decisions (state’s rights). He has had the humility to admit when he has made a mistake…something we do not see often in our POLS. He can split the Hollywood factor because of his ability to be seen a genuine (whether you believe it or not…he doesn’t need the press if you listen to him and him alone). He is a GIANT threat to the status quo…Old Guard Republicans DO NOT WANT HIM AS PRESIDENT…He will take away their toys and projects. He is a Conservative and I do visit Texas frequently. He has done what other people have not…create an environment for JOBS…and this is a must or we fall off the cliff. He is pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, he believes in God and America, he served our country (nobody else in the current crop has), he can identify with people striving to be better (his childhood) If understood correctly, his stance on border security is spot on. He is not a good debater but the MSM (as well as FOX) are against him. While I would love to see him as President…I think the MSM will paint an inaccurate picture. I don’t know if America has enough common sense to see it. They are too much into the Hollywood Factor…THAT IS HOW WE GOT DINGBAT OBAMA.

    For people that are asking who…listen to the people running…you are smart enough…you don’t need to have someone tell you how to think…have we gotten that bad?

    • daves

      How do you figure that someone who boasts about executions is pro life?

    • obamavitch5

      Poor daves, he cannot discern the difference between executing someone convicted of heinous crimes and the killing of an innocent unborn child.

      Who speaks for the child? What trial and defense did the baby get? Women have control over their own bodies, but when she kills her baby thru abortion, we are speaking about not just her body, but another life as well.

    • agnez

      Carolyn you are right on. The MSM is controlled by Soros’ money and yes Perry is their worst nightmare. He is an honest true blue Texan whose word is his bond and he is the only candidate that has a chance to save our country. That is if we actually have another election. I fear plans are in work to see that does not happen. All those thousands of guns made for war I fear did not go to the drug cartels but to a secret army being assembled to take over the U.S.
      Our country is in great danger and our youth have no understanding of history and have been brainwashed by the left leaning profs in our most revered universities. Cain is another O but in sheep’s clothing, and if we get fooled again and let the media pick our president, then we deserve to lose our freedom. God help us.

  • Gisela

    If we want to be picky they all have flaws but I asure you none are as crooket and devious as the present liar in chief.

    • obamavitch5

      Gisela you are so accurate. It is important for us to examine all of the candidates, BUT when we name the Republican nominee, we need to universally support and vote for that person.

    • Stan Lee

      In essence,almost every Republican candidate has the advantage of being a better person, a potential of being a better elected official, than Obama is.
      What we have to add to our winner is a Republican-dominant legislative body also.
      That way, a Constitutional government can functionally return to its purposes without the addition of “Czars” who are only there to avoid congessionsal debate and legislation.

  • Juris Doctor

    People, People, don’t you see the Obama Machine in action here! Are you that stupid? This is just a bunch of lies being put forward here from a number of Liberal/Communist/Nazi/Progressives on this and a number of other Conservative blogs. Thay are plants to disrupt the constructive conversations about Rick Perry. STOP being sheep and lead by this peices of SH*T. I have been watching the Obama Machine at the protest around the Country this last few days, and these College Professors and the under 30 years groups all are a lost bounch of sheep. They speak perfect Obama/Progressive/Nazi/Communist directives that come directly from the Obama Machine and the DemoCraps. Wake-up People and smell the DemoCrap…!!!

    • obamavitch5

      If you believe us to be stupid, why waste your time trying to get us to see your point of view. Perhaps it is not we who are stupid.

    • Stan Lee

      Of course, you are right. They’re here because it’s their only play.
      They can’t boast of any accomplishments that have improved the status of this nation or its people.
      There’s a very slim chance that some will see the light.

  • Pointdan

    The TEA Party will not run a third party candidate.We are not that stupid as we know, that wwould ensure the reelection of Obama and the demise of the USA.
    Like it or not, we MUST support whoever comes out of this primary mess. No staying home or whining. The #1 priority is to defeat Obama. Now everyone play nice . . . .

    • Stan Lee

      Now, you’re talkin, brother!

  • Edward J. White

    Sorry, but you are simply way off base. People are criticizing Perry because 1) he is wrong on the issues; 2) he has performed poorly in the debates; and 3) he has failed to articulate a jobs policy while referring frequently to what he did in Texas. He may have some good ideas, but he is wrong on too many issues that conservatives care about, and he has sunk his own campaign.

  • Bree

    I want to sincerely thank Mr. Eugene Vallorani for this very worthy and accurate article on Rick Perry. I am not one who is easily swayed by public opinion or unsubstantiated facts so this has given me the true analysis and perspective that I am seeking. I have had held in reserve some issues with Perry that up to now have been unresolved but you have certainly given clearlty and truth to all my considerations and I am very grateful to you for that.
    I also notice that you a retired Marine and I would like to thank you for serving our country. You are still serving our country well as a true Patriot and servant of the people. God bless you and thanks so much again.

  • Southern Son

    Say what you will about any and all of the Republicans in this race. But just remember none of them are perfect, Our goal as “True Americans” is to make sure Obuma is gone when the “smoke “clears, plain and simple…..

  • Betty P

    I’ve lived in Texas for 30+ years now and this guy could not be anymore wrong about Perry. Perry IS soft on immigration and everything else. Just because he appealed to the Christian right does not absolve all his faults. Granted he was better than the Dems we’ve had but that is no accomplishment. I say NO to Perry.period.

  • Susie

    I don’t believe any plot against Perry more than any other candidate.I like Perry,but he’s destroying himself.Poor performance in debates and other issues.My favorite for the GOP nomination is Romney,but let’s be truthful. God Bless America…hurry 2012!

  • Bill Lee

    The man has a good argument EXCEPT Perry is not the only one, Cain can as well. In fact I’d love to see both of them as the ticket. I don’t care which is #1 or #2, but both together will be able to do great things.

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