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The Secrets of Soros, Obama, Occupiers and the MSM (Part 2 of 3)

Written on Saturday, November 26, 2011 by


Last week, I discussed how Occupy protesters are being directly aided by the mainstream media and indirectly aided by White House stimulus money, as well as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s and even Vice President Joe Biden’s households. I also detailed how the mainstream media are accelerating their progressive blitz not only to hasten the second coming, or election, of President Barack Obama but also to help him and other progressives in reaching their final goal of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

I believe the MSM are also bent to coronate a particular GOP candidate whom they feel could be beaten most easily by Obama. I believe that candidate is former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, for the sole fact that the powers behind the MSM believe his presidential run would fracture the Republican Party and cause a third-party candidate to run, dividing the conservative vote, just as Ross Perot did in 1992 and 1996.

With still two months before the Iowa caucuses and three top-tier candidates vying for the GOP nomination, should Romney become the GOP nominee, as the MSM and the White House believe? I pray that what they believe will not be the case.

Obama himself is only a pawn in the parade of progressivism. And behind the White House and MSM curtains are progressive billionaire power brokers and globalists, such as George Soros, who are wielding their finances and pulling the strings in more than 30 major puppet networks, including The New York Times, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, NBC and ABC.

And those progressive agents are at it again right now in the series of GOP presidential debates. Does anyone really believe questions coming from MSM moderators aren’t ultimately asked to trip up the candidates and then elevate and orchestrate the re-election of their supreme leader? The entire debate system should be derailed from the MSM and played out exclusively on C-SPAN with questions being fed in via the Internet from people around the 50 states.

Soros is spreading his dominion to control states’ voting processes, too. Bubbling up in the progressive boiler for months has been the state of Wisconsin, which The New York Times called “a swing state in more ways than one.” researchers actually just confessed a week ago that they couldn’t verify the report that Soros holds a “significant ownership stake” in the companies that are tabulating the electronic votes in Wisconsin, but what about a “partial” ownership stake?

What we can document for certain is that Media Trackers, a “non-profit, non-partisan investigative watchdog dedicated to promoting accountability in the media and government across Wisconsin,” discovered that Soros and his Open Society Foundations are financing the new Wisconsin section of the website MapLight, allegedly designed to draw “back the curtain on how money influences legislation around the issues that people care most about.” Right. Draw back the curtain? Meaning a voting curtain? Interesting terminology. MapLight is the 15th organization in Wisconsin financed by Soros’ grants.

But those progressive political connections are all just coincidental, conspiratorial and inconsequential, right? And I suppose Soros’ five visits to the White House were only to hang out in the Rose Garden and sip Obama’s new beer? More likely, they were talking about the implementation of Agenda 21, a United Nations program launched in 1992 for the nebulous purpose of reaching global “sustainable development” but which actually promotes a European socialist system that would chip away our freedoms, liberties and rights.

At the heart of that global and social change agenda is the use of nongovernmental organizations, civil resistance movements and class warfare protests, such as Occupy’s “Day of Action” last week in New York. One Occupy website even embraces Agenda 21 as the agenda for the movement.

Indeed, the MSM have fueled the Occupy movement by broadcasting its every move for thousands of hours, exaggerating its expansion and even condoning and minimizing the violent acts of the protesters. For example, though at least 12 New York police officers were injured last week during the protest, the MSM insinuated law enforcement exaggeration, noting that they were merely “reported injured.” MSNBC even jumbled the number of injured law officers, appearing to place a numerical emphasis on injured protesters: “Seven police officers and 10 protesters were injured. Five other officers were treated after being hit in the face with stinging liquid.”

Bottom line, these Occupy protests are nothing short of plays taken straight from the playbook of another Chicago progressive, Saul Alinsky, who pioneered civil disobedience in his “Rules for Radicals.” In it, Alinsky plotted: “The job of the organizer is to maneuver and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a ‘dangerous enemy.’ … The organizer dedicated to changing the life of a particular community must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression.” But do Americans really want to get their social marching orders from a book that was dedicated to the “first radical” himself, Lucifer? No joke.

You’ve got to hand it to progressives for their success in erecting their kingdom and implementing their plan: Take over the institutions of higher education, and indoctrinate our youth; then commission them into key areas — such as journalism, government and teaching — where they can feed the progressive machine via media networks, politics and public schools, creating minions for the next generation.

(In Part 3, I will address not only exactly what the meaning and goal are of progressives’ “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” but also what I believe we can do to stop that onslaught from overturning our republic.)

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  • nvrpc

    Hadn these three over to Hitler and let him work his majic.

    • boone


    • Larry E

      It’s kind of too bad that the Cheyenne didn’t retain their 200 year old methods of dealing with prisoners. Very unpleasant, and they could keep someone alive, although barely, for a couple of weeks.

  • Shane

    The liberals MSM will do whatever it can to smear the GOP Presidential candidate and to make Obama look good. The era of objective reporting is gone, if it ever existed.

    • nvrpc

      Think about it. How many republicans could have committed treason against the US government, been a Muslim mole or done as much damage to this country as Obama and his associated and followers have done without be crucified in the media daily if not hourly. Hell, you didn’t even hear about Michelle being boo’ded at NASCAR did you on the main media. The communist Pravda ABC, CBS, CNN and ABC worship their Messiah Muslim mole and his socialist ideologies and are going to do everything in their power to keep this PUNK and his Whoo in office for 4 more years. These two are their GOD and taking the country in the direction they’ve wanted for more than 50 years now. They finally got a JA punk that’s accomplishing what they want. I’d vote for my DOG before I vote for any DEMOCRAP since she has far more brains and common sense that any of these S=O=Bit-ches.

    • Marc Jeric

      So right! This former refugee from a communist hell finds disturbing parallels with the rule of our Community Organizer-in-Chief Mulah Obama (or as I prefer calling that marxist Muslim from Kenya Abu Hussein al-Mombassa). He plays the role of the Secretary General of the Communist Party (i.e., Democrats); the role of the Central Committee belongs to Congressional Democrats; Komissars in charge of various departments are the White House advisers (czars); Local soviets are the goons of ACORN, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, AFT. NEA, Teamsters and Steel workers,..(by the way, in Russian “community organization” translates as “soviet”); Agit-Prop Office of the Central Committee consists of ABC, NBS, CBS, MSNBC, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, etc. We are ready to become, after Obama wins in 2012 with help of another Perot, to become USSA.

    • jim letourneau

      Liberal dogs what happenned too the days that Dick single handed work with Eron to from our Energy policy, while Geo was braceing him self for another run, ( which it’s wild that news missed Geo and a friend selling off all his shares of stock and company went under, just before he started his run, memory is correct President of the company sold his stock too) damn liberals

    • Denny

      I firmly believe that those who will not stand up and fight for what is right and true now, will be silenced by Obama’s continual quest and acquiescence of more and more power in order to eventually CRUSH ALL OPPOSING VOICES OF DISSENT. Live Free Or Die!!! Thanks for listening, 777denny

  • Winston on Truth

    Rise up, oh True Americans, and take this nation back before it is too late. The socialists have been creating a wedge between Americans for over 60 years when the Fabian (socialist)Society in Great Britain wormed them way into America’s infrastruction: economy, politics, education, entertainment, and even religion (where it is doing its damage under the guise of “communitarian” socialism from the pulpits).

  • Remington 870

    Why is former Nazi Soros still walking this planet? Why has the Massad not arrested him or taken him out? Many Nazi collaborators have been executed for less than what Soros did pointing fellow Jews to the SS.

    • boone


    • Skyknight

      I’ve been asking that same question for some time now. If not Massad why not Seal Team 6 or one of our other black bag teams. Why is this man still alive?

    • Betty

      Remember how joe biden and obama were letting the world know exactly who took down osama – Seal Team 6! and then the tragic shoot down of one of our helicopters and the death of 24 Seals and some from Seal Team 6. Presto no more Seal Team 6 to talk about what really happened with the osama raid. Things that make you go hmmmmm!

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Maybe someone with a 10 power scope can take care of the problem? …we should be so lucky.

    • June

      Doug-If you remember, a couple of weeks ago, a guy with “high-powered rifle and scope” tried that – -it didn’t work; seems they have “bullet proof glass” in the windows. Perhaps someone with a grenade launcher, or high- powered canon would have better luck??

    • June

      Correction-I’m “wishing too hard” – -had the wrong “guy” (and location), but, my suggestion might work on both!

    • hedy

      is soros a american citison , if not deport him back to greece , o i forgat the trowe him out, all europa dont wanth him back, he chided to many people out of money, like the on that is in prison,

    • maryanne greenberg

      I am jewish, actually I converted to this wonderful religion. Soros does NOT represent what being jewish is. This religion celebrates life and women. It is kind and just. Do you really think that a country like Israel would accept anything about Soros???? Let’s take a look at all the hate he has spread and has truly given jews a bad name. He doesn’t represent me and I am sure he doesn’t represent most decent, American loving jews in this country.

    • Patriot Diva

      Maryanne, Please do not worry about Soros giving Jews a bad name. Anyone who is actually informed knows that Soros is a traitor to his own people. He was responsible for the deaths of many of his fellow Jews. May God bless his chosen people.

    • DebraD

      I was just going to say that!

    • NIKI

      You are right Maryanne: But Sorros votes Demcrat just like most of the Jewish do. Him having control on voting machines should be a no no. That is why he has Wisconsin-so he can control how the vote goes. NOT good for America. WISH WE COULD STOP THIS. Cannot understand why so many Jewish give to the Democrats after watching and listening to OWS people. Does not make sense.

    • nvrpc

      Areest him? Not, I want the S-O-B dead and pushing up daisy’s ASAP and if we need to take out all of his realitives too, then so be it. He is a HITLER and nothing more pulling people’s strings with his filty socialist dollars.

    • joant

      Why is there no mention of Soros helping to write the stimulus bill, then buying large amounts of stock in companies who were awarded Stimulus money. We know about Congress members Pelosi,Kerry and Boener etal, apparently they have a loophole that needs to be closed. Soros,not being a member of that elite group,does not. Where is the outrage from the Government legal heads and the SEC??? Isn’t that what Martha Stewart and others did jail time for???

  • Mutantone

    it is so true the media has already set Romney to face Obama and Ron Paul to be the Perot the splitter so Obama wins

    • Darla

      I’ve been saying this all along Mutantone, they’re just setting up another McCain to face BO!

    • DebraD

      That’s certainly what they’re hoping for. Personally, I’m rooting for Newt! I like others, as well, but they seem to be too low in the polls. Someone like Bachmann would totally kick butt!



    • boone


    • paul

      It seems that they think they will be cared for. They will, but in a different way than they want! We will be hurtin, but those MSM “workers” may just disappear. That is the way things work in countries that are not free and open.

    • joant

      The Lame street media, is already in the tank by mouthing whatever they are told. There are very few journalist’s that are truly reporting the truth. Who wants to listen to the biased accounts from MSNBC,ABC,NBC, CBS, or even CNN?The one person I would watch is Glenn Beck, he was responsible for alerting Americans,making them aware to how the country is systematically being pushed into Socialism. Fox news is still a good station, but Beck was the biggest drawing card they ever had.We all miss him,but we now follow him on the net.

    • inge

      Fox News was a good reporting station but no more. I suggest they return to their real news and not their opinions most of the time.

  • http://ThePatroitUpdate 1-Fed Up American

    One sure way to stop all this BS and that is a total revolution of the people against the Bastards who think they can take our Government and Country and turn it into a Socialist State. Those who believe in living in a free country had better Arm themselves and be prepared to defend there freedom.

    It will happen if the Muslim Socialist is re-elected. Soro’s must be removed from this earth plain and simply

  • everett

    Chuck. God bless you, sir, for carrying the American torch of freedom and and exposing a reality stranger than fiction….vote Republican and get all your friends and relatives to vote Republican…our America depends on all of us to produce the numbers.

    • John in Arkdale

      To go along with your comments, We should do away with the Electorial system and go back to paper baloots. Yes they will take a ittle longer to count but at least the voting machines can not be fixed to transfer ones vote to another as was done in Nevada as was firsat presented that those who voted for another other then Reid, was transformed to be a vote for him. That is how he won that election or else he would have been gone. . Think about that when you vote. Last election I voted for Ron Paul and it was not een shown thate received a vote in our area. What a shame . I will vote for Ron Paul again as I believe he is the one man running that can bring our Country back to where it should be and do away with all these other commies. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .

    • joant

      Todays voting machines, are not tamper proof and can be easily be rigged, even by a cell phone. We found this out in prior elections,yet we are still using this method. WHY haven’t we learned from the past and worked on fixing the problem. Many accounts of rigged machines in many states were in the news in 2008. Is it because some like them the way they are?? Why are some well known investors, putting their money into the stock of the of manufacturers of these machines?

    • inge

      Ron Paul has all the right ideas for getting back our United States. He is truly a real PATRIOT. Getting out of the UN and the Iran issue and not giving money to countries that do not like us and also to mention our severe economy. All of these problems need to be addressed and he will do so exactly as he promisses! America, wake up and do your research before you vote?

  • Ed Orr

    Asend on Washington D.C. (the district of corruption) on April 1 of next year. Make this a march that even the B.O. controlled media cannot ignore. The theme of this march should be to insist on the IMPEACHMENT of B.O. It is in the constitution and this THING has committed many more heinous things against this country than simple high crimes and misdemeanors. Since he really is not an American citizen and is waging war against his host nation and our very existence as a free nation he has committed TREASON against his host nation and should be dealt with accordingly.Everyone who wants to preserve this nation has a DUTY to gather and demand this fool be removed.

  • lee

    all the American people and the whole world need to do is to pray to the father …the son … and the holy ghost… every day…and i mean every day !! that our enemy’s be smited… the one thing and the worst thing that our enemy’s fear is our prayers to god…why because they know that christian prayer works just think how many good things will happen if all christians prayed two times a day…all we need to do is to ask god to protect us from our enemy’s …and you see christians want god to even save those ones who think they are our enemy’s… but we must talk to god and let god know what we want !!!

  • Gayle

    I have lost faith in Americans.. The fools are helping to bring down America.. God help us..and God damn them…
    Our world is turning into a dark dark place..
    I hope I do not live long enough to see the agenda 21 world government take place and the fema camps which should be for the hoodlum occupyers but for us.

  • steve

    In case everybody forgot not only did Ross Perot cost us the 92 and 96 election but guess who showed up and was part of Hillary’s health care plans meeting behind closed doors in violation of a court order?

    Ross Perot.

    Hmmmmm ya think he might have been working with the Clinton’s all along to in fact fracture the Conservative vote?

    Chuck is dean on…Romney will fracture the conservative vote. MSM loves him too much. Run.

  • Dean

    If Obama wins another 4 years that will definitely be the end of elections ever again in the U.S. If he loses in Nov. 2012 he will cause a disaster during his lame duck session that will preclude the inaguration of the newly elected president. Either we remove him from office now (ARE YOU READING THIS, CONGRESS?) or you will be out a job because Obama will bypass you and disband congress with one of his Exective orders. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Start e-mailing, mailing and phoning your reps demanding either impeachment or a trial for treason. I have been doing that for about 2 months now but we all need to have our voices heard.

  • dem hater

    If only 300 million people in the USA could see this article……. and READ THE TRUTH!!!


    As for the Media, even FOXNEWS is guilty of promoting Romney BIGTIME….. as we seen in the previous debates how the media narrators ask stupid questions and then interupt the candidates purposely…. its all a big game to them….
    but the people will speak in Nov 2012, and we will take the TRASH OUT… we will REMOVE OBAMA from his tyrannical wannabe power…

    • Patriot Diva

      Share it on facebook!!! This will help spread the word.

  • KennyB

    The real truth here is, there are more of us than there are of them. We need to orginize and get involved so as to protect the voting polls from these crooks. We also need not only vote ourselves, but also make sure everyone in our communities, even if we need to drive them there. We can overpower these folks but we are all going to have to band together and roll up our sleeves and get to work. This is really our last stand. If we loose it here, it’s gone for good.

    • TheThinMan

      There are NOT more of us than them – just look around you. you are right though – they are better organized and have a lot more money. I don’t think conservatives can get organized. The Socialist Democrats have figured out how to have a big tent and they, at least on the face of it, get along, cosying up with each other to forward each groups agenda. The conservatives however look for the perfect man to lead them, and Jesus ain’t here among us, they refuse to either overlook faults or forgive sins that have no relevance in the world of politics. Sincerity does not equate to the ability to lead or go work with the Congress and re-establish our standing with the major world leaders. Among all the candidates for president among the Republicans there are only two men who truthfully have a chance at changing the United States of America back to it’s Constitutional Republic – Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. Either has the right or the ability – and both would be wasted as VP – a thankless useless task – unless the President leaves office before his term is up. Any one of them that tells you they can create jobs is lying – the government can only create more government jobs – the Government could create an environment that would allow the private sector to create jobs and create wealth inside the United States. Rick Perry didn’t create a single wealth creating job and neither did Mitt Romney. Cain you might say created jobs and perhaps has good business sense – but he was also a Federal Reserve governor and doesn’t believe they should be audited and controlled by the Congress – AND – he has no clue about foreign policy or even where countries are. Huntsman doesn’t have the political know how for the job. then we come to our lady friend Bachmann – she would make for a good VP – but better would be for her to stay in the House of Representatives where her vote might count.

    • inge

      I agree with you ThinMan. Both Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are my joice. They have all the qualifications to be our nation’s leader we so desperately need. At this time we do not have a leader. Instead, the one in the White House, is nothing but a campaigner/organizer/divider/hater!!!

  • Raymond Boylan

    I’m moving to Mars! If we don’t change government, life will be better there! Ray…

    • TheThinMan

      It’s called the “red” planet – does that mean it’s communist?

  • Mary Nelson

    We are not fighting flesh and blood but powers and principalities. Don’t you think the Satanist’s pray to Satan; they do just to know what to do next but their prophecies are false. We need to pray the Saint Michael prayer. Even if you do not believe in angels; the truth is there are good and bad spirits and we have the greatest ones on are side. Remember – Michael the Archangel or Archspirit if you will, cast Lucifer into Hell from Heaven. We can not win only by what we do but we must ask the Almighty to help. Don’t you think George Washington prayed his ass off at Valley Forge? Fear/Pain is a powerful motivator to act but also to seek God. We are not the creator but the creatures and we must seek Him. Saint Michael prayer goes like this: Saint Michael the Archangel; defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wiles and wickedness of the Devil. Restrain him, oh God and do thou, prince of the Heavenly Host (who is God- parenthesis added) cast into Hell, Satan and all those who prowl about the world seeking the ruin and destruction of souls. I say it 2 times a day. More on another good prayer later. We are fighting on spiritual, psychological, and physical levels. Take up arms on all. ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

    • TheThinMan

      “Lucifer” “Satan” if you will was not cast down to Hell from Heaven – he was cast down to earth. ONLY after the Lord returns will he be cast chained up for a thousand years and then there will be the final battle when he is cast into Hell to perish.

      I keep telling you folks – you need to learn to read the book you supposedly believe in.

    • Bree

      Yes, you are correct Thin Man. Also,we are not to pray to saints or anything other than to God through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Lord of Hosts and He does battle with the devil and demonic powers and spirits of wickedness in high places (places of authority) when we pray in His name, that is above every name.

    • ronnie

      2Corinthians 7;14

  • Brian

    Thank you Chuck, great article. it’s truly unbelievable the amount of corruption and complete lawlessness that the Obama administration is allowed. He has committed high crimes including treason, and yet he is allowed to campaign for a shot at another 4 years! He may have to be removed the old fashioned way.

  • Gerd

    Didn’t I read that SNOPES is funded by one of Soros’ foundations? There is no research staff, just an elderly couple at their kitchen table as I recall.

  • TheThinMan

    Go to youtube and put in “The Agenda – Grinding America Down” it will be a real eye opener – the book was written in 1958 and it’s all coming true.

  • Larry E

    Does anyone beside me think that if the progressive/socialist/one world order/Gyorgi Soros folks gain power that we’ll all be reduced to slaves?

    Better to die on your feet then live on your knees as slaves to those who believe that they’re our superiors. The Founding Fathers must be flipping over in their graves at what’s going on in this country.

    • TheThinMan

      The founding fathers, besides being long dead, if they are doing anything are laughing their asses off at the stupidity of the citizens that let their country go down to hell. They did their part to see that as a nation we succeeded – we have only ourselves to blame for overturning the Constitution and the Bill of Rights contained in it. They smile, because they see that the only way out will be the way they gained their own freedom from taxation and tyranny from their government.

    • ProudUSAVet

      Two of the biggest lefties in the country are foreign born and immigrated to the US…namely Soros who was born in Hungary and Ariana Huffington who is from Greece. US citizenship used to stand for something. Now, we are being inundated by people who are coming to this country to dictate on what they think we should be. People are not coming here to be a part integrate into the system, instead they want to come here, retain their language, customs and religions, and deny us ours. And, the worst, and sad, part of the whole thing is that we are sllowing them to do so.

    • SonnyG

      Liberal Progressives and a cover name for Marxist-Communist. Since they have declared War on the United States of America, there is only one thing they understand, and that is their own death. It will come soon, including the 70 Communists in the House of Representatives. When you have the most dangerous and evil man, a devout Communist and his 46 Marxist Czars living in the White House under protection, that will not stop the masses of millions of American patriots, exterminating them, just like we had to do to the Nazi’s.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    The liberal/socialist media establishment is working assiduously to select Romney as the Republican candidate. Once that Northeastern liberal is chosen they’ll viciously turn on him. It was only a few years ago that McCain was the media darling until he was chosen to be the Republican candidate. Then he was dirtied in every possible way. Surely you recall the sexual harassment and the “not native born” charges. If they succeed in making that “weak-sister”, Romney, the candidate, they’ll start working on him.

  • ProudUSAVet

    I have mentioned in previous posts on other websites the following comment, so I apologize if I’m being redundant:
    Obama and his handlers are upporting the WSOs and they hope that they will go on a rampage and start destroying private property and simply get out of control. Why? If disorder is the rule of the day throughout the country, then Obama will have a reason, and an excuse, to decare martial law. By doing so, he can call up the National Guard, the Reserves, and the active military to restore order. Also, he can nullify the Constitution (since he hasn’t been following it anywy), and even postpone the 2012 elections. I email one of the reporters from the Canada Free Press and he told me that he had been thinking about the same thing. That would be the end of the USA as our founders envisioned it and as we have experienced it.

  • Larry

    The entire group of people that thought they were doing something good for the United States did have a good and peaceful organization and some good ideas but they were infiltrated by the Radical elements like those of George Soros that paid certain people to mingle into the peaceful groups and fed them some nasty and so much hate and these peaceful people fell right into the trap of the Socialist George Soros and Barrack Obama and everything the good people wanted to say and do the Radical elements took the peaceful demonstrations and turned them into what they wanted it to be and to many of the original people have fallen hook line and sinker and I doubt that they have figured it out yet.

  • Yellow Horse

    In 64 years I have never seen this much disaray in the country!!! The socialist liberals and the muslim brotherhood,Black panthers, former and currant Acorn people, george soro’s,etc. and so many more have been slowly ruining our dear country!!! Don’t count out obama in 2012!! He has a lot of liberals,muslims,radicals,lame stream media,etc on his side!!!

  • mark foster

    Stalin called these occupying people useful idiots and then he killed them all after he was done manipulating them to achieve his goals!!! Beware of wolves in sheep clothing??? God bless America, and he has, and now he is hesitating with what he is seeing going on America!!! Take America of old out of the world and who would you trust to be the leaders of the free world? Russia, China or the Middle East???

  • Jerry M

    If you vote for a third party candidate or don’t vote at all, IT’S A VOTE FOR OBAMA

  • J J

    What has happened to our 2 party system? What has happened to media report unbiased? What has happened to keeping agendas out of the news – the facts ma’am, just the facts? I have not trusted MSM for a long time because their agenda is so blatantly obvious but there are multitudes who hang on their every word. Those people will be very surprised when the wool is pulled off of their eyes and they see the terrible reality they have put us all in. These people don’t want to “trust but VERIFY”…..they just want to trust – big mistake.

  • http://yahoo Tom Gill

    People!!!The elections will be rigged!!The Repubs will nominate Obama lite in Romney!!The one big key is electing a conservative Senate,and house!Or,pray to God,that a TRUE conservative will be nominated for POTUS.If ron Paul will not support the Repub candidate,then he is no patriot.WE MUST GET RID OF THE CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION!!!!Otherwise a civil war is possible.

  • http://yahoo Tom Gill

    Read the Constitution,read THE Declaration of Independence.It tells us what to do to preserve our liberties and freedoms.Thomas Jefferson would have advocated hanging every president from Andrew Jackson on throufg Obama!!

  • http://yahoo Tom Gill

    We have had dictators as presidents before;Jackson,Lincoln,Wilson.both Roosevelts,and now this usurper Obama

    • Big Daddy G

      Tom Gill…

      You missed one of the worst, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who not only screwed a certain victory in Viet Nam into an utter failure. Of course his predecessor, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, perpetuated the Viet Nam war to begin with and started the political mess that LBJ failed to turn his Generals loose to do their job and win.

      Further he, LBJ, created his Great Society and the ultra, ugly mess of “entitlements” that has put us–the American Taxpayers–into almost-official bankruptcy.

  • big papa

    Chuck You are wrong it is not just Obama it is the progressives from both parties. I’m sure that you are aware of UN Agenda 21 supported by the Progressives of both parties. I keep rembmering that that Obama got some kind of an award from Bush 41 in Feb. or March of 2009. Then I found out that Bush 41 gave away our rights as American Citizens to the UN. I know that you in the media are afraid to write about it. It is plain that there very powerfull people out there trying to bring us down. You must be aware that if Obama didin’t have a mandate and approval of these forces he would still be in office. First it was S.P. then M.B. R.P. H.C. R.P. and N.G. Now N.G. is one of them and he can’t beat Obama so they will let him slide. Romney is stuck in place at 22 and he is going no where. The only one that can win aganist Obama is H. C., R. P.,or M.B..

  • T Lady

    ‘I believe the MSM are also bent to coronate a particular GOP candidate whom they feel could be beaten most easily by Obama. I believe that candidate is former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, for the sole fact that the powers behind the MSM believe his presidential run would fracture the Republican Party and cause a third-party candidate to run, dividing the conservative vote, just as Ross Perot did in 1992 and 1996.’

    With all due respect Chuck, you’re a very slow learner. Many in the Conservative community figured this out from the get-go, when the MSM started sniping at who they perceived were the most conservative among the candidates over six months ago. And this is what we in the Conservative and T.E.A. Party need to intercept immediately, regardless of what those in the Punditry are now telling us, having allowed themselves to be manipulated by the trickery of the Soros-controlled Media: to vote for Mitt Romney. Since they couldn’t secure Mitch Daniels or Jon Hunstman, as Norris rightfully points out, Romney’s their only hope to be defeated and secure Obama’s second term.

  • AuntieCoosa

    Obama is vulnerable to Herman Cain.

    The Media knows this. Soros knows this. I surmise he is the funding behind any ‘Third Party’ and if Reince Priebus and the GOP National Committee with endorse Cain, we will see a flurry of Ron Paul for President and Donald Trump for President signs everywhere.

    Remember ….. Obama is vulnerable … he’s 50% Arab Kenyan with dark skin while Herman Cain’s 100% Black American. That’s why the Media and Liberals everywhere are so afraid of him. They aren’t afraid of any other GOP Candidate … they embrace the others … except maybe Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, neither of which could face off with Obama and come away a winner. All Herman Cain has to do is stand there … the comparison is so undeniably noticeable that even Jesse Jackson, Sr and Al Sharpton won’t be able to deny it.

  • http://facebook DON MOODY

    PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, ,if you want your county, your freedoms and your jobs to return.

  • Pat Sinclair

    Sors, Obama and their thugs are destroying our country. People should wake up and look at all the bad things that are happening to the USA. Obsama takes the taxpayers money and says he is making jobs but he doesn’t. He is still asking for money and does not intent to make any jobs or he would have okayed the pipeline from Canada to Tsxas. His man is a lier and stealer from the prople or so called crook. He belongs being bars with the other crooks. We need a new president and now before we have nothing to protect. Everything will be destroyed and the person that die this is called OBAMA.

  • Marco Aurélio

    OK, from a brazilian point of view: I have never been to the States, but by the news we receive down here, the USA are under attack! Its morality (which is the christian morality that made of the USA the greatest world power of all times) is under attack, its economy is under attack, its souvereignty is under attack; and it seems that only a few number of americans are aware of it!! Honestly, I don’t think the world will profit of it if China becomes the mightiest country on earth (may God spare us of this disgrace), so, please americans, fight for your own land!! Here are the ones who can save america: the american people. By the way, I myself, a brazilian, would like to thank all of the americans reading this for saving Brazil of the real threat it has been under in year ’64. For many it was the date when the brazilian army dictatorship with aid of the USA took place, but I’m sure nobody would mention that it was the date when a communist revolution would be carried out by guerrilas trained in the USSR and Cuba at the time. At that time, the USA used to spread family values through its culture to the world, and democracy (and of course look after the interest of the american people), but what about now? The USA can’t be recognized anymore… it’s so sad. Unfortunately, the brazilian people cannot help the USA in this time of attack, even many brazilians have been deceived into thinking the US are evil deserving destruction (sigh). But the american people can do it! Close the borders! Illegal immigration is “illegal”! Would a couple of banks go bankrupt, let them go so! Would some companies crash, that’s ok! They must pay for their error! But the american people should not pay for them or bail them out. The USA have set the highest standard a nation could look up to; if it gets lost, oh how sad it will be! My admiration goes to the great American Nation of yore!!

    • Big Daddy G

      Marco Aurelio…

      Marco, first thank you for your “pep talk” and inspiration; second, your insight is right-on being so far south of our border.

      Your spirit and tone are exactly what made the United States of America the “melting pot” of the world. The vast majority of immigrants (LEGAL) believe as you do; for us, unfortunately, the guidelines for legal immigration have blurred and the bar has lowered over tha past century.

      No fear though. We are spirited people and we’ll endure, and right the ship!

    • DebraD

      Marco-Thank you for your support, and your very accurate view of America. I am very saddened by what is happening to this wonderful country, and you are right in that many people aren’t even aware. Our current economic crisis has really made many of us open our eyes-it is possible that good things will come…I Pray…By the way, I had the great priveledge of visiting your wonderful country-I fell in love! God bless you and your fellow Brazilians:-)

  • S Rubicon

    “If” Romney is the nominee, I suspect the old mainstream media will do a serious hatchet job on him. I suspect they will do all they can to create fear about him being Mormon. I also suspect being Mormon would not affect his performance “if” he were to be elected.

  • Robby Gibbs

    Not surprised that Snopes.Com cannot or would not confirm the Soros money connections to many of the MSM outlets and the behind the scenes attempts to manipulate the outcome of free world elections.I have seen many online reports of the money that is now investing in the machine itseself.