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Top 10 Liberal Hypocrisies

Written on Saturday, December 3, 2011 by

Have you ever wondered how Liberals can be pro-abortion and anti-capital punishment? I’ve identified ten such beliefs that liberals hold, which are self-contradictory. Afterwards, I will explain the underlying reason they fight tenaciously for these hypocritical beliefs.

Contradiction #1: Pro-Abortion vs. Anti-Capital Punishment

Liberals support the killing of unborn children in the name of convenience, choice, etc. These children have committed no crimes; however, if that child survives abortion and grows up to commit murder later in life, a Liberal will scream “injustice” if that person is sentenced to death.

Contradiction #2: Pro-Technology vs. Anti-Free Market

I love Apple products. I think Steve Jobs was a genius. I have a MacBook Pro, an iPad, and an iPhone 4s. Many liberals (especially Occupiers) love Apple products too. As a capitalist, I am consistent in purchasing Apple products. They are not. They build web sites to promote their socialist causes while using software and technology that is only made possible in a free market environment. Apple products would not (and could not) have been created in a socialist nation. There’s no way liberals could fight capitalism without the very tools capitalism provides!

Contradiction #3: Pro-Homosexual vs. Pro-Muslim

Muslims want to kill homosexuals. Yet, Liberals promote the Homosexual agenda and Shariah Law. If the Muslims take over the United States, they will start by expunging the land of Homosexuals and Liberals. (Please see my conclusion to explain why Liberals really hold to these two contradictory positions.)

Contradiction #4: Pro-Darwinian Evolution vs. Anti-Human Domination

Most liberals believe in Darwinian evolution, as opposed to special Creation by God. They believe that all species arose naturally through a concept known as “survival of the fittest.” The weak die out and the strong survive. Yet, Liberals spend so much time (and other people’s money) fighting to protect endangered species, rare ecosystems, wet lands, etc. Isn’t this incredibly inconsistent? After all, evolutionists believe many species died out over millions of years because of natural selection. As consistent evolutionists, shouldn’t they be happy that humans are now dominating the planet and all sub-species? Incidentally, as a Christian, I believe God requires us to be good stewards of the environment (not tree huggers). But I can hold my position consistently.

Read an article on Christians and the Environment by my good friend, Dr. Carl Wieland.

Contradiction #5: Christianity vs. All Other Religions

Liberals want religious freedom for all religions except Christianity. “Take down that cross… No nativity scenes on public property… No prayer at high school graduation ceremonies!” The list goes on, all in the name of “tolerance.” Isn’t it ironic that Christianity is the only religion that tolerates others? Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us to love our enemies, not to kill them. The Koran, however, teaches Muslims to kill the infidels!

Read Obama’s Thanksgiving Address Fails to Mention God on

Contradiction #6: Pro-Education vs. Anti-School Choice

Liberals like to pride themselves on being intellectuals and supporters of education. They claim that conservatives and Republicans are against education. Laughable. If education is so important, why do liberals force everyone to pay taxes to support the failing public education system when private and home-schooling are so much more effective? The answer is easy. They can only brainwash our children to become atheists and socialists in the public schools.

You must watch the documentary, Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America.

Contradiction #7: Hateful vs. Anti-Hate

Liberals claim that anyone who disagrees with their lifestyle is promoting “hate.” Do you want to see real hate? Just read for yourself the hate-filled comments on our first episode of PolitiChicks.TV, where we discussed homosexuality in America. Not one hateful word was said against homosexuals on this show. Not one. In fact, Victoria Jackson stated, “I love gays!” The only hate I found was from the thousands of liberals who were commenting. 99% of all hate is spewed from the Left.

Read Are You a Member of a Hate Group on

Contradiction #8: Pro-Women vs. Anti-Sarah Palin

The left says they’re for women’s rights. So why did they attempt to destroy Sarah Palin and her beautiful family in 2008 when she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate? The left says they’re pro-choice, but they are against educating a woman before she goes into an Abortion clinic. Liberals undermine the marriage, the very institution where women are honored by fidelity and womanhood is celebrated. And if a conservative women succeeds outside the home, they are told they should stay at home.

Contradiction #9: Racism

If Liberals aren’t racist, why do they evaluate and categorize everyone by the color of their skin? Why are they so angry when Blacks leave the Democrat plantation and achieve the American Dream? Why do they continue to promote abortion when far more blacks are killed by abortion than whites? Why do they continue to promote social programs that enslave blacks at poverty level?

Contradiction #10: Pro-Jew vs. Anti-Israel

Liberals say they are pro-Jew. So, why do they hate the nation of Israel? Why are so many Jews members and supporters of the Democrat Party? This is one of most mind-boggling of liberal contradictions.

Conclusion: There are many more liberal contradictions which could be listed. Why do liberals hold beliefs that appear to be self-contradictory? The answer is simple: All liberal positions are ultimately Anti-God to the core. Islam and homosexuality are not supported by the Bible. The Bible promotes personal responsibility, private property, and an ultimate standard for right and wrong.  Liberals hold positions that are counter to the Word of God or at best they twist the Word of God to support their positions. This is the only way one can explain the top ten Liberal contradictions.

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  • nvrpc

    It is time for the US to divorce itself from the UN and the One World Order Global Economy. We don’t need them and we do ot have to ne ONE since as you can see being ONE means you get stuck in the AUSS whenever some dickwad in europe decides they want to get rich and screwoever their people. We must do as I have outlined and tale care of our own and I do me only our own. Click on my name, The ~ 8 2 2 ~Plan
    Immediate Abolishment of the IRS
    Killing Socialism, Abolishing Parasites, Curtailing Crime
    Dead In It’s Tracks
    WE must take action such as this or it’ll just more of the same for eternity.

    • sid

      #11- pro keep mine vs. i want yours!!!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Socialism in a Nutshell:

      Whats mine is mine & whats yours is mine.

    • http://yahoo Bob H

      Who in their right mine would want to live in a country were you can’t have the freedom to pray to your God to speak with out fear of someone breaking down your door in the middle of the night and taking you away, to have someone take what is yours and give to other’s, yet we are about to let America slip away from Capitalism to Communists Liberalism, these people may be small in numbers but most are running are county, teaching are children about the evil Capitalist, we see this with OWS kids who want to take down Capitalism. Communists do not believe in God so the ACLU took prayer out of the school. We have become a nation of baby killer’s by man’s law Not God law wish is thy shalt not kill, all of this in the plan of the Socialist to strip America of her exceptionalism. In 2008 the people voted for a man who talked really nice, who said he would bring hope and change to America and he would transform America i.e. take from the rich give it to the poor. Another man said this back in the 1930’s and his name was Adold Hitler.

    • AZ Don

      You are absolutely correct about the obamacare thing. I no longer have a business of my own but if I still did I would not even consider hiring anyone with so much uncertainty, we still don’t know everything that’s in it.

      There is one of two possibilities here either obama is the dumbest president and just plain doesn’t know what to do. Or he is very smart and his intent is to destroy the nation. Take your pick! In any case he is not the man that will ever get things back on track. Unless removing our constitution and destroying capitalism is considered getting on track like it is with the OWS gang.

      We all know both he and hillary are intent on getting the UN small arms treaty accepted as law here in the United States. However, I predict if that happens there will be rebellion here in this country like never seen before in the world.

    • Laura

      I had a husband lie that, lol

    • Kyle

      To me it’s also curious that they want to empower women, but they are pro gun control. The only thing that helps the average woman protect herself from the average criminal is a gun. They want to empower women, so they are in favor of islam. Makes no sense.

    • aliotto

      Who are you, Eli? You should run for office!

    • Evan

      “Isn’t it ironic that Christianity is the only religion that tolerates others?

      You lost me there with ONLY.
      As a Jew I take exception to your statement.

    • Evan

      “Why are so many Jews members and supporters of the Democrat Party?

      Never understood that one either.

      I originally registered as a Democrat (family) but grew increasingly conservative as I weened myself from the home shortly after high school.

      I work hard and I appreciate those who do the same and are proactive to society at large.
      Why coddle those who are destructive/counter-productive?

    • http://PatriotNewsUpdate JOHN KING

      read this link to learn the Truth!.

      this will open your eyes ASAP!!!.

    • JIM

      That site is a real eye-opener and leads to another that tells more of the history of what has happened to the united States of America (sovereign states united for a sovereign nation) to become the incorporated UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I will have to check out all of this in depth after I finish reading the rest of these posts.

  • Eli Jones

    Bush spending = Bad
    Obama spending even more = Good

    Bush wars = Bad
    Obama keeps Bush wars , and adds another = good

    Bush Opens Gitmo = Bad
    Obama keeps Gitmo Open = Good

    Bush Puts General Petraeus In Charge = Bad
    Obama Puts General Petraeus In Charge = Good

    Bush gas Prices = bad
    Obama gas prices = good

    Bush 4.4% actual unemployment = bad
    Obama 18% actual unemployment = good

    Bush Patriot Act = bad
    Obama keeping the Patriot act , and adding the ability to shut down the net on command = good

    Bush spending a few days at his ranch = bad
    Obama spending 300 million on vacations while golfing more than the last 3 Presidents combined = good

    Record stock gains under Bush = bad
    A very shaky market under Obama = good

    • El Lobo Solo


      Senator Barack Obama calls Seal Team Six,
      “Dick Cheney’s personal asassination squad”.

      President Obama orders & succesfully eliminates Bin Laden.
      ALSO GOOD, but confusing.

      Go figure!

    • DUANE

      Waterboarding. bad
      Drone kills. good

    • El Lobo Solo


      SURFBOARDING Good !!!
      (If your shooting a curl at Santa Monica beach with the detainee strapped to the underside)

    • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

      liberals destroy the very thing they need to stay in power; PUBLIC TRUST AND CREDITABILTY.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Like termites eating at the load bearing beams of a house until it crumbles.

    • maryanne greenberg

      we are in the land of the loons, can’t wait until 2012 to get them out. I would vote for disney’s goofy before I would vote Obama in.

    • http://PatriotNewsUpdate JOHN KING

      just one thing to remember, Waly Disney was a Self Addmited Comunist when he built DISNEYLAND!, how mqany of you know that?!.

    • Toni

      No. He wasn’t. At least according to

    • cyoder

      This is a lie. Walt Disney was in fact a founding member of the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, an anit-Communist organization and was active in exposing Communists in the film industry.

    • El Lobo Solo

      @ King:
      In the 1930’s, it was fashionable for many Americans to identify/join with collectivist organizations like the Communist Party and/or Fascist groups.
      viz: George Bernard Shaw singing the praises of Musillini
      Most shrank away from their associations with the onset of WWII & the later revelations of the Stalin era atrocities.

    • am2sweet

      Not only was the article perfect but you, Eli Jones had the rest perfect also. Shows how two faced libs are plus biased against others. One other thing is they are pushing anti bulling tactics only they are the bullies. Go figure.

    • Mark

      Right on!! I’ve seen the liberal hypocrisy first hand. When gas hit 4 dollars a gallon when Bush was president, EVERYONE screamed, especially the left. Now Obama’s been in charge for 3+ years and gas prices may have not hit 4 bucks a gallon, but they’e been higher than 3.50 for a lot longer. Yet the left remains mute. The loonie left environmentalists are funded by oil producers in the Middle East so they’re preventing our own country from becoming independent of foreign oil. Anyway, I loved your comments!

    • Independentrd

      That’s an easy one to figure out and quite logical to the liberal mind.

      High gas prices under Bush meant those evil corporation were making money.

      High prices under Obama means they are forcing people to want potentially cheaper green energy…Darn near choked on that one.

    • suz

      added two wars

      …we’re in uganda.

      why? i have no idea.

    • Antiliberal

      Cuz suz, he’s laying the groundwork for a Kenyan coup! The majority here will not bow to him, and that’s very hard on his ego.

    • Rebecca Johnson

      and why in the world are we going to Australia? What do they need us for??? Everybody ganging up on Israel and we turn our backs, but we go to Australia where nothing has ever happened???

    • Ron

      Google “Uganda huge oil discovery” and it will all be clear to you. Why were we involved in Lybia? Google “Qaddafi gold dinar” and that, too will become clear.

    • Independentrd

      Between developing our own natural resources as well as the Canadian Oil Sands and a bit of conservation, we could almost become independent from Mid East Oil in 10 to 15 years…
      BUT due to appeasing radical environmentalists we are doing neither. We may even have to shut down some current power plants due to new regulations which makes us even more dependent on people who have sworn to eliminate us and our way of life. They are also located in one of the most politically unstable regions on earth.

      I agree that we need to be moving toward renewable energy, but it has to be at a sustainable pace that technology and our pocketbooks can support, not a forced pace that forces prices high enough to further burden an already frail and ailing economy. OTOH that would pretty much fall in line with where this administration has been headed since day one.

    • Robert

      Eli, You nailed that one !
      Good Job.

    • Irma

      You’re so good I want to kiss you!!! You have said it all so perfectly!!!

    • Buren L. Smith

      Hypocrisy in general. Just goes to show there is no difference in the fake Left-Right Paradigm. The parties are just two wings of the same bird of prey. They have both sold out to the criminal elite banksters and the military industrial complex. If there is any difference, why has monetary and economic policy and our interventionist foreign policy of perpetual aggressive “preventative” war not changed through Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama?? Yes Obama is horrible and doing all he can to help finish destroying this country but the Republicans? W. Bush lied us into Iraq and gave us the rights robbing so called Patriot Act. Remember John McCain was the nominee in 2008. He wrote the National Defense Authorization Act (FY 2012) that passed the Senate last week. The offending portions of the bill are worded so vaguely, that any US citizen can be considered a “terrorist” or an aid to terroristic activity. Any US citizen who is inconvenient to the US government can be detained and silenced. the bill’s more outrageous and fascist elements, including the right of the US government to detain citizens — even those on American soil, and not charged with a crime — indefinitely in military prison. This means that peaceful protesters could be rounded up, dishonestly labeled as potential terrorists or “suspicious,” and imprisoned for life without a trial or attorney. This means that the military would be patrolling our streets, literally signaling the end of our free republic. The intent was extremely bad here — Sens. John McCain, Carl Levin, and Lindsey Graham INTENDED for this bill to redefine the US homeland as a “battlefield” (Graham’s words, not mine), allowing the revocation of even our most basic civil rights and access to due process. The offending section of the NDAA has been compared to the internment camps the US government ran during World War II, except this time around it will be Ron Paul supporters, Tea Party members, and Occupy Wall Street organizers (and YOU?) in the detainment camps. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

    • Christian Archer

      Awesome post! Spoken like a true informed patriot.

  • David Schumacher

    I firmly believe that, not only are liberals hypocritical, but they project their actions onto their “enemies” the right. Projection runs rampant in the liberal mindset. They assume, incorrectly that how they react to a situation, the right would act the same. No way…

    • El Lobo Solo

      You Bet!

      That is why the Left are always calling us NAZIS.

  • Ben

    Contradiction #5: Christianity vs. All Other Religions

    False. Liberals hate AUTHENTIC Judaism as well. Witness the liberals “tolerance” for people like Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, none of whom could remotely be considered pro-Judaism.

    Contradiction #10: Pro-Jew vs. Anti-Israel
    Liberals say they are pro-Jew.

    False. They lie when they claim to be “pro-Jew”. Liberals who, by a happenstance of birth, happen to have been born to “Jewish” parents, have done everything possible to undermine traditional Judaism and Jewish values.

    • Brandon Vallorani

      Thanks, Ben, for raising these points.

      Because Christianity is built on the foundation of the Old Testament, I would agree that Liberals hate authentic Judaism as well.

      And you’ve made a good point regarding those who claim to be Jewish by blood only. It’s one’s faith that matters, not their genetics.

  • tmt

    Liberals are confused people. They are lost sheep.

    • REDTOES1946

      I wish they would get lost and stay lost in a another country that meets thier agenda and leave regular Americans alone that love America and it’s place in the world.

    • Phil

      I agree, however, sheep wouldn’t like to be mentioned in the same sentence with liberals.

  • Bree

    This is such an outstanding article by Brandon Vallorani. Kudos Brandon! I am going to print it up and share it. Liberal Hypocrisies indeed, tells it like it is and it is the truth. Love it! All I can say is – A liberal is a Liberal is a Liberal!

  • Jorje

    We should all be thankful that it’s only the Liberals that are hypocrites – never Conservatives.

    • El Lobo Solo

      “Tis an ill cook that will not lick his own fingers”


  • farmist

    As Michael Savage says, “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.

    • Spyderdalton

      Check the personality traits of a liberal and a sociopath.
      You will find them one in the same…

  • El Lobo Solo

    Re: Item #3.

    Islamic affiliated groups with the Muslim Brotherhood will often donate funds to Gay groups & politicians to gain more influence in govt or run for office. Then, point out to the Islamic world how morally decadant & ready to collapse the US is by promoting gay influence in govt & laws.

    They are playing both ends against the middle.

    • Rebecca Johnson

      and didn’t mohammed have sex with boys and young girls???

    • Independentrd

      What was it Beck was saying…”Top Down, Bottom up…?”

    • El Lobo Solo

      Beck was quoting former Green Czar, Van Jones.

      The strategy used by Cezch. leftists in 1948 to gain & consolidate power.
      viz: have sympathtic officials & jurists interspersed through out the Govt at the top.
      Have unruly mobs at the bottom demonstrating/rioting in the streets on command. The people in the middle will ask or beg for the Govt to quell the discord & the officials will be more than happy to oblige by taking freedoms from all.

      Sound familiar?

  • Julius Lohr

    Liberals always apply their altruistic “beliefs” to situations that will NEVER directly involve them!! For example, how well would people like Jane Fonda or Susan Sarandon fare under Sharia law? Liberals don’t have the capacity to envision the ‘end game’ of their misguided crusades….Only gratification of their supposed “superior intellect” in addressing a social/political problem.

  • Anne

    Conservatives vs liberals

    ~If a Conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.

    ~If a liberal doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

    ~If a Conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat.

    ~If a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

    ~If a Conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.

    ~If a liberal is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.

    ~If a Conservative is down~and~out, he thinks about how to better his situation.

    ~If a liberal is down~and~out, he wonders who is going to take care of him.

    ~If a Conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.

    ~If a liberal doesn’t like a talk show host, he demands that they be shut down.

    ~If a Conservative is a non~believer, he doesn’t go to church.

    ~If a liberal is a non~believer, he wants any mention of God and religion silenced. (Unless it’s a foreign religion, of course!)

    ~If a Conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it

    ~If a liberal decides he needs health care, he demands that the rest of us pay for it.

    • Phil

      Way to go girl you are so right.

    • Tony McCann

      Perfectly Stated. Since we a Free Country we should split up like North and South Korea. We’ll live under our rules and they can have theirs and we’ll see what happenns. There’s only one reason they wouldn’t go for that, they couldn;t live without our Tax money..

    • docalpha

      We tried that in the 1800’s. The North won. But, it’s a good idea. Can we manage it with war?

    • docalpha

      I meant withOUT war.

  • Morton L. Friedman

    I do have a problem with contradiction #5.

    For let he who is without sin cast the first stone. It was Christianity that wrought the Inquisition, the Salem witch trials, the burning of Joan of Arc for heresy, the Conquistadores, the massacre of Huegenots, and the missionary zeal of lack of respect for many religions. Do not forget the papal wars within Christianity. No, the concept of respect for the stranger in your midst does not originate with Christianity, read what Christians call the Old Testament. Go to church, read the Psalms of David, then read the original, and note the plagiarism, the lack of respect for the author.

    • Brandon Vallorani


      You are right that there were some atrocities committed in the name of Christianity. But, they are a drop in the bucket compared to those committed by Muslims, Communists, Nazis, pagans, etc. History proves this. More importantly, Christianity is self-correcting. If people claim to be Christian and commit a sin, they are violating their own moral standard. Not so with Islam or Communism, where the ends justify the means.

      Finally, it is inconsistent to judge Christianity with the very moral standards established by Christianity. You say “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” You are quoting Jesus. Why quote Jesus unless you recognize what he says as true and authoritative? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    • docalpha

      Um… almost all of the so called atrocities by Christianity; were/are perpetrated by what is called ‘Counterfeit Christianity’. Some are committed by those who simply do not understand scriptures.

    • El Lobo Solo

      “Every Saint has a past & every Sinner has a future”.

      The above historical examples are lessons for the ages that things can always go wrong with best of intentions.
      viz: Pope Borgia died a decade before Martin Luther & the Protestant Reformation began.
      Many historians blame the intrigue, the in your face corruption & resulting loss of respect for the church in Rome among the population for inciting the Reformation.

      Today’s Political Correctness on campus, the work place & government resembles the old dogma of the medieval church. An attempt to control thinking in the public commons & issues an “indulgence” for infractions to connected cronies & groups that suck up to the party line.

      Thank you for sharing your above viewpoint.

    • John

      So because it was the Church’s fault it was so corrupt, Martin Luther married a nun and left the monastic life. He is quoted as using foul language, contempt for his own German people, and the 10 Commandments. “Sin boldly but believe more boldly still.” Luther’s exact qoute. He said: “If Moses comes at you with his 10 Commandments tell him to chase himself back to the Jews.” Sorry to tell you the truth about your anti-Catholic ‘reformer’… who needed more reformation than the Church did. You hae a lotof prejudiced ignorance of history and the Catholic Church, as does all secular liberal historians. You might wonder why liberals single out the Catholic Chuyrch, and liberals run and control so many Protestant sects. Truth is a stubborn thing.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Not trying to be critical of individual Catholics, citing back to poster one historical example among several he brought up, did not get to all.
      As for Protestant sects, yes many denominations have “lost their salt”.

    • CapitalistNature

      What people fail to grasp is that during the middle ages, the Catholic Church was in the lead in when it came to the inquisition. It started wars against anyone against…THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. So when it is said many wars were fought because of Christianity are misguided. I say many wars were fought because of Catholicism. All one needs to do is pay a little more attention.

    • John

      Not so, if the Catholic Church (which was under seige along with Europe by the Muslims) was not led by a Divine Revelation (vision) of the Pope -who asked prayers for the greatly outnumbered Christian fleet @ Lepanto,- the world would be Muslim. Of course the Church had to defend Christendom, so you could have a Beble in America, and your 2000 Protestant sects could all claim to be founded by Christ and the Holy Spirit while haveing 2000 differeing interpretations …by MEN, not God. Bigotry twists history to scribe evil motives to Christ’s historical Church. If all the SINNERS of the Protestant sects combined were blamed for Christianity, then it would be as fair as you blaming the Church for Judas and all who betrayed Christ in the Church. Jesus promised the gates of hell will never prevail, not that individual sinners won’t sin! ALL churches have sinners, including you and I. Let us pray for all men and the Church to be HOLY.

    • del

      If you would only read-The United States & Brittan in Prophecy – you would have all the answers!

    • Richard

      Organized religion – NOT christianity – NOT the catholics – but those acting in the name of a “god” have done more harm to the human condition than any other cause of human suffering kinown to man.
      It’s so much fun to engage in the finger pointing blame games – but be realistic – and admit that in the name of god, man has been subjected to some very bizarre conditions.
      Solution: Ban the practice of organized religion

    • John

      That lie is old and worn out…visit the Marxist countries and Hitler’s execution chambers based on his hatred of God and the ten Commandments, as written in his own book. Organized atheism, rejecting the true revelation of God and His Love has murdered and tortured more men than all the unfaithful sinners who violate their religious principles…ever.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Yes, NAZI philosopher & advisor to Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg had plans to resurrect the worship & religion of the old pagan & Tuetonic gods to replace Christianity.
      Even Hitler critical of Christianity’s passivity quipped, “We have the wrong kind of religion (Christian), we should be more like the Arabs”.

      As for Joseph Stalin, it was reported that he died in a stroke event after being angry that his advisors & ministers would not support him in a prodrome against the Jews.

    • Teyha

      Please do not confuse Christianity with the Catholic Church. Christians believe what was taught by Christ. Love and forgiveness. We are taught to love the person but hate the sin. I’ve had gay friends and would never degrade them for their life style even though I do not condone it. I pray for them and they know it and accept me for who I am even as I accept them for who they are.

      The Crusades, the Conquistadors, slaying of Joan of Arc, and the Spanish Inquisition where done under the approval of Catholic Spain and the Vatican. The Catholic church was started when a Roman emperor appointed the first pope around 600 A.D. There was a split with Constantinople and Rome who recognized the bishop of Rome as the first pope. Until then Christians were lead by 5 bishops in the major centers of the Roman empire.These bishops directed the affairs of the church in his region.

      Please study your history before you lump Christians into one group. Also the Old Testament was under The Law where it (The Law)was fulfilled by Christ coming and dying for the sins of the world. The Psalms were not only written by David but also by those he placed in charge of worship in Jerusalem. However the Psalms show us the valleys and peaks of human experience and in the end guide us to praise our loving Creator. The Psalms comfort us in times of despair and give us hope that we will come through with God’s grace.

      The Old Testament shows us that when we follow the will of God, He is with us. When the Israelites were faithful and obedient God made them prosper, unfaithfulness and disobedience brought the wrath of God on them. It teaches us that if we are faithful no matter what God is with us in sickness, times of trials and even in persecution.

      As Christ said to the crowd who was going to stone the harlot, “Let him who has no sin cast the first stone”. They all had to leave as they knew they were sinners. Christ then told her to go and sin no more. It show us that God loves us but hates sin. That is where many non Christians get confused.

    • John

      Please don’t confuse your historical errors and private opinions with truth. The Protestant sects are certainly guilty of massive violence, sex scandals etc. Cathoics know the authentic Church teaching is from Christ, and the sins of the abuse of free will of any Christian do not detract from the Church…any more that Judas’sin detracts from Jesus Christ! 1st Pope in year 600 is pure fantasy, not history. 1)Peter, whom Christ renames “Rock”, and builds His ONE Church, Telling him to “feed my sheep” and “confirm your brethren”. 67 A.D. 2)St. Linus 67-76 AD 3)St.Cletus 76-88 AD. 4)St. Clement I88-97 AD…all the way to Benedict the 16th. Yes it is a mere coincidence that at every location in Israel that Jesus was born lived, died rose, ascended, Pentecost…and the tomb of St.Paul and all Apostes has a Roman Catholic Church built over it. Sorry you wish to avoid history, but facts and truth are stubborn.

    • TruthWFree

      John, Glad to see you set Tehya straight. It was Constantine in 313 that issued the Edict of Milan that stated that there would be no more persecutions of Christians (religious tollerance). Up until then, the Christians (and Bishops of Rome,
      popes)were persecuted and killed under the Persecution of Diocletian. The popes then began to accumulate secular power and yes led some to corruption. One of the Greatest Popes (590 to 604), Gregory, named himself “Servant of the Servants of God”. The Gospels we have today would probably not exist except for the preservation by the Roman Catholic Church.

    • jean

      Teyha……Catholics believe Christ appointed Peter as the first Pope and there is a long line of successors up until today. While some atrocities were comitted, it is MAN that is evil, NOT the Catholic church!!

  • Lonesome K


  • Lonesome K


    • Peter S. Chamberlain

      I liked the article. I am left curious who the author is and his background and c.v.



    • Richard

      Wake up and push the “caps lock” key – or is everything you say worthy of capital letters????
      I think not –

    • Patrioticnut

      Countryboy, You are preaching to the choir. The MSM is in the bag already and will be allowed to continue their spewing of the left’s propaganda, As long as they are useful anyway.

  • Vern

    Why are the Liberals so D*** stupid, they
    can’t seem to understand what Obama is trying
    to do to America. If these people don’t wake
    up soon we will all be living in a country
    like Cuba. The Muslims wants to kill all
    Americans, and Obama and the Libs. want to
    embrace a group of terrorist that are laughing at us as they chop off our heads.
    I don’t think Obama gives a big hoot what
    happens to the USA

    • http://PatriotUpdate Sinking widow

      Oh but Obama does care…to fulfill his duties as a devout Muslim…to destroy us.

  • El Lobo Solo

    Item #9:

    “The negro spends all his money on frivolity & drink, but the European is more industrious”

    Che Gueverra

    Way to go Che! Hero of the OWS crowds.

  • mjnellett

    The problem is really that “liberalism” morphed into SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVISM” and like a cancer, has eaten away at the ethical and moral foundations of BOTH political parties.Its’ end justifies its means to its’ believers. We need to end the SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE Thugocracy in Washington D.C. next November and eradicate it remnants from our culture. November 2012 is coming and then we will make the change that we have hoped for!

    • http://yahoo patriot67

      why not put fresh minds and new faces in the white house why not go all out to let Washington know the real voters are very serious about this country and we are going to change it back to what it once was get rid of the good old boy network put a women like michelle bachmann in office and let her clean house lets not put Newt ginrich in office he’s been there before lets get new ideas and let a conservative women take charge.

    • Richard

      …and your answer is m. bachmann???
      God help you – and if she goes anywhere – god help us all –

  • R.Cook

    Here is another that is probabluy the worst.
    Even Obummer recognizes excellence in sports and tries to convince everyone his ideology is excellent and he and his minions because of this self percieved excellence should be reelected.

    But the entire liberal/socialist ideology promotes the ideology of equality of result versus equality of opportunity. they deny that socialist ideology is a race toward mediocrity.

    • El Lobo Solo

      “In a collectivist system, the worst (inept person) rises to the top”

      F.I. Hayek, Road to Serfdom

      Mr. Hayek was much too polite,
      many times in the Army we said the same thing in a different way, but I want to avoid being moderated.

  • http://yahoo patriot67

    Ifind each comment explaining liberal point of view thank you guys for taking the time to make your comments and ideas known thanks.I Hope many more conservatives now have a better understanding about liberalism.

  • Colorado Russ

    Another big contradiction is the liberals who call abortion a “social issue”, while at the same time calling same-sex marriage a “rights issue”.

    They have it completely backwards.

  • DrBillLemoine

    Where does this guy come from? And why does a blog publish such nonsense. I couldn’t finish the list because he’s comparing apples and oranges, lumping dissimilar things together, saying correlation is causation, etc. Anyone with any analytic ability can dissect these crazy points easily. Do conservatives have any analytic ability to refute this junk? Right wingers are getting desperate to deflect and thwart sound reasoning, reject effective and efficient solutions to huge problems, correctly put cause and effect together. Just not this guy and article…

    • Phil

      Suck it up loser.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Go Back & re-read the list & article.

      The love of tolerance & opened mindedness was not always matched by some to the Lib professors I’ve seen on campus. Often times acting in an abolutist & authoritarian manner even over trival things at times.

    • Jamie

      Why don’t you explain DrBill. Just saying they’re apples and oranges means nothing. For instance, explain how being pro gay and pro muslim – which is anti-gay, is not a contradiction. I’d love to hear you actually explain something. But that’s typical liberal argument logic isn’t it? The equivalant of calling your opponent “pooh pooh head” instead of arguing facts.

    • FreedomMonger

      I bet the Dr. before your name doesn’t mean MEDICAL Dr., does it? Kinda helps explain Contradiction #6, huh?

    • El Lobo Solo

      Perhaps since the good doctor mentions “apples & oranges”, he has a PHD in Botany. Just guessing.

  • Pete

    Those who call themelves Christians…we must walk with God in all ways, NO to the things God says No to, and only way you / I will know that is by reading His word “The Holy Bible”. Asking the Holy Spirit to guide us and help us to understand. Says what He means. Check for self – whatever you hear. Read Romans chapter one for a starter. Book of John and all of…. Ask God, if he is real to come into your heart and soul, if wonder, and mean it and see what happens as you read His Word.
    That is where the real truth and answers are..reason God is wanted out of everything as there goes your God given power,His power of protection,His sustaining and all God has for you / I, His Blessings. Have a great day searching His Word, buy a Bible that hasn’t been changed to say what people want it to say…for He said, not one word can be added to or taken away from His Word. I am now reading the 1599 Geneva Bible. One they brought over on the Mayflower..Constitution time used. Get a Bible, own a Bible, gift a Bible, share it’s
    contents….don’t wait.

  • Jerald Becker

    During WWII there were gov’t posters that said “liberals=sympathisers=collaborators=traitors” in all the Federal Bldgs. (Cinti.Ohio). Current-day liberals are still collaborating with our enemies, therefore they are in reality “TRAITORS” (this includes “The Clear And Present Danger” occupying the White Out House, i.e. the presidency has gone to feces!

  • Donna Dawson

    There are patriots of all stripes in America. This division of Democrats and Republicans is a waste of time. Those of both stripes in office want the same things, your vote and your money. We are definitely failing and it is because instead of pulling together as a country and demanding sound money and a sound foreign policy of defending our borders we are arguing about social policies.
    Get real people, when the economy collapses it won’t be about D’s and R’s, it will be about survival. The military and police state are firmly entrenched and Congress just passed in a 93-7 vote, many, many of them so called conservatives, the most egregious piece of legislation in over 150 years. American citizens can be charged with a crime they cannot hire counsel to defend, detained indefinitely even if they are somehow able to prove innocence of whatever they have been charged, sent to military prisons or killed on the whim of the president. Ever hear of Posse Comitatus? Didn’t our founders warn us of standing Armies?
    It does not matter if the president is a D or an R. This bill is a direct refutation of the 5th amendment to the constitution and poses a threat to the life, liberty and property of United States Citizens. Therefore it is treasonous.
    This is much more important than skin color, sexual preference, open or closed mindedness.
    This is potential life and death and one Democratic Senator, Levin, and one Republican Senator, McCain sponsored and co-sponsored the bill.
    We should be figuring out how to impeach those two and every other Senator that voted for this filth.

  • Jamie

    It’s about excuses. Government and liberals are about doing, saying, believing, one thing, as an excuse for something they’d rather not admit. Almost every government ‘concern’ is an excuse for more control and higher taxes. Liberal positions/opinions are not authentic. They’re always excuses for something else that only shows them up too blatently for what they are. That’s why they contradict themselves so consistently. That’s why it doesn’t bother them to have facts shoved in their face – because they aren’t really concerned with the issue they were whining about. It was about something else all along. The “issue” was just an excuse.

  • Jamie

    It’s also why they love big government – because they’re so alike in their “reasoning.”

  • John

    I have replied to 2 posts and have awaited your moderation for simply defending historical fact…isnt that censorship? Or are the moderators simply overworked and not approving these yet?

  • Bill Weston

    If one starts with the premise that “everything is relative”, then the excellent points made here become invalid. Anyone believing “relativity” (E=MC2 excepted) is likely ot fall for anything. I suggest that belivers in this lie try standing on, not in, water. The experiment just might be the beginnig of real wisdom for them!

  • Independentrd

    As an independent I see a bit of a contradiction in #1 (pro abortion and anti capital punishment) in the conservative stance of (anti abortion, pro capital punishment)
    I’ve never been able to understand what appears to be a contradiction.

    As I recall the Ten Commandments did not come with any conditions or exceptions.
    “Thou Shalt Not Kill” was absolute.

    I have to admit that I have wished, hoped for, or thought the Death Penalty was appropriate in some cases, but I could still see the contradiction between that and The Commandments.

    • Sahyan

      The Commandment is, in fact, “Thou shalt not *MURDER*,” NOT, “Thou shalt not kill.” Clearly, Joshua killed a whole lot of folks. Actually, so did Moses, when he came down from the mountain and found folks worshipping the golden calf. Capital punishment is NOT “murder”. There’s no contradiction. Unborn children are innocent; one can forfeit one’s life by certain acts. That’s the distinction…and not a hard one to make, really.

    • Warren Fales

      Very well stated. Yet so misunderstood by so many. thank you for clarification.

    • Independentrd

      When I was taught in Bible School it was kill, and in my old Bible it says Kill. All modern translations I’ve found say murder, but they are also reworded into modern English.

    • LE

      The commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”, is for “Individuals only” and does not apply to governments,police, military, etc. Refer to Romans chapter 13 for the governments role in dealing with evil doers, they are ordaned by God to take the human life of evil doers.

  • jpaulg

    I’ve been saying these things for many many years and have been laughed at and told I was exaggerating. It was so nice to read an article that mirrored my thoughts so closely.
    The left is falling for the oldest liar in the universe and fighting the God that created them and everything that exists.
    Jesus is coming soon. The world will face much worse before it is all over but have faith and good cheer. The left has lost the war before it even started. Truth and love and God will win out totally and utterly.

  • Marc Jeric

    In the years 1917 (communist revolution in Russia) to the 1930’s (when Stalin’s mass murders became known) our “liberals” were known as communists; after the war in 1945 and the fall of Eastern European countries fell into the communist hell, our liberals became “progressives”.
    But it is still the same bunch of criminal creeps who consider themselves more intelligent that the rest of us “uneducated and primitive masses” that need their guidance.

    • El Lobo Solo


      Thats why these guys are so slippery. Once they wear out one label, they move to another alias. Also, thats why Political Correctness is so important to them.
      Control the language of a society & you control the agenda.

  • http://noneq jack stuart

    The ” Biggest Hypocrises” is Liberalism it’s self…they don’t know what they want! just want yours and mine without doing any for it. Freebe’s

  • smdares

    Liberalism is simply another form of INSANITY!

    ex pat MD (NMBE: ABIM: ABNM: ABR w/spec comp NR and 41 years in medicine)

  • Manny

    The contradictions are easily explained if one can find an old textbook (most have been purged from libraries)on communist revolutionary tactics. The tactic is called “reverse paradox”. It was perfected and used as a matter of course in the old Soviet Union (along with many other reality-altering tactics). The basic premise is to blame your political opponents for exactly what you are guilty of (to deflect the focus and thereby create a false reality to hide your dirty deeds). A perfect example is Hillary Clinton accusing the Republicans of building a “vast right-wing conspiracy”. By the rules of “reverse paradox”, you can be sure there is a vast left-wing conspiracy. You can believe exactly the opposite of what a liberal says. I am talking about the leftist, revolutionary, conspiratorial extremists that have hijacked the Democrat party of today. John Kennedy was the last of the true pro-American Democrat presidents. Doug Schoen and Pat Kadell are among the last of the Kennedy Democrats in the press today. If it seems todays Democrats are anti-American – that is because they are! Their goal is the destruction of capitalism to achieve world control. To do that, you have to start with destroying the most successful capitalist country of them all – the USA. The rest will fall like dominoes when that is accomplished. The encouraging thing is that only about 30% of the country are leftist-liberal-one worlders. They create and rely on special interest protest groups with fancy acronyms to make them look bigger and more numerous than they really are. They can be defeated by shear numbers if their tactics are exposed and people understand what they are trying to do. Educate as many people as you can.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Right On Manny!
      Pat Cadell has worked for candidates I would not vote for, but think he has shown good insight even when it means being critical of his own Dems.

  • Mark

    That is truly it in a nutshell. Not only hypocrisy but irony too. I find it ironic that liberals defend abortion yet call it murder when someone is executed for some heinous crime and the evidence is overwhelming that the individual is guilty. I saw that back when the Supreme Court was deciding Roe v Wade in 1973. That is when I decided to be a life-long conservative. Damn it, we live in the the most prosperous, generous and compassionate country in the history of the planet, yet there are those who think they can do better by reinventing the wheel by destroying capitalism and replacing it with a system that has been proven over and over that it just doesn’t work. Ron Paul for president. That’s my final answer.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I think the Capital Punishment crowd & the Pro Choice crowd could reach a compromise by calling all executions, “late term abortions”.

      Well, I guess they would be very, very, very, late term abortions.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Sinking widow/ J.Meeks

    Oh, but Obama does care, as a devout Muslim, to destroy us.

  • Peter S. Chamberlain

    Respectfully, what is today called liberalism, progressivism, etc. is often one or more false, illogical, irrational, and undesirable things, but please do not stigmatize people with mental illness this way. The Soviets treated anti-Communists as mentally ill. Winston Churchill wrote of the “black dog” of his chronic depression, and he was no liberal and did a pretty good job as a wartime leader with this condition.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I agree that a political ideology does not meet a standard that the DSM IV would call a mental illness.

      Casually observing, I see some personality traits like narcissism, histeronic and/or borderline pesonalities in the likes of the OWS & ACORN crowds as well as some of their VIP’s in Congress.

  • Chris

    Ten liberal hypocricies? Where’s the rest of this iceberg?

    • El Lobo Solo

      We are not supposed to know where the rest of the iceberg is, until they are ready for us to know.
      That is why Libs, Progs & Dems are so mad at FoxNews & all of us, we spill the beans on them in front of their unsuspecting audience.

  • Tony McCann

    Obama has done more to divide this country than any person in the history of our country. If we speak out against him were labled racist, If we want to stop run away spending were for the rich and agsinst the middle class. So all he has done is divide us all to the point of mass destruction. Our country needs a TRUE LEADER not a POLITICIAN.

    I can think of only one person who can save our great country. Someone who will protect our country first, close our boarders to the illegals draining us and more importantly he won’t take and BS from the Congress, Senate or Lobbyists. Join me and lets draft our own President: GENERAL DAVID PATRAEUS…….. Lets take our COUNTRY BACK….

    • TruthWFree

      I’ve seen videos of Petraeus talking about the “Holy Quran” relative to the Quran burning incident. The Quran is anything but “holy’ and is the source of all the Islamic terrorist activity against us infidels including 9/11 and Ft Hood, so is Petraeus ignorant or playing politics? Of course I’d take him over Obama any day, but then I’d take anyone over Obama.

    • Tony McCann

      Yeah, but he’d been staying in their country for how many years so he can;t go on record and diss their religion. He’s an Americans American and that’s what I want as a leader. Of course you’d have my vote over Obama too

  • Ray

    This was one very stupid and very wrong article. Wrong on every item. It reminded me of listening to Rush where he constantly tells his audience what the “Left” wants or their view and he is almost always very wrong. I wish I had time to tear it apart item by item but I have a busy day. I’d suggest only that most of the posters here need to look a little deeper into the rational behind the logic of those that have different views, and quit looking for some talking head to re-enforce their talking head created view. You don’t have to agree, but the message put forward by the Rush/Hannity/Beck crowd is wrong, very wrong.

    • Capt. Link Hogthrob

      Amazing comment. “Everything in the article is wrong”, but this guy doesn’t have time to explain why. Therefore, we should take it on faith that someone very much smarter than the rest of us has totally discredited these hypocrisies as right wing propaganda? Let me cite this as evidence that you may add “pathological narcissist” to the list of liberal mental disorders.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Obviously, Ray is an MSNBC fan.

      Stop listening to Rachel MadCow & Keith OberNumb.

    • John C

      It is sad that this country is so divided. A civil war could break-out with the smallest of sparks today. I’m not hearing any solutions just a lot of sophomorish name calling and the weak references to Hitler. (Adold Hitler? Was that his brother?). We WERE a great country of decent people who cared about each other. Now-a-days people don’t have enough energy, brain-power, or creativity to come up with a better solution than to separate those who don’t agree with your ideology and eliminate them. There is a dark force at work separating Americans. Yeah we need to take this country back, but no-one really knows who from.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Oh, Oh OH!!! This is good!! Well done. Kudos to the author. After reading this how can one say that Liberalism/Progressivism is not a form of MAJOR Mental Illness? I guess one needs to hit their BONG for a year or so in order to fathom any acceptance of these Lies, Fibs, Falsehoods, Untruths and Propaganda. Only a deranged person can really accept and defend such evil positions.

  • Robert Steup

    It’s been said before and it’s true
    “Liberalism is a mental disease”.

    • Capt. Link Hogthrob

      It is called OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) at best. You can throw in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and pathological psychosis into the recipe too.

  • Morton L. Friedman

    That the moderator placed ‘hidden’ on my original post, and then proceeded to post Brandon’s direct response to it, is a classic example of hypocrisy.

    Apparently my post did ruffle a few feathers, as I fully expected.

    As a continuation, am I hypocritical in ‘quoting’ the supposed words of Jesus Christ? I think not. You can find that the concept purported to Jesus Christ exists prior to his life on earth. Jesus Christ did not write anything, rather it is ‘reports by his disciples, or followers thereof. Many of those ‘words’ are the output of synods occurring centuries after his crucifixion.

    Whose words will I willingly quote or paraphrase? I will adopt the thoughts of anyone that I believe enhances human civilization. And that will include the thoughts of some that are, in the main, obnoxious and reprehensible to me. I have no problem with Martin Luther’s earrly writings, but he then became a leading exponent of anti-semitism. Jesse Jackson spoke wonderfully when he was selling PRIDE. That quickly degenerated once he had a powerbase established. Mussolini made the trains run on time. When the ‘infallible’ Pope ‘forgives’ the Jews. my feeling is one of disgust.

    Religion has been called the ‘opiate of the masses’. In part there is truth there. All religions do provide a manual for social existence which is good. But when religion becomes a matter of my religion is better than yours, then the evil attributes appear. Attributes that tyrants and despots quickly adopt.

    It took Christianity nearly 1500 years to moderate its intolerance to other religious beliefs. A truly positive turn to tolerance will be when Christianity abandons active proselytizing.

    • Jennie Jones

      The reason your comment was hidden was due to the fact that so many others voted it down. So the system hid it due to “low comment rating.” Anyone can click the link “click here to see” to see what the comment was.

      If many had disagreed with Brandon’s response, his would have been hidden as well. But apparently more people agreed with it than with yours. No hypocrisy just democracy.

  • Boletero

    Everything is mine, the rest is yours !!!!!

    Saludos Vatos…….

  • Capt. Link Hogthrob

    The 10 hypocrisies which have been cited here are only the small tip of a gigantic iceberg. The one thing that they have in common is a defiance of logic, which is the root cause of the disease called liberalism. These “people” seem to delight in taking positions that not only defy logic, but mock it. And the defense of these ludicrous hypocrisies invariably requires them to attempt to mimic logic in some convoluted distortion of reality and their motives, aka, lie…which is why, without exception, they are pathological liars.

  • Muriel GT

    I have always wondered how Conservatives can be anti-abortion and pro-capital punishment?

    • Jamie

      That’s easy. The criminal is guilty, the child is innocent. Yea, yea, I know that flies in the face of liberal “logic”.

  • Chad Roberts

    This list is great. Liberals are seriously going to ruin our country as they have been since they began their agenda. Liberals are the dirties, foulest creatures on the planet and I can’t wait until conservatives have had enough and form their own nation.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    This is a load of crap. Myopic and stupid.

  • anonymous

    Pathetic, you are just evil as your enemy. You waste your time to separate yourself from people, all because you make broad generalizations, thinking that every liberal believes in every single one of your contradictions listed. One more reason I doubt the good of humanity…

    • Jamie

      Why don’t you explain? Every single one of the liberal objections here do NOTHING but object WITHOUT explanation. So Tell us your beliefs then. Tell us HOW this article is wrong. Tell us the TRUTH about what you believe, then, if this article is in error.

  • SchreckenLicht

    The very same lib-tards who want to silence conservative talk radio and fox news are too stupid to realize that if their wish for censorship came true, that they would also be censored right along with those they had sought to shut down. Same thing for Hollywood celeb-retards (most of which are left-wing) – all the while they condemn conservatism and right wing opinion (and what they define as “political incorrect-ness); they want unrestrained “artistic” freedom to do whatever sort of leftist propaganda they want.

    Yet they would be the first to whine and squeal if they had to live under the repressive regimes they dream of. They would only be allowed to make whatever movies, tv shows and news content that the state allowed them to. Their idiocy on this issue is mind-blowing. Either you have freedom of speech for all or you have censorship and a lack of freedom for all, but they can’t get that into their tiny pea brains.

  • bollos

    anyone poor or working class who votes republican is a fool.

    the republicans support the banking elites and corporations. they will NEVER think about you, the common man.

    republicans ARE, however, a bunch of negative, regressive cynics, no new ideas nothing, just blame all of the worlds problems on “liberals” (we are ALL liberals, moraaans, you wanna go back to the 19th century?!) and NEVER on themselves..

    small-minded divisive simpletons!

    “[We] must keep the people busy with political antagonisms.

    We’ll therefore speed up the question of reform [of tariffs within] the democratic party; and we’ll put the spotlight on the question of protection … [for] the republican party.

    By dividing the electorate this way, we’ll be able to have them spend their energies at struggling amongst themselves on questions that, for us, have no importance whatsoever.”

    united states bankers magazine, 1892.”

    • Jeff Skjelver

      Great post, bollos!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Of the top 1% rich, over fifty per cent identify themselves as independent or liberal.
      Gallup Poll

      From my own experience, usually most grants, college loans & give away programs in general are unavailble to working class citizens who do not meet the PC criteria.
      I’ll take the Republicans (if they are not RINO’s)

    • El Lobo Solo

      PS: Check out the recent NYT article,
      “Obama campaign to write off blue-collar & white electorate in 2012″.

    • Skyhawk58

      Since the Dept of Education has been established and the liberal/progressives embedded we have seen America go from an industrial giant to a service industry. We have to import our engineers and we can’t even find welders or pipe-fitters because those courses were remove for some PC BS.

      Now our children (collectively – not mine) feel good about themselves but would rather riot than do a job at minimum wage. In other words, the Democrats method causes decay and produces whimpy idiots.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Right On SkyHawk!
      I don’t think the Chinese worry about the self esteem of their students while they prepare for a final exam in Trig or calculus.

      More shop/vocational courses in high school & less ‘Heather Has Two Mommies’.

    • Richard Holmes

      You are more stupid than a pile of hog crap.
      Shou your dung eating pie hole.

  • Swede

    Dennis Prager said “…the left does best at what it accuses others of doing.”

  • A liberal

    Oh dear. The real problem with this article is that every single contradiction on this list can be flipped and re-written into a “top-ten conservative contradictions list.” For example – Pro-life vs Pro-Capital Punishment: Don’t call it pro-life when you’re still for killing people. If an unborn child deserves the right to live, then so does a person who has actually been born, has a family, life, etc. And so on.

    Also, we weren’t against Sarah Palin because she was a woman. We didn’t support her because she had views that went against ours and was largely uneducated on the issues and current events of the day.

    • Brandon Vallorani

      Dear Liberal,

      Being Pro-Life means that we believe in the sanctity of human Life. If a life is murdered, then the life of the murderer is required. Otherwise, you devalue human life. Please take time to watch the new documentary, 180, which is going viral around the web. It will explain the conservative position clearly and consistently.

      As for Sarah Palin, you may not have voted for her because of her positions, experience, etc. That’s fair. But that is not the point. Feminists, who are almost exclusively liberals, should be happy that a woman like Sarah Palin has achieved so much in a “man’s world.” Because she is a conservative, however, they were telling her to stay at home and take care of her family. Feminists don’t care about family. They care about their liberal agenda, pure and simple. Such hypocrisy.

    • Bree

      I agree so much with you Brandon and you are speaking my heart especially concerning Sarah Palin. She’s wonderful and everything America desperately needs to make impact in turning this country from a collision course. By the way, I notice your name Vallorani, would you happen to know Gene Vallorani that also writes for this blog? He’s an outstanding writer too and I love everything he writes!

    • Brandon Vallorani

      Thanks, Bree.

      Gene is my Uncle. He is a business man, radio talk show host, and former marine who loves his country. My father and Uncle Gene used to run a newspaper together back in the 1970’s. They were eventually shut down because they weren’t afraid to speak the truth.

      Patriot Update is our way to hold the government accountable, as the main stream media has forgotten their job.

    • Bree

      Bravo Brandon! Fine men in your family. All the best and love to you and your Uncle Gene. God bless!

    • Jeff Skjelver

      Excellent post!

    • Phillip Lake

      To you and ALL your liberal idiots: If you are in favor of abortion then keep it to yourself and quit forcing us to listen to your crap. If you are homosexuall – then keep it to yourself: I don’t go around telling people about what goes on behind my, and my wife’s, CLOSED bedroom doors and I am SICK TO DEATH of hearing you whimper and cry. If that’s what you want then live it and shutup. You say you want a socialist government; then brother you had better keep your mouth shut on this one. It has been tried over and over and over for thousands of years and it DOES NOT WORK for the common person. Not only in the past, but right this very minute in other countries. Do you know the difference between IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY? Just in case you don’t: Ignorance means you are not educated to the facts and what the conseguinces are; Stupidity is knowing the facts and doing the wrong thing anyway. The wrong things that are going to hurt you, your family and your friends for years to come. That is why you people are STUPID!!!!!!! Now–PLEASE share this posting with your liberal friends. Just remember: you can change your mind anytime and God will take you back – that is if you make that decision before you kick the bucket.

    • Mike

      Phillip….No one is “pro abortion” that is a ridiculous position period. However, just because you believe abortion is murder, or your religious beliefs call it murder doesn’t make it so for everyone else! I find it amusing that you people are all for “small government”, except when it comes to your personal religious beliefs….then you want government to step in and make sure that EVERYONE else follows what YOU believe to be true. I find abortion repugnant, but I also find it repugnant to force my beliefs on anyone else. Your God gave us all “free will”, if your God exists anyone who has made a wrong choice will be held accountable on judgement day. That’s not good enough for you? Oh, right, you’re all for the children until they are actually born…then they can just fend for themselves! What a hypocrite.

    • Antone

      Mike, while I think you are right that most people are “pro-choice” rather than “pro-abortion, I think the rest of your arguments are misguided and illogical. We don’t say, “Murder is wrong… but you know, if that’s the choice you decide to make, then by all means, go right ahead. In fact, here’s a government grant to help you do just that.”

      Obviously, the pertinent question should be whether a fetus is alive–not whether a woman has the right to take a life.

      A fetus has a beating heart. It has clearly observable organs. It has brainwaves that enable it to move and react to stimulus. And if you don’t snuff it out it will develop into a human. These are the undeniable facts, and it is rather difficult to imagine any meaningful (scientifically based) definition of life that a fetus doesn’t satisfy.

      So when you come right down to it, it really does come down to whether or not you are Pro-Abortion–and not whehter you are pro-choice. And I believe the liberal progressive agenda is (in fact) pro-murder, because without this tool in their political arsenal they would have no moral frame-work for enforcing the rules that decide who should live and who should die.

      Hitler, used this frame-work to kill 6 million Jews. In China, it was used to justify the starvation of some 200 million, and so forth. Similarly, in the U.S., Proponents of ObamaCare (knowingly or not) support using this same frame-work to decide which people should have access to healthcare and which should be forced to go off and die, because they are refused coverage. This process has already begun… for example, despite the fact that these exams save many lives each year, the federal guidelines have been changed so that now women are told they only need a mamogram every 2 yrs–instead of the previous 1 yr.

      One of Obama’s Czars, believes it would be proper to put a sterilizing agent in the public drinking water–so that only those who are approved by the goverment can reproduce. They support a “whole life” system that determines who gets medical treatments based on their worth to society. The old, the young and the disabled end up being expendible.

      In addition, it is a fact that social security is collapsing because of a decline in the working force. But if you added all the aborted babies (and their offspring) over the last several decades to the work force, we wouldn’t have any crisis at all.

      Thus, I believe there are very few sound argument that favor abortion–whether you are highly religious or an atheist.

    • Antone

      As an avid libertarian, there was a time when I considered myself anti-abortion, BUT PRO-CHOICE. One argument for legal abortions was the idea that women who sought out abortions anyway were more likely to die.

      If abortions were strongly discouraged, but left legal… I might still be willing to grudgingly support the choice agenda. But radical individuals and liberal groups like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood work very diligently to encourage as many abortions as possible. And to make things worse, they try to do such things as force doctors to perform abortions–despite their religious convictions; and get the tax dollars (of those who are pro-life) to fund abortions. Thus they are coercing people to engage in an act that for them is murder.

      That’s a lot like me forcing you to point a gun at your parents head and pull the trigger.

      Planned Parenthood makes billions of dollars each year performing abortions–which means they have a lot of profit-motivation for ensuring that more women have them. So it is unreasonable to believe that laws to encourage restraint could ever be successful in this environment.

      That leaves us with only one choice. To make abortion illegal.

    • jhm47

      As to Obamacare—It is the liberal’s way of solving the social security crisis that is looming. By the use of the death panels (which liberals deny) the elderly will be cut off from life-saving procedures and drugs that could easily prolong their lives. This will hasten the deaths of those who the liberals have decreed to be living “low quality” lives. By enacting these draconian measures, the elderly will not live as long, and the social security problem will receive a temporary reprieve.

    • MJ

      You’re a bit twisted there. You believe the innocent baby should be killed but the murderer should have the right to live. You are very twisted in the head.

    • Brenda

      I agree. Lets save the serial killer, the pediphiles, the dredges of society. But, lets murder the innocent babies; the BLACK babies. How does one become a liberal and believe this arguement is ok?! Morons!!!

    • Richard Holmes

      The liberals are the ones that need to be aborted. Before, during or after birth.
      Let them not live by their rules. It is only fitting.

    • ernie

      All the comments that disagree with your right wing diatribe are hidden. I guess this one will be too.

    • Richard Holmes

      The next murderer that is released from prison should be given YOUR address so he can come and kill you.

    • pld

      Do you mean she was uneducated and uninformed like your illegal candidate who had been to 57 states?

    • mellie123

      As for your ‘old switcheroo’ attempt, major FAIL; don’t forget that unborn babies are innocent while the person who is put to death has shown him/herself to be a menace to society. And as for “clueless”, just look at what’s in the White House: a guy who never held a real job in his life, who’s only political experience has been “campaigning”( remember, he’d barely been elected to the Senate before he started running for president), and he thinks the US has 57 states.

  • BurtB

    Christianity is not the only religion that that tolerates others. Under Jewish rule (after 1968) Christians could freely visit Christian sites, and Muslims could freely visit Muslim sites. Such was not the case when those religions controlled the Holy Land.

    • mellie123

      Not anymore – what about the Coptic Christians being routinely slaughtered?

  • A_Nobody

    Liberals are the most ignorant, many educated, hypocrites in history. These are just a few examples of their lunacy, and they can’t understand why a conservative ignores them. Plus, they see, just as we do, how all the “communist” and socialist have turned out, yet they can’t understand what they’d lose if we went down that path. The onle people who flourish in that type of society are running the government. All others are peons/slaves to the government.

  • Believe this

    I agree that many liberals are anti Christian, but I do not think this is the reason they contradict themselves so much. The only reason they contradict themselves so much is because they want votes and if they support everything they are against they can convince groups that they support and are against the same things. Unions: we support the working people. Poor: we support the government programs you need. What they do not say is the government programs will break the backs of the workers (including those in the union). I could go on but I think my point is made.

  • A_Liberal

    > Contradiction #1: Pro-Abortion vs. Anti-Capital Punishment – Liberals support the killing of unborn children

    This notion that an unborn fetus is a “child” is based on the superstitious belief that a “soul” enters an egg when it is fertilized by a sperm. There is no objective support for this conclusion.

    Capital punishment does not deter crime, and several people who have been executed recently, including Troy Davis in Georgia, were very possibly innocent.

    > Contradiction #2: Pro-Technology vs. Anti-Free Market – Apple products would not (and could not) have been created in a socialist nation.

    This is a common right-wing mistake: Equating socialism with Soviet-style communism. They are not the same. Denmark is a democratic socialist nation. Lots of innovation occurs in Denmark.

    > Contradiction #3: Pro-Homosexual vs. Pro-Muslim – Muslims want to kill homosexuals.

    This statement is so simple-minded and stupid it doesn’t deserve a response.

    > Liberals promote the Homosexual agenda

    The “Homosexual agenda” is simply equality of opportunity.

    > and Shariah Law.

    I don’t know anyone in the mainstream liberal community who “promotes” Shariah law.

    > If the Muslims take over the United States, they will start by expunging the land of Homosexuals and Liberals.

    This is really stupid and paranoid.

    > Contradiction #4: Pro-Darwinian Evolution vs. Anti-Human Domination – Most liberals believe in Darwinian evolution. Yet, Liberals spend so much time (and other people’s money) fighting to protect endangered species, rare ecosystems, wet lands, etc.

    Believing in something and endorsing it aren’t the same thing.

    > Contradiction #5: Christianity vs. All Other Religions – Liberals want religious freedom for all religions except Christianity.


    > “Take down that cross… No nativity scenes on public property

    I would be just as upset if our government shoved Islam down our throats.

    > Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us to love our enemies, not to kill them.

    “to arms, to arms,” to Palestine, Iraq, etc.

    > The Koran, however, teaches Muslims to kill the infidels!

    You can find passages advocating both peace and war in both books.

    > Contradiction #6: Pro-Education vs. Anti-School Choice – why do liberals force everyone to pay taxes to support the failing public education system when private and home-schooling are so much more effective?

    It only seems more effective because parents who send their kids to private school tend to care more about their kids’ education; so they actively make sure they do their homework, etc. So naturally they kids in private schools score higher.

    > They can only brainwash our children to become atheists

    Children are not brainwashed to become atheists. They are taught critical and logical thinking to become atheists. They are brainwashed by religious people to believe that they can still think when they are dead.

    > Contradiction #7: Hateful vs. Anti-Hate

    I would say that wanting to prohibit gays from having the same rights as you is hateful.

    > Contradiction #8: Liberals undermine the marriage

    Huh? What are you talking about?

    > And if a conservative women succeeds outside the home, they are told they should stay at home.

    Who says this?

    > Contradiction #9: Racism – If Liberals aren’t racist, why do they evaluate and categorize everyone by the color of their skin?

    Okay. I agree with you here. Categorizing people according to race in inherently racist, and I oppose it.

    > Why are they so angry when Blacks leave the Democrat plantation and achieve the American Dream?

    Who’s angry about this?

    > Why do they continue to promote abortion

    Nobody “promotes” abortion. I promote a woman’s right to chose an abortion if other birth-control methods fail.

    > Why do they continue to promote social programs that enslave blacks at poverty level?

    What are you talking about? Welfare? The welfare Reform Act was passed during the Clinton administration, and this is not the issue it once was. I agree that women should not receive free money for having babies out of wedlock.

    > Contradiction #10: Pro-Jew vs. Anti-Israel – Liberals say they are pro-Jew.

    Who says this? I am pro freedom for all religions.

    > So, why do they hate the nation of Israel?

    “They” don’t. Many liberals are fierce supporters of Israel. I have absolutely nothing against Jewish people, but I don’t think America should be supporting Israel because Israel is, in fact, a racist, aparthied, imperialist theocracy. Many Jewish people feel exactly the same way I do.

    Here’s a question I’ll bet you can’t answer: What is the reason for Israel’s policy of providing the West Bank settlers with plenty of water for green lawns and swimming pools while severely restricting water to the Palestinians? (I’ll give you a hint: It has nothing to do with protecting Israelis from terrorism. If anything, this policy is fueling terrorism and making Israelis LESS safe.)

    I’m waiting for an answer to the question. I’m waiting… I’m waiting…

    • Eric Holtz

      “Lots of innovation occurs in Denmark.”
      Such as what?

    • El Lobo Solo

      Danish Ham, Hot Danish Rolls & Great Danes.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Denmark is a toy country that has gotten a free ride on its defense budget due to its membership in NATO as with the rest of western Europe. Of course they can afford a bunch of cadillac social programs for their small population due to not having the burden of a robust defense force. I recall in the 1980s the US pleading with Denmark to increase its defense budget by a paltry 3% to help out with NATO.

    • El Lobo Solo

      PS to list above:

      add terrific Mohamed cartoons when they are allowed to print them in the newspapers.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I forgot to add many kudos to the Danes for that mermaid statue that sits in Copenhagen Harbor. Now thats what I call innovation!!!

      But the Muslims in that country will soon have her wearing a Burka.
      UGH !

    • Bree

      Too funny El Lobo Solo, too funny! You should have your own show. Love it! Lol

    • El Lobo Solo

      I am listening to Ed Sullivan comedy show routines right now.


    • El Lobo Solo

      A Liberal:

      Issue #1:
      As I’ve posted before, maybe we can compromise on the question of Capital Punishment & Abortion. We can just designate executions as “late term abortions”.

      PS: Capital punishment does deter crime.
      The perpetrator that is executed, will never commit another crime.

    • bub

      The answer is simple. Why supply those who swear to kill you with the means to do so!Would you give your neighbor a gun if he swears that he will kill you with it?
      Wake up!!!
      The Jewish people are just trying to avoid being annihilated by those that have been trying to for centurikes to do so. By the way, those same people have sworn to either indoctrinate everyone (including you) to thier beliefs. And if you don’t go along with thier teachings they plan to KILL you! WAKE UP!!!

    • NIKI

      Bub: Why do so many Jews VOTE Democrat?
      Why did they VOTE for a Muslim president?
      Hillary just critized them from making women women wear Burka’s but said nothing about MUSLIMS. As a matter of fact she is working with the crooked UN now trying to pass laws that would protect Muslims and take away our FREEDOM of speech..

    • Richard

      Liberal….Your answer is in the negative responses to your senseless,liberal jibberish!

    • A_Liberal

      Thanks for answering the question at the end of my “jibberish”.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Jabberwocky !!!

    • Beetlebom

      Hey lib!! Are your parents an older brother and sister? I read some CRAP on here but bygolly you’ve topped it!!! After reading that outhouse fodder, I’m doing this: I’m encouraging my troops to take up a collection. We will be buying a plexi glass stomach, so you can see where you are going with your head??? up your ass 24/7 Now !! The pin-worm problem, you will have to deal with your self!!!

    • Aristophanes

      a liberal – I will take your points one at a time even though I am wasting my time:
      Contradiction #1: An unborn fetus is a child!! Liberals like to think this is a good argument; but, it is a really dumb argument. If the “fetus” is not murdered (aborted to use the liberal term), the unmurdered fetuses are born a healthy BABY!!!
      Your “logic” totally escapes me.
      Contradiction #2 – I did not write anything down, so I probably figured it was too dumb to reply to.
      Contradiction #3 – Your reply is just too stupid. Obviously, you must not get out much or read much if you do not know any liberals who support shariah law. Read the Koran!!! Muslims do NOT tolerate homosexuality!!!
      Contradiction #4 – You said and I quote: “Believing in something and endorsing it aren’t the same thing.” What? You endorse things you do not believe in? You believe things that you do not endorse? That statement pretty much summarizes the liberal viewpoint, doesn’t it?
      Contradiction #5 – You really are blind and a hypocrite!!! To paraphase YOUR post “This is too stupid to even respond.”
      Contradiction #6 – This is another comment that is really too stupid. Of course you do not see anything wrong with the public school system – it is teaching our children to “think” like a liberal.
      Contradiction #7 – How many times must you be told? Gays have the same rights I do!!!!
      Contradiction #8 – Liberals are trying to undermine marriage by trying to get it where homosexuals and lesbians can marry. God did not create Adam and Steve, He created Adam and EVE!!!
      Contradiction #9 – You need to read more and watch more from your own LIBERAL newspapers and lame stream media!!! Calling blacks names and undermining them because they are conservative sure sounds racist to me.
      Contradiction #10 – If you think you support Israel, maybe Israel would be better off without your support!!
      And to answer your last question – Israel is doing what they need to do to survive since the U.N. is trying to make a country out of palestine (which would lead to Israel’s extinction!!) and the U.S. (thanks you your guru obozo) is not doing anything to help Israel. I really wish the U.S. had the b*lls that Israel has – we would not be in the mess we are in.
      Answer your question and your comments – bozo #2?

    • Mezcla

      Then move to Denmark and take as many whiney Liberals as you can !

    • George Gallo

      You tried, but should not have bothered to dissect the logic of this list. It is adolescent and arbitrarily hateful. The construction of this list is backwards; first you have the result: liberals are hypocrites, then you make generalized assumptions to back up the nonsense.

    • chris

      capitol punishment does’nt deter crime? if i tell you i will strap you into an electric chair for commiting a crime would you still do it? dumbass.

  • Artie

    I’m neither a liberal or a conservative. I think most “intelligent” people are somewhere in the middle on many of these issues. They many agree with some and disagree with others. I don’t think you can draw a line like this. In any event, I can spot “twaddle” and BS in an article like this from a mile off. Conservative are no better than liberals and are just as big if not bigger hypocrites. Articles like this just piss me off and are nauseating.

  • Sarah

    This article is so full of sweeping generalizations that I can only take it as a joke. I’ll include it with my other articles (that I amass from both political parties) so that my students can see what critical thinking and honest, intellectual debate does NOT look like. Hahahahahah! This is so funny.

    The only one I see that’s got any ring of truth is the pro-choice vs anti-capital punishment argument. You’re right: the liberal side is hypocritical on that one.

    But so is the conservative side’s hypocritical disconnect between being anti-abortion but pro-capital punishment.

    You either hold life sanctified or you don’t. Period. Both sides are of two minds about the value of life–but each has different terms.

    Bah-humbug for yet another propaganda piece.

    • keith

      no inconsistency at all.
      One – abortion is killing an innocent infant that has done no wrong, for the sake of convenience.
      The Other – Capital Punishment is just that, PUNISHMENT deserved and implemented due to a VOLUNTARY action.

      fair treatment for a person that kills another intentionally (other than in self defense, where you should get a metal for cleaning the Gene Pool).
      I NEVER believe life is sacred. That is complete bunk. If it were sacred, we would not be able to take it. It would be above we mere humans.
      we, who were trained to take it in under 6 seconds are also mere humans, so there is nothing sacred about it.
      it has to do with cause/reason. AN infan has no valid cause. A Rapist or murderer DOES. And from hearing the drivel from Libtards, they are presenting a great case to include themselves in the valid cause area… Genocide of ALL Libtards, leaves a much better Country and we will not have to hear their constant whining any longer… which would remove that noise pollution (not like we would be removing anything worth a damn)

    • eddy james

      not even close to the same!unborn are innocent.where capital punishment is reserved for those that have committed crimes and if left alive would most likely do it again. The world is much better off with out them

  • grace

    I believe that liberalism is one of America’s biggest threats. Based on my observations it’s an ideology, while under the disguise of “civil liberties”, that rejects logical standards of morality only to appease the individual desires of minority groups. Simply put, liberalism defends mans worldly desires, self-interests, over Gods intended plan for mankind(examples: legalizing abortion, changing Gods definition of marriage).

    A majority of liberals truly profess a heartfelt commitment towards the less fortunate but often let issues overrule decency and common sense(example: that a parent cannot discipline their child). Though some may practice a form of religion, most prefer atheistic values(examples: striking God’s name and laws from our schools, from buildings, from the “pledge of allegiance” prior to a televised NBC golf tournament, endorsing Darwinism, etc.). Liberalism also tears down the moral fiber of a society by politically opposing Godly values and therefore makes God the “enemy of the State” a solid platform issue of Communism.(FYI: Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA, has thrown his support behind Obama’s re-election bid for 2012).

    When confronted with logic and truth some liberals may resort to blaming others and/or events(example: Pres. Obama blaming Bush, the economy, the wars, the earthquakes, the hurricanes, the tornado’s, the Tea Party/ the Republicans, Japan’s tsunami, you get it). On occasion liberals may exhibit rage and anger which usually culminates in a vicious display of personal character assassinations(examples: a savage campaign attack on Sarah Palin and her family, on any new Republican opponents, simply observe the headlines concerning candidates that dare run for president). Demonizing their opponents and using fear, as on the elderly, can also occur. This is used in order to confuse and frighten those that are vulnerable into believing false information for the purpose of gaining a political advantage(examples: during the debt debate Pres.Obama told seniors that, “you may not get your S.S.checks next month”, the DNC telling seniors that the Republicans are going to take your S.S. away during the last two pre-election campaigns).

    Liberalism began as a innocent movement for individual liberties and to help the less fortunate to prosper(example: JFK, “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask, what YOU can do for your country”). Today, though, it is increasingly stagnant and, as in Europe, is becoming more and more socialistic. Liberalism has changed over the years and has degenerated into preying on the very group it claims to be helping, the underprivileged. This is done by assimilating ethnic groups that are less fortunate, the needy, the uneducated, by promising a better tomorrow through government programs that, in reality, entrap the human spirit into dependency(examples: the push to legalize illegal immigrants and welfare and the never changing conditions of every major inner city in America).

    While everyone will agree that helping the poor to survive is of the utmost concern for any decent society. But the inherent problems in government programs are that they produce no real answers. Instead of sparking productive, self-esteemed citizens, liberalism strips away one’s dignity, pride, and aspirations of self-achievement. Sadly, when trapped into the political web and once their spiritual lives have been properly desensitized, by the anti-God liberal theology, people have no other recourse than to rely on that system. Occasionally, when such a mindset is fueled by complacency and an anger towards “the rich”, violence can also break out(example: as seen in the riots in London, this Aug, 2011). Liberal backed unions also threaten violence and improper behavior as a means of reprisal(example: Thousands of liberal political activists, gathered [in Madison, Wisconsin] on Saturday, 9/17/11, for an annual conference, cheered and laughed as a speaker recounted the recent assault of a GOP lawmaker. The crowd attending the Fighting Bob Fest also rejoiced at the suggestion that protestors, instead of dumping beer over the heads of Republicans, should urinate on them).The result is a government that is politically fueled by the entrapment of others.

    In my opinion liberalism demoralizes, devalues and keeps people in bondage for the purpose of politically stoking its own fleshly bonfire. This is one of the very principles that the Democratic party, to which liberalism being at its core, once declared to abhor. Liberalism, as it stands today, is again, in my opinion, one of the biggest threats to America.

  • Sarah

    “…Yet, Liberals promote the Homosexual agenda and Shariah Law.”

    Ummm…OK. I don’t know a single liberal, from the most delusional OWS frat boy to the most well-reasoned mainstream older gent who “promotes” Shariah Law in. any. way.

    Setting this up as some sort of Top 10 Liberal Belief is like me judging all Christians by the actions of Westboro Baptist Church and Timothy McVeigh and the snake-handling, inbred folk living up in the mountains drinking moonshine.

    There’s got to be some wacky liberal that you can drag out of a corner somewhere I’m sure who believes this, but you can also find some nut-house fringe conservative who believes it, too, since it does keep a woman in her place. NOT mainstream liberal ideology.

    Would be super-fantastic-awesome if you guys would post a *real* article–one with evidence and logos enough for some actual intellectual debate.

    This one just makes me laugh. Hahaha! See?

    • El Lobo Solo

      The wacky Liberal that I can drag out of the corner to support Sharia Law are those who have pushed the concept of “multi-culturalism” & have impugned the idea of American Exceptionalism.

      I don’t begrudge other native cultures/countries their traditions, but when you immigrate & raise your hand & take an oath, you leave the old country behind & stop talking about “making the Constitution Sharia compliant” as that Imman in NYC quipped.

    • El Lobo Solo

      PS: When I handle snakes, its usually to put them in the meat grinder to turn them into chile.

      Such as the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup

    • Bree

      Oh boy! Do you know how much I hate snakes?! But if you’re from Texas I’ll try to put that aside – I Love Texans! Lol

    • El Lobo Solo

      Right Bree:

      I am in a ‘Texas State of mind’ today.

    • Bree

      That is it El Lobo Solo, absolutely agree with you. Your insight is priceless!

    • El Lobo Solo

      @ Sarah:
      I’ve gone hi-tech on the moonshine. Next year I plan to put together a still & undercut the high cost of gasoline.

      As for the inbreeding issue, check with Woody Allan, he married his adopted daughter sometime back, but that is just a technicallity.

  • Don


    • Richard

      Don’t shoot the pathetic Muslim, lash him to a pig for the rest of his life. He has wronged many people with his insane policies.

    • keith

      No, this would require tax any lifer or Democrat, they are not worth the cost of the bullet, but it would do so much good, we should move forward and shoot this cretin and all the remaining DemonRats

    • JIM

      He’s already lashed to one (MOOchelle) who is really pigging out on all she can get on the taxpayers’ dime.

    • eddy james

      Obama is the greatest argument for abortion that the left has ever come up with! Imagine how much better off we would be right now if his mother had of gotten an abortion.

  • tncdel

    Add to the list also:
    Contradiction #11. They claim they want to create jobs for Americans, then give 300,000 work permits to illegal aliens:



  • http://netzero Lenny

    He allready is,MOOcelle

  • http://netzero Lenny

    he allready is, Mooochelle

  • George Gallo

    These comments are truly inspirational. We’ll kept the hate going and let Newt show liberals what hypocrisy really is. Long live free speech! By the way, does anyone know why some comments on this site are hidden?

    • JIM

      Some comments are ONLY hidden because the majority of the readers disagree with them strongly enough to be sickened by them. Notice that they are ONLY hidden and ARE AVAILABLE IF SOMEONE WANTS TO READ THEM unlike being removed like many posts on liberal sites that do not conform to and confirm liberal ideology.

  • Kevin

    Well, if there’s one thing that people on this site should be familiar with it is hypocrisy. There are so many hypocrites posting here it is pathetic that none of you can see it. You all cry about freedom of speech, but anytime someone offers a different opinion you jump down their throat, call them names, and tell them to go away. Not hypocritical at all. You complain about how Sarah Palin was treated, yet there are posts here calling the first lady “Moochelle”. You can’t have it both ways. The list above can be applied to both liberals and conservatives equally.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Yes, we complain how Sarah Palin et al has been treated, but we are just amatuers, not professional news journalists of the Lame Stream Media.

  • gman4691

    It’s amazing how many people support these other forms of government and vilify capitalism all the while living in a capitalistic system. America is still a free country. If you don’t want to live under a capitalistic system, you are free to go elsewhere…just sayin’

  • Jimbo5

    #11 for the list:

    Liberals say they’re for free and fair elections, yet against passage of Voter ID laws.

  • Zachriel

    Contradiction #1: Pro-Abortion vs. Anti-Capital Punishment

    Not a contradiction if you accept that rights of citizenship start with birth.

    Contradiction #2: Pro-Technology vs. Anti-Free Market

    Not a contradiction. The political left is composed of many different views, with most liberals supporting markets.

    Contradiction #3: Pro-Homosexual vs. Pro-Muslim

    Not a contradiction. A secular society can accommodate everyone.

    Contradiction #4: Pro-Darwinian Evolution vs. Anti-Human Domination

    Not a contradiction. Evolutionary theory is strongly supported, and the central explanatory framework in biology. Just because extinction is natural doesn’t mean humans shouldn’t try to prevent extinction, especially since humans are reliant on the natural environment, any more than humans shouldn’t try to prevent cancer.

    Contradiction #5: Christianity vs. All Other Religions: Liberals want religious freedom for all religions except Christianity.

    Strawman. Most liberals support freedom of religion.

    Contradiction #6: Pro-Education vs. Anti-School Choice

    Disagreement does not make the position a contradiction.

    Contradiction #7: Hateful vs. Anti-Hate

    Overgeneralization. Not all liberals are hateful.

    Contradiction #8: Pro-Women vs. Anti-Sarah Palin

    Again, an overgeneralization.

    Contradiction #9: Racism

    Not a contradiction. Racism is not the same as race-consciousness.

    Contradiction #10: Pro-Jew vs. Anti-Israel

    Not a contradiction. Being pro-Jew doesn’t necessarily imply support for Israel, nor does support for Israel imply a support for their policies.

    • Brandon Roberts

      thought i’d correct you on a few things 1. it is a life from conception not just my opinion even medical science says so 2. well then tell the a.c.l.u to stop suing everything to do with christianity 3. isreal only does what they do cause that’s the land god gave them and they are always surrounded by enemies that want them dead if it were you i’d bet you do the same thing

    • Zachriel

      Brandon Roberts: 1. it is a life from conception not just my opinion even medical science says so

      So are sperm.

      Brandon Roberts: 2. well then tell the a.c.l.u to stop suing everything to do with christianity

      The ACLU has often sued on the behalf of Christians and free exercise, however, that doesn’t address the point we raised.

    • Brandon Roberts

      yeah i’m just making a point and the a.c.l.u suing on behalf of christians that’s something that you made up and i personally believe every single unborn child has a right to live and yes there has been murderers turn their life around from prison and those are not the ones i think deserve to die the ones that don’t have remorse or guilt are the ones that do and i’m not trying to change your mind i’m just going by my truth

  • Brandon Roberts

    yeah this is all true i hate and i mean hate liberalisim and if any of you actually practice tolerance prove it to me

    • Zachriel

      Brandon Roberts: if any of you actually practice tolerance prove it to me

      Demands the one full of hate.

    • Brandon Roberts

      oh no i don’t but you see i’m honest about it and iv’e never seen a liberal practice what they preach i may have my flaws (replace may with definitely) but you see there’s stuff i agree with liberals on like immigration reform social security etc.

  • Brandon Roberts

    actually no ours would probaly be
    1. hates the poor
    2. won’t do anything to stop gun violence
    3. only cares about white people. that’s not all conservatives just like this is not all liberals i actuallly support immigration reform and gun law reform and i’m not rich and you really would not like my obama nickname

  • Brandon Roberts

    good one man

  • Brandon Roberts

    it’s very simple he’s hiding the nsa surveilance headquarters under there remember the time you were on your phone for 2 hours obama does remember that sex webcam thing you did obama does remember all your tweets obama does also i think we should start calling him h.b.h standing for half black hitler

  • Brandon Roberts

    actually i beleive it was because he was black and the sheep could not betray the false shepard and even you have to admit things are only getting worse under him