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TSA Officer Admits Plot to Post Porn on Christian Site

Written on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 by


On April 10, Bob Seashols, a Coordination Center Officer for the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) at the Richmond International Airport (RIC) and an administrator for Atheists United’s Facebook page, took part in a coordinated effort to populate pornographic images, extreme profanity, and sexually explicit anti-Christian hate-speech on the Facebook page of Ken Ham, an internationally known Christian ministry leader who serves as president of Answers in Genesis-U.S (AiG) and the popular Creation Museum, located near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sunday afternoon visitors to Mr. Ham’s “public person” Facebook site found pages of sexually explicit commentary aimed at mocking him and deriding Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. The Internet-based Facebook assault, directed from four different Facebook accounts, involved pornographic and sadomasochistic imagery.

When interviewed about his role in what he described as a “blitz” against Ken Ham, Seashols stated: “Somebody posted . . . an asinine statement that Ken Ham made [on an Atheist forum], and that raised our hackles. . . . It was retaliation.”

Much of TSA representative Seashols’ comments on Ken Ham’s Facebook page and those offered in the interview with him were so obscene and profane as to be unprintable, but involved numerous expletives and sexually perverse commentary directed at the Trinity, as well as offensive language directed at Ken Ham himself. Seashols referred to Mr. Ham as the “consummate con-man” and called AiG’s Ark Encounter project a “[expletive withheld] scar on humanity.”

When questioned why he posted such sexually explicit comments, Mr. Seashols brazenly replied: “Because I can. . . . I can say whatever the h— I want to say about anyone I want to. . . . I’m not breaking any law.”

The coordinated Facebook attack occurred at about the same time that Mr. Ham was scheduled to give a Sunday message in Dayton, Ohio, on the defense of the Christian faith. Ham was notified of the abuse of his public Facebook page and promptly took steps to remove the objectionable posts.

AiG is a ministry with an outreach to hundreds of thousands of children, some of whom may have access to Mr. Ham’s Facebook page. It is not known how many children, if any, were exposed to the explicit material.

Mr. Seashols tells us that he has two children of his own, girls who are 10 and 6 years old, respectively. He admitted that he “make[s] sure to keep track of where they go [on the Internet].” Yet when pressed if he would be upset if his daughters stumbled upon the kind of explicit images and commentary he aided in posting to Mr. Ham’s public page, he backtracked: “Not really. When your mother calls you a [expletive withheld] and your father calls you a [expletive withheld] they are words, nothing more than words. Words have never hurt anybody.”

TSA representative Seashols actively participates in several Atheist groups on Facebook, including the National Atheist Party, and he is one of several official administrators for Atheists United’s Facebook page.

Professionally, Mr. Seashols has worked for the TSA since 2006 and serves as a Coordination Center Officer (COO) at Richmond International Airport (RIC). Some TSA agents have become infamous for their actions of late, both on and off duty. Seashols admitted that the TSA has a reputation “worse than the IRS,” yet he stated: “I was not on the clock” when the obscene images and comments were posted on Ham’s public Facebook page. “It happened on my time in my house. . . . It’s my private life.”

According to TsaGov.’s website, TSA employee Seashols is expected to demonstrate the following core competencies, among others, as a COO: “…creates a culture that fosters high standards of ethics; behaves in a fair and ethical manner toward others and demonstrates a sense of corporate responsibility and commitment to public service.”

When asked about the heightened expectation that public servants act ethically in their private life, Seashols commented that what he did “is a non-issue for the TSA. . . . [While off duty], I can say anything I d— well please.”

Officials at Richmond’s TSA office declined to comment on Mr. Seashols’ behavior, pending further investigation.

Another TSA security officer who works at Richmond’s airport recently made the news when it was learned that the TSA insisted that RIC issue its highest-level security clearance to the agent who has a felony conviction for robbery. Appeals made by Jon Mathiasen, RIC’s president and CEO, for the airport not to grant the security clearance to the TSA employee under scrutiny were initially rebuffed by TSA officials in Washington, with the TSA threatening the airport with unspecified consequences for non-compliance. When Rep. Eric I. Cantor (R-7th, VA) intervened with the TSA on the issue, they changed course and accepted the resignation of the convicted felon.

Seashols’ profane tirade on Sunday against Ken Ham on his public Facebook page raises questions once again regarding the integrity of some of the agents that the TSA is employing.

In commenting on the recent Facebook incident involving Seashols, a representative from AiG stated: “AiG will be turning the information over to the proper authorities to investigate whether or not an actual crime took place.”

Wesley Strackbein is the co-founder of, an effort designed to expose TSA abuses, to educate the public with relevant articles and videos regarding the TSA, and to mobilize opposition to the TSA’s overreaching policies.

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  • Patriot77

    I hope this POS loses his job! What is it with liberals–their minds are always in the gutter. Childish behavior seems to be an inherent trait of those on the left. This does confirm Michael Savage’s claim that “liberalism is a mental disorder”.
    I think people should DEMAND his firing. We the people, after all, pay the salary of this POS!
    We MUST straighten this country out and rid it of this “mental disorder” before it’s too late. I fear that our beloved America is in it’s final days and I see no political solution (no political will in our congress) to the steady degradation of our belief system and core values. Looks like we have only two paths left….succumb to communism or…………

    • Goodforall

      So this is what America has become-a place where jerks like this think they have the right to do anything they feel like? I think we need to revisit freedom of speech-seems to be a double standard out there if you ask me!

    • Colleen

      You are exactly correct. It is ok for them to be nasty, abusive, call people ugly and vile names but it is not ok for conservatives and those of us who are Christian to speak out in protest.
      He won’t get fired, he’s a liberal piece of trash.

    • Cat

      This is the same as the POS’s that come to TEA Parties with offensive signs … and then SEEK out the Press WHILE THE PRESS SEEKS THEM OUT! Surround them and tell them their signs are not “TEA”.

    • james Burke

      This is a “Hate Crime”. It should be treated as such.

    • http://ACsays Ace


    • Jody

      Amen !!!
      …as a Public Servant, he also took an oath; which is diametrically opposed to his recent “actions”. He must be removed from his position as he is a Total Disgrace !
      Furthermore, if this would have done to any “other group” (minorities, homosexuals, muslims, athiests, etc, etc), the ACLU (as well as many other groups) and the district attorney would be Up in Arms !!! This would already be in court and they would want the “offender” hanged yesterday. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case here……after all, it’s Only those silly Christians it was done to, right?
      Frankly, I have had my fill of the hypocracy that’s running rampant in our “govt” (all sectors) and believe it’s Well Past Due for We the People to stand up and take OUR once-great nation BACK !!!

    • http://x Patty

      Aren’t theses employees screened or checked out before they are hired? How can so many who are in Obama’s camp have such extreme back grounds? It shines a light on Obama, doesn’t it?

    • Myrtle

      According GOD’S WORD and considering the evil which has taken place all over this world, we are in the last days. The evil that is going on in here is too great for the world to remain as it is. It is not only that the evil that exists but that it has been legalized in the last few years and every evil practice is protected. If it were possible that good was protected it would be a different matter, altogether. The last evil, I think to accur is the special Christian website to be contaminated with evil disimformation. JESUS, in every country in the world is a dirty word to a large percentage of the population. HIS NAME has be exploited by evil everywhere, in unspeakabll terms. There many books written by Satans apostles that ridicule in the most indecent ways possible.
      The Bible list, in many places conditions and things that are to happen before JESUS return. I believe that every event to happen has come to pass. Many great evanglest preach about this event coming soon. Nobody knows the exact date but the “end times” are described in detail. You can get DVD’s or VALV’s from Jack Van Ippe which explains all that has happened in the world that leads up to this time, in Biblical history, tel. 248-852-5225. A new one just out is, Attack on Christian America

    • Kim

      No, we do not succumb or become communists. We REVOLT! “We the People” need to take our country back, out of the hands of the mental midgets occupying our White House. We should never succumb to the evils of the liberals. We are powerful in numbers. There are more conservatives, in this country, than the liberal media wants us to believe. FIGHT! FIGHT AND PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY!

  • George Winston III

    It’s pretty clear that the TSA feel they can do anything to anyone and not fear any repercussions. As a representative of the Government, this guy should be acting in the highest esteem, not like a pissed off 13-year old.

  • sean murrey

    That pos should have his balls cut off.

    • Anonymous

      And his fingers, too!

    • dargold

      I am with you. Then he can become a Czar of Obumma The no Ball groupeeees

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that!

    • URKiddinMee

      And shoved up his azz.

  • Big Boss Ogg

    Oh, he’ll face charges soon enough, hacking into other people’s sites is illegal, but think about what this toad has to live with on a daily basis, having that kind of hate bubbling under the skin, seething with rage where there should be love. And if he truly feels words are just words, imagine what those poor daughters of his are subjected to… And then to go and mock the Holy Spirit, which is an unpardonable sin…

    But has anyone notices that his last name is an anagram of a–hole?

    • Shauna

      I had to go back and look at his last name. You are so right, how did you even notice that? It’s hillarious

    • kingmarki

      Sometimes, the truth of things is closer that we think. A-hole! That is priceless.

    • JMP

      OMG! I didn’t catch that with his name!! How appropriate! But I do agree…his poor daughters were the ones I thought about! Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have kids!

    • http://ACsays Ace



      All manner of sin will be forgiven man, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven not in this world nor in the world to come. This is the only unpardonable sin. I hope he like the heat.

    • sas

      You are amazing!!! Thank you for clearing that up.

  • Sandy

    How low is the head of Homeland Security and this government going to go with all this horrible stuff? God Sees!!! And, He is patient, but not for much longer, I think.
    But, no profiling so the religion of peace(HA, HA) isn’t offended!!!! VERY DISTASTEFUL that people who are not thug have to suffer this sort of thing…

    • john alison

      this whole administration is a ball of scumbags including the head of it OBUMA

    • Myrtle

      Think about this:

      In 1930, Hitler’s brown-whirted storm troopers,or Sturmabteilung (SA), marched through the streets with th Nazi swastika flag, sing, “Today we rule Germany, tomorrow the world!”

      Janurary 30, 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany by the ailing president von Hinderburg who died eighteen months later. After von Hinderburg’s death, Hitler abolished the presidency and made himself the ablolute ruler,or Fuehhrer, of the nation.

      This could happen to us in America. Our president could make himself the absolute ruler, and has almost done it already, with the destructive changes he has forced on America, his interferance in Egypt, Libya, and other nations. Think about it!!!!

  • Ray

    This guy is a racist, anti-Christian bigot who needs to be sent to the arab world and stoned to death. How dare these liberal assh**s try to get away with anything they want and the liberals in government look the other way. The TSA is full of incompetant power hungry thrill seekers, TSA should be abanded and most of them imprisoned. Give them a little responsibility and it goes to their little pea sized brain heads.

    • RichFromShowMe

      Unfortunately, the Arab world would probably honor him as he is not a Christian and more closely follows the actions of an internet terrorist

  • JC711

    Someone with this mentality shouldn’t have the authorization to grope people.

    • JMP

      I don’t think anyone should have the authorization to grope people!!

  • Anonymous

    I KNEW the TSA were a bunch of evil, perverted bastards! Get rid of them….NOW!

  • US Patriot

    And these are the people “Patting Down” and “Imaging” us and, most unfortunately, our children……… Insanity

    • Anonymous

      I agree…the whole TSA should be shut down….PERIOD!

  • michelle

    The fact is we can not trust the TSA. They have proven to be uncouth and vulagr not to mention thieves. Anyone who can molest children and old grandmother’s is corrupt to the core. Since the advent of the TSA robbery of passenger’s possession’s have increased exponentially. Passenger’s are complaining of loss of expensive jewerly..laptop’ TSA won’t life a finger to investigate these robberies.

    • Anonymous

      Until the TSA is gotten rid of permanently, I WILL NOT FLY!

    • ML

      I AGREE! Driving to NJ from IL this summer. 14 hours vs a few in a plane but I WILL NOT FLY till the TSA is eliminated or privatized with decent human beings.

    • JC711

      PLEASE, let “them” know WHY you’re driving versus flying. And I’d ask that of anyone on this site: If you’re boycotting something, PLEASE, let them know WHY you’re doing it. Otherwise, they have no idea of the reason(s) behind your decision, and will just chalk it up to something inaccurate.
      (by “them”, I mean the airline you would have used, the TSA, your travel agent ~ any and everyone that is impacted by your decision ).

    • Raymond

      I refuse to fly.


      I will bet that the Obama’s will never have to go through TSA pat downs for the rest of their lives. They have no idea what it is like.
      It is embarrasing and insulting. Janet Napalotano needs to have herself checked by one of them perverts. Then again she might like it.

  • flatcreek

    Get a rope

  • Barbara Owart

    We are seeing more of satan’s spawn coming forth every day.
    Wake Up America before it is too late!!

  • Erv Niehaus

    What really upsets me is the fact that our tax money is going to pay this man’s wages.
    I guess Christian bashing is the “in” thing
    in our present day.
    It surely must be a sign of the end times.

    • SG-1

      Christian bashing is second only to Jew bashing. I am non-religious and have found some zealots to be a little annoying, but I leave them be. On the other hand, the cult known as islam is a violence-based mental problem fostered by 1400 years of inbreeding (See American Thinker, yesterday). What the TSA agent did is purely wrong. And the fact that it is motivated by anger makes it, by the national socialists’ own definition a “hate crime”. but will Mr Ham find justice? I doubt it most sincerely. Instead, he will most likely receive a tongue-lashing by a judge who is (sym)pathetic as regards “diversity” and “tolerance” to others. The TSA agent? Will be free to go.

  • Greg

    He was insulted, so we can kill TSA agents like they would do in Afganistan?

  • texasfarmer

    He is free to say what ever he wants? Not so fast bucko. I have a list of laws you broke with your comments. His little girls will be well adjusted members of society. He should put them on the Philadelphia mailing list for free condemns.
    Liberals are such balanced individuals.



    • JMP

      I saw that! Disgusting! Now I tell you what…that little six year old looked pretty threatening to me!! Poor kid! She kept looking at her Mom like, ‘help me!’

    • Anonymous

      That makes me absolutely sick! How dare she! I don’t care if it is the same sex as I, I WILL NOT BE MOLESTED AND DEFILED!!

  • Brett

    If a Christian wrote offensive comments on another person’s site, such as this, he or she would be fired. Not only that, he or she would be subjected to a deluge of offensive attacks that would be supported by the media, as well as legal authorites under the guise of ‘freedom’. Our country is crumbling from within…

    • Lia

      This piece of low life trash had better hope he is right about being no heaven or hell, because, to quote my sainted Mother,
      “By the time he finds out he is wrong, it’s going to be too late and the hereafter is an awful long time”…

  • Carolyn

    I also work in government and we have a regulation that says if we behave in a negative way, we can be fired. But do know that we have employees who work as stippers and spend their evenings in bars doing “the Charlie” and no one has been fired. Once I heard of someone getting fired. She had gotten a breast enhancement and showed everyone…and she was on the clock. Sorry, this guy is probably there to stay and it will empower him to be even more bold. Just like the Hillsboro Baptist phonies, he will have the right to do as he pleases off the clock. The only thing the TSA will do is if he posted those things from a government purchased computer. I hate it but this is a right in our great country. God bless folks!

  • Ron

    Many of the people they hire are low-life trash. Several times I have flown, items were missing from my luggage when I arrived at my destinations. Many think like Obama, no one controls me !!!!
    (except Daddy George Soros).

  • Kingfish

    It is obvious that Mr. Seahols had a very troubled and abused childhood and I suspect his children are experiencing what he did growing up. He should be terminated from TSA immediately, someone with that much venom in their body is sure to go POSTAL at work. Get rid of him NOW.

    • http://onthe John

      He should be terminated period.

  • Bess Servdkold

    This guy fits the TSA hiring criteria to a ‘T’. He’s perfect for his job under the current regime. Petition your near worthless congresspeople to do something about the TSA- now. The issue has slipped beneath the incessant budget crap- which will never be resolved until we’re bankrupt. Congress is just fertilizer nurturing a dictatorship in full bloom.

  • Paul Walker

    I can understand how all of the above comments
    feel but the very best solution would be to start praying for him.It is our most powerful weapon (Spiritual Warfare). The BEST WAY to get rid of an enemy is to make him a friend.

  • Chris Myers

    “Mr. Seashols is a child molester! Now let’s see if words don’t hurt!

  • Jack

    Another contradiction. TSA employees are not perverts and have no interest in the people being screened… This employee obviously was perverted (had possession of porn) and had a prior criminal record?

    Reminds me of a Drug Enforcement Agent I met years ago. He bragged about the bust he made and said he and the other agents kept about 2/3’s of the drugs seized and sold them back on the streets. He said due to this he could retire wealthy in 5 to 10 years, but best of all, no one, not police or FBI or anyone had jurisdiction and he and any/all DEA agents were untouchable.

    • kodster5

      No, this idiot did not have a criminal record, it was someone else from the same airport he worked at (convicted robbery felon that FINALLY left… read, “accepted his resignation”, meaning TSA wasn’t going to fire him, but advised him it would be in everybody’s best interest).

      However, you’re right on point… even though he didn’t hack into Mr. Ham’s Facebook account, since anyone can post to a public wall on the account… the fact that he posted pornography is a criminal offense, especially if it involved children. That would be a criminal offense in itself.

  • bhscpa

    TSA is an extension of Obama’s need to control Americans. They are arrogantly abusive of our rights. They seem to prefer hiring minorities than the best person for the job. They pat down old folks and kids refusing to profile to catch the most likely bad guys. If it wasn’t for losers like the Underwear Bomber being so inept, TSA’s record would be worse. The best part: they will be unionizing! That should help, not.

    • kodster5

      Interesting that everyone is blaming Obama for the TSA. If you all recall, it was instituted under the George W. Bush administration. And this guy was hired in 2006, way before Obama came onboard.

      However, that is all a mute point… just wanted to remind everyone of the facts. But the TSA has also become much worse under Janet Napolitiano’s jurisdiction, which comes under Obama’s administration. He gave her the green light to do all this crap.

  • sandi730

    There is a much bigger issue here….we all can agree that this guy is nothing short of pond scum….The fact that MORON is suppose to be trusted with virtually nude photos of people and pat downs does this kind of sick twisted activities in his free time and then stands on the 1st amendment…there is something totally wrong in his head…the sicker thing is he has daughters and still thinks this is ok….OMG he has severe mental issues and he is one of the many that is protecting us from scum just like him!! Just another sad day in America…the hits just keep on coming!!!!

    • kodster5

      I wonder if some of the images he posted on Mr. Ham’s page were actually images of nude innocents who passed through RIC’s facility? Just a thought.

  • John F. Tashjian

    Words DON’T hurt? I, for one, would be interested to learn whether or not Mr. Seashol would feel that way if he were to be repeatedly called “rapist” or “pedophile” or “pederast” Mind you, I am NOT encouraging anyone to do so at all; I merely state that it would be interesting to find such things out under such conditions.

  • GDI

    In my opinion, this is a hate crime and should be prosecuted under the hate crime laws.

    • Florida Girl

      Hopefully turning over the information to the proper authorities to investigate and determine if actual criminal activity occurred is a first step. This is operating within the system, not going out in retaliation. I wouldn’t hesitate in getting congressmen involved If consequences can be levied against TSA for putting up with this horrible behavior, it will tend to make them think the next time befor they try such a brash prank (crime). How an individual behaves on their time off does impact job performance. Just need to push the right buttons and make enough nosie and get him fired. This behavior should not be tolerated, and internet is can be a powerful tool for good if we ban together and go up against this.

  • Rip

    Why is it that the Federal government Always seems to hire the people with the WORST morals, instead of those with the BEST ?

    • Craig

      not only does the gov’t hire those with the worst morals, Rip. “We the People” (the liberal Left)choose to ELECT these pinheads via voter fraud.

    • kodster5

      Because those with higher morals wouldn’t work in TSA, or any other government entity, for that matter. The only ones that do, are in the military, and that’s why jerks like this attack and want to ruin those institutions as well. Total demoralization of everyone and everything. These jerks can’t get a job in the private sector!

  • Shauna

    This is almost the most offensive story I have ever read. To post porn on anyone’s website is the actions of seriously disturbed person. I’m sure the comment that Ken Ham made about athiests was nothing like what Seashols put on the facebook page. This is almost as revolting as the F#&k Jesus Christ facebook page. I seriously don’t know why everone hates Christians so much. It’s insanity. As to some of the comments on this page, “black bitch” is extremely uncalled for. Not all the TSA agents are black and to point one out with that kind of laguage shows that you are also immature.

    • JC711

      Shauna, I love what you’ve written, and also admired something you said yesterday on a different post ~ We need more of you ! To try to answer your question as to why people are so anti-Christian these days… My guess is that they want to do things that they KNOW are wrong, and Christians are somehow their nagging consciences… Thanks again for your posts : )

  • just wondering

    What’s next? Feed us to the lions? Why is it that they have all the rights? They want to be left alone, but they can bash and try to destroy us? NOT gonna happen. There are still more of us then them, and even if they outnumbered us, God is on our side. They lose in the long run!

  • Paul

    If he had done this on the NAACP’s or an GLB facebook page he would be out of his job. However, because it was a Christian he attacked that is ok.

  • V

    People should start boycotting the airlines and take trains, cars, buses as often as possible…if we crush the airlines where it hurts…i.e. their budget…we might be able to get rid of these A-holes!

    • kodster5

      Don’t count on it… remember in the article over the convicted robbery felon? RIC wanted to get rid of him, but TSA wouldn’t fire him. They threatened RIC with sanctions if RIC persisted. It wasn’t until a congressman stepped in that TSA finally relented. So, the airports and the airlines have a noose around their balls, and TSA controls it.

      Me? The last time I flew was in 2009, and it’s rare that I do, because of this invasion of privacy. So, I drive myself, or take the bus.

  • Dixiemom

    I agree with most of the comments but I do believe that the fact that he slandered this man in a most obnoxious wayn needs to be dealt with severely. Freedom of speech is one thing but slandering a persons reputation is a totally different ballgame. Fire his sorry ass and get him out of public service, tho what public service the TSA provides is very questionable.

    • Judith

      Too bad you can’t express your feelings without being vulgar.

    • American Gram

      Judith – if Dixiemom’s comment offended you, you must not have read any of the other comments. I don’t like swearing of any kind – don’t use it myself. But you seem highly judgemental. We should all be able to express outselves without using language that is offensive.

  • Meghann

    Well, good luck getting through those pearly gates, Seashols. The Lord our God is watching. I can’t judge your salvation but I can certainly guess how that first meeting will go.

    • Raymond

      Meghann says:
      April 14, 2011 at 11:31 am
      Well, good luck getting through those pearly gates, Seashols. The Lord our God is watching. I can’t judge your salvation but I can certainly guess how that first meeting will go.

      A tree is known by its fruit…

  • Ray

    I’m a commercial pilot…I will not fly commercially as a passenger anymore. Our Government is run by idiots, TSA is run by idiots. Common sense has taken a vacation!

    • Raymond

      Ray says:
      April 14, 2011 at 11:33 am
      I’m a commercial pilot…I will not fly commercially as a passenger anymore. Our Government is run by idiots, TSA is run by idiots. Common sense has taken a vacation!

      they’re doing it because they embrace what
      God has clearly forbidden…

    • Judith

      Seems a little exteme, Ray. I hope I never travel on a plane that you’re piloting!

  • Raymond

    This fits in perfectly with the homosexual agenda.

    Please don’t vote for anyone who supports/embraces
    homosexuality or lesbianism….

  • Paul Walker

    I can understand how all of above commenters feel but the very best solution would be to start praying for him. That is our most powerful tool (Spiritual Warfare). The BEST way to get rid of an enemy is to make him a friend.


      Paul, it is too late for him. The Bible says
      “all manner of sin will be forgiven man, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirt will never be forgiven, not in this world nor in the world to come”. He is too late. His fault.
      He is going to “HELL”.

  • Jim Williams

    These actions warrant charges under our hate crimes laws. He also helped orchestrate an invasion of a website(hacking) which is also against the law. His comments and actions are so deplorable that he does not deserve to be in a position of a public servant. Hopefully Mr. Ham’s attorney’s will file and pursue charges against Mr. Seashols. What a sad and miserable fellow.

  • Paul Walker

    Just forget it.

    • JMP

      That’s a big part of the problem, Paul. Too many people have had the mind set of ‘just forgetting it’ and now look at the mess we are in. I agree about the power of prayer, but God gave us minds and intellegence. We need to wake up and ‘occupy’ until He comes…not ‘sit back,do nothing and then complain’ until He comes back! The scriptures are full of people voicing their opinion and standing for the truth. I for one can’t ‘just forget it’!

  • Kathy

    I REALLY feel sorry for those two little girls of his! He stated that “….words have never hurt anybody.” What ROCK has he been hiding under? Has he not heard about the effec that words are having on some teenagers who are being bullied with actions and WORDS, and are committing suicide?
    May God Have Mercy on him and I hope the TSA finally sticks by their policy of not tolerating “off duty conduct unbecoming” and FIRE HIM QUICKLY! He will probably be facing charges of hacking a personal webpage anyway. I HOPE!

    • kodster5

      Imagine what those two little girls are experiencing now, with Daddy being in the news for his vulgar language and behavior. You speak about the teenagers being bullied? These two little girls are likely experiencing that, right now!

  • Bippy Bellito

    TSA agents are a reflection of their bosses. They will do what their bosses allow them to do. Consider who they work for. Does it then surprise you that 500 lb Democrats are molesting children under guise of scanning, and porn sites are encouraged.

  • Ken Jackson

    This is typical Civil Service mentality. I can do anything I want and you can’t fire me. My union will protect me. This man should be fired and jailed.

  • Timerunner

    GOD Jehovah, sees all, knows all and is waiting for the evil persons of this type, hell is for them all, no matter what the human mind may consider GOD Jehovah always has the last laugh, if you will.
    As Jesus said pray always, knowing you have a sure and greater reward coming from above than what this earth can give.
    GOD is not mocked, in due season he will reward the evil with his judgement and what a cry will be heard.
    Remember the reward for Hananiah In Jeremiah chap:28, also the reward for Sodom and Gomorrah, and the reward for those who follow Molech and Satan. Yes their cries will be long and loud but no one will be able to save any of them, they are dead men walking as we read this writing.

    GOD (Jehovah) Bless you all

    • Lynda

      Yes, thank you for speaking the truth in a perverted world. America, your cup is full. May God have mercy, we reap what we sow. It is not blessing but mercy that we need!

  • steamroller

    I’ve noticed this sort of thing on YouTube, also. I’ve clicked on some Christian themed videos, and then the selections on the sidebar are all of porn content. You’d think that the other sites offered for viewing would be of a religious theme, but they’re porn. Someone has obviously done that on purpose. I was so embarrassed when I sent a YouTube to a priest friend and then he told me about all the porn that came along with it on the sidebar!

    • kodster5

      That’s because the administrators for YouTube are also liberal agnostic or atheists. They screen and tag the videos, and when they tag it as “porn”, it gets categorized with like videos.

  • Passtheword

    More intolerance from the tolerance crowd.

  • rowley

    Government workers Unions are responsible.

  • http://MSN.COM Omega2


  • Judith

    This has more to do with Atheists and their lack of integrity than with the TSA.

    As for most of YOU who make comments here:
    Where is YOUR integrity? Can you not write a single sentence that doesn’t contain a profanity or an obscene expression?
    Sorry folks, your lack of intelligence is showing!

    Grow up!! Act your age instead of your shoe size!!!

    • Judith

      One more comment:
      Yes, he should be fired. What he did was unconscionable! No matter what his religion, he is a representative of the TSA and the U.S. Government.
      And the abuse of his daughters is unforgivable. They should be removed from his home/custody. Words DO hurt! Verbal abuse is much worse than physical abuse.

  • AverageJoeTexas, Dallas

    If it were a Muslim website the OB administration would be all over this the DOJ would be screaming. Christian? Nah, they are just around to get kicked and mocked at. Nothing will happen to this dude. Reid did not even say “This nation under God” when reciting the pledge, talk about going to He– in a hand basket.

  • brad morgan


    • brad morgan


    • ARMYOF69

      Why are you still alive?

    • esther

      I am so happy for you! The Lord works in marvelous ways. This country does not respect Him very much at all and will pay for that!

    • guesswhat

      I believe you mean this world.

    • jimmya

      In Florida , an atheist created a case against the upcoming Easter and
      > Passover Holy days.
      > He hired an attorney to bring a discrimination case against Christians and
      > Jews and observances
      > of their holy days. The argument was that it was unfair that atheists had
      > no such recognized
      > days.
      > The case was brought before a judge. After listening to the passionate
      > presentation by the lawyer,
      > the judge banged his gavel declaring, “Case dismissed!”
      > The lawyer immediately stood objecting to the ruling saying, “Your honor,
      > How can you possibly
      > dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter and others. The
      > Jews have Passover, Yom
      > Kippur and Hanukkah, yet my client and all other atheists have no such
      > holidays.”
      > The judge leaned forward in his chair saying, “But you do. Your client,
      > counsel, is woefully ignorant.”
      > The lawyer said, “Your Honor, we are unaware of any special observance or
      > holiday for atheists…”
      > The judge said, “The calendar says April 1st is April Fools Day. Psalm
      > 14:1 states, ‘The fool says in
      > his heart, there is no God.’ Thus, it is the opinion of this court, that,
      > if your client says there is
      > no God, then he is a fool. Therefore, April 1st is his day. Court is
      > adjourned.”
      > You gotta love a Judge that knows his scripture!
      > This is too good not to forward In GOD we trust!

    • Tiana

      I love it!! I only wish there were many more judges like him rather than sotomayer & kagan!

    • Suzanne

      I loved your post. Hope you don’t mind, but I’d love to copy it and send to friends.

    • Allan

      jimmya: I really have Great Respect for that Judge and for you posting the comment. There are many out there who are attempting to override Our Country’s Heritage and Constitution. I hope WE can prevail.

    • Kevin

      So Bob lives in Richmond, Va?

    • AtheistLibertarian

      People with invisible friends are delusional.

    • muslims are pigs

      you have the I.Q. of a nut sack & muzlims!

    • Aristophenes

      athe-real intelligent. How can a Christian possibly argue with a comment like that? (sarcasm) Do you believe there is a Europe or Florida or Missouri or any other place you have not visited? Do you believe in all the oceans? How about evolution, no proof there. Do you believe the big bang THEORY? No proof there either. You accept some things without seeing them, BY FAITH, but, you cannot accept God? I will pray for you. You are just really pathetic.

    • khatley

      I believe in the big bang theory,
      God spoke, his word is so powerful bang it happened! A world was created, it took 6 days for the ‘Bang” to stop !

    • Sue

      Did you know that what became known as the “big bang” theory was first proposed by George Lamaitre? He was a priest in the Catholic Church! So much for all those who attack the Church as being anti-science…

    • Raymond

      AtheistLibertarian says:
      April 14, 2011 at 11:57 am
      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

      People with invisible friends are delusional.

      Revelation 20
      1And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. 2And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, 3And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season. 4And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. 5But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection. 6Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years. 7And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, 8And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. 9And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them. 10And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.
      11And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. 12And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. 13And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. 14And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. 15And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

    • Lynda

      Thank you Raymond, I’m sure you are one of God’s generals tonight. God bless you!

    • ARMYOF69

      And all of humanity is a pure accident.
      Your day is coming.

    • Am2sweet

      I’ll join you in that. I fail to see why atheists must try to take faith away from anyone. Just because they don’t have any isn’t our fault. These people are mentally ill and don’t know it. Maybe they need to read the Constitution which says anyone has the right to believe what they want. That pretty much says it all. No one decent should give any advertising space to an atheist. No one should allow atheist to force their illness on anyone else. I can say the same to the Libs who are no doubt helping the atheists.

    • jimmya

      There is one passage in the bible that says it all. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    • Guy Tuten

      You know the atheist must believe in God because the fight his people so hard and us his name in vain to try and convince themselves he does not exists explain that

    • Lynda

      YES and AMEN!

    • Bill

      the people doing these things are pure evil.

    • http://none Carol

      Jesus Christ was & IS God, not a man. I agree with the rest of your statements. Jesus is Lord! And He did what no one else could do & that is to die for our sins so we can be saved & go to heaven where there is peace, love & joy. Won’t have to worry about ungodly going there.

    • T-Partier

      As a true conservative I’d rather take personal responsibility and die for my own sins. I thank Him, but NO THANKS.

    • ed crandall

      To take real responsibility for yourself would be to accept the fact that you are a sinner and can not save yourself. But God still loves you and allowed His son to die for your sins and was raised from the dead to save you, even if you were the only man alive.Remember it is Gods love for sinners and His hatred of sin that keeps us apart from Him.

    • Raymond

      T-Partier says:
      April 14, 2011 at 12:53 pm
      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

      As a true conservative I’d rather take personal responsibility and die for my own sins. I thank Him, but NO THANKS.

      Thats’s the worst decision you’ll ever make.
      The Lake Of Fire awaits you…

    • Lynda

      Agreed. While it is a noble thought (that is all it is to take responsibility I mean)it is not enough.This is sin we are talking about and God alone can take care of the sin problem. In fact He did just that through the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord. You are not worthy to be your own redeemer. ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God; being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. (Romans 3) Justified means just as if I had never sinned. You must have Jesus to make that possible in your life. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) Read the Bible verses and be saved from your sin today! I am a very conservative christian believer and I know you can have all your sins forgiven through no effort of your own, but Jesus only. Try Him and see. Read the Bible and pray for that.

    • Norma

      I’m sure nobody needs to tell Mr. Seashols to “GO TO HELL”…his GPS already has him headed straight in that direction!!!

    • Jane

      I bet if you could ask Madelin Murray OHare if she is still an athiest shed say no since she is in Hell. She was murdered by fellow athiests.

    • khatley

      Why doesn’t he say these things about Muslims in public if he can do as he pleases. He should be fired because any government employee is supposed to be tolerant. The best thing is to pray for this man, hard as it would be, it is what would be the right thing to do.

    • luvUSA

      I just wrote a letter to TSA against Bob Seashols, and I believe if enough letters are written maybe he will get fired..takes only a few minutes to take action! Time to fight back.

    • Texan for America

      Just remember the Lord gave life to us all and he loves everyone in the world. He wants us to follow Jesus’ ways, so we should reach out and tell this non-believer that the Lord loves him, and wants him to have peace.

      Now, the man I am wants to tell him where to go, but that would just start an argument, and I would rather only tell of what Jesus has done for me, and how without him I would surely be face down in a ditch somewhere on my way to hell myself.

      May God bless his people, but more so may God use his believers to bring a positive image back to Christianity

      Forgive this man and his cohorts Lord, for they do not know your generosity and Love for all men and women.

  • rocketw

    To use the kind of scatalogical language that the other side uses is not worthy of us Tea Party members. Come on, we’re better than that! Can’t we just refer to their single-digit IQs, their moral slovenliness, and their inability to employ either reason or logic without stooping to their level?

    • Allan

      To rocketw. Your statement portrays a very High I.Q. and totally lays out how we should handle withered minds.

  • 1776_2012

    Seems like TSA likes to hire convicted felons and thugs. Typical govt. employees.

    • muslims are pigs

      Exactly,… the illegal alien, muzlim, half breed, mulatto criminal in the White house is their leader!!

    • OXNIN

      You are a person of my liking!People should be rising up against Muslims, not wasting voice on petty shit….OXNIN

    • frank1737

      I’m a Vietnam Vet and a Christian and D–N Proud of it.I guess this Bob Seashols is proud of being an Athiest along with Obama & the rest of Satin driven, Stupid, Inept individuals with the National Atheist Party! They should all be driven out of this Great Country and sent to the Middle East, Red China, or Russia and see how long they would survive there. If any of the Athiest has problems with what I have wrote, I would personaly be glad to give them an attitude ajustment!!

    • Raymond

      1776_2012 says:
      April 14, 2011 at 11:50 am
      Seems like TSA likes to hire convicted felons and thugs. Typical govt. employees.

      You forgot to include rapists.

  • jason crowther,

    he’s wrong;a user CAN NOT SAY ANYTHING HE OR SHE WANTS! to do so makes you guilty of slander. and if the user receiving the material is under age and/or female, i bet charges of sexual abuse could be levied as well.

    • Jhn1

      Hmmm, “Yet when pressed if he would be upset if his daughters stumbled upon the kind of explicit images and commentary he aided in posting to Mr. Ham’s public page … “Words have never hurt anybody.””

      It seems to me that I recall some teen suicide and cyber-bullying cases.

      Enough, I would bet that, given his job description, he either isn’t doing his job to spec, or the job is a feather-bedded job to allow pro-union community activists a scenicure. (while nothing in his screed indicates union proclavities, I don’t believe nonworking positions go to anyone else)

    • Tiana

      not to mention the fact that he posted PORNOGRAPHIC material in a location easily accessable to minors. Is that not totally against the law? And, to think, he has access to legally grope and/or view the xrays of innocent victims just trying to get to point B from point A. I no longer wonder why I’m reluctant to fly anywhere!

  • ChickenLady

    What we need is a group of patriotic attorneys who will, pro bono, start suing these kind of people for liable, slander and defamation of character. That would put a stop to these kind of senseless, baseless attacks. Call the Tea Party racists, can’t prove it = get sued. THIS jerk could be sued for liable and defamation of character for what he did.

  • Randy131

    With the TSA’s policy of sexual groping or producing pornographic images, in the name of security, our children, both girls AND boys, our women, both married and unmarried, young or old, and men both hetorosexual or homosexual, is it any surprise that they attract the most perverts, of all types, from our society. The examples of this by recorded and reported situations, just keep mounting up, yet nothing is done, in the name of security, no matter how many people becry their 4th Amendment rights and are completely ignored, while are laws are being broken by this renegade federal organization we know as TSA. Mean while, the Israeli Airport Security does twice the job, at half the cost, as the TSA, with none of these immoral issues. I say abolish the TSA, and fire all its employees, especially Napolitano whose brainchild this is, and hand the security duties to those who should have it in the first place, and aren’t allowed to unionize, the FBI, after they have gone through training from our ally, who have proven to do a much better job of airport security, the Israelis. This would also save us billions of dollars each year, and let us travel safely without the perversion going on now, as we once did in the past.

    • Diane

      My thoughts exactly! How many “nude” photos of passengers does this pervert see on a daily basis?

    • Wayne

      Finally, someone hitting the real point here. The TSA (Terrorist Support Agency) is pure anti-America. Any agency that refuses to abide by our constitution is anti-American. Its plain and simple. The kind of “people” the TSA hires is constantly being shown as criminal and anti-American. We need to ban and execute the TSA.

  • Sharon Ashworth

    Since when do words hurt no one? Look at all the words that have hurt children through the bullying in school and online? This is the kind of nonsense that we do and then when our children do it, we wonder why we have problems with bullying! LET’s get real!

    • Harry

      Not to mention that Seashols admits his reason for his stupidity was “Somebody posted . . . an asinine statement that Ken Ham made [on an Atheist forum], and that raised our hackles”. Aren’t those WORDS?

    • macrjohna

      I would be interested in what that horrific message said, that created in his infintile mind the need to so such a foolish thing. What will Obama do/say about this? Do to the fact that it has the possability of further degrading the moral fabric of our nation probably nothing.

  • Pastor Buddy

    I wonder if Mr. Seashols has the guts to post similar comments about Mohammed and Islam on a Muslim website? I doubt the coward would. He knows Christians don’t kill people for insulting Christ or Christians. I feel sorry for Mr. Seashols’ daughters. As far as Mr. Seashols himself, well – I am commanded by my Lord to forgive and turn the other cheek. This is between the Lord and Mr. Seashols.

    • http://N/A June

      Only the Lord has the power to forgive!

    • Tiana

      but one must first ask forgiveness and this numbskull will never realize any wrongdoing on his part!

    • luvUSA

      Yes we need to forgive, but we also need to fight against evil…the Lord never said to ignore evil. This is why Christians are being attacked and our country is turning away from God, because Christians are not fighting back. Indifference is worse than any sin…turning the other cheek yes in some circumastances, not all.

    • http://N/A June

      Solution for airports

      Here’s the solution to all the controversy over full-body scanners at the airports: Have a booth that you can step into that will not x-ray you,but will detonate any explosive device you may have on your body.

      It would be a win-win for everyone, and there would be none of this crap about racial profiling and this method would eliminate a long and expensive trial. Justice would be quick and swift.

      This is so simple that it’s brilliant. I can see it now. You’re in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter an announcement comes over the PA system, “Attention standby passengers. We now have a seat available on flight number 4665 …. Paging maintenance. Shop Vac needed in booth number 4.”

    • Allan

      Hey June: I think you are on to something that an Ohio entrepeneur could develop and make some really huge profits. Belive it or not the First actual GO CART was built by me in Peterborough Ontario Canada and a person with Ohio License Plates followed me around snapping pictures around 1948. So perhaps some one will pick up on your idea and patent it. If you yourself can come up withthe means to do this be sure to patent it. I lost out by not Patenting my Go Cart.

    • OXNIN

      Paster budy, you error in the statement, “turn the other cheek” Christ does not expect you to keep turning cheek!When he went ballistic whit the money changers and other scum on the temple; he didn’t turn his cheek; he kicked ass!
      Don’t be stupid, you have a right to protect yourself. Would you let someone keep beating on your son or daughter, while you are yelling, ” Turn the other cheek, forgive him”;I don’t think so.Turn the other cheek is a metaphore, not to be taken absolutly! If you take it absolutly; your and idiot….OXNIN…..God bless you sir

    • Gregory A. Slemp

      There’s a confusion about “forgiveness”. My Lord Jesus forgave people quite freely if they were repentent, openhearted, accepting of God’s message.

      Other people were called horrible (to them) names, like “whitewashed sepulchres”, “open graves”, “children of your father the devil”, etc. Does that sound like forgiveness? See the difference?

      One caveat: we are not to harbor hate, etc. in our hearts; some confuse this with forgiveness, but I think it is more like “give it over to the Lord”. Vengence is His, He will, will, will repay. And do pray for these sin-sick folks, please!!

  • hugh james

    Christ taught us to love thy enemies and toverbalize it. Bob Seashols shows us what is on the mind of the atheist! And he verbalized it!

  • Jimmy Joe

    If you have seen,the movie by mel brooks,called blazing saddles.where the government.mel brooks,had their thugs(unions)and,other thugs,left wing,and bribe.the worst low lifes,they could rustle rape,murder,and plunder,the village,and their order to,get rich,and powerful,themselves.forcing everyone to be subservient to their government,master,or they don’t have the right to exist!!!the government is the democrat party,and lapdog,liberal republicans,and independents.the thugs,are,their special interest groups,and the mob for hire low lifes,are their constituents!!!

  • dee cee

    Dear chickenlady,
    There is a group of attorneys that are patriotic they can be found at

  • Bob McMillian

    I agree wholeheartedly with James Burke. This is a hate crime, and as such, is NOT protected speech. This fool needs to be 1. Fired from TSA and 2. Criminally prosecuted for a hate crime. This idiot cannot be allowed to get away with this.

  • http://Yahoo Abby

    What a den of misfits we have today. To think that the Government would willingly employ convicts, pedators, etc is unbelievable. What is this world coming to? We have the free will to do whatever we want. God gave us that right. However, God also sent his son, Jesus, to show us the true way to live. The 10 commandments are our guide but the two greatest commandments are to love God and to love our neigbor as we love ourselves. There must be plenty of people who do not care about themselves, let alone others.
    When you take prayer out of the schools, out of the homes, disallow prayer wherever, you see the results you get.
    No one knows for sure what awaits us after our death; however, I would rather live as though there is a God than reap what is sowed here on earth by non-believers.

    • Allan

      Abby: You have very sound reasoning and persons like you should be in government. Your convictions are solid and straightforward. You depict what is sadly lacking in many of our elected officials.

  • Ric from Virginia

    Has anyone else noticed the “obvious” hyocracy in Mr. Seashols comments??

    It seems as if Mr. Seashols thinks that free speech applies ONLY to him, and NOT Mr. Ham.

    However, I’m not surprised. I live in Richmond Virginia, and it is full of weirdo’s, whacko’s and other various despicable excuses for human beings…..It is a vulgar, vile and violent city…….Mr. Seashols represents the city well!!

    • muslims are pigs

      he is just a criminal hillbilly nobody, he’ll evaporate like the rest of them!!!

  • Joseph Campbell

    I had a teacher that taught us that “My freedom to swing my fist stops at the end of your nose.” No, he does not have the freedom to say what he wants to say! God has given us freedom to “by love, serve one another.”

  • Obama Hates America

    And this is one of the people groping our citizens? Bring in profiling. Until that happens, I will not be flying.

  • Doug

    I’ve heard Christians constantly say we need to pray, but I don’t think God himself will do anything no matter how many times they pray to him. The reason why I believe that is most of the world like Europe has rejected God and this country is slowly rejecting him also. I believe God is waiting for the Rapture. The reason why things like this happens to Christians is they won’t fight back. Do you think this TSA dude will try to post porn on a muslim site?

    • muslims are pigs

      In order to post something on a muzlim Pig site he would almost be able to read arabic to know where to post it wouldn’t he?? He’s a hillbilly how would he figure that out?

      His I.Q. is lower than whale poop (think about it) and you can’t get any lower than that!

    • allgems

      “I’ve heard Christians constantly say we need to pray, but I don’t think God himself will do anything no matter how many times they pray to him”

      This is blasphemy (making the Word of God to be untrue) as Jesus himself said if we ask, seek and knock He would answer. The problems many Christians face today is that they are not consistent in their prayer and Bible study and so aren’t walking a close walk with God. They don’t know how to ask, or what to ask, or how to seek, in a way that is in line with God’s Word and God’s Will.

      Jesus said we don’t receive (get our prayers answered) because we want to consume it upon our lusts AND (in the OT) if we “regard iniquity in our heart” the Lord will not hear our prayer.

      WHether you believe it or not, God has all of these events under His control. He is using everything to fulfill His will. Seeking God every day for His Will and His presence is the best thing you can do.

    • Doug

      Hey I’m not trying to be disrespectful toward the Faith. I am Southern Baptist and I mentioned to what I said to several Ministers and they did’nt accuse me of Blasphemy. Now you’ve said that God has the current events under his control, that is why I’ve said he is waiting for the right time to return. Don’t act like you are better than me.

    • Debbie Texas

      I’m very private and quiet about my faith, but definitely respect and observe the need to pray.

      I am, however, familiar with the instruction by Jesus “If you don’t own a sword, sell your cloak and buy one…” Prayer has a companion and there is a time and place to employ that companion. We are fast approaching that time with the criminal government employees we have running roughshod over our country and our people.

      I don’t advocate violence and am not threatening such; but we as a nation go to war on our behalf and on behalf of our friends in other countries…we do so against our enemies. We have every right Constitutionally to declare war on our enemies; foreign and domestic.

    • Doug

      If you pray to God for yourself, thats fine and I’m sure he will listen. I’m just saying if you pray to him to help Christians, I believe he won’t help. I just believe Christians are on their own and have to defend themselves. But they don’t and that is why the aclu, progressives, atheists and muslims are slowly winning.

    • Allan

      Like the OLD HYMN “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching AS To War. We Christians are being attacked from every angle and we just TAKE IT. We need a really,really Strong Christian President,Vice President, and Speaker of the House to put Our House back into ORDER. The History of when the United States flourished and was well industrialised and HAPPY when we had Presidents who were staunch Christians. I wish Judge Roy Moore will run for President and team up with other Staunch American Christians person running for the Office of President

  • ChickenLady

    Dear dee cee:

    I’m a member of judicial watch! There is also the ACLJ. Both organizations are great.

    • Allan

      ChickenLady: Thankyou for doing Your Part to create a Better Country that hopefully Our grandchildren and those yet unborn will cherish in Our Efforts to Create.

  • Madeline

    “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”. 1st. Peter chp.5 verse 8.
    Jesus, deliver our children from evil.

    • Allan

      Madeline: Without God in OUR(YES OUR) schools many children will never be exposed to the Good Christian Country that was Founded as such by The Founding Fathers. Remember the Pilgrims. Sharing Thanksgiving eventually with the Indians. Ancient History but this was what turned into the Greatest Nation on Earth. If We don’t get Our Act together we will Permantly being in the History Books as another Fallen Nation.

  • http://aol John Cenc

    “KILL THE SON-OF-A-BITCH” No offence to dogs,just the IDIOTS mother! Didn’t break any laws,can say what I want to about anybody!!!! I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL!!!

    • jim

      Oh he WILL!! IF he doesn’t change, Typical Obamabot Moron!!

  • Bob Baker

    Seashols is no more immoral than the government which employs him. Be realistic: the government supports and funds abortion on demand; the government supports and actively pursues the homosexual agenda; the government (especially the president) supports the thuggish tactics of the unions; the government (especially Obama) has supported, funded and defended such activities as ACORN which has been shown to be little more than a shill for the abortion and prostitution industries. Sadly too many of our citizens either explicitly or implicitly by lack of action agree with these illegal, immoral and anti-Christian tactics. God help us.

    • muslims are pigs

      Pleaseeee, don’t capitalize anything that has to do with obama, he does not deserve any respect of any kind whatsoever!

  • Draugr

    Seashols is a gutless scum bag. Peace all over you Seashols.

  • Ott

    If he is a true Atheist why has he not done a bad web site for Islamic belivers?

    Well I hope he had a fun Atheist holiday.

    You know ? April 1st.

    Aprill fools day.

  • Melissa

    I love how if a Christian had done this on an Atheist’s site, the Christian would have lost his job, been kicked off Facebook, been sued for a hate crime, and been ostracized by the world. The Atheist, however, can say whatever he or she wishes against a Christian and there is no retaliation. This is reverse discrimination.

    Another word… those who are saying the Atheist can “go to hell” or “burn in hell” are either Atheist trolls trying to start trouble, or they aren’t really Christian. The answer is to PRAY for the Atheists to see the error of their ways, not to wish more harm upon them. If they go to hell, it will be because they chose to do so and this is a horrible thing to wish for.

    • Allan

      Melissa: You are Right. What happens to Christians is REVERSE DISCRIMINATION. Those two words depict exactly what Christianity is faced with. Liberal Judges and Liberal Politics of today. They call it Political Correctness but your words are the only ones that are correct. Reverse Discrimination is overtaking America today.

  • Ott

    Will he get introuble for exposing Porn to Minnors?

    • Allan

      He probably will get away with his pornography to minors. Remember ANYTHING GOES here in the America of today. The more perverse and disgusting something is the more likely our kids will view the site or see it on T.V. Is God angered at America? I think so. Will HE become even more Angry? It’s up to You and I to demand Return of Christian Prayer to Our Schools Once Again.

  • Papa SKWE-G

    Being a deviant is now becoming socially accepted in some circles. The TSA knows exactly what they’re doing and who they’re hiring for the task at hand. The TSA and airport check points are also test centers of how much they can get away with. TSA and higher knew that there would be public outcry against their policies of (assault) screening. TSA’s preverted tactics are an affront to wearing down public outcry until sexual assault is considered normal & in turn the people become the criminals if they resist. This data will be used for other locations under the guise of security and against anyone with moral standards. TSA is not about catching terrorist but setting the stage for normalizing deviant behavior, sexual assault and crinimalizing morality, decency and worst of all, our innocence.

  • Joy

    Stand up True Christians and yell loudly. E-mail every congress-person and tell them we will not tolerate this assault on Christian Americans and they must disband TSA. If you send 5 e-mails a day that means it will stay in the forefront. Google each states congress-people and e-mail and/or phone. Doesn’t cost you anything and if enough Christians do this we will win this fight. STAND UP NOW!!

  • Debbie Texas

    More protecting of criminals who hold Fiduciary positions in government. From the Usurper down to local police officers; there is little vetting and horrendous exposure to innocent citizen victims who pay their salaries and TRUST in our public servants to do what they are entrusted to do.

    This TSA agent has access to your child or grandchild when they are traveling. This perverted excuse for a human being…this garbage can put his hands on a child and exploit them physically and then further by sharing their ultra revealing scans with whomever he pleases.

    Regardless of your religious background or standards; this is not the kind of individual who should be in a position of power over citizens. When he is on the job, he has the power to intimidate and harm citizens with his violent and antisocial and possible psychotic attitudes.

    These pieces of filth are hired without full investigation and vetting and then protected at our expense (or maybe with the current Regime; they are specifically hired because of their criminality and perversion.

    I will not travel as long as this violation of our Constitution and the exploitation, social engineering and violation of our citizens continues. WE all have a duty to do more than post on these sites. I call, write, fax and do whatever I can to keep the pressure on our Fiduciaries and I hope you all do the same.

    The next step in this process won’t be pretty. Citizens are being backed into a corner and like a cornered coyote; when baring our teeth and issuing warnings net nothing but silence and more threats from those who have us cornered, we will have but one option to save our Nation and our children.

    • Allan

      Debbie: YOU ARE SAYING AND DOING THE SAME THINGS I AM DOING WITH YOUR OWN PERSONAL FLARE. I sure hope we can begin to gain ground with our inefficent elected officials. When you think of where their salaries come from it really blows my mind that they don’t give us better consideration until time for re-election.

    • Debbie Texas

      Allan, what many of us find so offensive is that they never stop campaigning and never do what they promise or what their Oath binds them to do. Before their respective Oaths are finished echoing in the halls of our Congress; they are begging for money in constant email assaults and calls. They have violated their promises to us. WE, the grassroots patriots/TEA Party are responsible for some 660 seats across the country. WE put the GOP majority in the House and WE put Boehner in his position of power. And, how do they thank us and how do they follow up on their promises? By shafting us…by being the cowards they are…by lying and cheating and making more promises for the future while they tear us to pieces today. They are all GUILTY. Through direct complicity in crimes against U.S. or by tacit silent agreement…by the compromise we emphatically said we would not accept.

    • Debbie Texas

      And…the GOP hopefuls are a bunch of idiots who prove daily that they don’t deserve our support, respect or votes.

      They have chosen to stand shoulder to shoulder against the American people. They refuse to prosecute the financial crimes and instead bail out the perps with our money while we twist in the wind and our lives are destroyed.

      They stand together and support and protect the perpetrators behind the coup that installed the present America-hating Usurper and Regime. Pawlenty says he saw the proof on CNN so he believes Obama is legal…huh? the document shown was a self-invalidating fake and do we want a President who acts upon what he saw on CNN? Bachmann says it’s not her job…huh? It IS her job and her duty to vet or cause to be investigated the current Usurper with all the evidence available to show probable cause. Romney says he believes Obama is eligible and also appears to have no problem with all the other crimes that have come to light…like the fraudulent use of a soc sec #. None of these jackasses should be paid by our dollars and none should receive a pension or the gold standard medical care they GAVE themselves under our protest.

  • NT

    People, we need to DEMAND that this jerk be fired from TSA immediately! This is certainly a hate crime, which IS against the law, and against the policy of the TSA. He also needs to be prosecuted for such a crime. The bias hate crime statutes clearly say if it is done with the intent to intimidate, based upon race, creed, national origin, religion, etc.. This is the clearest case of a bias hate crime there is. It’s not up to the victim to press charges, it is mandated by law for the police, or federal law enforcement in this case, to arrest and charge him.

    • Liz T

      I agree 100%. He needs to be charged with a hate crime. What he did is absolutely against the law. “Freedom of speech” does not include hate speech and attacking a person based on their “religion”- especially in such a pre-meditated malicious way. Unbelievable! If he did the same thing to a muslim leader’s fb page or a leader of a different skin color, or a leader to the homosexual rights groups, he would have been charged and sitting in jail already!

    • Allan

      NT: Our Judicial System will probably just brush This Offence of Lightly. Remember Sharia Law in now being applied in Florida. Heaven only knows where else has turned back to the Dark Ages. God’s Representatives here on Earth are our Only Hope of REGAINING OPUR LOSSES.

  • JP

    Seashols,should be investigated for pornography conveyance over a web site and whether it broke the law,even if commited on his own time. Shows you what kind of personnel the administration is hiring to man our TSA facilities!!!!

  • Debbie Texas

    I just wonder what a piece of human filth like this would do to a traveler who happened to be carrying a Bible or wearing a cross around their neck? Care to speculate how invasive or abusive his actions might be toward his victim?

    • Allan

      The examiner would be very vindictive towards anyone with a Bible. The person could most likely get away with carrying the Quoran. Reverse Discrimination at Full Height



  • Michael

    The only faith atheists have is man and science which proves one thing. They are either idiots or morons, fools, ect. Anybody who puts their faith in man or woman is not the brightest person in the world.

  • FB

    How about his violation of internet porn laws? He did violate Facebook by hacking into someone elses account. At the very least as a government official who represents the public face of the TSA he should be canned for poor judgement, then charged with any violations of law.

    Then if our political representatives allow the “gentleman” to collect even one minute more of pay from our tax dollars, they need to be recalled/fired/impeached.

    Both parties need to be held accountable.

    • Allan

      FB: Please don’t classify this pervert with such a kind word as “GENTLEMAN” he certainly is not of such high caliber

  • David B.

    A group of us needs to stomp a mud hole in the TSA then stomp it dry! Then take this pig of an athiest and tar and feather his hide.Our gov’t is no longer of the people and by the people anymore It’s run by a bunch of Jack Budhist thugs!

  • Richard

    When they find all that child pornography on Mr. Seashols office and home computers, he will spend a good many years in prison. Watch yourself, Mr. Seashols, watch yourself. What goes around comes around.

  • JMcarthy

    I would guess Mr. Seasholes voted for obama, that’s a pretty safe bet. Look at who populates the “democrat” party today: self-described atheists, union thugs, Marxists, Communists, felons, America Haters and degenerats of all kinds. Mr. Seasholes ACTIONS, along with the list of “party (democrat) members”, mirror 1930’s Socialist Nazi Germany. Conservatives and Christians are the new ‘jews’ and are the target of obamas ‘final solution’. The ‘Good’ people of 1930’s Germany couldn’t stop Hitler, are we any different? So far there are NO signs of anyone stopping obama!

  • 1minuteman

    i wonder if this TSA employee would be so brazen about this if it was islam that he defamed. i think not. he would be worried about a fatah against him as well as the great muslim obama sicking eric the crook holder on him.

  • Mrs. RBC

    I am glad for whoever posted that these terrible I HOPE HE GOES TO HELL types of posts must be written by atheists disguising themselves as christians on this and probably other sites as well.
    I had never thought of that.
    I was a little disturbed at first reading of the comments that any christians would say such hateful things, making them no better than the atheist’s actions in this case.
    May the Lord have mercy on all who use His Name in vain ,and take lightly the reality of heaven and hell.
    This is a very sad story not only for Mr. Ham but for the moral decay of our country.

  • Joe

    Bob Seashols, just the kind of guy that you want to fondle your little girl.

  • Richard Higgins

    I wish he’d hear the words “Your fired!” He’d realize how words can hurt.

  • Jerry

    The tsa is a piece of work. I fly out a Memphis and most of them are obama supporting
    morons that love their athority. I am going request a Christian next time I go through. They order us around. This country has gotten so screwed up since obama came in.

  • an american

    the perverted amorals and criminals are running this contry with the aimof not only the desecration of our country and our only and SUPREME LAW- THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AND OUR LORD HIMSELF . WE AS CHRISTIANS AND AS AMERICANS MUST STAND UP – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND WE ARE OUR LORDS . GOD BLESS AMERICA AND AMERICANS FOREVER

  • E.B. Myers

    The artical mentioned the integrity of TSA agents.
    None of them have any integrity in the first place, or they wouldn’t work for an band of pedifiles.(sp,but I’m mad)
    There is no longer any integrity,honor or honesty in any government agency from the very top down.

  • allgems

    “…pending further investigation”

    Sure…if someone had taken a stand for Christ and had spoken against,say, homosexuality, there would be no “further investigation.” There would be immediate consequences and that person would most likely lose their job.

    It’s OK, however, to mock, degrade, deride and say anything you want against Christians or Christianity.

    What a double standard.

    • Debbie Texas

      pending further investigation…is a bone they throw to delay, obfuscate and hope everyone forgets since they won’t do a thing about this. Meanwhile, we have border agents being prosecuted, at the behest of a foreign criminal government and their pals in the U.S., and imprisoned for doing their jobs. We have Ltc. Lakin in Leavenworth for asking the question we are all asking. Heroes and dedicated servants of our country and our Constitution being violated while filthy perpetrators like this are given a free pass.

  • American

    As having to deal with these sex offenders in prison daily it appears that the only cure found so far to work is LEAD. This guy is a pervert.

  • K

    How nice a TSA person who is in a trusting position..are you kidding me..this man shouldn’t be in charge of the latrine in a prison camp let alone the USA…who is to say what he’ll do next if…given the opportunity!!

    Sorry pal..the reason you did what you did is because ‘you could?’ how old are you drive a car…are you allowed out by yourself?? You sound as though you are very angry and you’re still living out that anger..that you have to pick on people with moral standards that you could never live..come join us be ‘free’ we are…you could be!!! JESUS loves you too..I know I know it’s hard to believe but HE does that’s what’s so wonderful..even you can be happy…sounds as though you have no life you’re just angry..because we do…you know what as strange as this sounds…HE LOVES you just as you are as long as you confess that you’re a sinner & repent of that..really repent..& ask JESUS into your have to be honest..this is where the rubber meets the road..could you be honest about that?? That’s the only way you will be set free of what’s eating you…GOD BLESS YOU…

    • Allan

      K: You wrapped this preverse person up in a nutshell. Besides being very perverse it is pathetic that persons like him EXIST. They really don’t Live Life to it’s fullest because it is Out of their reach. So they substitute by groping individuals legally at the airport. The government Knows Well how to check persons without these perversive tactics but they are unwilling to Correct Their Sinful Ways.

  • http:Google Connie B.

    Jimmya;; Being a resident of Florida at present , it is good to hear that we have such judges. Funny how an Atheist always professes not to believe in God, but if there ever be a time of peril they can sure exclaim: Oh my God! Or God help me; without so much as a thought. The TSA also owes the good Reverend and all Christians alike a big apology.. And what do you all expect, since a fair number of our Supreme court justices are professed Atheists and so many of those gay movement people and women’s libbers etc.

  • Liz T

    He CAN and SHOULD be charged with a hate crime. Organizing other people to simultaneously attack a person based on their “religion”. How is that NOT a hate crime?

  • jc

    I guess people who make a living sticking their hands down other peoples pants, and looking at naked pictures of strangers are just a tab bit more desensitized than the rest of humanity. It should make everyone one wonder just what kind of employee screening procedures the TAS has in place. Looks like in this case they hired the cream of perversity crop.

    • Debbie Texas

      Doesn’t it bother anybody else…offend anyone that the parents of small children are marching blindly into these cattle lines with their hands over their heads and allowing this abuse…actually AIDING…in the abuse of their children? I’m offended and astounded at the social engineering that is taking place and the masses of people who are just going along with it…paying for it by traveling and paying taxes to support these un-American agencies that act outside the realm of our Constitution. And the many who go along and wait for ‘somebody’ else to speak up and take the heat. There is power in numbers and as long as the majority goes along with this illegal activity; the few will pay the price for fighting on behalf of everyone else. It is nauseating and makes me feel that the masses don’t deserve this gift…the right to call themselves Americans.

  • ARMYOF69

    WE have a legal system that gives all sorts of opportunities to criminals of all sorts. After a crime is committed , we then pay millions in tax dollars to prove that the crime was committed, then house them at our expense [$50K / annum] , let them out early so they commit another crime, and the circle is completed. WE’R NUTS.



    • Don Shumaker

      God will not bless a country that kills innocent babies for convenience.

      Consider that Obama may just be punishment for our social ills?

    • AJGS

      God Bless America not the evil it contains.

    • Raymond

      AJGS says:
      April 14, 2011 at 4:44 pm
      God Bless America not the evil it contains.

      Why would God bless America?

    • selahgreen


      “And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper, being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice.” Rom 1:28-29.

      This poor TSA agent is just revealing the filth of his master. In the next few years, the contrast between the filthy and the righteous is going to get more and more radical.

      But isn’t interesting that if his antics and foul, obscenity and hate filled tirade had been unleashed by a conservative, the media would be howling for the hate police to lock him up. But this behavior is Business As Usual for the left.

      You are being too generous when you say “God will not bless a country that kills innocent babies for its convenience.” Obama is just the beginning of our judgment. Imagine what the consequences for the US of A will be if Obama manages to force Israel to cede half of Jerusalem to Hamas?

    • http://lowcountry Myrtle

      I do not believe god, I mean Oblunder can divide up Jerusalem. I think and hope that JESUS will have returned for his own.

    • http://MSN bradleyjames

      There is no excuse for what that jerk did. There is NO ONE to blame other than him. But I do agree with everything else that you said.

    • War Wagon

      Since he began working for TSA in 2006, it cannot be blamed on Obama. Much as I detest the current administration, this falls within the term of Bush. But these sorts of people, if that term can be used, have infiltrated every administration for a substantial number of years.
      Perhaps the governments should withdraw criminal laws for duelling. Let gentlemen settle these disputes according to age old customs. Since it cannot be in any way, shape or form be construed as murder/homicide, cowards would most likely decline and perhaps use their brain and think before doing this crap to begin with.

    • Jack the FAC

      Sorry, but you cannot blame this on any president or government. This is just plain old choice–personally choosing to do evil; an evil mind (reprobate mind; reprobate thinking–Romans 1:21-32. For over 50 years we have been worshiping the creation–environment, “mother nature; gaia, etc., etc., ad naseam,–instead of the Creator, and now He has given us over to the natural reprocutions. We as a nation now stand under the curse of Romans 1:21-32. Do you think this warped thinking “just happened?”

    • War Wagon

      Evil has been winning out for some time. Is this a shock to those who know and expect the word of God to come to complete fulfillment. Evil has been advancing for some time, but with the protective hand of God, it has increased sevenfold.
      The election of 2012 will not bring an end to this evil, but may slow its growth, of which many will become relaxed and at ease. But this will prove temporary.

    • http://lowcountry Myrtle

      War wagon, The morals and the belief in GOD has steadly decreased for many years as anti-GOD men have planned a One World Order/Union/Government. The pieces of the puzzle have been coming into place with every change of Presidents. Bush, Sr. did his part in establishing it, as well as many men before his time, and it has mover closer into being until the division of the world, I believe 10 sections have been decided on. I believe our un-esteemed president will be at the head of it. With every interferance with other nations he brings us even closer it becoming offically One World Order. You can order DVD’s from Jack Van Impe tel. 248-852-5225 and to further understand the way it is comin nearer each day.

    • War Wagon

      There are those that believe Obama is that man of sin. However, he is not. That man of sin will rise from one nation, Israel. He will come from a Jewish bloodline. He will deceive the world and if it were possible, would even deceive the elect. But the elect will see right through his guise. Since many who are aware of Obama’s wickedness are not the elect, they have not been deceived, therefore he is not the one to come.

      The churches are filled to capacity with those who are Christian in name only. Those who teach and guide them are apostate and are those who Christ called by name. Murderers and liars. For their corruption of the truth will bring many to perish under judgment. They believe because they have not asked for wisdom and they have not asked because their hearts are far from The God and Savior.

      One renouned professor of Christian/Baptist has been Jimmy Carter. Carter for years has been a Trilateralist. This Trilateral ideology is of the devil and is a work of bringing forth a one world government. Although under the ideology the world would be divided into three powers. Asian, Americas, and Europe/Middle East. One problem with the latter is that Islam will not permit this. As Turkey is a member of the EU and a nation of Islam, it cannot remain both before the end. It must renounce one. Ultimately, Turkey will remove itself as a EU member.

      As Jack Van Impe teaches a rapture, as do so many, I have stopped watching programs that teach this doctrine. I believed such at one time, but I have since found that in truth, scriptures do not support this.

    • Dee

      I sure hope things will change in 2012. This government is trying to take God out of everything and I’m getting sick of it.
      Look what happened to Soddom and Gomorrah.

    • War Wagon

      Dee, do not get up hope that things will get better. If they appear to improve, this is merely a deception, an illusion. What seems to be better is the break before the worst of the storm. The eye of a hurricane if you will, but since these things are spiritually motivated, we are tossed on an endless sea of turmoil.

      All men are corrupt. Those who desire to rule over the nation do so, not for righteousness, but for their desires and purposes. A classic example is Nancy Pelosi. Appearences are deceptive, but the heart is the teller of things revealing. Too many are as self deceived and thus are apostate and have removed themselves from doing right. They are deceived, believing they can do as they will and a prayer will right the wrong. Yet the heart is not right and the darkness within will not allow the light to enter therein.

      Had the leaders of the churches done their job, we as a nation would have righteous men governing over us. But we do not. Thay all are a rebellious lot. Not a one desires to do right according righteousness. Not even Sarah Palin can be accounted for righteousness.

    • muslim pig face throat slitter….

      Just another way to kill the real GOD (JESUS CHRIST)from our nation completely and then turn us into a muslim sharia country.If you want sharia law in america and hate the LORD JESUS CHRIST then keep voting obama and devilcrats into office. islam teaches to kill the Jews and the infidels(THATS US AMERICANS) and all those who will not convert to islam. What part of ALL do we not understand. ALL muslims are pig dung eating scum bucket lowlife anti American no freedom devil worshipers. Wake up America.

    • War Wagon

      I dare say that you have incite and such a wise statement is not without a spiritual source. I have been saying much the same for over 3 years. I said that we as a nation were going to be given over to a great evil. This has been accomplished with the 2008 elction. However, there is an even greater evil that will befall this nation. The Lord God has given us a wake up call, but few are hearing. These have been given eyes and ears.

    • keith williams

      Mr. Sees holes ! Gee, what an appropriate name for the king of the gropers

  • Marauder

    Just goes to show how reprobates on the left think and act. Pray for their salvation and even their emotional maturity.


    The ones who do not believe that there is a GOD, will find out soon enough on their death bed at the last millisecond of their life.

    • War Wagon

      How very true. When death comes and spirit leaves the body, it will return before God faster than the speed of light. Physical laws do not apply any longer.

  • thomas ebbers


    THOMAS MANN 1929

    • Myrtle

      Tolerance means sitting on your rear and tucking your tail, and letting things unravel when you can speak up, and make a difference. This action is inexcusable. Many of your scared buddies will pipe up and say, “Be quiet” when they think you are indangering them. This happens if you have a moment of bravery and dare to say something to change a wrong. I have had it happen to me. I DIDN’T LISTEN!! Anyone who does not have the guts to speak up or to act on what you know you should, is the most cowardly thing that I can think of. You think too much of your own hide getting damaged and forget everybody else. That is what has led this down the path to destruction. So all of you who are so uncaring and thoughtless go ahead and tuck your tail between your legs and let the world go to hell. Just remember if JESUS does not return for HIS own soon, the USA will be a Muslim/Islam nation and you did your share of making it so, by cowering and hiding and not speaking up.

    • War Wagon

      Oh, but should we not listen for the sound of the locusts having taken to the wind on a wing. Should we not consider the fields becoming ravaged by the hordes of these swarms. Can the Host of heaven not give the land over for the locusts. Persection will come and how it will come. Those who have not the mark in their forehead or in their right hand will be put to the test for their faith. And many will fail, desiring life over death. The promise they were taught and came to believe has failed them. Oh, my God, I remain and the world has become as one great army. They have encircled me and I have no escape. I remain. Why, oh, God have I not been taken from this ensnarement as I was told by your mighty word. Thus comes disenheartenment, then disillisuon, then falling away, then surrener. But you were not told this thing by God, nor by his prophets. You were deceived and the blood will flow like rivers for those who keep the faith. They will be tempered, made stronger than iron cast into the fire. And the Lord will put his mark upon their head. And in death they will stand at the right hand of him who was, and who is, and who is to come.

    • Lynda

      What???? Sounds like you got your video mixed up with Truth. Try reading the book of Revelation again, and this time pray for Holy Spirit wisdom. I’ll pray for you too.

    • War Wagon

      Lynda, if ye be some great teacher, teach. Do not be as one who brings punishment, but does not instruct on what manner that the punishment is to be received.

    • Lynda

      Ah War Wagon (nice name) you make me smile. I see you do have some measure of wisdom because in perceiving you have perceived. Yes, there is hope for you my friend and I would have a special class just for you, its called The Only Way To Salvation or His Righteousness is the Only Righteousness. Nevertheless, we shall start at the basics and I know you’re a fast learner….or unlearner. Meet me at 9 for another class called Iron Sharpens Iron. You smile don’t you? :) When the student is ready the teacher shows up!

    • War Wagon

      You have clothed yourself self righteouness. You have determined I know nothing of salvation or whence it comes. You have in ensense determined me an infidel.

      I assure you, I know of salvation and I know from whom it is given.

      I do not, however, agree with some teachings within the churches, as I’m sure you already know. How did you come to accept that the Lord God would remove you from the world in a great taking away. Was it of your own, or given to you by another. I assure you that if you conducted a search of scripture you might begin to question that doctrine, for one.

      I can only say that your responses are anything but those of a self righteous individual. I have encountered your kind of Christian before.

      It is quite remindful that such were the religious leaders who had people burned at the stake for heresy. When they, themselves were heretics and had not the truth in them.
      Say what you may as it will open a window that others other might see within.

    • Lynda

      Me? Self righteous?? Oh dear, I am ever sorry that I struck a nerve and you also lack a sense of humor. Pity, I had such high hopes for you too. Well the joy of the Lord is my strength. Be joyful! – and I do know your kind too. :) Blessings!

  • Noodles

    Another sleazeball that works for the TSA. What in the world is this country coming to? A typical liberal, atheist, hate mongering idiot who hates everybody and everything including himself. What a poor, pitiful example of a human being.

    • muslim pig face throat slitter….

      obama ran on change,no one knew or asked what change he was talking about,we just voted for a change. We will change our nation from the one true God(JESUS CHRIST) to the sharia muslim God(SATAN).Until Americans wake up that is our fate. No punches held back. just stop voting these devilcrat commies into office or except the muslim leadership that is here.

    • JoJo

      Where were you during the campaign? Obama stated many times what the CHANGE would be. Redistribution of wealth, he said that he wanted to create a civilian army greater than the military (current union activity) he said he wanted the rich to pay more taxes (remember Joe the plumber that wanted to start his own business and Obama saying that he should want to share the weath). It was broadcast many times that Obama had connections with socialists and other undesirables such as Bill Ayers (terrorist)
      SEIU (terrorists) ACORN (terrorists) if you question the “terrorist” after SEIU and ACORN, think of how bank managers, loan officers, or that young teenage boy that was home alone felt when people tresspassed on PRIVATE PROPERTY, surrounded the house and started making demands. I don’t care how many times Obama starts talking like a centrist. Every word that comes out of that man’s mouth is a lie, and as far as progressives, socialists, etc are concerned the ends justifies the means. If morons reelect Obama, then we truly get what we deserve.

    • bluejacket

      What if our dead grandparents re-elect 0bama?

      Are we still getting what we deserve?

    • busyboots

      Good point,

    • muslim pig face throat slitter….

      Thats a sick thought,obama and pelsoi and the rest of the devilcrats want to killed off the older people. Muslims like obama and muslim butt kissers like joy and whoopi make the world an evil place. America will be more than sorry the day they vote a lying double talking muslim devilcrat into office. I have my guns and I hope you all have yours. Muslims are devils and they are taught to kill all those who will not convert to islam.

    • muslim pig face throat slitter….

      Very,Very well said,I said no one knows the change he talked about because he did not keep his campaign promises and has lied too mnay times.

    • Lessons from the Past

      The Muslims,Christians and Jews all have the same GOD! The GOD of Abraham! Do some research and become educated! It is how they implement their belief that differs. The Christens believe that the Son of God has come the Jews do not. The Muslims have the profit Muhammad.

      If they (monotheist traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) could enjoy the similarities of their beliefs and quit fighting about the differences. it would truly be a better world!

      Three Faiths, one God
      Bible School summer of 1965

    • Lessons from the Past

      P.S. Anything good can be perverted! Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all subjected to corruption!

    • Raymond

      Lessons from the Past says:
      April 14, 2011 at 3:53 pm
      P.S. Anything good can be perverted! Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all subjected to corruption!
      Please give us a break.

    • john

      same GOD ? NO.

      What ever the scum muslims worship is not GOD because GOD would not condone murder in his name.

    • Lessons from the Past

      Look it Up!!!

    • Lessons from the Past

      Ever hear of the Knights Templar? Who do you think they killed in the name of? Yep! GOD same one!
      The God of Abraham

    • Ham Radio Guy

      I believe most folks know that both the Jews and the Arabs descended from the two sons of Abraham. Remember that Moses married a descendant of Ismael. What appears to have happened is that Mo screwed things up for the Arabs. So it may well be true that Satan has taken over as the head of the Arab faith, even though it didn’t start out that way.

      So to answer the question of same god or not, it depends upon what time frame we are looking at.

    • K

      Muslims do NOT have the same God as us. Christians believe in the trinity 3 persons one God God, Jesus, and the Holy spirit. Muslims believe in ONE. So if you deny Jesus or the Holy spirit you are denying God. Not the SAME.

    • Lessons from the Past

      Three Faiths, one God
      Look it up!!
      Bible School 1965

    • Lessons from the Past

      The GOD of Abraham! The one true God! Read your Old Testament!

    • War Wagon

      I don’t know where you get your information, or same to the conclusion that Muslims and Christians share the same God. Is Yahweh and Satan the same. The Muslims in their ignorance serve Satan, AKA Allah. He cannot possibly be mistaken with the God, Yahweh, who is Holy. Satan is the father of lies. Although he was created perfect and was perfect until inquity was found in him, he is a murderer as well as a liar.

    • Lessons from the Past

      My information? Most everywhere! Lets see Bible Summer School 1965 or was it 1964. Look it up – I find it easy to believe that so many people are uneducated about monotheist traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. They all claim to be the one true religion of “The God of Abraham” regardless of what name you choose to call him by! Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all subjected to corruption! By mankind! And they all claim the same God – sorry to burst you bubble.

      Your information?

    • http://MSN bradleyjames

      You say that Satan is the father of lies. Well then, Satan and Obama should get along great with each other.

    • Myrtle

      Lessons from the past, could you be speaking of the three, “THE FATHER, THE SON, THE HOLY GHOST” or some false three faiths. Explain a little better. I don’t want do act negatively, because I don’t know what you mean. Thank You

    • Raymond

      Lessons from the Past says:
      April 14, 2011 at 3:42 pm
      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

      The Muslims,Christians and Jews all have the same GOD! The GOD of Abraham! Do some research and become educated! It is how they implement their belief that differs. The Christens believe that the Son of God has come the Jews do not. The Muslims have the profit Muhammad.

      If they (monotheist traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) could enjoy the similarities of their beliefs and quit fighting about the differences. it would truly be a better world!

      Three Faiths, one God
      Bible School summer of 1965


    • Lessons from the Past

      Sorry sorry sorry
      They all claim the same God look it up!!!

    • Jay

      If two people both say, “I believe in the theory of gravity as described by Isaac Newton”, do they both believe the same theory? What if one of them goes on to say that he understands “gravity” to be a universal force that attracts objects to each other in proportion to their masses, and the other explains that he understands “gravity” to be a recipe involving chicken and tomatoes? Clearly the fact that both call their idea “gravity” and claim that it came from Isaac Newton does not mean that they believe in the same thing.

    • J Wilson

      It is a common misconception that we worship the same God. I have lived and worked in the Middle East for nearly 8 years now working side by side with devote Muslims, and I have studied the Koran and Hadith, as well as the Bible. I can assure you the claim that three faiths worship the very same God is a lie intended to deceive.

      The Jews and Christians worship Yahweh — the Great “I AM” who does not change. This means that HE does not change HIS name!

      The Muslims claim there is no “illah” but “Allah.” The Arabic “illah” is the generic term for any god or diety. In Islam, the specific name for their god is Allah, not Yahweh. Now, remember, Arabic and Hebrew stem from the same Semetic language roots. Allah and Yahweh sound no where near similar. And, why would a GOD (Yahweh = I AM that I AM) WHOever changes, change HIS name? HE wouldn’t.

      The character of Allah in the Koran and Hadith bears NO resemblence to the that of Yahweh as found in a careful and thoughtful study of sacred scriptures of both faiths.

      Case in point: In the holy scriptures of Islam, it is stated:

      “They say ‘God (Allah) has taken to him a son … Say: ‘Those who forge against Allah falsehood shall noot prosper.”

      “Praise bleongs to Allah, who has not taken to him a son…”

      “…Warn those who say, ‘God has taken to himself a son;’ … a monsterous word it is, issuing out of thier mouths; they say nothing but a lie.”

      “They are infidels who say, ‘Allah is the messiah, Mary’s son.”

      Yet, the law and the prophets of the Old Testament spoke of a messiah, a promised son of Yahweh who would redeem the world from sin.

      In the New Testament, Yahweh proclaims: “This is My Son in Whom I am well pleased.” And, “This is My Son, listen to Him.”

      Witnesses to the life and ministry of Yashua (aka. Jesus) testified that HE was the Son of Yahweh. It is even written in John 3:16 that “For God (Yahweh) so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten (specifically created) son; so that whosoever believes in Him shall have eternal life.” And the Bible promises that all those place thaeir faith in this special Son of the Living Yahweh shall also be HIS childern.

      It is also written that anyone or anything that denies Yahshua (Jesus) is the Son of God (Yahweh — the GOD Who does not change) is of the antichrist — i.e. Satan.

      So, if Allah denies Jesus, then what is Allah? At the very least, he is not the unchanging God of the Bible. At the very worst, Allah is satan himself, the Father of Lies, who has crafted a book of deception: the Koran.

    • selahgreen

      Early in his life, Mohammed worshipped the moon god Hubal, and his statute on top of the black stone in the Kabah (the shrine to the ‘moon stone’ in Mecca).

      Prior to Mohammed, the Arabs believed this meteorite had fallen from the moon, as a message from their moon god. The proper name they gave their moon god was Hubal. They worshiped the moon god and the stone he sent to them. Mohammed gave this god the title al-ilah, the god of all (since there were 360 various gods worshiped by the Arabs in Mecca, and celebrated in the Kabah at the time).

      Al-ilah, the moon god over all gods, became Allah. There is absolutely no connection with Abraham in the ‘evolution’ of Allah.

      Mohammed syncretized his new religion from much of Judaism and Christianity, although his grasp of those religions was weak. He believed the Jews revered the prophet Ezra as the Messiah, and that Jesus’ mother Mary was the sister of Moses and Aaron. He created fanciful stories using OT characters, such as Abraham and Ishmael coming to Mecca to build the Kabah Temple. But the source of Islam, as witnessed in the religion’s crescent moon symbol, is the moon god of ancient Moab, and had nothing to do with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses.

    • Myrtle

      Rymond, correct. Christians accept and serve JESUS CHRIST, the Jewish religion accept and serve GOD but deny JESUS. Muslims, I believe accept and serve Satan and call him god. This is my understandin and I am definately a CHRISTIAN, with my whole heart.

    • Lynda

      Re educate lessons from the past. You must have had one of those classes on the Doctrine of Demons if you think the God of Israel and Christ are the same as Allah, who is the great Satan. Perhaps you should read the Koran and educate yourself further. Then again, it would be better if you were taught good Bible doctrine instead of this deception you hold to from the “school” you went to. Be not deceived God is not mocked.
      University North Central Bible College – 1996

    • Lessons from the Past

      I believe most folks DO NOT know that both the Jews and the Arabs descended from the two sons of Abraham. The second son from his wife Sarah. The first out of a bonds woman.

      So the decendents of these two boys are fighting over who is the real heir to the the legacy of the GOD of Abraham!

    • selahgreen


      You are right, and the fight has been going on for about 4,000 years. The firstborn Ishmael, the son of the flesh (because Abraham lost sight of the promise of his own seed, and went to the slave Hagar), and the son of the Spirit, Isaac. This terrible struggle is the result of Abraham understandably losing patience in wanting his own son, and having doubts about God’s promise to him.

      Gal 4:28-30
      And you brethren, like Isaac, are children of promise. But as at that time he who was born according to the flesh persecuted him who was born according to the Spirit, so it is now also. 30 But what does the Scripture say?


    • Josie

      For years the American people Have been voting for change and the only change we got was worse. We need honest God fearing men and woman running for office. We need wisdom to know who they realy are. They’re way to many deceivers in politics.

    • http://lowcountry Myrtle

      Muslim, you are correct, all we could hear was change and many thought change was good. I never,ever thought he was up to any good. I was praying that Hillery would not get elected. When Oblunder started creeping up on her so close, I changed my prayers, to “Please deliver us from Obama, please don’t let him get elected, give us Hillery, never knowing how awful he really was. GOD has a reason for allowing him to win the election and I am convinced that the reason is a very good reason because HE knows exactly what HE is doing. We can only guess why he allowed it.

    • Sammarlowe

      GWB put a lot of these people in power, to corner the votes, for republicans.

    • Bob

      What planet are you from; Bizzaro? Get a clue you halfwit.

    • ashiraladonai

      If this is true & he (GWB) did, Obama had it in his power & timetable to remove them. So the question is why didn’t he…? Things that make you go, “Hmmmm…”

    • Packrat

      Once upon a time, when I worked for the Feds, any behavior that cast a negative light on the agency was grounds for discipline, and yes what I did on my own time was pertinent if it was inapproriate. Once a air traffic controller was fired for using cocaine on his own time, imagine that!

    • Connie Clark


    • comsense08

      And to think he earns more than you do, and will soon have union representation, better health care, and a better pension plan! Nice huh!

      Also, has two daughters and he’s this sick. You all thinking what I’m thinking? Bet those girls aren’t safe!


    And, I must say, it gives me great pleasure to go through their demonic machinery so they can have any opportunity to pass all the graphics to their friends and to Facebook , and more. Would not be surprised one day very soon, of a TSA criminal caught blackmailing someone who had passed through their machines.

  • Sammarlowe

    The TSA is just another one of GWB’s pet projects that has mushroomed out of control. I voted for that pig in 2000. Shame on me.

    • JoJo

      Yeah, and WHO is currently in office appointing people to infringe on our liberties? As far as I know, GWB isn’t in office, so your post reads more like a troll.

    • ValDM

      GWB’s Pet Project??? Do you know Who authored the Patriot Act? None other than Joey Biden under Clinton’s regime. Care to rethink a few issues????

    • Keithscatch

      Although I disagree with the dems and Joe Biden in particular, Joe Biden had nothing to do with it. That dubious honor goes to Viet D. Dinh.

    • ashiraladonai

      My, how you & many others have already forgotten about 9/11.

    • lavelle

      yeah like nobama is so much better… your head is obviously stuck in some dark place

    • Raymond

      Sammarlowe says:
      April 14, 2011 at 1:31 pm
      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

      The TSA is just another one of GWB’s pet projects that has mushroomed out of control. I voted for that pig in 2000. Shame on me.

      Did you eat lead paint as a child?

    • http://MSN bradleyjames

      The only correct thing you’ve said is
      “shame on me”. You’re right about that but not for the reasons you think.

  • Skippy

    If this incident is true, it is totally outrages. The TSA, can do something like this but they defend the pratice of screening children. Another agency that has run of the “ranch” with it’s leader appointed by Mr. Obama…..oh, how sad!

  • 5StarRoper

    The foolishness of athesits is this: according to them there is no God–so if that were true why are they afraid of Christians faith and good works for a world with love that counter acts destructive actions? The way a real Christian lives brings good for all. So, I say that just like the scripture says–the word of God is written upon the conscience of every person==and athesists know there is a God, they just don’t want to look at how ugly they are. When they see a Christian living the Christian life they see a reflection of their ugly lives and hate it. They then turn their hate on to the Christians so they can claim that they themselves are ok.

  • dan k

    Even the most ardent, mean, cruel anti- american would think posting porn and being a goverment worker wouldthink it counter productive to say one can! As in its a free country? Sad this guy has like many gonetoo far. The USA still is a free country.

    • Myrtle

      Dan, Is that 2 footed animal or is he a snake, or is he an American. I didn’t think an American could sink that low, I didn’t hink a four legged anicml could, either and a snake will not bother you if you don’t bother it. SO, where did this excuse come from?????????

    • Myrtle

      Heavens, Myrtle your spelling. Is thin, hink and anicml animal. Of course!!!

  • http://yahoo maxinespotts

    We must remmember Jesus spoke to pray for our enemies those who dont believe in God are of the devil satan Only by the Grace Of God go I.Their day will come when they will see how real God The Father,God The Son God The Holy Ghost really are.By their stupid ego hell is waiting to greet them Hold the faith our beautiful day will come to live eternal with Jesus Christ have a blessed life in the mighty Spirit.Of God with love.

    • Myrtle

      Maxine, Thank GOD, if they humble themselves, repent and turn to HIM, our wonderful GOD will forgive them. That is a choice that HE gives us. We all have been to the place where we needed to turn around, humble ourselves and repent, but we have to make that choice. HE can’t do it for us.

  • JoJo

    This man obviously has some sort of mental problem that seems uber focused on christians. Someone is perceived to have posted an asinine comment on the athiest site and the RATIONAL and MATURE thing to do is bombard Mr. Hamm’s facebook page with PORN and obscene comments? How does THAT convince people of anything other than a lack of self control and the ability to disagree respectfully. What is REALLY shocking is that this man is in a very important position with TSA. Hello? We’re allowing people with mental problems to be in charge of our SECURITY? With this administration, I’m not surprised in the least. 2012 can’t come fast enough.

  • GWY

    God will sit in judgement on this sorry excuse for a human. When that happens I suppose he can say anything he wants but I doubt it will change the outcome.

    • Myrtle

      He should be told that GOD says, “He
      every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess GOD”. This has to be done while living on this earth, it will be too late when he comes face to face with GOD.

  • c. l. cox

    One way to bankrupt TSA is to insist they change gloves each time they try to do a pat down. As to the porn placed on Mr. Hamm’s facebook page, what can you expect when the government has no morals, starting with BHO!
    They lie, cheat, steal (Charlie Rangel). They have no sense of decency, and will throw you, the taxpayer under the bus if it means they will be reelected!

  • Larry

    This pervert has no business being paced in contact with the public at all. It’s bad enough he goes around feeling up the traveling public. He needs to pursue some other form of employment. The sooner the better.

  • Uncle Chuck

    Simple Question! How did it get out that he was a TSA employee unlsee he has his title indicated in his email or postings?
    It is a violation to use your rank, title or position to influence a person or entity. What he did as an individual, all be it assinine, is his right. By it being tied to his work is what makes it wrong. He is an idiot and should be fired from the TSA. The TSA is a fine agency overall, but as with any other company or agency there are bad apples that need to be gotten rid of.

  • Randy

    I sent a note to the TSA’s complaint department on their site. Just go to their site and click on the “Contact Us” followed by the “Complaint” tabs and where it askes what kind of complaint, click on “My complaint is not represented here. Just remember to be respectful, to show them that this side of the issue is above the other side. I copied the first part of this article to my complaint and simply expressed my regret that the TSA has such perverts in their employ who have impunity to fondle men women and children (see related story)with impunity in the name of “security” and that I will be returning to ground travel.

    • Bea

      Copy it to the airlines. CEO’s can put pressure on this administration when it affects their bottom line.

  • Herbert

    The TSA shud be desbanded for this . and let the Airports run the secuaraty.

  • Cell92

    And to think these atheists wants to be called “brights.” My bet is they won’t be attacking any ISLAMIC websites anytime soon (one fatwa from some Muslim cleric and those atheist chickens would be be heading for the hills).

  • jbm

    Another classic example where any other expression of faith, atheism, hindu, islamic, humanism etc is allowed to be posted expressed whatever. I was against these mall cops, baggage handlers etc being lofted up to this TSA status. The answer was screen the towel heads period, no they just couldn’t do that, no they had to broaden it so they were fair to everyone, we can’t single out sand jockeys. Now we got TSA guys who think its more important harassing Christians when its Arabs that created his plush TSA job to begin with. Myabe he can’t mess with them because his house would be blown to bits if he did. Notice these Atheists only mess with Christians, never any other God single deity faiths. Listen get this creep out of TSA and get him therapy. I’m sick of this antigod people cause they got some chip on their shoulder with their dad going on benders like this. Maybe he doesn’t understand that the freedom of speech doesn’t extend to the right to hold a job if his behavior creates issues at the job including when he’s off duty. Start a blog with advertizing posts, maybe they could sell I hate God cups who knows, tell me guy could you send us back a note when you kick the bucket and tell us what God thinks of you new business venture? My guess is you cups will be melting where your going

  • Norm Sunderland

    Mr. Seashols is a pathetic and immoral example of the hateful thinking of atheists. He is to be pitied because he cannot save his soul from Hell, nor can anyone other than Jesus Christ . . . Lord and Savior of all who believe! In due time he will come to know this, but then it might be too late.

  • John

    Remember Jesus Also instrcted His Disciples to sell their cloakes and buy a sword.
    Also we are instructed to love our enemies.
    We are to forgive so we can be forgiven.(see the Lord’s Prayer.
    There is no forgiveness without repenting. This does not mean just saying I’m sorry but means to turn away from.

    • Myrtle


  • Claire

    A quote from the Czech Republic:

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • Don Shumaker

      Do you have a reference for this quote? A speech or article?

    • John

      well said clair

    • War Wagon

      The body cannot survive without the head. As long as the head remains the creature lives. The head can regrow the body, but the body cannot regrow the head. Obama is more dangerous that people realize. Nor can many conceive who and what he really is. His father rules this world. He is neither Christian. nor Muslim. He is a man without a god, but has by his actions and words set himself up, as a god. No, I did not say that he is the man of sin that we are to expect. But he is a picture of which is yet to come.

    • Myrtle

      Very well said, War Wagon!

  • Bob

    I often run across atheists on Christian websites and they are ignorant and evil. I am sure they all think that this is very clever and amusing, but I’ll bet they would be outraged if a Christian sabotaged their website.

    • Myrtle

      Bob, I believe what you are referring to, is anti-GOD people. The are vicious, haters of all things good.

    • Myrtle

      Atheists do not believe there is a god. Most of them are not mean and hatful, they go about their business like other people. Ant-GOD people, hate GOD and hate people who believe in GOD they are mean and hate everything that is good and decent.

  • Claire

    Atheists always seem to be involved with the seemy side of, drugs, immorality and hate. I can see why they don’t believe in God or religion, because then they would have to change their way of life, or fee guilty about it. Instead, it is easier for them to spew hatred for anyone who lives a good, clean’s odd that their hatred for anyone who believes in God somehow justifies their twisted lifestyle.

    • John

      on the money again clair

    • Ham Radio Guy

      Claire, you hit the nail right on the head!
      It amazes me how some people prefer to enjoy perverse activities in this relative short live, and totally disregard eternity.

  • kelly s

    The guy should be fired. He has publicly embarrassed himself as well as the TSA and the US government.

    • John

      is it not illegal to distribute porn on a site that children are know to frequent?

  • Tom

    hate speech is a crime. Knowingly providing porn to minors is a crime. A government employee restricting the free exercise of religion is a crime. Obama has the responsibility to stop these crimes and bring all who do them to justice. The question is…will we demand he do so?

    • War Wagon

      The laws are made, not for the wicked, but for those that speak out against wickedness. You dare not speak against the wickedness of homosexuality. But the homosexual can speak out against you with all manner of hate and contempt.
      What we are seeing and witnessing within this country should in no manner come as a surprise. The final prophesies are coming to fulfillment.

    • catman

      Who the hell says I can’t speak out against the “homo’s,, lezzies, trannies, cross dressers” and the like? Just who do you think brought AIDS to the U.S. from Africa? Look that one up!!!

    • War Wagon

      Laws are made to protect the wicked, not the righteous. Clergy have come under a fear that preaching such things as homosexuality is a sin may result in losing tax exempt status.

      Your children are being exposed to the evils of the education system. Learning that homosexuality is normal and there is nothing wrong in it. Parents fail to educate their children to things which are wicked. Children have no foundation which thay may stand. Children’s minds are corrupted and void of knowing right and wrong. Those that teach them the ways of wickedness are right and/or normal are spiritual murderers. The end result of which leads to death.

  • kc

    There are a number of possible crimes Mr. Seashols has committed if this story is true. #1. Is it not illegal to send pornographic material to websites where children are known to visit. #2. If Mr. Seashols and others got together for the sole purpose to send pornography in order to damage Ken Ham, is he not guilty, by his own admission of conspiracy to slander and defamation. Also it seems like he is trying to shut down Ken Ham’s right to free speech. Let’s hope Mr. Seashols is brought to account for his actions.

  • Karen Wiley

    Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. What a day this will be for this man. I fear for these who mock our God, and His Son. They have no idea whats coming. They will reap what they have sown.

    • Myrtle

      You are right on it Karen, the truth was never better spoken!!

  • nativeamerican

    More sexual pervs, at work, tsa has many of them. they enjoy feeling up little kids, We as Americans have to get those pervs out, asap. Poor little girl. I wont ever fly, as no way in hell will those pervs feel me up. where is the fbi? why are they letting those pervs get away with this. I doint care how that freaks wants to word what he did.. HE’S A FRIGGEN PERVS. AND aMERICA NEEDS TO GO AND GET HIM OUT OF THEIR AIRPORTS, iF ANYONE WAS TO FEEL UP MY CHJILD, I WOULD END UP IN JAIL. BECAUSE I WOULD KICK THE CRAP OUT OF HIM/HER.

    • Myrtle

      I will hitch hike before I allow myself to be pawed over by some pervert. I would never have allowed my child to be treated that way. I would have taken my chidren home or got into my car and traveled or on a ship or whatever was neccesary

  • nativeamerican


  • Bootstrap bill

    This TSA guy is a living illistration of Romans ch 1. He definatly has a reprobate mind. I don’t like athiest either, but we must treat them with love. If we call them names and attack them etc.. were no better than they are. In all honesty we should love them enough to die for them

  • David

    Brothers, pray for this man. He is lost, but I hope that one day he will be found.

    • Myrtle

      He is not lost from GOD. GOD knows exactly where he is. The problem he does not know where GOD is. Evidently he does not even know that GOD is here.

  • Joseph

    I am a retired governmental official with many years of law enforcement experience, both administrative and in the field. In addition, I have worked with intelligence agencies and trained other LE professionals. Somehow, I thought that a young retiree of 52 would garner some interest from the TSA if I applied for employment. You guessed it, they weren’t interested. I later was tipped that in the same stack for consideration were convicted felons and even some who had failed a Defense background security check. The position went to a young minority female with no related job experience.

  • John

    Well America it’s time to take back our country,and re-establesh morality.Open your eyes”There are none so blind as those who refuse to see”,GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • sean murrey

    no wonder our govenment is evil with evil people like obummer and this guy.

  • John

    I feel sorry for the so called christians that voted for obama, it does go to show you how easy it is to be deceived. The question is will they be deceived in the 2012 election. We still need to pray for our goverment officials as well for the atheists. But the FOOL has said in his heart there is not God.

    • War Wagon

      First. Do not think that one claiming to a Christian is also a Believer. There is quite a difference separating the two.
      Second. A Christian may have voted for Obama, but a Believer did not.
      Third. Too many Christans receive handouts. Voting for Obama was for selfish reason. These Christians are the most ignorant and unbelieving of all. Their hearts are not right before the Lord, but they foolishly deceive even themselves. Many are deceived through the leadership within the church they attend.

    • selahgreen


      As the good Lord said, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” Matt 22:14

  • busyboots

    The Progressives can not turn this Country into a Socialist entity as long as the Christians are strong. This might be part of their plan to discredit the Christians. All part of this NWO Bull $hit.

    • War Wagon

      I say that the Lord God judges nations and this nation is even now under judgment. It is not Christians that will have an impact, but Believers. But God will not leave his sons to be ignorant to the working of his hands.

  • vietnamvet

    When questioned why he posted such sexually explicit comments, Mr. Seashols brazenly replied: “Because I can. . . . I can say whatever the h— I want to say about anyone I want to. . . . I’m not breaking any law.”

    This is the result of the Supreme Court causing the right to freedom of speech to be ‘progressively interpreted’.

    The First Amendment is a set of ‘restrictions on Congress’ which forbids the government from punishing speech which is counter to or disagrees with government policies.

    It is NOT leave for anybody, to say anything, to anybody, at any time.

    Words have effects, and some of those can be consequences. Government should allow citizens the right to bestow them (the consequences) without unreasonable prosecution.

    • War Wagon

      A right without wisdom is not a right at all. Have you considered that the expansion of a given right is designed to remove it from the populace.

      The right of free speech must be tempered with wisdom. The same applies to any other right. Was not homosexuality once listed as a criminal offense.

      There must be a restraint at some point. Otherwise that right becomes perverse and a thing of wickedness.

      The liberals and the progressives would remove constitutional rights of the individual. No better way to accomplish this than to pervert through evil intent the expansion of a given right. When it has become so perverse, people will demand restrictions on rights. Those who have socialist and Marxist designs will then profit from their wicked intent of perverting individual rights.

  • Dan

    Ok lets stop this right now children. The president does not hire each individual TSA agent and therefor cannot be held responsible for the actions of each TSA agent.

    Suffice it to say though that I am going to San Fran on a business trip in October and the first freaking TSA Agent that gropes me I am going to knock his arse out as I have a hernia and groping or squeezing in that area can incite a relapse. I am also covered under the ADA laws and they HAVE to make exceptions for me or go to prison. Since this hernia is covered as a service connected injury, let them try and grope me and see how fast the dumb bastard is arrested for assault

  • http://Patriotnewsupdate JOHN KING

    this is the result of our People NOT knowing the U.S. Constitution so we could have prevented this, so I give you this link to read, it will open your eyes, it did mine!!!.

  • Jack

    What else can be said about the DHS, the TSA in particular. Anything that Janet Napolitano has her filthy paws into is bound to be corrupt, crooked, and moronic. Personally, I don’t see how or why anyone would vote for Obozo in the 2012 elections. He has done damage to this country that cannot be repaired.

  • Dale Porterfield

    When you have to spend 4 or 5 million dollars to get elected you are not going to make the correct decisions. If you were representing your people and receiving a fair wage and retirememt, then you would have to make the correct decisions,enough said!

  • muslim pig face throat slitter….

    The Bible says JESUS comes to give life and life more abundantly and the devil comes to steal,kill and destroy. The koran teaches ALL muslims and not just radical muslims but ALL muslims to kill the Jews and the infidels(THATS US AMERICANS)and All those who will not convert to islam. islam teaches to KILL9SATAN) and the Bible teaches to pray for our enemies and for one another.Which one is evil and which one is good?obama said himself if the winds change he would be on the side of the muslims. Why is America so gullible and out of touch with the truth? America,Wake up or get ready to live under muslim sharia law. Stop voting democrats into office already or we will have a new world order under islam.

    • Lynda

      Yes, that is it exactly! We cannot be so out of touch with the truth and reality of what is happening all around us and from within today at the expense of a soon to be muslim America. Islam has one intent and that is the world domination. They don’t want to just live here, they want to take this country boasting already that “the West will be easy prey shortly”. Sure will be when we already have filled every level of government with muslims, filled our colleges with muslim students, established Sharia law in two courts and we have a leader shaking hands with them at Whitehouse dinners on muslim holidays and prayer meetings. Wake up America before its in your back yard – and maybe it is! God help us!

    • War Wagon

      You have touched on the swarm of locusts. Do they not desire the field of plenty.

      Did Caesar not divide his forces to conquer the Gauls. Are the locusts dividing the forces as well. And who can stop them. Has the Host of heaven wrought judgment on this nation. Have we become as those in the days Christ walked amongst men.

    • Lynda

      Well? Tell us, have we?:)

    • War Wagon

      Indeed, we have.

  • The Great Ricardo

    This seems to be a fairly consistant action from TSA itself or a representitive. TSA needs to the way of the Dinosaurs and quickly.

  • Ham Radio Guy

    Part of the issue here may be the conduit. I closed my Facebook account a while ago because a “friend” posted something on my “wall” that was personal enough that it should have been communicated via email. These “social media” sites may very well be a breading ground for hatred and immoral lies.

    It appears as if some of the people on Facebook are not concerned about their Fourth Amendment rights.

  • Ed Rodriguez

    Thank all you democratic friend that elected this piece of shit and his administration. Give a special thanks to the Welfare Recipients, Acorn, the Unions, Black(ass) Panthers, Nation of (idiots) Islam, National Organization of W(hores), The Stupid Mexican Caucus, NAACP + 25% for lack of intelligence, and every Fag and Drug Dealer in America for this gift. Maybe next time you folks won’t be in such a hurry to be politically correct.

  • J Wilson

    According to TsaGov.’s website, TSA employee Seashols is expected to demonstrate the following core competencies, among others, as a COO: “…creates a culture that fosters high standards of ethics; behaves in a fair and ethical manner toward others and demonstrates a sense of corporate responsibility and commitment to public service.”

    When asked about the heightened expectation that public servants act ethically in their private life, Seashols commented that what he did “is a non-issue for the TSA. . . . [While off duty], I can say anything I d— well please.”

    Sorry, Mr. Seashols… You are a representative of the United States Government charged with the protection and equal treatment of all under the law. Your personal behavior off-the-clock leaves grounds for me to question your commitment to the values espoused by your employer.

    For example, what type of treatment might I expect if Mr. Seashols were to find a Bible in my carry-on baggage? Would I be singled out for a full-body cavity search? Might I be escorted to a holding facility for enhanced security screening? Given Mr. Seashols voluntary, passionate and visceral participation in the argumentum ad hominem against Mr. Ham, It would be reasonable to assume that one might expect such treatment from him if he had the slightest notion that he could get by with abusing his position of authority.

    Indeed, while serving as a commissioned officer in the defense of the Constitution, there are certain expectations of decorum that accrue to my personal behavior for the very same reason that that should apply to Mr. Seashols and his associates.

    If the TSA allows this man to continue in his current tenure without significant disciplinary action and corrective counseling, it will soon become so reviled as to seal its own demise. The People will only accept so much abuse of the authority they delegated to these.

    • J Wilson

      I would also like to add that Mr. Seashols demonstrates a clear principle for the fascist left… essential liberties — such as freedom of speech — only apply to those THEY qualify as worthy to exercise it.

      Our Founding Fathers recognized a higher law of nature — a law drafted by Nature’s GOD. This law of GOD establishes that ALL men are endowed with certain unalienable rights.

      Contrast that with the atheist view that places the state as the highest authority for moral law. In this case, rights are subjected to the human whims of those in a position to issue or revoke them by fiat…even the right to remain alive.

      The question is: which world view stands the best chance of protecting you and your rights?

  • Phyllisofical

    This one is easy. Bob Seashols should be fired and quickly. Hate speech is hate speech. Posting pornographic images on anyone’s website should be illegal. When people are wired like Seashols, their notion of “retaliation” could take them into gunning down innocent people territory. Definitely a dangerous dude who should not be employed in a job that exercises any control over others.

  • Jay

    If American Christians want to be respected as reasonable, sincere people, clearly the appropriate response to this insult is to organize a mob to go on a rampage, burn down buildings, and kill a bunch of innocent people. Only then will we be hailed by the media as “moderates” and a “religion of peace”.

    At least, that always seems to work for the Muslims.

    • War Wagon

      This clearly is not an answer. Can light become darkness and remain light. Can a man be filled with both. Or can dominate above the other, determined the heart of the man.

    • Lynda

      I fear you have gone to smoozing on this one – oh poetic warrior. Light, darkness is the same as speaking from both sides of your mouth and who can understand it? His analogy escapes you but never fear, always choose light and that way you’ll never be afraid of the dark…or as someone wise has said, let us walk in the Light as He is in the light. We are not children of darkness again.

    • War Wagon

      Since you did not understand what was conveyed, I see no purpose to expand on the comment.

      Besides having a self righteous attitude, it has a partner, arguementive as well.

      You do have intellectual knowledge, but wisdom remains outside the door. You do not act according to the knowledge you have received. Or perhaps you have been made judge over others. If this be the case, you must be a man for the Lord would not instruct or place a woman over a man. And this is especially true in the House of God.

    • Lynda

      Oh dear God, forgive this one for he is so much worse than I thought. To your shame……let me now close this door before I’m required to bow and kiss your feet. Does anyone really like you anyway? Your isolation is showing! Spare me any further response.

  • Mr.Ed

    You said it all Phyllisofical!We should try to locate this a-hole on facebook,twitter,or wherever and post on his page.Spreading lies is not the answer.Demand that TSA fire him and find out who put him up to it and fire them also!

    • Isaac

      No. That is exactly what we should NOT do. Since when is our gospel a gospel of retaliation? ‘Vengance is mine, saith the LORD’ (Romans 12:19) and ‘whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.’ (Matthew 5:39) are the things we need to take into account. Yes, what that person did was wrong. People do wrong things every day. *I* do wrong things every day. *You* do wrong things every day. If something is ‘wrong,’ it’s wrong. There is no ‘wronger.’ The Bible doesn’t say ‘If you murder someone, you’re goin’ to hell, but you should be a’ight if you only lie a couple of times.’ The correct response is to pray for that man, not to go ahead and spam HIS internet pages, with cries of “but he started it” all ’round. Kill them with kindness.

    • jr


    • Linda

      I totally agree with your comment. These type of people will be dealt with by Almight God!!

    • Bruce Lucas

      I agree that retaliation against the man’s website is immoral. On the other hand, Ken Ham is correct in turning the relevant information over to investigators. Christian’s do not have to allow themselves to suffer abuse without recourse to the government if an actual wrong has taken place. Even St. Paul appealed to Caesar and properly complained to a jailer that he was due certain standards of treatment as a Roman citizen. Mr. Ham’s site is public, and he is right to pursue this for the sake of those who visit his site.

    • http://lowcountry Myrtle

      I believe an arm for an arm, an eye for and eye would fit this example. By the way this is from the Bible. JESUS, also drove the sellers out of the temple for cheating the buyers. Christianity is not all sugar and roses, BECAUSE of evil people like this man, will not allow it to be. We have laws and this evil should be handled by the law. It is, I understand, illegal to interfere in anybody else’s web. If this is true and he put his filth on it he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, not only for punishment sake but to help keep such filth our of anything available for children. If he learns by punishment it will be worth while. If he has not broken the law, which I doubt, there should be laws against any kind of evil material placed where children are apt to see it. I am a staunch Christian, and I will do all I can do to protect GOD’S WORD AND GOD’S PEOPLE, especially children. They have enough problems, today growing up,that it is totally evil to throw more stumbling blocks in front of them. Maybe it is impossible for this man to control his evil actions because he is deman possessed, sounds like at least.

    • http://x Patty

      God would expect us to “right” a “wrong”, so I agree Myrtle. He would NOT expect us to turn a blind eye.

    • Doug Wilson

      When killed with kindness the evil never die.

    • Mark Gibson

      Romans 12:21 …overcome evil with good.

    • southernbreeze

      Jesus also said, be angry and sin not.

    • R319

      When voters are ignorant enough to vote criminals into government positions…you should expect the criminals to cover each other. Vote all of these people out in 2012. Put the country back on the right track.

    • Dr. Ron

      We probably will aall be a lot safer and better off if we DO NOT VOTE for the present incumbents and vote in ONLY the new politicians, who have not as yet been bought off by the crooked people who call on them to pass some law or create one. Once they have been warned severely that their butts will be thrown out if they ignore the wants and needs of the citizen taxpayers, we should be able to breathe a lot easier.

    • carl

      What Seasholes doesn’t know is that as long as he works for TSA they are responsible and can be held accountable for their employs on and off duty.

    • Marshall

      It amazes me that someone who claims to be an atheist can get so upset about what God is doing in this world. If he truly believes that there is no God then go about your religion of Atheism and avoid the heartache, frustration and stress. People who believe in God are not going to stop no matter what you do.

    • RtirdTXCavTnkr

      This moron is paid by the government to work security at an airport and pat down people to include kids? He doesn’t realize that should his actions result in some form of criminal trial he could and should lose his job if it requires some form of security clearance. We should expect better from people employed by us, the American people. Just as a soldier can be held accountable for off-duty actions this man should be held accountable.

    • Dave

      If he is found guilty.


    this is what all Christian should expect in the coming days as we are persecuted more and more by the anti-Christian branches of our government and their lackeys. The TSA itself should be done away with as it violates the bill of rights under illegal search clause.this seashols person and his cohorts should be immediately terminated and banned from ever using the internet the rest of his life.


      Yep ! Ye shall know them by their (evil) works…It is written, GOD will not be mocked… Judgement will be rendered in GOD’s time… Regardless of the fact, (should it be true) that Mr Seashols has had an exemplary work record thus far (until this event).. He has demonstrated POOR JUDGEMENT, on a massive scale.. It is also impossible to separate personal and professional ethics,ie: practice “situational ethics” .. Either one understands the difference between good and bad, or does not… This should be classified as a “Hate Crime”, but probably will not be..Remember BHO mocked JESUS and the Sermon on the mount….. Judgement will result there also, But GOD can afford to wait.. If it were against a mohammedan group, that would be an entirely different story……
      JESUS said, Love them that hate you, and them that despitefully use you, etc… It is also written, “Let no Corrupt communication come out of your mouth”…

    • Raymond

      GOD BLESS AMERICA ! says:
      April 14, 2011 at 8:18 pm
      Yep ! Ye shall know them by their (evil) works…It is written, GOD will not be mocked… Judgement will be rendered in GOD’s time… Regardless of the fact, (should it be true) that Mr Seashols has had an exemplary work record thus far (until this event).. He has demonstrated POOR JUDGEMENT, on a massive scale.. It is also impossible to separate personal and professional ethics,ie: practice “situational ethics” .. Either one understands the difference between good and bad, or does not… This should be classified as a “Hate Crime”, but probably will not be..Remember BHO mocked JESUS and the Sermon on the mount….. Judgement will result there also, But GOD can afford to wait.. If it were against a mohammedan group, that would be an entirely different story……
      JESUS said, Love them that hate you, and them that despitefully use you, etc… It is also written, “Let no Corrupt communication come out of your mouth”…

      Please tell me why God would want to bless America???


      Semper Fi, Raymond.
      Becauase of HIS saints (the Church) that are in these United States… The USA is the Eagle that came out of the mouth of the lion (UK)… This is where the Gospel is spring- boarding from, we fund missions, send preachers, evangelists……. GOD still has a work to do, if we will CRY OIUT TO HIM ! We must be busy about our Father’s Biz.
      What happened when GOD got angry, and said he would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah ?.. Abraham, a just man, bargained with GOD for those folks, then GOD sent the two angels (men) to rescue LOT et al… ….. As long as there is someone praying on behalf and the church (GOD’s Spirit) is here, we have a chance.. We must get on our knees and travail in the Spirit for these United States….GOD can give us a good Patriotic leader, etc if we interced…. WE MUST PRAY ! I pray for this great land, her people, the Pres, and the Armed forces… I believe GOD answers prayer…….

    • Raymond

      GOD BLESS AMERICA ! says:
      April 14, 2011 at 10:28 pm
      Semper Fi, Raymond.
      Becauase of HIS saints (the Church) that are in these United States… The USA is the Eagle that came out of the mouth of the lion (UK)… This is where the Gospel is spring- boarding from, we fund missions, send preachers, evangelists……. GOD still has a work to do, if we will CRY OIUT TO HIM ! We must be busy about our Father’s Biz.
      What happened when GOD got angry, and said he would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah ?.. Abraham, a just man, bargained with GOD for those folks, then GOD sent the two angels (men) to rescue LOT et al… ….. As long as there is someone praying on behalf and the church (GOD’s Spirit) is here, we have a chance.. We must get on our knees and travail in the Spirit for these United States….GOD can give us a good Patriotic leader, etc if we interced…. WE MUST PRAY ! I pray for this great land, her people, the Pres, and the Armed forces… I believe GOD answers prayer…….
      I’d like to share my thoughts with you concerning your post. :-)

      1). The good news of Jesus the Christ started in Israel…

      2). It may seem like Abraham bargained with God but that’s not
      what happened.. Read the story in the King James, those other
      “bibles” are counterfeits.

      3). America does not need a “patriotic” president, America needs a
      Godly president and that’s NOT going to happen….

      4). God does answer prayers, but He is not a genie in a bottle.
      Some people seem to think that they can ask God for whatever they
      want & if they have enough ‘faith” God will do it. This is not biblical..
      God will answer a prayer in the affirmative, ONLY if it’s in His will.

      5). You need to understand that the rapture & the 7 year tribulation
      is drawing near & God has His own plans…

      6). Any land that legalizes the cold blooded murder of a child
      in the mothers womb is NOT a great land…

      7). Any land that legalizes homosexuality & lesbianism
      is NOT a great land…

      8). Any land that legalizes the marriage of sodomites is
      NOT a great land… And the list goes on and on.
      I trust I made my point.

      Semper Fi. Raymond


      Hey Raymond, this is why…

      GOD has all power, his ear is not heavy that is cannot hear, nor is his Arm shortened that it cannot save…….

      These United States are still the Best place on the planet earth to live, regardless of BHO et al..

      Let’s pray (them out) , GOD will do the rest !

      I was in the Middle East on Sept 11, 2001 …… and watched it all on TV… I cried, and I asked GOD why it had to happen. HE said, Trust me, and keep your calling and election sure…


    • Isaac

      No. Situational ethics are EXACTLY the kind of ethics we should be practicing. It says that there is an absolute right or wrong for every situation. This is true. Things that are wrong sometimes are not at others.. why? Because of context. Because of situation. Lying can’t be always wrong if it was counted to Rahab for righteousness in Hebrews. Anger can’t be always wrong if a ‘righteous anger’ is clearly described MULTIPLE times in the Bible (check out Jesus at the Temple). Jealousy can’t always be wrong if our ‘God is a jealous God.’ (Exodus 20:5)

      The point is to do GOOD, and what good things are doesn’t change… but contexts do. Things are right in some contexts, and wrong in others. Situationalism? Absolutely. Wrongheaded? No.

    • Michelle

      To the editors:
      I just started reading here and at first I really thought it was just a lot of paranoid hype and wasn’t sure how valid all this information was. (Just being honest) Even though I am a conservative, I don’t like to submerge myself in politics and get my eyes and heart off of God.

      However, the more I read and research the article sources, the more I have come to appreciate the work you are doing.

      To Isaiah:
      Isaiah, I really appreciate your comments and perspective here and I completely agree with you.

      Apparently, situational ethics has a different meaning for different people. When my husband was in Seminary, the meaning of it was that it was okay to do something wrong, based upon how convenient it was for the person. Although there are always exceptions, many people practice this type of ethics in an ungodly way, but I do see how it could be used in a godly way!

    • Scott

      Ok, so you’re saying that there is no absolute right and wrong? Fine, I want you to answer the following HYPOTHETICAL situation with your situational ethics. Are you game?
      It’s 1939, you & I are in Berlin Germany (SS headquarters). I am a ranking officer in the Gestapo, you are a subhuman Jew! (No offense meant to any of my Jewish brothers out there, honestly. This was the Nazi Party line back then). I have a gun to your head! I want you to tell me (based on your situational ethics) WHY I CAN’T KILL YOU??? BTW, no this is not a death threat…I simply want you to answer the question.

    • Raymond

      8But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.
      Revelation 21:8

    • Dave

      The LORD then gave these further instructions to Moses: ‘Tell the people of Israel to keep my Sabbath day, for the Sabbath is a sign of the covenant between me and you forever. It helps you to remember that I am the LORD, who makes you holy. Yes, keep the Sabbath day, for it is holy. Anyone who desecrates it must die; anyone who works on that day will be cut off from the community. Work six days only, but the seventh day must be a day of total rest. I repeat: Because the LORD considers it a holy day, anyone who works on the Sabbath must be put to death.’ (Exodus 31:12-15 )

      What day is the sabbath Raymond? Have you ever in your life worked on that day? Being in the Marine Corps means you definately have. Enjoy the lake.

    • http://x Patty

      I hate the term “hate crime”. Just what exactly constitutes a hate crime……..who defines it? Let’s just charge him with the crime of exposing children to his crap and fire him…….

    • War Wagon

      Expect persecution. But these days are not but a minor prelude to that which is yet to come.

    • Isaac

      Thank goodness we’ll be outta here by then.

    • War Wagon

      No, Issac, my friend. When that time of trouble the world has not seen since the beginning arrives the children of light will be upon the earth.

      We who alive will be changed at the sound of the seventh trump. The dead have already risen. At the appointed hour thay shall also take on a new incorruptable body.

      No, my friend, if the elect are gone, who then will God place his seal upon. For God it is all his people who remain alive that he will place his seal.

    • Scott

      Amen! Preach it brother!

  • J. Michael Poapst

    KEN, this means you are doing right for the Lord!! I know it is iritating, but stay faithful and know you are not alone! Shalom.

  • catman

    What else can you expect from the “guvmint”. Hellsfire, look who’s running it!!
    Look and read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independance”. What does it say about the abolishment of the “guvmint”???
    Maybe it’s time for that action, huh?

  • mj murphy

    mr. seashols is an (se)asshol(s)

    • http://MSN bradleyjames

      So very true.

    • Isaac

      So very unnecessary for you to say that.

    • Robert

      I agree with Isaac. That isn’t necessary. You are stooping to the enemies level.

  • robert craft

    tsa is nothing but bull s—.he will suffer for that.

  • connolly

    the TSA agent may have the right to free speech but he does not have the right to hack someones facebook account and I bet if someone exercised their free speech to him while he is violating them with a rubber glove he would probably tazer them to death.

  • Carolyn Gyurkovitz

    I feel priviledged to be able to pray for you Mr. Ham. I am a homeschool Mom and feel blessed to be able to use your curriculum.

  • ramon gonzales


    • Rod Carty

      He lied when he claimed in his defense that “Words have never hurt anybody.” If he believed that he never would have posted such material on Ken Ham’s page. His intent was clearly to hurt Ken with words, in retaliation for words that Ken had used (which he felt hurt from).

  • Danny

    It is hysterical how guys like Seahols just keep proving the validity of scripture every time they open their mouths to attack another person who has no unethical bent toward them and is in fact trying to help them simply by expressing another point of view. Touchy, touchy Mr. Seahol. Shame on you. LOL

  • ED

    I wonder what would have happened had Seashols attacked Islam. Where is the ACLU on this? Out to lunch probably.

    • Scott

      Where is the ACLU on this? You mean the Anti-Christ Lawsuit Union?

    • efren

      Thanks for the meaning of ACLU. Now I know.

    • Dave

      The ACLU only fights Goverment policy. They have defended Christian’s against the Government many times. And they have sued the Government for funding schools that promote Islam.

  • Jen

    While of course I do not support what Seashols did, I do not necessarily agree that Christians should be contacting TSA and asking for his dismissal (I’ve read this somewhere). What will this accomplish? He has a family and while he should think about them before doing stupid things, is it our responsibility to govern him? “We” are taking revenge into our own hands and Idont’ think this is showing “them” anything good about our faith.
    The Bible states clearly that Christians will be attacked. We should not be surprised. I am sure Ken Ham is not.

    • Norwalk Spectator

      I most respectfully disagree. This man simply didn’t express his opinion, he coordinated an attack against someone who had done him no wrong. To me, that’s malice intent. Plus he works for a quasi-government agency. If this is how he treats someone he disagrees with, how is he going to treat passengers that may offend him or object to being searched?

      Regarding his statement that “Because I can. . . . I can say whatever the h— I want to say about anyone I want to. . . . I’m not breaking any law.” He may not be breaking the law, but I’d be really, really careful about that. It sounds like harassment to me.

      And the TSA has been throwing its weight around quite a bit lately, so they not only deserve to hear what this man has done, but need to hear the more important lesson that we ARE watching and we’re not going to let them get away with a thing.

  • Heyoka

    It is very interesting that the ACLU does not pursue matters with the State Department and it financial support for the Imam who wanted to build the mosque near the Twin Towers Site. If it were a middle eastern trip to bring Christian people together they would be crying Bloody Murder.

    It is also interesting that every country this Imam visited was in revolt here recently with tons of State Department crys for action with the office of the president close behind. Then the peace loving anti war administration, under the leadership of Obama, orders an illegal military action against Lybia. In truth there is no accident and if you believe the arms that Obama sold Egypt will not fall into anto christian factions in that country, then you are severly impared with denial.

    Ask yourself also why the Godless communists in this country were supporting the Islamic insurrections and that the same slogans were being used by the revolting Muslims that have been shouted by the Obamanites since the election in 2008.

    You know this reflects the John’s vision in Revelations. It is close. Remember also that Jesus tols his deciples who had none to sell their cloaks and buy swords… Gentile people make sure that the preachers, ministers and priests do not deceive you with the doctrine of the Roman Church. The church invented many traditions. They were an extension of the Roman Government to exert control. Read your scripture and and approach God with a heart that is not predisposed to any doctrine but the voice of what is correct and incorrect that is in every child of God’s heart. “I shall write my laws in their hearts and in their minds.”

    God bless us all, we shall certainly need it soon.

  • danE

    Coming soon! TSA will be on every street corner to arrest true patriots. TSA agents will eventually out number the military. Hitler is so jealous of the jackel obama.

  • Yellow Horse

    Yea, the TSA agents are so upper class that they watch porn & fondle little kids ,men,women, Then run to the bathroom or under a bridge to relieve themselves!!! Sick bastards!!

  • The Redneck

    More evidence to uphold Christianity….

    Just take a good look at the kind of people who are against it.

  • firey

    We Will all have to stand before God one day and account for all of our sins. I for one am fortunate and blessed to be a christian, we live in Evil times and this world is not made for the believers of God, but can find comfort in knowing that this life is not the only life for the christian, for we will have enternal life with God in Heaven. God gave us all free will to choose to believe or not to believe, christians will always be mocked, hated, laughed at in this life, but God will return and destroy all that is evil and will cast those who turn away from God into Hell forever, and that is a Fact, people can choose to believe of not.

  • http://n/a Ron

    While many of you take the path toward peace in our time, you are much like Neville Chamberlain, prior to the begining of WWII. Doing nothing, enabled Adolf Hitler to gain great power over the people. Know that God has his warriors and He chooses them and places the protection of Christianity in their minds, hearts and hands. Do not criticize warriors, for without them, all of us would find ourselves fighting our enemies in our local communities and on our front lawns. Take heed and do not be persuaded to do nothing by those who are ruled by cowardice! I will follow what the Lord says to my heart and not what religious leaders suggest in their attempts at leadership. God bless you all!

    • Grumpy

      There is an old saying – all it takes for evil to win, is for good men to do nothing.

  • Angie

    They need to fire this a$$hole. He is in a paid government position, therefore we are his bosses. So to take a phrase from the Donald, “You’re fired”!!!

  • tommy

    and the answer is
    is an anagram of

    see- solved

    • efren

      Ha ha ha. Thanks that’s a good one!

  • Eric

    Jesus said.
    Do not avenge, Vengeance is mine, I will avenge, sayeth the Lord. in the meantime pray for his salvation.

    • selahgreen

      You wonder what was done to him in the past by an alleged “Christian” to produce such vehemence and vitriol against Jesus and God? His kind of bitterness doesn’t come from a study of Nietzsche and Marx.

      “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” Luke 17:2. At one time, Seashols was one of the Lord’s ‘little ones.’ Somebody caused him to stumble, big time.

      You are right, Eric. We need to pray for him. It would be most remarkable if all believing posters here would do just that.

  • Ron A. Zajac

    We don’t know what Ken Ham said that “made” Seashols “go postal” (as it were). Well… *I* don’t know, anyway…

    And I don’t want to know. I’ve seen/heard Ham in action, and, bad as it may have been, it’s very hard to imagine it could warrant this kind of response. Ham is a small actor in this grand scheme of things. He doesn’t have much in the way of real power, such that it much be perceived as desirable to strike some kind of blow against it. And even if such grounds were to exist, hacking porn onto his FB page is not exactly what the doctor could conceivably order!

    The whole point is that, every now and then, someone gets so exercised over a perceived slight against their in-group that they do or say improper things in response.

    The most important thing, here, is to recognize that a lot of the cyber-sparring between the hyperreligious and atheists–including a lot of relatively civil back-and-forth–is utterly wasted intellectual and emotional energy. This instance is just a particularly extreme case of an ongoing, common mutual animosity.

    Hopefully the new activist atheist crowd will look at the case of Seashols and take it as an object lesson: No religious or areligious principle is grounds for abusing another fellow human in this way.

    • Robert

      Ken Ham didn’t do anything at all. Someone else posted something he said to their forum. He didn’t direct anything at them at all.

  • American bred

    Ken Ham spoke at my church years ago. It was packed. Our parking lot didn’t hold all the cars, a nearby church let us use their lot & our church bus transported folks. May God bless you for all you do. These hackers will answer to this “happening” one day!

  • BAND

    Transfer him to Alaska to cool down.

  • William

    Those who use the Constitutional concept-right of “free” speech need to , if they can read, read the mindset of those who created it-they NEVER intended “free” speech to be vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit etc-NEVER. That concept does not give anyone the right to be “in your face vulgarily or otherwise. Also Jesus said to His disciples-“They hated and will kill me they will hate and if possible kill you-getcha gun and be prepared!

  • Helena

    Ham is reprehensible. I’d sooner my kid watch porn than listen to his blatant lies. Religion is far more evil than porn. I would hazard to guess that every “believer” who complained about the porn watched it 5 times before lodging a complaint.

    • Robert

      That is really sad.

    • War Wagon

      Unfortunately, unless God does work in your childrens lives, you have already condemned them to the judgment to come.

      If you are truly a loving parent, as I’m sure you say you are, would you prefer to see them die or live. The end of life does not come just as the body draws in that ast breath. No, there is more yet to come. As you will witness firsthand when your body gives itself over to the dust of the earth.

      What your children need most, you deprive them. What they need least, you heap upon them.

    • Lynda

      Well, that’s one way to put it but could you be a little more specific? Then again, never mind.God is good!

    • War Wagon

      Surely one as puffed up in knowledge should already know what was stated.

      You do test my patience. That is not becoming of one who uses the name Jesus Christ and professes his salvation. But I have overcome greater hypocrits than yourself.

    • Lynda

      What a sweetheart aren’t you? Your mother must be very proud of you. Carry on Patroits, we ‘ve got worse than this to deal with. Blessings!

    • Raymond

      Helena says:
      April 15, 2011 at 8:12 am
      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

      Ham is reprehensible. I’d sooner my kid watch porn than listen to his blatant lies. Religion is far more evil than porn. I would hazard to guess that every “believer” who complained about the porn watched it 5 times before lodging a complaint.

      So you’d rather show your kids porn?

      You’re a very bad and very evil parent..
      God will judge you..

    • southernbreeze

      Helena, just keep in mind,there will be no athiest in hell, only former athiest. As they are writhing in the lake of fire, they all will have began to believe in an Almighty God, but it will be much too late to believe then.

  • greta

    I disagree that we should pray and turn the other cheek. If he has broken the law, then he should be fired/punished. Those who take no action are part of the problem in the disintegrationof our society.

  • Robert

    Just because you CAN say something doesn’t mean you SHOULD say something. That is the difference between the wise man and the fool.

  • http://none James

    He says he isn’t breaking any laws by voicing his opinion, but it sure sounds like some kind of hate crime to me. He is lost, and we should pray that he will one day find the gospel. Apostle Paul was in the same shape until his awakening…

    • southernbreeze

      I believe he could very well be charged with violating federal laws that forbid exposing pornographic images to children and transferring pornographic images to internet websites that children frequently use.

  • JohnC, Freeport, NY

    This TSA Neanderthal is morally bankrupt. He should not be working for the Government.
    He is already judged.

    • OregonStorm

      Much of the government is morally corrupt, let us not act exactly like the creeps.

  • SONshine Man

    Let’s get a few things straight:

    1) the TSA is a bunch of criminal thugs and sexual perverts that the New World Order is using to badger and harass us into
    “submission”, treating Americans like we are SLAVES rather than CITIZENS. The fact that this moronic “atheist” put such garbage on Mr. Ham’s Facebook page is no coincidence. This was most likely PLANNED by his superiors as a further measure of intimidating Americans, especially Christians to “bow down and lick their boots”. How many of you people enjoy all the reports of the TSA sexually molesting mainly women and CHILDREN, as they did recently with that 6 year old in New Orleans?

    2) Forget this passive “Christians shouldn’t judge”, “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord” stance! People, your nation is being STOLEN by a bunch of ruthless criminals who will stop at NOTHING, including torture, abuse, molestation, and murder to accomplish their end game which is WORLD GOVERNMENT AND THE EXTERMINATION OF AT LEAST 80% OF US! Whether you want to believe it or not, NINE ELEVEN WAS AN INSIDE JOB! This whole fake “war on terror” is being used by the globalists to bring America into their “fold”, and it is OUR FAULT for allowing that to occur!

    Remember, the only reason Hitler, Stalin, and Mao prevailed was because THE PEOPLE allowed them to, because they were too scared and/or trying to be “Christian” about the whole thing. The results of that stance: ONE HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION DEAD collectively at the hands of those three murderous monsters who were ALL, by the way, puppets of the very same BANKSTERS who are now in charge of the “TSA”.

    It is time for the American people, and in particular, CHRISTIANS in American to get off your lazy religious rear-ends and quit making excuses for your PATHETIC PASSIVITY and instead, get the same “fighting spirit” of our CHRISTIAN founding fathers like Washington, Henry, Adams and Monroe, which was, “PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION!” You need to read Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech in its entirity. The apathy and very WRONG mentality of Christians in America in response to all of the TYRANNY that is now abounding is sickening! How can you call yourselves “Christians” let alone
    “Americans” when you are so willing to just allow child molesting murderous fools to go on terrorising the people, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN? How can you be so STUPIDLY PASSIVE in response to the idiotic “atheism” of these fools who think they are
    “intellectual” when God himself calls them FOOLS (Psalm 14:1; Romans 1:22)?

    When will you finally wake up? When they come to YOUR door? It will be too late then, because after they have “played” with your family (just as they are now doing via OUR TROOPS in Iraq and Afghanistan) and they then KILL THEM IN FRONT OF YOU AND LAUGH IN YOUR FACE, and then as they DRAG YOUR SORRY HIDE OFF TO ONE OF THEIR “FEMA CAMPS”, you can think back and remember how you mistakenly and presumptuously thought “faith in God” meant “pray for the rapture and do nothing else!” Well, I’ve got news for Christians in America: your “pre-trib rapture theory” is about to be demolished by the New World Order. Because when you ARE STILL HERE, you’ll then realize that you were LULLED TO SLEEP by the New World Order and their WORLD RELIGION! The reality of PERSECUTION holds no place in Western theology because that would be too tough to deal with for those who would rather be “at ease in Zion”. Sad! Really, really sad! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • SONshine Man

    One more thing: PLEASE go to:

    Get copies of “Terror Storm”, “The Obama Deception”, “Fall of The Republic”, “Police State 4″, “Invisible Empire”, “Loose Change Final Cut”, “Fabled Enemies”, “Don’t Tread On Me”, “Camp FEMA 1 & 2″, etc. ARM YOURSELF WITH THE TRUTH and get it through your head and heart: NINE ELEVEN WAS AN INSIDE JOB and what the TSA is doing is just the start. We are now in the initial stages of a POLICE STATE LOCK DOWN and very soon, we will find ourselves under TOTAL TYRANNY, unless the American people REPENT, TURN TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, WAKE UP, STAND UP, SPEAK UP, AND ACT UP against the New World Order and their criminal thugs who think they are “gods” who run the universe and the planet and have the “right” to treat us like their slaves and personal “play things”! Not me! Not on your life! NO WAY NO HOW!

    The time is NOW! You better quit gazing up into heaven and instead GET YOUR EYES ON THE LORD WHO IS IN THE BATTLE FIELD! You better do more than pray! You better be preaching the gospel, seeking to win as many as you can to Christ, and you better be POLITICALLY ACTIVE in exposing what the New World Order BANKSTERS are doing (that run the FEDERAL RESERVE) and you better be participating in the PATRIOT MOVEMENT and the NINE ELEVEN TRUTH MOVEMNT informing others once you yourself are awake and aware! EDUCATE YOURSELF, then do the same with others!

    Please! If you care about your precious children and grandchildren, and you don’t want to see them end up in the hands of a bunch of CHILD MOLESTING SEXUALLY DEVIANT MONSTERS WHO LOVE TO GET THEIR KICKS WITH KIDS LIKE YOURS, take this serious! Time is running out! Tyranny is upon us! The founding fathers didn’t just “pray”. THEY FOUGHT this kind of thing! They had faith in God, a faith that is REAL becuase it’s a faith that TAKES ACTION! “Faith without works is dead”!

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! THE TIME IS NOW! Go to and check out all of the documentation there that ALEX JONES in Austin, Texas has compiled. Listen to his daily broadcast via his website, Monday thru Friday 11AM to 2PM Central and Sundays 4-6PM Central (which he also streams 24/7 in rebroadcast so you can catch the day’s show if you missed it). He is right on, and he has tons of documentation and hundreds of experts and guests on his show, and you can call in! His website and show and documentaries is some of the best ways to get informed and get involved in this war against the New World Order! Like the founding fathers said, “LIVE FREE OR DIE!”

  • Mary

    This is a TSA agent. So he has no problem with pornography. With exposing children to vulgarity and pornography. Well think about it folks he is now patting down people in airports to make sure you aren’t traveling with inappropriate materials. He has such good judgement we should trust him with who should be patted down and who should not be patted down. He should be allowed to touch any of your daughters? Oh I think not. We must stand as tall as Michael the Archangel in defending the little ones.

  • Rob

    To do something like this, this is clearly a guy with a very poor relationship with his father. Very sad.

  • OregonStorm

    Why is it that “righteous people” can be offended and ignore it.

    On the contrary, these non-believing jerks can never ignore anything, wanting whatever “offends” them erased from the face of the earth along with the humans who hold any of the offending beliefs…….absolutely astounding!

  • Cranios

    This man claims he can say anything he wants about anyone, and not be sued? Where’s he getting his legal advice?

  • Ridge Runner

    I to belive in treating your fellow man as your equaland exspect the same in return this man doesen’t have any respect for any body not even him self and it doesen’t say much for his parents.He needs to be treated as a chicken killing dog. you tie him up to make sure he doesn’t get away before you start shooting. remember god’s words on the two most evil cities not to leave any thing alive.

  • southernbreeze

    I believe that the general pubic should contact Secretary of Homeland Security,Janet Napolitano’s office,The Administrator of the Richmond, Va. Airport Authority, The office of House Majority leader, Eric Cantor, (R)Virginia, about this incident and lodge tens of thousands of complaints. Whether this creep knows it or not, he has to answer to the TSA regarding his illegal activities, on or off duty and Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, as well as TSA has to answer to the American people regarding his illegal activities and crimes against children.

  • June

    Seashol sounds like a “sick” individual – -no doubt, he is a product of our very “sick” educational system! Wonder where his parents were while he was learning the “garbage” vernacular?