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‘Communist News Network?

Written on Monday, July 30, 2012 by



There are a lot of us who believe our current government leaders are moving America towards socialism which is a short step away from communism. Over the past 200+ years that our Nation has been around, our ancestors have fought and given their life to keep us away from being that kind of country. Today, we have elected a huge number of communists into government office and these same communists have taken over the Democrat political party. It is ironic that Americans have historically fought against this for so long, but today are just handing our government over to them.

Has anyone ever asked how can this be possible? It is clear that the way these people get elected into office is through several honest and even some dishonest ways which will not be discussed in this article. What is important to know is that there is a common theme of how this happens and this is because all of these communists have had support from the US main stream media.

Do you know in Russia the government controls all of the media? Ever since the Czar of Russia was overthrown in 1917, the communists have controlled the media; this includes newspapers, magazines and now television and the internet. Look at China and we can see their government also controls all information and nothing is reported that is not approved by the Chinese government. We now realize that our current government leaders also control all information from US main stream media agencies.

Let us look at what ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN do for us in today’s environment. Are they reporting real hard political news to us that is unbiased? No, they do not. What are they reporting, then? They          are the mouthpiece of the Democrat political party and they only report things that are in favor of this one political party and their talking points. There is nothing reported unless it is against those who are not of the Democrat political machine. These news agencies are not for freedom of information and I will tell you that ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN are really no longer news organizations; they are political commentary reporting agencies. They and their affiliates are equivalent to a state-controlled news agency which is controlled by communists.

These news agencies have been taken over by the communists because they learned a long time ago that if they can control what we know, they can control us; they can control what we do and control what we believe. At one time, we could rely on the press to give us the facts about both sides of the story. By reporting both sides equally, free Americans could make up their own minds and then act accordingly based upon our belief and desires. They do not want us to do this anymore.

By not reporting both sides of the facts in an unbiased manner, these news agencies have become a propaganda machine for those who are giving them money and privilege. Back when these agencies were really news agencies, they had to ‘get the scoop’ so everyone would tune-in to their news show and they could charge advertisers more money. Today, they are only communist mouthpieces and they no longer care about the real news scoop. Listening to these stations is like listening to Russian and Chinese news agencies; they are only reporting what they are ‘allowed’ to report.

My questions to everyone are, “Do you want to get your news and other information from organizations that are not telling you the truth and are just the mouthpiece of the Democrat political party? Are these stations the place you want to get all the facts so you can make informed decisions?”

The bottom line is we can no longer trust these news reporting stations: ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN and their affiliates because they no longer are reporting hard news “for the benefit of America.” These companies are misleading Americans on purpose; they want us to believe what they want us to know and are not reporting unbiased facts. We must realize these agencies are on equal footing with the Russian and Chinese News agencies and so we have to dig deep to get the news we need to make informed decisions.  Instead of them reporting news to us, they should be reporting news for us.

In my opinion, stay away from ALL communists news agencies because we MUST always protect our First Amendment rights to free speech!


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  • onyoursix33

    Fox does run some Conservative themes from time to time, but overall they don’t. They often run very Liberal ideas as well, and Libertarian ideas.

    Overall though FOX runs a lot of segments that are centered around freedom. Sure they have their commentators that are War Mongers, Socialist, and Religious freaks.

    MSNBC and CNN are straight out Liberal though, and Liberal right now in our Country means Socialst mainly because of Obama. The party has NO choice but to follow his lead.

    Reality is though that most Elected Republicans and LIberals are VERY much in favor of a large Government that spies on its Population and spends lots of money not earned in taxes…Often in different ways though, because that is where that parties kick backs are found. They both use Emotional topics to keep us off what our real concerns should be…Freedom.

    Which means personal responsibility (which is almost gone). Which means free markets (which we’ve not seen in over 100 years).

    Freedom, when practiced in the real world, means a very small Government, which of course no bought and paid for Politician wants.

    The ACA clearly violates the 13th Amendment. Telling a person simply because they were born they must PAY another individual money. This goes against all aspects of a free society, a responsible society.

    Here in the US of A we are among the FATEST in the world. We use the MOST energy per citizen of any country. We rarely make anything from start to finish (even though we claim higher “manufacturing rates, reality is its made somewhere else and “assembled” here). All of the programs that foster this lazy attitude are indeed subsidized the the Government.. all of it…

    Sadly this moves us from Sustainability… It bloats our Population…. It erodes OUR freedom. If you took all the power plants/fuel stations off line for 36 hours here, none, you’d have anarchy. Military rule would be put in effect country wide. If it went on another 48 hours even that would break down (people would run out of food).

    Look at our mini natural disaster a few years ago, Katrina. We had cops shooting unarmed citizens for NO reason, Citizens just looking for food.

    Every time something like that happens though, the Government steps in and puts more controls in place…

    This is why the Government (both parties) don’t fight millions of immigrants coming here…Cheap labor…ballooning Population… and eventuall the need for more control. can take your narrow minded, little thoughts, and defend your belief that FOX is Conservative…

    One day Freedom will be almost wiped out. A natural, or man made disaster will happen. those who buried their guns will survive.. hundreds of millions will die… Government will crumble, and we’ll start all over again. With new Politicians soon saying they are the answer.

    Freedom is the only answer. Time has shown that again, again, again, and again.