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Vicious Smear Campaign Against Clarence Thomas Turns Twenty

Written on Saturday, October 29, 2011 by


Twenty years ago this month Clarence Thomas was sworn in as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. The battle to confirm him was vicious, and Floyd had a front row seat.

Thomas was tapped by President George H. W. Bush earlier in the summer of 1991, and we all knew it was going to get ugly. We didn’t realize it would be a racially charged lynching. We knew it would be ugly because as the left has lost the power of ideas they have increasingly turned to the politics of vilification and personal destruction to destroy conservative jurists and leaders in the media.

Most conservatives watched in horror as the left shredded the career and personal life of Judge Robert Bork. Bork had been nominated by Ronald Reagan for the court in 1987. By all accounts Bork was brilliant and qualified. When the left was done pawing his garbage and stealing his library records, we hardly recognized the man. So we were prepared in 1991.

L Brent Bozell III and Floyd, knowing the dubious character of the US Senators on the Judiciary Committee prepared an ad entitled “Who will Judge the Judge.” Then we reviewed the resumes of the panel: “Ted Kennedy, suspended from Harvard for cheating, left the scene of the accident at Chappaquiddick and this year Palm Beach.” We finished the ad by sharing about Joseph Biden’s plagiarism and Alan Cranston’s cozy relationship with busted banker Charles Keating.

Needless to say, when the dirt started to fly about Clarence Thomas, the Senators’ pontificating would be exposed as hypocrites. When we prepared the ad and aired it to massive television coverage, we had no idea about Anita Hill. We just knew it was going to get nasty.

We don’t really want to recount the embarrassing week of Hill’s testimony, because she was clearly a fraud, and the whole ruse to accuse Thomas of sexual harassment was dismissed and Thomas was confirmed by the US Senate.

Many of us thought it would stop once he was on the bench. Once again we were unable to understand the depth of hatred carried in the hearts of these hard core left wing radicals. They have been obsessing about Judge Thomas now for over twenty years.

We only bring this up because of a bizarre twist taken in some of the latest attacks. Floyd made the commercial while he was President of Citizens United. Floyd left Citizens United in 2007 and together we launched this column and his blog But Floyd’s successor at Citizens United David Bossie launched a legal assault on the McCain-Feingold law. This eventually led to the landmark decision by the Supreme Court that the First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits the government from censoring political broadcasts.

Now conjured up in the minds of these conspiracy minded left-wingers, they believe Judge Thomas voted with the majority as pay back for the ad Citizen United produced in 1991.

There are many problems with these lunatics’ argument, including the simple fact that McCain Feingold was passed in 2002 over a decade after Thomas was confirmed.

Using this same logic you would have to keep Thurgood Marshall, the Justice that Thomas replaced, from hearing civil rights cases brought by the NAACP because for years he actually worked as the NAACP’s lawyer. In the Thomas case the connection is even less evident.

Floyd doesn’t even know Justice Thomas. That doesn’t mean we haven’t admired his record on the court. We both believe his record on the bench has been outstanding. And we take pleasure in whatever small role we may have played in getting his nomination confirmed.

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  • nvrpc

    NAACP’s lawyer. This would have been automatic disqualification. The NAACP,the ACLU and the black panthers are all terrorist organization of which need to be eradicated, abolished just like the KKK. They are absolutely no better than the KKK as a matter a fact the KKK were alterboys in comparison to these three organization.

    • Displayguy

      110% correct – It is unbelievable people in general do not recognize this.

    • Evermyrtle

      They all plot disruption of everything decent. that is their main aim in life

    • Evermyrtle

      The KKK belonged to the Democratic party,not as they tried to lay it on, the Republican Party.

    • AliveStillKickin

      David Dukes just joined the OWS vermin.
      What does that tell you?

    • Mike

      Soooo….who have the NAACP and the ACLU lynched??

    • Jackie


    • robert l craft

      Amen to that brother.

    • NIKI

      nvrpc: You might add: The KKK is owned lock stock and barrel by the Democrats period. And people vote for the lies given by MSM. Shame on the people for NOT getting there facts right. If you VOTE democrat you VOTE for lynching’s and they have the nerve to say that is what the Tea Party is. They need to learn history. Oh I am sorry, History the way it is not as the government run Public Schools would like people to believe.

  • John

    I think the democrapic party is made up of the biggest bunch of losers on the planet. Anita Hill and her university radicals are diseased. I remember them in the late 60s early 70s they were pathetic at that time also, for us who knew them. Now the media glorifies them.
    And they wonder why the media profession is thought of as the bottom of the barrel!



  • Pat Sinclair

    Thomas is a good man and the democrates are trying to destroy his reputation. Obama has a worse reputation than anybody in this world. Let’t see more of destroying this man who is a communist, socialist, and want-a-be
    dictator. He should have been impeached long ago but the stupid sentate would not do it. They have too many socialist and democrates on it to stand up for what the people want. Out elections should be geared toward freedom and liberty for you and I.

    • LadyLiberty

      Buy and Read…”Red Army, the radical network that must be defeated to save America. By Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott. This new book has the answers that we all need to know. Get to know the real players in the WH.

    • Mike

      Thomas is a scumbag…..a liar….openly biased pile of garbage….he gets his orders from the likes of the Koch brothers and “forgot” that his wife earned hundreds of thousands of dollars working for a group that heavily lobbied in favor of the Citizens United case….the man shouldn’t be a Supreme Court justice

    • Tom Stewart

      Hey Mike Put Down That Obamacare “New Kool-Aid” You Colored Folks Should Stand With The Likes Of Mr Clarence Thomas And Herman Cain Who Are Not On Dole From Womb To Tomb, Yikeess, God Bless America.

    • Kitty

      Obama should never have been elected.

    • Gisela

      obama and all the trash that he surounds himself with will be gone.They ough to deport him and his american hating wife to Kenya along with all the liars in congress and senate that stuff their pockets with our money.

  • SONshineman

    This is all so much globalist propaganda, so typical of the New World Order. I wonder how many people know that Clarence Thomas worked for Monsanto, and still has close ties with them politically? Probably not many. This is a closely guarded secret that the globalist elite doesn’t want known. Monsanto is the main company engaged in the destruction of our food supply and promoting the EUGENICS agenda of the New World Order, also known as POPULATION REDUCTION. Ever wonder why there’s so much CANCER now? Much of it is due to the GENETIC MODIFICATION of our foods, and Monsanto is the main “pusher” of this evil agenda. Do your own research on “GMO” foods. This is really evil, and Clarence Thomas is part of that evil agenda, and he knows it. I listened intently when those “confirmation hearings” took place, and back then I was still believing in the false “”Left verses Right” political paradigm (which I now know is nothing more than a POLITICAL “DOG AND PONY SHOW”, a “smokescreen” to distract from reality!) Consequently, I was so upset at how they treated Clarence Thomas. But I now realize that was all part of THE GAME to help further the globalist’s agenda. Consider that George H.W. Bush is one of their major “puppets”. It was well known that he was “groomed for the White House” because he was known as “the darling of the Rockefellers”. Bush “nominated” someone he KNEW would promote the New World Order’s evil eugenics agenda. Like I say, do your own research on all this, you’ll see that it’s all true!

  • MalikTous

    I consider Slutomeyer and ‘Scragun’ Kagan to be far less qualified as judges than Thomas. Kick both those bimbos off the bar, and those Klinton put in too. Everything either Klinton did should be thrown in the garbage.

    • Evermyrtle

      I do not believe that Kagan and Slutomeyer appointed because they were America freedom lovers and promoters of a free America, but because they were not.

  • am2sweet

    The democratic party has been taken over by Nazis and that is what we have to battle now. The Communists knew they could take this country down from the inside if they could get enough people in here who would work hard at furthering the cause. Unfortunately the elite rich saw that as a good way to become rulers rather than just rich people. So, most of the elite took on the Communist way of doing things. The democratic party doesn’t consist of any patriots of this country now. Most are too liberal to want anything other than letting the government run things and leave them to enjoy life. What most of the lower class ones don’t realize is that the party they are wanting to help and believe in will eventually make them into slaves where they won’t have the freedoms they have now nor will they enjoy life as they do now. Sad we should all have to pay for the stupidity of a few.

    • Chet

      I don’t know about which Repubs are BUT the demos have 70 commies in congress.

  • Evermyrtle

    Talking about “Going to hell in a hand basket” without a lot of help from GOD and freedom loving people, that is where we stand, today

  • Sergeant Major (TEAPUBLICAN) Extreme Far Right Conservative (White Caucus)

    This continued attack on Thomas is rediculous. You all get over it and suck it up like the rest of us; like when a liberal left gets in there and we conservatives have to accept.

  • T Lady

    As I mentioned on sister site, I am thankful Justice Thomas was able to overcome the vicious attacks against his good character, whereas Robert Bork was not. That remains one of the greatest failures of our government to have allowed the likes of Ted Kennedy malign such a brilliant legal scholar with a towering intellect.

  • jr

    Smear tactics are what the Left is all about. I read months ago that discrediting Thomas was essential to keep votes in favor of liberals. The article I read predicted this and sure enough, it will happen.

  • Bill

    This smear campaign is only brought on by the democrats and obama so he can appoint one more of his socialist judges to futher his agenda of destroying our U.S. Constitution. They will not be happy until they remove our freedom.

  • buckeye

    What a piece of garbage. He couldn’t even remember to report $700,000.00 of income his wife had. LOL

  • kenneth dameron

    Does anyone remember the Majority Staff Attorney who found Anita Hill and prepped her for her testimony? None other than Janet Napolitano, our current Homeland Security Secretary.

  • jr

    I think Clarence Thomas should accuse Obama and all who are trying to discredit him with discrimination. That is just what they generally do so turn the tables on them and take it public. That might have an effect.

    PS: Napolitano got what she smeared to get. THE JOB! Good grieff. I may never be rich and I may never be famous, but I have more character in one fingernail than these people have in their whole being. I would hate to sell my soul for a job, any job. It would appear that most of the politicians do it almost every day. I would rather be just who I am than to have no conscience or soul.

  • Co-opted Confederate

    To the author: If Clarence Thomas Wanted He could Vindicate himselfright now and for all posterity. ig ie would issue a subpoena to the Governer of Hawaii, and the Mayor of Honolulu to: 1; Provide the ORIGINAL (NOT A COPY) OF BHO’S BIRTH CERTIGFICATE. OR BE CHARGED WITH CONTEMPT OF COURT.
    2. HAVE JUSTICE THOMAS ORDER SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE AND THE HIGHEST RANKING REPUBLICAN SENATOR SIGN A SUBPOENA FOR THE SAMR THING. GIVING Giving Abercrombie 12 hours to have it on the Floor of the House of Representatives. or serve 5 years for contempt of congress, 5 years for conrempt of the supreme Court. 3. hve Justice Thomas issue a bench warrent HOs Arrest on suspicion of obtaining Federal office by fraud if the real birth certificate is not produced. Of course Holder will choose not to prosicute but either way BHO will go Down in the biggest fastest fire ball since the Hindenburg.4. Have Thomas request the House to request the Army to send a battalion of special forces, and a Squadron of Navy seals to Kenya and sieze the records repository an see if the Kenyan Birth Certificate exist, isf so they borrow it for a few days and it’ts done BHO goes to jail Holder goes to jail Abercrombie goes to jail and theENTIRE DEMOCRAT NATIONAL COMMITTEE GOES TO JAIL FOR CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD THE american citizens of the presidency of the united states. . 5. If one of the aformntioned does not happen by th end of 2011. then ?”We the unwashed not politiaclly correct Disgruntled People” seize the entire 10 square miles of DC and do with it as we see fit. Voting him and all those who are like him out of office is a less than 50-50 proposition. Ya’ll got to talke to yer Congress people intensely bout this , maybe even shame them or embaress them into action. The Secret service will never allow any John Q Public citizen get close enough to BHO in order to serve papers on him (which we are entitled to to). But a Member of the house and certainly a Supreme court Justice or a senator who still has his cajones could serve him with a class action suit. All we the people have to do is get it written and filed. Is there no one within less than a days drive from DC willing enough, gutsy enough, crazy enough to Do it!!

    • The Enemy

      Confederate: It’s pathetic how almost all politicians are avoiding the issue of king O’s birth place. A forged, computer-generated “birth certificate” is not sufficient evidence. The fastest way to get king O. out of office is this issue, if carried to the full extent. But, because of political expediency, most of our illustrious politicians are avoiding it.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    SO THE COMPASSIONATE minority loving lib/progressives celebrate the 20 the anniversary by roasting yet another of their champions;; aka ; HERMAIN CAIN, can anyone say hypocritic bigots?

  • The Enemy

    The despicable liberals are the REAL racists and they attack ANY conservative public official of color with verocity. Now they are trying to trash Herman Cain. This just goes to show how pathetically depraved the liberals are.

  • Herebert555

    The pubic hair in the coke lives on