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Walter Williams: Lessons from a Black Patriot

Written on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 by

walter williams

Economist Dr Walter E. Williams has long been a favorite columnist of mine: a consistent common-sense defender of liberty and the American republic.  Now, at the age of 74 and widowed a few years ago (after 47 years of marriage), he has written an instructive autobiography, Up from the Projects.

Williams points out that this country is unique: in other countries, those born poor stay poor, but here, you just can’t tell how people started off from their current successes.  Many of our very wealthiest people in history, like Rockefeller and Carnegie, started off in far worse poverty than the “poor” of today.  Williams himself, although a successful columnist and chairman of the George Mason economics department, was born in the middle of the Depression, and at a time of genuine anti-black racism.

Early life

But although he was born in 1936 into material poverty, his family didn’t consider themselves poor.  What they lacked in material wealth, they more than made up with what he calls “spiritual wealth”.

Much of that was due to his mother.  She was single—not from choice, but from abandonment.  Rather than relying on the Government, she worked hard, was frugal, and also set high standards for Walter and his sister.  Mrs Williams herself never completed high school, but realized the value of education for her children.  What a contrast with today, when many blacks succeeding academically are beaten up for “acting white”.  She also refused to tolerate bad behavior towards anyone, whether white or black, and didn’t hesitate to discipline with strikes of her hairbrush to Walter’s behind.

There was also little crime.  With the lack of air-conditioning, families used to sleep outside during midsummer.  Even much later, in 1958, Walter could take a nap in his cab late at night, but,  “a cabbie doing the same thing today would be deemed suicidal.”

Williams is also grateful to his teachers for setting high standards, and refusing to make allowances for substandard work.  And this was a time when they taught proper grammar, not modern frauds like “Ebonics”, and were not too politically correct to mark sentences “wrong”.  Much later, he often said, “I am glad that I got my education before it became fashionable to like black people—at least everyone knows my qualifications are real.”

As a teenager, Williams took a variety of jobs to earn pocket money, which also taught him good habits.  Now, as he has often pointed out, thanks to minimum wages pricing many black teenagers out of the job market, such avenues of self improvement are denied to them.  Williams also saw first-hand how other well-intentioned laws, such as those against “child labor”, were really designed to keep out competition.

He also learned the value of money early, when he spent his lunch money.  His mother refused to lend him a replacement, so Walter had go hungry for a few days, and never did this again!  Now we see people rescued from the consequences of their follies, and even rewarded by the government, so the follies are perpetuated, a “moral hazard”.


Williams was drafted into the military in the 1950s, and this included a 13-month tour of duty in Korea.  Before being shipped out, he made what he said was the wisest decision of his life: marrying Conchetta (“Connie”) Taylor in 1960. They had one daughter, Devyn (b. 1975).

The military had only recently been desegregated; segregation was the legacy of Democratic racists.  Walter himself experienced blatant discrimination, such that in Korea he even listed his race as “Caucasian” to try to avoid it.  He was also court-martialled on trumped-up charges.  However, he represented himself and succeeded in having the charges dismissed (the charge sheet and acquittal are both photocopied in the book).

He caused much controversy with well-reasoned anonymous articles in the Philadelphia Independent, “The World’s Greatest Negro Tabloid”, documenting the racism in the army at the time.  But they were a complete contrast with the modern racial grievance industry that denounces America and its Constitution: e.g. Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright’s “God damn Ameri-KKK-a”, the lie that the Constitution declared that blacks were 3/5 of a person (see Williams’ refutation), or Obama himself complaining that the Constitution didn’t allow wealth redistribution.

Instead, Williams pointed out how racism was contrary to the vision of equality taught by the Founders, and against the freedoms for which the US military has fought.  He also pointed out that it set a bad example for those people in danger of Communism, if America didn’t practice what it preached.  White racists also looked down on Koreans, hardly the way to win them over to the superiority of our system.  Williams concluded by explaining that his points were not disloyalty to the country, but loyalty to its ideals when its policies didn’t match.

In 1963, Walter wrote to President Kennedy himself about such concerns, and received a genuine reply from the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Civil Rights).  The role of conservative blacks in undoing racism is grossly underestimated—years before the liberal race-baiters who take all the credit came on the scene (see also the Patriot column Conservatives and Blacks).

Academic career

Dr Williams had some good fortune in being able to study for his future career as an economics professor and syndicated columnist—but then he largely made his own luck, by being prepared to take advantage of it.  Again, part of this good fortune was in professors who set high standards.

This contrasted with what happened later.  He featured in a 1975 headline, “Racism? Temple professor opposes easy grades for blacks”, based on a memo to the Business Faculty.  He pointed out that this practice ignores the actual damage to black students:

a. The benevolent paternalism of white faculty members tends to generate “hustler” attitudes among black students.

b. Fraudulent grading denies black students measures of their relative competency.

c. It fosters superiority attitudes among white students and tends to reinforce stereotypical views held of blacks

d. It undermines the effort and merit of those minority students who receive honest grades.

e. Regardless of the intent of double standards in grading, it plays into the hands of the most racist elements in our society for there is no more effective way of destroying the creditability of academic accomplishments by blacks.

Williams also refused any offers made because a department wanted “diversity”; he insisted on being hired based on his merits not his skin color.  As one who had experienced racism first hand, he refused to support it when it benefited him, by becoming an “affirmative action” hire.  This contrasts with many liberal race-baiters who don’t really oppose racism at all; they just want to be the ones doing the racial oppression!

Of course, this didn’t endear him to the campus liberals, but he gave freely of his own time to help black students who wanted to come up to his high standards.

In a leftist campus reception, he was asked about slavery.  He pointed out that slavery was found in all cultures and races around the world; it was hardly unique to the antebellum South (see also Patriot column Wilberforce, slavery and the Tea Party).  Then he was asked how he felt about his ancestors being enslaved (he is the great-grandson of slaves).  He first explained that slavery was a despicable blot on humanity.  But both the criminals and victims are long dead, so we can’t change this terrible fact of history.  Then he absolutely shocked them with what came next:

He said that he, Walter Williams, has benefited enormously from the horrible suffering of his ancestors.  That is, this enslavement of his ancestors enabled him to be born in America, where his opportunities, liberties and wealth were far greater than if he had been born in any African country—which would have happened if his ancestors had escaped enslavement.  As he says, one can condemn a reprehensible practice without denying its beneficial effects on later generations.



Dr Williams’ short (150 pages) autobiography is a good example of the opportunities available in this country, regardless of wealth at birth or race.  He also shows how much better off materially we are compared to his youth.  But unfortunately for many young blacks, we are enormously worse off spiritually.  Finally, my title was deliberately a little misleading: nay, Dr Williams is not so much a black patriot but an American patriot!

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  • m. sharpe

    Great article. I believe that people should be given flowers while they can smell and see their beauty. We should continue to listen to wisdom when it’s speaking. Dr. W. is a very wise man that is full of Knowledge and Understanding. May God continue to bless Us through Your life.

    • Randy131

      If his beliefs are that strong and secure, then why isn’t he following the Congressional Black Caucus to their speaking engagemnets and setting the record straight when it comes to their propaganda and their demonizing of the Tea Party and its goals? Is he ignorant of their rhetoric, or just complacent to it, or even maybe believes their lies and innuendos?

    • Geo

      Randy131, you are so incorrect of your views of Dr. Williams. I have listened to him for years on the talk shows and he is an inspiration to everyone. I didn’t know his wife had passed away and I’m very sad about it. This guy would make a very good leader of the free world, listen to him for a few minutes and you will understand!

    • Jackie

      Maybe Dr. Williams simply doesn’t wish to be beaten to a pulp by union and acorn thugs for speaking the truth which counters the far left agenda and propaganda. Remember the black gentleman who was physically attached by SEIU henchmen and called racists names simply for selling “Don’t Tread on Me” flags at a Tea Party event?

    • Whackajig

      Got attached, huh?

    • Johnnygard

      Randy, Why don’t YOU follow some idiot liberals around and try to straighten them out? W. Williams has a life, a job, and probably a lot better things to do than try to convince evil idiots they shouldn’t be evil, or idiots. Writing columns and sitting in for Rush etc. does a lot more good.

    • Bea

      “As he says, one can condemn a reprehensible practice without denying its beneficial effects on later generations”.

      What Satan meant for evil; God used for good.

      Many blacks we hear from do not want to accept the good; instead just whine about the evil.

    • edward

      To: Bea, You are a Great American!! thank you for your contribution. I just want to say:
      Black or White, Walter Williams is a brilliant, honest compassionate human being. We Need many more people like Walter Williams to come forward and also try to inform the uninformed Americans.

    • Pogo del Nuit

      Dr Williams is an outstanding contributor to the logic that runs in this country despite the stupid and quite contrary racism. However; let us say that not everything is racism in this country and I believe the good Dr pointed it out in a splendid fashion. Another statement that he made caused me to feel pride in his accomplishments was his statement of being an American Partiot. Best wishes Dr in your future endeavors.

    • Whackajig

      Just a simple question about racism. Is the disgust people feel about the blacks due to the way white people are, or due to the way black people are? Is there more than a single type of racism? Is some racism based on skin color? Are others racist, like me, due to the way the blacks live their lives?


  • am2sweet

    Yes there was once many opportunities available to everyone. However now with the socialists taking over our opportunities are being limited. Companies are losing business and struggling under more and more regulations, same with anyone trying to start a business. Kids are being dumbed down in schools and colleges, and taught fiction as history. The elite want is where only they have opportunities and in looking around they have a good head start on it. After all they promote people that are dishonest and protect those working against us.

    • http://CongressmenWest Bev

      We The People, know who our George Washington is, and that is Congressman (LtCol) Allen West. Everyone is to lazy to go after what they want. They would rather sit back and make a selection from what the media has to offer rather than try and recruit Allen West. We should be putting up Billboards saying his Country needs him. A call back to Active Duty to serve as POTUS. Anyone out there who doesn’t know him please go to and read his bio and watch his video and you will see what I mean. He is a real Leader, a man that would go through hell or high water for his men.

    • Whackajig

      I am happy that some idiots feel America is no longer the land of opportunity. Those fools will not expend the effort to succeed, making it much easier for the really productive people to rise to the top. Yep, keep thinking just like the blacks think ………………… oh woe is me.

  • Peggy

    I can mirror much of this fine gentleman’s upbringing. I, too, have been married to my one spouse going on 48 years. I, too, grew up during the segregation years. There the similarity ends. I am a caucasian woman born and raised in the south. However, we do share many of the same ideals. I worked hard for a good education. I believe that a person earns their living – not have it given to you. I respect Dr. Williams stance and his belief in America and applaud him in his calling. If all our children would get an education and earn their living – much of this country’s ill would be solved.

  • SecurityPro

    Dr. Williams should privately speak to Juan Williams, a well-intentioned liberal, who when fired by NPR was supported by conservatives at every level; yet he continues unabated to espouse liberalism, entitlements and taxing the rich disproportionately thereby biting the hand that reached out to hold him up in his time of need. He could learn a lesson from this scholarly gentleman who paved the way for his belated success.

    • Pogo del Nuit

      Excellent Security Pro.

    • Johnnygard

      I suspect Juan Williams is a little more conservative than he lets on. To keep his job at FOX he has to present the liberal side of issues, but I’m not sure his heart is always in it.

    • Whackajig

      Fox news needs juan williams. They have to have a socialist in discussion groups.

  • Herb

    The black community would do itself (especially it’s children)enormous good by rejecting the racist hustlers such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, and yes , even Barack Obama and replace them as leaders of their community with people like Dr. Walter Williams, Herman Cain, Alan West, Condie Rice and others whose message and leadership would actually help them find success rather than continue to hold them down. Then they would really be “free at last”.

    • Willowspring

      But the elitetists and liberals at all levels want the black people to remain dependent. That ensures the vote for a liberal,democrat candidate who will assure them their checks will keep coming without any effort on their part. It is terribly sad what has happened to so many of the blacks when they thought they were being helped. It destroys their self discipline, their work ethic, their desire to improve their lives and those of their children. Because it worked so well, the next phase was to teach black children that they are special (every child is special), so self-esteem exercises were instituted in the schools where children stood up and proclaimed how special they are. This led to a feeling of entitlement and self worth that was not earned. Do not think this was an accident. This was and is intentional. Add that to the fact that there is a reason behind all this to keep black people in a constant state of rebellion and hateful racism, so that many are trapped in the mindset that defeats them. Walter Williams is absolutely right in everything he says and I will be buying his book. I hope every school in America will have it in their library. The best part of black history is not told in this country, only the slavery is dwelt on, a clear indication of the ulterior motives of the liberal agenda. In closing, keep in mind the entire immigration issue is about the same thing. Liberals are buying the votes of legals and illegals alike (yes, they will vote also) in order to stay in power. Amnesty for millions may yet put the left back in power. We can pray it will not.

    • Anthony San Diego

      Unfortunately it’s most every politician. Watch George, learn and then pass it on to your friends.

    • Hank Pinto

      Please do not forget Clarence Thomas!!!

  • Meagain

    This was a great article. My hat is off to you sir. If all people could and would think as you do what a wonderful world this would be. Sadly though we have so many who want a hand out not a hand up. God Bless you Sir.

  • leon evans

    Walter Williams is a grand man and were he running for the Presidenct he would surely have two votes —his and mine! A brilliant mind and common sense. Cant be beaten!

    • Whackajig

      Ahhhh, probably his wife would vote for him also.

  • Jim

    This man is one of the ones that should be helping to run this country, not the ones that we have in Washington now, that have no fear of GOD or really care about the country.

    • uzitiger

      Walter Williams is a great American who has helped the black community in a great way. He also set an example for other blacks who want to get ahead by working hard to attain their goals and avoid the government programs and liberal ideas which keep them on the plantations and dependent on government programs and keeps them voting for Democrats who put them there.

    • FlaJim

      ‘Affirmative action’ is the worst thing that’s happened to blacks and other alleged oppressed minorities. I trust minority professionals with credentials predating 1970 because I know they were earned. For those since then, I’m taking no chances.

    • Whackajig

      Let me ask, if WW were a white man, would you all be getting so frothy at the mouth over him?

      If you are honest, You will admit that you are stroking him only because he is black, and stands out as one of precious few blacks with common sense. He is extraordidnary only due to his color. His views are mainstream conservative.

  • RJJ

    Mr. Williams has substituted for “Rush” on many occasions which makes him a mortal enemy of the left and other Blacks. He is a true conservative and patriot. Isn’t it interesting how color disappears as Ebonics and “the hip hop culture” is replaced by rational and common sense thinking?

    • Willowspring

      So very true, RJJ. I was printing his articles to save long before I knew he is black. I admire this man greatly and also admire his mother. What a great woman she is.

  • Wheel Right

    I am 86 years of age and I have read everything I could get my hands on that has been written by Walter Williams ever since his columns started appearing in the Cinti Enquirer, years ago. He is a great American Patriot and I am proud to share last names and philosophies with him. Thank God for Patriots in High Places. There are far too few who are brave enough to speak up.

  • Helen Jenkins

    In this “our day will come” has come and should be treated as a teachable moment. Maybe, I am an eternal optomist. I choose to look for the silver lining in dark clouds. I first viewed Barack Hussein Obama’s election as the darkest of dark clouds. However, I believe I see the silver lining. Obama was put in office as a Trojan Horse to get Marxists/Socialists inside the fortress (American government) to complete the fundamental transformation of America, begun with the hijacking of the Civil Rights Movement. His election is having the opposite effect: His arrogance, lack of qualifications for the office, indoctrination as a Marxist/Socialist/Muslim turned him into a programmed robot. As such, he could not stop, even when red flags of warning – Obamacare- was death to his goal. As a result, America woke up from the destruction of multiculturalism (forced alienation to insure conflict and chaos among citizens insisting on cultures within American cultures). Obama, ignored the black voters who gave him 99% of their vote- out of pride (misplaced) in the black brother. His allegiance was only to his white masters : George Soros, Union leaders and PC politicians. So, America was aroused to the danger and took action. TEA PARTY arose, seeing the America Walter Williams saw before Political Correctness – land of opportunity for those willing to avail themselves. America is worth the fight. From that moment on Socialism and political correctness was doomed. This article frames the message, perfectly. Keep the faith and the conversation going.

    • Joe

      Ms. Jenkins,

      Excellent comments! Well stated and to the point. But, talk won’t get the job done. Let’s push back against this threat to our great nation.

      Joe East, Retired Fighter Pilot

  • Roger W Jordan Sr

    Dr Williams is one of my heros. I was fortunate to meet him when he gave a lecture at Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, Fl swhere i was the a professor.I have since read everything he has written whenever available. His wisdom is self evident. I once thought I had caught an error in one of hisx columns and sent him an email about it. He personally responded and cleared up the misunderstanding. A true gentleman.He has my condolences on the death of his beloved

  • Melissa

    Walter Williams is truly an intelligent and inspirational human being. This article is shows Mr. Davidson’s great respect for him. I just wish more of the African American community looked to Walter Williams for guidance than they do to the “usual suspects”.

  • Larry

    There is not enough people like this Gentleman he was handed Lemons and he used them to make lemon aid he has been able to overcome what most people no matter what color they are have been able to move past the bitter lemons to make the sweet lemon aid. People like the Reverend Wright are unable to let go of the past that he has never lived under but he is so full of hate that he will never be able to let go of the past he has never lived in. Reverend Wright does not live the life of a preacher or a man of God because he does have so much hate in him he will never be successful as a man of God.

    • Willowspring

      Larry, Jeremiah Wright’s hate mongering is how he makes his living. The worst part of the problem is that he takes down so many unsuspecting of his own race with him. His kharma will be hard to overcome.

  • Marc Jeric

    I never miss reading any article by Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.

    • Willowspring

      Both are brilliant men who tower over most of us. We can only be thankful for them and hope they can get their message to the ones who need it most. Another man I admire is Ken Blackwell of Ohio, his book “Rebuilding America” is one I just bought and will enjoy reading. Go to your favorite search site and check him out.

  • Tom Stewart

    Instead Of Throwing A White GOP Politican Into The Den Of Thieves, Lets Use Our Colored GOP Politicans Walter Williams, Alan Keys, ETC Racist, Racist Because The Long Legged Mack Daddy Obama Will Not Bald-Face Lie?? Worth A Try. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots With Sarah Palin POTUS.

  • AliveStillKickin

    “ONLY IN AMERICA” will be a memory unless we can wake up and educate the masses.
    Our GREAT Republic…..AMERICA….The Greatest Show On Earth….EVER….will be gone if we don’t act to save Her now. She has protected US…..Now it’s OUR turn!!!

  • wisdomcries

    It is mystifying why liberals abhor conservative blacks and now the attacks are equally directed at conservative women.

    Why, since you say you want blacks and women to succeed, and these folks are happy, are down right indignant. Which had me searching for an explanation.

    I believe the answer lies in their hatred of God. They hate God to the point that they are intolerant of any other outcome.
    They are incredulous another way works…when blacks and women won’t fill their hearts with hatred and play the game then their humanistic plan for utopia takes a hit and they hate anything that stands in the way.

    • Willowspring

      The book I am presently reading was one recommended by Glenn Beck and should be required reading for every freedom loving American. It is a commentary titled: “The Naked Capitalist” by W. Cleon Skousen on a book written in 1966 titled: “Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time,” by Dr. Carroll Quigley (a 1300 page book). It explains exactly what, why and how our country has been subverted over the last more than 100 years. Read any books you can find by Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Ken Blackwell and Cleon Skousen.

  • Carol

    The Father of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is our (means-all nationalities) Father also. Our Father made all men from one man.
    I feel all men are equal in Our Father eyes. It’s men who raised theirself up, to think they are better than another person. Which just isn’t true. Color is only skin deep, it is what in your heart that counts.
    Satan is walking the earth now to see how many people he can devour, all hatred and lies come from satan. There only two masters Are you walking in light or darkness? darkness is satan realm, for thieves break in in to steal in the night. All colors of skin have poor, all have been mistreated, and have been down trodden in past and even now. The good book say if you don’t work you don’t eat. We all are slaves to one another. I am honored to be a slave of our creator and so should you be honored. Slavery, man made it bad, which it should be classified as an honor. Read the Bible about slavery.


    Dr. Williams is one of my favorite folks, his view points and logic are exactly what a feeble mind such as mine need to tell others that America is a place where expectation and dreams can be achieved with planning and hard work and you can even make friends along the way…this beats brute force and ignorance all to heck.

  • bop berrigan

    I remember when Dr. Williams was occasionally on the “Mitchells in the morning” program. I admired him then and still do. He also does a great job when he substitutes for Rush. He and Dr. Thomas Sowell are a credit to their race, as is Clarence Thomas. It’s unfortunate that these three are not used as role models for their race. Maybe it’s because these men are conservatives, whereas most of the mass media are liberals. The current media are certainly not going to highlight the achievements of these admirable people. Too bad.

  • Pale face

    Williams is someone to be admired but sadly the Black youth chooses brawn over brain and dislikes role models such as Williams.The Jewish media should give him his own show but no, they choose brawn over brain .

  • mickey2

    He is a little older than I am but our circumstances were close. I do have to beg a difference as there is still emphasis on “racism”. Just what is that? Among whites, we had the same thing–born on the wrong side of the tracks, and worse. If we call it prejudice, then we have made some strides. I will have to agree, it took me longer than some others, but I too got out of the “poor, but only without money”.

    This all didn’t just happen to blacks. It happened to many nationalities. The 15 minutes of fame for blacks is over. We need each other for the solutions.

    I will have to say that high standard was a really, really good goal. There was no excuse in my school. Study or fail–your choice. No affirmative action, we would go hungry rather than ask for a handout. And work, we did.

    Whether it was a result of war or natural death, many women supported their children by taking in laundry. Whatever it took to keep the family together.

  • FlaJim

    Williams first endeared himself to me several years ago when he was a guest host for Rush Limbaugh. I was first impressed by his clarity of vision and then thrown into paroxysms of laughter by his mischievous wit that, I fear, will not be very apparent in a 150 page book.

    It was near Christmas and he was discussing practical gifts to buy for his wife with one caller. Those included new batteries for the smoke alarm; new oven mitts, so he could get his dinner faster; new sneakers so she could more easily climb the tree in the yard and trim it.

  • Mark in LA

    Williams has many fine qualities but he is still a free-trade fool like the vast majority of economists. The damage this has done to our country since that brain dead moron Reagan made it public policy cannot be overstated.

    • Nathaniel Davidson

      Wrong: free trade has been great for our country, especially consumers. Conversely, blocking free trades with tariffs was a major contributor to the Great Depression. See my early column Pummeling protectionism: free trade is good for America.

    • Johnnygard

      So Mark, you are probably very happy with the great success of Obama in making everything better in the last two years. Unemployment, gas prices, inflation? Tell us just exactly what IS better in this country than it was two years ago, and exactly what did Obama do to make it better?

    • Hank Pinto

      Mark – please take a course in Economics 101!!!

  • Hank, MO

    The sad situation in the black community can only be improved by leaders such as Mr. Williams who understand that the way forward is only made more difficult with the hatred being spread by the likes of Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters, as well as many “rap” artists. For the most part, I believe their bitterness does not stem from truly being wronged, though certainly some have been. Rather, it mostly derives from perceived wrongs promoted and perpetuated by Sharpton and the others for their own personal gain.

    I have experienced “reverse” racism on many occasions, and, yes, it is ugly. But that really didn’t have any effect on me except to the extent that I personalized it and used it as an excuse for failure. I believe the same is true for most others of whatever color, particularly if they were born during or after the 1960’s. Since that time, Americans have largely taken a stand against discrimination due to color. Unfortunately, that may currently be in the process of reversal due to the blatantly racist policies apparent in our current administration and in the overall culture. More than ever, we need leaders like Williams and Sowell and Cain who will stand, not for race, but for right.

  • Tess

    HIGH-STANDARDS…that should be the baseline for all students…no matter what race, religion, nationality, creed or gender. My father always said that “anything less than an ‘A’ was not acceptable. I wasn’t a brainy student and I had to struggle and study; but that standard paid off. I’m a white female and have always worked at jobs paying over the national average. Put myself through college and didn’t start until I was 25 (graduated when I was 30) and worked full-time while attending college full-time…four nights a week and spending all weekend studying and doing homework. I will definitely be buying Dr. Williams’ autobiography. Should be required reading in all schools!

  • http://n/a chuck

    Ah yes good people mr. williams,mr sowell,
    william byard,lou anoli,all worked and gained
    but it was you and me who really gained by
    knowing men such as these. Men whom believed
    in the american dream and would not take no for an answer. God Bless these true americans,and God Bless this country.

  • Hank Pinto

    Please do not forget Justice Clarence Thomas!!!

  • VTX1300

    Dr Williams has in the past been one of Rush Linbaughs guest hosts. He is my favorite of all of Rush’s guest hosts. His common sense, conservative wisdom is a welcome change from most of the liberal trash out there. Dr Williams would make a great president!!!!

  • Cuban/american Rodriguez.

    Is very sad to hear about Ms. Williams, I have read must of Mr. Williams books, and is only logical that such an intelligent individual is a conservative, his knowledge of the constitution is so profound, that I highly recommend “Do the Right Thing” and “More Liberty means less government” Also he has a great sense of Humor, specially when he was hosting Rush Limbaugh’s show and always brought Ms. Williams into his monologs.
    Long live the U.S.A and its constitution, with the Walter Williams of this great country.

  • http://yahoo ted

    racism more like pigmentation red skin yello w skin slant eyes oval the japanese slaughtered the chinese by the millions in feality they were probably closer related than they could imagine. the germans exterminated the jews for nothing more than some preconcieved notion that they were undermining the world structure how could adisplaced oeople possibly do that,the russians the poles the slavs were undermenschen sub human same color but had to be exterminated or reduced to slavery at best GOD did the germans ever misinterpret the russians almost exterminated the germans to the last woman and chils until stopped by the allies everything calls for alittle reflection