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What Is Bill Clinton up to?

Written on Saturday, October 1, 2011 by

bill clinton book

There are no off-hand moments, no unconsidered, spontaneous comments and no random observations in the world of Bill Clinton. His tongue is entirely at the service of his ambition, each remark considered and calculated to achieve a specific goal. And right now, Bill Clinton’s prime ambition is to elect his wife president. Nothing else really matters to him. And Bill Clinton must be feeling the same vibe we do: Obama may pull out.

So what’s he doing? Consider: He has written a book on how to “put America to work” and to heal the economy. It will come out in November, and he will tour the country to tout it and promote its proposals.

He dismissed Obama’s jobs and tax proposals — the centerpiece of his administration as it enters an election — as “confusing” and stated his conviction that we should neither cut spending nor raise taxes at this time, directly contradicting both aspects of the president’s program.

Asked if he would still like to see Hillary as president, he opines that he long ago concluded that she was “one of the brightest people of her generation” and that he has never had cause to vary that assessment.

Two of Clinton’s favorite consultants — James Carville (1992) and Mark Penn (2008) both recently dumped on Obama’s campaign and his chances of winning. Carville advised Obama to “panic and fire a lot of people.” Penn compared Clinton’s centrist policies in 1996 with Obama’s embrace of “class warfare” and said the current president should learn from the previous Democratic one. These boys don’t talk about such stuff unless they get a green light from Chappaqua.

An observer less used to Bill Clinton’s ways might be driven to wonder what’s going on here. Isn’t Clinton’s wife the first officer of Obama’s cabinet? And is not Obama the consensus nominee of the Democratic Party, battling for his political life? And does his re-election not hinge on his ability to sell his program for doing just what Clinton’s jobs book will discuss — turning the economy around?

There is only one conclusion possible to account for Clinton’s extraordinary actions this week: That he believes that Obama may not run and he wants to promote Hillary’s candidacy in the event he drops out. Or, even more boldly: That he wants to undermine Obama’s ability to get re-elected so that he is forced to pull out for the good of the Democratic Party, opening the door to Hillary’s candidacy.

It is all the more remarkable that he should be saying this stuff when you consider that he would never do so without the express approval — if not prompting — of Mrs. Clinton herself! A seasoned politician like Bill Clinton does not criticize the economic program of his wife’s boss without her OK. Nor would he have worked for months on a book about the economy or planned a tour to promote it, without privately speculating on how it might help Hillary’s presidential ambitions.

And make no mistake about it: Obama may pull out. We recently asked a top Democratic strategist who said, “if the situation in January is as bad as it is today, I think it is quite possible” that Obama will pull a Lyndon Johnson and bow out.

Perhaps Obama now appreciates what he got himself into when he named Hillary as his Secretary of State. At the time, we warned that this menage-a-trois would work only as long as Obama was popular. We said that should he encounter rough sledding, he would find the Clintons to be potential rivals in his midst.

Obama’s base is collapsing. The Bob Turner victory in New York shows Jews are leaving him. Gallup reports his job approval among Latinos is down to 44 percent and Fox News says his approval among under 30 voters is also down to 44 percent. The collapse is so sudden and rapid that nobody has time to prepare for a primary challenge, least of all Hillary. But, if Obama drops out — or is driven out by panicked Democratic Senators staring defeat in their own re-elections in the face — Bill is out there making sure Hillary is in the on-deck circle swinging her bat.

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  • LadyLiberty

    O will eat up Bill and spit him out for breakfast. O will not step down; it is not in his makeup. He is one of the most selfish narcissistic disordered person next to Hitler.

    • Patriot41

      Lady, I agree with our assessment of the character of Obama and that he would not willingly step down. However, if the party support drops out from under him, he will have no other alternative, but to do so.

      Secondly, if his eligibility issue is finally addressed by the courts and found to be lacking, Obama is gone.

      Don’t believe for a second, that Obama could eat up the Clintons, either one of them for that matter.

    • John

      Patriot Update:
      October 23, 2010

      The Rehabilitation of William Jefferson Clinton

      Clinton’s disastrous performance as president.

      Gen. Hugh Shelton, who was Clinton’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, alleges Clinton lost the nuclear “biscuit” – a card containing the numeric codes he needs to launch a nuclear attack – or response. A president is supposed to carry it with him at all times. Shelton relates the full story in his just-published memoir, Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior.

      The president’s failure to secure our most basic (and most vital) defense secrets was typical of his approach to national security over eight years that witnessed Chinese spies looting our national laboratories and increased terrorist attacks.

      Even without the Shelton memoir, Americans have a short memory. The list of Clinton wrongdoing is legendary.

      Remember the credible allegations of rape levied by Juanita Broaddrick? Or charges of assault from Kathleen Willey? Paula Jones received an out-of-court settlement of $850,000 for Clinton’s misbehavior.

      Other women accusing Clinton of misbehavior include Sally Perdue, Gennifer Flowers, and Elizabeth Ward Gracen.

      All of this made a joke of his famous protest about White House intern Monica Lewinsky, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

      Only later did we learn he deposited a large spot of sperm on her blue dress. Comedians the world over laughed about how he could accomplish this outside of sex.

      Other Clinton scandals included but are not limited to: The Whitewater land deal, the Rose Law firm’s missing billing records, illegal profits in cattle trading, the Castle Grande real estate scheme, the Travel office scandal and firing of Billy Dale, Mike Espy’s special favors from Tyson Foods, Filegate and the rummaging of 900 FBI files of Republican officials, Dale Watkins’ improper use of presidential helicopters for golf outings, Web Hubbell’s bilking of law clients, illegal foreign contributions from the Lippo group of Indonesia and numerous Chinese conduits, appointing an ex-bouncer with a history of drug use named Craig Livingstone head of White House security, the mysterious death of Vince Foster and the failure to properly search his office, questionable presidential pardons traded for cash or political favors — and those are just the ones we found out about.

      The prudent voters should remember that his presidency was as failed as Barack Obama’s.

    • Patricia Anderson, Oregon

      Don’t forget about all the dead bodies who were unaccounted for! I still have the vhs tape with all the Arkansas police officers who trailed around with Gov Clinton!
      SCUMBAG IN CHIEF!11111111111

    • Gas Passer

      Just think…if the Oval Office Pervert and Hillary were truly held accountable for all of the crimes and killings that they did and were in prison for doing so…we wouldn’t be hearing his loud mouth now.

      Google: The New Clinton Chronicles

    • John

      The Supreme Court is finally having a “conference” this week to determine if Obama’s eligibility should be investigated.

      People; this is something serious enough to pray for!!

    • David Spiller

      Is that part of the Supreme courts function ?
      I thought they only determined if laws were constitutional !

    • joe clements

      The american education system strikes again

    • Rebecca

      It doesn’t matter who is in office. Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama are all for one world organization and they are taking down America’ power to get it done.

    • http://x Washington22

      Patriot, seriously, I don’t think that President Zero needs to worry about support from Senators. There won’t be any left. Those that are up for for re-election are DONE. They are ALL going to be voted out, just like what happened in 2010……………There is no doubt. Zero has taken the entire party down the toilet with him. If we survive as a nation until those elections, it’s going to be a wonderful thing to watch…… The Democrats imploding! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of idiots. They are ALL responsible for America’s bleeding………….But in the end, we will survive. A new day is comming…………….

    • T Lady

      So very, very true. As Andrew Wilkow said there are three political parties: The Democrats, Republicans, and The Clintons.

    • http://yahoo Luca Brasi

      Obama is so egotistical, that when made to realize people have wised up, and his defeat is eminent, he will drop out . He would Much rather be able to say: “I Walked out”, than:
      “They kicked me out ” !Ultimatley, he would have escaped defeat.

    • Treborleer

      Correct you are, but Congress should start Impeachment proceedings, that way he is Out on both counts. No Presidency and No Retirement. None Earned, None Paid…

    • Stand UP

      O will resort to every thuggery trick in the Chicago political playbook to block the Clintons or anyone trying to derail him, unless his own narcisist depression sends him into a nosedive that he cannot pull out of.

    • figures

      I’m willing to take a depression to get rid of him. And I’ll be lucky not to end up living in a tent. Thanks to all those dimwits. But I’ll risk a tent to get rid of him.

    • patriot2

      Lady I’m confused.I already thought obama WAS hitler.and now it looks like the clintons found a way to get hillary in for 2 more terms(just in case you wondered who’s the boss in that disfunctional family).

    • Byron

      Well actually Hitler was fairly intelligent. Did everything he did on his own. Oduma on the other hand has done every thing at the behest of his Puppet masters!

    • stan

      If you don’t think Obama is capable of being booted, or quitting on his own, you should study the political life of LBJ. Obie was a neophyte compared to Lyndon.

    • Robert Bullock

      Obama will not run for reelection, he is going to just suspend elections, declare martial law and supress the population with his private army.

    • Patricia Anderson, Oregon

      Thats why this grannie took a conceal carry class! I will defend our constitution and my family if need be, not without provication however.

    • Stand UP

      We’ve got more armed deer hunters in just one state than Oblunder has members in his private army, even if you count all of ACORN, SEIU, AFL/CIO and the Black Panthers. Wait until he tries to take the guns away from the hunters and sportsmen in this country.

    • Ken

      They are both a national embarrasment.

  • http://AOL Ellen

    As I have said many times — the Clintons will never go away. One of the many dumb things Obama has done is appoint her and alllow her to become world-known. When Obama appointed her I suggested that if she is nearby in the White House he should get a food-taster. Which is really worse? Obama or Hillary? No more two-for-one.

    • Paul

      Some of her idiotic actions need to be brought out for the whole world to see. I do not think she will be any better for America than the impostor is. We need to get rid of her too.

    • alex

      i have told several people that she is as bad as o is but if he quits and she runs the same dummies that elected him will elect her

    • armyvet

      No, not another Clinton in the WH! We had her as President before–whoops–I should have said Bill AND Hill! They were no better, just a little more discreet. I hope O runs, he will be easier to defeat by anyone running against him in this economy!

    • http://x Washington22

      Me, too, Army. Zero will be EASY to defeat. He has nothing to run on. It’s going to be priceless to watch. He’ll go down in flames. Break open the Champagne. Election eve is going to be such entertainment.

    • figures

      Well, it would be nice to have an election party. Splurge a little, maybe even a pizza? If we start saving up now, maybe we can afford one then.

  • wildmann

    This Coming “Election” is already RIGGED!

    • Just wondering

      Sadly Wildman I agree with you, but PRAY we are wrong. I still feel the first one was rigged and the o did NOT win, if he did it once, he can do it again. We need more press on the GOOD side.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Just wondering…I wish I could agree with you about the last election, but I can’t. I was working at the polls in my area and I saw first hand how many black people were there. They were busing them in and I’m sure that most of them had never voted or knew anything about why they were there, except that they were voting for obama. Our voting lasted for days and the lines never abated.There is no doubt in my mind that he had the votes. Now, how he got them is another story. Ann

    • Treborleer

      Ann,, Didn’t anyone tell you, We Only Vote on ONE DAY,,, not Days??? No wonder he won in your pricinct. Don’t give them more than 12 hours this time, turn the Busses around and send them home next time.

    • Byron

      Treborleer, never heard of “Early Voting” polls are open for two weeks here.

    • alex

      it’s not him that does it it’s soros and seiu

    • Sick-of-Him

      I agree but please we have to try to get rid of these nasty people. Please go out and vote! Remember a no vote is a vote for this miserable idiot obama!!!!!!!

  • Bobseeks

    Hillary Clinton one of the brightest of her generation? What a sorry generation that must be! That nasty old skank would have to borrow IQ points to qualify as an imbecile.

    • figures

      I think you have her mixed up with piglosi.

    • Byron

      Different sides of the same coin

  • james

    BJ Bill was apparently good president financially until you see oil went to $9.00/bbl under him helping greatly , a thing he had zero to do with. 1,000,000 oil workers lost their jobs.

    Hillary means higher taxes … much higher.. she has said so.. Anybody anything better than ‘teen ager with credit card Obama”… but Hillary would be the least improvement of any I can think of.

    • Kevlar Linc

      Any one of the Budweiser Clydesdales would be better than Prez Zero, Bubba, and/or Hillary.

    • John

      dded Tax) first months before biden

    • John

      Every one should keep in mind it was hillary that mentioned the VAT (Value Added Tax) 1st she has the same mind set as all other democrats of tax & spend if she is elected president I am moving to another country not Europe where you can see what the VAT has done to their economies I think we should give the democrats a few states to see what hey would be like after a few years of being run by dems lets give the Az.,New Mexico, Nev & maybe Utah & Ca. as look at what Ca. is like I have lived here for a few decades & am now retired & moving somewhere else let them continue with the way they have been going for decades when they did the redistricting here they will have a majority in both houses & a dem gov Jerry Brown(better known as Gov MOONBEAM) I hope I live an additional 10 years & will come back here to check to see what the ILLEGAL ALIEN STATE IS LIKE WHAT A JOKE CA IS

  • Raymond

    Magic lamp
    Bill Clinton finds a magic lamp. He rubs it and out comes a genie.

    The genie gives Bill one wish.

    Bill pulls out a map with many red marks on it and says “I’d like world peace.”

    The genie says “You are asking too much of me. Even I can’t bring peace to all the world.”

    Bill says “Ok. Well just make my wife trust me.”

    And the genie says “Let me see that map again.”

  • Pete

    All the more reason for the Republican Party candidates to exercise care in faulting their rival candidates. Rest assured, anything said during the Republican debates will be used against the eventual nominee regardless of whom might be the Democratic nominee.

    The country simply cannot afford another 4-years of a Democratic Administration

  • Patriot41

    Dick Morris knows the game from the inside out. He knows also that the Kennedy era is over and they gave us Obama. He knows also that the Clintons want full control of the democrat party and they are about to take it back.


    Bubba is trying to get respect, have a honorable, legacy and be remembered as a well intentioned, achieving president instead of the lying political pervert who managed to politicize the government agencies and departments and steal enough money from the tax payers to make his life far more comfortable than it should be…’s not going to work Bubba.

    • Bill

      Bill Clinton was complaining that he did not get any credit for his achievements. If only he had driven Monica off a bridge.

  • David in MA

    I have said many times, slick willie is working to get the hag elected and he does not care who he buries to do it. AND, if the slickster tells obozo to drop out—obozo will drop out….because he will know slick has soros’s blessings (along with the un, g-8, g-20, bilderburgs, rothchilds, zionists, masons, et. al.). slick will nominate the hag from the floor of the DNC and she will reluntantly accept,,,then to practically insure no contest will ask slick to be her VICE-PREZ (how fitting)…..and the hreat unwashed masses of welfare slugs will trample each other to go vote for these two…BTW, they both make obozo look like he’s still in diapers…they will try to finish the socializing of America. And will almost make it. Almost!

    • jb80538

      So far it goes against the policies of selecting a VP. The pres and vbp can’t be from the same state. I guess they could declare separate residences. I wouldn’t put that past these people.

    • coon129

      I believe Hilly claims New York as her home

    • alex

      and you thought she bought a house there just so she could be a senator


      i agree that we can not allow obama to win the election . i think he is not a usa citizen

    • Byron

      Doing a good job? Pushing a UN treaty that would take away our 2nd amendment rights. You call that a good job? Go do another line of Coke.

    • Byron


      1: an ugly, slatternly, or evil-looking old woman

      2: archaic a : a female demon b : an evil or frightening spirit : hobgoblin

      3: witch
      Pretty much fits Hillary I would say

  • Yellow Horse

    Clintons just trying to find another Monica, that won’t talk THIS TIME!!!!!!!And he does want to use the oval office again!!!

  • Dean

    The problem would be, if Hillary were elected President, Bily Boy will be the puppeteer pulling the strings on Hillary, the puppet. We don’t need Billy in the White House ever again.

  • FreeDame

    Hillary is the one person on the planet who might actually be WORSE for the country than Obummer. Obummer is an open Socialist/Racist/America hater. Hillary is much more slippery.

    We already know Hillary’s moral character, and it is even worse than Bill’s. God protect us from all three of them.

    • CP1

      Her assistant and what she stated is her “closest confidant” (Weiner’s wife), a middle eastern muslim, whose mother is professor at university in Arabia and of the muslim sisterhood, whose brother is “organizing” across the pond and of the muslim brotherhood. She and her assistant have been to the middle east repeatedly since being appointed by BO. I wonder how much she has done behind the scenes to set us up for destruction while she is under BO. We’ve seen how many others appointed by BO have caused massive destruction and nothing was done about it. It would be racist, apparently.

  • Kevlar Linc

    “What’s Bill Clinton up to”? …I suppose about four or five sluts per day….

  • John C. Stewart

    He is obviously trying to get Hillary’s name out there again. The problem with that is, why would we want to replace a progressive/socialist with another progressivs/socialist? We need to save the Country, not Billary.

  • Somebody Do SOMETHING

    My scenario –

    Sarah Palin ‘switches political parties’, and enters the Democratic presidential primary;

    BillyHilly (with Hilly you get Billy – no option) enters the Democratic presidential pramary, knowing that Oh-zero won’t ‘vet out’ this time – he’s toast;

    the result – CAAAAAAAT FIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!

    (I put my $$$ on Sarah!!!!!)

    • http://YAHOO DEBRA

      I agree Somebody,I really like Palins idea of running on the dem ticket.Guess who’s getting my vote.Go Sarah,block that horrible quarterback

  • Pat Sinclair


  • Howard-the Banger Club

    Remember God is still in charge. He expects we Christians to band together and first of all pray for our nation. God also says to ” Pray—for all in authority.” (1 Timothy 2:1-2) Mr. Clinton is not in authority, but Mrs. Clinton is. We must pray for her that God gives her wisdom, as wisdom only comes from God, as she discusses various issues with world leaders, as that’s what she does. If you have read the old testament you will see God used wordly leader to accomplish His goals with His people. Since Christ died for all of us Jew & Gentle alike we can band together for His glory and not Bill, or Hillary.

  • David DeSau

    The trouble with Hiliary is she is a true communist – who wants nothing better than to take away all our firearms among other things. She would be even worse than Obummer..

    Strange how we never hear of anyone who knew Obama in the past – like College or anywhere else ?? Don’t you think that’s strange ??

    I for one do not want any Democrat in the White House – we can’t afford it.. Our Freedon is at stake !

  • Adrian Vance

    How obvious does it have to be that Bill is doing his best to set Hillary up? He is weaving a circuitous path between Mr. Obama and his enemies. It is working…

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis, science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

  • OAHS

    Why can’t the Clintons just go away … every time Hillary opens her mouth she says something stupid or gives money to some stupid ass organization that hates us … the Clintons have nothing to say that I want to hear …

    • John

      OH yeah right hillary the lying B&*%#, Oh I am sorry she didn’t lie she “misspoke” when she landed under fire If this is the best the democratic party can come up with America is in serious trouble

  • Texas Pat

    Whatever Bill Clinton is “up to”, it can’t be good for America!

  • harry

    These two need to toddle off into the sunset.
    Bill Clinton has no morality . His situational ethics can not be tolerated and unfortunately Mrs. Clinton is a mirror image of Bill . No thank you!

  • AliveStillKickin


    Rush Limbaugh: Obama elected with no papers; Strategy to suspend election
    Warns of president’s strategy to avoid defeat at polls by suspending election

    Read more: Rush: ‘Barry Soetoro’ elected with ‘no identity documents’

    • John

      If the clo9wn has nerve enough to suspend elections he can expect revolt & should expect it too

    • Bob M

      If we are not allowed an election to vote him out,fair and square, we should remove him by force.
      There are a lot of pissed off people in this country, it would not be wise for Obummer to push too far.

  • AliveStillKickin

    So moderate already!!!

  • Patriot41

    Actually the only option the democrats have to win the W.H., is if they dump Obama. The manner in which they do so will be the problem.

    No doubt Hillary would be pushed to run in Obama’s place and the Clintons taking back control of the party, will make sure she wins the primary.

    Should this situation take place, the GOP will have to come up with a candidate that can beat Hillary and right now, I don’t see one.

    • http://x Washington22

      Patriot, sorry you don’t see a viable choice of our candidates…………..I see several candidates who are wise, intelligent and don’t need teleprompters……………Dude, look these candidates over and be proud. There are several choices who excell, but even the others are GOOD, except for Paul, the Utah dude and the newbie……….I don’t even know thier names because they havent’ impressed me…………But ALL the others are sound people, not perfect, but sound choices.

  • tymtrvlr

    hillary is just another marxist pig with lipstick. She reads the same play book as obama. We can not afford another marxist.

  • tymtrvlr

    I see she is getting plastic surgery to make her look younger, it’s what’s inside that counts, marxist come in all shapes and colors. You must remember , it was hillary that told us that the marxist everywhere else on the planet did it wrong, that she is the smartest person on the planet, and knows how to foist marxism on the U.S.ofA..

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    Hillary proudly proclaimed that she is a progressive!! Well, that is enough for me. She would be just as dangerous as ovomit.

  • tod

    Have you People seen the Very Long List of People the Clinton’s have Murdered ???Very disturbing when you see it! Dr.ROn Paul 2012 !!!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Tod… I have seen the list. Can’t give you a thumbs up, because i have no use for Ron Paul’s doctrine. He is an old man whose ship sailed a long time ago. Please reconsider and don’t let yourself be brainwashed.

  • Red Rock Bob

    Thanks Todd.. For putting that in the lime lite.

    Ibelive the total was 47 , an also beat Empeachment. Therefore he Gave the Muslim the menue on how to beat Impeachment an all other Crimes.

    An No we don’t need Hillary.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      RR Bob…. You are right . We don’t need hillary.

  • Bill

    Bill Clinton was complaining that he did not get any credit for his achievements. If only he had driven Monica off a bridge.

  • ES

    Hilary Clinton wanted to marry Clinton because she knew he had the ambition to become president. She stayed married in spite of what Clinton was dong with women. I am sure she was aiming for presidency all the time. She is more liberal than Bill. Both of them are very ambitious. During Clinton’s Presidency he and his wife and daughter were running around the world. I never heard or read about all the previous presidents visited so many countries. Just before the end of Bill’s presidency I told my husband that Bill would be trying to become the General Secretary of the UN. Well he was rejected in the last election of the UN. Now he is trying to get his wife elected. They are very ambitious and whatever they do is for themselves. I just don’t understand the Democrat presidents. They just won’t go away. Jimmy Carter is another one. They just want to stay in the lime light. I am sure Hilary craves to be the first female president. I think it’s time for Sarah Palin to run either as a Republican or a Democrat. She will all the independents from both parties!

    • Jerry

      I don’t want to understand those dim-o-crypt-ocrat presidents either!!! I wonder why they want to be elected in a non-communist country!!

  • Lindy

    Now that we know that Hillary stands behind Obama, created Media Matters along with George Soros, friends with Piven, of the infamous Cloward and Piven, a left wing radical ideologue, she hasn’t a chance in heck to win the role of dog catcher. She is more devious than Obama pretending to be this patriotic woman, yet she, along with Obama, has undermined our relations overseas to cater to the Muslim world. Off with her……..

  • LeRoy Eastes

    Ole Sarge says:

    Ole Sarge Says:
    It doesnt matter if Obama steps down or not. His only opponents in the GOP are not at all interesting! I see nothing there that warrants a trip to the polls.
    It’s a` shame the GOP can’t find someone like Ronald Reagan! We sure need him now!!

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    Hillary Clinton is just as dangerous as ovomit. Pray that somehow she doesn’t get to run for she will be hard to beat and the dims know it. She is their secret weapon.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      see, I told you. I said obama as if it was throw up and they kicked me out.

  • gary

    Hillary and Obama are the same because politics run in their veins. Arrogance is their intelligence and their own belief of worth is false pride.
    Of which honor can never be a part of their presidencies.

  • jason crowther,

    OMG!!!!!! what have you frig’n libtards done to america? id there to be no justice? no cummuppence HAVE YOU ALL LOST YOUR MINDS?

  • pinky Lee

    For those younger than me, i like to bring up a little of the history about the Clintons and their travels through the Presidency. Bill Clinton was in college when the draft came up for the war in south eastern Asia. He joined the R.O.T.C to keep from being inducted into the Army. He then left school and didn’t report for induction. He then was declared AWOL and sent notification to report for duty in the army. When he got that notice he and Hillary went to Canada. He was classified as a Draft dodger and could not come back into the United States without being arrested. When Carter was leaving the oval office he pardoned the Clinton allowing him to come back into the United States and assume a political job in Arkansas. From then on he moved from Governor of Arkansas on to the Presidency of the United States. He was the first felon to hold that office.That is why I don’t approve of him for his association in politics.
    As for Hillary while she was in the White House she was involved in many things happened. First the White House knew of the attach on the Twin Towers before it happened. They also knew of the attach on the Federal building . Hillary was caught with a known homosexual and two women were killed after it became known. Only about a year age a prisoner, who was in prison at the time, pleaded guilty to the crime of one of the murders. She is very dangerous.

  • kermit dupre

    Bill Clinton is the cause of all the economic problems in this country. You can’t take anything Bill or Hillory Clinton say, to the Bank.

  • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    Obama could make that choice. His narcissism would work against it, but on the other hand he is set for life. He can spend the rest of his life being historic. He’ll make millions every year on the blather circuit, buy Michelle all the $1K handbags and $100K bracelets she wants, and never have to take responsibility for anything again.

  • sb36695

    Please pass a law that old presidents cannot be seen in public!

  • Patriot41

    Did you see Bill Clinton’s strategy for winning? I am talking particularly about his idea of selling the public on taxes and spending. A partial quote, ” you’ve got to tell people you understand it’s a privilege and responsibility to spend their tax money.”

    If I have ever seen a more correct comment about the democrat ideology on tax and spend, I don’t know when.

  • Pat Sinclair

    The Clintons believe just like Obama. They are for a socialist government. They even tried it when Bill Clinton was president. Hillary was trying to get a healthcare program in. I use to write lots of letters against this plan. Now we have one and I am sure that they will both be for keeping it.
    This is a very bad plan Obamacare. It has all kinds of thinks written into it to take you and I down. It needs to be repealed and start over. It should not be any 2000 pages either. Take the plan the white house has and let the people have the same plan. You cannot trust Hillary Clinton just as you cannot trust Obama.

  • John C. Stewart

    Hillary is a self proclaimed progressive/socialist. Putting her in the presidency is like no change at all. This speaks to my long standing opinion of the Clintons, a pair of back stabbing narcissists.
    Isn’t she the one who first tried to push through government healthcare?
    Lipstick on a pig is still socialism.

  • DefendConstitution

    Billy just wants to be able to play with his cigar in the white house again. What would his title be; First man or first husband.

  • Vern

    At least she is an American. The truth is it would finish us off. The Clintons had this planned from day one.

  • Dodi

    Hillary will keep all of obummers crappy rules, regulations, taxes, obummbercare and everything else in tact. If she runs we must hope she loses. She’s cut from the same die as obummer and things will not get any better. She’s been wanting the presidency since the defiler of the White House left. HELP!

  • Buck

    Tax hikes might be acceptable IF for every dollar raised in any tax increase the government cuts spending by one million dollars OR MORE , and as soon as we dump Obama we cam dump them ( the new taxes ) .

  • Buck

    Whats Clinton got to do with anything , the only reason he is not repulsive is Carter and Obama beat him out .

  • don o

    no need for tax increase ,just cut what you jerk offs spend. cut welfare and medicaid from these illegal and dead beats that never worked a day ,just living off the system , i worked for over 30 years, raised my kids , suffered and did without , but i made itand these jerks can do the same. it is not my job to keep them up and raise their kids. if you can not support your kids do not have them.

    • el_loco_jp

      A-freakin’-men. The operative word is “deadbeats”.

  • rder

    Dick Morris – anything he says is questionable as to accuracy. He’s a Fox minion. I would question any of his “facts” and opinions for reliability

    • Wolfbane

      And I guess you get all your “factual”, “non-biased” news from the main stream media. I knew there was some reason that FOX was kicking the other news organization’s butts.

    • Richard M

      Dick Morris is only giving his opinion. It isn’t cast in stone!

  • Gas Passer

    I bet the Oval Office Pervert breaks a lot wind since he became a vegan.

  • Jstarusa

    Obama thought he would be dictator by now and Hillary would be given a choice to serve him or come up missing in action, if you get the drift. And she like some others say “Oh, I’m not running for office any more!” (Unless you beg me) and America once again heading for big trouble!

  • Big Bubba
    See the attached 1890 gravestone. It says it all.

  • K

    The Democrats answer for everything is to raise taxes. This proves that liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • rulken

      I couldn’t agree with you more K;
      Michael Savage tried to warn us in his book, “The Enemy with in”, still a great read.
      Obama is guilty as hell of treason, and should hang for it, along with his communist friends.
      Deport his entire, lying, illegal immigrant, family back to Africa where they belong!

  • Diane

    I read in an article that Hillary was friends with Saul Alinksy since she was 17 years old and was at his bedside when he died! She is no different than Obama other than she wouldn’t act so arrogant while she destroyed America! She and Bill are friends with Soros also!

  • eyeswideopen

    I believe the party is over for the obamas’, and they know it because they have been told by Soros, etal, to step aside, and let Hillary run. I think this is all set up to happen if he screwed up and was deemed not re-electable. Something will “happen”, and he will step aside to let Hillary in. She can pull in the black and lib female votes.
    We conservatives better have someone who can stand up to the Clinton machine.

  • dharper

    This scenario is not new – Bill has had this in mind ever since he left office and he is going to do his damndest to get her elected (he owes her).

    Obama’s arrogance and stupidity (yes folks, even people from Harvard can be stupid) have only speeded up the process.

    The Dems would nominate her in a New York minute but if elected perhaps we should all recall how Bill and she attempted to ram “Hillary Care” down our throats within the first 90 days of his presidency. They were part of the ‘hippee generation’ with the same associations as Obama (Alinsky, etc) that also gave California once again “Govenor Moonbeam”, Jerry Brown.

    The Democrats are not the party I grew up with and was a member of until LBJ and the Great Society. I lived thru the entire Great Depression and it was a great deal worse than the present, economically speaking, but we did not have the civil unrest that exists today.

    There were political differences but we had people in office who at least could talk and be civil to each other – such is not the case today.

    Obama has been nothing more than what he intended to accomplish, the “Great Divider” -he now has us at each other’s throats and that was his mission.

    He needs to take his aunt, uncle and his entire brood of relatives back to Kenya where he rightfully belongs. Perhaps they then could elect him “King” which is the position he trully aspires to hold.

    Bill and Hillary function under the same set of rules as Obama, they just do it with a lot more finesse.

    • Kay

      They are all Bilderbergs, so no is the vote for any of them.

  • Tammy

    God help us if she gets the demon-rat nomination. She is a zionist militant, CFR, & on the trilateral commission not to mention once her hubby attended a bilderberg meeting and then became president. All we Americans have to do is follow the money (soros, rockefeller, rothchild) and it leads to the corruption we now face.

    • Kay

      Absolutely correct!

  • MJN

    I respect nothing that Bill Clinton says. He is the largest part of why the economy has fallen into a ditch.

  • Richard M

    As to the validity of Bill Clinton wanting Hillary to run, is a matter of conjecture. But, if we go on the assumption that Billy Bob is correct, then I have some bad news for Clinton. The American people have had enough of leftists and their policies no matter what they say while out on the campaign trail. We’re done with you lefties, bye bye!!!!!!!

  • http://NA Ross Hawkins

    Our Congress should be fired. Instead of
    finding ways to balance our Federal Budget,
    they appoint a “Super Committee” to find ways
    to cut spending. All we hear from these clowns
    is talk of cutting “entitlements” i.e, medicare
    and social security. I could buy into the idea of having people wait until age 70 to retire.
    People will soon be living until the age of 120. There’s no reason for people to spend half their life in rocking chairs in Sun City. That I understand. But cutting benefits isn’t right. People paid into the system and they should not be told that they
    will have to do with less. In their search to cut the budget, I have not heard one
    congress person say boo about bloated
    government agencies. Let’s shut down the Department of Education; it’s a total failure. There are more clowns working
    in the Agricultural Department than there are farmers in this country.

    I wonder how many people in this country
    realize that the day a congressman is no longer in office, they get $40,000 a month
    for the rest of their lives. The people
    at Occupy Wall Street should be marching
    on Washington D.C. If the public ever wises up, out will come the pitch forks!

  • Kookie

    Bill Clinton is up to nothing with his altzheimers getting worse.
    He must not have thought too much of Hllary if he cheated with other women.