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Who is Judge Michael Malihi?

Written on Thursday, February 9, 2012 by

Judge Malihi

Immediately after the hearing in Georgia where Judge Michael Malihi ruled against the Plaintiffs in the case regarding Obama’s eligibility to be on the 2012 presidential ballot, it floated around that Malihi was an Iranian Muslim. So, once this was stated some research was conducted to find out all that could be found about this Judge.  The questions were “Is his ancestry really Iranian?”  “Is his faith really Muslim?”  “If so, did either of these things play a role in his decision to side with Obama in the Georgia eligibility hearing?”

So here is the information which details all that is available; just know there is precious little.

Today, Judge Malihi is the Deputy Chief Judge for the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings.  He was appointed Judge in 1995.  If you go to the official website for his office, what you don’t find may be more interesting than what you do find.  On the OSAH website there is a page which lists bios for all the judges, including Malihi.  Clicking on the Malihi link all that was listed for him was this:

Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi
Appointed Judge 1995


Valerie Ruff
Case Management Assistant
Tel: (404) 651-7595
Fax: (404) 818-3751

That is it!  If you click on the links for all the other judges listed, you will find a brief bio telling of where the particular judge was born, where they went to school, etc.  But for Malihi?  Nada! Zip!  Niente!  Bupkis!  Nothing!

The next thing was to look at other websites in other state including federal judges to see if there is a common practice to have absolutely no information listed in their bios.

The Federal Judiciary Center has a massive list.

The directory includes the biographies of presidentially-appointed judges who have served since 1789 on the U.S. District Courts, the U.S. Courts of Appeals, the Supreme Court of the United States, the former U.S. Circuit Courts, and the federal judiciary’s courts of special jurisdiction.

Next, examining a sampling of about 50 judges listed on this site they all had bios which contained at least when and where they were born, when they died (if applicable), where they went to school, where they practiced – their entire career path.

Realize at the official Supreme Court site for the United States, bios of all judges are listed.

Continuing to dig deeper, judges in various states were randomly searched using a variety of different roles and guess what?  Out of the approximately 15 different sites of different states, bios were present for all judges searched!  This included Circuit Court judges, Appellate judges, Superior Court judges, and more.  They ALL had bios listed.

However, there is nothing on Judge Michael Malihi listed, why? Is this not interesting?

Next, searches on his name on several search engines was done to find out if there was any more information available. On Google, all that was essentially there was what has already been posted on this web site and various other blogs regarding his recent ruling in favor of Obama and his eligibility to be on the 2012 Presidential ballot in GA.

A search on found the following:

Michael M. Malihi

Deputy Chief State Admin.

230 Peachtree St., N.E., Ste. 850
Atlanta, Georgia

(DeKalb & Fulton Cos.)

Experience & Credentials

Practice Areas

Employment Law; Housing Law; Domestic Relations law
University     University of Alabama, B.A.
Law School     Boston University, J.D.
Admitted     1991
ISLN     900907621

Continuing to search, there was pretty much the same everywhere; which is next to nothing. On Yahoo, Bing, Dogpile, Ask, Alltheweb, Mamma, Excite, Alta Vista, and a variety of others still nothing listed. Honestly, for a judge that has been in his position since 1995, does it not seem odd that he has next to no information out there about him?

A search on Intelius there is:

Names/Aliases: Michael M Malihi
Michael M Molihi

Has lived in:

Atlanta, GA
Alpharetta, GA
Westport, CT
Fairfield, CT

Related to:

Mehdi Malihi
Masoud M Malihi
Malie S Malihi
Mahzad Malihi
Lia E Malihi

There is a fee to get more detailed info on him, and this will be deferred until a later time.

Notice in Intelius they offered an alternate spelling of his name as shown above so a search on the name Molihi was done. Pretty much everything led back to the name Malihi.  An interesting fact did come up that listed Judge Malihi is from Connecticut.  This is the same state that issued a social security number that Obama is using (as stated in the court case).  Wonder if that has any merit?

A final search was conducted to see if there were any archived versions of his official bio page using Wayback Machine.  This only shows it has been crawled once by Wayback back in May of 2010.  It shows the same information that his bio page shows today. Malihi has been in his position since 1995, yet he is the only judge across the entire country (with a sampling of data) without a full bio.  A few other similar cache search engines was done (Google cache, Yahoo cache) and they all found the same thing; nothing. Of all the searching that was done, there is nothing different from the bio page shown above from Georgia.  Remember, the goal was to see if perhaps there was some type of bio up at one time, from college, or someplace else and maybe it had been changed.  It appears as far as this research has been done there has never been a full bio of Malihi anywhere. Is he a United States Citizen? If not, should he care if Obama is on the ballot?

This leaves one scratching their head as there are more questions than answers. Nowhere was there any information available which is able to answer any of the questions about this judge.  Why?  Why do we find even less info on this judge than we can on Obama?  Is it because of ‘Birds of a feather flock together?’

My question to all Patriots is “If there is anyone who can provide more information about this judge please offer it in the comments below.”  Until then, Judge Michael Malihi remains a mystery; way more so than Obama!


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  • daves

    Hmmm. Who appointed him and how was he chosen for this case?

    • Steve

      That information, Neo, is necessarily shrouded in secret for your own protection. The judge has disappeared down the rabbit hole, along with the legal rationale for his decision. Should you be thinking about tracking down this particular hole I hold in my hand a red pill and a blue pill. Decide wisely…

    • fubert bar

      I have always found the blue pill useful.

    • AceMan

      I think he should reverse his decision and recuse himself. Let a more conservative judge hear that case again! Click on my name to visit Right Wing America! 100% Free And 100% Uncensored. No PC police! Join us today!

    • kabster

      I can’t take anymore red pills but I’ll try.

    • DJ Katie

      The red pill is the Truth & it has no agenda. Someone needs to find out about this guy.. Perhaps on some old files in the basement of a public libary?

    • Randy131

      He was appointed to his current position of judge just 4 years after he was admitted to Boston University Law School? Seems a little fast, as was Obama’s attainment for the position he holds. To position a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ in high places, it takes more than just one person to help attain that position, so how many others are there like Obama and this Judge Malihi in places of high office in the USA?

    • harry

      since he was appointed in 1995 he was put in by bill clinton

    • JJM

      Another unknown. And how does “Employment Law; Housing Law; Domestic Relations law” qualify him for his position???
      An article was written examining his ruling and the way it was written gave some indication he was coerced (threatened?). I think it was WND today.

    • TashaTchin

      The judge is a state judge, not a federal judge. So, old BJ Clinton isn’t responsible for the appointments made by the Georgia governor. Get a grip.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I am not speaking for Georgia, but most of the states of the Union elect their judges.
      Voters usually pay most attention to the Govenors & other top positions in the state & voting for judges is a “yawner” for most people.

      However, the decisions they make can have a great impact on how you live your life.

    • john j

      Wow , this confirms what I had suspicions about . Folks , it was just a dog and pony show , which I believe was only to steer away any future cases on his legitimacy ! I am beginning to think that Joe’s allegations and the ones “against” Joe , are just another of the same …

    • Maynard

      Right!! Had the lawyers “on our side” checked the judge out, could they have had the case taken to another court or had another judge appointed?? Makes you wonder if they were doing their jobs. Something stinks to high heaven.

    • Honorary

      Wow! I am good, when the news came out that this guy judged that Odumbo will be on the ballot, I already posted that this guy’s name is sound like Arab Muslim. I am corrected, he is the Iranian Muslim, probably ahmadnijahad (the nut head) told him to make Odumbo happy, so USA will do nothing against Iran on Nuclear subject. Traitor in our justice system and traitor in the WH.

  • Bud

    The Devil did it.

    • Michael

      Old Slick Willy did this. Right after he did Monica.

    • Jon

      Do you mean Obama appointed him :)

    • Bud

      Obama appointed him? He is a judge in Georgia, appointed in 1995.

  • Sonja M

    I have said from the moment Obama was elected there is something rotten in Denmark.

    The things that are coming to light about this man are unbelievable.

    What about the things he’s doing we DON’T know about? You bet your bippy he is more than dangerous. Judge Malihi is another of his crew.

  • GramSam

    isn’t it amazing these people just appear out of no where. Read Witness by Whitaker Chambers. Helps connect the dots

    • fordman

      Someone needs to get this information to Taitz.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee


    • john j

      I don’t think you can detour these rats … Some rats can not be humanly trapped , sometimes they have to have a rat exterminator come out , to deal with them !

    • fordman

      I also believe the rino republicans are mixed up in this. Maybe even the ones running for office.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    I live in Georgia;; I will find out who this creep is.

    • john j

      I wash you a lot of luck Robert , but I don’t think you’ll get too far … But you never know …

    • http://patriotupdate littlepat

      Well, from the spelling of his last name and the first names of some of his relatives he sounds Arabic, Mid-Eastern, and probably Muslim.

    • Buckongo

      My information on Malihi is that he is Iranian – probably Muslim.

    • wildmann

      Hadjii Padjii Kukarajii!! Why do we allow Moslem Pukes in this Nation?? He could be related to Obamii! We’ll Never find out!

  • tod

    The Only Hope We Have is Dr.Ron Paul 2012 !!!

    • Donald DeHoff

      Tod, get off of it. You make it an obvious habit of making such tired comments almost every day. Please, for once, stick to the issue at hand. I attended our caucus last night and out of about 120 people, Ron Paul received but two votes, by a man and wife. You do not understand the international situation or our dispersal of our military forces. To top it all off, Pauls disertation on the States having “veto power” over the Supreme Court reflected gross ignorance of what has transpired in that area. A single hour on Google will enlighten you. Yes, Ron Paul has many excellent ideas but his admitted full blown libertarian philosophy negates his good points.—Now, let us stick to the issue at hand.

    • John


    • joel smoyer

      TEN 4 good buddy he sucks

    • Maynard

      The ONLY one that sucks is SOBummer!!

    • Paul

      That’s not true, just his foreign policy does.

    • John

      Maybe so..but not as much as the others!

    • kabster

      Even though I heard a rumor that Freedom Watch has been canceled. The is some poignant for you Ron Paul freedom haters.

    • kabster

      Here not The

    • kabster

      And we have a link fail. sorry go here.

    • SUSANM


    • Donna

      Tod, I am with you too bad others can’t see what we do!

    • Dan

      Well that makes two of you Donna.

    • http://patriotupdate SNAKE BITE

      right donna 32 years in congress 1 bill pasted WOW SOME RECORD!!! the man is a empty suit!!!!!!!!

  • oldvet

    what are the qualifications for his job and
    does he meet them?

  • Remington 870

    We must also consider Obama thugs got to this judge and made him an offer he could not refuse. This fake presidency makes the Godfather saga look like childs play. Power is something Obama thugs will never relinquish.

  • Remington 870

    We must also consider Obama thugs got to this judge and made him an offer he could not refuse. This fake presidency makes the Godfather saga look like childs play. Power is something Obama thugs will never relinquish.

    • Warren Fales

      At first, I thought like your comment but now I see a different conspericy. Malihii is a muslim and he deliberately took up the Obama case leading us to believe he would get to the bottom of things while, in reality,his intention was to deceive us and hopefully lay the matter to rest.

    • Dan

      Lie to the Infidels! That’s the muslim montra.

  • Jim

    Just one of MANY Sleeper Terrorists that has been positioned in America. Just waiting for the take-over. Clean your guns Boys, the time is coming soon.

    • R xleislt

      I personally like to look at every angle. I like to hear what says about past/present. I then like keeping updated on world news at one site of
      Another site where christians post,, police brutality posts, the strange noises heard all around the world that the earth is making. Then to this of Obama & Judge…… Now, you need to look at Iran, Iraq, Isreal, etc… realize that these people are very strong in their faith, in whats written, etc… what is to come, can only come to be if enough turmoil is achieved for their….it’s on My point was…their faith is so strong that they kill their only family over it. Now look to the universe….search that…sun flares, shift in universal magnetic field, etc… Don’t discard any info given, you have to be open minded to see it and then see how fast it is REALLY coming along. Also research gmo food, new world order….

  • Oneirishman

    How about just asking him? If he has nothing to hide he’ll give an interview. If there is something in his closet I doubt this administration would us it as leverage in an eligibility case. Right… Oh shi*!

  • Sande

    It appears that an ALJ is appoint for life because I am unable to find any things about elections concerning them. Also, Mr. Greystone you may want to contact a Mr. Tom Crawford who wrote an article that was in The Daily Citizen in Dalton, GA on February 9, 2012. It seems that this is not the first time that the Judge ran the risk of being overturned by the Georgia Secretary of State. The other time he was overturned. Mr. Crawford’s email is listed as:

  • Meatheas

    For the judge to rule as he did after Obozo had no representation in court and the plaintiff submitted documentation to substantiate their case means the “fix” was in from the git-go. Under what regime was this guy appointed and how did he get assigned the case? Isn’t it odd that a judge with no background information gets assigned a case trying to expose the background of a man that should not be President? The tentacles of corruption reach far and wide.

  • ruth

    Will God hold him responsible for the deaths of the unborn that Obama is planning…I hope so..

  • tod

    Malihi,Is that a muslim name ???

  • Trish

    So, I guess he didn’t impose any consequences either for Obama and his attorney not showing up for the trial!! And they say no one is above the law. This administration has consistently thumbed their noses at the laws of this country, and our Constitution!!!

    We need to vote them all out!

  • nvrpc

    “Is his ancestry really Iranian?” “Is his faith really Muslim?” “If so, did either of these things play a role in his decision to side with Obama in the Georgia eligibility hearing?” — Once a muslim, always a muslim and NONE of them can be trusted and should not be allowed to serve in our government. We don’t need any stinking terrorist on our land and we sure as he-ll don’t need any of them in our government.. .

    • jjkrjw

      muslims have already infiltrated every level of our state and federal government. And they’ve been doing it for years. Janet Napolitano even announced that she had appointed “two practicing muslims” to Homeland Security. Why would she point out their religion? Would she have said, “I’ve appointed two practicing Methodists?” No. Her announcement was one for the world to hear, perhaps a signal?

  • Donald DeHoff

    This requires futher research. I have ask my computer “experts” to see what they can find. I don’t have the computer skills to add much. Surely we can find who nominated him for the judge position, and there should be some “vetting” records around, dittto for his school records, crimial records, place of birth, oath of office,cases he has ruled upon, and data available for those family/friends shown. I sense we have an important lead and we should follow up. I will keep you posted as to what I and my associates can uncover. I agree with the lady who said “there is something rotten in the State of Demark”.

    • Donald DeHoff

      I should have added to my first comment;if he is of Muslim lineage, he should have recused himself. And, if that is the case, there must be “others” in his court that are involved—the plot thickens. I will have to rely upon those with the “search skills” to follow up on this. Everyone who has any thoughts or findings, let us all know, right away—keep it civil and above board, and don’t let “them” bring any of us down to their level.

    • DaveR

      Why should he recuse himself when Obama claims to be a Christian? (I understand the argument that the judge is biased because both Obama and the judge are thought to be Muslims.)

      A more important question is whether his decision (to allow Obama to be on the Georgia 2012 ballot) can be appealed by the losing party?

      Can the decision of the Georgia Secretary of State (to allow Obama to be on the Georgia 2012 ballot) be appealed to another court, e.g. the highest court in Georgia? From this diagram of the Georgia state court system it appears that the
      Administrative Court system of which Mahili is a member is separate and reports to the Secretary of State.

  • Big Ugly, Wyoming

    One thing for sure, this “person” is no longer a “judge”. He has violated his OATH to uphold the Constitution and has thereby removed himself from the bench ….. nothing he does, henceforth, is of any legal or lawful weight.

  • luvmyusadoyou

    Now you all know why BO didn’t worry about not appearing in court. I smell a skunk! The stench is spreading through out the USA. Do we have a sleeper in the White House?

  • Grove

    Are we in a trap? I am being serious..

    • Dean Bartlett


    • joel smoyer

      Do you really think Obama well step down if he gets beaten we well in war right here in our country to remove him just like the other country are fighting all the commies well come land and kidnap ships with all the bad people on board that don,t care if they live or high on drugs and a gun in there hands

    • Dan

      I believe you’re on track Grove. I Wish more people would see it.

  • mrshinola

    Prior to his ruling on giving obumwad a free pass, I sent Judge Malihi an email of encouragement. Based on this article, it is apparent the MOOslim is another empty suit like obumwad. How has this country become so complacent and now these phony EVIL bastards are crawling out of the woodwork. mrshinola

  • Bob

    Maybe the good Sheriff from AZ could include an investigation on this judge as he is doing on the bummer, which his report is due out March 1st, 2012?

  • Rex Fey

    The name is Persian, That is the ancient name for Iran. It would be a good guess that he is Muslim or one or two generations back family was. This information was found by researching name not the individual himself.

  • Donald DeHoff

    An additional thought came to mind. Why would a “deputy” be selected to rule on a case of this importance? I don’t think the Supreme Court would have relegated such an important issue to but a single judge. I am not a lawyer, but my 79 year old brain senses a conspiricy, of massive proportions.

    • Bud

      I thought this guy was a county administrative judge who was selected by the Georgia Secretary of State. Is that not correct?

    • Riverdweller

      He is a judge in Georgia. A State, not a federal judge.
      The supreme court has nothing to do with it at this time.

  • Bud

    I’d just like to encourage all conservatives and libertarians who read and post on Patriot Update to also read/make comments on Huffington Post.

    In years past I would occasionally click on a link somewhere which led to an article on HuffPo. Then I’d read the posts at the end of the article and shake my head in sadness that people could be so silly and shallow. However, since it was necessary (I think) to register through some of the “social media” (such as Facebook) I never bothered to do so.

    But, when AOL bought Huffington Post (for a reported $300 million), after a couple of months it was possible to enter HuffPo by possessing an AOL email address. I quickly signed up for one of those and have been going to town ever since.

    We need more sane people over there to counter the incessant liberal misinformation, disinformation, spin, and outright falsehoods.

  • Lowell T.

    We had the 9th circuit court going against everything Conservatives believe in. Now we have a Muslim plant in our court system to bring us down. Help!!! somebody do something. I will do everything I can to get conservatives to the polling place and convert liberals but we need more than that. If anyone can get information on this Judge. Make it public.

  • Donald DeHoff

    A lot has been said and much more alluded to. If anyone receives any direct or indirect “flack” or any sort, put it on the internet–“united we stand, divided we fall”. “They” can not lock us all up or remove our heads, if we stand together. Again, keep your comments civil and factual, (to the best of your knowledge), i.e, don’t rely upon “hearsay”. “Google” might not have all of the answers but it will at least point you in the right direction. We have to trust that public opinion and the courts will hold that “facts and truth” can never be blasphemy, phobic, racist or a “hate issue”. Be ever so careful, this is serious “stuff”.

    • fordman

      Google is in bed with Obama.

    • Dan


    • Dan

      Google is the last place I would go for reliable search information pertaining to this Administartion. They signed on to limit(block) and monitor China’s internet freedoms, or lack of.

  • DaveR

    The video link given below is by far the most cogent and scholarly compilation and argument I have seen to date, replete with many, many references to historical documents relied upon by the founders of our nation and our courts (including many US Sup Ct decisions and not only those cited by Judge Mahili). If you watch this video or more accurately, read through it (you’ll have to pause the video many times unless you are a super speedy reader!), you will gain a much greater knowledge of the history of the founding of our country and the undeniable fact that the founders and courts relied upon Emmerich de Vattel’s “Law of Nations” published in 1758 for many principles embedded in our Constitution and used in interpretation of and to limit construction and effects of our laws.

    And that most clearly and unequivocally, BHO is NOT a “natural born citizen” of USA when that term is properly construed in the manner and for the purpose it was included in the original Constitution, and that the Fourteenth Amendment did not change that meaning as it only applies to candidates for president of the USA, and never was for at least because his father was a British subject at the time of BHO’s birth wherever that occurred

    Judge Mahili in his recent Georgia ballot eligibility decision based on his interpretation of the meaning of the term “natural born citizen” primarily on and in deference to the 2009 Indiana court decision which relied on English Common Law to interpret Vattel’s natural law. That was a huge error according to the history presented in the documents presented in the video, because Vattel’s legal / philosophical scholarship stands alone and apart from English Common Law, and Vattel’s views were widely if not universally known among the founders as they drafted the Constitution, and those founders were also well versed in English Common Law. Both the Indiana court and Judge Mahili did poor (insufficient and inaccurate) legal analysis. They both ignored critical history leading to inclusion of the unique Constitutional provision “natural born citizen” for qualification of a person to be president of USA.

    Our country is being sacked by “progressives” who want to effect fundamental change and are being permitted to do so due to the lack of knowledge of our nation’s history by our people or intentionally distorting that historical record, and a press corps many of whom are also not sufficiently diligent.



    Name: Michael M Malihi
    Birth Date: 6 Aug 1959
    Addresses: 4 Longfellow Boston, MA, 02114-2821 (1988)
    30 Irving St A Cambridge, MA, 02138-3038 (1986)] 1205 Hidden Ridge Dunwoody/Atlanta, GA, 30338-4001 (1993) (1994 to 2002)
    You woud think he would be listed in “Who’s Who in Georgia Directory”? nope!
    Library of Congress bibliographic sources? nope!
    coming across first names as:
    Baruch, Farrokh, Hassan, Mohammed, Mahmood, Mansour, Mazafar, Jiann, Talat, Yamit,
    Honolulu, HW directory 1890
    Name: Malihi
    City: Island of Hawaii
    State: HI
    Occupation: laborer
    Year: 1890
    Location 2: Hawi

  • Edy

    Did anyone think to contact the person given on his bio. to get more information?!



  • Laura

    This is going to sound crazy but i would’nt put it pass obama. I wonder if he’s even a judge and obama paid him.

  • JGS

    It appears to me, with the facts presents here, where nothing was found on this judge, red flags should go up all over the place. If this guy’s background cannot not be found, then the case should be held up until information on him is discovered. Someone should challenge this on those grounds. It amazes me that Obozzo and this judge have so many similarities in their life. This should be grounds enough to reject his decision. Absolutely, something is wrong in Denmark here. Dig for those facts and start at the college he attended and the place he is to have received his law degree. Each should have his background information. Like Obozzo, he probably got his education in the US as a foreign student and never became a citizen.

  • Kenneth W. Baguley

    The military needs to be called out and arrest Obama and his thugs as the nation’s enemy #1.

  • T. Jefferson

    The stench has permeated the Fed for years. Perhaps a decongestant would help you trace it to its source.

  • Dean

    We know as much about him as we know about Obama!

  • U.S.Patriot 01

    there is something rotten in Georgia and i think it might be the judge ?

  • Rocky

    Someone who is good at research should check for obits ( here and abroad) on the other names listed plus his parents. A great deal of information is usually found in the deceased persons obit.

  • Texas Gal

    Ditto. As many have said BHO is a closet Muslim and will remain so until he and Soros lift his veil. Judge M. is the same as BHO. Never believe he(BO)is a “natural born citizen” of the U.S. His entire life is a fraud. His sole goal is to destroy this nation and to kill everyone who does not bow down to him. He is evil incarnate and will stop at nothing to rule this nation. Be aware that our government, at the behest of BO, has built interment camps capable of holding thousands. Also keep in mind that just recently BO enacted a law authorizing arrest of anyone deemed to be a “threat” and that person(s) can be detained, without legal aid, indefinitely. What does this mean??? Think about it.

  • ticktockoma

    GOOD NEWS people

    Georgia eligibility challenge returns!
    ‘Judge Malihi’s ruling is … contrary to the ruling of U.S. Supreme Court’

    Georgia eligibility challenge returns!
    ‘Judge Malihi’s ruling is … contrary to the ruling of U.S. Supreme Court’
    Published: 2 days ago on WND

    An administrative law judge in Georgia who held hearings on citizens’ complaints that Barack Obama isn’t eligible to be president and so shouldn’t be on the 2012 presidential ballot in the state failed to follow U.S. Supreme Court precedent, according to one of the attorneys representing clients bringing the complaints.

    Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp today adopted without elaboration the recommendation from Judge Michael Malihi, who concluded without evidence from Obama that he was born in Hawaii, which makes him native born, which is the same as the “natural born” required by the Constitution of presidents.

    Appeals of the decision already are in the works, the attorneys say. One, J. Mark Hatfield, representing,
    Carl Swensson and Kevin Richard Powell, told WND he had expected Kemp to rubber-stamp whatever Malihi wrote.

    He did. His determination today, without mentioning any of the controversy or questions that remain, said he “formally adopts the initial decision of the ALJ.”

    Hatfield said the good thing about the decision is that it came quickly, and the attorneys can escalate the arguments to the appellate level now well in advance of the March 6 Super Tuesday primaries, in which Georgia takes part.

    Read more here:

  • Patrick Duffy

    Bible prophesy says that the end-time beast power will come in “peacefully” – as through an election. Hitler also was elected by a popular vote.

  • Wayright

    Passed the bar exam in 1991 and by 1995 he is a judge already? That is some fast climbing career eh?

  • Maynard

    Has anyone thought about spelling his name backwards….Ihilam…it exist in Dubai. Just a thought.

  • Richard Alexander

    It looks like Judge Malihi made an unpopular decision, and now you guys are making him your punching bag.

    I read the Judge’s decision, and I have to agree. The prosecution did a lousy job of arguing its case. That’s partly because a lot of what you guys keep claiming is factually incorrect. You don’t have a case.

    If you don’t want Obama in office next year, find a good candidate to run against him and vote. This birther issue is dead.

  • R xleislt

    From me searching and speaking with others, the Hebrew calendar is somewhat different than ours. So what is written, happens still in 2011 of the Hebrew calendar, but 2012 of us. From now thru April……you must pay attention to new bills & laws trying to get passed that affect your constitutional rights, we must find others in place like this Judge and stand up and fight for public information! Expose! Otherwise its gonna be a snake in the grass comin up from behind and BAM! game over.

  • Eddie

    Technically, all attorney’s are unregistered foreign agents. They just do not like to own up to that fact. I have a friend that is an attorney, and he ‘fessed up to it. I don’t know the exact reason behind it is, but it has to do (I believe) with being impartial and representing a citizen in court.

  • JohnC, Freeport, NY

    If we do not overthrow this government, we have no one to blame but ourselves.



  • http://PatriotUpdate Rudy Tirre

    I came to the same conclusion as you did, nothing. But I did find this bit of info listed under the Judges name.

    Valerie Ruff
    Case Management Assistant
    Tel: (404) 651-7595
    Fax: (404) 818-3751

  • http://PatriotUpdate Rudy Tirre

    Not sure if you got this message, if not here it is again. Found under the name of the Judge.

    Valerie Ruff
    Case Management Assistant
    Tel: (404) 651-7595
    Fax: (404) 818-3751

  • Riverdweller

    I have done some = and – checks. Any one else notice that they are reversed ?

  • Kevin

    Did it ever occur to any of you that the plaintiffs didn’t provide sufficient evidence to substantiate their claim? Why is it that every time a judge rules in a way that differs from your opinion or your desire that you automatically assume that there is something corrupt about him? This article is pathetic. “I couldn’t find anything on him, so he must be evil!” Not everyone lives their life online. That doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with him. If any actual facts ever surface, then you can make your complaints. Until then, you are just acting like children who didn’t get their way.

    • El Lobo Solo

      We’re not asking the good Judge to live his life on line, just post a Bio on the Judicial website like all the other Judges.

      PS: When I want entertainment. I watch people acting like spoiled children on the news such as the OWS mobs.

    • e west

      Did it ever occur to you that just because it appears one way it may not be? This Judge is the right flavor to be in opposition to the USA. So, a reasonable person would have questions about an adverse decision when the opposite should have been the answer. I know the cases inside out and backward, all three. And they were good cases, tried in the right venue, with good standing. period.

    • Jim Cunningham

      Kevin , You’re statement makes me wonder if you graduated from grammer school?

  • Larry

    Good God, just how stupid can Americans be. The judge is a plant. He is obviously a rag-head and just one more we should be rounding up and putting in line for the ovens.

    • Shirley

      You are a sick bigot. This does not advance the discussion. There is no reason for this kind of talk. You just sound like an idiot!

    • J. Yarbrough

      ease up Shirley, everyone has the right to their own opinion, ya know? To each their own, I say…but it’s becoming more apparent that there is a strong presence of wrong doing here and it cannot be denied. Malihi ignored all evidence and all testimony! IMHO, Shirley, i wouldn’t be surprised if we see this Judge be appointed to the Supreme Court somewhere down the line!

    • Bill

      This comment is not called for!!!!!!!!!!! It does not advance a positive position or agenda. Keep the racial commments out of the equation.

    • Gisela

      Yes I too looked in to this judge and found nothing.Just look at him he looks like that guy that shot all those people in Ft. Hood a Muslim. I do not understand how he gets away with ignoring court orders and supena’s He is about as brazen as they come. why dosn’t our congress have enough balls to impeach that Imposter.they are nothing but a bunch of whimps

  • R.Cook

    Sounds like the judge’s background is strangly familiar to Obummers. No back trail.

  • DJ Katie

    Check out my freedom post on my blog for my opinion on the way this country is heading. Someone needs to do their homework on this judge & quickly so it is exposed!

  • VS

    The Repubs need to change the focus of the conversation away from Abortion and Gay Right to the important Issues like JOBS!!!!!! Turn the Focus on doing what is for the Benefit and Interest of Legal US Citizens and Only Legal US Citizens! We need to stop ALL Current Immigration both Legal and Illegal until US CITIZENS are FULLY EMPLOYED! NO more Work Visas or Work GreenCards ISSUED! NO letting ANY FOREIGN NATIONALS have ACCESS to US Social Services, College Grants, Financial Services, Loans, etc. NO more letting them take up important college admission places that should go to US Citizens! NO more Foreign Nationals in ANY Government JOB! It’s time that Charity be for US Citizens and only US Citizens, it’s time to take OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!!!!!
    Who is Obama? What is his Real Name, Social Security Number, Draft Registration, Passport???
    Who are his friends? What have they been doing all these years? What jobs did he really work at? What schools did he actually attend, what were is subjects & grades? Who paid for his college and why? What courses did he really take? Does he really have a Law License and has he actually ever practiced Law? Exactly where has he lived? Were his Parents, Step Father & Grandparents really Marxist/Communist/Socialist??? What about Tim Geithner’s Father being Obamas Mothers Boss for years??

    • Denise

      We need to stop blaming one party or another. We are all Americans and we need to act like Americans. We need to work together to find out Where Our Country is Going. I don’t care your party, you should be concerned WHO IS THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF IS, ALSO WHO IS THIS JUDGE. If there is a Bio for all other judges then there should be one for him. All judges need to follow and protect the Constitution of the United States of America.

      The sooner we come together to serve and Protect our Country and know who is running it the better we will be.

      When we are children we are taught right from wrong, somehow we have strayed from these beliefs and it seems for some people it is OK. Think of you owning your company and people are cheating, robbing you blind and stabbing you in the back. Would you not take care of the problem when you find out. YES you would or you would be out of business. We all need to think about our country as ours and what each of us can do for our Country and not what our Country can do for us.

      We need to get back to basics.

      There are 2 major parties Republicans and Democrats, however when one is elected to an office you represent both parties as we are all Americans. Somehow when one gets elected they only think of their party, not the fact that we all pay taxes and all live here.

      We also have laws on the books for Illegal Aliens and we should apply these laws not make new ones. If you try to go live in Switzerland they will not rent you an apartment or home without you having a work permit and a Contract, they don’t care if it means they do not rent the place they care about their Country as they are true Patriots. We don’t know how to be patriots here in the US, it is all about the $ and how we can scam the Govt. and Businesses. There are more people on disability and on welfare that are not disabled and can work however they choose to be on the dole. We choose the life we want, kids don’t study anymore and they want the A and the best schools, yet they don’t want to put forth the effort.

      True patriots and Immigrants come here and learn the Language, Lord knows I had to learn English and am proud to be an American and I have worked in many countries and there is nothing like the USA.

      We just need to get rid of the people who keep badmouthing our Country. If they think Chavez is great then go live in Venezuela, or if Justice Ginsberg thinks the Constitution of Africa is so great, then she needs to move there, she has taken an oath to serve and Protect our Constitution and is recommending Africa’s to Egypt, she is a disgrace.

  • VS

    Who in Law Enforcement, Security, Military Access, Passport, Birth Certificates, etc out there can research this?
    Looks like some hackers have been at work again, just like all of Obama’s records????

  • Terry Black

    Lyndon La Rouche has stated that if we do not get Obama out of power right now – we are all in danger of a Nuclear Hallocaust!

    Listnen to Larouche’s interview on radio broadcast Feb. 10/2012

    • jimbo999

      Lyndon Larouche is a crook, if you give him $5.00 on your credit card, it shows up as $5000.00 and he has been to prison for fraud, and he is a Communist. I can’t believe anyone is still listening to him.

  • http://patriotupdate SNAKE BITE

    WHAT THE FOOK IS POSTING TO QUICKLY MEAN ?? ANSWER THAT MODERATOR!! OR ARE YOU A PAUL dr dementia bot???also stick me slowing down where the SUN DONT SHINE!!!

    • DH

      You must have used the word “socialism”.

  • Tim

    Look at the mans picture. Does that tell us anything? I don’t know but looks do tell where some people are from, or, their ancestry? Just asking?

    • Guest

      The first time I saw the judge’s name it looked like may he is Hawaian??? Then I just saw his picture and he doesn’t look Hawaian. But when I thought about it he still could bre Hawaian as a decendent or his father or grandfather ???

      It really makes no difference as he is a judge and he wasn’t the one who ruled Obama on the ballot. It was a nother judge altogether andit was based on an Indiana ruling where the judge said Obama’s birth certificate is in Hawaii, Case closed. It matters not Obama doesn’t meet the requuirement that BOTH parents should be US citizens. Obama’s father was a British subject born in Kenya which was under British rule at the time.

      And experts have said the birth certificate that was presented online etc is a fake, And who knows who Obama really is????? Anyone know of any girlfriends he had or anyone who knew him in school??? And he covered up almost everything and there aren’t any pictures of his wedding or any family pictures. It has always been suspicious as to who he is. I never heard of him before the elections and campaigns. That is why I researched him and almost fainted when he was elected. He had a istory of Marxism and was in Indonesia schools which hated Americans even then when he was a child and all of his buddies are marxist, Communist, Socialists and criminals like Bill Ayers.

      Pays to research your candidates. It’s quite a surprise sometimes. We don’t need surprises like Obama.

  • Larry Owens

    Hardly and info on this judge that ruled in Odumbo’s favor, makes you Think Uh!

  • Wolf Sage

    Barack Obama is a nightmare!

    If Barack Obama gets re-elected the United States will be a nightmare!

  • Amazingoly

    The voters want to see what Obama is still hiding with his “sealed or unavailable” records before they vote again. The missing info on Malihi is interesting. Maybe that is why Obama and attorney were not worried about the outcome. More states need to challenge the eligibility of Obama, hopefully with red blooded American judges.

  • William from North Carolina

    The only tool left for us honest folks is Prayer. It looks like the man in the White House has used all our money to buy us out including the news media. Have they said anything about Obama’s past? No and they aren’t. So they are one sided and it looks like they are trying to make a shoe in of Mitt.

    • Lipstick

      American judges will not even hear one of these cases. I wondered why this Malihi would do it. Now I know.

  • Wondering Woman


    Is this Molahi or Malahi even a lawyer – much less a judge or a USA citizen?

    If he is, did he get his law school through an American education or a Sharia education somewhere in Indonesia?

    Perhaps we should be forwarding the background search on him to the Ga. Secretary of State and let the State of Ga. pay for the further information. Of course it would most likely be as doctored as Obama’s long form
    birth certificate is – in other words – all forged lies.

  • lakelady

    US Search also has residences for Michael Malihi listed in Boston and Cambridge, MA and CA, as does Someone posted an obit on Orly Taitz web site that mentions some of the names previously noted here as relatives and states that there are surviving relatives in IRAN. The obit appears to be that of an uncle.

  • Phil

    You all are sooooo wrong. You look for conspiracy where there is none!

    HE IS AN ALJ – an administrative law judge. He is NOT in a court, he works for a state government agency hearing claims concerning the administration of that agency!

    He is NOT like a real judge. that would explain why he has no bio listed!

    they used to call them “Hearings Officers”, The term “Judge” is merely a title not a profession!.

    STOP LOOKING FOR CONSPIRACY – What is the matter with you people!

    Is your hate that great that you have to manufacture reason to justify it!

  • patriotrenegade

    If bama was slipped in by brezhinski as a test, this is also a test. Must’ve been nominated by clinton CFR, TC, bilderberg.

  • highpoint

    Perhaps we should have some laughs at this time. Go to my website and check out my game. May as well have some fun during all of this Weasel Squeeze activity.
    Time will tell but in the mean time keep digging fellow patriots.

  • Ed O.

    @ Kevin’s statement “Did it ever occur to any of you that the plaintiffs didn’t provide sufficient evidence to substantiate their claim?”—-My answer to such foolish talk is, Kevin,are you another Rip Van Winkle? From where did you come from? Isn’t using a stolen Social Security number, a forged birth certificate, not being born a Natural Born Citizen, false claim on his law license application, his past records show that he’s an Indonesian,he uses multiple names. What more evidence do you think that the judge should have?

  • Ed O.

    That whole Georgia trial was a sham! It put pressure on Obama so that he would see to it that Georgia gets the two nuclear plants that were in the making. The end result, they did get the okay to build them. Feb 9th NBC news.

  • CES

    When I first saw info on the trial, I checked Malihi’s name on wikipedia, nothing was found. Could this judge be an Indonesian relative to b.o.? Maybe b.o. lived with him in CT and ‘helped’ b.o. get a CT social security number. Lots of questions, no credible answers yet. Keep searching, good people. I also checked Valerie Ruff. She seems to be a ghost, too.

  • jake

    Neil Bortz or Herman Cain might be able to shed light on who this judge is.

  • Chappy

    If this judge is only a hearing officer, how can he make rulings like he has? Come on folks you can not have it both ways either he is a judge, or he has no power to make such a ruling that is binding.

    Since I tried posting and get the “you are posting too fast. I can only wonder if you are not reading too slowly.

    • Phil


      An Administrative Law Judge(ALJ) can make decisions for his agency. HOWEVER, his rulings are NOT carved in stone. There is either someone or some group (Appeals Council) that can review his decision. He merely reviews cases to see if they comply with agency regulations and rulings!

      I know lots of ALJ’s they like being called “Judge” because “Hearing Officer” doesn’t sound as nice!

  • Rex Fey

    Have searched for info. on many prospective employees. Found a few over 60 years simular to Judge Malihi, nothing. Most times something to hide, criminal, record, name change, bankrupt, not ever good. In this case went to Bio. sections of ref. books to find name origin for some clue.
    This reveals,all mideast. 1. Minor prophet 5th century b.c. recognized by Jewish and Islamic writtings. 2. Wrote last book of old testement. 3. Name origin area now known as Persia or derrived from simular name.
    This is slim info. Only inference that can be drawn, Jewish, Muslim, planted, and exercised specifict intentional consealment measures.

  • Lana Cane

    As a locator/skip-tracer…..from I have the following: Public Records index Volumes I & II,

    Michael Malihi DOB: 6 Aug 1959
    and locations as having lived in
    1205 Hidden Ridge Ln, Dunwoody, GA,
    4 Longfellow Pl Apt 2411, Boston, MA,
    30 Irving St Apt 3, Cambridge, MA,
    1205 Hidden Ridge Ln, Atlanta, GA,

    You listed other family members, so I ran them as well and this is what I found under locations for where they live or once lived…

    Masoud Malihi
    8944 E Jenan Dr, Scottsdale, AZ,
    4120 N 78th St, Scottsdale, AZ,

    Mehdi Malihi
    7740 E Glenrosa Ave, Scottsdale, AZ,
    208 Saint Andrews CT, Alpharetta, GA,

    Malie Malihi DOB: 21 May 1948
    8052 Louise Ave, Northridge, CA,
    3926 N 87th St, Scottsdale, AZ,
    525 Edgehill Pl, Alpharetta, GA,
    208 Saint Andrews Ct, Alpharetta, GA,

    Also found Mike Malihi in 1976 Troy High School, Fullerton, California….FYI Northridge and Fullerton are 50 miles apart…..

    Your gonna love this, there is a huge population of Persian/Iranian in Scottsdale, 60% of which are Muslim……

    Well that’s all I got after 45 minutes of looking around……

  • Charlie Resseguie

    I’m so happy to see that there are so many of you who are concerned for our country!
    Keep doin all that great work,thank you all!
    I’m with the tea party here in central N.Y. state and we have an email list of over 600 families……they are furious with all this too.
    If any of you get a chance to help out in your states obama ballot challenge,please do
    one of them has got to hit paydirt for us patriots and our beloved America. Thank you all again.

  • bob68

    Strange how so many people are not bothered by Obama, or whoever he really is, having control of America’s nuclear weapons and choosing the “enemies” our sons and daughters will die for.

    If Obama were required to pass a security background check he could not get a job sucking crap out of septic tanks.

    Obama was never vetted and never required to pass a background security check, which he could not possibly do.

    Obama is the mother of all security risk…yet few seem to care?

  • borderraven

    We live in society where:
    Democrats and Republicans are co-dependent on the ills of the nation more than our success.
    Police are co-dependent on crime, not policing.
    Fire fighters are co-dependent on fires.
    City workers are unionized and are co-dependent on union benefits at taxpayer’s expense.
    The free people are co-dependent on uninterrupted electric supply feeding never ending flow of data streaming through multiple portals by wire or wireless transmission, constantly feeding news, sports, politics, investments, games, movies, blogs, etc., over a Global Internet, on the Planet Earth, as it rotates 15 degrees an hour, while traveling around a Red Dwarf star, called the Sun, cruising through space at 1,000 miles an hour.

  • Rem Anderson

    this judge is Iranian and his name means (charmin) in farsi. he is muslim because one of his reletive name is( Mehdi)which is the last Imam that muslims are waiting for to come, micheal is not his real name. it is a name famous among iranian when they conseal their identity.