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WHY Jay Leno is so unreasonably down on Sarah Palin

Written on Sunday, June 19, 2011 by

palin leno

I’ve usually enjoyed most of Jay Leno’s monologues. (I stopped watching David Letterman long ago because of how liberal he is). But lately, even up until last night, Jay has been saying some really unreasonable things about Sarah Palin … saying outright in cleverly comedic ways that she is dumb. He’s basing this off of her comments about Paul Revere and 1773. As it turns out, Palin was historically correct on both counts and the mocking and scoffing media and comedians have turned out to be the dumb ones.

But knowing Sarah Palin, his comments are SO unreasonable that I had to wonder why he would want to mock her. It’s not like Jay to be that unreasonable. This is especially puzzling, given that he gave Obama a pass on the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard a politician make, when he said before the 2008 election, “It is wonderful to be back in Oregon. Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go, Alaska and Hawaii.” (Maybe he was thinking of the fact that there are 57 states in the Organization of the Islamic Conference – OIC).

Regarding Jay, I got my answer as to why he is taking this hard stand against Sarah when I read his Wikipedia page. That page led me to be curious about his wife, Mavis … someone who we never see or hear anything about. So I went to her Wikipedia page, and here’s what it said: Mavis Leno is “A leading feminist in California,” (She was born in San Francisco), “as well as in the United States and internationally, she keeps a low profile in comparison to her husband, choosing instead to work behind the scenes of the non-profit, politically-charged groups she supports and runs.” In 1999, she and her husband, Jay Leno, donated $100,000 to a feminist cause that she chairs. So it makes you wonder how much support they’ve given to other liberal causes. And it makes sense that that influence would spill over into Jay’s humor, both what he speaks for and against.

So my conclusion is that Jay’s wife is influencing his stand against Sarah Palin, who feminists abhor, but who normal men and women find appealing. In fact, that is the case for a lot of the “mainstream” media in this country. They don’t like Sarah Palin because she’s a normal, happy, healthy, religious, conservative woman who is concerned about the very damaging direction this country has gone in morally (including the moral bases for the economic decisions). Therefore, those who have promoted that direction are down on her and use the typical liberal tactics to try to stop her: name calling and belittling. They use those tactics hoping that those sound bites will be parroted by people and become the vox populi and in the process will discredit Sarah Palin. (And unfortunately that works to a degree, which is why we must counter it). They have to resort to those tactics because goodness, truth and social statistics aren’t on their side. Therefore they can’t make their case with calm reasoning. Instead they mock and scoff and make jokes.

But instead of feeling threatened by Sarah Palin, it would be nice if the media and comedians could see it the way many of us see it and how Dennis Miller sees it, when he said on Bill O’Reilly’s show why he likes Sarah Palin, “She’s normal, she’s happy to be normal, and she makes me happy to be normal.” And that ultimately is good for women, as well as men and children and the country in general.

Obama obviously wasn’t correct with his 57 states comment, and yet was still elected president even though on this issue he wasn’t “Smarter Than A 5th Grader.” And the media and comedians are guilty for aiding and abetting that tragedy, as they push their very unhealthy and dysfunctional lifestyles and philosophies.

So it’s good to be informed enough to see through the smoke screens as to what the underlying truths and motives are. And we could certainly use Paul Revere now to say, “The liberals are coming! The liberals are coming!”

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  • Marc Jeric

    I stopped watching those two losers – Leno and Letterman – years ago. Far-left garbage is pouring from their mouths unceasingly.

    • Thomas McAuliffe

      leno like the other asshole letterman are merely non thinking cowards being influenced by asses rather than smart people and it reflects on their ability to be respected i used to watch leno all the time but since the palin bashing started he obviously does not care about this country or it’s people and he is no longer worth watching

    • Steven

      Marc…the only time I ever watch those two dip shits is when I need a good shit. Leno and Letterman only pander to far leftest who have no sense of humor and these two queer-bananas are their outlet.

    • frank1737

      The last decent one was Johnny Carson; Letterman and Leno are strictly SEWER TRASH!!!

    • 2WarAbnVet

      There’s a simple reason for all this. These “comedians” have to exist within the Hollywood/Entertainment milieu. In that society, conservatives are ostracized, and considered abnormal. The more Marxist/socialist you are the more you are celebrated.
      You need only to go back to the McCarthy hearings six decades ago to see how Hollywood pukes “circled the wagons” in support of their communist friends.

    • evermyrtle

      I agree, and what did our government do to him because of his honest, neccessary conservative work?? I remember it very well.

    • http://Facebook Mirinisa

      I’m not watching Jay Leno show anymore, he is a liberal destroying Sarah Palin everyday and didn’t criticize Obama’s dumb mistake about there are 57 states.

    • evermyrtle

      My too. When I saw and heard Leno make a stupid remark about the size of a man’s sex organs, I nixed him FOREVER. Anyone that stupid (irractional) is not worth wasting one minute on, should not be allowed to have a program on TV. This is why he makes false comments about Palin. Her views, statements and actions, are so far above his radical views, he can’t stand it.They are the same as his liberal radical friends.

  • OKAY

    I noticed the same thing about Leno. If he didn’t have Palin to talk about, he wouldn’t have a monologue. Every night he slams her and finally I decided enough is enough. Can’t stand to watch him anymore. Maybe when everybody gets fed up with him, he’ll have to go back to his standup routine. It sounds like he’s henpecked. Jimmy Kimmel is getting almost as bad about Palin.

    • bill

      He’s more likely pussywhipped!

    • frank1737

      You mean pussy whipped by his Communist Whore wife?

    • http://patriotupdate SICK & TIRED#1


  • Maria

    It is so refreshing to read Dennis Marcellino’s comments on Jay Leno’s continuing diatribe about Sarah Palin. I am bewildered by the mainstream media’s vicious hatred of the first Republican nominee for the Vice Presidency of this country. I’ve considered myself to be fairly intelligent, graduating cum laude from college with a double major and I sometimes question myself on why I find Gov. Palin to be an engaging, intelligent, thoughtful individual who loves this country and who is determined to make every effort to effect change in a positive way for this country which at the time is sorely needed. I have read both her books and found them to be thought provoking in so many ways. In spite of all the attacks and the thousands of individuals who have demonized her and tried to smear her with “investigations”, they have not found anything to justify their actions. In my 79 years on this earth and a lot of election cycles, no one has ever been subjected to the kind of scrutiny she has gone through. Yet she stands tall with grace and dignity. I would vote for her for President in a heartbeat.

    • AverageJoeTexas, Dallas

      Kuddos, so would I. The more they hate the right person means the more she cares about America, the way it used to be and as beaten up by the left, the way she is.

    • Penny Fuentes

      Maria, you like and admire Sarah Palin because she deserves our respect. This is a Very Good Woman and I am proud to say I would vote for her in a second. She is a Normal, Happy, God Fearing woman who has done nothing but try to live up to the expectations Our Lord has for us. I cannot say I would be as gracious as she when people ridicule and subject her family to rude and lowlife comments. God Bless Sarah Palin and God Bless America.

    • http://Facebook Mirinisa

      I agree with Maria’s comment about Jay Leno bashing Sarah Palin everyday. Let’s boycott Jay Leno’s Show.

    • Billy Edens

      I can not boycott…I would never watch a jokster who reads a teleprompter for laughs. Sarah is much smarter than lenocrat!

    • http://patriotupdate SICK & TIRED#1


    • ShyGuy

      Sorry but you are WRONG.

      Leno can’t be a has been because he was never anything but a third rate stand up “comic”.

      Being a never was makes it impossible for him to be a has been…

    • http://x Washington22

      Marinisa, Double DITTO………….

    • evermyrtle

      Many of these liberals have an excellent education are very intelligent as far as an education is concerned. There the wisdom comes to a complete halt. The things of GOD goes swiftley out of the window, along with their morals. What is importent to them is what their liberal friends think. I can’t quite figure how they came about their immoral attitudes becuse I know that some of them must have been raised in decent homes with Christian parents. Of course, the thing today if you have Christian families, you have to be ashamed of them, at least some of them are. See how, this attitude has ruined us as a nation!!! I do hope these anti-God people wake up before it is to late to around, if it is not too late, already!!

    • http://x Washington22

      Evermyrtle, I love ya, but it’s NEVER gonna happen……………..

    • http://x Washington22

      Maria, I appreciate your astute coment of Sarah Palin. I feel the same about her. I have wondered for quite a while exactly WHY the libs are so against Sarah palin and it finally clicked. She was the reason that some of the offiicials in Alaske are behind bars wearing orange jumpsuits. She was cleaning house and got rid of the criminals. The present libs in Washington DC are scared to death of a person like her. Someone who is honest and does the right thing, someone who is ethical,someone who loves her country, it’s constitution and God. What more could a person be that would be against their philosphy? She is hated by them and feared like no other. I love it. It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it…

  • Henry Smith

    Leno is a loser. To think my wife and I actually went to see him live a few years ago. His writers do not have much wit so his jokes are getting so nasty tha tI will not watch his show ever again.

    • cr747


    • Randy131

      Yeah, and boy did he cost NBC a bundle, for which Conan will be eternally grateful. I do not believe NBC is or has gotten their money’s worth in that incident, but they’re so liberally biased also, I love to see them spend their money on nothing, which is what they got for what they had to give Conan.

    • Jeff

      I haven’t watched Leno since he went back to that time slot. I used to think he was neutral. But not any more. In fact I am the same way I quit most of NBC since they had Katie Courric on the today show and her interviews were one sided. Maybe we should write to companies who support NBC by advertizing there. We can take a page out of the liberal book and tell them we won’t buy their product if we see one of their ads on NBC.

    • Tanya Kisieleski

      I have been thinking the same thing about boycotting the NBC advertizers and letting them know why. The only problem is, I haven’t watched NBC for years, so don’t know who they are. Any ideas on how to get a list without subjecting myself to watching NBC?

    • Carol

      O’Brien was disgusting and not funny. I watched his late late show about 3 times and couldn’t stand anymore. He’s also very liberal and no better than the others. I agree that Leno has gotten worse and worse. I now watch only when he has someone I really like such as Terry Bradshaw. Love to watch him take over the show.

    • evermyrtle

      If it were not for Christian moral people they would not have material to make their sill jokes. That is how their sick minds work.

  • RoyfromKs

    I never did like Letterman! m Every time he opens his mouth, his ass shows! I understand he owns some kind of farm,ranch or some tax deductable enterprise in the midwest….it sure doesn’t rub off on him! He’s still a N.Y. stooge! Jay Leno, I kinda admired because he was so passonate about his old cars! I never new much about his home life and don’t want to know! These women lib groups are somewhat goofy and we can’t expect much of any good out of them! You see, women are the worst one to pat each other on the back….you’ll see a cat fight every time! And they are unable to put Sara Palin into that catagory! If you notice, Palin and Bachmann are cut out of a different batch of ladies….I’d vote for either one for President and they could beat the socks off Obama! GO GIRLS GO!!!

    • bill

      Amen on that Roy.

    • Randy131

      You are right, Palin and Bachman are women of America’s past, the backbone of society. Most women today cannot hold a candle to either one, and know it, so the jealousy exposes itself through the attacks on them, the more the attacks, the greater they look to me and most other normal Americans. So let the attacks continue, for it exaults them more than it denigrates them.

    • http://patriotupdate SICK & TIRED#1


    • Carol

      I guess you meant candle, not candel. Of course we know what candles are. Most of us use them even when the power doesn’t go out. Candles are among the top selling items today. You must be out of touch with everything.

    • AverageJoeTexas, Dallas

      You would think that with all the kids being deserted by dead beat fathers that more respect would be shown to the females up for election. I do not think Palin will run, it is up to her, but Bachman is a winner in my book.

    • evermyrtle

      Think about all the millions of people, young people who have no fathers to celebrate with today, on Fathers day. It is such a sad thing.

    • Packrat

      Wrong spelling, that should read “Women’s Lip”…LOL

    • Packrat

      Wrong spelling, that should read “Women’s Lip”…LOL

  • Insurgent

    Late night television entertainment is for morons ————-these two idiots prove that statement to be very true!!!!

    • evermyrtle

      That is true!! It is almost immpossible to find anything decent to watch, with so many possibilities.

  • Bob

    I agree! I can’t stand to watch Leno and his hateful spew. His dialogue is getting more and more ugly and raucous. His head is squarely up obamos-azz.

  • Rob Aldrich

    I don’t watch Leno and certainly don’t think anything he says is worth listening to; however, I’d vote for him before Palin. And I’d NEVER vote for Leno.

    She doesn’t even have to open her mouth to be unqualified to get this life-long conservative Republican’s vote. She abandoned her supporters in Alaska by quitting her responsibilities as Governor mid-term.

    When she opens her mouth, her obvious gross stupidity continues to disqualify her for my vote.

    She is DANGEROUS to freedom, to the extent she draws votes from competent persons.

    • Penny Fuentes

      Robert, the reason you would not vote for Palin is that you are an ignorant liberal nut.

    • evermyrtle

      Rob what on earth have you been talking to, watching and reading, that you could get so screwed up?????

  • das.aardvark

    Jay leno is the utter filth of satanic sin incarnate. He has his head stuffed so far up Satan’s rectum that Satan uses Leno’s eyes to see where he is going.

  • Bobnip

    Folks, have you ever seen Leno’s wife. She takes ugly to a new level!!! She’s jealous! And, that’s just how petty she is!

    It is really funny to see Hillary Clinton pictures back when she was a Lesbian Commie Puke…hating people like Sarah Palin even before Sarah was in politics. Then, some one got Hillary off to the side and told her she needed to re-do her image. She had makeup artists, hairstylists, wardrobe designers, and personal trainers to help her change her image. Sarah doesn’t need to do that. That’s why Janet Napalitano, Michelle Obama, Francis Pivin, Hillary Clinton, Dolores Huerta, Nancy Pelosi and every other Commie Jerk in Washington DC hates Sarah with a passion!

    The interesting thing is Sarah is a real woman. She could kick their collective asses to the curb in a physical confrontation and kick butt on everyone of them in a debate on any subject. And, that drives them crazy!

    • celia

      Why would LENO have a pretty wife – he is so ugly, she is the only one who would have him. LIBTARDS are jealous of intelligent and pretty conservative women and SARAH PALIN and MICHELLE BACHMANN fit the type.Can you stand looking at Janet Napolitano, Michelle Obama, Pelosi, Kagan and Sotomayor?

    • THUFF

      That’s a good question. No looks, no personality, total lack of a moral compass. Misery loves company and money makes it tolerable.

    • evermyrtle

      Look at Leno! He ain’t no pretty boy, yuks!!!

  • Tom Stewart

    Leno And Letterman Both Have Changed After There New Boss Took Over George Soros, Yikeess, God Bless America And Sarah Palin POTUS Soon.

    • evermyrtle

      Maybe, they have changed but I had this opinion of their rot gut stuff all of the time. I have not changed my opinion.



  • Jack

    Rather than admitting that the media made a mistake and that Sarah Palin was correct on the central issue of Revere warning the Brits, they are now trying to spin themselves out of the nasty place they find themselves.

    Even NPR confirms that Gov.Palin was right about Revere

    • http://patriotupdate SICK & TIRED#1


    • evermyrtle

      That is one big thing that burns them up about Sarah, she searchs out the truth so that she won’t put her foot in her mouth something the liberals are not able to do for some reason.

  • Nelson

    Obama did not get it wrong. His statement was correct and I say this because he was taught in Muslim schools and would have been taught there are 57 Muslim states.

  • Clifton Lee West

    Let’s face it, people are always showing their ignorance one way or another. I don’t watch Leno, never Letterman, no ordinary main stream media and I subscribe to National Georgraphic, the only publication that the Liberals haven’t taken control of that I know of. Like every fad, Liberalism will run its course and crawl back into the closet, where it belongs. If the gay crusade had any dignity, it would follow suit. I fear violence more than anything else, and the Liberals and gays are begging for it. Sooner or later it will explode and it won’t be pretty, then people will start back peddling trying to undo the lost causes. I hope we can save our nation.

    Clifton Lee West

    • peggy

      Sorry Clifton! National Geographic has gone
      “liberal” even though they have some excellent articles.

  • Duane Schneider

    Ever since Sarah made her speech at the Republican convention in 2008, the liberals, progressives, socialists, and communists, all those that want to destroy America as we know it today, have been out to destroy her because they fear her and what she could do to their agenda. And with the George Soros’ funded media and numerous progressive think tanks all taking their que and money from Georgie Boy, they have been feverishly working to destroy Sarah Palin. And since Sarah seems to be everything good, the best way to get the job done is to demonize her in any way possible. Afterall, if you tell lies about someone often enough, people will start believing them. The progressives know this and they know this is the only way to attack and hopefully destroy Sarah Palin. Problem is, it has been going on so long, and so profoundly that, it has become beyond disgusting. In Alaska, where I live, a mostly conservative state, she was the most popular governor in America. When the liberals and the media went after Sarah the people started hearing all these lies and they went on for so long that the people of Alaska even started believing them. I believe if she was running for a public office in Alaska again, I would be surprised if she could win. Not because of her, but because of all the lies the people have been hearing for so long. Lie long enough and peolple swill start believing it. God Bless America and Sarah Palin and hopefully we and America can and will survive.

  • Duane Schneider

    I never watch Jay Leno or David Letterman anymore. Way back about five or six years ago (during the Bush-Kerry campaign I think it was), David Letterman had Bill O’Reilly on and David said several stupid things about Fox News and The Bill O’Reilly show. Bill asked David something about the show and David said,”I don’t know, I’ve never watched your show.” Well, that just about sums up the David Letterman show and the integrity of the show.

    • johnny3h

      Although hearing the crap that issues forth from the mouths of Letterman and Leno makes me want to puke, I watch and listen to ’em anyway.

      The reason for this is that hearing their crap allows me to know what they [and most libral retards] are thinking.

      My paternal grandfather [1879-1945]had a couple of sayings which well apply here:

      “The closer one stands to the mule, the less powerful his kick.”

      “Stay very close to your enemies; that way you can see what they are up to, and you’ll be hit with fewer surprises.”

  • celia

    Since no one else watches his show except those Libtards , he has to make them happy to keep his rating which is already low. I think his show won’t last long since he will be running out of materials soon. He can only pound on SARAH for so long.

  • Howard Wolf

    Nowadays comedians fancy themselves sophisticated when take shots at (usually) conservative candidates. How well I remember the comment of the late actor-comedian Danny Kaye who I suspect was probably liberal in the Harry Truman sense of the word. He was asked to take part in political causes by many on the left. He answered that he was in the business of entertaining people, and when people paid to see and hear him they wished not to be reminded of the untoward, distressing problems of day to day life. He said he was in the business of providing them with a temporary refuge, a few minutes of laughter that would buoy their spirits and leave them refreshed. He knew that for him to take political positions on issues of the day would seriously detract from that delight he was so fond of imparting to his audiences.

    One wonders if persons like Letterman, Leno and Bill Mar have any idea of how much anxiety and hostility that they evoke in people they think they are entertaining? For me personally, they make of themselves objects of pity.


    You can include Johnny Carson in on that also. It was funny to see the animals do those things to him. Most of his humor was too far left for reasonable enjoyment. There’s too much work involved in seperating the crap from the real humor to find it enjoyable. Letterman, Leno and all the rest are dry and dim witted to the point that they’re sicking. Why are they still on the air? Good thing they have canned laghter. They must get it at a great discount due to the amount they use.

  • siteunseen

    Leno is a loser, and he stinks!

  • Corrina

    I wished I could get a nickle for everytime I hear some stupid comment or joke about all of the Palins (including her baby with downs-thanks to stupid Family Guy), Glenn Beck, Rush, and just about every good conservative or tea party member. I’d be frickin’ rich..Oh, and let us not forget all the times we hear Global Warming in a movie or t.v. show. It is hard to find a decent performer these days. They all spout their liberal agenda through their lips as if it is the hottest trend ever. Seriously? These people are dumb. I have to hear somebody just randomly saying something like, “It is because of Global Warming” or “I stopped Global Warming” or anything like that. Then it is Michelle Obama on Disney Channel teaching my child how to eat healthy, when she can’t even follow her own diet. Or other shows where they just mention Pres. Obama positively. Utterly frustrating. I can’t find an escape without just turning the t.v. off!

    • David

      That has been my choice reaction to the liberal propagandizing of the media for years now. I very seldom watch anything on TV and when I do it is normally a Nature Show or the Local News. Nothing else worth the time.

  • JIM

    Both leno and letterman are a waste of good TV air time, I would rather watch grass grow

  • Jerry Harrar

    If Leno is a straight up guy I would ask him “why don’t you give a swipe at Geo Soros once in a while” We never here a peep,do we! And we all know why. Comedy,I think not.

  • bolo

    Who watches any of that low IQ stuff. Boy have we been DUMBED DOWN!!!

  • OV Grandpa

    Sarah and Michelle are both extremely smart women.Since the major population is women today,the socalled feminists,if they are WOMEN, should stand behind them and back them. Keep crying and we are liable to have obummer back…….

  • Buckeye

    The writer of this article needs to get a life. When Sorry Palin was describing and insulting a famous patriot Paul Revere she really had no clue why he made his ride and no he was not as she quoted “RINGING HIS LITTLE BELLS AND SHOOTING HIS GUN AND WARNING THOSE BRITISH THAT THE SETTLERS WAS ARMED AND READY AS THE BRITISH WAS NOT GOING TO TAKE THEIR GUNS” He made his ride to warn Samual Adams and John Hancock the British was coming to arrest them. It was a quiet ride with very little noise so he would not get caught but he did and he managed to escape. YES SHE IS A NUT CASE.

    • http://patriotupdate SICK & TIRED#1


  • John H

    Hollywood employs a bevy of psychiatrists because they cannot separate fantasy from reality and when they have to deal with reality they apply their storybook endings as their resolution. New York is the East Coast’s Hollywood and so is Chicago. Leno and the rest have always been liberals because of their obsession with fantasy and stage. Obama is a precise reflection of their interests and anything or anybody that gets in their way or disrupts their fantasy notions about how things ought to be is fair game.

  • Duane Bass

    Yu gotta do like I done did, you have to shut the TV off. Best thing I ever did. . .

  • Lamar

    I usually watch Jay’s monologue and then turn to another channel several times a week. I have noticed that he bashes Sarah Palin every time I watch and have wondered why. Now I know that Jay is PW and says all this to keep his wife happy. I hope Sarah keeps telling it like it is and bringing in a lot of money for her family and the causes that she supports.

  • The Enemy

    The feminists’ organizations’ rejection and downright slander of Sarah Palin proves how phony and how left-biased they are.

    They have rendered themselves irrelevant on the public stage.

    And anyone who lets a comic like Jay Leno affect their political posture is a fool.

  • TomG

    Anyone that wants to watch a good latenight talkshow should record Redeye. It comes on Fox News early in the morning, 2 or 3 AM. I record the show and watch it during the time Jay Leno and David Letterman is on.

  • Claire

    I thought I was being a little too critical. But, glad to know others noticed the same thing. Had stopped watching Leno years ago, but lately, wanted to know what he was talking about. Twice I switched him off after hearing his verbal trashing of Gov. Paline. Haven’t been back since, and don’t plan to be. Thanks for putting a reason for his debasing of women — OOPS! His wife a feminist? Naw — more of a true liberal.

  • http://http/ sean murry

    I stopped watching those two jerks a long time ago.

  • R. S.

    I sometimes watch Jay Leno’s monologue just to see how far into it he’ll take a shot at conservative causes in general and Ms. Palin in particular.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dennis, for this real eye-opener.

  • Shirl

    I have been a Jay Leno fan for years. He used to balance his political jokes equally between the two parties. It was the Sarah Palin bashing that has turned me off from watching the show. There has also been charges and demonstrations that show some of his jokes are stollen from other commedians.

  • vance

    i would vote for bachmann if she ran.are if sarah ran i would vote for either one.if sarah run all i can say is drill baby drill.we need one are these other.before it to late.god bless american.nam vet 65 66

  • bhscpa

    Add me to the long list of those who had to stop watching Letterman, Leno (and Conan) a long time ago. Their liberal crap drove me away. I’m sure it plays well in LA & NY but not with the average American.

  • PatriotGames

    With so much material available to Leno and Letterman in Congress and the Senate on both sides of the aisle along with the Noob in the White House, it’s amazing to me that these late night boobs have to scrape Palin and the Tea Party for stuff. Very telling.

  • Red Rock Bob

    Being he is running out of material . Jay go http://www.obamashomosexualactivities . there is eneough materail to make you threw one more week . If you ( Jay ) would follow up there probable is eneough for a season.

  • Rich

    I haven’t watch either Letterman or Leon in several years. Both can’t say anything decent and I don’t watach NBC at all. They are all so stupid.

  • vance

    rich amen to that.

  • Nate

    This does it for me! I use to like Leno, enjoyed all of his jokes…Sarah Palin is not a joke! I dont’ know what her chances of becoming our first “Woman President” of the “United States of America are however, it beats the living Hell out of “what/who/it” that we currently have destroying our great & wonderful country. God Bless America-God Bless Sarah Palin! May God give her the strength & support of Americans and vote her in as our next President.

  • William D. Lusk

    Leno has become a polical “hack” for NBC…God I miss Johnny Carson…Leno doesn’t come up to Carson’s toenails!!!

  • Don Bartz

    Perhaps we need to start contacting these two idiots’ sponsors. Contact them and remind them, that it was and is conservatism that spurs the economy and allows people jobs so that people can buy the sponsors products.

    I agree that Letterman and Leno are way out of line anymore. Never does one hear anything from these tow bafoons about our great leader in Washington and the embarassment and trouble he’s brought upon the United States.

  • rflorida

    come on leno. turn back a few q cards and make an on air apology to palin and admit she knew just what she was talking about and it was you that needed to take a refresher class in history. as for letterman they could of put conan in his slot and been a better choice.

  • JVB

    Being as I don’t support liberals or their causes, my choices for entertainment and information are very limited. It’s mind over matter….I pay them no mind because they simply don’t matter. If a liberal’s mouth is moving…you can trust they are not being sincere or honest.

  • toni

    What to watch after the late news? Try Fox News. They are well balanced and most of all TRUTHFUL!! They don’t bash their opponents like the liberals do. They just give you the facts!! You decide!!!

  • Super Nutmegger

    Jay Leno should get a new writer, as he is no stand-up comedian — “by having a constant ax to bear against Sarah Palin.” He is equally the same “bad-mouther” by constantly demeaning Tim Pawlenty. Perhaps, either Leno, and/or his writer — just don’t like Republicans!

    However, both Leno and Letterman — are both laughing – all the way to the bank, and could care less — whom they try to embarrass — as both are very overpaid for their inept humor!

    Leno is getting me to watch a very dry David Letterman, whom I am — really not crazy about!

  • Bill K

    Isn’t it amazing how the left fears and hates Sarah Palin? I watch Leon and joke with my wife when the Palin joke is coming in the monolog. After ‘headlines’ its off for Leno. My wife can’t watch Leno, just me.

  • http://x Washington22

    Well, there you go……”that ‘splains it Rickie”……………….Leno’s wife’s influence on the poor dufus {Leno} explains his crappy attitude toward Sarah. Too bad, because of all the late night schmucks, I’ll occasionally watch 15 minutes of Leno. Thanks to this article, I’ll now write Leno and give him the “what for”…..He’ll loose viewer-ship if he “disses” our girl, Sarah…………..She’s a precious commodity and millions of us won’t stand for it. and P.S. My condolences, Jay, for your lousy choice of a wife. Just the fact that she was from San Francisco should have told you she was going to be a dip-shit.

  • Bill

    Has anyone every ask Leno how many states there are?? Perhaps he’s as dump as Obama — that why he don’t see anything wrong with there bring 57 states!

    Of course, Leno don’t write his own jokes — he just read them from something like a prompter (his script)– so maybe none of his writers know how many states are either. His whole crew must be a bunch of idiots.

    I guess we could include his wife in that group of misfits also!


    • am2sweet

      Apparently he’s what they call ‘henpecked’ or ‘pussy whipped’. Either way it doesn’t make him much of a man to degrade Palin just because his wife doesn’t like her.

    • Roland Davis

      Jay has left me as a funny talk show host to become a liberal idiot. He should go back to writing his own material and dump the Jackasses who presently write for him. He should get the balls to apoligise to Palin a woman who I have a lot of respect for.

    • daves

      Can you believe the Conservative media keeps telling us that Sarah Palin was right about Paul Revere??

      So many Conservatives have tried to change what it says on Wikipedia about Paul Revere. Talk about re-writing history!

    • Andrea B

      Oh, yeah…the Conservatives are ‘re-writing’ history…? Is that anything like ‘re-writing’ a birth certificate?

    • Andrea B

      It totally sucks that Leno did that. I really thought he was ‘coming around’ to the Conservative viewpoint. He was VERY nice, and respectful to Ron Paul when he was running in 2008. It appeared that Leno agreed with him on most (if not ALL) points during the interview, and he seemed genuinely impressed with Dr. Paul.

  • http://! Bobcat

    they are just jealous of Sarah, they would be like her if they tried!!! Bachmann/Palin 2012

    • http://x Washington22

      Palin/Bachmann 2012

    • DRBtech

      I like Leno when he sticks to something he is knowedgeable about….he obviously should stick to his cars and motorcycles!

  • butch

    quit watching Leno and that will solve the problem! “everthing is within the control of the people!”


    Here is another reason for the libs and the ignorant to put their Little Red Mao Book along with their jihad mannuals in the outhouse and use them to wipe their butts.

    Palin’s 25k E Mail should become a manuscript for morality for them and since the FOIA was the source, these feminist hypocrites need to do a little confession of their own. Leno, you may want to fess up on your own and tell us why you are PW’d.

  • Mike Brown

    I need a liberal to tell me one liberal woman that even comes close to being as happy and good looking as Sarah. When Sarah found out her child had Downs Syndrome her reply was that God didn’t make mistakes, liberals winced because another child made it through the abortion mill. God bless Sarah & Todd. MJB

    • Mike

      Do you even realize how stupid that sounds?

    • evermyrtle

      Not as stupid as your post because it is true.

    • http://. Allan

      Perhaps to an atheist such as yourself, but not to most people on this site. If I’m not mistaken it was your comment that was hidden due to low rating.

  • ARMYOF69

    Stopped watching Jay many many years ago. Getting ready to give up on FAX too, now that Glenn Beck is leaving. Giving up cable totally.I shall miss the Judge Napolitano that’s all.

    • ARMYOF69

      Should say “FOX”, not FAX. Though I did give up my fax machine many years ago because of so many morons sending me sales crap.

  • Lovemyusadoyou

    Leno, The View, John Stewart and Letterman are just a few of the shows that many of us do not watch. So leno’s comments were no surprise to me. As a previous elected Conseritive Democrat, I am ashamed to say that my party is not longer a Democrat Party but it has become a socialist party boarding on Communism with there latest policy and regulations. I for one will be voting straight Republican, if for no other reason then to wake of the liberal politicians, and let them know that “WE The People” have the power, and we will be using it come the 2012 election..

    • Mary Winder

      Wonder what would happen to all of those collector cars that Jay has if, God forbid, we should be taken over by the socialist communist, Myslim Obama again?

  • Rosco1776

    It’s a shame people are concentrating on Sarah Palin when Ron Paul has had all the answers for decades but continues to be ignored. Who predicted the economic collapse? Who predicted backlash from nation building? Google Ron Paul! Ron Paul 2012!

  • J.F.


    • Willie

      This so called comedium should be buried the same as all terr

      This clown shouled be put underground with hitler

  • Marcia

    I quit watching Jay Leno a while back when night after night, he had something snide to say about Sarah. His “humor” has become more degenerate with each passing year. He is not funny at all to me. I am sick to death of these pathetic liberals. Their hypocrisy is like a neon sign, their intellect elementary and their style vitriolic. Who needs losers like that?

  • cuddy1849

    I use to watch Jay every night , but i have stopped do to his hen-pecking on Sara, jay i hope your ratings fall to the point you get canceled and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!

    • Ginni

      I used to watch Jay every weeknight, until he turned against Sarah. Now, every time he says anything against her, I just shut off the TV and go to bed. I used to like him and think, he was funny. Now I think he’s dumbing down to be as dumb as one of his Jaywalkers.

  • Willie

    This so called comdian should move to Iran

    • daves

      Why – are we no longer allowed to say what we want in America?

  • randell

    How much is CNN and PMSNBC paying him per palin joke, or any other joke about conservatives?

    • daves

      I get the Newsmax Emails on late night jokes. Jay Leno picks on President Obama quite a bit.

      The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

      President Obama said regarding the economy, “The sky is not falling.” The poll numbers are falling, the market is falling, support for the war in Libya is falling, Anthony Weiner’s pants are falling, but the sky is fine.

      According to the latest survey on the economy, 48 percent of the people surveyed think we’ll have another Great Depression. The other 52 percent think it will just be a pretty good depression.

      According to The Wall Street Journal, economic experts now fear there may be a second recession. A second recession? When did the first one end?

      The economy is so bad that bedbugs are now infesting sleeping bags and tents, because they can’t afford to stay in hotels anymore.

      Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson lashed out at CNN as being elitist for not allowing him to participate in the Republican debate. He said CNN was robbing him of the opportunity to reach literally dozens of viewers.

  • William

    Yeah, once I thought Jay was a moderate, or better yet, a “keep your mouth Closed” type, but, he has exposed hiself!!!!….I don’t watch the Liberal Idiot or ANY of the others, including, Letterman!!!!….Actually, I would love to meet them in a dark alley!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The main reason the repubs and dumbocrats are afraid of Sarah is that she would root out corruption and put them where they all belong in jail!
    She proved this while govenor in Alaska.

  • Joanelle

    Those of us who were fortunate enough to have enjoyed the nightly humor of Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon witnessed true unbiased humor – not vitriolic nor degrading but simply humor delivered in such a way that it was always funny and never hurtful toward anyone. It’s no wonder Johnny lasted for 30 years and is still so very missed to this day! I too have given up on Jay – left Dave years ago!

  • ShyGuy

    Why is everyone repeating the liberal lie that Obama said there are 57 states?
    He NEVER said that. He said he has VISITED 57 states and two that he hasn’t visited (AK & HI). Not being a user of the liberal teacher’s “New Math” that comes to 59 states, not 57 states.

    In addition, another liberal lie is that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house. That NEVER happened. Thousands of liberal comedians, opinion writers, politicians, et al have repeated this lie.
    “GIBSON: What insight into Russian actions, particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of the state give you?

    PALIN: They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”

    Just as in her facts about Paul Revere telling the British that 500 Colonist soldiers were one their way to where he was being held captive, she was correct about her Russia statement as well.
    The Westernmost Aleutian Island is THREE MILES from Russia and can easily be seen from there.
    In addition, the peninsula where Nome is located reaches to within 20 miles of the Russian shore and can easily be seen on a clear day.

    So time after time Obama’s displays of ignorance are hidden by the MSM while Palin’s facts are twisted into fantasies that try to make her look stupid and the Libs eat it up by the TON.

    The only way to defeat this campaign is to gather all of his ignorant utterances and circulate them via e-mail, blogs, Facebook, etc and then do the same about the factual statements made by Palin.

    The final outrage against her was that those college professors who said she was correct about the Revere statement said she was correct BY ACCIDENT! That is something I have never seen said by ANYONE in over 50 years of observing political statements.

    • daves

      Plus, President Obama admitted he made a mistake. With Sarah Palin we get the re-writing of history.

    • KKreutz

      Palin’s comments were proven correct while the man-child never admits his mistakes. Perhaps it is better that he spends soooo much time on the golf course or the damage he does would be greater still.

    • daves

      Really? Someone proved Paul Revere was riding around ringing bells to warn the British?

    • Are you Serious

      Why don’t you look it up what historians have said about it you fucking moron!!!!!

    • daves

      Serious, I have read how the Republicans have tried to twist what Sarah Palin said into some sort of truth.

      “He who warned uh, the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh by ringing those bells, and um, makin’ sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free, and we were going to be armed.”

    • Are you Serious

      Nothing like the mistake his whore Mother made in giving him life.

  • Anita M

    I had read or heard that Leno is “gay”. I guess his wife is just a cover wife.

  • JMcarthy

    With a code pink wife it’s no wonder Leno spends all his time in his million dollar garage’s. I have also noticed a political hard left taken by leno on his show with a condecending attitude towards Consevative’s. To bad, I USED to like his show, not anymore! He has turned into just another HOLLYWOOD STOOG!!

  • Mike

    I noticed the same thing just recently. Letterman was just out there with his crap. Seemed like Leno, at least, gave Sarah a fair shake at first. But now he’s getting as bad as
    David L. Waiting for Sarah to jump in and shake things up. And she could do it. Nice to see great support on this Site.

    • daves

      Mr. Letterman has been attacked by Sarah Palin and her supporters. He is on a mission now.

    • Are you Serious

      You are one stupid SOB. I hope you’re unable to reproduce.

    • daves

      I have the smartest, most beautiful daughter in the world. Very soon to be an adult.

    • daves

      That means she gets to vote in the next election!

    • Are you Serious

      Yeah sure you do.

    • Andrea B

      Yeah, my son will be ‘voting age’ before the next election, too. You can tell your daughter to just stay home since my son’s vote will cancel hers out…just as my vote will cancel yours.

  • http://msn don

    I turned Leno off long ago. He just blabbed nonsense most of the time. I watch FOX now and get the fair story. The only time my TV is off from Fox Channel, is for the local news and weather and Wheel of Fortune. That is enough entertainment for me.

    • T Lady

      Same here…I have no use for Late Night Comedic Talk Show hosts, no matter how many doctored ‘pro-American’ Leno email quotes I get.

    • Douglas

      Sorry, but FOX news is also showing it’s bias. Got rid of Glenn Beck, and now Judge Napolitano is also gone. Too much truth can be bad for the manipulators who want to influence the outcome of public opinion. Give just enough truth to appear credible, but not enough for the sheeple to fully understand the deception.

  • Andrea B

    I think it’s pretty interesting that ‘media’ is the root word for ‘comedian.’

  • Pastor Charlie

    I find it truly difficult to believe that the “Conservatives” get so roth at the “Liberals” that they are willing to use “men’s room” language to express their foolish concepts. “Jay Leno this, David Letterman that…” I have not watched television for over thirty years, because of fools like them. Someone once said that “TV is a wasteland…”. He was wrong! Television is a TOXIC wasteland! Jay and David simply contribute to the toxicity!

    Before you accuse someone of being “dump”, learn to spell “dumb”! Learn the difference between “there” and “their” and all of the incredibly ignorant vocabulary, spelling and grammatical mistakes you so blithely post.

    As I was forced to quit watching TV, I am now going to quit reading this garbage too. How sad… sigh!