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Why Some Democrats Want Obama OUT!

Written on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 by


Did you ever wonder what the average American citizen is thinking these days about the upcoming presidential election in November ?

I was shopping in a national retail store the other day and the check out clerk was friendly and asked me how I was doing. I replied that I was fine but that I was concerned for our country. I mentioned the primaries and the election of a new president was weighing on my mind. That comment provoked a surprising response from the lady clerk.  With a scowl on her face she retorted, “I’m not a Republican, but I’m not voting for that bum in the White House! He’s ruining our country,” she added.

I realize that many Americans want Obama out of the White House. To hear it from a Democrat, however, assured me that even an average citizen has enough common sense and understanding of the dismal outlook for America. This is amazing considering how the liberal press is always protecting and puffing Obama’s image.

I wonder just how many Democrats are not going to vote for Obama this November? There are polls out that show Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum all ahead of Obama in the race if the election was held today.  Any of the three would beat him. The liberal press is attempting to convince Americans that Obama will win in November in order to stop conservatives from voting.

Americans must not “give-up” there is still time to “correct the ship!” Let’s get on the straight and true course by voting Obama out of office this November and save America. It’s never too late.

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  • Gas Passer

    There are not many black folks with Obunga stickers on their cars these days.

    In fact, I don’t see very many Obunga stickers on any cars these days.

    • daves

      I watched a Republican debate. At one point, the candidates said there are no classes in America, a point then hotly debated by all six rich white guys that were there.

    • Paul

      In case you had no clue. “There is no such thing as a poor politician”.

    • docalpha

      thumbs up. And, if you really look, you’ll find that the demoncrats are the richest of the pollies.

    • Fort Worth Yankee

      daves, what is your point?

      As far as I’m concerned, there are only two classes of Americans, those that work, or want to work, and those who demand the other class support them-cradle to grave. Which class are you in?

    • Alan T

      The two classes are the political class and the rest of us. While Rome (our country) is burning, Nero (the political class) is fiddling.

    • Jeff Willis

      I believe that a lot of Americans simply want everyone to play be the same rules! That isn’t happening. A prime example is the banking industry.

    • http://PatriotNewsUpdate KOHN KING

      I am fortunate that I was born into a family that said anyone that would be held in a state of Honored Recognition was ready to accept the Responcibility of Required Military Duty!, and standing up to do our duty as Joining the Local Volunteere Fire Dept/EMS-Ambulanceallowing us to searve our community,
      This is what differenciate those who step forwardto be ready to help those we live with, and those that feel they are to be given everything that those who work have a hardtime keeping up with.

    • sherman4040

      You are right! I have never felt that I was a member of any class, EXCEPT for when you said what you said about those who work and those who wont! If there is any such “thing” as class or classes in America, it would be those who work and those that wont! I have been poor and also well off, so I know both sides, but I have never felt that I was relegated to any level of wealth, until Obama was elected! He has declared war on anyone who believes in our Traditions and traditional America!

    • donwan

      daves, why are you on this site?none of us right wing (nuts want you here. Go home to your mommy. LOL

    • Patrick Henry

      let dave talk Donwan, ignorant Liberals like him show everyone just how foolish & stuid their thinking is!

    • Damon

      Actually, even a moron makes more sense than that.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

      Patrick Henry,

      However stupid and ignorant Daves may be, I notice that his grammar and spelling are usually beyond reproach.

      That is not so for most of the “enlightened” conservative wingnuts who grace us with their inanities.

    • fubert bar

      Dave is an excellent example of the kind of democrat that will continue to support obama. His base consists of people who don’t actually produce or create anything of value, but are jealous of those who do. It’s so much easier to find fault with those who have used their time productively, than to do anything of value himself; then whine and demonstrate in an attempt to take the fruits of the producer’s labor.

      It sickens me that the current administration caters to that type of drone, and is ‘fundamentally transforming’ this country into believing that mindset is the norm.

      It’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ being played out in real life.

    • daves

      My comment was a joke from Jay Leno and I thought it was pretty funny – even funnier the way you folks reacted.

      Jealous? Not me, I live a great life and I have never desired to be rich.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Like me, I don’t think Daves gives a hoot what you want! If he has something to say, I want to read it! It’s another point of view! That’s what these blogs are for! If you don’t like it don’t read it!

    • Aristophanes

      fick – another liberal? You defend daves right to be a liberal moron; but, you have a problem with conservatives telling him he is a liberal moron? I should say, typical liberal. You liberals will defend the right to free speech as long as it is only liberals who have that freedom. Hypocrites.

    • Oregon Bill

      Daves is home, check his mom’s basement.

    • OrlandoRican

      Like there are no Democrat rich white guys in government. Lets see: Kerry, Reid, any Kennedy, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein (the last three aren’t guys, but you get my drift),

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      WHAT! Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, they aren’t guys?

      Here all along I thought that they were cross dressers. What a letdown!

    • Patrick Henry

      Yeah Dave, sounds pretty racist to me.. Awful lot of rich Democrats, Black athletes,and socialists like George Soros. Conservatives want everyone to be well off, Liberals want everyone to be victims and take others wealth. Wake up!

    • Damon

      Funny thing is, why aren’t any of these rich Liberals giving their money away to these people they want to share the wealth with?

    • Eddie

      Damon…in the words of a typical liberal……DUH !

    • Steve

      Socialism only works until you run out of “OTHER” peoples money!

    • Rick

      Damon you hit the nail on the head with your question. Actually it’s a rhetorical question: you asked and the answer is just that; BECAUSE IT’S THEIR MONEY!!!! They only want to give away other peoples money not theirs.

    • Bobseeks

      If you watched a scumocrat debate with six democrats you would still see six rich guys you moron. The truth is, the average democrat has more money than the average republican and gives less to the poor than the republican.

    • Cathy

      Obama and Biden gave very little to charity until they were elected. The liberals should put their money where their mouths are.

    • docalpha

      since the thumbs aren’t working, I can give you at least 5 thumbs up on that.

    • don

      dave-most of us don’t put people in classes unless you put your self in one.

    • d.k. dexter

      what if obama,j.jackson and sharpton had a debate,it’d be the three rich blacks up there and the point is?

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      Have you ever noticed how light skinned obummer is? Compare him to his “father” who is very very black!!! Also he does not look like his “father” OR his “mother”! Where did he come from & who are really his parents?I think the American people need to know just who he is!!!Another point….his father had more than one wife so does that mean his mother’s marriage was not valid? America does not recognize multiple wives as being legally married, so is Obummer an illegitimate child????Something to think about folks!

    • Dood

      Where did he come from? I believe he was born of a jackal. 😉

    • fubert bar

      an alien hybrid?

    • LovedtheoldUSAbetter

      I agree and have said this more than once. But the African-American community, for the most part, tends to avoid the term, “bastard” or “illegitimate” when describing fatherless children. This is somehow tied in, I believe, that the Black Community gets MONEY from Welfare for their “children”….the more children, the bigger the government check. Nobody os saying this because they don’t want to be called a racist. But I will place this right under your noses. It IS a racial problem. It does involve the majority of the American Black Community and the Black Community KNOWS this. It’s like a collared lizard that puffs up its neck and cries racist when this truth is brought to the forefront! People need to confront this problem, NOW or else the takers will very soon outnumber the workers. Severe welfare reform NOW!!!

    • Her Capitan Fick

      So what! Should have been finding that stuff out before he got into office! DUH!

    • Eddie

      Rose-Marie…I’ve always thought of him as a bastard. Secondly, I’d like to see some DNA test on those two little girls in the white house. I’m not convinced they belong to them. When you discover one lie then everything else becomes suspect. There are only three people in the whole universe without a birth certificate..God and Satan and OJUDASS and we certainly know OJUDASS ain’t God !

    • docalpha

      Rose, He is only about 10% black. He’s half white and the remaining 40% is ARAB.

    • maryanne greenberg

      there is one class of dems that no one has mentioned “low class.”

    • Rick

      That would be a debate with two schissters and one narcissist.

    • MH

      You just come here to get attention right daves?

    • LovedtheoldUSAbetter

      Oh, Daves. You are so tedious. I told you weeks ago that your comments are ignorant and lack substance. Go back and take your Prozac. Get lucid before you try to comment. Have you ever thought about psychotherapy???

    • Her Capitan Fick

      You should have held onto the old U S A! Now you have slept and the new wave of the future has taken over! ( The Daves)

    • LovedtheoldUSAbetter

      @Her Capitan Fick: your remedy would have been a little difficult to do prior to the 2008 election. If you were coherent during that time period, you would already known this. Have no fear. The US can still recuperate after this idiot’s shenanigan. Obamacare and the NDAA are already to be reversed by Congress. Take your horomones and stop being so beligerent.

    • John

      What I like about the article is the fact that there are some democrats that are intelegent(A fact that I would have doubted and debated previously). And this is encouraging because Obama and the Democrats have dug us into a hole that we are going to have a hell of a time getting out of. Of course the Supreme Courts decision on ObamaCare should help a little bit. But if this clown is in another term, kiss your normal life goodby. Because we will most assuredly go into Bankruptsy.


      Hay Hey daves You Sound Like A Colored Govt Worker, Yikeess, Just Remember Anyone Butthead Obama, ABO. God Bless America And Newt Gingrich POTUS.

    • Rhonda

      If I were a Democrap (which I am not) i would be ashamed to let any body know I would vote for him either.

    • Robert Wyatt

      Actually they are wearing baseball caps and T-Shirts…

    • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

      I got one. It says….

    • Bill

      Those cars were destroyed in the Cash for Clunker Program. Our next program is Trash the Clunker or Put the Trash out of the White House.



    • Her Capitan Fick

      Not an Obama supporter! I live in reality! I sure see alot of people cheering him!

    • Rick

      Sorry not true why would DC file suit against bozo when the population is just like him. Secondly there is no case pending before the supremes to determine eligibility. There was a case in Georgia recently but the judge ruled Feb 5, 2012 that the case had no merit.

    • LovedtheoldUSAbetter

      You are right! I think Obozo is scared and we’ve got him on the run. If he only got a little over $58K in political donations in January, I think the Demos are finally wising up about their candidate. But we are going to have to pull together as a unified country as we were after 9/11….we have alot of broken glass to sweep up and many MANY investigations to perform on Obutthead’s administration and Cabinet members….every last one of them.

    • casey;

      How many of you know what blacks were called South of the Mason Dixon back in the or I should say up until around 1960. I will just leave you guessing

  • nvrpc

    No, all demcrats are the same or they wouldn’t stand by their BOY Obama. They’d had aided in taking him down, but they did not. I will not buy into this BS.. Vote republican or embrace socialism.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      You have just as many Socialists in the Republican camps! Haven’t you noticed! You people think a republican will get in office and everything will be just wonderful! DUH! Better not trust any of them!!!

    • John

      They sure as hell are a lot better than those Democrats. Of course they have an awfull lot of ignorent folks voting for them. The Democrats that is.

  • Indy Grandma

    I am a Democrat that did not vote for Obama. The first time I heard him speak I was impressed but after researching his background I could not vote for him. I did not like McCain either but did vote for him. I think any of the ones running for the Rep. nomination will be better than Obama. I can not understand how anyone can think O is doing a good job!

    • Leewood

      Indy Grandma I think you have the right idea. He came from my state. Illinois he was a do nothing senator here. He is and was very lazy. That is why he has all those czars to do his work. He doesn’t have a clue how to run a country.

    • Thomas Holzman

      Nobama. He has come from the most crooked and corrupt state in the country. Why else do you think a number of govenors from that state spent time in prison.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

      Thomas Holzman,

      Because they were caught. It was a good start. There are just as many corrupt politicians, or maybe more, in other states who just haven’t gotten caught…yet.

      Don’t think for a minute that they are all DemocRATS. There are a bunch of rotten Republicans out there.

      Now, even more, regardless of who the Republican candidates are, restoring the U.S. economy to the status of a “free” economy will require significant policy changes and personnel changes to reduce the size of government, overhaul the tax system, and transform costly entitlement programs while maintaining our military superiority.

      By boosting growth in the private sector, such freedom-enhancing policies are the best hope for bringing down high unemployment rates and reducing public debt to manageable levels.

      The first step in the preservation of our constitutional rights is to get to the polls in November and VOTE the communists, Comrade ØZebra and his entire cadre of “Fellow Travelers”, out of office.

    • vanessa

      Yes, he is indeed lazy, but he knows how to get picked up by homosexuals, and have sex with them in the back of a limo. Then the next day he uses his gaydar gps to find the homosexuals motel room to have more homo sex. While Michelle and family sit at home waiting on the wonderful husband and father!!!

    • docalpha

      So few are aware of this. If you bring it up at the lamestream media, you’ll be called racist and maybe homophobic. I’ll bring it up every chance I get.

    • Luke

      these two reasons that you shared are good enough for me!
      1. his past
      2. he’s lazy
      Vote for someone who can lead (any Rep. Nominee) over the man who is a puppet for the democrats and liberal press! Fire his czars and punish the democrat party by voting Republican across the board – get those career politicians out of there!

    • LovedtheoldUSAbetter

      Read the White House Insider and you’ll get first-hand accounts of just how lazy BOTH the Obozos are. Apparently, the prez beats a path to the TV to watch ESPN basketball rather than attend to the Country’s economic problems or affairs of State.

      The jackass-in-chief has said WE are lazy, when it’s simply projection on his part. Let’s get rid of this miserable piece of human trash in November. All in favor? AYE!!! The AYEs will have it! Go back to Kenya and take the First Hippo and her litter with you.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      Kenya already has their own village idiot, why would they want to have ours?

      I’m not sure if they have hippos down there in Kenya, but if they do…why would they want to pollute their hippo’s gene pool?

    • http://Feinstein Annie

      IndyGrandma. I’m so glad to hear someone had sense in 2008. I’m not dumbocrate but I researched his background and kept telling everybody about his communist, socialist, muslim background and how he’s out to destory this nation under George Soros. One person I know said “Oh, he talks so good.” I was sick.

    • Eddie

      Annie…everywhere I go I talk to folks about America. I feel that’s it’s my obligation to do so. In Walmart one I went to the exchange counter and there were two black girls working behind the counter. I finished my business and proceeded to tell them that they shouldn’t vote for OJUDASS if they cared about their country. Well, you know where this convo went from there. I pointed out that OJUDASS was an idiot and was driving America into the dirt. Their response was how smart he is and what a good job he’s doing. I love when idiots open their mouth and stupid falls out. I asked them if they enjoyed coming to work and paying for OJUDASS to golf and if they minded paying for all of those vacations. Their response ( and this is for the record) “We don’t mind, that’s what presidents are supposed to do, play golf and take vacations” ! My next thought was…why did we give them the right to vote if they’re that stupid ?

    • maryanne greenberg

      You give me Hope in the right way Indy Grandma, you said you were a dem, but you thought about it. When I was a kid, my whole family voted democrat, as I got older, I started to really listen to what they were saying, do as I say but not as I do. When I had kids, I had to raise them and my husband and I taught them the values of hardwork. They all had jobs at 16 and are all self-sufficient. So why would I ever vote democrat again, they just don’t reflect my principals and values. Oh two of my boys got married, they did it the right way. My girl is next. You have to raise them right and tell them that when they grow up their responsibility is to raise their children properly.

    • Hardy

      @Indy Grandma,

      Look up Gary Johnson. I think you’ll like him.

      He’s definitely not lazy – he climbed Mt Everest with a broken leg.

      The ACLU gave him the highest liberty ranking of all of the current presidential candidates.

      – Hardy

    • Rick

      If you think an endorsement from the ANTI AMERICAN ACLU qualifies someone to be president you are sadly mistaken. The ACLU is the biggest enemy America has next to Bozo.

    • Duane Bass

      Try a dose of Ron Paul Grandma. He is the only ethical and constitutional PAUL -I- Tician

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Granny, This tells me right of the bat you’re a moron! I didn’t have to research him! All I had to do was listen to him!
      He said, ( he will stop construction on the wall. Give amnesty. Energy prices will go up. Give bailouts.) I can go on, but that’s enough for me!

    • Riverdweller

      thumbs up 😉

  • http://AT&T Gaines Adcock

    Every person should vote for whomever is the candidate running against Oblunder. They should do as I did in the 2008 election. I held my nose and voted for McCain, even though I did not like him. Anyone would be better than the lieing, deceiving, illegal, Communist, Muslim loving bastard we now have in office. Vote early and vote often against this SOB, as they do in Chicago.

  • Leewood

    What about the recent snow ski vacation taken by Michelle. Another vacation? really. The president tells us to tighten our budgets and live close to our means. I haven’t had a decent vacation in yrs. The Obummers have been on 17 vacations in the last 3 yrs. Hawaii, Martha’s Vinyard, Africa Spain have I missed any? They have had plenty of fun on the taxpayers money. Have you had enough yet. Oh, another thing all that plastic surgery she has had. Liposuction, tummy tucks and face lifts. I am a nurse I know a surgical site. Now she can preach what you eat now that she has had the saddle bags removed from her big butt.

  • John DeMarkey

    I was a Democrat and after the last four years of Obama, Reid ,Pelosi,Barney Frank and the rest of the far left that are destroying our grandchildren’s future and ours,I wouldn’t vote for this man if Howdy Doody ran against him!

  • Robert Wyatt

    I would imagine that anyone who know anything about this country would want him out…

  • Dusterdog

    Any of the three beats Obama if election were held today.What about Ron Paul.He beats the hell out of Obama.

  • Python287

    OMG – obama must go !

  • Conservative values, independent thinker

    I find patriot update just as culpable as you are consciously eliminating Ron Paul, who by the way is the only candidate who excites true conservatives!!! I was a delegate for the republican party 4 years ago…but since then I have had time to do my homework!! There are elites on both sides trying to limit who we can vote for through pushing Ron Paul to the back of the bus! Why does he have more donations by all branches of our military personnel than ALL of the candidates including Obama put together? Because he is the real deal!! Ron Paul 2012!!

    • Eternal Patriot

      I don’t dispute that Ron Paul is a patriot; however, he is far too radical. I’m a 33-year military vet and not ready to destroy America even more than Obama has by going to total isolationism. On the other hand, if Rand Paul were running for President I would vote for him in a heartbeat!!!

  • Conservative values, independent thinker

    Correction…not Patriot Update is culpable…but the writers who are featured!!

  • M. Carlson

    If the religious minority nominates the Ayatollah Santorum with his Sharia Law against women look for 1964 again.

    • Skycamsnonna

      Do some research because you totally misunderstood his views. He is 100% against abortion and so am I. The entire problem is government mandating birth control, morning after pill and abortion paid in full.
      O must Go.
      I would vote for a post turtle if it runs against Sor-Os.

    • Alan T

      Oh come on–cut it out!

    • SARAH2012

      m..carlson… is so rediculous.what spews out from your thinking..

  • Guest

    Ron Paul,only one that will bring this country bACK TO Grandfather days,through the constitution !!! Ron Paul 2012

  • Rocketman

    The clerk never said that she was a democrat. She just said she was not a republican. She could have been an independent, libertarian or even a green party supporter. The best chance that the republicans have is to nominate Ron Paul who will pull in support from independents and libertarians as well as republicans. If anyone else is the nominee I fear that Obama will be re-elected.

    • Gale Yates

      I agree, I believe all true Americans will
      vote for Ron Paul, regardless of party they prefer. I’m for Ron Paul ‘2012’.

    • Eternal Patriot

      Rocketman – I would vote for Rand Paul in a heartbeat! But his father scares me to death. I spent 33 years in the military and cannot throw it all away by voting Dr Paul. He is not rational. Sorry.

    • Alan T

      No, Ron Paul is rational about most everything except the Iraniaan issue. He’s a bit off base there, in deed.

    • Riverdweller

      You noticed that also about the clerk. I thought the same thing. Where did he get the idea the clerk is a democrat ?
      Very poorly written short article that probably should not even be listed on this site as it has no facts, just speculations by the author.

  • Rocketman

    A few facts about the “conservative” Rick Santorum that might interest voters.
    1)He has voted to give millions to planned parenthood.
    2)He has voted to raise the debt ceiling FIVE times.
    3)He voted to DOUBLE the size of the Dept of Education (No child left behind bill)
    4)Voted for Medicare Part D
    5)Voted for massive gun control laws
    6)Voted against national right to work law
    7)Voted to send 25 million in taxpayer dollars to N. Korea
    8)Voted for Sarbanes-Oxley which includes job killing legislation
    If Santorum is a “conservative” then I’m Raquel frikken Welch.

    • David

      Liar Liar pants on fire.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Now David is a good example of the true stupid American! I see them everywhere!

    • Riverdweller

      Typical. Too lazy to look it up, has nothing to say and so just calls someone names.
      There was one on another article a couple days ago did the same thing when i posted Rick’s not so clean record. Just google Santorum Exposed and see why we did not re-elect him to the Senate.

    • Rocketman

      Dave: Before you call someone a liar maybe you actually check and see if their facts are correct. MINE ARE. Why do you think that Santorum lost to a virtual unknown when he ran for re-election?

  • Donna

    No mention of DR. Paul and no mention anywhere of the 1000 troops marching in Washington to surport him.

    • Hardy

      It was only 320 vets by the official count of the organizer Adam Koresh.

  • jake

    Obama Bin Biden….bye, bye

  • Sylvia M. Auten

    I know Gov. Romney a little bit and he is the
    real deal. He is the rather quiet problem s solver that we need. If we loose him this time, we allllll loose. Go Mitt.
    Just be sure to get out and V O T E as it does no good to sit at home and BE for this one or that one and let Obama slide back in.

    • SARAH2012

      sylvia…..yeah..we think that we know him a little bit also…..he shows him self with his dirty campaign tricks….his money buys slander…HE IS NOTHING BUT A MODERATE LIBERAL……NO MORE NO LESS……NOT TRUST WORTHY TO ME……NO VOTE FOR ROMNEY!!!!!

    • Her Capitan Fick

      You must still think your vote really counts!? HUMMMMM!!!

  • Dale

    I saw this posted somewhere the other day, so it’s not original with me, but I think it would make a good billboard to have posted along the side of every road that leads to the entrance of every city in the United States just before the next election. It would also make a good bumper sticker. The wording goes like this. IF YOU VOTED FOR obama LAST TIME TO PROVE YOU WERE NOT A RACIST,, PLEASE VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE THIS TIME TO PROVE YOU ARE NOT AN IDIOT!!!

  • Dale

    I saw this posted somewhere the other day, so it’s not original with me, but I sure think it would make a good bumper sticker or better yet, a roadside billboard leading to the entrances of every city in the united states, just before the next election. The sign should read like this. IF YOU VOTED FOR obama THE LAST ELECTION TO PROVE YOU WERE NOT A RACIST,,,PLASE VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE IHIS NEXT ELECTION TO PROVE YOU ARE NOT AN IDIOT !!!

  • Fay

    Dave’s is a moron.

  • harleydavidson

    “There are polls out that show Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum all ahead of Obama in the race if the election was held today.”

    Which planet are you on, Ray? For disclosure, I want obama out too. But most polls are actually showing obama beating every one of the republican candidates, today.

    • maryanne greenberg

      you are reading the wrong polls. In California gas is over $4.00, so why would we want him back in. He has inflamed the whole world, arab spring, not standing with our allies, but with our enemies, maybe not his enemy, but you get the drift. America has had enough of this gentleman and I use the term loosely.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Gas was $4.06 a gallon and you people put him back in office! Bush, his father and his Grandfather is a member of the Tri Laderal Commission! Wanted a N. American Union with Canada and Mexico! You morons think they was just wonderful! DUH!

    • LovedtheoldUSAbetter

      Spelling and grammar help one’s credibility…you need to practice up on yours Ms. Capitan Fick. You sound unstable, are you?

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      No, I’m okay.. I can sure tell you’re a moron! Only an idoit like you chicken s t’s a type o! Could it be you’re not smart enough to pick on anything else!
      Now go lay down and lick yourself like the s t eating dog you are!

  • Fay

    Harleydavidson, Really can we TRUST those polls?

    • Her Capitan Fick

      You’re a fool if you trust any politician, media or pole!

    • Another Veteran

      Wait a minute, I’ve some good friends that are Polish. They’re good people!

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

      Another Veteran,


      That one will sail right over her head.

      Keep it up!

  • Patrick Henry

    I hope average liberals and moderates see the damage that Obama is doing with his gigantic spending & debt. Socialists like this, but there has to be many regular Democrats that have to see what is going on.

  • erdrod

    Cheeta had a son in Kenya that came to the USA and stole the highest office in Washington DC and now he is trying to turn the USA into a jungle or Ghetto to be more precise.

    HMMMMMM! “Very Interesting Bit Of Detective Work”
    1. Back in 1961 people of color were called ‘Negroes.’
    So how can the Obama ‘birth certificate’ state he is
    ‘African-American’ when the term wasn’t even used at that time?
    2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists
    Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack Hussein
    Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama’s
    birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that
    Obama’s father was born in ” Kenya, East Africa “. This wouldn’t
    seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not
    even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and
    27 years after his father’s birth. How could Obama’s father have
    been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya
    was formed in 1963, it was known then as the “British East Africa
    3. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed
    place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”.
    This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were
    called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity
    Home”, respectively. The name did not change to Kapi’olani
    Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two
    hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital
    be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been
    applied to it until 1978?
    Resources: Post-colonial history (from Wikipedia)
    Why hasn’t this been discussed in the major media?????
    Please send this to everyone you know with the hope that we can force the media as well OUR NATION to address this CORRUPTION.

  • Meralu

    Democrats are not democrats anymore. There were times when a sane person could almost be one. They have all turned into weirdos with wacky ideas and actions and gimmes.

  • Bobseeks

    While we must get maobama out of office, there won’t be any real change as long as democrats control the schools, the media, and most of the government. All democrats must go, not just maobama.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Dave isn’t going to leave the country, he’s going to change it to suit himself and his cronies! They have taken it over. You patroits had a chance to keep this great country and didn’t have the brains or the talent to keep it! You have let people like dave and his friends– foreigners, thugs, politicians and anything else that slithered across the border have it! Just like the Christens thought they had the market cornered with their religion. Prayer in schools. The ACLU, a hand full of people took the power away from the Christens with ease. Then people like dave and his cronies saw how easy it was to take it away from a bunch of morons! Now you people can’t and don’t know what to do about it. The Republicans has the majority and power to band together and control the politicians! Instead they decided to sleep, watch their sports, take their drugs and let someone else worry about the country! Well, people like dave saw their chance to seize it.
      I resent my country being turned into this!

      Oh, you can go get your little pop guns and act all big and bad they will stick them up your butts and turn you Patroits into pop sickles!

      Your women, children/ Grandchildren are in the governments camps and they will do what the government tells them to do! The government will be first, and the family will be second or third!

      The only people that the people like Dave, Mexicans, Arabs, Cubans, thugs and politicians have been able to use are the gutless wonder cowards that have been tooo scared and lazy to look after their own freedoms and interests! Now go take your drugs, turn on your sports go back to sleep! Your country belongs to people like dave now!

  • Phil

    Although I still see 08 Obama bumper stickers everywhere, I have to wonder how many of those same individuals will still admit that they voted for him in 08?

  • Meralu

    The democrats I know still think he is wonderful.
    Someone removed my post, was it too true?

  • m. sharpe

    America; built on Christian principles. I agree with Patrick Henry,that We can’t say it loud enough, or too often-America is a Christian Nation. The flip side of the coin;A crisis is upon those that are not behind the “Shield”[Ephesians6:12-17]which is Christ Jesus. Big trouble has already begun.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      America is suppose to be a Christen nation but the Christens are a bunch of cowards, gutless wonders! Expecting God to do it all! Maybe he needs some help, from these so called Christens! Now go back to sleep!

  • James

    Here is what a lot of dems think.

  • Brandon Vallorani

    Good job, dad.

  • MH

    Vote him out and all the good old boys in DC we need some new blood down there to clean up the mess these career politicians have made.

  • frank

    he isnt legal and shold only aloud to flush the toilet with himin it,hell never get my vote ,

    • frank

      sorry he isnt legal and should only be aloud to flush the toilet,other then that he;ll never get my vote ,ill vote for a dog first,now hilary need to be put in jail for what she is doing with the un now obacrap is a teasoner and need to be tried and done away with

    • Her Capitan Fick

      He doesn’t need your vote! Elect torial college, Skull And Bones, Tri Laderal Commission and Soros and his money will put him back in office, just watch what I tell you! Your vote doesn’t count! You have to be on some delusional drug!!!!!

  • al

    Gee, what an obummer!!

  • Dale

    Obama’s father was a moslem. Obama’s grandfather was a moslem. Obama’s great grandfather was a moslem. according to islamic law ObaMa is a moslem.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      You have Muslims in the government right now and not just Obama! Muslims are all around you, wake up stupid!

  • LovedtheoldUSAbetter

    Obama is a mentally ill male who will never get over the fact that 1) he was an illegitimate child; 2) he was abandoned by BOTH of his Communist parents; 3) he has nurtured a “coil of rage” against white people, yet he knows he is half white i.e. Self-loathing comes into play; 4) he is a Kenyan Muslim but professes to be a Christian but he attended an anything BUT Christian church i.e. Jeramiah Wright’s anti-white, anti-peace, anti-American church fur 25 years and he is “married” to a Black woman who hates America except for spending great quatities of it on herself

    • Cathy

      Yes, good old Michelle took the kids on a skiing trip to Aspen, CO. Another trip paid for by the taxpayers. Even though they stayed in someone’s house out there, just look at all the Secret Service people and others, especially her hairdresser, that we had to pay for. Notice Obama didn’t go along. Guess he was too ashamed, but Michelle didn’t have any qualms abut going. Bet her conversation with Obama was laced with a few words over this trip.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Yes, but if he’s mentally ill, you, your children, Grandchildren are dancing to his tune! The public put him in office! Now moron, doesn’t this tell you something about your kids, neighbors not to mention your friends! The Americans from 18 to 28 years old put him in office! The American public didn’t teach their kids very well, now did they!?


    Not all want him out, some are just mindless they need to follow blindly, some can’t afford to let him get caught or be forced from office because they go down with him…crooks of a feather….

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Yep, well said! See a few Americans are capable of thinking!

  • dkbokc

    Does any one know why the like and dislike hands are not working? I also could not contact the patriot website to ask them either. I REALLY would have liked to hit the like button for some of the comments posted!

  • leon ewers

    Lmao, just another RINO article, doesn’t even mention Ron Paul.

    You idiots best wake up cause Willard, Rick and Newt are no different than Obama, they will just keep on following the same old policies of big government that all the other past presidents have and add some of their own that the NWO money changers want them to. This site and many others like it are in their pockets also. It is called “Pluralism (political theory)” and the ones that have the most money have the most influence and they set up sites like this one to drive ignorants in a certain direction they wish those people to go in but the problem is that the two parties are really one party that does not allow anyone else in and anyone with a different opinion is labeled as coocoos yet everyone pretty much has a different opinion on things, well that is the ones that haven’t been brainwashed by the MSM and sites such as this one.

  • Duane Bass

    This is another example of what a left wing journalist does. Evade the truth. there is a constitution loving man running in the GOP, that this dude did not mention. He has the support of the military and the youth, and his name is
    RON PAUL IN 2012

  • Margo

    Pray, people, that the Lord will help us in our quest to rid the government of the evil ones, then,GET OUT THERE AND VOTE, AND GET OTHERS TO VOTE!!! JOIN A CONSERVATIVE GROUP VOTE FOR WHOMEVER RUNS AGAINST THE COMMIE! DO NOT GIVE UP!!

  • http://PatriotNewsUpdate JOHN KING

    Please excuse the problem with my arthritic fingers.

  • Boletero

    Hello ya all!! Sometimes it is very dificult to tell the difference between a wet arse and a wet dream. And that folks may be the problem with a lot of citizens of the USA!!!

    Demoncrats are a good example of it. Republicans of the RINO kind are a close second.

    The only bad class of citizen is the one that does not want to work for his keep!!!

    Saludos del Sombrero, Vatos…..

  • je

    I am a rep and have been all my life, however, the RNC is so dumb we do not deserve to be elected! Obama is on Tv every day telling more lies and we do not respond. Today he said we will bring our jobs back to America and yesterday he awarded china a contract to build bridges for the USA. When is the RNC going to come on TV every day and slam the jerk on these things? Every day make a compareson of the things he says and the things he does. It will not change my mind but it would open the eyes to the independants.

  • Ralph C

    Just remember in Nov. ABO-Anyone but Obermao

  • Nonne

    Yes, it makes sense that NOT ALL Democrats DESIRE a Communist USA.

    In 2008, many people of all political parties became convinced by the media that Obama had something new, desirable, important and valuable to deliver to the American people.

    Now we can ALL see how untrue that notion was — just glib words crafted around a decidedly socialistic stance.

    It’s a shame that the Democrat party cannot offer ‘centrist’ Democrats a candidate to choose from. But Obama forbids Democrats having a choice THIS TIME. It’s OBAMA or NOBAMA for Democrat voters.

  • Tom

    Hopefully theren are enough sane people left in this country to vote him out. We need to understand that he would not be there today if our congress were working for the people. I not only believe he should be removed but executed for treason along with most of our congress that has allowed these things and even promoted such things if not by intent then by ignoring and not alerting the people to the truth of what has been done and is being done in our government. We as a people that still believe in God and country need to stand up against these things and be more agressive with our representives about the job they have done and are doing where their oath of office demanded and they swore to.

  • http://CoxHighSpeed poss


  • heylottylotty

    Just as too many Caucasians stay home and hide instead of standing up for America and Our Constitution, too many Blacks do the same thing. Therefore it APPEARS that MOST people are supporting NoBama. The whites who do mostly do it for the publicity while most of the blacks that support him are more caught up in black power than in our Nation surviving. What they all miss is that if he is voted in again, AGENDA21 will move forward in major areas. The U.N. will have a huge foot in the door of bringing World Socialism to replace our Republic. We ALL will lose…

  • heylottylotty

    I guess thumbs up/down have been disabled. Hmmm. What’s up Y’all? Saphronilla how do you do what you do with all that herbal consentration out there in dizziness park? What is the clue for us to make sure we get hit up by admins hold???

  • depaz

    I love the last sentence in the next to last paragraph about the liberal press trying to convice conservatives not to vote. Didn’t someone from the Ehrlich campaign just get charged and convicted of doing the same thing? Can someone please take the liberal media to court???? Talk about a double standard!!!

  • Sutekh

    I fear that some of these Democrats who want Obama out of office may get the same surprise that Eve did after she ate the apple. Sometimes you only get one chance to choose between right and wrong, and a wrong choice often forever takes away that choice.

    Voting for a liberal politician is like shooting heroin. After it gets into a man’s veins, the next time he doesn’t have any choice — it’s that or possible death from withdrawal.

    Obama’s closing of 270 Chrysler dealerships (269 of which belonged to Republicans,) show clearly that he is as vengeful as the Devil himself, and that he doesn’t intend to be put out of office any more easily than Moammar Ghadaffy, or Louis XVI.

  • Monzetta

    If only lwe had Allen West running against obummer!! He is the BEST man for the job. Hope whoever get the GOP nomination askes West to be VEEP.