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Why Tim Tebow Is So Popular

Written on Monday, December 12, 2011 by

tim tebow

The short answer to the question as to why Tim Tebow is so popular is: because Christians are shut out of the mainstream, and yet many of us know that Christianity holds the solutions to the ills of this nation and personal lives.

Therefore we feel a frustration as to how we can get the mainstream to see that. I’ve responded to that frustration by writing books, making DVD’s, doing public speaking, making CD’s, and being in the media. But it has been very difficult to get a lot of attention because of the walking on eggshells climate in the mainstream regarding religion.

What makes it extra frustrating is knowing that Christianity has been shut out of the mainstream because of a false mandate … the separation of church and state. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist in official opinions wrote this about that phrase: “Using the phrase ‘separation of Church and state’ is actually a mischievous diversion from the actual intention of the founding fathers, and use of that term should be explicitly abandoned.”

So, some of the energy of this frustration is grounded when Tim Tebow unashamedly in a large mainstream forum makes known that his #1 priority is Christianity. And now we see an outpouring of others who feel the same way. Here is a verse that Tim Tebow has painted under his eyes during a game. (Jesus said) “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels Mark 8:38.

But another possibility here is: is divine intervention involved in the miraculous wins that Tebow is orchestrating? It’s almost like with Denver losing the game in the 4th quarter, God says that He is not going to let His faithful servant not shine and give Him glory. And less than stellar statistics are overcome in this repeated scenario with victories. While watching the game against the Bears with Denver down 10 to 0 with only a little over 2 minutes to go I thought, “Oh well, the miraculous comebacks have come to an end.” Then the most miraculous comeback yet happened. Tebow only completed 3 passes out of 16 in the first 3 quarters. But after that he completed 18 out of 24. And the game was tied with a 59 yard field goal with 2 seconds left. Then a series of extraordinary plays, both on offense and defense, filled the remainder of the game, which Denver won 13-10.

These miraculous comebacks have left the mainstream media scrambling for alternate explanations. They try to attribute the wins to the defense and other offensive players. But there is something that they are overlooking in that assessment: all of those same players were around when the team had one win and four losses. Now they’ve since gained seven wins and one loss. And the ONLY difference during that losing and winning period is Tim Tebow.

I can envision God sitting in Heaven saying, “I’ve lost their attention for the most part. Let me see if I can get some of it back by doing some miracles in something that does get their attention: sports.

Dennis Marcellino is the author of THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true, which can be seen at

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  • Ltjg

    With all the Drugs, Alcohol and Rape charges against other Sports Role Models, I am Happy and Proud to know of one that recognizes our Lord.

    • floramae

      I will take a Tim Tebow ANYTIME, rather than a football player who is wife or a girl friend beater, wreckless drunken driver, dog killers,and it is time for the media and other football players to lay off, Tim IS A TEAM PLAYER!! that’s it,and the defense IS SUPPOSE TO DO WHAT THEY DID, STRIP THE FOOTBALL CAUSE FUMBLES, HELLOOOOOOO!

    • Randy131

      Seems that all are missing the point, that the liberal biased mainstream media is anti-Christian, and will attack every chance they get, those who are Christians, but to their chagrin, Tim Tebow is not giving them the chance, because of the heroics he produces at the end of these games. Is there divine intervention in these heroics, I don’t know GOD’s will, but I certainly like to think and believe there is. But I’ll bet Tim Tebow, like the sheep in Mathew: Ch25 Vs31-46, has earned his way into heaven, unlike the goats and those liberal biased mainstream media. Tim Tebow is a heroic example of what all should strive to be, and is definately favored by GOD, the main reason those who attack him do so.

    • Mike Moreau

      Like many believers, I rejoice in the bold testimony of Tim Tebow. But let’s not get carried away. Nobody, including Tim Tebow, has “earned their way to heaven” (and I’m certain Tim would agree). Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

    • http://google NL COOP

      You are absolutely correct. GRACE and GRACE alone. Works won’t get you into Heaven, but will help ones earthly salvation…

    • daves

      I think Aaron Rodgers is much more popular than Tim Tebow.

    • rodney burke

      He is so popular because he gives God the credit and he wins duh! and the media doesn’t like it because he puts God first. When we get back to the values we had when this nation was founded, this will become a common occurrence! Tim knows who is in charge of his life, and it is NOT Tim Tebow! We ALL need to recognize that and conduct ourselves accordingly!

    • http://x Washington22

      Ltig………..Tebow’s open adoration and praise to the Lord let’s every Christian feel a sense of pride in his accomplishments. I am so glad that our Lord is making Tim a vehicle for his praise. This kid, Tim Tebow, is a cause to rejoice for all Christians, a young man for other kids of this world to emulate.

  • http://yahoo vietnamvet

    didnt know he was and really could care less fool

    • cheryl

      You sre just another godless piece of crap and a liberal on top ot it.

    • Orley

      viet, that statement makes no sense at all.

    • William

      viet and cheryl ….. you are both very sick. Go back and read about the founding of this Great Country and you will see that for the most part the Christians did the work and got things started….. the you athiests immigrated here and staqrted tro pollute America. I am a retired officer and I served in Viet Nam also so get with it.

    • Larry

      I do believe Cheryl was directing toward viet as it should be.

    • Randy131

      Your ignorance explains your point of view!

    • wailes blalock jr

      The knowledge of the truth is very difficult for some people, yet therein is all answers.

  • jim

    He is an Awesome Christian and the Atheist PIGS can’t stand it! LOL!!

    • RULKEN

      yes it seems whenever some one of the Christian faith becomes successful, and popular they come under criticism purely do to the fact that they are Christian!
      I guess I can understand to some degree their jealously, after all when was the last time you heard of a muslim that made great strides to improving humanity or truly great achievements?

  • John Locke

    AMEN!!!!! Ltjg

  • Sherry

    God does His greatest work when it appears no man can accomplish the task thus take the credit for it. Tim Tebow is doing what all us Christians should be doing and this country could be turned back to God. Just as in the story of Gideon, where God slimmed down the army from 32,000 to 300 which would make it humanly impossible to win the battle. When the people cried out to God, the victory was easy.

  • http://yahoo Jerry Allen

    I have followed Tebow for over ten years and he is living testimony in “Believing”. Don’t put too heavy of a load on Tebow and carry some of the load yourself. Look and pay attention as you will see how your prayers will be answered–some in mysterious ways and others profoundly understandable. It will become a simple matter of you and your belief in a Higher Power. Hail to Tebow for delivering the message to many non believers. Amen

    • butterflylady

      I also have watched Tebow over the years, he is not afraid to show his love of God, and what is wrong with that?? I praise him in his courage in doing so, for a young man in his position, he can change many lives.
      God be with him, shame on those who make fun of his beliefs! God does answer prayers…I am proof of that/ had a stroke in late July and today I can speak clearly, have no aftet affects of any kind! God is Good!!!

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      So glad you came through the stroke with no peoblems. Yes God is good. I hope Denver goes to the Super Bowl with Tim leading. I am watching Hannity and they werte just talking about Tim. Bob Beckle said his fans should not have Jesus wrote on their jerseys. I say why not. I am proud of anyone that will advertise Jesus. They are letting people know that they support Tim and Jesus.

    • http://x Washington22

      Sandra, I saw Hannity, too, and the idiot Beckel {liberal}. What is it with these JEALOUS individuals. Instead of supporting a fine, exemplary athelete, they try to take away from his character. Too bad they can’t! Tim obviously has God on his side. If the NFL makes some ruling of “no display” or some such nonsense, we’ll boycott. I’m so sick of political correctness I could scream. Let’s get them where it hurts, viewership and support. Tim is speaking for the VAST majority and it may be a test of what we in America will tolerate………

  • http://e niles

    It’s past time that christians stop walking on eggshells. We need to shout from the rooftops, I am proud to be a christian. It’s time the moral majority stop the immoral minority from conrolling how we worship God.

    • Mark

      Moral majority I wish this was true. Not so anymore. We are a light unto ourselves not the light of the world. I didn’t see the name of Jesus mentioned once on these responses.

    • http://e niles

      May I remind you that Jesus was God in the flesh. I believe he said I am he and he is I..not exact but close enough.

    • Randy131

      We’re still the Moral Majority, the problem today is that we’re the Complacent Moral Majority, which is not what GOD desires of us, so we had better wake up and start proseltyzing, as Jesus commanded us to do.

    • http://x Washington22

      Hi, Randy131……You are so right. I’m hoping that Tim is the start of a Christian revolution and that we will see other “celebs” make a public show of their faith. Let’s really rattle some cages……

    • thomas

      I say why not. I am proud of anyone that will advertise Jesus. They are letting people know that they support Tim and Jesus.

    • Orley

      I’m glad the one that was insulting and sort of mean didn’t use the name of JESUS.
      I have to watch myself also that I don’t act too much like the world rather than showing the love of Jesus.
      Sometimes our actions speak so loud that they can’t hear what we say.
      Just a reminder!

  • Stan

    I agree with niles. If 85% of this nation is Christian then it is time to stand together against those that are trying to change what this country was founded on. Regardless of your faith speak as one especially at the ballot box and vote for those who share the beliefs in this nation of ours. WE THE PEOPLE will speak. “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

    • http://e niles


    • http://x Washington22

      Amen from me, too……..

  • http://na sonny davis

    go t bo

  • Stan Lee

    Finally, a role model for all kids of the Judeo-Christian persuasion!
    I think the young man is terrific! Read about him, his birth, his mother’s decision (you must read about that!), and the obvious power of his faith and prayer that has not only carried him, but also his team, to NFL respectability.
    Credit also to the Denver Broncos team! They’re also believers!



      GOD BLESS YOU TIM!!!!!

    • Bree

      Yes and Amen Stan! The Denver Broncos have a great heritage of Christian believers and under the leadership of another outstanding Christian John Elway who in their glory days took the Broncos to two back to back Championship Super Bowls. Tim Tebow is well suited to such an outstanding team and to Jesus be all the Glory!

    • http://x Washington22

      Hi. Bree………Yes, Yes, Yes………Go Bronco’s………The more noticed they are, the more it causes controversy and the more Tim is noticed! Let some of the nation scoff, but let the Christin Nation smile with pride and the knowledge that the Lord is on Tim’s side. God bless our guy. Pray for his sucess because it shines on the Lord.

  • Michael Keller

    Tim knows that he is an instrument in YAHWEH’s hands. When no one believed, Tim did. Bronco’s Coach John Fox said this about him: “He never lays his sword down. He’ll fight you to death. That’s just his nature.”

    That’s something we ALL can do !

  • R.Cook

    Maybe , just maybe his devotion will cause others to go back and examine a few of our Founding Fathers words:

    George Washington,
    “And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be attained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”
    In his farewell address, Sept 19, 1796

  • Larry Owens

    GOD is honoring Tim for not being ashamed to speak his name before men, and tim is highly favored. The beginning of Knowledge is Fear/Awe of GOD some thing our country and individual’s should consider.
    Keep standing up and professing your Faith.

  • al Reeves

    Hey God is always giving information. We just seem to have a hard time listening to him. Say Amen

  • Tarheel

    Way to go Tebow, you are having a wonderful effect on this country

  • Pie

    Tebow could have football stop for him tomorrow and it wouldn’t matter. He would just seek out what the Lord has intended for him to do next. Liberals will never understand that; most of us don’t. Have faith!




  • GeoInSD

    I think after yesterday’s game, especially in light of the rest of the season, some atheists are questioning their “faith”. It was entertaining watching commentators just dumbfounded by what happened. You could see in their eyes that they were thinking, “Maybe God really is helping Tebow.”

    If you saw such a game in a movie, you would say, “Nah. It could never happen” but it did. Add to that the fact that the running back that fumbled in OT had only fumbled twice before in his entire career, plus, were it not for the fumble, the RB would have taken it to the end zone had he not fumbled since the field was clear. It has to make atheists question their faith and believers whether God would be concerned with football. It is so cool!

    God may or may not have actually intervened, but I like to think he did. I like to think he has a sense of humor and that he chose this way to tell us that he lives!

  • michael

    lets see if we can TEACHERS who will buck the system and bring GOD to the classroom.
    We need to teach the words of the founding fathers. They used prayer often. They did not separate government and religion.
    Evil brought on by man has causes many problems we have today.

  • Bill

    Win or lose, I believe Tebow will conduct himself in a way that honors God. I ask that believers in Jesus Christ’s Redemption, pray for Tim, as he will undergo attacks from our enemy. He is in the limelight and therefore on a different portion of the battlefront. So, whether Tim Tebow wins or loses on the football field, the True Victory of God’s redemption has already been accomplished through the finished work of Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection on the third day. This is what Tim Tebow believes, and it is offered to those who thirst for Truth, Peace and Purity.

  • Larry

    Tim Tebow is showing the rest of us how to be a committed Christian. If he was fathering kids out of marriage, drunk driving, snorting cocaine, acting rudely in public like Alec Baldwin, etc., then Hollywood and the Nightly News (like NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS) would be singing his praises.

  • Susie

    Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever wisdom and power are his. He changes time and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them, He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the decerning. He reveals deep and hidden things, He knows what lies in darkness and light dwells with Him. I thank and praise you, oh God of my fathers.
    Daniel 2:20-23

  • Dave

    It’s the left that hates Tim Tebow. And it’s more about his and his mother’s anti abortion commercial. If there was a problem with his Christianity, then there should be a problem with every wide reciever and running back that scores a touchdown. Don’t they all get on a knee and pray after they score? But that commercial really gets under their skin because it shows he’s the abortion that got away. To them he should be a fetus in a dumpster, but instead he got to grow up and reach the top of his profession. And the left just can’t take having the truth shoved back in their face,that maybe some of these easy abortions might have a lot of potential too.

  • cheryl

    Tim should be a lesson to all of us. He said befor a game he does not pray to win but thanks God for his talent and asks him to help him do his best. He is a breath of fresh air and a man who are kids can look up to. God Bless Him. I’m now a Bronko Fan.

  • Joyceann

    Tim Tebow stood up across millions of sets and said God was his foundation. These days, it’s great to hear it loud and clear.
    We have been saying it for a while now, voting it a while now, working to bring it back to our nation a while now – WE ARE GETTING LOUDER…

  • Orley

    No use questioning whether atheists doubt their belief. Every time they want to sue over seeing a Cross or the Ten Commandments proves the power of God and the conviction it brings. Why else would they get so upset and want to sue over somne silly thing.

  • JEAN


  • June

    He is popular because he has values and doesn’t hide them. Bless him.

  • http://none Carlos J. Negron

    If you want to see Tim Tebow reach the ultimate in popularity, have him take the Broncos to the Super Bowl.

    • Bree

      You got it Carlos! He’s well on his way and another super bowl is coming up! Go Broncos and God bless you all the way! Can’t wait to see it!

  • bobby taylor

    Tim Tebow is a great quarterback,a greater Christian and a wonderful example for all Christians. GO TIM.

  • Ron

    At last a true role model for the kids. He’s not like the self centered,narcissistic, bums most sport players are. He gives thanks to all the players on the team. He knows he’s not the only one who wins the games. That’s one of the main differences between him and most quarterbacks. They hate him because he has morals, and not a phoney like most the over paid clowns. .

  • Ron

    God is Blessen You Tim and we that pray will be praying for You to keep strong. To one and all I heared to day that His Mother was thinking about aborting him but had second thoughts and gave Him life and just maybe our God is blessing Him and His Mom.

  • Winston

    America is so lacking with men/women of principle that when one surfaces, such as Tim Tebow, Christians come out of the closet. It’s a shame that it takes a single man to do what each believer should be doing…living their faith as if there is no tomorrow…and there may not be!

  • Jerald Becker

    “Onward Christian Soldier”!!!!!…..We need Christian Leaders from every walk of life to step up and lead us back to GOD!….In Catholic Grade School I was taught that the Old Testament taught us about “God The Father”, and the New Testament taught us about “God The Son”, i.e. you have to be a “good Jew before you can be a good Christian”!!!…..I still find that to be true!…..IN GOD WE TRUST

  • budman

    Mr. Marcellino: I live in Florida and the Gators are my favorite team both in Football and Basketball.
    Tim Tebow is popular not only with the Christians but just about everyone because he is upfront about his convictions, a true leader in all he does and is a truly humble person.
    When you look at his recent success with the Denver Broncos, you may be perplexed as to how could a quarterback be so successful with unremarkable statistics? It is obvious to his teammates because his confidence and sharing rub off on them and I believe it is clear the team was not doing well until he took over at quarterback. Tim is their leader and they play for him, Tim always gives the credit to his creator and teammates after a game. He was the same as a Gator; possibly the best and most loved Gator in their history.

  • Chuck

    I am a Christian and I believe God does and knows all things! All those comments above are fine and I realize everyone is speaking his or her mind. But, God does not need us speaking on His behalf! We are now seeing it in action in the deeds of Tim Tebow. His actions and demeanor say more about God then what we could ever say. To God goes the glory!

  • MalikTous

    Tebow should stick to football. While I see ‘faith’ as part of teh total answer to reviving our nation, I don’t see any one faith as being in the lead for that. Better that we re-establish the custom of expressing tensions between citizen factions by sports, thus honouring all faiths, than fall into the trap of expecting any single faith to provide the answers to our humanity questions. ‘Practise the religion of your choice with full intent and proper implementation, frequently and peacefully, and encourage your neighbour to do teh same with his!’

    • Randy Higginbotham

      Jesus clearly stated that no man reaches Heaven except through him. Any religion that teaches otherwise is a false religion! Diversity may be good for some things but Jesus is still the only way to reach God!

  • Patti

    We are beginning the Christmas season and truly the reason for celebration is the birth of Our Lord Jesus. Tim is a terrific inspiration for all of us,especially the younger generation against the hollow minds of the lamestream media, hollywood and many of our pathetic sports role models. My dad always said, “Only a Fool thinks its Cool to ignore the existence of Our Lord in Heaven” and these pathetic, dark souled, individuals will hopefully-before its too late- realize what is missing in their lives.God truly loves Tim Tebow and the rest of us if we will only let him..

  • AmazedAmerican

    We do still have our freedom to express. The man is a solid personality because he was home schooled. More or less a true American with Christian upbringing . The public school unions didn’t have a chance to fill his head with hate against our country. Faith in God had been the backbone of our country. Do you want to just give up that easily?

    How is it that when other sports figures that are big names, get into trouble with the law and have multiple problems, it is totally ignored? Sounds a little out of kilter to me.

    • http://e niles

      I don’t know what planet you have been living on. All you read about is this or that super star doing drugs or in trouble of some sort. The only one ignoring them seems to be you. Its refreshing to read about one not in trouble and he’s a christan, imagine that.

  • M.Lockwood

    It is about time christians stand up for the right to pray in public, If you are bothered by it , FINE turn the other way!

  • 2WarAbnVet

    At Last, a young athlete worthy of respect.

  • Betty Kolczynski

    We should all be proud of this young man. His money goes to help homeless children in the Philippines not on drugs, women etc. I believe in miracles and if the Broncos win or lose he has conducted himself with dignity and trust in the name of the Lord. I’m not a Bronco fan but a Tebow fan. God Bless him.

  • RichieRich

    Funny how a country founded on Christian/Judeo priciples stifles Christianity. Good for you Tim & Merry Christmas ACLU!!

  • The Enemy

    Tebow’s popularity exists for the same reason Obama’s popularity existed when he got elected. It’s the “rock star image” thing. Just like Obama is going down in flames, Tebow will, too, if he doesn’t stop playing college football in the NFL.

  • Shane

    Tebow is proud to be a Christian, and the Left hates him for that. The Left has been at war with Christianity for almost 100 years in the USA.

  • Mujo

    Tebow isn’t “the only difference” between the 1-4 Broncos and the current team. The Broncos experienced a series of injuries to key defensive players early in the season (Champ Bailey, Elvis Dumervil, etc.), not to mention a new defensive scheme under new head coach John Fox. Top defensive players returning from injuries and the D starting to gel under the new system kind of coincided with Tebow taking the reins as starting QB. Tebow has led some amazing (even miraculous) comebacks, but you, like many of his overzealous fans, aren’t giving credit where its due.

    As a lifelong Broncos fan and Christian, I’ve never been a Tebow fan. That has more to do with his annoying fan base and the fact that he played college ball in Florida (ugghh), where I unfortunately now live, and the fact that he was drafted by Josh McDaniels, destroyer of the Broncos. But I’m starting to come around. We’ll see.

  • Dennis

    7 wins and 1 loss. This hasn’t just be due to Tim Tebow. Apparently the Denver Broncos have been able to pull together as a team. Way to go Brocos! But to all those Tebow bashers. Maybe Tebow is as bad as you say, but if that is the case, it only stands to reason that perhaps his Lord and Savior is as good and powerful as Tebow believes Him to be. May the Lord continue to guide you, Tebow.

  • http://x Washington22

    It does my heart good to read ALL of the above comments on Tim and the Lord. It makes me smile. Tim is a light in an ever darker world. The Lord God is at Tim’s back. What an exciting NFL season because of it.

  • Tom

    God is giving to Tim what he has given to many of us in life. It is for more than just Tim this is happening. It puts a message out there that there is really a God. One cannot ask God for a blessing and automatically get it. One must be worthy in God’s eyes and in God’s all knowing that it will be best for the believer. I’m sure some of Tim’s opponents are also believer’s, so why aren’t they being blessed? Only God knows.

  • Tuko

    Praise God for Tim Tebow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo jean rampy


    • Kevin Hugh

      What’s with all this christian hype? I understand religion makes up for all the things that happened to our solar system. Still no actual evidence that god exists. I still have respect if he does exist but all these christian followers are pretty blinded.

  • Sergeant Major U.S.M.C. Extreme Far Right Conservative TEApublican

    The holly spirit is visible in his all; mind, actions, personality, humility, humbleness, not afraid to share his faith, etc…

  • Loretta

    More power to Tim Tebow…if others don’t like it…too bad..he stands up for what he believes in and that is OK by all us Christians. Most Christians leave others to their own beliefs…we should be able to express our beliefs as well. Thanks Tim Tebow!

  • Mel Harvey

    The arrival of God’s servant Tim Tebow as quarterback for the Broncos reminds us believers of the account in God’s word where David and a sling with one river rock was superior to mighty Goliath of the Philistines. Keep up the great work Tim, We are praying for u and Denver to win them all, including the Super Bowl.

  • Elaine Renaud

    It reminds me of Eric Liddell. God honors those who honor Him.