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Why We Want The Super Committee To Fail

Written on Friday, November 18, 2011 by

super committee

Washington is once again in a deal making mode, and you are about to lose again. When Congress passed the massive debt increase bill earlier this year, it abdicated legislative responsibility to craft a solution to the spiraling debt. They gave the legislative responsibility to what Congress calls the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

The committee was then loaded with legislative “veterans” to limit the influence of the recently elected Tea Party Republicans. Since its inception, the committee has been pushing a mountain of tax increases using the popularity of the concept of balancing the Federal budget. The only question at this point is how much the two sets of Washington elites will raise taxes.

Obama and the Democrats have laid down the gauntlet. They will accept not one penny less than one trillion in new taxes, Republicans have already agreed to raise taxes by at least 250 to 300 billion. We favor another path, no agreement.

Now if you talk to the governing elite in Washington DC the resulting chaos of no agreement is the end of the world. According to the earlier passed law if the taxes are not increased, then we may actually see a decrease in the rate of spending growth.

According to this agreement, spending will be cut across the board in non-entitlement programs by a mere 75 billion a year in military expenditures and 75 billion a year in non-defense discretionary programs. Remember in Washington-speak the budget that is cut can still increase in real terms.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Total domestic discretionary spending doubled to $614 billion in 2010 from $298 billion in 2000. Even if there were a 10-year $1.2 trillion “cut,” total discretionary spending would still rise by $83 billion by 2021 because those cuts are calculated from inflated “current services” projections.”

This sleight of hand is accomplished by the way Washington budgets. The cut is actually an increase.

So expect to hear lots of scary talk over the course of the next few days about the end of the world as you know it. Children will starve, schools will close, police and fire protection will end, planes will fall from the sky and scariest of all our enemies in Iran and North Korea will rejoice.

The truth of the situation is schools should be funded by states and local communities, we shouldn’t miss one dollar because much of the money spent by DC actually raises the cost of schooling children through unnecessary regulation. The same should be true of foodstuffs. Washington actually raises the cost of food through agricultural price supports and regulations. Turn the regulation of food back to the states and let communities where regulators actually eat the food be the judge.

As for the military budget, America can absorb these cuts in defense spending if we bring our troops home from around the globe just a little faster. Maybe Obama could do something revolutionary such as defend our borders as opposed to the borders of Iraq and South Korea. And let’s strip out all the dollars stuffed in the defense budget, which is really foreign aid masquerading as defense spending.

Congress and Obama can always go back and make adjustments to the actual cuts because none of this is set to affect the budget until 2013 anyway.

We say, let’s cut the budget across the board. If not now, when?

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  • Ltjg

    I was dead against the idea of this committee from the very beginning. I do not want to see any taxes raised in any size, shape or form. The idea of Super Committee is less than Super.

    • Susan

      Me, too… But I’ve only heard one other person mention the fact that it’s probably Unconstitutional…

      The whole notion of our being represented was enbodied in our elected officials “standing in our stead”…

    • sid

      is there one person, who thought this commitee, would actually do something constructive???

    • Sonja M


      No one I know has thought the so called SUPER COMMITEE would do a thing! All think it is unconstitutional. Look who the democrats are that is on it. John Kerry being one of them and we all know where he stands–don’t we. I’ll never forget his role in the Vietnam days.

    • sid

      jfk, was the last known democrat, kerry, and the rest, are liberals, or socialists!!! they are “FREELOADERS”, or support “FREELOADIANS”!!!

    • Ruth Bacon

      Also Sen. Max Baucus from Montana, who declared he would pass Obamacare with or without Republican help, when 62% of his Montana people were against it. He e-mailed a thank your for my interest in the issues of debt reduction, then insulted my intelligence – saying how prudent he was with spending – and 3 days later voting for the 60 billion, Obama’s “piecemeal” part of the latest bailout; and stating in the same sentence that we needed to cut spending and balance that with more revenue (higher taxes).

    • jim

      OF course it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL like ALL that ole barry the Socialist Incompetent does, being ANTI AMERICAN and ANTI CONSTITUTIONAL!! IMPEACH THE MORON NOW!

    • Charlie

      since “committees” seem to be ‘the way to go’ these days, how bout instituting committees to see what the news medias are being threatened with…we know who is behind this, but i’m assuming that soros has all the protection he can buy…but one would think there would be more than 1 media outlet with guts enough to stand up to that goon, too.

    • Truth and Transparency

      Its all a scam and smoke screen to divert attention from the horrible job obama is doing just like OWS. Wake up America. No more obama. Transparency right?

    • slapjack

      I personnal resent the fact Congress appropriates Billions of dollars in aid to the countries of the world and they hate our guts. The United Nations is a referendum of hate and discontent against the US and American taxpayers pay for this stupidity. Last but not least why should a congressman or woman have lifetime benefits for doing a super lousy job of doing nothing??????? Wake Up America, before it is to late.

  • stephen russell

    The SuperComm Nonsense Show.
    NO results, Big Govt in action, BS again.
    Waste time & OUR Money.

  • Steven F

    Define failure. I have yet to hear anything to convince me it was ever INTENDED to produce an agreement. Short of full blown capitulation by whatever members may be inclined to be fiscally conservative, the rest of the committee won’t agree to anything.

  • DrBillLemoine

    I don’t know where Brown gets this from, but he’s all wet. There are no agreements so far. I don’t expect any because Republicans covertly don’t want to cut defense and entitlements more than the trigger amounts. Less defense cutting is better for the party that has now lost its claim to be the best defenders of the country–remember Bin Laden and company, Iraq withdrawals, Libyan bloodless success? They now want to hide from disastrous Ryan safety net cutting, McConnell filibustering and tea party bloc obstruction voting which the American voters abhor and reject by vast percents of those polled. It may take a landslide Democratic victory in 2012 to really get this train back on the tracks to save the country, middle class, women’s healthcare, voter rights, and real budget balancing over 10 years.

    • fliteking

      When Bill speaks without thinking, he says what he thinks.

      Huffpo is calling, you might find your rants to be more appropriate there.

  • am2sweet

    For as many lawyers there are in this country surely some are Republicans or Conservatives. How is it that the government can break the law and no one goes after them? If a bunch of good lawyers got together and worked on getting all the proof they could probably indict most of congress, the senate, the czars and Obama. Then they could all be sent to prison. It would be nice if it were in another country that hates Americans.

    • TheThinMan

      The only provision for “fixing” the government is your vote every two or four years – other than that – there is no recourse except revolution with guns and pitchforks.

    • Ruth Bacon

      Right. That is why they pull crap like getting 97% of the black vote, fraudulent elections like the one in Nevada, boxes of votes “found” in the trunk of a car, amnesty (voting privileges) to immigrants whether legal or not, doing what they can to prevent military votes from countingn etc, etc. It will take vigilance to prevent the 2012 election from being total fraud.

    • Cowgirl

      “Good lawyer” is an oxymoron. Those in the committee are probably all lawyers and no many of them are any good.

    • http://patriotupdate polly2929

      Judical Watch is already doing this, check them out.

  • tod

    Dr.Ron Paul 2012 if you want a smaller government, and a balanced budget,plus your constitution ,and freedoms back.

    • Are you Serious

      Yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • JGS

    I have a great suggestion for the super committee of veterans. End up with no agreement and form a super, super committee of the newly elected Tea Party group. It will not take them too long to come to a conclusion and the meetings will not last for months, either. Try it! You might like it!!!

  • Yellow Horse

    The “super committie” is just a sham!! Why doesn’t our congress ALL participate in this all above board and in the public eye??? And yes the democrates are completely NUTS!!! 1 TRILLION IN TAX HIKES??@@## Are these guys on some kind of DOPE??

  • kenneth

    The sad fact is that the federal government NEEDS ADDITIONAL REVENUE. I say this as an avid Republican who despises Obama’s policies.
    Could any rational person object to repealing the Ethanol Subsidy (along with the huge mandated increase in its use)? How about the $7500 tax credit for buying a new hybrid automobile? Incidentally, Toyota benefits most from this subsidy (the vaunted Chevy Volt has been averaging fewer than 1000 units per month).
    Certainly, the government wastes vast sums of money, whether due to the bloated head-count or their excessive salaries and benefits. This is true in the uniformed military as well as the civilian side. We have more Admirals and Generals now than we had at the peak of WWII, when there were 11M in uniform. Grade creep is rampant, with a Colonel performing a job which could be performed by a Major.

    • LS

      The problem with ” NEEDS ADDITIONAL REVENUE”
      they will blow thru that in a few years and be back for more “ADDITIONAL REVENUE” Until citizens are eventually are tapped out from taxes. They cycle will continue over and over until people will completely dependent on the politicians to survive.
      New Revenue will only increase the deficit, the politicians will see that money as a source for new vote buying programs which will expand out of control just as they have in the past.

  • Jack Coleman

    I don’t believe Dr. Ron Paul or any other candidate for President would be able to accomplish anything, other than what the special interest groups want, unless we elect members to the House of Representatives and the Senate that will honor their oath of office.

    If they are serious about cutting spending there over 2200 unconstitutional Departments and Agencies that shouldn’t have been there in the first place that could be eliminated for a start.

  • haditinsd

    1.2 Trillion over 10 years? The deficit this year alone is more than that. Thats no cut at all, only permission to keep spending at the rate that got us in all this trouble to start with. Apparently math and the English language are a lost art in this country if we are even talking this way.

    • Madoc_McFie

      Good point, haditinsd. It’s just the age-old shell game in a new guise.

  • DH

    Like Gingrich said…. this was a stupid idea, this super committee. Democrats are bent on increasing taxes so that they can spend more money, endearing and enslaving American citizens, too many people too stupid to see what they are doing. But they are democrats, no relation to the democrats of the Kennedy era.

  • DH

    The idea was to kick the can down the road with each party playing for their voters so they can get reelected and then continue to make all kinds of money via insider trading.

  • Don

    According to Obama it is not a stupid thing. He wants the supercommittee to fail because it is in his plan to destroy America. If they fail America will be downgraded again and this is necessary for Obama and Agenda 21 from the UN. The Agenda 21 (look it up on the web) plan is for the UN to impose laws against the American people and creating income losses is necessary for the UN in order to equalize income over all the rest of the countries that will become part of the “New World Order”. Americans must wake up immediately or face the destruction up close and personal.

  • nvrpc

    What part of no more taxes for any reason don’t you son of a bitches understand. Click on my name, page 2, The ~8 -2 -0 ~Plan

    It’s the only way we’ll ever get this budget under control. Of course in conjunction with this move we have to sh-i-ttt can every democrap in every office across this nation. Until these socialist pigs and their RINO’s are terminated, this problem will exist..

  • http://N/A Ricardo 36

    25% cut on ALL expenditures would soon have us back on course. If we can’t live by that then we all will perish!

  • Gloria Wedemeyer

    I do not believe in any kind of tax increase. We are now paying more for gasoline and food and everything else in our lives. I am sure that the government can find an awful lot of money on things that we don’t need, such as NPR, Planned Parenthood, aid to countries that hate us. Why should we borrow money to keep funding. I think if the administration and congress can’t come up with a balanced budget, meaning we don’t spend more than we take in, they should all be fired. I have been hearing about all this for years, andall we are doing is kicking the can down the road. I can’t believe we are talking about a little over a trillion dollar savings over l0 years. Why not a trillion dollars for the first year.

  • JAB

    I have just one correction in a common belief which is mostly incorrect. Europe and Korea reimburse us for 80% of the cost of our troops in their countries, unlike Iraq, etc. That is, they pay for 80% of our costs, so bringing those particular troops home won’t save much.

  • fliteking

    We don’t have to “Want” them to fail, we just need to wait, failure is in the equation.

    If the Republicans don’t fold like tables after a wedding . . . this “thing” called the super committee will crash and burn.

  • June

    Let’s start with the White House and cut everyone’s salary by 2/3’s!