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Win, lose, or draw – Ron Paul should quit after Iowa

Written on Thursday, December 22, 2011 by

ron paul voters

I am sure that I will receive the requisite barrage of emails from Dr. Ron Paul supporters after titling this little essay what I have.  I would like to take just a moment to defend myself and ask my fellow libertarian Republicans to hold off on their attacks until after hearing what I have to say.  Another small disclosure: I support Ron Paul and am one of those avid folks who are so often belittled for doing so.  Knowing this, you must be wondering why I would suggest that my favorite politician should jump ship and abandon his campaign so soon?  Simple answer, I think he can do his movement and his legacy much more good by leaving this campaign early.

The much longer answer has several intersecting points.  First, the longer he stays in and the more serious a contender he becomes, the more the media will look to undermine him.  Second point is the  same as the first, only substitute media with Republican establishment.  Third, if Ron Paul wins… then what?  While there are things that Dr. Paul could change on his own, the American Presidency is built in such a way that no lasting change can be affected unless the legislature does it.  Dr. Paul would find himself battling both Democrats and moderate Republicans (and that’s just when it comes to the economy)!

Dr. Paul has been popular with the media for years, mostly because of his anti-party stances on such flammable issues as the war in Iraq and the decriminalization of marijuana.  If you remember back to 2008, there was another candidate who had a similar romance with the main stream media, his name was John McCain and we should all remember what happened to that love affair as soon as Senator McCain became the Republican nominee.  He went from Maverick to partisan hack about as quickly as you could say liberal bias.  Ron Paul also has provided the media with the ammunition to turn their fire on him with the now famous newsletters from the 80’s and 90’s.  This will allow the media to taint all of his beliefs and ideas with the specter of racism and anti-Semitism.  The work Dr. Paul has done in shedding light on the problems with the Fed, the insanity of deficit spending, and the importance of the free market will be destroyed by a few posts in his newsletter of a decade ago.

Dr. Paul has not been popular with the Republican establishment. Ever.  This campaign is doing nothing to change the way he is viewed by his associates in the party. If anything, the current campaign is proving to the establishment that Dr. Paul is more dangerous than they realized and they like him all the less for it.  If you pay attention to the Republican corner of the internet you know that the attacks have been almost constant over the last couple of weeks.  Always along with the attack is the non-sequitur that I posted in the first paragraph… Dr. Paul’s supporters are fierce attack dogs known for their loyalty to Dr. Paul.  The argument is that we complain when Ron Paul doesn’t get covered and we complain when he does.  I would argue that it’s a false logic because the Republican blogosphere attacks Dr. Paul differently than anyone else.  They don’t call Newt, Rick, or Mitt crazy, kooky, nuts, or insane.  If Dr. Paul continues with his campaign these attacks will be stepped up even if the cost is another four years of Obama.  The establishment would rather see a two term President Obama than Ron Paul as the Republican nominee for President.

Now let’s pretend I haven’t written any of the above, and Dr. Paul not only wins the nomination but he wins the election as well.  Now what?  Will he get legislative support to End the Fed?  To shut down the IRS?  To decriminalize and legalize marijuana and other recreational narcotics?  Will Ron Paul find the support to bring our troops home? All of the troops from Germany, Korea, Japan, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq?  The only things Dr. Paul will be able to get done are the things which he can be considered an orthodox Republican on – lower taxes (not as low as he wants), less spending (not as little as he wants), less regulation (not as few as he would like). If we are honest, the only way that Dr. Paul would be able to get any work done is by using a device that he himself doesn’t like – the executive order (E.O.).  He can use the E.O. legally and with great effect; rescinding previous E.O.’s and signing new ones.  In the end though, what will these accomplish?  The next President could just as easily rescind the new orders or re-sign the old ones. A Dr. Paul Presidency could very well be a blow to the campaign for liberty simply because Dr. Paul will not be able to get any work done.  He will be attacked on all fronts and from all parties in a way no other President since Lincoln has been.

It’s not all doom and gloom for Ron Paul and his supporters, though.  The silver lining on being stuck between a rock and a hard place is that you can choose your fate, and now is the moment for the Paul campaign to order their next steps wisely.  If I was giving the campaign advice, I would recommend funneling all of their effort into Iowa and making sure that Dr. Paul does as well as he can there.  On the night of the Iowa returns, as it becomes clear that Dr. Paul will indeed win, he should call a press conference to announce that he will be withdrawing from the campaign and offering his support to one of his Republican counterparts.  The price for his endorsement could be the Vice Presidency, a cabinet position or perhaps simply a guarantee to support the liberty movement.  It is in these precarious moments that the most important compromises are brokered – which candidate will take up as much of Dr. Paul’s mantle as possible?

Dropping out early may seem like quitting or giving up.  Maybe it is, but it allows for something much more important to continue untainted – the Liberty movement.  If Ron Paul walks away on top before he can be painted with some very ugly brush strokes, it helps his legacy and our goals.  If the Republican Party sees that a significant portion of the population–both Republican and Democrat–buy into what Dr. Paul is preaching than perhaps he can build some good will with the establishment by causing as few waves in the primary as possible.  That good will could be mighty useful when asking the Republican Party to buy into the following: ending the Fed, restructuring the welfare state, revitalizing the federal system and righting the ship of the economy.  In the end, for me all the information leaves me with one sad realization–my favorite candidate should drop out after Iowa (New Hampshire at the latest).  I was never very good at math but the numbers just don’t seem to add up to anything good if Dr. Paul stays in the fight.

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  • The Enemy

    Bottom line: Dr. Paul cannot beat Obama. That’s another reason he should get out of the race.

    • Jonathan Sampson

      Are you serious? Dr. Paul would completely destroy Obama. Barack doesn’t have even a fraction of the knowledge and wisdom Ron has. A debate between the two would be comical!

    • Bob

      The only people who believe that Ron Paul would destroy Obama are people who listen to Alex Jones and people who want you to believe it … ie Obama supporters who are working to re-elect Obama. They know that Paul stands no chance of beating Obama and want him to run against him.

      Anyone who does not want to see Obama in the white house in 2012 .. is afraid to see Paul gain any substantial victory or run as a third party and split any votes from the GOP and ensure another 4 years of Obama. But you hold onto your half brained ideas and ensure another 4 years of Obama.

      We will all know who to thank in the end.

    • LadyLiberty

      Bob, your an idiot JA!!!

    • LadyLiberty

      Who is this Onan Coca anyway? Never heard of him or her.

    • texasjayhawker

      Poor Bob, he is a “viper”. Obama never won the election, never won any election. Dead people and the softwear (fruad) put him into the postion of dictator. Dr. Ron Paul President in 2012. At least he will respect the Constutution and The Rule of Law. What other politicion does this nowadays?

      Sneak preview of Dr. PaulsPresdiential acceptance speech.
      Read it and weep Ona Coca!!

    • texasjayhawker

      What is a “Ona coca”? Does it have to do with Sigmond Fruads favorite drug, concaine?

    • Jay

      Paul will never be able to cut it. He’s too old, he’s borderline senile and he is no conservative. He is a one-liner and right now,trying to hurt other more qualified candidates. He should quit, so should Bachman, Perry and and the guyn from Utah.

    • texasjayhawker

      Get a life!!! Your stripes show thru your smoke.

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      No one in their right mind would want Paul making our defense decisions.

    • Hank is back

      No one in their right mind would want any one man to make those decisions, often with no real oversight or accountability. That’s why we have a 535 member legislative branch!

      READ your friggin’ founding documents every now and then so you don’t make irrelevant, statements like Mr. Stone just did.

      Ron Paul is NOT Anti-War, he is Anti-Undeclared War, Anti-Unconstitutional War!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Skank… He is a weak, bumbling old fool.

    • Hank is back

      He is fairly normal, personality wise, definitely an introvert, and soft spoken. When he tries to compensate for these things, he overdoes it. He is not a perfect man.

      BUT, the president is not, and was never meant to be Napoleon Bonaparte in a suit and tie. I don’t want a Caudillo or Generalissimo running my country. These men are war mongers. If they ‘project strength’, it does not mean they are brave or even really strong, but in fact is a classic sign of cowardice and vainglory. I have no problem with waging a war, but which of your favorite war time presidents in an undeclared war has actually gone out of their way to make the conflict as short and inexpensive as possible? Which one of them was in it to win it?

      Truman in Korea?

      Kennedy, LBJ, or Nixon in Viet Nam?

      Bush Junior and Marx Junior in Iraq and Afghanistan?

      Reagan at least won his battles, but most of them were minor, proxy, or covert.

      Bush Senior did go to Iraq and get out quick, but he left Saddam in there.

      Clinton did the Serbia thing quick enough, but that was a pointless war for NATO’s benefit, and it was the Christians in that war that felt the brunt of it, while the Muslims, including the Al-Qaeda affiliated KLA got what they wanted.

      If there is a war, I want it Constitutionally Declared. I want the mission to be clearly defined. I want to win it. Tell me why any candidate besides Ron Paul that has promise any of these things. And before you say that I am fooled by his supposedly ‘too-good-to-be-true’ rhetoric, let me say first that you are even more fooled by his less than lustrous appearance.

      In all seriousness: Merry Christmas!

    • scott scarborough

      If Ron Paul does not get on the Republican ticket I’m voting third party. The rest are the same sad song!

    • grossyi


    • Majjohn

      Which 3rd Party? The Greens? The Socialists?, the Communists? Hell you don’t even know who is running. PS: Eugene V Debbs is dead!

    • Glen Xx

      the answer is simple Libertarian

      Gary Johnson, is on their ticket and they are

      on the ballet in all 50 states.

      I will never ever vote RINO again.

      Ron Paul or Gary Johnson in that order.

    • cheryl

      Go ahead you dumb ass. No third party has ever won. It will just give obamo another 4 yrs. Is that what you want?

    • fliteking

      Like it or not this logic prevails.


      I Got News for you, If Paul doesn’t make the ticket I WILL VOTE FOR OBAMA just so the impolision of this country is on his historic watch!

    • the Patriot

      A vote for Paul IS A VOTE FOR the white OBAMA!

    • Glen Xx

      If we take the senate & House America will

      Survive 4 years of BHO. But if a RINO gets in

      They will pull a Bush and make the GOP look

      so bad that the Party could be set back a


      RON Paul is the only non RINO with traction. He can win.

    • Doris Carmanc

      voting third party is giving the election to obuma.

    • texasjayhawker

      Only if the majority sit on there ass and do not go vote (and guard there vote because there is deception in the software)

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Jaybird … The majority will be voting. They just won’t be voting for Wrong Paul. Get over it.

    • Eastern Eagle

      They said the same crap about Reagan when he ran. All agit-prop. Then the NWO tried to assassinate him…but God had other plans. We, the working middle class, got the TAX CUTS, like Kennedy intended us to have. President Paul will TAKE IT TO the NWO MURDERERS who KILLED Kennedy and tried the same with Reagan. Paul…ALL THE WAY!!!

    • texasjayhawker

      Five months after President Kennedy signed the “unconstitutional, therefore, illegal” executive order # 11110, (that the Federal Reserve could no longer loan fiat money, at usury (intersest)to the US government), he was ASSASSINATED.

    • Bob in Boston

      According to polls, in a direct matchup with Obama, Ron Paul does 7 points better than Romney and 10 points better than Newt. So nice try, but wrong. :-)

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Which polls????You nuts are delusional…

    • Hank is back

      Polls of likely voters. And polls of independents.

    • texasjayhawker

      As JESUS said: “YOU VIPERS” Ann Rand, where is your PAY-OFF?

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Just ticking off you moonbats is pay enough for me.

    • Glen Xx

      First I must say Anne R is full of RINO dung.

      There are lots of polls showing RP doing well

      against BHO

      Finally, studies show that divorced men and Mormans and lobbyists are unelectable.

      Newt Getrich and Willard the rat Ronmey are therefore unelectable.

      RON Paul all the way.

  • Retired USAF MSgt

    Ron Paul believes:

    Street drugs should be legalized.

    Iran having a nuclear bomb is not a problem.

    Gays are spreading AIDS in the nations water supplies.

    I, for one, do not want this person with access to nuclear weapons any more than I want Iran to have them.

    • Retired USAF MSgt

      Sorry wrong method. Correction-and this is from the Ron Paul Newsletter:

      Gays are going to donate blood en masse in hopes of infecting the American blood supply with AIDS.

    • http://facebook pat

      how in gods name did u make Sargent..U believe what the main street media tells u and u know nothing about our national security..u keep posting in here about things u obviously have no knowledge of..please either get informed or get off our page..
      ret-USN-chief petty officer

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Your page,Pat???? Since when???You are another delusional moonbat.

    • nifongnation

      I don’t know about the water supply, but they are sure spreading kooties all over the place, along with the illegals.

    • Dancer2

      Frankly I’m surprised at your ignorance. Do you remember prohibition? If drugs were legalized there wouldn’t be the crime there is now and the drug dealers wouldn’t be making a fortune; it would be just as it was w/alcohol. Nuclear weapons; we have a tone of them and so does most everyone other country. Ron Paul would be very strong on defense but we wouldn’t have military all over the world; they could spend their money at home instead of in other countries.

      RON PAUL 2012 OR NONE AT ALL!!!!

      Sneak preview of Ron Paul’s Presidential acceptance speech
      If he doesn’t make the ticket..VOTE OBAMA
      the implosion of this country will will be on his historic WATCH!!

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      We also wouldn’t have all the deaths going on in Mexico and on our borders, if drugs were legal. I think it is Amsterdam that has legalized drugs. They have one section where drug users can go and not be bothered by the authorities. They are on their own though. Seems to work there.

    • Bob in Boston

      None of the things you said were true, and you look like an idiot now.

    • 57girl

      Actually, Bob everything Dancer said is true. I just posted a link on the war on drugs. Of course that comment is being ‘monitored’, so I don’t know if this site will post it or not. Why don’t you do a little research? You’d be surprised at what you might learn if you break away from ‘murdoch media’.

    • 57girl

      Bob, I owe you an apology, when I made the above comment, I initially thought you made your comment in response to Dancer’s comment. Sorry about that. My mistake.

    • fliteking

      No – most of what he said is true. Look it up, takes less than 5 seconds.

    • 57girl

      fliteking, I think the statement Retired . . . Mgst made was the one that started this specific line of discussion. Mr.MSGT is full of chit,I dare say, so in that light, I agree with Bob’s comment. The first comment I made was mistakenly made directed in defense of dancer2. Because I do agree with Dancer’s comment.

      Retired USAF MSgt says:
      December 22, 2011 at 9:49 am

      Ron Paul believes:

      Street drugs should be legalized.

      Iran having a nuclear bomb is not a problem.

      Gays are spreading AIDS in the nations water supplies.

      I, for one, do not want this person with access to nuclear weapons any more than I want Iran to have them.

    • Hank is back

      Drugs would NOT be made ‘legal’. States would decide what to do with drugs. Most states would keep drugs illegal or restricted. Nobody has to live in the states that do make them ‘legal’.

      Iran having a bomb is a problem, but what most of the candidates propose to do about it would not solve that problem.

      And Ron Paul supports freedom of speech, including the rights of homophobes, heterosexuals, homophiles, and homosexuals to express their opinions, regardless of how offensive or misguided they may be.

      The poisoning of the water supply charge was never made to my knowledge.

      One contributor to Paul’s Newsletter simply told people to be careful getting blood transfusions, and made the dubious remark that ‘gays were going to donate blood en masse in hopes of infecting the American blood supply with AIDS.’

    • texasjayhawker

      Air Force man, you know some people are not who they appear to be. You know, pretenders, decieves, usurpers, we have one in the White House now.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Ret. Sgt… I agree with you. These people have a lot of time and money invested in their”Dear Leader” so they are going to be pretty disappointed for a while.

  • Terry Black

    On the contrary, I have read an article that says the opposite of your bottom line statement.

    Google – Iowa Poll: Only Ron Paul Can Beat Obama

    • texasjayhawker

      Yes Mr. Black, but only in an honest election

  • Shane

    I will support any of the GOP Presidential candidates, except for the Libertarian loon Paul. Ron Paul is a true RINO, a Republican-in-Name-Only. Paul has no loyalty to the GOP as evidenced by his vicious attacks on the other GOP candidates. He has stated that both Bachman and Santorum hate Muslims, which is not true, but they both recognize that our enemies are fundamentalist Muslims who are engaged in a Jihad against the USA and the West; Paul does not understand this.

    Furthermore, Paul is an Isolationist whose foreign policy and views on Islam are more similar to Obama’s than to the other Republican Presidential candidates. Paul thinks it’s fine that our sworn enemy, Iran, gets a nuclear weapon. Finally, Paul recently stated that Bradley Manning, the traitor who leaked classified files to Wikileaks, is a patriot! Don’t waste a vote on the mean-spirited RINO, Ron Paul.

    • Joy

      I totally agree with Shane and clicked the THUMBS UP button BUT it showed a thumbs down. I personally can not believe there are people that push Paul. He is an absolute traitor to the American Government. Occasionally he stumbles upon a good point and screws that up with 15 CRAZY IDEAS. For those that wish for open Drug Laws, are you looking at what drugs are doing to our youth. How are you going to deal with Iran with a BOMB and our military disbanded by Paul. All I can say is you folks must be on some strong DRUGS that controls your thought process. We got an Illegal Communist Idiot for President now, and Paul would make it even worse. GOD PLEASE HELP AMERICA!!!

    • 57girl

      You should look into our Government and how the CIA runs drugs to make money for their covert operations. The war on drugs is as big a lie as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With all of the information on the internet today exposing our crooked Government, I can not believe there are people that still think the war on drugs is legitimate. You should do a little research and check it out. Watch the Clinton Chronicles and see what Billy boy was up to prior to his Presidency. Watch a few documentaries on our prison system as a result of the war on drugs. We would all be better off to simply legalize and tax drugs, rather than create a black market by keeping them legal.
      You should watch this and you’ll see what I mean. Not to worry, it starts out in German, but quickly changes to English.

      The war on drugs, the prison industrial complex . . . well worth watching, very educational.

    • Bob in Boston

      I still can’t believe there are people in the united states gullible enough to believe all the propaganda you just parroted.
      1) Look at Portugal or the Netherlands if you want to see how legalizing drugs affects a society. Drug-related overdoses go down, and crime drops a TON.
      2) Ron Paul is the only candidate with a sane foreign policy. The most terrifying thing in the last debate was Bachmann turning to the camera and lying about the IAEA report, saying it said Iran was within months of having a nuclear weapon. If it weren’t for people like Ron Paul, we might actually believe that nationalist propaganda. It’s scary how gullible people are, even people on the internet who should know better . I mean – how can anyone who was fooled by “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq just go along with the “nuclear weapons in Iran” line without some skepticism? Probably the same suckers who buy the “they hate us for our freedoms” propaganda…
      The fact is Ron Paul would give America a stronger National Defense and a safer environment for our children then we have now, because we wouldn’t be going around the world creating enemies like we are now. Because let’s face it – literally *every* time we’ve stuck our noses into foreign affairs in the middle east, we have made things worse – every single time. Think about it – Iran is this anti-American because we decided to install a “friendly” regime. Sorry but our foreign policy is just making things more and more unsafe and giving our government more and more excuses to take away our liberties. No thanks – I’d prefer to be safe and free Ben Franklin-style. You can take your security and move to England or somewhere else with a disarmed society and a police state.

    • Wondering Woman

      Joy, you are definitely one American who needs to wake up and the sooner the better. Apparently you did no research into the candidates past record before coming to your misguided conclusions. Please do your homework before going to the polls to vote in 2012.

    • Edwin

      Apparently you don’t know Ron Paul!
      He would be the best president for the USA!
      He wants to restore the constitution and restore America back to the way it should be!
      He doesn’t want to destroy it like Obama(Barry)
      wants to!
      RON PAUL in 2012!

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      Sorry Joy, you are the one who needs to wake up. Dr. Paul has been trying to tell us for years the something needs to be done about the Fed. Reserve, and he is right. It is just a ponsi scheme that was started by the NWO elites, to take our money by the way of the IRS. If drugs were made legal, there would not be all the drug wars going on. Look how many people have been killed in Mexico and on our borders because of the drug cartels. If people want the drugs, they are going to get them whether they are legal or not.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Joy…. Merry Christmas… Most of the comments below are prime examples of the Wrong Paul Brainwashing School. You can spot them a mile away. He has had a long time to fill their minds with foolishness .As John Wayne said, “Life is hard. It’s even harder when you are stupid.”

    • Glen Xx

      Oh Anne ! There you go again.

      You are almost as bad as the Dems. who post

      on here.

      RON Paul, 2012

    • texasjayhawker

      Dr. Ron Pauls allegance is to the Constitution, the rule of law, we the people. You donnot like that, then you know what you can do

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Shane… It looks like he has had agood thing going for quite a while.. He holds seminars to teach these people to be good little soldiers, all the while making a lot of money for tuiton.. Then, they are ready to contribute heavily to his campaign. He gets to keep the campaign money, also. Now, he is going to retire from govt. with a nice nest egg. What a country!!!!

    • texasjayhawker

      Comrade Ann Rand, love your make-up

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Thank you…

    • Glen Xx

      If Anne had not gone to public school, she could read and compare numbers.

      The truth of the matter is, RON Paul has the

      Lowest financial Net Worth of MAJOR CANDIDATES.

      You have basically two choices RINO rich boy Romney or

      RON Paul, the Patriot.

  • Bruce

    So, in other words we all should just throw our hands in the air, give up and vote for the lesser of two evils again! Then, in another three years we all can post on this blog about how nothing has changed and how our country has slipped further towards socialism.

    • 57girl

      Bruce, you are an optimist. I am afraid if Ron Paul doesn’t win the Presidency, we may not even have borders in 3 years from now. Our rights sure are eroding fast. I suspect we are closer to the NAU than we realize. Look at the illegal alien count. Look at the NAFTA Highway, now allowing Mexican Truckers to cross our borders with lax inspections. For God’s sake, we can now be marked as a ‘terrorist’ right here in America and hauled off to jail with no trial (the bill they passed last week). We need to take our Nation back and Ron Paul is the only Candidate running that will actually help us reclaim our God-given rights as free citizens.

    • Doris Carmanc

      If Paul is elected and its a big if we wont have mexican borders either way before 3 yrs. How could he stop it?

    • LadyLiberty

      Doris, what borders? We haven’t had a protected border…forever!!!

    • texasjayhawker

      No Sir,the war of 1812 keep our border with Canada (actualy keep all our borders-as we remainded a nation), the Mexican-American War established our Southern Borders.

    • Hank is back


    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      57 girl, how right you are. It took me awhile to realize this, because I was listening to everyone else saying he was crazy, and his foreign policy was terrible, and he wouldn’t help Israel. I have made up my mind by listening to what he has to say. He is the only one that has consistently voted by the Constitution. If anyone but him is elected, I believe we will be a third world country real soon.

  • LCLC

    First of all.
    Ron Paul does not believe “Gays are spreading AIDS in the nations water supplies.” This is insane, you have to prove this if you are going to say it.
    Secondly, just because he isn’t a warmonger doesn’t make him a RINO. The Republican party had been out of power during every war since the Civil War up until the Gulf War. We are traditionally less aggresive with our military than Democrats…
    In terms of economics principle he is the MOST CONSERVATIVE candidate.
    In terms of social ideas – he is pro life, and seeks liberty for everything else. Wouldn’t you rather the government not get involved in your personal life as long as you are not hurting other people?
    Ron Paul is not a RINO.
    This article saddens me… but maybe the author is right and Dr. Paul could do more good on the outside?

    • tod


    • Wondering Woman

      Ron Paul is not likely to cut any deals. He is campaigning for President because he sees the need for a true leader and he is not likely to be able to put up much of a fight for his principles in any other position. We can help him in his fight by voting out the new world order puppets already in Congress while voting him in for President. He has been fighting for his principles and beliefs against all odds. What makes you think he is
      going to forsake all his beliefs and principles now? I see nothing in his past history to say that he is likely to give up
      now! God Bless Him and let him be our next

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      Don’t forget to also vote out all Liberals, Rhinos, and establishment republicans. We have got to put people in Congress that want to keep the Constitution in tact, and people who have the values this country was created on.

    • LadyLiberty

      Yeah, vote out all the Senators and House Reps that passed the NDAA…which takes most of our bill of rights protection away from American citizens. This is too much power for anyone…and they gave this power to Obama!!! Shame on these AH!!! They are all about money and power..Open your eyes people and vote Ron Paul 2012!!!

    • texasjayhawker

      Only 7 Senators voted against NDAA (S 1867). 93 supported this un-constitutional pile of bull-shit. People, you have your work cut-out for you!

    • texasjayhawker

      I see I got a negative (-1) rating on my post about the 93 Senators who voted for NDAA (S-1867). Section 1031 & 1032 are definately Un-American and anti-Constitutional. Why would I have a -1 rating? (Must be the VIPERS!)

    • 57girl

      I was with you right up to your last line. Ron Paul belongs in the White House. We need a Leader that will undo what the past Administrations have done to our Nation. We need to expose the Federal Reserve and hold them accountable for their actions. Ron Paul is the only Candidate that will stand up to the power elite that are leading us into the NAU. Ron Paul could move mountains with Presidential powers. The thing is, he won’t be abusing them like our current fictitious leader has been doing since day 1.

  • Terry Black

    Boy oh boy! It is so obvious that the Oligarchs are upset with Ron Paul, if anyone had any sense at all they’d be able to see right through the farce that is the Left/Right Padadigm in other words their is a system in play that really does not offer a citizen choice between a so called Republican Party or a Democratic Party!
    In reality both parties are dictated by the elitist oligarchs and it amounts to Republican/Democrat equals the two sides of the same coin!

    Are your eyes open yet???

    Some real mind invoking News articles this morning:

    Neocon Says Ron Paul Would Appease Hitler and the Nazis

    Twilight Zone: USA Today Story About Ron Paul Leading in Iowa Headlined ‘Ron Paul Still Not in Lead’

    • Wondering Woman

      Terry, We are not alone in being awakened. Let’s hope that we can withstand all the crap the new world order is going to throw at him and stand UNITED TO WIN in 2012. Pitiful, that the only thing they have come up with so far is 20+ year old accusations of racial comments. Those FBI files that Hilary had delivered to her at the White House must not have had anything on him in them! Wonder what those files on Hilary would show?

      From the way things are looking now, Eric Holder’s files should probably include deaths from the Oklahoma federal building along with deaths from “fast and furious”. Makes one wonder just how far the entrenched new world order elitists puppets will go to cause a crisis that they won’t let go to waste!

      Wonder how many of the new world order puppets already in Congress are shaking in their boots for fear of being outed, and maybe even tried for treason against this country, if we win?

  • nvrpc

    Ron Paul is NOT going to be the Republican candidate. He should rop out ASAP should NOT run third party because all that will do is split the vote and you’ll get Obama for 4 more years. Anyone with a brain would know this but from what I have seen out here there aren’t very many thinking people. If Obama get back in I wonder how long he’ll serve..

    • Bob in Boston

      If your main priority is to get Obama out of the office, then you definitely want Ron Paul nominated. He beats Obama by more than both Romney and Gingrich.

    • Edwin

      NO BAMA 2012!
      RON PAUL IN 2012!

    • Wondering Woman


      Anyone with a brain should have figured out by now that the new world order has thoroughly infiltrated both the DNC and RNC, and has been playing the American voter for fools for decades by telling us that there is a difference between the 2 major parties and that voting for a third party candidate will only split the vote, letting the most despicable candidate win.

      Time they got a message from the American voters – WE ARE VOTING FOR THE BEST CANDIDATE- not for a party, even if we have to write him/her in, so start working on your resumes before the 2012 election because we plan to vote the new world order puppets out while voting our PATRIOT in as PRESIDENT.

      UNITED WE STAND and divided we fall under the new world order, ruled openly by the UN and WHO, but the dictatorial orders will be handed to them by the new world order elitists.

    • texasjayhawker

      Look friend, it is either Dr. Ron Paul or it is Obama. Which do you prefer? There is no OTHER choices for we the people! Dr. Ron Paul who RESPECTS the LAW or Obama who believes HIMSELF to be god and makes his own law! I mean, can it not be more CLEAR!

  • Terry Black

    Well here is an example of what Obama is going to give you and a whole herd of Republican Senate RINOS

    thanks to the Detention Bill

    Google- Exclusive: Military to Designate U.S. Citizens As Enemy During Collapse

  • Jonathan Sampson

    I’ll be voting for Dr. Paul. The rest of my Republican brothers can do as they like, however, Dr. Paul is the only man for the job.

    His dedication is to the Constitution, rather than the Republican name. What are we to love more, a title, or the very freedoms outlines in our founding documents?

    Yes, Ron would de-criminalize drugs, and rightfully so. Please, think for just a moment, do you honestly want the Government telling you what you can and cannot ingest? Do you think FLOTUS should be able to enforce a diet on Americans, it’s right along the same line as telling us we cannot smoke a plant.

    As for Iran, Dr. Paul has pointed out over and over that there is no sign of them having a Nuclear bomb. And let’s not forget that even the Israeli paper Ha’aretz agreed with Paul that Iran is too rational to bomb Israel, and thus commit suicide. Any attempted attack on their neighbor would be their demise!

    Dr. Paul will cut spending, eliminate the federal income tax, which means more money for you and your family! More money going directly into the economy, meaning more job creation and no artificial bubbles!

    Open your eyes, as the people of Iowa have, and see that Ron Paul is the man for the job! Either that, or kiss the Constitution good-bye, since no other candidate on that stage has any measurable degree of respect for it when compared to that of Ron Paul.

  • The Traditionalist.

    Being a RINO is not such a bad idea when you consider what the Republican party stands for, seeing their track record is’nt much better than that of the Democrat party. How about the the largest expansion in federal power in American history under Bush, The Patriot Act,including more erosion of the 1st Amendment in the name of Campaign Finance, plus continued involvment in more undeclared wars, refusing to stop illegal immigration, continued inflation, out of control debt, more welfare and warfare, more socialism,and the perisitent recruitment and appointing of more new world order CFR and Trilateral members to key positions in government etc. Is this what you mean by being a true Republican?

    The republican party does not like Ron Paul because they know his conservative record as a Congressman, and are aware he will not play ball with them. So now the national media and the republican party are gearing up for their smear campaign to derail Dr. Paul.

  • Terry Black

    Many of you people are so opiniated, it is no wonder Obama got in in the first place.

    It is so one sided and biased, there is no rim for you to think!

    The talking heads have you headed for the mouse trap baited with Globalist cheese!

  • Terry Black

    Typo: No room ro think!

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      Amdthey have been doing it for a long time. I saw it when McCain was running against Obama. He didn’t want to win, or he would have brought up all of Obama’s friends in Chicago, and his pastor who he listened to for 20 years. I believe it was planned ahead of time that Obama was to win. Both parties are in on the fix, and have been for a long time.

    • texasjayhawker

      Sandra, please allow me to enlighten you. All the republicans are against the massive deficit, all the democrates are against the massive deficits, all the independents come out, as well, against the deficits, evern the president. Then, why do we have such a massive deficit!

  • skip gainer

    With this new cave in by the house republicans, it will not matter who they run they are going to lose and they deserve to lose bloody cowards!

    • Wondering Woman

      Skip, Use your head for something besides a hat rack. Who cares if the republicans lose, as long as the right person wins. If Ron Paul doesn’t win as President, it is not the republicans who are going to suffer – it is “We the People” – who will suffer the consequences of being shoved under the new world order and those consequences are much
      worse than the trillions of dollars national
      debt that our great grandchildren will be struggling to pay off, if any of our great
      grandchildren survive the new world order’s goal of reducing the worldwide population by 85 to 90%.

      Look up AGENDA 21 for details of their plans and take appropriate action when you go to vote in 2012, and this will not only include voting one President in but voting a bunch of new world order puppet congressional members
      out. We cannot afford to lose this one by continuing to fall for the games that have worked for the new world order in the past.
      We have been asleep too long already – WAKE

    • texasjayhawker

      Give it to them brother!

    • Hank is back


    • texasjayhawker

      Sorry, I could claim to be from the “old school” when there was no gender differincality (?) I stand corrected

    • Hank is back

      No biggie. I was just messing with you.

  • Paul Zimmerman

    I fully agree. Ron Paul is being hit upon because of his dedication to the Constitution, not one other candidate is taking this stance!
    Jonathan Sampson says:
    December 22, 2011 at 3:53 pm
    I’ll be voting for Dr. Paul. The rest of my Republican brothers can do as they like, however, Dr. Paul is the only man for the job.

    His dedication is to the Constitution, rather than the Republican name. What are we to love more, a title, or the very freedoms outlines in our founding documents?

    Yes, Ron would de-criminalize drugs, and rightfully so. Please, think for just a moment, do you honestly want the Government telling you what you can and cannot ingest? Do you think FLOTUS should be able to enforce a diet on Americans, it’s right along the same line as telling us we cannot smoke a plant.

    As for Iran, Dr. Paul has pointed out over and over that there is no sign of them having a Nuclear bomb. And let’s not forget that even the Israeli paper Ha’aretz agreed with Paul that Iran is too rational to bomb Israel, and thus commit suicide. Any attempted attack on their neighbor would be their demise!

    Dr. Paul will cut spending, eliminate the federal income tax, which means more money for you and your family! More money going directly into the economy, meaning more job creation and no artificial bubbles!

    Open your eyes, as the people of Iowa have, and see that Ron Paul is the man for the job! Either that, or kiss the Constitution good-bye, since no other candidate on that stage has any measurable degree of respect for it when compared to that of Ron Paul.

  • CaptTurbo

    Clear evidence that the dirt balls are scared out of their boots. A decent man who respects the Constitution is gaining the grass roots support.

    Marxist Commies = grass (actually weeds)

    Dr. Paul = lawn mower.

    • Edwin

      RON PAUL IS GOING TO MOW THEM DOWN AND HE’S GONNA CLEAN HOUSE (White House,that is!) in 2012! I truly believe that he will win the presidency and crap is going to hit the fan!
      That is why they want him to quit, and I know he won’t!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      You sound like John Dean…A little off the rails, there, aren’t you??Calm down.

  • jeffsmathers

    I think the majority of Republicans who are of at least 50 years old can discern the trend of our once conservative party moving to the left and adopting many of the social nuances of the progressive party now called ‘democrats’.

    This is the core of the why many went towards and into the ‘Tea Party’ as a conservative anchor that once was held by the Republicans. It is very obvious to many of us who hold the Constitution as a fixed marker or datum as a reference for our governments actions over the years and the slip & sliding of our judiciary to enable the congress and senate to get away with social appeasements dejour for political and corporatist’s gains.

    Many of the Conservative blogs, websites, pundits and journalists are also as biased in many ways as is their counter parts in the progressive trough. Some know it, some don’t and some don’t care as long as the results justify the mean. ( Sounds familiar doesn’t it?). Even this website is beginning to display a strong posture to exclude Ron Paul from the Republican platorm, though he is one of the most conservative candidates in recent history.

    Ron Paul like all people is not perfect, however if it’s the Constitution that needs protecting in this time of our country’s growth, and I strongly feel it is. Then Ron Paul is the person to set a new defined marker into the ground that will represent ‘We the People’ and our desire to return this nation back to the best reference of individual freedom and liberties this world once revered.

    So be it. If the Republicans want to continue on their path of ‘righteous ignorance’ in deference to the conservative people they once represented, I will be with the new party, be it Tea Party or ‘Other’ and I will fight them by the Constitutional Oath I gave when I served my country.

    • Wondering Woman

      Agreed. Just got my notice to renew my TP membership. Also had just read that the TP was backing Gingrich. I mailed my membership notice back with the message that I could not support or back anyone but Ron Paul for president so was passing on renewing my membership, as any extra money I had would be going directly to Dr. Ron Paul’s campaign in the future, because he was the only one who qualified to be our leader.

    • texasjayhawker

      No one man can be everything to everyone

  • OneWomansVoice

    It just keeps getting stupider and stupider with articles like this out there.

    • 57girl

      The powers that be are running scared. They are making stuff up now and praying the people won’t do any research on their own. LOL. I suspect it is getting ready to get hot in the kitchen.

  • Danny Hodge

    Well. At leat now I feel like I can unsubscribe from this newsletter. It does not matter if he loses. Never give up Ron Paul. Stand on principle. No one else in the US seems to have any left.

  • Jerry F.

    RON PAUL should never had got in the race to begin with.

  • Dean

    What a load of crap! Any moron that thinks the Constitution is radical is no Conservative!
    Anyone that thinks we need to be the “World Police” is an idiot and how can you call that conservative? Any fool that buys into the party being more important than the nation is a mental midget!

  • Glenn

    This propaganda to get Ron Paul to quit is just that propaganda. Ron Paul is this Country’s only saving grace right now. Guess what folks if what this author just said happens this voter is going is going to say to heck with all of you and vote for Obama. I will not vote for those other game playing politicians who stand for nothing and deliver the same. I’m just plain tired of the games the political folks are playing with my Country. If America is to die at least let it be humanely. One more term of Obama and we’ll be dead with in a year. One of the other Republican candidates we’ll still be dead but the death will linger out a couple years !

    • RioSam

      Don’t have to vote for Obama, just write in Ron Paul on your general election ballot or vote for whoever the Libertarian Party is offering up..I would do that rather than vote directly vote for Obama…this is exactly what 99.9% of the Ron Paul supporters intend to do if he doesn’t get the nomination…if all the republicans would vote for RP in the primary giving him the nomination then you could be rest assured that Obama would lose the election.
      Case closed.

    • oltootr

      God Bless Ron Paul. he has my vote if he’s the candidate or not.

  • BettyLiberty

    Onan Coca, you are a disgrace.

  • Frank

    “I support Ron Paul and am one of those avid folks who are so often belittled for doing so.”

    Sorry, but I don’t buy it that you are a Ron Paul supporter… because you are NOT supporting him by this article. You are part of the big government RINO establishment that just wants more of the same old corrupt politics as usual.

    Another unpatriotic “The Patriotic Update”.

    • Bob in Boston

      I was thinking the same thing – no way any Ron Paul supporter would even DREAM of asking him to drop out. Despite the best efforts of the GOP establishment and the media to keep Ron Paul down, he has gotten to first place in Iowa. And despite the GOP doing their best now to make it sound like Iowa is not representative of the rest of the country, I strongly feel that a victory in Iowa is going to erase the whole “he’s not electable” meme the media has been throwing out there.

  • Breeze

    I think Paul would be the best thing to happen to this country. Where have we gotten with just the two parties? Nowhere! Our country just gets worse. We NEED someone like Paul to change this mess OUR country is in.

  • rafe

    All I can say is Paul has my Iowa vote and wife and daughter as well. I do not care for Romney—who else is there? BO has billion $v war chest. As much as I hate thinking 4 more years of Obama it may happen.
    Our country will be in shambles—more than it is now. %0 % pay no taxes—rest assured unions, ACLU etc will get most of them to vote for BO. A sad situation.

    • 57girl

      It is up to every one of us that believes in Dr. Paul to continue to fight for him as he fights for us. There are plenty of links to dispute the Media’s claims of whatever subject they choose to try to use to smear Dr.Paul with. All we have to do is go grab a link to a floor speech from years past or present. Dr. Paul has proven himself and the things he was saying 10 years ago still reflect his views today. So start grabbing links and make the naysayers squirm. There is a wonderful video on entitled “You like Ron Paul, except his foreign policy” . . . watch it if you think Dr. Paul is wrong. I suspect once you review America’s actions beginning in 1953, you will see that we are indeed at fault for the many conflicts within the Muslim Nation’s today. We started the ball bouncing. Check it out, don’t take my word for it. Ron Paul is trying to bring peace to our Nation, and peace doesn’t make money for the warmongers and bankers.

    • texasjayhawker

      Read the book “The Secret Empire” and hold on to you senses!

  • Galloping Libertarian

    You are so wrong on so many points.

    Evidently you haven’t read this:


    “America is the greatest nation in human history. Our respect for individual liberty, free markets, and limited constitutional government produced the strongest, most prosperous country in the world. But, we have drifted far from our founding principles, and America is in crisis. Ron Paul’s “Restore America” plan slams on the brakes and puts America on a return to constitutional government. It is bold but achievable. Through the bully pulpit of the presidency, the power of the Veto, and, most importantly, the united voice of freedom-loving Americans, we can implement fundamental reforms.”

    There is a key word there: Bully Pulpit

    “A bully pulpit is a public office or other position of authority of sufficiently high rank that provides the holder with an opportunity to speak out and be listened to on any matter. The bully pulpit can bring issues to the forefront that were not initially in debate, due to the office’s stature and publicity.

    This term was coined by President Theodore Roosevelt, who referred to the White House as a “bully pulpit,” by which he meant a terrific platform from which to advocate an agenda. Roosevelt famously used the word bully as an adjective meaning “superb” or “wonderful” (a more common expression in his time than it is today).”

    People hear Ron speak once and are permanent supporters thereafter and thats why he only got 89 seconds in that recent debate.

    He is feared greatly by the elite because he actually will “change the course of history”…for the better.

    Ron Paul: I’m Trying to Change the Course of History

    Ron Paul is on record stating that he will bring all the troops home worldwide and stop all these unnecessary wars and as Supreme Commander of the military as President he doesn’t need any approval from anyone to do this. This will save 1 Trillion dollars a year.
    Ron Paul is also on record stating he will go through prior “Executive Orders” and any not found to be Constitutional will be nullified by him.

    Do you have any idea of the implications this hold with the way former Presidents have done everything they can to sign away US sovereignty? Are you a true Patriot or just a dim bulb?

  • David

    So…under the banner of “A Free Press for the Conservative Revolution” comes a cowardly call to end that revolution and fall back to the status quo.

    Any current candidate other than Dr Paul is really no different than Obama with regard to the important questions…and anyone calling for Dr Paul to endorse one of the fauxcons truly has no understanding of the most important difference between Dr Paul and the rest of the pack.

    Absent Dr Paul’s election, the country has 2 choices…4 more years of Mr Obama and a continuation of the downward spiral or 4 years of a fauxcon that will follow the exact same policies with regrad to both the economy and the rampant military adventurism. Regardless of who leads the collapse, Mr Obama or Mr/Ms Newt Michelle Bachman-Romney-Perry, the American people will be the losers.

  • cynthia kennedy

    Hah, poor try at denigrating Dr. Paul. You obviously have your head up your poop chute if you can write fecal matter like this.

    FYI, we’re having a R3OVLution out here & Ron Paul is leading it all the way to the white house!

  • tod

    Dr. Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  • 57girl

    Ron Paul needs to stand his ground and take the White House. Ron Paul might not be able to slay all of the dragons he would like to slay in the Federal Government as our President, but I guarantee you he will undo any executive order that is not in line with our Constitution for starters. He will also choose a cabinet that knows what is in, and will abide by, our Constitution. Those two moves alone are powerful. I think too, once the people realize they have a honest President that is on their side, they will start to ride their local Representatives to adhere to the Constitution as well. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the White House, there might not be enough of America or our rights left to save. Look at the bill they passed last week, taking our right to a trial away if we are deemed to be ‘terrorists’. If you love what America used to be, let’s go back to our roots and reclaim our Nation. Ron Paul 2012, for our Nation’s sake.

  • Yellow Horse

    Children, children, paul doesn’t have a chance in hell!! Sorry young ones but that is the truth!!! No one wants a president that will stick his head in the sand with other countries that want to kill all Americans!!! Doesn’t make any sense!!! If we take no stand we will all die,Horrably!!!I’m sure my comment will go into the Hidden due to low commit ratings, but the truth is the truth!!!

    • texasjayhawker

      I can see why you call yourself “yellow horse”

    • Bob in Boston

      The only truth you need to worry about is that he’s in first place, and matches up best against Obama. As for him having his “head in the sand”, an increasing number of people are waking up and realizing how gullible we have been for years. I mean: “they hate us for our freedom”? Was anyone really dumb enough to buy that line of crap? And Iran having a nuke? After we all fell for the “weapons of mass destruction” line? Fool me once shame on me, but it ain’t gonna happen again. You may be too young to have common sense, but don’t lump the rest of us – we’re not that naive.

  • Stan

    Excuse me Onan Coca while I throw up.That has got to be the lousiest liberal dribble I have read yet.You call yourself a RP supporter?With friends like you who needs enemies?Dr. Paul has faced that trash pile of lies,and will face any and all lies coming his way.When you have the passion to bring the country back to the constitution,and Freedom,and Liberty,you don’t quit the fight in the middle of the battle.He IS a true Patriot and Statesman.Maybe you should consider a new profession,because you can’t write,and maybe you should re-evaluate who you are,because you are not a Ron Paul supporter.

  • am2sweet

    I am sad to say that with what’s left in the playing field there isn’t a one that could steer this country to the right direction and win the vote. The couple that could probably beat Obama would continue on the course he’s set which is the wrong direction. The others would steer us toward where we should be but probably wouldn’t beat Obama even if they were lucky enough to get the vote.

    • texasjayhawker

      only because of the voting machine software

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Jaybird … You are a crybaby.

  • Co-opted Confederate

    TO: Onan Coca; Your logic and reasoning are weak, your argument based on your own flawed asumptions. If Paul Runs HE WinsWe Win!
    Admittedly if the Congress is not cleaned out by the Paul supporters voting for fresh meat instead of the same ols Horse excrement that has taken the country down! We All Lose.

  • bill

    If Ron Paul had been elected last election we would not be in the condition we are now.He had my vote then as he will have it now.Ron Paul 2012

  • Good Time

    Its the oldest trick in the book, attach a ” racist” label to someone who does not support the ” CHOSEN ” few.

    • fliteking

      Correct. Libs even called Cain a Racist.

    • texasjayhawker

      Before liberalism came into being, it was called socialim. The communists changed the language, to fool the dumbed down masses.

  • jscottv

    Children my buttox, I am nearly a senior citizen that supports Ron Paul. My DAD who fought with Patton and is still living supports Ron Paul (bless him) and yes, we will write in his name if we have to do so. I will NOT vote for Romney or Newt Gingrich who wants to be the remembered at the WW3 president.

    • texasjayhawker

      Jscotty, Sir, are you aware that General Patton was actually assasinated. The Secret Empire was afraid he would be the next President instead of the traitor Eisenhower.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Your tinfoil hat is a little too tight… Loosen it up before you say something REALLY stupid.

    • texasjayhawker

      Dear Ann Rand, either you are ignorant (no offince meant) or you are, as JESUS said-a “viper”. Which is it?

  • bressler


  • bressler


  • john paul jones

    Why should Paul drop out? He leads in Iowa. He has as much right to run for the presidency as any other native born citizen of this country. Sounds like something sinister going on.

    • LadyLiberty

      This is a Libturd Media trick. If they keep beating Ron Paul down and calling him a loser…we will believe it…NOT THIS TIME!!!

  • fliteking

    Merry Christmas!
    Jesus is the Reason for the Season !

    • texasjayhawker

      AMEN, all you atheists, anti-christs, suck it up

  • Chuck

    Onan Coca is an idiot and a traitor to the cause of liberty! Ron Paul not only can win, but he can also effect great change. Coca says if Ron Paul wins, then what? Well Coca, I’ll tel you, “Now what?” First, he doesn’t need legislative support to effectively end the Fed. He can do what Kennedy did via Executive Order. Second, Ron Paul knows there is no need to immediately shut down the IRS. However, as President he is in charge of the executive branch of government, and the IRS is under the control of the executive branch, which enables him to direct the IRS to stop collecting the unconstitutional, illegal, individual income tax. In addition, as President he can order the Department of Justice to stop enforcing any unconstitutional laws, like marijuana laws. Third, the only support he needs to bring our troops home is the support of the American people, which he has. Fourth, as President he can veto any bill he doesn’t agree with, including spending and taxation bills. He also has control over the regulatory agencies, so he can abolish or reduce their ability to enforce regulations not specifically approved by Congress. If Coca were being honest, he would acknowledge that as President Ron Paul will have the Constitutional authority, with or without the support of Congress, to do all the things he claims he will do. Finally, the difference between Ron Paul and other Presidents who have used Executive Orders to illegally create or enact laws, Ron Paul will not use it to create law, nor does he need to in order to effect the changes necessary to put the United States back on the right track. So, for Coca to claim, “The only way that Dr. Paul would be able to get any work done is by using a device that he himself doesn’t like – the executive order (E.O.)” is disingenuous at best. Coca admits Ron Paul can use the E.O. “legally and with great effect; rescinding previous E.O.’s and signing new ones.” He just doesn’t realize that in the end it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for the next President to rescind or re-sign previous Executive Orders, especially now that the American people are awake. As for Ron Paul being attacked from all fronts and all parties, that’s exactly what this article by Coca has done. This article is merely an attack on Ron Paul and an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

  • Clarence

    There are two kinds of political campaigns. The one detects which way the wind is blowing and you set your sails to take maximum advantage of the wind. The other is an educational campaign where you use the political platform as a bully pulpit to bring an understanding. If you bring understanding to enough people you may win the election but even if you lose you still win because the movement you started will propel others forward. For every one who falls three others will take his place. Ron Paul is persistent in bringing people to an understanding. Regardless of which way things go WE WIN!!!!

  • john paul jones

    “The good sense of the people will always be found to be the best army. They may be led astray for a moment, but will soon correct themselves”. Thomas Jefferson

    • texasjayhawker

      All free men ought to be armed

  • Herbert

    It is this type of drivel that has caused me to unsubscribe to this news letter. I am 69 years old and have been a Ron Paul supporter since I first heard about him in 2k7.

    Allow me to dash any liberal hopes here; Whether Dr. Paul has any support from congress, what laws can they pass if he vetoes them all? They will soon find out that only statesmen will be left in congress after America sees what Dr. Paul will or will not allow congress to do.

    All the politicians trying to play both sides of the aisle will be removed from office by their constituents when the see them working against Dr. Paul’s principles.

    I agree with most of the comments here stating that this article is just another media scare tactic because they are really getting frightened now when they see Dr. Paul is truly a contender.

    Forget democrat/republican. Start looking to see who is for the individual and who is a collectivist. Anyone who thinks Washington, District of Communists are for the American People deserves to be in that first train-load to a FEMA camp.

    Anyone who would vote for anyone other than Dr. Paul is a “go-along-to-get-along” dork who has allowed this once God-fearing country to slide into the oblivion we are now facing.

    You have one last chance to vote by ballot. The next election may very well instead be decided by bullets.

    Hope you are a better shot than you are a thinker.

    • texasjayhawker

      Herbert, Sir, brillantly stated. I can see your age makes you above the crowd. (some say Dr. Ron Paul is too old) What little do they know, or is it that they are compromised? Yes Sir, those who are ignorant, tend to show it

  • Aunt Jane

    The article makes sense except for one problem. Who would he endorse? Romney? Newt? Bachmann? Huntsman for crying out loud? I think some of Paul’s ideas are extreme but I don’t seen any other choices.

  • Bruce

    All that is going on, is they can’t find any bimbo’s to link to Ron Paul.
    They have to resort to this “journalism”.
    The LSM do this to every front runner. Ron Paul seems to give them a problem. He doesn’t seem to have ethical problems. They attack his idea’s as being “looney”. Like the way we’ve been doing things is not looney?

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    There is third option for voters: That is to vote a split ticket, writing in Ron Paul for president and voting in a Republican House and Senate, so that Obama can be curbed, but vote “NO” to a Republican RINO Globalist New World Order Progressive same as Socialist in the White House. Congress and the Senate can do their jobs of impeaching Obama or putting him in jail, whatever works. Meantime savvy voters will have dealt the Republican RINOs the wake up call. In 2016, the Republicans will have to come up with a “Doer” like Ron Paul, instead of RINO talkers with no substance.

  • PaulWBrock

    There will be no 2016 if Paul splits the votes. Obama will win and the things that he will do will insure a dependent class forever. The country will never recover. Paul supporters use the epithet (its becoming that)RINO like the democrats use racism. It is devoid of any substance and the case can be made that to accuse anyone of being a RINO is namecalling at its worse and damaging to the Conservative movement. The Paul supporters will be played like a fiddle by the democrats to divide the Republican party. Ron Paul will never get elected and although I love his fiscal ideas, his foreign policy stands would be a disaster to this country and its trade. As I have said before if he were to be nominated Obama would win 49 states. That is predicted by all the experts. Do you know that his belief on 9/11 are the same as VAn Jones and Rosie. He is a “truther”. Which gives credence to the observation that extreme right wingers merge with the left wing eventually. The Paul voters are as big a threat to the republic as the Liberal/socialist democrats, because they will insure a democrat victory in 2012 and also a retaking of the House by the democrats.

    • Glenn

      PaulWBrock for your information those self proclaimed “experts” got us into this mess to begin with. We all were brainwashed into believing they were professional experts because of their morbid education. However just because you have a degree in belly dancing doesn’t mean you can perform brain surgery. And these bimbos are educated in self gain not the betterment of our beloved United States of America !

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      Paul, he is not a truther. He doesn’t believe that our government had those planes fly into the World Trade Center. He believes that the terriorists did this because we have stuck our nose into their business too many times. I don’t think Paul will split the votes. I don’t know why some people don’t think he can win. i think he has more supporters now than ever.

    • texasjayhawker

      PaulWBrock, you seem to be like the persons the former President Reagan talked about, there are people who know so much, that they donot know if it day time or night

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Paul W. Brock… You just stated a lot of truth, but of course, it will fall on deaf ears. These people have been taken prisoner by R.P. and are afflicted with the Stockholm Syndrome.

    • texasjayhawker

      Ann Rand, I see by the color of your MARK, (red) you are a communist (Rothchild is German for Red Sign). Of course, your talk is that of an anti-american. Red for blood, Red for the RED HORSE of the Apopaclisp (spelling), Red for COMMUNNISIM!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      texas….You are a primeexample of what I meant when I said that Ron Paul should be prosecuted for taking advantage of the feeble-minded.By the way, you are a little touchy about things. Try not to get your panties in a knot.

  • Walter D. Shutter, Jr.

    Onan Coca, you are mistaken. If Ron Paul were to be elected President, he COULD fundamentaly reform our government without the support of Democrats and RINOs through the use of the Presidential veto. All those government agencies that “eat out our substance” as the Declaration of Independence put it, must be funded each year by an appropriations bill. The president could veto those appropriations bills. A Presidential veto can only be overridden by a 2/3 majority in both houses in Congress. I think there are enough Tea Party and fiscal policy conservatives in Congress to sustain such a veto.
    But even if I am wrong, Onan Coca, what you are really saying is that if you can’t win, you should quit. You don’t get into the White House or the history books with that attitude. “I know not what course others may take, but as for me…Well, you know what Patrick Henry said about choice.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Walter Shudder… Don’t yo get it?? We already have one idiot who is trying to fundamentally transform America and it AIN’T wotking.

    • Andrea B

      Onan Coca

      Thank GOD you’re not giving advice to the Paul campaign!!!!

      With “friends” like you, Dr. Paul certainly doesn’t need enemies…

      He has stated, time and again, that if he doesn’t get the nomination, he would only be able to endorse another candidate if that candidate followed the Constitution in thought, action, and deed. (My interpretation, not a direct quote). To endorse someone that doesn’t would be a betrayal to all of his supporters, and he simply won’t do it.

      And one other thing, Onan: Dr. Paul isn’t trying to win the favor of the RNC. He’s too successful at winning the favor of the citizenry. My apologies for not knowing this, but who is it that supports the RNC? Which candidate has received the most in personal donations? Which candidate has received the most money from our military?

      Unlike you, I CAN do the math.

      Ron Paul 2012

    • Lady Kroft



    • beretta45cal

      Lady Kroft, Amen to That, if someone comes to the U.S. and doesn’t like it, Don’t try to change us, JUST LEAVE, because I’m not changing my Christian Religion for no one!

    • don

      he is ablow hard look how long it took to tell us his lies. if he not a liberal hes for sure. loves one or the other. hy buddy we are not going away. we are your worst dream.

  • Ilene

    I don’t deny that Ron Paul makes some good points about this country. However, his view on the world problems is troubling to me.

    • Texan living overseas (until Texas secedes)

      What views about the world?

      That America should stop spending a trillion dollars training 650,000 new shiite iraqi soldiers (who love shiite Iran) and giving them guns and tanks which will one day turn on Israel?!?

      Or that Ron Paul was the ONLY voice in Congress supporting Israel when Israel attacked Iraq’s nuclear facilities in 1981, even when Reagan and the GOP moved to condemn Israel?!

      Ron Paul is the only true Pro-America, Pro-Israel candidate!! Israel has a great army and over 300 nukes and Ron Paul wants to take the LEASH off them and STOP giving foreign aid because we give 10x more aid to Israel’s enemies!

      He’s just against the “politics as usual” and thus is a threat to the DC establishment.

      I’d also say no true conservative or even war hawk can support the current wars. Why? Because they are not “wars” at all! They are just “nation building” operations designed to transfer American wealth to Iraqi/Afghani hands!

    • Rip

      then educate yourself with the truth about Dr. Paul, and don’t take what you read here to heart.

    • McClarinJ

      Ilene, I disagree with those who’ve voted your comment down. You did not accuse Dr. Paul of anything but merely expressed your misgivings. That is legitimate in my book even though I am a big Ron Paul supporter. I gave your comment a vote up and I hope others will too.

      I encourage you to wonder how truthful our leaders and opinion-makers have been in portraying the Iranian or Iraqi threat. There are mega-billions to be made by defense contractors and they are big contributors to the political class. Some are media owners as well. You don’t suppose they would stretch the truth a little or a lot for profit’s sake?

      Aside from profit there are elite global planners who treat the world like a board game. They have planned for decades to take out the leadership of Iran, and after Iran, Venezuela. Iraq is one of their conquests and so are Libya and Afghanistan. They also are engaged in the destruction of American sovereignty to pave the way for eventual global government, the New World Order. To them, the War on Terror is a convenient excuse to clamp down on our liberties and eventually outlaw private firearm possession. The looming collapse of our economy is also to their benefit. If Obama is replaced they have several approved Republicans who will continue Obama’s work just as John McCain would have if he had been elected.

      When you see the way the media has tried to ignore Ron Paul, that is strong evidence that he is not an “approved” candidate. He would upset the powers that be if elected and they will not rest in their efforts to neutralize him.

    • Dale

      McClarinJ, What do you mean by Ron Paul is not an aproved canididate. The main stream media ignors Dr. Paul because he is not a business as usual canisidate. Do some research ans see who owns the main stream media the last report I seen Chase Manhatten bank (rockofeller Family ) owned 17.4% of CBS Broad Casting and they donn’t a president that will upset there apple cart. Oh The Rockofeller is an owning member FEDERAL RESERVE BANK along with the ROTHCHILD Family, the MELLON Family just to name afew Go to FEDERAL RESERVE BANK WASHINGTON DC and check them out. I have an article on the FEDS if you would like it and some others it me Back at AND ANY ONE ELSE THAT WANTS THEM

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      You either did not read, or chose to not understand what McClarinJ said. “The main stream media ignors Dr. Paul because he is not a business as usual canisidate.”. Your spelling, not mine.

      What McClarinJ was trying to make clear is that Dr. Paul is not on the MSM’s approved list of candidates and therefore they have been instructed to ignor him.

      Pay attention, don’t attempt to answer the question before you have read the question.

    • Lomax

      I simply can’t abide his juvanile foreign policy ideas. The notion that we should let our enemies have nuclear weapons if we can prevent it is sheer lunacy, and we don’t need that sort of non thinking in the White House.

    • C.Davis

      For some reason, a lot of the polls consistently show that foreign policy is about 3% of people’s most important issue. I don’t believe that. Millions in this country have gotten out of their comfort zones to protest these illegal wars in the last decade. Many, as I have, have had enough pictures and videos of dead babies and other atrocities laid at our doorstep.
      This among a plenitude of other reasons proves why Dr.Ron Paul is the only candidate who will beat the usurper and his owners and their minions and their mechanisms. Hordes of democrats and third party voters will throw in with an anti-interventionist if they see a clear chance of getting a peaceful soul into office, as Paul has shown.
      The single party system has reached its logical conclusion. With the indefensible policies of which war without end, torture and oppression are only a few of many, the wisdom of the man who said “if America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great” is on the brink of being vindicated.
      Also, Many in our country who are in the know about defense related matters are only too aware that posting our troops thinly around the world invites not only retribution but also an invasion of our soil by a belligerent country such as Red China or Russia, with our most able-bodied and well trained citizens absent.
      Meanwhile it is all too easy for agents of these countries to filter into the U.S. among the gaggles of illegals flowing in in search of entitlements and our jobs.
      Look around you people. We are being set up for the next civil war, and the vast majority of the mind control victims are signing up for violin lessons. The parasites behind the curtain pulling the strings remain largely undetected. But there’s this little dog yanking on the curtain named Toto- AKA Ron Paul. And his motto is like the magic words in the analogy-”there’s no place like home!” And should Ron Paul succeed in bringing, with our help, goodness back to this country, we may once again be great.

    • James Turk

      Then why did we not stop Russia from getting nukes? Why did we not stop those other Middle Eastern countries from getting nukes? Oh I know they are not as crazy as Iran. Now Iran could be crazy but they are not so crazy that they would commit complete suicide, and if they did use a nuke that is what they would be doing, committing suicide. Iran never said they would wipe Israel off the map nor did they say they would nuke the U.S. Those were war mongering Michelle Bauchmans words, not Iran’s. He who would give up freedom for a measure of security deserves neither. You are just the type of person who would let our government do anything it likes if you thought they would keep you safe. Bad mistake my friend. Scared say scared.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Ilene,,, If you read all the following comments, you will see that these people have been taken prisoner by their “Dear Leader” and they have the Stockholm Syndrome.

    • TexasJester

      Ann – I’ve seen your posts on other articles, always well-thought-out comments – apparently the Paul-ites don’t like you. They ain’t gonna like me after this, too!

      Here’s an example of what can happen under Dr/Prez Paul’s “foreign policy” of “Leave us alone, we’re leaving you alone: Iran gets nukes. They already have rockets capable of delivering said nukes several hundred miles. They already have boats capable of carrying and launching said rockets tipped with said nukes.

      We get 3 boats with nuclear-tipped rockets a hundred miles off the northern California coast, off Cuba, and off the NYC coast. how many cities does that cover? Lets see.. Boston, Providence RI, Baltimore, NYC, Philly, Pittsburg, Scranton, WASHINGTON DC, Harrisburg, Richmond, Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Raleigh/Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte, Columbia SC, Augusta, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Daytona, Tampa, Miami, Tallahassee, mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco (ok, no great loss there), Portland OR, Seattle, Sacramento, Reno, possibly even Vegas, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Phoenix, Tucson, Oklahoma City…….

      This doesn’t count anything that may have already come across our porous borders and lying in wait.

      The president of Iran (I won’t try to spell his name…) has already stated publicly that the primary goal is first wipe the Little Satan (Israel) off the face of the earth, then destroy the Great Satan (USA). Leaving the rest of the world alone by holing us up is like sticking our heads in the sand while our behinds are sticking up in the air, hoping the pack of wolves won’t see us, while those wolves are taking big chunks out of our behinds. It doesn’t matter whether we leave them alone or not – the jihadists will ALWAYS have an excuse to attack us, because their stated goal is to destroy us!

      The more we withdraw, the more emboldened our enemies will become, and the more likely we’ll come under attack.

      Dr Paul has brought out done good things we need to look at economically. I won’t deny that. But he is too extreme to be electable, or to be good for the country – we’ve already seen what a “fundamental transformation” has done for us; we don’t need more – Dr Paul’s views will give us the lawlessness that we had in the early Frontier Days, without the morality that kept things reasonably sane.

      Paul-ites, please note I have not attacked Dr Paul, but I have attacked his proposed policies, with possible consequences to same. If I’m wrong, prove me wrong.

    • don

      tell me who do you see trying to stop them. come own now who is really tryin g to stop them from getting a nuke. they are really a joke.

    • don

      could happen- lets talk about what is happening. you want to elect flip flockers-globial warming nuts-obaba liks of health care-one who voted on bail outs-lies about being for pro gun rights. this can go on. WE don’t need mitt or newk.

    • James Turk

      Folks you need to get your facts right before you take up the Newt, Bauchman and Romney war mongering or come on here and bash Ron Paul’s foreign policies
      Iran has repeatedly denied it has a nuclear weapon; Ahmadinejad never said he would use a nuclear weapon against America; nor, as the Washington Post reported recently, has he apparently ever said he would “wipe Israel off the map.”
      That bogus claim started six years ago when Nazila Fathi, the New York Times correspondent in Tehran, reprinted an ISNA press agency story headlined: “Wipe Israel ‘off the map’ Iranian says.”
      Specialists such as Juan Cole of the University of Michigan and Arash Norouzi of the Mossadegh Project pointed out that the original statement in Persian actually said that Israel would collapse: “This occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the arena of time.”
      Michelle Bauchman loves to us the Nazila fear story because she is tied directly to the war machine. Ron Paul is absolutely correct about Iran. Leave Iran along and they will leave you along. They are not suicidal, and to use a nuke against Israel or the U.S. would be just that, suicidal.

    • James Turk

      I though I was done with you but after reading over your post I found that I was not. You my friend know nothing about nuclear weapons. Iran could not deliver a Domino’s Pizza let along a nuke. First off if Iran were to launch any kind of Intercontinental ballistic missile either Israel or the U.S would shoot it down before it left Iranian air space and then in turn turn Iran into a giant mirror. And I can just see a boat load of Iranian’s trying to sneak into the gulf with a John Boat loaded with a nuke. But if you do insist on holding your story, this is why RP if for a strong national defense. Iran is under a magnifying glass and they stay under a magnifying glass. You need to quit paying attention to the war mongering war machines like Bauchman, Newt and Romney.

    • C.Davis

      Keep dreaming. If our navy were patrolling our territorial waters instead of being sprinkled God only knows where over our imaginary empire we would have no worries.And if we had our Big A army paying attention to the hen house, all these Israeli spies like jonathan pollard wouldn’t be stealing all our secrets to sell to the chinese. These aren’t hypothetical scenarios, they’re the antithesis of some bizarro world.

    • Carolyn Wu

      Here is the difference between a Paul presidency and everyone else:

      Under President Paul, ISRAEL wipes out the Iranian nukes and Paul says, “It was their fundamental right to defend themselves.”

      Under President (anyone else), the US REFUSES to let Israel act but instead ATTEMPTS to wipe out the nukes but fails (we don’t have the skillset that the Israelis do) and then the Iranians go nuclear on Jerusalem. In fact, this is what our current President is planning (not the failure part but, trust me, it WILL happen that way), probably in October 2012 (so it really doesn’t matter who is the Republican nominee if that happens, does it?).

      I take President Paul over the others any day of the week.

      Remember that the Israeli Prime Minister himself said that Israel can take care of itself (and by extension stop Iran from acquiring nukes) if we just get out of the way (like Paul wants us to do).

  • tomnchrist

    He will take the independent vote with him.

    The reason he is on top is the perpetual R’s selection of one world government candidates
    who have sold out to the CFR.

    Had the R’s supported Michelle or Santorium maybe they would get the independent votes.

    • AZ Don

      You’re wrong, I’m independent and he will not take my vote with him.

    • budman

      So am I. They are just trying to muddy the water. Like I said before, Florida will be the State who decides who the Republican nominee will be and it won’t be Ron Paul. All his supporters keep saying he isn’t a kook. If his outlandish comments about Iran aren’t bad enough, he said he would include Israel if all foreign aid was eliminated; said he would eliminate the Federal Reserve and now says he wouldn’t but would make some changes. If you actually listen to what he ways, he walks around some subjects and rambles on about others. That said, if somehow he manages to win the nomination, I will vote for him because anybody is better than Obama. I suspect though it will be a rerun of the last election as there just aren’t enough of the die hard Paul fans to push him to a win.

    • James Turk

      To say that RP would not tank the Federal Reserve is crazy. You have no way of knowing that RP will not win the nomination. Anything can happen. RP has just a good a chance of winning the nomination as any of the other other candidates, as a matter of fact he has a better chance. What will happen if he wins Iowa? Could he catch on fire and then win NH. Sure he could. At one time they did not give him a hats chance but look at him now ahead in Iowa. To over come the biased MSM and to be leading in the polls in Iowa is a big thing. So by selling him short could come back to haunt you.

  • Burt

    DR. Paul will do nothing, The election is fixed. IF HE DID WIN he would be dead in a matter months.

    • Texan living overseas (until Texas secedes)

      Iowa is a caucus so it’s hard for them to fraud which is why they are preparing to “ignore Iowa if Ron Paul wins”. They can only do physical actions like ordering security to not let in anyone wearing a “Ron Paul 2012″ shirt (they did that here at a Texas convention back in 2008).

      But ALL conservatives should have RED FLAGS going off in their head when they see that the MEDIA is united in their opposition to Ron Paul! That means he is a threat to the DC establishment and the one guy to rally behind!

      Don’t we realize we have a “state-run” media, when they ALL ask Ron Paul the EXACT same attack questions on ALL the stations. So far about a dozen times.

      1. “Are you sure you’re not going to run Third Party?” (they ask this to make the “anyone but Obama” crowd get upset at Ron).

      2. “Oh hey, we found a 20 year old newsletter that’s already been drudged through the media a dozen times where a ghost writer on your newsletter said something racist! Are you a racist?”

      3. “Your views on the world, like not attacking Iran, are dangerous!”

      I’m paraphrasing Bill O’Reilly, who later that week asked Romney on his Iran position and said Romney couldn’t support attacking Iran because that’d be “crazy”. So O’Reilly himself opposes it, yet Ron’s crazy for agreeing with him?

      If you don’t see the double standard they use to just “attack Ron with everything they have”, then you’d have to be blind.

      Ron was the ONLY candidate who stood WITH Israel in 1981 when Israel attacked Iraq. Even President Reagan and most of the GOP voted to condemn Israel. Ron just wants us to stop meddling in Israel’s affairs, stop giving 10x more foreign aid to Israel’s enemies (especially to STOP giving Saudi Arabia fighter jets!), and take the leash off of Israel, who has 300 nuclear weapons and an army that could kick the entire middle east’s rear singlehandedly.

    • cmvbih

      I also say that O’Reilly segment. He sais we couldn’t attack Iran because it would start WWIII and the Chinese would back Iran.
      But when Paul doesn’t commit to attacking Iran, the claws come out.
      I try NOT to watch Fox anymore. It’s become a proponent for warmongering and bullying. The Republican party is definitely not what it was and too many of the so-called conservatives are more concerned with perpetuating wars and starting new ones than they are with fixing our country.

    • don

      you got it. been that way for way to long. i’m game tell me how do we fix it. can we fix it is question.

    • Leo

      Texas living overseas You are as full of S%#$ as Dr PaulI live here in Texas and that did not happen here in Texas

    • McClarinJ

      I fear you may be right. Ron Paul’s eyes are open. I’m sure he realizes the threat from those whose corrupt existence he would oppose as president. But are we to roll over and acquiesce? Electing a candidate approved by the powers that be will mean the unbroken furtherance of the destruction of American sovereignty. I say we fight. Not trying is a sin.

  • Rico

    So because the Republican Party is corrupted by Progressive cancer, Paul should quit? This is the stupidest article I’ve read yet. Just removing the 13,000 some odd Executive Orders would be worth his election. Screw the Progressives, Grinrich and Romney!

  • BarleyWheets

    Then that would leave us with Mitt Romney with obamaromneyCare and not much different then what we already have OR Newt ginRICH a crook after his own heart! NOT any choice there.. both with still allow the damage obama has slready done to stand and continue. NO.. crooked media or not RON PAUL needs to win must win for America to have a chance!

    • Hank is back

      Is that a picture of a nuclear detonation next to your name?

    • Hank is back

      Serious question on an admittedly trivial subject.

  • wayne

    Im with you Rico

  • Alan from Branson

    How about a Rand Paul/Michelle Bachman Ticket with Dr. Ron Paul as Chief of Staff/Advisor to the Office of the President.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Alan…. How about a RP ticket to Guyana??? I hear there is an empty compound down there with plenty of room for all the tinfoli hats, too.

  • Gabriel

    “They don’t call Newt, Rick, or Mitt crazy, kooky, nuts, or insane.”

    Umm … calling a crazy man crazy is descriptive, not unfair treatment.

  • Joanneo

    Ona–what you are saying to us is we should vote for another (any of the others)but not Ron Paul. Are you aware the others all want one world government? Wouldn’t it be wiser to vote the others out asap?? The majority in office do not care about what the tax payer wants, just how much they can make on their next “pork”. We need new blood in D.C. ones that care about our country and its loyal citizens.

  • Ronnie

    How can you call yourself a Ron Paul supporter?!?!?! You’re just another shill within the freedom movement trying to sabotage Ron Paul and help destroy this country. I’ve never in my life read a more idiotic column than this one.

  • Livefree1200cc

    We supporters haven’t dumped MANY Millions into his campaign to have him QUIT ! – Its all or nothing this time around – we can’t survive 4 more years with another Big Government President – and Ron Paul is the only candidate that isn’t Big Government

  • Larry Campbell

    I agree with the majority of the posts here. Ron Paul seems, at least at this point, to be our only hope of fixing what is wrong with this country. Furthermore, I don’t believe that you are a Ron Paul supporter for one single second. Nice try, now go away and try to come up with a better lie!

  • Rip

    I just want to know if your the same person, that called and asked Michelle Bachmann to drop out ?

  • mgb

    So here’s the thing.. why aren’t everyday people like everyone here, the supporters of Ron Paul, running for office too? Why aren’t people running as libertarians that campaign by taking an oath to support the movement, supporting Ron Paul, and restoring the power of the constitution in America? This movement would start small, a few seats in most states.. but it would gain momentum, and once a seat was won, It would probably be owned by this group forever, as long as it held true to its values, and didn’t turn into the political machine that Republicans and Democrats have both done.. as long as they remained focused on doing what is right for the country, not what is right to get re-elected, and always remain honest and keep their integrity then nothing would slow the momentum down. Our political machine has become exactly what we feared it would in the beginning.. an elitist royalty that thinks they can live our lives for us better than we can ourselves. The only way we can stop this is by getting every day people into office, and take the power back. By the people, for the people, they serve us, not the other way around, and I don’t see that “By the people” holding much weight these days when you have to have millions of dollars to start a campaign.

  • Jim Lundberg

    Ron Paul as president can do the same things as Kennedy did and one of them is to instruct the Treasury to start printing silver certificates that will start competition against this out-of-control “dollar”.

    It just seems like you are selling us out here for something personal gain of some sort. How about Newt quit over his comment to unseat judges that he doesn’t agree with. That’s not just racist, that’s unconstitutional…

  • Jim Lundberg

    One Executive order that Ron Paul would not need to nullify is activate Executive Order 11110 where Silver is immediately made available in a certificate form. I wonder at what price that will happen???

  • Patriot


    Don’t vote for Ron Paul, because the LeftMedia Progressives and Globalist RINO’s hate him and someone wrote some bad stuff in his newsletter decades ago. And he should quit if he wins, ESPECIALLY if he wins- LOL!

    WTF??? I wasn’t planning on voting for him, but now will take a closer look.

  • Earle Belle

    Jack Cafferty on CNN: “People In Iowa Are Rallying Around Someone Who Represents real change, REAL CHANGE!” And that scares the heck out of both parties.
    Watch this two-minute video to find out who that “scary” guy is:

    What Does It Mean When The GOP Establishment Fears Ron Paul?

  • Gene

    So I’ve finally found that Ron Paul supporter who is nuts that everyone is always talking about! Jeez!

    • Hank is back

      You mean Onan Coca?

  • Pete Carter

    You are wrong my friend. It is time to attack. , to close this deal, and then to rub their noses in their own hypocrisy. Can Ron Paul change their world on his own? Nope, but he has us. He is far from on his own.

    • Andrea B

      That’s right, Pete!

      They act as though the 2010 shellacking…er, elections didn’t even happen. I guess they think we’re not paying attention to anything BUT the national race? I guess they’re trying to predict that we will have a dem house and senate if Ron Paul is elected??

      Nah…those of us ‘die-hard’ supporters have done our due diligence. We’ve read books. We’ve researched our history. We understand the Federal Reserve. We understand Keynesian and Austrian Economic Theory. We understand the business cycle, where booms and busts come from. We understand that foreign aid gives no less than 7x the money to the Arab nations surrounding Israel than we give to Israel, and that by ending ALL foreign aid, we would actually be HELPING Israel. We understand both the cost and the price of war, and that peace is a reasonable alternative.

      But we haven’t come to this grand awakening without looking in our own backyards. It’s the TEA Partiers that have awakened at a local level, before they awakened at a National level. The timeline is very clear:

      2008-Birth of Tea Party
      2010-Shellacking of both Houses
      2012-A Ron Paul presidential victory

      We won’t be swayed by what the establishment wants us to think, or who they want us to vote for. The Democrats, the RNC, and the media will not be taken seriously when the polls show Ron Paul as the winner, and they suggest we pay closer attention to 2nd or 3rd place candidates.

      If they won’t hear my voice and put him on the ballot, they will see me write him in. To vote for anyone else at this point is to vote for the status quo.

      Ron Paul 2012

    • James Turk

      You see people saying, “yes but he can not do it on his own, he needs the congress”. He may can not do it all on his own but rest assured he can make a huge dent it in. Just look at what Obama has done on his own. Has anyone stopped him? Paul can use the veto power and squash them. He can sign his name and bring all troops home and close 900 plus foreign military bases. He can make wall street break into a cold sweat. He can restore our freedom and get the government off of our backs. You know I could have lived my entire life without the government and probably lived it better. All I ever got from the government was a 13 month vacation to the jungles of Vietnam right out of high school.

  • Al

    Drop Dead!

    I will not vote for these miserable, lying NEO-CON RINO WAR MONGERS EVER!

  • Gurley L Martin


    • Hank is back

      Gurley, I subscribed on youtube!

  • cmvbih

    A true Ron Paul supporter would NEVER offer what you just wrote, Onan. We don’t surrender to elitists, globalist, the LSM or RINOs. We will not be swayed to vote for the lesser of two evils when we have a good, honest, principled, Constitution-loving candidate in Ron Paul. Our resolve is firm. Our motto is LIVE FREE OR DIE!
    After reading your missive twice, I really do not beleive you are a Ron Paul supporter but some kind of plant to put doubt in our minds. You may fool some people, but you don’t fool me.

  • Reva-lution

    This is the most misguided thought process I have probably ever heard in my life! Are you REALLY a supporter of just a prankster lib? Give me a break, there is no logic in your argument. If Dr. Paul did that he would be so ridiculed, as would the entire Tea Party for having supported such a crazy person!! If elected, he can get a lot done by having the same patriots who support him vote out the incumbents in the Congress and give him a majority of Constitutionalists that he needs, that is the answer! And having the bully pulpit of the presidency is still a victory, even without a majority. He would control the message of thruth and repeat it often, just like Obama has done with lies. Look at how O has used the bureaucrats to do his bidding, using the EPA, the FDA, and his own czars–thereby bypassing Congress and making them irrelevant. I hope nobody is persuaded by your misguided plan, whatever the intent was.

  • IdontBrakeForDems

    So if I understand this article correctly, the author feels like if Ron Paul wins Iowa he should quit? Wha? Isn’t that like telling the Packers if they beat New England they should quit? Establishment Republican is as corrupt as the liberal left, our country is in the process of going bankrupt. ‘More of the same’ is not only stupid, it is NOT an option.

  • FreedomChick

    You are an idiot!

  • McClarinJ

    As Commander-in-Chief Paul can order the military to disengage and return home. He doesn’t need Congress to go along.

  • Kathy Greene

    I’m sick and tired of the Federal Reserve/Bankster/New World Order owned Romney, Gingrich and their ilk (which happens to be MOST of Congress!). I will vote Ron Paul and ONLY Ron Paul. It doesn’t matter if Obummer wins again – which he will if any of the other Republicans are the “annointed/chosen” to run. They ALL work for the same people at the top. We have a ONE PARTY system designed to look like two parties so people will THINK they have choice. The only candidate NOT part of that and who they do NOT own is Ron Paul. That is why their owned media whores pretend he does not exist or try to bring him down. I will vote for him in the primary and, if necessary, write him in in the general election. If the Gangsters that Be keep him from winning the nomination, I do hope that he runs third party! -Kathy

    • downintx

      Kathy, I respect your opinion and know where you’re coming from but I would add, if we start writing in names we can expect another four horrendous years of Obama and possibly a one world government before the end of those four years. I am still studying the candidates and ruling out the ones that I think will be too liberal but if push comes to shove I will vote for just about anyone to keep Obama from “ruling” another four years. Please, Christians, keep praying for guidance that’s about all we can do except voice our opinions as we are here. God help us.

    • James Turk

      She is correct when she says we have a one party system that only looks like a two party system. Electing Obama, Romney, Newt or Bauchman will bring about the same results which will be nothing more than our economical collapse. I quit looking a long time ago, I have my candidate firm in hand. If Paul does not win the nomination then I sit this one out. I am a 66 year old Vietnam Vet.
      RP 2012

  • Dennis

    So am i getting this right? Because of some news letters 20 plus years ago that seem racist and anti-semetic he should bow out now? Really? Even though hes addressed this issue a gazillion times and has explained it? So the r word is pulled and anti jew word and thats suppose to silence him? At the least you are a defeatist and the worse an out and out liar who is no more a Paul supporter than Obama is.

  • will freedom

    Ron Paul is the only politician who is running, supports the indiviual, and is not bought and paid for. Easy choice IF you love freedom and not serfdom.

    • Dan

      Will, I love your choice of words: If you love freedom, RonPaul is an easy choice. The thinking has been done.

  • Rank

    I am sorry…. BUT, too many of the Ron Paul supporters have the same superior attitude and rhetoric that Obama supporters threatened us with in 2008. Iowa is a state that allows Democrats to register for the GOP primary/caucus fiasco. These same people will stay with Ron Paul until the November election, and will then rush out to vote for Obama. I know you real Ron Paul supporters believe otherwise, and I hope I am wrong. But, I fear that I am right on the money! I also encourage you to not just visit the Ron Paul website(or for that matter any candidates website). Do some investigation on sites like the American Thinker. More than one opinon is always a good idea.

    • C.Davis

      Thankfully you ARE wrong. I would estimate that at least 2/3 of the democrats flipping into the republican caucus will be there to vote for Dr. Paul because they are anti war and they now know that they were hoodwinked in ’08, And they Know Ron Paul is a human being who’s word is of iron and they won’t be fooled again. The other third will be there to vote for Romney, the representative of the other wing of the dirty bird that is our one party system.They will under no circumstances vote for Ron Paul because they are petrified that oblame will have to hoplessly face him along with all the disenfranchised former democrats and third partiers who can smell blood in the water. This bunch WILL slither back to vote for the usurper-in-chief. There’s Just no credible scenario where Ron Paul is not the 45th President of the United States of America, so long as he is able to survive the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (particularly the NAZIs under GHWBush)

    • C.Davis

      Oh, and by the way;I don’t believe this Onan Coca is a real person. They’re laughing at us for not seeing it. Onan was the biblical character who God smote for spilling his seed on the ground rather than get his sister with child as per God’s commandment. The medical term “onanism” refers to masturbation.
      As for Coca, well that’s just the generic term for cocaine. Ha Ha ,very funny.

  • Mike Knight

    Look at what Barry, and past Presidents have done without Congress through Executive Orders. The President can make changes in the entire Executive branch, and all the departments, and agencies. If Barry can to war without Congress then Ron could recall the troops without Congress. However I bet the traitorous Congress would then be concerned about his overreach in power, and finally reduce the power of the Presidency. The odds are overwhelming that one man could survive to do anything to save this nation. Although the attempt must be made. True patriots must see that the system is so broken that we can’t take back our nation even through elections. People must get angry enough to have the same type of revolution that ended the Soviet Union. Hopefully through mass peaceful marches on the centers of government power.

  • MJN

    What you forget Onan is that the American people are beginning to take charge of the government again. Our representatives are going to start answering to us now. Mr. Paul in a win will be speaking directly to us.

    • don

      m jn i’m sorry but show me where we are taking charge. hell ever day i see where obbma an his likes are doing away with our feedoms.the constition means nothing to me. please show me.will we ever wake up?

  • Hans

    This article completey expresses my concerns with Ron Paul. His negatives far outweigh his positives.
    He has nobly delivered many babies, but that does not qualify him to know how to deliver jobs!
    His ideas may have worked 50- 60 years ago, but we now live in a global society and we cannot lock ourselves up in our own world or the world will eat us for lunch. Be lives in a fantasy world.

    • Hank is back

      The President is not supposed to give you a job! The Free Market is more than capable of doing this in time. If that is the case, then how are Ron Paul’s plans to repeal regulations, cut taxes, stop inflation, balance budgets, etc. not going to lead to jobs?

      The President’s job is to execute the law. If that law or regulation is unconstitutional, he has the MORAL DUTY to IGNORE it. If that law also has bad economic consequences, then repealing or ignoring it is good for the economy.

      If you want the president to do more than the Constitution proscribes for him to do, then you are a tool, and I reject you as an American. If you want the president to be Your sugar daddy, I call you, now, a traitor!

      These are only IFS, mind you. I sincerely hope you are ONLY confused and that one day you no longer will be. There is always hope.

  • Guest

    What we REALLY need to do is kick out as many Demorats from the senate as possible. If we can get rid of the likes of the Harry Reids in there, we might be able to get something done.

  • 1776Again

    When did you become such a “supporter of Ron Paul ” ?

    It is not up to you to join in with the derogatory remarks of such as Ms. Rabinowitz if you are a supporter; Ron Paul does not need the likes of you to make his decisions and define his aspirations for him and his true supporters. WITH SUPPORTERS LIKE YOU HE DOES NOT ANY MORE FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS , AND NEITHER DO HIS SUPPORTERS, INCLUDING ME AND MILLIONS MORE !

  • louganzo

    RP supporters suffer from a little thing I like to call “reality exemption”. This guy is scratching the surface of reality for RP supporters and you all are guzzling the Kool Aid. RP is not in any way, shape or form a credible candidate and you should recognize that. He’s 77. He has a crazy past full of crazy statements. He is an extremist in the worst sense of the word. Extremism is not a virtue. It’s a vice – even if in favor of the Constitution or any other good principle. Thus RP didn’t support the Civil Right Act of 1964 becasue it should have been a states’ rights issue and yet he ignores the 14th amendment. That’s having your Constitutional clarity out of focus.

  • louganzo

    If RP is such a pillar of integrety why is he lying his back end off about his involvement with his newsletter and all the whacky comments it contained. It’s not believable in the slightest to say he didn’t know what was in there. That is called a blatant and obvious lie. Of course he knew about the content of the newsletter he bragged about in his interviews – interviews that are all over youtube. He just realized that he can get away with saying things like that and run for election in a small disctrict in South Texas but those things would destroy his candidacy on a national stage. And please quit trying to say RP is being attacked. Really! You don’t think he should be attacked? You think we should treat him with a different standard than every other candidate? You think Romney or Gingrich or Kane or any other candidate hasn’t been attacked? Preposterous to even try and put that forward. RP has been ignored because as a candidate for national office he is a joke and everyone except the Kool Aid drinkers knows this. That’s why he’s on John Stewart. You think it’s because Stewart wants him to be president? It’s because he makes Conservatives look nuts and that’s good for Obama.

  • Charlie

    If Dr. Paul is not the Republican nominee, I will vote for Gary Johnson. If Gary Johnson is not the LP nominee, I will simply abstain.

    If you people don’t wake up to civil liberties, you will always be slaves.

  • Fr. John+

    louGONZO- YOU are the one with bizarre and anti-American views. YOU are the one who is a loser. And YOU are the sort of TRAITOR this country needs to get rid of… by firing squad.

    Rep. Paul has the HIGHEST RATING among Miliitary Vets.
    Rep. Paul has the HIGHEST RATING among under- 40’s.
    Ron Paul even scored HIGHEST among non-Whites!

    And everyone now knows, that the terms ‘racist’ and ‘hater’ means that YOU are ANTI-WHITE, and NOTHING MORE.

    The same thing that happened in 2007, is happening now- Jewsmedia blackout of ANYONE who would DARE to Audit the FED- a totally jewish-owned and operated scam.
    Brother Nathanael ought to know- he was raised jewish!

    So, you, as well as Ms. Coo-coo can just take your Bolshevik inspired rhetoric, and stick it… where it’s brown and dark as hell. Like Obama’s mouth.

    I’m sick and tired of the BS that masquerades as journalism, and I am denouncing it wherever I see it. Feel flattered that you are among the Devil’s own, buddy.

    No more Mr. Nice Guy.

  • Curtis Bostic

    check out this ann rand character of hate!Her last comment was censored.How can anyone hate Ron Paul that much and be a righteous soul?!RON PAUL ALL THE WAY!