Folks, have you heard about this?  We did this as our Morning Update today.  The latest fundraising idea from the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee is selling something called a poetry magnet.  It contains a bunch of words that you can arrange on your refrigerator. It’s a refrigerator magnet.  According to the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee website, it’s, quote, “a creative outlet for your frustration.  You can get one for $6 or you can get two poetry magnets for $10.  The DSCC says that every magnet purchased will go toward helping keep the Senate blue,” and they say, think of all the fun phrases you can make with words like Sarah Palin, Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, and Wrong.  

Now, here are some of the poetic possibilities that these people at the DSCC suggest.  I’m not making this up.  They’re actually selling refrigerator magnets with rearrangeable letters for six and ten bucks and suggestions for you to put on your refrigerator.  “I hate the filibuster,” because that’s the Democrats’ latest move now is to get rid of the 60-vote requirement since they are effectively losing control of the Senate.  “Sarah Palin = Wrong” is another thing they suggest that you put on your fridge.  “Fight the Right” is another suggestion.  So they must think that their voters and donors are idiots.  First they sell them this stupid magnet (you gotta be stupid to buy one of these) and then they think they’re so stupid they gotta tell ’em how to arrange the letters to make words that fit the template of the modern-day Democrat Party.

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