Entertainers don’t like to discuss politics. We need to please audiences, not divide them. So, I was appreciative that Joe Piscopo, SNL cast member, comedian, singer, and musician let me video him for the Victoria Jackson Show, talking politics, at the charity event we did in Philadelphia this year.

Piscopo appears to be a “moderate.” He has appeared several times on the Hannity show. I really enjoy working with Joe Piscopo and his orchestra, who headline all over the country. His Sinatra impression of course, is fantastic, and he plays the drums, sax, flute, and piano. We joke and sing a duet. At this particular show in Philly, I had a few mishaps. Beside there being no spotlight, and a “faux pas” in my routine, I actually fell in my handstand for the first time. My arm literally crumpled beneath me. This has never happened before. I kicked right up again and finished my handstand. But, I’m thinking I might phase out the handstand soon, being 53 and all.

Cheri O’Teri was at the show doing her Barbara Walters impression. I think she was less than impressed with my performance. But, I found a fellow patriot in a band member who was willing to passionately share his concern for our country, now teetering on tyranny.

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