The incestuous collusion of professorial propaganda and media bias is problematic for America. The propaganda of today must never become the government policies of tomorrow.

Much of their bile is delivered in sweeping and lofty rhetoric. So, let’s infuse some cold, factual reality on a range of matters.

The matters that, of course, to even to ask questions of, is to provoke charges of unworthy tactics and motives too low to be dignified by response.

Firstly, let’s deal with that glorious term “diversity”. It, or its pursuit, has been elevated to top-tier importance. It’s a pity it’s far from top-shelf in reality. Even equal protection of the law for everybody is trumped by the compelling need for promoting diversity. To mimic the left, I call discrimination! I call racist! What about Japan and its homogeneity? Last time I checked they weren’t doing too badly…

Of course, “diversity” is one of those politically correct buzz words that replaces thought. Britain’s late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said it all when she wrote that the world has “never ceased to be dangerous,” but the West has “ceased to be vigilant.” Political correctness has replaced self-preservation.

And then there is immigration. As the great Thomas Sowell put it:

“While we cannot condemn all members of any group for what other members of their group have done, that does not mean that we must ignore the fact that the costs and dangers created by some groups are much greater than those created by other groups.

Most members of most groups may be basically decent people. But if 85 percent of group A are decent and 95 percent of group B are decent, this means that there is three times as large a proportion of undesirable people in group A as in group B. Should we willfully ignore that when considering immigration laws?

It is already known that a significant percentage of the immigrants from some countries go on welfare, while practically none from some other countries do. Some children from some countries are eager students in school and, even when they come here knowing little or no English, they go on to master the language better than many native-born Americans.

But other children from other countries drag down educational standards and create many other problems in school, as well as forming gangs that ruin whole neighborhoods with their vandalism and violence, and cost many lives.

Are we to shut our eyes to such differences and just lump all immigrants together, as if we are talking about abstract people in an abstract world?

Anyone who suggests that we should compare welfare rates, crime rates, high school dropout rates and drunk driving arrest rates among immigrants from different countries, before we set immigration quotas, is likely to be stigmatized as a bad person.

Really? Contemplate soberly for one moment the effect this might have on American exceptionalism? And in turn, the effect it would have on the world?

Political correctness is not just the magic wand that turns all reason, and the outward expression of it, nefarious. It is the “big stick” that will beat American exceptionalism to death.

It’s incumbent upon all of us to spare no effort in fighting it.

No less than freedom itself is at stake.