It was the great poet T.S. Eliot who said, “April is the cruelest month.”

And so it was.

First, Islamic evil rocked the city of Boston, ripping hearts and limbs from innocents. And just when we thought it impossible, the tragedy of West struck. But there is no nation more resilient than the American one. History has proved this.

But now more than ever, everyday Americans must revisit history.

For it has never been clearer: the West is at war with Islam. This is neither hypothesis or opinion; it is reality. No delicacy, diplomacy, disguise or differentiation can alter this.

The media-academic complex, the West’s left and their doctrine of relativism is costing us lives. The Bible is not the same as the Koran. Sorry, global elitists, but all religions are not the same.

What happened in Boston, Fort Hood, New York, Bali, Madrid and London and thousands of other places, was not unusual, or new or accidental.

For almost 1400 years, Islamists have sought and fought to conquer alternative civilization.

Our pages of history and the events lining their pages prove it. Since the seventh century, at least. From battle to battle, generation to generation, it has never stopped. And it never will.

The Battle of Tours in 732. The Siege of Constantinople in 1453. The Battle of Lepanto in 1571. The Battle of Vienna in 1683. The Battle of Derne in 1804. Yes, they’re real battles. Bet those escape the educational history curricula, though.

These Islamists, responsible for the attacks of September 11 and sufficiently prepared to do what Western illuminati secretly wish they could have, detest America: its wealth, power, and committed Christianity.

There certainly are “moderate Muslims”; they are friends, colleagues, acquaintances. They are our specialist doctors and our neighbors. Some may have even married into the family. But here’s the thing: they aren’t practicing their faith properly. Or they choose to emphasize other parts of the religion. Their, and our problem, is the lesson of Boston: a “moderate’ can be activated any time.

But back to the main point here. If you’ve read the English version of any of Islam’s faith documents, the conclusion that follows in the next sentence is indisputable.

The religion of Islam, when obeyed with inflexibility and literalness, and with an adherence to the teachings of the Hadith and the Sura, is a perpetual act of vandalism visited upon the ideals of the Western world.

The actions and aspirations of the Islamists that on any given day murder in the name of Allah somewhere in the world are not representative of a contorted Islam; they are clearly following the teachings of the religion.

They will not stop. The more we bow, the more they will bomb. The more we relate, equate and obfuscate, the weaker we become. The more we fear to offend and the more we hesitate to identify the enemy, the more they edge toward victory. The deceptive adorning of qualities, most notably of Islam being a religion of peace, must stop. It is the West, beaconed by America, England and Australia from across the oceans, that has sought peace. Due to this advocacy and false narrative, our war is as much with the chattering classes as it is with the jihadi.

The current tyranny against common sense that presides in the West will quickly become the tyranny of Sharia, if we are not careful. Subservience to political correctness will turn to subservience to the Caliphate, if the Western world, led by America, does not wake up.

The American must, as a matter for the health and unity of his nation, deafeningly and without the hint of hesitation, roar his or her opinion concerning these matters.

I have long maintained that Americans must prepare themselves for eventual full-scale war this century or the next with the Islamist.

If this becomes reality, the West will have no choice but to extirpate the enemy as mercilessly and thoroughly as possible, as this attitude will certainly define the Islamist warrior and his jihad.

Demography is rampantly on the side of Islam, particularly in Europe, and as such, a most substantial increase in Islamic power in this territory of the world must be expected.

There is only one force that stands in the way of global Islam, and that is the United States of America. Study history’s lessons and never scale back your military; I implore you. The enemy is always watching.