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Articles by Frank J. Dmuchowski

Frank Dmuchowski is a retired IT executive of a New York legal services firm. He now lives back in his beloved Wisconsin -- Janesville, the home town of VP Paul Ryan. Frank is a 1974 graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. Frank grew up in a strong liberal, union home in Brooklyn, NY. He became politically active starting at 11 yrs. old by working with the Brooklyn branch of the NYC Democratic machine. Each election cycle he was out attaching flyers to telephone poles and handing them out at the local subway station. He also got to hang out at the local Democratic Party Club, getting to listen in on many political speeches and discussions, which enlarged his understanding about Progressive/Liberal politics. His conversion to an Independent came about due to the 1966 Mayoral campaign of John V. Lindsay. He worked for Lindsay and then started hanging out at the Republican Party Club for the next few years. That year he turned 18, and instead of voting Democrat, he voted Republican. It was his first ever time voting and had to declare a party affiliation, Independent and not a Democrat, in front of his flaming union leader, liberal father. Needless to say, it had its consequences. He then became a Conservative due to President Ronald Reagan and has never looked back since.