Award winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson told Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg that while she does believe that the Russians and the Chinese have been trying to influence our elections, most of the current media coverage has been overwrought nonsense.

In fact, Attkisson says the entire fiasco smells of a forced “narrative” and a “propaganda campaign” being stoked by the left and happily reported by the media.

Let me be clear, I do believe that the Russians tried to interfere with our election, that they long have, as have the Chinese. As have we in other elections. This is not unusual.

I don’t believe that based on what I hear, the unsubstantiated reports on the news. I believe in what I hear from intel officials that I trust.

But I also think that all the coverage that we’re seeing smacks very much of a narrative and a propaganda campaign. And it’s very interesting to observe it just from the media coverage, for the hyperventilating, overemphasized media coverage on something that is I think is far less important than some things that are being ignored or not being covered as heavily. I think that this all smacks as sort of a campaign. And that’s what I write about, that’s what I study, that’s what I like to do. So, that’s how I see it…

We’re living in sort of an artificial reality by the narrative de jour. By what politicians or special interests have their grip on the news that day. We’re getting very little sort of original thoughts in news coverage anymore.

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