Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar has filed a resolution in the House of Representatives pushing for vote of “no confidence” in Attorney General Eric Holder.

The resolution, introduced Monday afternoon, is a formal way to exhibit congressional disdain for Holder as the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious proceeds. It would also be an initial step toward some House Republicans’ plan to formally remove him from office if he won’t resign.

The resolution, officially numbered H. Res. 490, states that “it is the sense of the House of Representatives that Congress has lost confidence in the Attorney General of the United States.”

There are currently 55 House members and two members of the Senate demanding Holder’s resignation, along with four GOP presidential candidates and two sitting governors. Many of those in Congress who have called for Holder’s ouster have also signed on to Gosar’s resolution.

A floor vote on Rep. Gosar’s resolution is not likely any time soon, unless House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Speaker John Boehner or another member of the GOP House leadership gets behind it. Spokespersons for Boehner and Cantor have not returned requests for comment on whether they plan to support the resolution.


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