It’s difficult to find an Iowa Republican who thinks Michele Bachmann has an easy road ahead.

Terry Kach is one of them.

The Ankeny retiree traveled to Ames last month, put on a bright orange “Bachmann Volunteer” T-shirt, and helped the Minnesota congresswoman to a dominant victory in the Iowa Straw Poll.

But as he watched Bachmann speak to a small Tea Party Express rally in Des Moines on Wednesday, her first appearance in the state since her big straw poll weekend, Kach explained how Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s entrance into the presidential race has complicated Bachmann’s chances.

“I think Perry took some of the pizzazz away from Bachmann,” said Kach, who noted that he could switch his support to Perry. “She has got time to get some of it back before the caucuses. It’s going to depend on how Rick Perry presents himself from now on. But they are two of a kind, so they are going to take some votes away from each other.”

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