GOP legislators are alleging that White House officials cut a secret deal in June 2009 with the pharmaceutical industry to clinch passage of Obamacare.

“Based on email exchanges and other primary source material … top personnel in the White House were involved in negotiating and approving this deal,” reads a memo released by Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which is chaired by Rep. Fred Upton.

The memo’s release suggests that Republican legislators will step up efforts to investigate the deal, which helped allow the administration to impose tight and intrusive regulation over one-seventh of the nation’s economy.

”The important question to answer is what did the White House get in return” for the deal, said the May 16 memo, which also described the White House’s refusal to cooperate with the House investigators.

The 2009 deal may have won the drug industry’s backing for the unpopular law in exchange for a Democratic promise to protect the drug companies’ revenues and profits from profit-sapping regulations, such as price caps on drugs.

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