The bad politicians have primarily been elected by the young, single female vote and the minority vote. For example this McAuliffe vs. Cuccinelli race was very close, and it was the female and minority vote that gave it to the democrat. And of course the Obama elections were because of race and liberal values.

So then where do young, single females and minorities have it wrong?

First of all, block-voting democrats are the party that legalizes and promotes “sin”. Therefore, no one who calls his or her self a Christian should be voting for a democrat. Yet they do. Why? Well obviously they are placing some value above Christian values. In the case of black voters, they are voting for skin color instead of qualifications for the job or Christian values. But isn’t that the opposite of what Martin Luther King Jr. said should be the case? Didn’t he say that “content of character” is what should determine how a person is judged and not skin color?

In that respect, the election of Obama over Romney was a great tragedy for this country. Obama, who had no executive experience or understanding of economics has severely hurt this country’s economics, whereas Romney has good understanding on how to create the most important economic need of this country: jobs. Romney would have created a dignified and productive climate of contributors, while Obama is creating an ever- growing group of non-productive, addicted dependents.

Regarding the young, single female vote, they’ve been sold a bill of goods about their “reproductive rights.” And this has caused them to be out of harmony with their basic physical and emotional nature. It’s unfortunate that they don’t realize how awesome and loving the nature that they’ve been talked out of is. There is so much clamor about how the women in the ‘50s were slaves and how “liberated” they are now. But I grew up in the ‘50s and know first hand how happy, loved and respected women were then. (I’m speaking overall. Of course there were some bad and abusive situations, but nothing like what is happening now.) Proof of that is to just go and look at the movies, music and TV shows of the past. Can any modern actress match the consistently beautiful smile of Jane Wyatt in Father Knows Best? No. Now the actresses in general are boisterous and abrasive …not very lovable characteristics. And they are all for loose sexuality, which is very anti-nature and anti-nature’s Creator. And where are the romantic songs now?

We have a very bad state of moral and economic leadership. And that problem won’t be solved unless the public starts voting for good moral and economic leaders. Instead, politicians now are intimidated from speaking out because they are losing elections.

And what is going to help make good politicians get elected is: young, single women have to be convinced of their natural birthright and the happiness that brings; blacks need to be called out for their racism; and the public and mainstream institutions need to be made aware that God and His ways are the best ways possible, both for individuals and the society as a whole. That is my main calling … and having been on both the good and bad side of the fence, it is a very inSpired one 🙂


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