Republican Mitt Romney sat for a hastily arranged flurry of TV interviews Friday. Romney strongly denied he had any role in running Bain Capital at a time when, according to reports, the company invested in firms that outsourced jobs overseas.

He also called for an apology from President Obama for statements by his campaign that Romney said were beneath the dignity of the presidency.

There were five network interviews. They came after stories this week about Romney’s role in Bain Capital. According to documents filed with the government, Romney was still CEO, president and sole owner of Bain as late as 2002. But Romney insists when he left Bain in February 1999 to organize the Salt Lake City Olympics that was the end his involvement.

“Well, I was the owner of an entity that is filing that information, but I had no role whatsoever in the management of Bain Capital after February of 1999,” he told CNN. “Not that that would have been a problem to have said that I was with the firm beyond that, but I simply wasn’t.”

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