The death of a human being is a tragic event but the loss of a person’s child is not the natural order. The death of Michael Brown was an unfortunate event that could have been avoided. Unfortunately when individuals don’t respect themselves, others property or the law it usually does not end well. The inappropriate behavior of those responsible for raising Mr. Brown speaks volumes of missed opportunities in child rearing but that is not the intent of this article. Instead I would like to focus on the bands of useful idiots that profess concern for black youths being murdered in the United States. The band of five-as I call them-, (Nation of Islam, Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and Holder), don’t miss an opportunity to cry racial inequality and injustice and stoke the fires of racism. They stir their useful idiots into protest mode in an effort to cause unrest in the United States. Not wanting a good crisis to go to waste, their rhetoric gets the response they desire from their minions which bolsters their claims of racism. This was seen in Ferguson after the grand jury returned their verdict as the useful idiots showed up in full force, rioting, burning, and terrorizing the community.   And again in New York City after the Grand Jury cleared police after the choking incident which resulted in a death. What was interesting is that Mayor De Blasio commented that this was the result of centuries of racism as he abandoned the NYPD.  As he accused the NYPD of being racist he missed the fact that the most blatant racism has been committed by Obama and the Democratic party over the past six years as they try to bring back the sixties civil rights movement.. I remember being a child in the sixties, the race riots in Washington DC, the white only rest rooms, water fountains, and how blacks were horribly treated. It was an ugly time in our nation’s history but as Mr. Frederick Wilson states in his you tube video, the black community won. If racism was as bad as the band of five and all the useful idiots proclaim, there is no way that the US military could function. Recreation league, Middle School, High School or professional sports teams could not practice or compete without killing each other. Kids couldn’t go to class every day locally and on college campuses without whites killing blacks. Businesses could not function without whites killing blacks. Obama could not have gone to college, become a senator and eventually president. The facts don’t match the band of fives or any of their useful idiot’s narrative of racism and no equality for blacks. So what are the facts? According to the FBI last year 193 blacks were killed by whites, 448 whites were killed by blacks and 2,447 blacks were killed by blacks. Looking at the facts the biggest threat to a black person in the United States is another black person not a white person. Where is the outrage by the agitators over the 448 white people killed by blacks which is twice the number of blacks killed by whites? How come the community agitators who profess concern over the violence against blacks are not speaking out against the black on black violence being committed in our cities every day? Over 4,650 blacks have been killed in Chicago, which is more than the US soldiers killed, since the beginning of the Afghanistan war. Finally, where is the outrage over the biggest threat to the black community, the genocide being committed by Planned Parenthood and this administration? A report this week stated that if not for abortions committed against black babies since the late 1970’s the black population would represent 36% of the US population instead of 13%.

The first black president praises the largest abortion provider and perpetrator of homicide against blacks in the nation and no one is upset? Obama and the Democratic party have not only done more for abortion providers than any administration ever, they have also overseen the slow genocide of the Black community in the United States and there is no outrage by the media, black community, or the agitators claiming concern over the deaths of black youths. According to the National Black right to Life organization in 2010, more black babies were aborted than were born. Their reports goes on to state that abortion is the number one killer of black Americans. –killing more African Americans than accidents, heart disease, stroke, crimes, HIV-AIDS and all other deaths … COMBINED!   And it has not changed in 2011 and 2012. The same man elected by the largest voter turnout ever in the black community has reward the black community by helping to fulfill Margaret Sanger’s dream of the slow genocidal elimination of blacks in our nation. Sanger must be smiling as in her Dec. 10. 1939 memo she wrote: “We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,”. And with the pro Planned Parenthood media the word is certainly not getting out.

So you have to ask, where is the media attention or the band of five that claim to be the champions of the oppressed in the black community when it comes to the real violence being committed by blacks and Planned Parenthood against the black community? They are nowhere to be found as their claims of racism only exists in their mind and on their agenda. Maybe this explains all the hype around the immigration debate and the Democrats desire to bring Hispanics into the fold of democratic voters, for at the current rates there might not be many black voters left to carry them through future elections so they have to find a new base. However, Hispanics beware; Margaret Sanger did not like you either.