Sound off below: Any words you’d like to see added to the 2015 banished word list?

The annual banished words list for 2015 is out, and it’s time to inspect our syntax usage to ensure we do not inadvertently use these now-socially unacceptable words and phrases.

Per the LSSU site, here is the list of the words that vexed word watchers and got the boot.

BAE – an acronym for Before Anyone Else. It’s used as a noun, as in: She’s my bae and I can’t live without her. The Urban Dictionary has the following unflattering definition: “Word used by ghetto people to address their significant other because they have found themselves too lazy to pronounce the entire word babe.” Either way, we agree bae has to go.

Polar Vortex: Every year, meteorologists struggle to come up with innovative terms to bring terror to viewers over weather conditions. Polar vortex has its own Wikipedia page, and it really is a scientific thing, but six-o’clock weathermen (and women) started tossing the term around anytime the temps dropped. How about we just go back to calling it “winter,” agreed?

Hack: Hack up a loogie? Internet hack? Journalist hack? Can you hack it? Did North Korea hack Sony? Remember when hack used to just mean “chop down?”

Skill Set: Undoubtedly, this one evolved from the bloated language used to make some mid-qualified putz into a got-to-have genius employee on their résumé. If you have skills (plural) then we all understand that you have a set of skills., in an article entitled What is a Skill Set, says: “A skill set is a particular category of skills necessary to acquire a job.” Can we please just say SKILLS then?!

Swag: A celebrity-coined term. Bieber comes to mind. It’s a meaningless adjective, much like him.

Foodie: We all like to eat, no? What exactly qualifies someone as a foodie? Because they eat and then blog about it? I’m looking at this under-ripe banana sitting on my computer desk. I may or may not consume it. There, I am officially a foodie. As LSSU writes: “It’s ridiculous. Do we call people who like wine ‘winies’ or beer lovers ‘beeries?’”

Curate / Curated: A curator technically refers to a person who oversees a library, museum or art gallery. But since “curate” on its own can mean to “select, organize, and look after items,” this word has become grossly overused. By that definition, I plan to “curate” our kitchen junk drawer. I’ll let you know, dear readers, if I find any swag therein.

Friend-Raising: I’ll admit, I had never heard of this one. According to Wikipedia, FriendRaising is a “form of fundraising that involves befriending an organization or individual for the purpose of helping support the financial aspect of a charity, nonprofit group or other community benefit organization.” Whatever.

Cra-Cra: Unfortunately, I have heard of this one. It’s another way to say “crazy.” Those who are very daring just offer the singular “cra.” Going back to the Urban Dictionary, we read: “A shortened word meaning crazy; development of this word evolved from shortening the word crazy by using only the first three letters twice. Works with retard also (re re).”

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