We were told in 2008 that, if elected, Barack Obama would make America beloved in the world again. His mere election, we were told, would heal the wounds George W. Bush supposedly inflicted on our international reputation. We are nearly five years into the Obama experiment and not so much. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Brendan Bordelon reports:

“A last-minute plea from President Obama couldn’t stop Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff from postponing an October state visit, after revelations that American intelligence spied on her presidential communications allegedly sent her into a rage. Reuters reports that Obama spent 20 minutes on the phone with Rousseff Monday night, apparently trying to salvage the first state visit by the up-and-coming South American nation in nearly two decades. White House press secretary Jay Carney tried to play down the cancellation on Tuesday, telling reporters that the decision was a mutual one. ‘The president agreed with President Rousseff that it is important to celebrate our broad relationship, and that relationship should not be overshadowed by a single issue,’ he said.”

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